7 Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents (September 2022) Reviews

As a notary signing agent, it is essential to have a high-quality printer in your workplace. Due to the large number of loan documents you print each day, you’ll need an efficient printer with two tray.

Your documents must be crisp and clear and there must be no room for errors. If you have read this article, we’re sure that you’ll discover the top printer for notary signing agents.

We’ve reviewed, rated and compared Printers which stand out above the rest due to their outstanding capabilities.

Top 7 Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents 2022

Stop searching to find the perfect printers for notaries! Are you contemplating what the reason is? These are the seven top products on the market which are not just perfect as notary agents, but are also suitable to serve other purposes. In no time we’ll get right to the these products.

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-In-One Wireless Printer for Notary Agents

If the subject is top-quality printers, HP’s name will be mentioned. Of all HP’s OfficeJet Series, the Pro 8025 is arguably the best of them all. It’s an all-in one printer, which implies it can do everything.

If it’s scanning or printing, copying and faxing good machine has everything covered.

In addition it is also a printer is also able to print at a rapid printing speed. It has a print speed of 20 PPM (Paper per Minute) meaning that within an hour, you’ll be able print about 1200 sheets. The speed of printing is exceptional. It can reduce the amount of time you wait for printing, and lets you go on your work.

Additionally it also has a remarkable connectivity. It is possible to sync it using DropBox, Google Drive, and a variety of other platforms online to complete the job. If you’d like to use it, you can access the device with its intelligent application, which allows you to manage the device using smartphones or laptops as well as PCs.

In addition, the printer is equipped with an excellent WiFi system, which is able to go through three reconnection methods. This ensures that there’s no interruption in your work process when you encounter issues with the internet.

Additionally, it’s an extremely protected printers in industry. It comes with encryption, passwords, and other security measures to guarantee complete security.

If you’re searching to find the most reliable printing machine for signing notaries, or any other type of job, this is the one for you!

Key Features:

  • Because of its smaller and lighter weight, it can put it wherever you want.
  • High output PPM This allows the unit to perform its job swiftly.
  • It comes with an app that allows you to manage the unit from any device that is electronic.
  • A highly secure system can prevent the leakage of confidential documents.

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2. The Brother monochrome laser printer Notary Signing Agents

Are you looking for a top quality laser printer for notaries? Then you must test the best laser printers for the notary’s signing agent! Find out what makes this printer distinguish itself from the other laser printers available.

We’ll start with the speed. The printer provides its users with an astonishing speed of 42ppm (Print Per Minute). If we convert this into hours, the printer is expected to print approximately 2520 sheets. This means that, with this printer, you won’t need to wait an excessive amount of time for the work to be completed.

In addition, this printer is equipped with a large capacity for paper. It comes with 500-paper and 250-paper envelope trays that can be used for multiple purposes. So you’ll be capable of loading the printer at once and get the job completed with no problem.

In short In a brief manner, using this technique, you can achieve all of your work completed in one go.

If that’s not enough, the device has an A-grade connectivity. It has three options for connectivity.

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It is possible to use your USB port to connect to a computer and print. You can also use WiFi or Ethernet to connect it to an electronic device for printing.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a variety of connection that allow you to print quickly and easily.
  • The all-in-one function allows you to use the item for printing needs.
  • It has a speedy printing speed and lets you finish the job in a flash.
  • With the enormous printing capacity, you will be able to finish your work in one sitting.

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3. Brother MFC-L8900CDW Color Laser Business Printer

If you’re in search of an efficient, reliable and efficient printer to use at home office, home, or for any other purpose then you must test the MFC L8900CDW. It comes pre-installed with wireless technology, 802 grams/b/n and an Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Thus, it is able to seamlessly join and share your files within a matter of minutes.

In addition to the world-class connectivity specifications, this printer is equipped with a powerful CPU which allows the device to run at an incredible speed of 800 MHz. Thus, it’s logical to think that it’s efficient.

When it comes to speed and efficiency, the device prints at a speed of 32ppM (Paper Per Minute) that allows that it print up to 32 sheets in one minute. It’s not the only thing this model offers.

It comes with a five-color touchscreen that lets you manage all options easily while you’re doing the task by hand.

Additionally, it comes with an additional feature that is simply amazing. Because of its high-end connectivity, it can seamlessly connect to phones computer, laptops or desktops.

Couple this with its fast scanning and processing speed The printer is able to deliver any scanned document directly to the device you desire.

