10 Best Printer For Occasional Use (September 2022) Reviews

The decline in printing is obvious, due to the seamless integration into our lives of technology that is paperless including online storage and digital bill and electronic tickets. In essence, it’s not feasible anymore to purchase an expensive, fancy printer.

In conclusion Printers aren’t being outdated. Sometimes printed copies of papers are needed.

In the event of frequent usage, the ink cartridges could dry out and the printer itself could stop working.

You might be thinking, which is the best printer for use on a regular basis? It’s one that won’t be able to dry out, even when placed in a storage unit.

Below we’ve looked at 10 printers that are suitable for frequent use that still print excellent prints. Let’s look them over.

Printing Benefits of Having A Printer at Home or in the office

With all of our work now being digitalized in this day and age It may seem unimportant to purchase a printer to your office or home. But consider the benefits that printing can bring.

Convenience, Ease and Convenience

It’s no surprise that owning a printer can make life more convenient. Imagine having to rely on another person or an office copy shop to create prints. It’s not just unaffordable, but very risky because you might not always have access the printer you need in those instances.

This will help you save money and Time

If you require access to an printer, however, you don’t have one of ones own, you’ll need go to a print or copy store. It’s true that the printing cost in itself isn’t that expensive however the amount of duration and amount you pay for transportation definitely will be. Printers can help you make savings this way.

Editing Is Easier

If you work in a field that requires revising and modifying documents and corrections, you’ll know that it’s easier to complete with a printed document rather than it is to do so digitally.

Yes, it is possible to complete everything editing using a computer (and sometimes , you can do more) however it doesn’t offer the same ease of use or the same hands-on experience.

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Top Best Printer For Occasional Use 2022

If it’s a printer designed for home use that you’re looking for or one that you’ll install within your workplace, we’ve got the best printers we’ve that we’ve reviewed below for you.

1. HP OfficeJet 3830 All-In-One Printer For Infiquent Use

Our top pick for today comes from HP One of the most renowned manufacturers of printing technology. Its OfficeJet 3830 is the ideal option for printing with low-key both at home and in the office.

Its multifunctionality makes it among the most flexible printers available at the lowest price.

Even though it’s an inkjet printer, its performance in terms of costs and ink usage is almost unbeatable. It’s not just one of HP’s most quiet printers however, it’s also one HP’s smallest and light models.

This makes it the ideal option as a home office or for any other place that has a lot of use.

Another thing we appreciate about the latest HP printing machines is their inclusion with HP Smart App. HP Smart App, which lets users carry out an array of printing tasks completely from a distance.

From setting up your printer to printing and scanning, and ordering toner, everything’s within your hands.

In addition, there is HP Instant Ink, which in the event that you choose to use it, will keep your toner in good condition and cuts printing costs by as much as 50 percent! Read this article to learn about the printers that utilize HP 920 ink cartridge.

Key Features:

  • Quiet mode lets you print with no noise.
  • Document feeder can accommodate a total of 35 pages, which can meet all your scanning, faxing and copying requirements.
  • 2.2 Mono touch screen makes printing with this printer a breeze.
  • HP Instant Ink keeps your ink filled and reduces costs by 50 percent.
  • Compatible with Alexa to provide complete voice-controlled control.

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2. Canon PIXMA TR4520 All In One Wireless Photo Printer Designed for Use Infrequently

Are you searching for an image printer that you will rarely usage to create vivid, high-quality images on glossy photo paper?

It’s hard to miss this well-known product from Canon. This printer is not just affordable, but also extremely efficient and also.

For starters you will be able to enjoy complete voice control features using this printer if you own you own an Alexa device.

Furthermore, its automatic duplex printing feature is the ideal option for any small-scale business looking to print the marketing material of their choice. If you’re an independent professional working at the comfort of your own home, this could be the ideal option.

Wireless connectivity is simple with Canon PIXMA, thanks to the Canon Print app. Canon Print app, using which you can remotely configure your printer and print using your smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, there is the possibility that it is compatible with different platforms like Mopria Print and Air Print that further improves the overall user experience and helps save time and energy.

Key Features:

  • Canon Print app lets you print and set up your device from a distance.
  • It offers seamless multifunctional scanning, printing and faxing capabilities.
  • compatible to work with AirPrint in conjunction with AirPrint and Mopria Print platforms.
  • It is possible to control the voice of Alexa.
  • Ideal for printing light-duty photos tasks.

