10 Best Printer For Postcards (October 2022) Reviews

Let’s be honest! Today all printers look identical. This is the reason we sometimes become confused of choosing the right printer to print postcards.

If you’re having trouble selecting the best printer for printing postcards or images that are beautiful This article is for you.

In this article, I’ll provide you with an idea of what you can expect from the postcard printer. And the most important thing is that I’ll share my top selections that I’ve come up with after extensive research.

In fact print technology and connectivity options as well as other important characteristics make a postcard printer distinct from other printers.

If you’re looking to know more about this gadget and are looking to purchase the most effective one, keep reading through the reviews till the end.

Our Top 10 Best Printer For Postcards 2022

In this article, I’ll show you my top printers that are specifically designed to print postcards. Are you interested in learning more about them thoroughly? If so, take a moment to read the reviews now:

1. Canon Selphy 2235C001 Printer For Postcards

Do you require any background information on Canon? It’s not likely and this printer of Canon is among the most sought-after choices for people who use it, and is one of the top models, even if not the most suitable printers for postcards.

Connectivity is a topic you’ll be able to enjoy a lot with this app, but what’s the reason? It’s easy to connect your smartphone and tablet with it’s “Canon Print Application 3” it comes with.

What’s more? You can print any thing you’d like directly through USB as well as the memory card2 in your device.

I’m pretty certain that the photo quality will take the awe out of your lips. The photos you’ll receive will be immediately dry and water-proof and appear pretty amazing for a minimum of 100 years.

What sets it apart from other printers is the design that is portable it comes with. You can take this powerful printer wherever you’d like. It’s also a good thing that there’s an additional battery to ensure your convenience.

You’ll have two shades to pick from, which includes white and black. However, I personally chose the stunning “white” option.

If it’s glossy label paper, photos, or even postcards, everything can be printed in an easy process. The cardboard cassette (postcard size) that has 18 sheets, and the resolution of the print is 2256 LPC (levels for each color).

The printer is able to work with the 2.1 by 3.4 inches card as well as a 2.1 by 2.1 inches rectangular label, which makes it perfect for multiple purposes. I’ve selected the one that only contains the printer.

However, here you can choose the printer that comes with an ink bundle, or the KP-108 ink set with paper. The prices offered will differ for certain.

Key Features:

  • Canon Print App3 to connect your tablet and smartphone.
  • Images that resist water with resolution of the 256 levels of color.
  • The portable design and wireless function makes it extremely convenient.
  • Elegant design with two different colors that will grab your attention.
  • Suits4.0 to 6.0 inches postcards that come with multiple sizes of paper.

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2. HP OfficeJet 3830 Printer For Postcard Printing

Printing postcards is definitely a great task, and I’m personally enjoying the whole process. If you’re looking to enhance the experience by using the printer of HP is crucial. Let me demonstrate what HP has to offer.

Inkjet printing technology means that this printer can print a scan, copy and fax AirPrint and wireless printing this makes it multi-functional, and suitable for a variety of tasks. You won’t even have to worry about ink running out because of its instant ink capabilities.

It’s a sure thing that it’s not going to let you down when it comes to connectivity. It allows you to scan with your smartphone or tablet and print directly from Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox. You can print images (lab-quality) as well as documents (laser-quality) using the tablet or phone you’re using.

I’m excited to present an exclusive feature of this printer that will make you feel amazing; there’s the “optional silent mode” which helps in turning the noise level to a minimum straight away. This means that you won’t need to endure a snarling sound while printing.

In addition to a chic “black,” it comes with a slim design to allow you to position it for any place. Its multi-functional design lets it work with desks, shelves as well as other spaces.

This wireless printer was designed to be used for creating envelopes postcards, envelopes glossy photo papers plain papers and more. It can print black and white in both black and white the speed of printing is 20ppm (pages per minute) that makes it very quick.

The capacity of the output and input is between 25 to 60 sheets. you can view everything on the stylish touchscreen screen (2.2 mono). In addition, you’ll get an automatic document reader (auto) and high-yielding cartridges as well as individual photo trays and much other features.