In addition the printer isn’t heavy! This feature allows users to place the printer in any location and with no worry.

Key Features:

  • A simple interface to read lets you select the best option for your job.
  • Lightweight and compact design allows for effortless movement and stationing.
  • With a fast PPM, it allows you to complete the task quickly.
  • The product’s connectivity allows for a smooth connection and simple use.

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4. Pantum M6802FDW wireless Printer

In the present, All-in-One printers are the top choice for the best printer copier, fax machine as well as scanner. In addition, of the various options on the market M6802FDW is recognized to be among the top selections.

The product was designed specifically to handle the demanding work in a workplace and an active home.

Pantum was keen to help their customers be able to easily place their products on the floor which is why they have provided a thorough video of how to position and set up the unit, including the setup. So, there will be no issues on how to install the unit at home.

Furthermore the designers would like you to enjoy the most enjoyable experience when using this device. They incorporated numerous perks and benefits inside the device.

One of these is the automatic feeder feature. As a result, it will be able to effortlessly handle scanning, printing, and copy, as well as perform a variety of other tasks.

In addition the device also comes with an A-grade connection feature. As a result, the unit can be connected to your electronic devices in a matter of minutes. Additionally, connections to the USB 2.0, WiFi, and Ethernet connections let you join the printer in just a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • Thanks to the speedy USB port, Ethernet, or WiFi connections, users will be able to easily connect to the internet.
  • Includes a clear videotape to make it easy to set up and use.
  • The automatic feeder feature makes printing simpler.
  • The exceptional connectivity parameters allow for fast and effective connection.

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5. Brother MFC-L5900DW

When discussing office use It is best to go with more robust printers.

In the offices, there’s a variety of employees. They have to copy, print scan, fax, or print documents frequently. If you’re looking for something that is more suitable for an office, we suggest you choose this model.

One of the main reasons we consider this to be one of the best choices for offices is the dual-sided printing capabilities. In contrast to conventional printers, this model can be printed on two sides. This makes it less necessary for you to perform any work and makes the task completed more efficiently.

In addition it also has an Auto feeder ink. The perk enables the printer to quickly and effortlessly print and scan copy, scan, fax as well as perform various other tasks with no difficulty.

In addition the wireless printer is equipped with a feature called cloud-based scanning. Thanks to this feature you can take a picture of a document then the device will upload the document to a cloud-based server.

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The printer will guarantee the highest quality print. Thanks to its large printing capacity, the printer permits you to print a number of sheets of top quality without difficulty.

Key Features:

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6. HP Color Laserjet Pro M281CDW

Laser printers are the best option for those seeking high-quality prints. If you want a printer that will provide you with high-quality results and efficient operation is the M281CDW model by HP is the ideal choice for you. Are you curious about the reason behind this?

The first thing to note is that this is a tiny printer. Due to its small and lightweight design it’s easy to transport it and set up it in your office, home or any other location. In contrast to its tiny size, this product offers outstanding performance.

It comes with the hefty 22, PPM (Paper Per Minute) print speed it allows you to complete your important document in just a few seconds. Furthermore, it can print up to 250 sheets of paper in one go due to its huge 250-paper tray.

In addition to all this it also provides users with the best connectivity. The printer works with virtually every operating system. This is why you are able to connect it to iPhones, Macs, iPods and android conventional laptops, traditional laptops, and every other device that is electronic.

If you are looking for an printer with a large printing capability and speed with high-quality prints as well as impressive connections, this printer is the ideal option.

Key Features:

  • Light and compact design provide traditional stations and carriages.
  • It has a high PPM, so, you’ll receive your prints within the shortest amount of time.
  • The high-quality connectivity features allow for the operation of every electronic gadget.
  • It can be connected to nearly any operating system on the market.

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7. Samsung Xpress C430W Wireless Color Printer

Samsung is a household name in the world of technology. It is famous for manufacturing nearly everything, and every one of their products is among the finest quality on the market and includes printers. Find out more about this incredible product.

One of the best features of the printer’s features is superior connectivity. It comes with an network technology, WiFi system, and USB 2.0. This allows the device for connection to an device with ease and lets users use the device with ease.

In addition, it includes an intelligent app, known as The Samsung Mobile Print app, that lets you print anything using your Android phones. You can relax on your couch and complete the job within a matter of minutes.

Additionally, the printer is extremely fast! It prints black at speeds of 19 PPM, and 9 PPM when printing colored prints.

