9 Best Printer For Printing Checks (September 2022) Reviews

If your business is a constant source of dealings with vendors, you must distribute checks to them regularly.

Sometimes, you might forget to ask your bank to issue checks to you. This is a potentially embarrassing circumstance, especially if you’ve made a promise to someone to pay them.

Instead of having to rely on your bank or placing cheques, an online company is able to run smoothly using the use of a printer to print checks. Depending on the quantity of printing you need, you can pick a small or large size with moderate or high printing speed.

Since there are numerous types of laser printers to print checks available on the market, what can you choose the most suitable printer to print checks that meets your requirements?

There are many things to take into consideration before purchasing the printer. This article will provide all the necessary information and information to assist you in making an informed purchase choice. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about check printers.

Do your research to find the essential information that will help you make the right choice.

Our Top 9 Best Printer For Printing Checks 2022 Reviews

1. Brother HL-L2340DW compact laser printer for Printing Checks

A business owner who runs their business from home or small office space must keep an eye on cost-saving strategies.

To assist you in doing this, the compact laser printer will take up a small space on your desk at your office at home.

Get sharp, clear, and professional-looking prints using resolutions of 2,400 x 600 dpi. Print your spreadsheets, multi-page invoices, reports, and many other documents at a fast speed of just 27 pages per min. Duplex features allow for the automatic printing of both sides of the paper, just like the dual-sided printer.

To have the most flexibility, you can print prints from any location anytime because wireless connectivity permits remote printing with software appropriate for your device. The USB port permits printing using any type of computer.

With an adjustable paper tray, the printer can accommodate the capacity of holding 250 sheets of legal or letter size. In addition, you can print envelopes and letterhead envelopes with the paper feeder manual.

The LCD on the device lets you navigate and select from the menus in a matter of minutes. It can also help set up an easy wireless connection. A variety of connectivity is offered – Blackberry, Apple, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, and Android.

The square shape of the printer, along with its business-friendly features, make it the perfect printer for checking for small-sized business owners. It’s durable and flexible, ensuring you don’t lose time making important paperwork.

This device provides many printing options and is easy to set up and connect to numerous devices.

Key Features:

  • The square design is compact and slim that takes up only a small space.
  • The speed is 27 pages per minute.
  • The tray can be adjusted to accommodate letter and legal size paper, with 250 sheets of paper capacity.
  • It is easy to connect and install many devices. It is easy to connect and install.
  • Wireless connectivity lets remote printing.

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2. Renewable Toner Laserjet M15w Check Printer

If you think that the most efficient printers consume the least energy, think about it!

The printer is from the company of Hewlett Packard, this is the most energy-efficient laser printer to print checks that doesn’t affect the print quality.

The world’s most compact laser printer will look beautiful in any room in your office or at home without taking up a lot of space. Portable and easily portable, you can carry it everywhere.

Utilizing MICRfonts and an integrated check printing program The efficiency and productivity of your processes will be able to reach new levels. However, you will need to purchase MICR software and fonts in separate purchases.

The speed of printing on this printer ranges from 18 to 19 PPM, which allows you to speed up your printing process, and not lose any time. The printing quality of this check printer is high-end and the quality is top-notch. There is no reason to be unhappy regarding the validity of your checks or their acceptance.

Prints can be taken at any time regardless of whether you have a network. If a network connects several printing devices, printers are able to utilize the built-in wireless connection feature to print wirelessly from your tablet or phone with Wi-Fi Direct.

The typical yield is 1000 pages. It is possible to print 3,000 checks, with 3 pages. Users are advised to let the machine cool when printing the 40th page.

The package comes with a printer, an already installed MICR toner, as well as the power cord. With clear instructions included installing the printer is easy and takes minutes.

Key Features:

  • The world’s most compact laser check printer.
  • Lightweight, portable, takes up only a small amount of space.
  • A standard yield of 1000 pages. There are 3 checks per page.
  • Speed between 18 and 19 PPM to speed up the printing process.
  • The system comes pre-installed with MICR printer and Bluetooth connectivity to make it easy.