If you’re in the market for additional accessories, you could choose from the various models, like a printer with XL-sized ink, printer that has instant ink and printer that comes with paper.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to connect to your mobile phone and tab to print your documents.
  • The device is capable of copying airprint, fax and wireless printing.
  • The quiet mode helps reduce the amount of sound that is produced when running.
  • It prints images and documents, postcards, documents envelopes, photos, and other things.
  • It prints at a speed of about twenty pages at a minute.
  • Cartridges with high yield, a separate photo tray and document feeder.

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3. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-Format Color Printer

For high-quality, professional postcards and images in just a few moments, you need to purchase this Epson Wireless Printer without hesitation! It allows you to print cards stock as well as plain paper with HD quality. The thanks to its vivid color inks in six colors.

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But it isn’t without a disadvantage; it is only compatible with “Epson Cartridges” that means you cannot use any other printers in this case. I’m hoping that it won’t do any harm when printing postcards. What are your thoughts?

The level of sound pressure is close to 49 decibels (A) which makes it quite quiet and relaxing for those who use it. In addition it is able to fit on almost every desktop, without causing any issues Even the one that has a smaller footprint of 30% than normal desktops.

The unique part? It’s able to support two-sided printing of documents. In addition it comes with a front tray which has around 200 sheets. There’s no doubt that printing will be quicker and more enjoyable.

From 4″ from 4″ to 6″ up to 13″ to 19″ it is great for different types of paper. Don’t fret about your ink running out The dash replenishment system will keep you covered!

The most advanced wired and wireless connectivity makes it very compatible for IOS or Android operating system. Additionally, it comes with an Ethernet networking system , too. Not to mention it’s 2.4-inch screen lets users view every aspect in a way that is smart.

Key Features:

  • It can be used with a range of papers in sizes ranging from to 4×6 inches up to the size of 13-19 inches.
  • The six vibrant hues are featured to offer HD quality photos and postcards.
  • It is compatible with two-sided printing (document) and comes with 200 sheets of front-tray.
  • The 49 dB (A) makes it quiet during operation.
  • It is compatible with the IOS and Android operating systems.
  • Inkjet technology and Ethernet networking system are also included.

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4. Kodak Portable Postcard Printer

If portability is important to you I’d suggest you should look into purchasing this model from Kodak. The name is enough to speak for itself and it weighs around 3.45 pounds, and will provide maximum efficiency in the transfer of it from one place to another.

Additionally, you can print your favourite 4×6 inches photo in color instantaneously from smartphones. Absolutely, it’s suitable for your Android devices as well as IOS as well as Bluetooth devices.

The company behind this brand has created an original “Kodak App” that lets you customize stickers, photos filters, frames, and filters according to the way you would like. In addition printing postcards from any location, anytime!

Particularly specifically for IOS devices The printer for portable postcards has a light connector and makes use of the USB-C docking pin, which comes already installed.

The quality of printing is impressive It’s also incredibly fast. At it’s same time it is extremely fast to get your task completed in just a few just a few seconds. Users can print bordered and borderless images effortlessly and quickly.

The most appealing aspect? The 4pass technology of the phone lets you print numerous photos in one go and without the effort. It is interesting to note that you can print your top photos off your smartphone and print them on high-quality photo papers.

It’s not necessary to explain its overall appearance. I like to refer to it as “beauty and beast” because it’s both beautiful to look at and has multiple functions. It’s a good idea to think about this printer when you’re looking for the top postcard printer.

Key Features:

  • Its 3.45 kilograms of mass make it very portable.
  • It can print 4×6 inches color images instantly.
  • Compatible Works well IOS, Android, and Bluetooth devices.
  • Kodak offers an app for framing, filtering and adding decorations to stickers.
  • 4pass technology is used to create hundreds of postcards in one go.
  • The package includes the 10 sheets of photo paper, a photo cassette and cartridges to take 10 photographs.

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5. HP M15W Postcard Printer HP M15W

This is a postcard printer made by HP. The company claims that it’s the world’s most tiny printing device (laser) when you compare it with comparable options offered. The tiny device is nearly three times smaller standard printers on the market.

Although it’s small and compact, it prints approximately 19 pages per minute. This is the first page you print in 8.1 seconds or less.

As with my other choices, it also allows users to print or scan things from their smartphones and tabs. Additionally it is compatible with Android, IOS, and Dropbox.