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3. Small Monochrome Brother Laser Printer (HL-L2370DWXL)

Many of you are looking for the best monochrome printers for home use that allows you to print quickly high-quality images in white and black with no costing you a fortune.

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Perhaps you require the ability to print your personal documents and assignments. This compact laser printer by Brother can fulfill your needs exactly.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to appreciate the capabilities of this printer.

With a remarkable size of paper of up to 250 sheets as well as the ability to optimize speed by 35 pages per minute This Brother printer is among the best performance we’ve seen from an monochrome printer.

Furthermore it comes with an automatic feed slot that can work with papers of various dimensions and varieties, including cards, cardstock letters envelopes, etc.

However, regardless of what your printing needs, this process can be faster and significantly simpler. Because of wireless connectivity, it allows you to send printing jobs using your smartphone tablet, laptop, or computer easily.

In the case of printers, it’s best to know that the printer’s manufacturers will be watching out for your needs.

When you purchasing of the printer you will get two years of toner right out of the box. If you’re running out you’ll be able to use of Amazon’s Dash toner refill service.

Overall This is by far the most reliable printer for occasional printing in monochrome.

Key Features:

  • The compact and light-weight design is ideal for home offices or other spaces that are smaller.
  • Provides Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi connection to make your life easier.
  • It boasts a speedy printing of 36ppm when using 250 sheets of paper tray.
  • Compatible with a variety of sizes and types of printing papers.
  • Two years worth of toner (high yield and super high yield).
  • Speedy automatic duplex printing can save your time and energy.

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4. Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Printer Cartridge Free

You’ve been told about the cost savings in speed, speed, low-maintenance… And nowit’s here it’s the Epson EcoTank, the originator of printers that use reservoirs!

Although it is a relatively recent innovation they are already making an impact in the printing sector.

Here’s how the EcoTank functions. In contrast to traditional printers that use cartridges The EcoTank printer utilizes tanks that are filled that uses the ink that’s bottled.

In this bottle, ink is pumped to the printer via an airtight tube, and stored in a sealed bottle until it is required.

This creates EcoTank an absolute game changer in the sense of cost savings as it can produce thousands of pages with the price of cents.

But what is it that makes this an ideal inkjet printer for use on a regular basis?

The maintenance is almost effortless. Contrary to conventional inkjet printers EcoTank isn’t a traditional inkjet printer. EcoTank doesn’t need to be used daily to keep it running.

If you be sure to print one B&W as well as one colour sheet every week and the ink on your printer won’t run out. If you consider that each page is only 0.99 cents to print, maintaining your printer isn’t expensive at all.

Yes, it’s an expensive printer. Consider its many options: its multi-functional capabilities as well as its 250-sheet capacity paper tray, super-easy 4-inch color touchscreen seamless duplex printing borderless printing, and a 30-sheet automated document feeder.

Furthermore, considering the lower printing costs It’s an investment that is only once.

For office or home use, you will never get a better deal using Epson’s EcoTank. If you’re not likely to utilize one of the other options, it may be a waste of.

Key Features:

  • Cartridge-free printing reduces up to 90 percent of printing expenses.
  • Multifunctional capabilities that include printing, fax, scan and copy.
  • A document feeder with 30 sheets and a 250-sheet paper tray.
  • Two years of ink inside the box.

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5. HP DeskJet 3755 Occasional Use Printer

With the high-quality printers that we’ve reviewed so far, you’re probably thinking it’s impossible to get an all-in-one printer that is suitable that you can use for a few times without blowing the hole in your pocket.

The HP Deskjet is here to challenge that idea one and for all. It is equipped for scanning, copying and printing, it’s one of the slimmest multifunction printers available.

Like every modern HP printers the one you have is designed to work in conjunction with HP Smart companion app. HP Smart companion application, which allows you to complete nearly all printing needs remotely using your tablet or smartphone.

Are you looking to setup your printer? Make use of the app. Have a document in iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive that needs printing? Utilize the application. Have you run out of ink? Make use of the app!

Since it’s an inkjet it might not appear to be the ideal printer for those with low usage. It’s certain that you’ll need to maintain it regularly (by printing one or two pages) but it’s a small-scale printer that doesn’t take up space or force you to purchase toner often.