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3. Renewable Toner ImageCLASS LBP6030W MICR Check Printer

Bundle deals are the best value and you should expect nothing less from this deal!

Along with the specially designed print printer that is black and white this bundle comes with an interchangeable MICR toner cartridge that allows you to print large quantities of checks from the convenience of your home or office.

The top-quality printing assures that your checks are accepted and won’t be doubted about their validity or authenticity. This is why the magnetic ink is made to the highest standard to ensure your checks will never bounce due to doubts about their authenticity.

With a output of 1600 pages the printer will give 4800 checks, with three checks per page. The speed of printing can be as high as 19 per minute. This means that the speed of your work and quicker processing.

600 x 600 dpi resolution provides crisp and clear output every time. There will be no confusion regarding the special characters or digits in the middle of the screen.

The monthly duty cycle of 5,000 pages will allow you to print many checks each month. With a front-loading tray for paper it is easy to add paper to the tray, which has the capacity to hold 150 sheets.

It is easy to set up and printing prints is also easy. Printing is possible using your phone or tablet with an app. Therefore, you’re not limited if you’re inaccessible to PC.

Another feature that is useful includes The Simple Solution keys that remember the most commonly used functions.

Key Features:

  • Check printers with dedicated printers for speedy print speed of 19 PPM.
  • A monthly duty cycle of 5,000 pages is the largest output.
  • MICR Toner Cartridge is included for your convenience.
  • 600 x 600 dpi resolution to produce clear and crisp prints.
  • The capacity of the front-loading tray can hold 150 sheets.
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4. A Brother Monochrome Compact Laser Printer to Print Checks

If you are dealing with a large amount of printing that needs to do frequently in an office environment, you’ll need more features on the printer you use to simplify your work and allow you to work more efficiently.

This printer is equipped with a flatbed scanner that makes scanning and copying easy for you. The premium quality printing of the device, in addition to features such as wireless connectivity and the speed of printing makes it the ideal printer to print checks using QuickBooks.

The speed of printing 32 pages per minute definitely increases your efficiency, and when you consider an ability of your tray, which can accommodate 250 sheets which means that you require less refills and you can save time.

It is easier to handle the chores that are difficult with this gadget. It is able to handle both legal and letter-sized paper in addition to different sizes, so you will have professional output on envelopes as well as any other documents that are official. The paper feed slot is manual, which gives you greater control over the output quality.

The output quality is crisp and high-quality so that it is easy understanding the printout. Even if you’re not from your office network, you can still issue the print command on your mobile device, due to integrated wireless connections.

Its USB ports makes it easy to connect to any laptop or computer for printing outputs.

You can reduce paper usage with its duplex printing option and you can also save money by using the toner in Save mode.

Key Features:

  • Flatbed scanner glass makes scanning and copying easy to access.
  • The print speed is 32 pages/minute allows for greater efficiency.
  • The tray to store 250 sheets of legal and letter size.
  • Wireless connectivity allows for greater flexibility.
  • The Toner Save mode and Duplex printing for more cost-effective usage.

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5. HP Laserjet Pro P1109w Monochrome Laser Printer For Check Printing

If using space effectively is on your agenda take this ultra-sleek industrial-grade printer!

The small design that has the width of 14.4 inches will fit at home or in the office without creating clutter on your desk. The compact design leaves with plenty of space to accommodate other essential items.

No cables are required for printing, since you connect wirelessly to the printer via your tablet or phone. It is suitable for one to five users, this device can boost the efficiency of your team.

Increase your productivity by using an impressive printing speed of 18.8 pages per hour on A4-sized papers or 19 PPM for those with a letter-sized size. Instant-On technology initiates and stops printing without delay.

The paper tray is able to input 150 sheets, and provide 100 sheets of output. The duty cycle for the month is between 250-1,500 pages, giving you plenty of space for printing at the highest quality.

