8 Best Prime Line Door Locks (September 2022) Reviews

Does Prime-Line’s door locking system good? Maybe that’s the case for you have, so it’s fine to inquire. Making purchases, in the beginning, demands thorough research in order to ensure you don’t make a bad decision and ultimately losing money. This isn’t just about losing money when it comes to door locks. You want security that doesn’t allow burglars to easily get in.

If you’re in the market for Prime Line locks, then we’ve listed the top ones here. In essence, we’ve reviewed locks for patio doors and front doors that are used in commercial and residential spaces.

Our process of selection was comprised of safety features as well as their durability as well as compatibility with standard doors and ratings from consumers. Therefore, you are likely to discover a strong lock that offers value for money in our top choices.

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Top 8 Best Prime Line Door Locks 2022

1. Prime-Line K 5092 Security Doors Keyed-Lock Mortise Handle Set

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If you’re looking for a strong security lock to secure your door whether at your retail space, office or even in inside your house, you need to think about purchasing this lock. It’s made to be secure and it’s strong enough to guard you from thieves. The lock comes complete with full lockset, which includes a key turn lock hardware as well as the cylinder with a key. The lockset is made from die-cast steel and steel and is the ideal option for entrance doors.

The mortise lock is installed on security doors and similar. The lockset is available in black and is suitable for all door styles and interior decors. This lock can be used on doors that are right-handed or left-handed.

2. Prime-Line E 2497 Mortise-Keyed Keyed Lock Glass Knob

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This lock is a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics. It’s constructed with a gorgeous classical knob, which creates a striking design statement on your doors. Additionally, it’s very sturdy and is a great replacement for your existing door hardware.

It is also a great choice for the flexibility to work with right and left-handed doors. This means that you can apply it to right or left-handed doors. The antique style is a great door for old-fashioned doors. Furthermore, it has locks that can be controlled by a key from both the outside and inside.

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Although this mortise lock is extremely durable however, it’s not intended to be used on exterior doors. It’s a security lock that is only suitable for doors that are inside, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

The installation process is straightforward and includes the screws and other hardware that will allow you to fit the door with ease.

3. Prime-Line E2192 Sliding Door Multi-Point Mortise Lock

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Glass doors require secured locks to secure what’s inside. This Prime-Line E2192 Mortise Lock can be used to lock most regular sliding doors. Its multipoint design allows locks more secure, while its aluminum and diecast construction make it very durable.

The housing measures 9/16 inches thick and the holes for mounting are separated by 7-13/16 inches. From the middle, the two point latching hooks are separated from one another at 3-3/4 inches.

Overall the lock is strong and can be utilized on commercial sliding doors.

4. Classic Bronze Prime-Line E 2495 Mortise Keyed Knob

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Prime Line E 2495 Mortise Keyed Knob can be described as an authentic mortise lock, but with modern design. This lockset is a great option to upgrade or replace a broken mortise locksets in homes. It is available in classic bronze, brass as well as satin nickel, to complement a variety of door and interior designs.

In addition it is key-operated across both doors, both inside and out. It is perfect for bedrooms and other areas where privacy and security is essential. It can be used for left-handed and right-handed doors that measure 3/8″ to 1-3/4.

Installation of the lockset is simple however, you might need to contact a locksmith if you’re unsure about doing it right.

5. Prime-Line U10750 Lock and Door Reinforcer

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As you may have guessed, door reinforcement locks help to guard against unauthorised entry, and that’s exactly what this lock can do for you. It has an extra door reinforcement that increases the safety of front door. It can be put on doors made of metal or wood that have drive-in or mortise latches.

It can be used on doors that are 1 1/4 inches thick, 2-1/8 inch bores, 5-1/2 inches hole centers and a 2-3/8″ backset. It can be used to fix damaged areas, to strengthen weak points on doors, or to increase the security of locks already in place.

The strengthener is fitted to doors that are ready to accept deadbolts, key-in-knob locks, and combination locksets. The package includes all the fasteners needed to facilitate with the process of installation. Of course, installation is simple If you follow the directions in the manual for users.

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6. Prime-Line C 1282 Mortise-Style Sliding Door Handle Set

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The handle of the Prime Line C1282 was specifically designed for sliding doors with mortise style and has an off-thumb turn. This lock can be utilized for patio doors, where the existing handle is damaged or has to be replaced. Its non-handed construction ensures that it can be used on doors with left or right hand by turning the handle in the opposite direction on the plate that holds it.