In addition the fact that it comes with HP Instant Ink and toner refills are easy to handle on your own. Thanks to the easy-to-use LCD display and wireless printing that is seamless This is also one of the most simple printers for seniors that you can come across in the market.

Key Features:

  • Small and compact enough for any space The world’s smallest multifunction printer.
  • The integrated HP Scroll Scan lets you cut down on time and energy scanning a range of different types of papers.
  • HP Smart Companion app allows you to set up a scanners from smartphones, print from your printer or tablet, purchase toner and print from cloud-based platforms, and more all via the internet.
  • Super-accurate Screen for LCD controls to make your life easier.

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6. Canon Pixma T150 Low Usage Printer

If you are a businessperson that is required to print documents while on the move? The Canon Pixma T150 is the perfect printer to print at the go. The printer is distinguished by its lightweight and compact size the printer is among the most effective investments if you prefer wireless printing.

Apart from Wi-Fi, this printer as well compatible with wide range of mobile and cloud printing platforms, including AirPrint as well as Mopria.

It’s not a huge printer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get stunning quality prints from this gadget.

It is capable of creating not only crisp and precise documents, as well as stunning photographs This printer can complete the job, even printing photos with no borders.

Whatever you’re printing it’s you can print with ease because the 1.44-inch OLED control panel interface is tuned to your specific needs and allows you to print quickly at any time.

It’s also designed to be used on the go the printer is extremely easy to charge as you have the USB-C port. It is also possible to purchase an additional battery kit that allows users to print up to 300 pages on a single charge.

In addition the cost, which is appealing, especially for home offices and professionals.

Key Features:

  • A compact and easy-to-use design makes it the perfect choice for professionals who are constantly on the move.
  • Print wirelessly from multiple cloud platforms, as well as directly on your phone.
  • Easy to charge via USB-C. an optional battery kit is available.
  • Print beautiful crisp photos and documents up to 8.5”x11″.
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7. Lexmark C3224dw color laser printer for Very Rare Use

After having a look at the top printers from these major brands, it’s now time to look at the most reliable printer for occasional usage from a lesser-known company: Lexmark. The compact but highly efficient printer is among Lexmark’s most sought-after options for customers looking for reliable printers for use infrequently.

The printer comes with an integrated tray for paper that can accommodate more than 250 sheets, and an individual-sheet document feeder. It boasts a stunning speed of 24ppm printing and automated duplex printing.

All this is possible by the addition of a powerful dual-core 1GHz processor that also shows its value in high-demand printing scenarios.

The wireless printing experience is stroll through the woods with this Lexmark machine that comes with the standard Wi-Fi connectivity. There is also the option to connect via Ethernet as well as USB connectivity, based on your requirements.

Air Print, Mopria, and Google Cloud are also supported So, don’t worry!

The Unison toner one of Lexmark’s biggest accomplishments, is also one of the most effective toners available. Each cartridge can produce up to 1500 pages while the spare cartridge is simple to replace.

In the end, based on its cost, capabilities, and printing quality This is the top printer for home use and for office usage.

Key Features:

  • The compact and light-weight design allows it to be used in the home office.
  • Provides Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity to make your life easier.
  • The integrated Lexmark security technology ensures your documents remain secure.
  • Prints easily directly using cloud-based platforms like Google Cloud and AirPrint.

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8. HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer

The HP Envy 4520 became one of the company’s most popular printers right after its launch. Profiting from that, HP has taken the printer to new levels with the release of its Envy 5055.

It offers seamless wireless connectivity as well as solid multi-function capabilities, this is the most suitable printer for casual use The printer is the most reliablethat can be found from this manufacturer.

The scanning, printing, and the ability to copy are all accessible wirelessly, thanks to combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is also possible to print images without borders, and the high-quality and bright colors will impress you.

Additionally, the handling of paper in this printing machine is in good shape with envelopes being the only type of paper not permitted.

Are you worried about running out ink? Don’t be. If you’re using HP Instant Ink, the HP Instant Ink program, cartridge replacement is a stroll through the park. No matter if you’re ordering toner or waiting for an order for printing this can be accomplished with the ultra-smooth and simple 2.2 touchscreen in mono!

