7 Best Print Servers (October 2022) Reviews

If you require regular printouts and want to make the process as simple as you can the wireless printers are the answer.

Print servers connect printers to computers through wireless connections anywhere in the network.

The majority of people use their computers to serve as printing servers. However, there are a number of disadvantages of having a dedicated computer solely for printing which include energy inefficiency and expense. Installing a printer in your business or office is a great idea.

We’ve analyzed markets and reviewed the most reliable models of print servers. Learn more about them.

Top 7 Best Print Servers 2022

1. IOGEAR USB 2.0 Print Server

IOGEAR USB 2.0 Print Server is a small device which connects to any computer on networks to allow sharing of with it a USB printer. It is equipped with an USB 2.0 specifications.

Another great aspect this product offers is the fact that it comes with an automatic-sensing Ethernet port that works with both 10Base T and 100Base-T networks.

The device incorporates Internet Printing Protocol IPP in order to let users print on an WAN or LAN connection. Furthermore, it can be used with a variety of operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 10, Linux, Mac, and many more.

Users can manage and configure the device using the web browser due to the built-in web management feature. It provides the convenience of control and ease of use at the same time.

Users don’t need to place their computers right next to the printer to obtain prints. Printing jobs can now be accomplished from anywhere in the globe in as little time as is possible within at the exact same workplace.

It is important to note that this product does not work to multi-functional printers. This is a problem when you consider that most of its competitors offer this feature.

It’s not the only one, but it’s considered the top print server by some, as it has the majority of standard features in the industry.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible it with Windows XP, 10, Mac OS, Linux.
  • It is compatible with multiple protocols for network connectivity.
  • The kit includes an USB 2.0 port as well as a the patch cable CAT5.
  • The device is capable of auto-sensing 10BaseT or 100Base.

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The TP-Link TLPS110U Print Server is a great option for businesses and offices because it keeps your computer from being in the loop when you install an printing configuration.

All you need do is connect the gadget to your printer via an USB port. It is also possible to connect the printer server to your computer’s LAN to complete the printing jobs.

The printer is available in an elegant and compact style. The sleek white body and is perfect for contemporary homes.

It is compatible with majority of the most well-known brands available today. They are also constantly updating the software, making sure that they are compatible with the latest printer models.

The server is also compatible with multiple operating systems and protocols. It is therefore a simple matter to connect the device to your printer network since it can be compatible with almost every network configuration.

TP-Link is also equipped with an ultra-fast microprocessor that allows for a faster operation. The printer connection is also USB 2.0 certified, which is a standard in the market standardand is among the most recent devices available.

The amazing features made the printer extremely simple to utilize. Print jobs can be completed within a matter of minutes, no matter the location of your computer.

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Key Features:

  • Compatible with more than 350 printer models.
  • It is easy to install and operation.
  • Supports multiple protocols and operating systems.
  • It has a fast microprocessor.

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3. StarTech PM1115P2 Windows Compatible Print Server

StarTech PM1115P2 Print Server is an echelon above the rest of its peers because of its outstanding performance.

With this printer server, you’ll be able to transform an existing parallel printer network into one that is shared since it uses the latest technology. It is possible to do this in a time of 10 to 100 Mbps.

The parallel printer server is compatible with a variety of operating systems which includes Mac as well as Windows. You can also control the server remotely with the Simple Network Management Protocol, that is included in the printer adapter. Because it is compatible with a wide range of networks it can be used in nearly all networks without doubt.

In addition, the installation of this server is extremely simple. If you decide to use a Windows-based installation wizard or remote web-based interface, you will be able to get the entire print network working easily.

And the best thing is the fact that your server connects directly to the Centronics port on its own. It won’t depend on a cable to ensure the connection.

The box is so small that it is able to fit into the palms of your hands. It occupies a tiny space , but it serves a significant cause both in homes and in business.