Green technology is a clean technology and that’s the essence of this product represents. It features eco-friendly and paper-saving features to reduce waste. This printer’s Smart Print feature prints only what you’d like to print, without using up papers or ink. The feature that automatically turns off and on ensures you don’t overuse power.

Thanks to the Wireless Connectivity option, you can connect your printer to mobile devices and print anytime you require. This removes any limitations and allows you to enjoy greater flexibility and freedom.

The 1200 resolution offers sharp and clear text as well as images that won’t be missed.

Key Features:

  • A sleek and compact design that helps to conserve space.
  • The printing speed is 18/19 PPM, which will increase the efficiency.
  • 150-sheet capacity holding capacity of the tray that allows for a shorter refill times.
  • 1200 resolution provides crisp and clear text and images.
  • Ideal for 1 to 5 users that can connect wirelessly to the printer.

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6. HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw Printer

Laser printers with color loaded with features for business is all you need to take your productivity up to the highest level.

This all-in-one printer comes with print, copy scan, fax, and copy options so that you do not need to head out or to another printer to get the job completed.

Conserve paper by using the automatic dual-sided printing feature. With a printing speeds of up to 22 pages per min, prints of multiple-page reports as well as other documents can be completed in a matter of minutes. The paper tray is equipped with 250 sheets of paper to allow it to be filled with paper less frequently which means you can save time.

It is the HP Smart app enables you to setup scans, receive notifications, and print from your handheld mobile devices. This gives you the freedom to move about without being restricted. Additionally, the special features help allow you to organize your documents 50% faster, thereby saving your time.

Do you want can you wirelessly connect? Dual-band Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking features that is built into the printer make it simple! You will get the same reliable performance each time.

There is no need to fret about security concerns regarding sensitive documents since the security features built into the device will take care of this and provide peace of peace of.

With the 2.7-inch touchscreen in color, navigating through the menus, choosing from as well as giving print commands becomes a much simpler task.

The unique JetIntelligence feature ensures that the toner is used to maximum efficiency without losing any ink. It provides professional-quality and clear prints, as well as security features that prevent fraud.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one color printer that includes scanner, fax and copying capabilities.
  • High-quality printing at a velocity of just 22 PPM.
  • 250 sheets of storage capacity for the tray for paper to decrease the time to refill.
  • High-security security features to guard against fraud.
  • 2.7-inch color screen to facilitate navigation.

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7. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer

If you’re looking for an unobtrusive check printer with no extras, this small machine can complete the task.

The color inkjet printer is white, and its small design was designed with regard to the limitations of space for small business owners.

In order to print checks that have full authenticity and validity the printer is fitted with MICR ink. This ensures that your checks won’t be rejected. Additionally, the kit comes with Versa Check presto software so that you can download it and begin printing right away. Check papers too are included.

Apart from the printing of checks you could also print other kinds of documents as well as images. The paper tray can accommodate up to 60 sheets.

For printouts that are quick The printing speed will be 7.5 pages/minute for black and white printouts and 5.5 pages per minute for color printouts.

The printer is not connected via a wireless network. This means you can be certain that you are safe with your transactions. There is no risk of fraud using this printer since it can’t be remotely accessed.

Windows, Apple, and other operating systems work to this printer. With 1200 dpi resolution, you’ll always receive crisp and sharp text and images printed. Monthly duty cycles will be sufficient to meet your requirements – 1,000 pages.

Key Features:

  • Inkjet color printer that has an ultra-compact design that helps reduce space.
  • The printing speed will be 7.5 PPM when printing black and white prints and 5.5 PPM for color printouts.
  • Wireless connectivity is not sufficient to stop fraudulent access and theft.
  • Software for printing as well as MICR Ink are part of the package.
  • 1200 dpi resolution is ideal for sharp and bold images and text prints.

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8. Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI Wireless Monochrome Laser Check Printer

If you are a team of employees who need printing checks an efficient method, you may choose this printer.

It’s a laser printer in monochrome specifically designed to print checks. The compact size is ideal if you’re working in a tiny office space or need to place it on the desk at your home.