Key Features:

  • 2.2 mono touchscreen lets you print with greater efficiency.
  • It provides seamless wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.
  • HP Instant Ink system ensures that you will never ever run out of toner.
  • Capable of creating vivid images as well as sharp documents.

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9. Brother The HL-L3290CDW Compact Digital Color Printer

There’s a new offering from Brother as our next option This easy-to-use printer is among top-performing printers that we’ve seen. It is one of the few laserjet printers that we’ve reviewed it is an extremely reliable and frequent use printer than the majority of inkjet models we have looked at to date.

How does this printer do? Let’s look at the speed of printing at 25ppm that is on level with the most powerful printers available currently available. As an laser printer, the toner consumption is kept to an acceptable level regardless of the print volume. You don’t have to be concerned about your cartridges drying out more frequently than the inkjet printer.

The machine’s seamless wireless printing capabilities are one of the most popular aspects of it, since it not only integrates Wi-Fi Direct, but also connectivity for Mopria, Google Cloud, AirPrint and Brother iPrint. While wired printing is generally quicker but this machine’s wireless printing capability of this printer is among the top we’ve found.

The paper handling capability of This machine also is extremely flexibledue to the large paper tray of 250 sheets that can accommodate legal and letter-sized papers. Additionally it has a manual feed slot that can handle different sizes of paper and types such as card stock and envelopes.

You’ll be impressed with the printing quality too without doubt, due to Brother’s high-yielding toner.

Key Features:

  • Provides voice control using Alexa compatibility.
  • Supported by AirPrint, Mopria, and Google Cloud among others.
  • It boasts a remarkable printing speed of 25ppm.
  • It comes With Amazon Dash Refill to ensure effortless refills of toner.
  • Toner Save Mode can be turned on in order to lower the cost of toner.

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10. Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Wireless Monochrome Printer

Our final recommendation to present to you today comes through one of the biggest technology giants in the world: Samsung. This laserjet printer in monochrome is the priciest one on our list, however its performance and high-end capabilities justifies the cost.

With a speedy print speed of 21ppm This printer allows you to get approximately 1500 sheets per month. It is able to print both wireless and wired printing because not just Wi-Fi connectivity, but NFC also.

The printer does however it isn’t quite up to par in terms of cloud printing, as it can only support Google Cloud Print and Samsung Mobile Print. However, it can also support many different sizes and types of papers including recycled paper and cardstock.

It’s true that it’s undisputed that the price of this printer isn’t affordable for the majority of users. It also doesn’t have multi-function capabilities or printing only in white and black This printer is appropriate to print documents.

However the efficiency and strength of the Samsung printer is undeniable.

Key Features:

  • It is extremely quiet and has under 50 decibels of noise produced when printing.
  • Printing compatible to work with Google Cloud and Samsung Mobile print.
  • It boasts a remarkable printing speed that can reach 21ppm.
  • The integrated imaging technology creates sharp, monochrome images and documents.
  • Supports a range of sizes and types of paper.

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Printers for Occasional Use Guide

What is the difference between a printer designed for use infrequently from an ordinary printer? The following aspects should be the basis for your selection.

Printer Type

Three printer types you can pick from are laserjet, inkjet as well as ink tanks.

A. Inkjet

They use the ink… they can dry out. It is therefore more beneficial to remove inkjet printers that are only suitable for use only on occasion. But the superior printing quality of inkjet printing is undisputed.

B. Laserjets

What makes laserjet printers distinct from other models of inkjet is the fact that they utilize an emulsion of colored powder known as toner, which prints images. Toner lasts longer than ink and there’s no chance of getting nozzles blocked. But when you’re working on a budget laserjet may not be the most appropriate choice.

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C. Ink Tank

Also known as reservoir printers, ink tank printers are able to eliminate cartridges and utilize an ink system that is stored in sealed tanks which can keep them in place for an extended period. It can also be the most economical solution. Reservoir printers produce stunning prints.

Intended Use

The kind of prints that you anticipate to print will determine the printer you choose. What is the level of performance you require to get? Do you plan on printing brochures for your company or for your student’s school assignments? It is obvious that the ideal specifications for printing for each case will differ.


Printers intended for occasional use shouldn’t be difficult to use especially if it’s intended designed for older people or children within your family. Choose printers that are easy to setup and configuration, as well as touchscreens that are interactive and more.