The wireless capabilities allow users to print, gain access and share essential resources through a specific network. The output and input capacity is between 100 to 150 sheets, so it is much better than other models.

It measures approximately 13.6 by 7.5 7 6.3 inches, this will fit well in nearly every room. In addition, it aids in reducing energy consumption with it’s Auto Off-On feature. This feature is an avid fan of this model!

In terms of printing media The printer can be used on basic paper making postcards be an easy task thanks to its modern print technology.

I really like this printer particularly from the overall form to the stunning “white” colour. If you feel that this printer isn’t sufficient for you, you should select a different one which comes with the Black Toner additionally.

Key Features:

  • Comparatively to conventional printers, this is almost 35 percent less.
  • It establishes a connection to IOS, Android, and Bluetooth devices.
  • Automated on/off technology for increasing the life of the printer.
  • The capability to print 19 pages in less than a minute.
  • Laser printing technology allows you to make postcards easily and quickly.

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6. Epson PictureMate PM-400

Epson is among my top brands in the field of printers. And this makes me interested in picking up another model from this masterpiece – the compact wireless printer.Multi-functional, stylish, lightweight, you name it, this one right there comes in an ultra-compact design, allowing you to keep it everywhere. This is why it’s so well-known to save space.

The printer for postcards is compatible only with Epson cartridges. Therefore you cannot make use of any other inks from third parties to print 4×6 and 5 7 inches of pictures in color. They will last for about 200 years.

You’ll definitely appreciate how well the image quality showcases. It can print an image without borders in just around 36 seconds with the highest speed possible to finish your job swiftly and efficiently.

Most importantly, the pictures that you’ll take through it’ll be waterproof -, scratch and fade-resistant. Make sure you print your postcards and other essential pieces of paper using iPhone or smartphones, iPads as well as tablets. With a brilliant white colour The printer is available in sleek style that is sure to grab your attention, particularly when the outlook is important to you. Overall, it’s fantastic!

Key Features:

  • With a compact design, it has a slim construction.
  • 5 x 7 inches and four x six inches of color photographs last longer for up to 200 years.
  • Users can get an image (borderless) in less than 36 seconds.
  • Supported by IOS and Android operating systems.
  • The contemporary sleek design and the elegant white color makes it a stunning.
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7. Xerox Multi-Functional Postcard Printing Machine

7th I’ll be presenting an Xerox printer that is versatile from Xerox which is compact and easy to carry around, and, most importantly capable of making prints, scans, copies and wireless printing for higher performance.

From medium and small-sized business to home offices with one to five employees It’s perfect for workplaces without any issues. It can print one printed page in approximately 8.5 seconds.

One thing to remember is that it prints approximately 31(black as well as white) pages per minute, which makes it fast when it comes to the delivery of postcards, images and the like. Laser printing technology is a great choice, but it is primarily suited to plain paper most.

From today, you will be able to print more safely using your personal laptop, mobile device or even from your desktop using support from Google Cloud Print, AirPrint as well as Android support.

This time, I’ll demonstrate a special feature of this printer. Tell me what? The printer’s versatility reduces the environmental impact significantly with a few of its essential features, like Green World Alliance, EPEAT, Toner Saver, and many more.

WiFI Direct, the built-in wireless printer provides you security by connecting the printing device and other gadgets. Therefore, anyone can print any document without the aid of a particular router. Printing using USB is also possible in the event that you buy a printing device for your post cards.

Key Features:

  • Can do both scanning, copying as well as wireless printing.
  • Perfect for home offices and small-sized businesses.
  • It can print 31 pages in a Minute (black or white).
  • The suit AirPrint, Google Cloud Print Suits AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Android support.
  • The built-in WIFI provides an improved connection from your printer to mobile.

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8. Postcard Maker Printer from Victure

If it’s your office , or perhaps your home You can print pictures in color and even postcards at any time using this Instant Foto Printer made by Victure. Take an look at this adorable boy. It appears to be adorable. I personally love this printer particularly due to its small and compact size.

Check out the description “instant photo printer” it can print 4×6 inches of pictures in color within a matter of just a few seconds. In addition, this printer has the possibility of downloading an “instant color application” that lets you enhance your beautiful photos with cards templates, filters stickers and collage makers, and more.