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This MICR toner cartridge that is included in the bundle offers an exclusive toner designed that ensures transparency and acceptance by banks.

With speeds that can reach 29 pages per min, you’re assured of speedy printing. Additionally, this doesn’t affect the quality of the output, as you can receive 600 x 600 dots per inch resolution.

This tiny but powerful machine is among the top check printers for saving money. Another feature that is extremely efficient is duplex printing, which allows printing in both directions, making sure that there is no waste and you are also mindful about the environmental impact.

Print them from your home using WiFi enabled devices. You don’t need present wireless connection to print. You have the greatest flexibility since you can perform remote printing using your mobile phone.

The yield for standard printing is 1500 pages. If you print three checks per page, you will be able to print 4,500 checks.

Check printing software as well as the MICR fonts must be bought separately.

Key Features:

  • Monochrome compact size laser printer suitable for homes or small workplaces.
  • 29 PPM printing speed , with the highest quality output of 600 x 600 DPI resolution.
  • Duplex printing lets you printing on two sides.
  • Wireless connectivity to print remotely.
  • 1500 pages of standard yields, with 3 checks per page.

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9. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755MX, MICR All-In-One Printer

All-in-one printers are multifunctional , and take up a lot of space you think? Wrong! All your scanning, printing, and copying needs met by this compact inkjet printer!

With just 5.13 pounds in weight It’s not just a great way to reduce the space you have at your workplace or at home however, you can take it on the go in the event of a need. Print four-color checks with the MICR ink, and you won’t need to be concerned about their authenticity or acceptance by banks.

The built-in wireless connection is there to allow you to take advantage to print from your handheld devices. Since the check paper and compatible software are in the package, there is no reason to not start printing right away and save time!

The input tray of 60 sheets has just the right amount of space to avoid frequent refills. This means you can get more time.

The printer you have a variety of papers could print on: photo paper shiny brochures, plain paper envelopes, matte brochure papers and many other types of paper that are specialized.

Printouts in monochrome or color come with a clear and vibrant output, with up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. The speed of printing of 8 pages per hour in black prints, and fifteen pages for colors. Duplex printing is manual and helps to prevent wasted paper.

Apart from checking printing, this machine could also be used for printing regular documents. Be sure to not utilize MICR toner cartridges. MICR toner cartridge when printing.

Key Features:

  • Super-compact all-in-one inkjet color printer.
  • Dual printing for paper saving.
  • 60-sheet input tray capacity.
  • 1200 x 1200 pixels resolution to produce a crisp and vibrant output.
  • A speed of printing of 15 PPM for color printing and 8 PPM for black printouts.

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Make sure to check the Printing Guides for Buying Printers

Types Of Printers

You can select an inkjet printer which is commonly used in office settings to print various documents. In the event that you’re using MICR toner for printing checks, any kind of printer will print.

If you’d prefer using a printer solely for printing only checks then you can do that as well. Simply take off the MICR ink when you wish to print regular documents, as they won’t require the special characters that are printed at the bottom.

Check out our article on the subject, What is an Magnet Ink printer for checking? Find out the ins and the outs of magnetic printing machines and toner MICR!


Certain printers have efficient features such as saving energy, paper, and ink with automated on/off or double-printing options. Before you purchase a printer to print checks, it is advisable to take a look at these features because they could result in longer-term financial savings.


Printers are equipped with connectivity options such as the USB connection, WIFi connectivity, connection via the office network etc. This makes it possible for you to print your checks any location and at any time.

Printing checks also have to be a secure and secure so you might not need an printer that has wireless connectivity since you would not want any person connecting to it. So, be sure to be sure to check out the security features the printer comes with prior to purchasing one.

If you’re looking for access to your printer for checks at any time, allowing you more flexibility, you should select a printer that has wireless connectivity.

Size Of Printer

Both printers, small and large come with advantages and disadvantages. While smaller printers are convenient, they can also be mobile, and consume lesser space don’t necessarily feature the high-value attributes that can make them more efficient.