The 21st century has brought printers to the forefront. They no just capable of printing, but also scanning printing, faxing, and even copying. They’re referred to as multifunction printers that can boost your workflow dramatically. But not all users require their printers to complete all of this In this case, it’s not worth more money.

There are many aspects to take into consideration regarding the print quality. Do you wish to have monochrome or color printer? What resolution for printing do you need? What number of cartridges can the printer have? These are the kinds of questions you must ask.

Printer Speed

Based on the number of Pages per Minute (PPM) The speed of your printer is an important factor to consider based on your requirements. A PPM of 25 for instance, means that the printer is able to print 25 pages in a minute.

In general, the more powerful your printer is, generally, less the quality of the images. Yet, fast printers which have quality images can also be more expensive.


Modern printers do not need to be directly connected to the printer, but they do provide wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However wired printers are generally more efficient and aren’t as difficult to hack like wireless printers.

Cartridge Compatibility

Certain printer makers have created printers that are not compatible with toner cartridges or ink cartridges of different brands. Although in most cases, this is to protect the printer, or to ensure certain quality standards, it could be a major setback for those who are on a tight budget. Make sure to examine compatibility prior to you decide.

Check out our pieceon how to Clean Printing Ink off Hands. Take out stubborn stains using these simple techniques!

Tips for Taking Care of Your Printer to ensure it lasts for a long time

Sometimes , printers with good quality aren’t able to function optimally. To ensure the highest quality print and uninterrupted performance of your printer it is essential to ensure the proper maintenance of your printer. Keep these suggestions in your head.

Keep the Printer Clean

The accumulation of dust and other debris is among the main causes of streaky and jammed printer prints. Therefore, every six months, you should use a tiny vacuum cleaner to eliminate all dirt and dust within the printer. Be cautious not to walk close to any of the internal parts of the printer because you may harm them. You could also apply ruby alcohol on the outside.

Cartridges of High-Quality Purchase

If you own the laser printer (as they are the most efficient printers for printing infrequently) it is crucial to be aware of the importance of the toner cartridge’s quality. Though costly, they can are slower to dry-out, and dry toner cartridges can cause the head of your printer to break down.

Make sure that your printer drivers are up-to-date

Update your printer drivers and software when new versions become available. Your computer may automate this process; in the event that it doesn’t, drivers for printers are usually available on the site of the manufacturer. You may also contact the manufacturer via an emergency hotline for customers, from which you will be able to get detailed instructions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between An Inkjet and An Laser Printer?

Inkjet printers utilize ink, while laser printers utilize the kind of colored powder known as toner. While inkjet printers create more vivid prints and are able to handle more types of material and materials, laser printers are much faster in their operation and have less need for maintenance.

Additionally, due to a shortage of ink, these printers can take longer to dry. So, the ideal printer that is used for very little to print HTML0is most likely to be an inkjet printer.

What should I do if My printer produces Streaks and Smears?

This is a sign that the proper maintenance isn’t done for the printer’s cartridges or rollers. Or platen. Even a printer that is used for periodic printing should be taken care of!

What happens if you use Toner that isn’t worth the price? Toner?

In addition to the fact that low-quality toner can cause poor quality print quality, it may cause damage to your printer’s capabilities or even the hardware.

What is an easy-to-use printer for Seniors?

This HP OfficeJet 3830 Wireless is an excellent choice for senior citizens. It’s a multi-function printer with an intuitive touchscreen as well as an easy connection to Wi-Fi.

Does the Number Of Cartridges Matter?

Yes the more cartridges your printer is equipped with the greater the color spectrum. If you plan to print many images that are colored or photos, you need to consider higher-quality cartridges.

Wrapping up!

Printers’ value cannot be denied in spite of the ongoing growth of web-based applications. This being said we believe that the ideal printer for use infrequently is definitely that of the Epson EcoTank, which is not just a significant reduction in costs for printing, but also can care for itself even when you put it away for a few weeks.

However, it is expensive and more designed for use in professional environments. If you’re in search of an infrequently-used printer that is reliable for home use or a small company HP DeskJet 3755 is the best choice. HP DeskJet3755 HTML1is not only inexpensive, but also fast and reliable.

Keep in mind that all printers that we’ve listed need some attention. So, with that in mind Good luck, Happy printing!

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