Key Features:

  • The device is compatible with Ethernet which allows for fast and efficient networking.
  • It offers easy configuration options for windows and other web-based configurations.
  • It is compatible with the majority of parallel printers available that are available.
  • It’s compatible with both macOS as well as Windows operating systems.

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4. HP JetDirect 620n print server

HP JetDirect 620n Print Server comes with high-end security and features industry-standard functions which makes it the most reliable USB print server available on the market.

The device lets businesses and offices to set up printing networks quickly. With the wired connectivity feature it is easy to set up the device. can be done in a snap. It can also be used to share HP printers using the EIO slots on the network of printers. Actually every device with an internet connection is connected to this printer server.

The connection ports are 10/100 Ethernet which ensures a fast connection with a data transfer rate at 100Mbps. Furthermore, the card can be used with an extensive array of operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows.

The print server offers a wide range of connectivity. It can be connected to Microsoft Windows, Linux 6.0 or later and Apple OS 8.6 plus, and many more. It supports several data protocols, such as 10Base-T quick and 100Base TX Ethernet connection protocol.

Additionally, it’s compatible with the majority of available printer models on the market. Therefore, you can be sure that it will work with your printer setup with no issues.

It also has market-standard storage, with RAM of 16 megabytes as well as flash memory that is 4MB. The encryption algorithm on this device is quite robust it uses SSL along with TLS.

Key Features:

  • The shape for this gadget is one that plugs into a plug.
  • It provides a high speed data transfer rate of up to 100 Mbps.
  • Connectivity technology can be wired using ports 10,100 Ethernet.
  • It has memory of 16MB.

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The TP-Link TLPS110P Print Server makes sure that your PC doesn’t remain on the loop when you set up a printing network in your work area.

It is possible to connect your computer via an parallel port as quickly and achieve excellent printing. Additionally there is the option of connecting your TP Link printer to your network and your computers will be able to access the printer, in the event.

The product comes with only one parallel port. It can also be connected via speedy Ethernet cables. The device is compatible with the majority of the printers available in today’s market, giving you many possibilities. Additionally they are constantly updating their products to provide improved service.

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This USB 2.0 port interface will ensure that printing outputs are out quickly and quickly. Performance and speed are the two main factors making them stand out from the majority of their competitors. Additionally, the product has broad application.

It’s compatible with many operating systems that include Windows, Unix/Linux, NetWare, Mac, and more. It also supports a variety of protocols. This includes TCP, RAW TCP, Apple Talk, NetBEUI, and many more. These functions expand the number of applications available and also help the device gain greater popularity as it goes along.

Key Features:

  • This USB printer can be used in conjunction with up to 230 different printer models.
  • Includes email alerts, as well as self-testing of power-on.
  • The product is compatible with different protocols and operating systems.
  • It has USB 2.0 connections.

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6. DYMO 1750630 Wireless Linux Compatible Print Server

This printer server made by DYMO allows the connection of multiple printers simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing the same space as the printer or in a city away, you’ll be able connect the printers with no issues.

The print server connects the printer using a quick and secure network that allows wireless printing. Thus, all users connected to this server’s network is able to complete their printing tasks using the wireless connection.

This printer server is easy to set up and start up and running. It is connected via an USB 2.0 cable as well as the Ethernet cable. It is likely to fit into your office configuration. This makes it among the most compatible devices on the market today.

Due to its quick and constant speeds, the printing device linked to this server can provide you with top-quality prints in a just a few minutes.

The software is versatile in that it offers many options for printing. It’s also simple to use. It comes with easy-to-follow directions to help you navigate the device without a hitch.

Key Features:

  • Sharing printers very easy.
  • Supported by both macOS as well as Windows operating systems.
  • It’s incredibly simple to set up.
  • The device connects to the internet via USB as well as Ethernet.

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7. DNP Web Print Server

DNP WPS Print Server is the top wireless print server with many good reasons. The device is made to print wirelessly using your smartphone. It works with iOS and Android-based devices without issue, constantly making sure it runs smoothly.