However the dimensions of printers offer greater efficiency and larger cartridges. But, they do take up the majority in office spaces, particularly when the paper tray is open.

Dots per inch are the measure of printing resolution, which is how clear and sharp prints are. Make sure you choose the most suitable printer for your checks with regard to resolution. A printer with a high resolution can allow your checks to display clear printed information and appear professional.

Software Compatibility

The software you’re planning to utilize to design and create your checks should be compatible with your printer. The majority of printers are not compatible to Mac as well as Windows operating systems. which is why it is important to research the compatibility of your software prior to making a purchase.

The Number Of Trays

If you’re planning to buy an enormous printer, likely, it will have various trays to hold pieces of paper in different sizes. Certain printers have the bypass tray which can hold larger sheets of paper, like card papers. The trays can feed these types of papers to the printer with no folding.

Speed of Printing

If your company has to print a huge amount of checks, and often so, you need an efficient printer. The printer’s speed is measured in terms of lines in a second (or pages per minute). Laser printers with high speeds can print from 20 -40 pages in one minute.

For a medium to light frequency and printing load it is recommended to choose the printer that has moderate speed. This is especially relevant for those who intend to utilize it for personal use.

Duty Cycle

It is the duty-cycle of printers. This relates to the maximum amount of prints it is able to print each month. If you exceed this limit, it can cause damage to the printer. Select a printer that has an operating rate that is higher than the one you have planned to use, to ensure that, even if your monthly prints are greater than you expected but still within the suggested limit.

Prints Per Cartridge

The number of prints produced by a toner cartridge is an estimation but you should verify this figure prior to purchasing an printer to print checks. This will provide you with an idea of the frequency at which you’ll have to replace the cartridge, but it shouldn’t be very frequently.

Quality of Ink

In addition to having an effect upon the printed quality ink’s performance is vital to the security and validity for your cheques. Therefore, ensure that you select MICR for your toner, as well as the magnetic black ink.


The printer you choose should be simple to operate. Certain features enable you to use the printer as an automatic document feeder that is hands-free which frees your hands so you can focus on other tasks.

Other options include an automatic option for printing each side of paper.

A lot of printers come with an application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone and print from it online.

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Quiet Mode

If you plan to utilize your printer in a workplace the printer must not have the highest level of noise and cause disturbance. Make sure that it is in the quiet mode that can be set to when printing. Also, it could offer a method to lower the amount of noise.

Additional Features and Functionalities

Additional features such as storage media, in the form of USB ports or memory cards allow you to print with no computer. Printers are able to be equipped with scanners and fax machines to reduce time, expense and space. It is recommended to choose printer only if you are able to use all features and functions in a timely manner.

Printers equipped with automatic document feeders will save you time since they can swiftly scan, fax or scan multiple documents. If you require printing equipment for your busy office, these features can improve efficiency and productivity.

Security Issues You Need to Be aware of when printing checks

Finding the most effective printer to print checks isn’t enough. The way you use the various features is crucial.

Security concerns regarding printing checks are not just physical as security-related. Find out the details about each.

Physical Safety Concerns

  • Manuel Management To prevent physical injury, avoid handling the printer in a manual manner. If this is not feasible and you are unable to do it, use a trolley to transport the printer. In addition, enough training needs to be given to employees on how to work with printers.
  • Physical Space Maintenance Maintain the space around the printer tidy and clean by making sure a bin is in place to hold all wrapping paper and paper scraps. The power cord as well as other cables should be secured and away from the floor to prevent falling on them. If there are spills of ink, it must be removed immediately.