It is possible to continue printing without any issues when you connect it to an appropriate Bluetooth device. Furthermore the portable printer provides greater connectivity with Android as well as IOS operating system.

The term “portable” is perfect for this tiny printer. It weighs just 3.12 pounds, which makes it extremely light and easy to carry from office to home. And you know what? It takes up a little space too.

Let me explain more about the quality of its pictures. It allows you to get waterproof as well as fade-proof and tear-resistant photos, so you can be sure that the images you’re about to receive will last longer and last longer!

Key Features:

  • Four x six inches of color images in an hour or less.
  • Highly portable, it fits smaller spaces well.
  • It supports Android, IOS, and Bluetooth compatibility.
  • The printer prints wrinkle-proof, tear-resistant, as well as water-resistant images.
  • Power adapter cords, paper cassette as well as a user’s guide.

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9. KODAK Wireless Wireless Instant Printer

In the top 10 list of the top printers to print postcards, my latest model is offered by KODAK. It is a great printer that lets you create beautiful images without the use of cartridges, ink cartridges and toner. The credit is due on the ZINK Zero Ink Technology it includes.

The digital printer allows you to make printing, editing and sharing of your personal images from your mobile phone. It is wireless and makes use of no ink to print out two x three inches (sticky-backed paper) photographs.

Its modern “pop-open” design, along with the appealing green color make its design standout from other brands.

However, if you’re seeking something different in terms of colors you could choose one of the other options available on the market, which include black, white and red.

Contrary to typical printers it’s much smaller and allows you to adjust it to virtually any area without taking up lots of space. The weight is another great feature of this tiny product. It weighs less than 1.0 pounds, which makes this one of the portable printers I’ve come across so far!

You don’t have to worry about connectivity as it’s extremely compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone and many other smartphones. Additionally of the app, you can also use a particular app developed by the maker of this brand. It helps in making adjustments to color and frames, as well as cropping, and other things like that.

In just a single payment you can print 40 prints in one go. Additionally, this tiny gadget takes just two hours to fully charged. Also, it’s important to note that it’s only an individual printer that is priced within reasonable prices.

However, if you feel that you are able to pay for some additional costs to add additional features to the printer, don’t hesitate to look into other options, like a the printer that comes with a gift package or printing with starter bundle and papers bundle (50-pack).

Key Features:

  • Zink Zero Ink Technology removes the need to use ink.
  • Provides 2×3 inches photographs (sticky-backed newspaper) without taking more than a few hours.
  • Unique pop-open design that has stunning color choices.
  • It has a slim form and weighs just 1 pounds.
  • The smile printer can take about two hours to charge fully.
  • Fits IOS, Android, Bluetooth and many other smartphones.

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10. Canon TS6120 Commercial Postcard Printer

So, I’m about finish the complete list by introducing an industrial postcard printer from Canon. It’s made to spark your creativity as you’re talking about printing a lot of postcards and images.

There’s no need to sacrifice speed and quality; all you need to do is set the ink system you have chosen (5-color) into action and that’s it. The art of printing can easily create borderless printing (5 7 inches x 7, 4, 6 5-inch photographs) and will require plain paper specifically for getting the job accomplished.

3-in-1, which is the reason I prefer to refer to it as an multifunctional printer. It’s not just specifically designed to print but also be utilized for scanning and copies simultaneously.

Make sure you connect your device to your smartphone, which could include Android, IOS, or even Bluetooth. This means it can be Bluetooth4, Cloud5, social media2, or something else.

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There’s an integrated touchscreen LCD display (3.0 inches) that lets you select what you want. And you can guess what? The weight of the printer is less than 2.0 pounds, which is a great deal to ensure accessibility.

Luckily, it will fit in each and every space of your home with its minimalist design. When it comes to the colours, there are two options to pick from: white and black.

Ink bundles, bundles of ink or paper bundles can be offered by the manufacturers in separate packages. This means that you could need to shell out an extra amount of euros to buy them together with your printer. Currently, you can choose.

Key Features:

  • Five separate ink-color systems to ensure efficiency.
  • Offers 5 x 7 4 x 6 and 5 five inches borderless printing.
  • The 3-in-1 technology is designed to do copying printing, printing, as well as scanning.
  • Supported by Cloud5, Bluetooth4, and social media2.
  • Compact and only 2 pounds for mobility.