All you need to do is connect your server with one of compatible printer models , and then start printing photos, documents and other things. You can do this via your laptop or mobile phone. Drag down the file into shared folders and you’re ready to go. It is also possible to use the hard-wired connection.

The DNP WPS Print Server stands in a class of its own in terms of design. It has 7″ multi-touch display.

This gives you more control over and manage workflows directly out of the web server. Installing the device and setting it up is fairly simple that you don’t have to fret over installing the device.

It is a product is popular with photographers because it provides the DSLR Shoot-to Print feature. It is possible to create workflows by using your camera with an application from a third party. This lets you print your most loved photos instantly regardless of where you live anywhere in the world.

Key Features:

  • Wireless printing is compatible with Wi-Fi compatible phones, computers and cameras.
  • The device comes with a touch-screen with 5 points of capacity.
  • The screen’s size measures 7 inches.
  • The app is mobile-friendly and that displays real-time status of printing.

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How Do You Choose The Right Print Server?

1. Types Of Print Server

The printer servers are made up of two kinds. They are both external and internal printer servers. If you’re looking to experience the most satisfying printing experience, choosing the right type of printer server to print on is crucial.

A. Internal Print Server

Internal printers plug to the rear end of a computer, and connect directly with the motherboard. The advantage of this is that they’re invisible, and the server is able to run on any PC you have. But, be aware that while printing using this system, you’ll have to ensure your PC is to on throughout the process.

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B. External Print Server

The external printers are simple to setup, and the process takes only a few seconds. However, they could harm your computer. Make sure to keep them in a secure location.

You should choose the type of printer that can meet your printing requirements.

2. Compatibility

If you need to buy the new printer in order to enable the print server and you want to purchase a high-quality printer server will add no worth to the printing task. Thus compatibility is among the most important aspects to take into consideration when choosing the right printer server.

A quality print server can make your older printer work in a modern workplace. The most reliable print server will be able to work with older printers as well as printer USB ports that aren’t equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. USB Support

Traditional computers don’t usually offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. This is why it’s wise to invest in an printer that comes with USB support.

The USB-supporting units come with keys-sized USB dongle that connects to your PC via the standard USB port. Once it is connected it can allow quick and two-way communication between your printer server and your PC.

4. Internet Printing

A print server lets you print from your desktop. You can also start printing jobs while working from a distance.

This is usually accomplished through LPR which is also known as Line Printer Remote protocol. This allows for the introduction of modern functions to old printers which makes it a breeze for those who print out documents to pick up later at the office.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. What are the functions of Print Servers?

There are many functions for printing servers. It allows computers to print any resource. It could also help assist in the printing process by placing documents in a queue until printer is in the process of printing. It also provides the updates of the printing task to users.’

2. What are the advantages of Print Servers?

Print servers assist by the addition of new users and managing group settings and updating permissions for printing in line with the expansion of the business. Therefore, print servers are a great way to manage printing needs in challenging working environments.

Utilizing a print server, you will not have to modify the printer settings manually, eliminating the pressure as well as the possibility of a variety of problems.

3. Which Print Servers Are the Most Effective?

Print servers that have an extremely small footprint and can support many devices will be the best in terms of ease of use. A print server that offers steady performance and stable connectivity can improve the printer’s performance in printing.

4. How do wireless print servers Function?

Wireless printers come with a local wireless module that can be used to share documents across the company without having to deal by using wires.

To turn on the wireless printer there are only two cables. These consist of a feed cables that will manage the server, and the standard USB to connect to the printer.

Wrapping up!

Sharing printers has been made easy because of print servers. They use the latest technology to ensure that you can get all printing tasks completed on time, no matter where you’re located.

We’ve reviewed some of the most reliable printing options on the market. Each promises to provide efficiency and functionality, as well as keeping your printers in good condition for the long term.

We hope that our USB review of the print server will assist you in determining what you require, and help guide you to make the right choice.

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