Security Problems

  • The Software Choice It is important to select the software for printing checks carefully. Security requirements must be rigorous. It should permit the tracking of any change made by the user , and ensure that only authorized users have access to it.Besides the software needs to produce check printing reports that include information. Additionally an Positive Pay report needs to be created by the program to verify that there has been a successful check transaction made with the bank. If there’s any evidence of fraud it is only the Positive Pay report will be able to address the problem.
  • printer security – The display for the control must be secured by an effective password to block unauthorised access. In addition the paper tray, as well as the ink should be locked. The computers must be inspected to make sure that only authorized individuals have access to machines that prints checks.
  • The Ink Security In fact, even the printing ink comes with security features that allow you to stop printing checks by unauthorised employees. Ink technologies are extremely sophisticated and you should have at a minimum the fundamental ink security of MICR toner.More advanced ink technologies include metallic inks chemical taggants and ultraviolet sensitive inks, reactive inks colored inks, sensitive inks that are infrared and inks with fluorescent properties. They are nearly impossible to duplicate and reveal their unique characteristics only under specific conditions.
  • Other Security TypesUtilizing imaging such as an hologram, pixelgram or Kinegram, etc. and embossed patterns and foil stamping with pressure or heat transfers can also provide security and security concerns while printing checks.A watermark that has the company’s image is yet another option on checks to prevent fraud because they don’t show on the checks when they are photographed or scannable. The unique numbers found on the check may be observed on the reverse side, where they have been bleeding. This makes it very difficult to alter the number and also cause any security breach. With the addition of more layers of security you will be able to attain more safety and security while printing with an inkjet printer for checks.

Most Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Why do I need a Specialized Printer to Print Checks?

Answer: There are several benefits to using an specialized printer to print checks. To ensure that your checks are legitimate printing, a printer for checks comes with safety features recognized in the market.

Furthermore, you do not have to plan the layout every time you print checks. Check printing printers can be used with the software you use on your computer, which allows you to create layouts and, consequently, save time.

Another method to save time is through the ability to create multiple copies of checks in an hour.

Furthermore also, furthermore, Federal Reserves should recognize the checks you print on your own. Only way to guarantee this is to have an MICR printer that is using the specific ink and the ink.

2. What is MICR Ink and Why Should Check Printers Use It?

Answer An extended version of MICR refers to magnetized ink recognition. MICR toner is unique in that it print characters onto the bottom of a check , or any other document that is used for negotiations.

It is essential to use an inkjet printer for checks that uses MICR ink since it’s legal and recognized from the Federal Reserves. Furthermore, a check made using an MICR printer is less likely of being rejected. It also adds an authentic look to your check, and reduces the chance of fraud.

3. Can I print checks using A Printer that uses inkjet?

Answer: Yes, you can print checks with your inkjet printer. All you have to do is utilize MICR printer or toner to allow printing of the check’s characters at top of checks in order to guarantee authenticity and security. In other words, your inkjet printer must work to work with MICR toner.

4. Can I Use the Check Printer for Normal Printing?

Answer: Yes, you can print other documents using the check printer, as in the event that you’re not using MICR printer’s ink or toner. This is because you don’t require special characters on lower left of your typical document.

Additionally, it’s better to keep the MICR ink to use for your check only. Thus, use a regular toner when printing regular documents.

5. Why should I print my Checks?

Answer: There are many benefits to printing your checks. Instead of purchasing them, you can print them yourself when your company needs to issue checks frequently and you frequently use them.

Additionally, it is the most efficient method to keep track of the financial transaction and account. The program will keep records of checks you print. If you have to deal with multiple third-party accounts printing your checks will help to make them more efficient since the software manages these various accounts effortlessly.

Not to mention it is possible to reduce time since you don’t have to complete the checks manually. They’re ready and printed.

Answer: The top software to print checks at your office or at home includes the Online Check Writer, Checkbook, Checkeeper, CheckBuilderPro, and Print Checks Pro.

Check out our piece regarding How to Clean the Ink from Printers off Hands. Stains of ink are difficult to wash away with water and soap. Try these ways to get rid of ink quickly!


Printing checks is not just a way to save time, but can also give you greater control. The software is able to keep an eye on your transactions and keep the proper records. So, you get many more benefits beyond just printing out a printout.

To select the right printer to print checks, figure out the number of print your company requires every month. You can then determine the speed, the duty cycle and other variables that are important when looking for this type of printer.

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