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Postcard Printers Buying Guide

I’m afraid that things are getting way too complex when it comes to buying the top postcard printer. The market today is flooded with hundreds of printers, but unfortunately, many of them aren’t suitable for printing high-quality photos, and more important postcards!

Therefore, before you pay attention to anything else, make certain to read the buyer’s guide, where I’ve included a few important things to think about. Let’ get started!


Absolutely, the top postcard printer allows you to connect it to nearly all devices, including IOS, Android, Bluetooth and more. If you happen to find printer that isn’t able to establish connections to these devices and devices, then it’s not the best option for you.

Size of the Printer

The size of the overall package is crucial when you’re shopping to purchase a postcard printer. Printers that weigh a lot cannot be moved from one the location to the next. If you’re looking for a device that allows you to print photos and postcards at the go and in a smaller size, then a compact printer is essential.

Wired vs. Wireless

In this instance the wireless model gets the top spot! It allows you to operate your printer at any time and from anywhere. It could be your office, home or even outdoors printing postcards as well as other important things are a breeze!


The ability to print in multiple ways is crucial when you’re thinking whether you should purchase a printer that can print but also making copies or scan. I recommend that you have a multi-function printer. This will allow you to do printing postcards or photos, as well as scanning important photos and documents.

Speed of printing

What do you do with a printer which prints photos and postcards in a sluggish manner? It’s a huge hassle when you’re required to print a lot of postcards in a shorter time.

Therefore, I feel quite secure and at ease with the printer that prints documents and images in the shortest amount of time. I’m sure you’re looking for something similar to this you think?

It’s true that the list has several models that could be your ideal alternative if speed is your priority.

How to Print Postcards at Your Home?

Printing postcards isn’t an art! But, if you’re proficient in the techniques it could be difficult to complete this job at home. Let me give you the steps you must follow:

Step One: Making A Document Of Document

Make sure you print the postcard to be around four inches in length and six inches wide. It’s the perfect size , according to me.

Step-2: Including Photos, Clip Art, And Text

Then, you can go to the insert feature of”word processing software. “word processor.” You are free to fill up the entire space on your card with an image or message. All you have be able to do is to drag, then then click the tiny squares in the corner of your image to expand the size.

Step 3: Printing the Postcard

Typically, card stock more dense than computers. This is why adjusting the setting can be crucial on the printer you use for your postcard. If so, make sure that you select the printing options, then select the type of paper you want and then select the properties.

After that, choose the option to purchase card stock and then press “ok.”

Step 4: Cutting The Card Stock

Be sure to cut the sheet of card stock to an approximate size of 6 x four inches (rectangular) with the use of a scissor.

Step 5: Use The Postcard

To write down an address or message, you can choose the empty side of your card should you desire. Choose the middle area of your card and draw a line straight away using a pen or pencil.

By picking up the right side of an address, and then the other side to write the message is an excellent idea to design an arrangement of postcards.

Commonly Answered Questions:

What’s the best Way Of Printing Photos From My Social Media Page?

Simple enough; pick one that has an exclusive “app” in addition to the device. You can access images as well as other content on your social media pages and allow you to print, save or even modify them.

Do I really need to Replace The Battery When I’m using a Wireless Postcard Printer?

Not at all! Printers that use wireless technology comes with a rechargeable battery meaning you won’t have to change the battery every time it runs out. Make sure you recharge it right away for the next use.

Which one should I choose If I’m concerned about portability?

The majority of my choices are fitted with a slim frame and a lightweight design, but if searching for the lightest and most portable one, you should buy the KODAK RODSMMPGNAMZ as it weighs just 1.0 pounds for the user’s comfort.

Are Postcard Printers Costly?

It’s all about the purchase. In truth certain models I recommend are pricey. However, I’ve found several models can be purchased without spending the earth.

Make sure you get an inexpensive printer for your postcards from my complete list, based upon your spending budget.

Wrapping up!

If you select the wrong technology and you choose the wrong one, it’s only an idea about printing postcards, and other essential images or documents.

It is a good idea to purchase any of the models from my selection of the top postcard printers. Every model I’ve selected is from well-known manufacturers, and they will certainly aid you in obtaining your dream postcards and photos quickly.

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