In addition to these advantages, it is also guaranteed to be of the highest quality. If you’re seeking a top-quality printer, you must be sure to give this one the chance.

Key Features:

  • You can use it using the incredibly popular mobile application that allows for easy use.
  • Because of the printing process using lasers this guarantees high-quality printing.
  • Allows for a high speed of printing for fast and quick execution.
  • The compact and small size makes it easy to place and move.

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What Should You Look For Before Buying Printers for Notary Signing?

Before buying anything, it is recommended to go through the buying guide. It will inform you of the things you should be aware of or take into consideration when shopping. This guide will help you choose the right printer for notary signing agents.

Speed of Printing

If your printer’s speed is extremely slow you’ll be unable to complete your job within the timeframe you want, which can result in customers becoming frustrated. Additionally, you do not have enough time that you’d be waiting around until your printer could finish its job.

We recommend that you get the laser printer rather than the inkjet. This is because they’re much more efficient that inkjets. For printing documents laser printers are the best option.


This is one of the primary factors to take into consideration before purchasing an printer. If the resolution isn’t good and the printer is not up to par, it would not only be embarrassing to show the printer in front of your customers, but it could be a huge cost of waste.

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Multiple Functions

There are printers available that in the market provide one purpose, which is obvious: printing. There are others with multiple functions. It is not just possible to print from it however, you can also make use of the device as scanner or a photocopying device.

They’re extremely beneficial as they’re an all-in-one type of product. It is possible to get a lot of benefit from it.

Duty Cycle

This is an important aspect because notary signing agents depend heavily on printers and the work load is quite a bit. The documents to be printed could be anywhere between one hundred and one hundred pages.

This could lead to a larger client base , which would mean that it can fill the entire duty cycle quickly.

Remember this in mind whenever you are out shopping.

Paper Handling

It is evident that a printer is excellent when it can input prayers more than just one. Most of the time, just one type of printing media isn’t sufficient to satisfy notary signers.

It will be more efficient and productivity when you own two tray, even if it’s small.

There are occasions where you’ll need the need to print on legal-sized paperand and letter-sized ones.

In this instance the situation will be and automatically completed with the help from the dual tray technology.

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Printer Type: Inkjet Vs. Laser

As we’ve mentioned previously it’s ideal to purchase laser printer rather than the inkjet model since it’s faster and more suitable for document printing. It’s possible to choose an inkjet printer if you’re not comfortable the use of a laser printer but it’s less effective.

Dual tray laser printer that can be used for notary could be the perfect choice for you.


We encourage everyone to adhere with their financial goals. However, when printing is concerned we recommend more expensive ones.

The machine is essentially an investment and can help you with your job. The ones that can perform multiple functions are higher than ones that print just.

You must definitely purchase one that is fast speed, a high resolution, and many features, even if it is priced higher. fee.

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Frequently Answered Questions

What is the average amount a Notary Charge Per Signing?

The notary signer earns lots of cash. People who are hired from escrow offices earn an even higher rate of payment. The amount ranges from 125 dollars and up to 200 dollars per sign-up appointment.

What is the main difference between a Notary Signing Agency and The Public Notary?

The primary focus of work between the two differs. Notary signing agents are primarily focused on documents related to mortgages, but the notary public is able to handle many different types of documents.

Which Is The Most Trustworthy Printer Brand?

HP Canon and HP Canon are the two companies that are unbeatable in terms of trustworthiness of the brand. Their color and resolution is outstanding.

Is Inkjet Better Than Laser?

The answer is subjective. Inkjet is more suitable for vibrant photos and documents. For documents, laser printer is the one you should pick since it’s faster and lasts longer since it makes use of toner rather than ink.

What is the disadvantage of purchasing a Laster Printer?

One of the biggest issues with purchasing the laser printer is the high cost.

Check out our post on how to get ink off Hands. Learn the best methods to get rid of ink from your hands in this article!

Wrapping up!

At this point, you ought to have found the ideal Printer for Notary Signing Agents that fits the purpose you are looking for. Our comprehensive buying guide and FAQ section should have made it easier to choose the ideal printer for you.

If, however, you’re struggling to determine which one is right best for your needs, we suggest you check out HP’s OfficeJet Pro 8025.

The products we have included mentioned in this article are top-quality in their respective fields, however the Pro 8025 comes with all the benefits, but with the least of the negatives. This is why it’s the best choice for you.

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