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While the handle set doesn’t have an electronic lock it is possible to install a separate lock, such as a deadbolt may be installed over the hardware to provide additional security and security reasons. The elegant satin-nickel finish appears gorgeous on sliding glass doors. The hardware can be mounted on patio doors with sliding panels that measure 1-5/8″ to 1-1/4″ thick.

If you’re looking specifically to purchase Prime-Line patio door locks there’s a solution to think about.

7. Prime-Line C 1225 sliding patio door Handle Set

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If you’re looking to upgrade the handle of your patio sliding door set The Prime-Line C 1225 Handle Set is a great alternative to consider. While it’s not equipped without an inner mortise lock component it can fit compatible internal mortise locks.

The lock is extremely sturdy as it is constructed of die-cast. It should provide you with peace of mind at the very least, once the lock has been placed on your door. Additionally, it comes with white-colored finish, which will make it the perfect choice for sliding doors with white finishes.

The handle set can be used on patio doors that measure 1-1/2 inches to 1-3/4 inches in thickness and 3-15/16 inch hole spacing. The handle can be used in reverse to fit the right or left handed sliding doors for patios. If you’re looking to upgrade the handle on your patio door the Prime-Line handle Prime-Line might be the ideal replacement.

8. Prime-Line D 1998 Pella Sliding Door Roller Assembly

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If you’re searching for something that’s easy to set up and run smoothly then this D 1998 Pella Door Roller Assembly from Prime-Line is a good choice.

It is a sliding roller that was specifically made to work with Pella sliding doors. The roller assembly comes with 1-1/2-inch ball Bearing Steel. You might need to purchase two rollers, based on the requirements of your door.

Of course, installing the new ones will require you to remove the old ones removed. The replacement installation will be simple as provided you have the required knowledge. Other than the 1998 model the Roller Assembly also works on the 2005 Pella door, however you’ll need determine the compatibility.

Where can I use Prime-Line Locks for Doors?

It is based on the kind of Prime-Line lock you buy. However, the locks shown below can be utilized on commercial and residential entrance locks. They also make a great suitable for patio doors.

Are Prime-Line Doors Suitable For Commercial Doors?

Sure, Prime-Line mortise locks can be described as high-quality locks that work with industrial and commercial doors. There are also specific locks specifically designed specifically for Prime-Line commercial doorways. They also have locks that are suitable with sliding-glass doors.

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Do Prime Line Door Locks have anti-kick?

It is also dependent on the kind of lock you’re considering. Doors inside aren’t usually robust enough to stand up to hard kicks. However, Prime-Line is a mortise lock that is tough and that are designed to withstand kicks and other methods of breaking-in used by burglars.

Can I install Prime-Line Locks Without contacting a locksmith?

The locks aren’t that difficult to set up. But it depends on your skills. If you’re able to follow DIY guidelines and are skilled in the field or have previous experience with the installation of door locks and installation, you’ll be able to install the lock without a locksmith. Be aware that you must install your lock correctly for the best use of it. It is recommended to contact a professional to make sure you’re the proper installation.

Do I need to lubricate the rollers of my patio door prior to Installation?

All bearings are already lubricated therefore you won’t require additional oiling prior to installation. Prime-Line warns against using any low-viscosity motor oil could draw dirt in, which can decrease the life of the roller which could damage the lock. If your roller is stiff after a long period of use, it is worth replacing it, as this will tell you that it is time to replace. But, you can also use lubricant to it however, you could end up harming the track. It is best to replace it after an extended period of time.

Do Prime-Line Locks work on other doors not manufactured by They?

Yes, you are able to utilize the locks with other locks, as long as they’re compatible. Prime-Line offers locks specifically designed for their doors and also those that work with doors that are not manufactured by Prime-Line.

Wrapping up!

Prime-Line offers a wide selection of residential and commercial hardware including locks, doors windows, parts for replacement and much more. Naturally, they’re a trusted brand and you’ll never regret selecting the locks for your patio or any other locks for entry.

It is recommended to take into consideration things like size and compatibility with your home before making an purchase. It is important to ensure that you don’t purchase the wrong item that could cause a negative experience.

Installation is also crucial. If your lock isn’t properly installed, they won’t function properly. Therefore, ensure that you have installed your lock correctly. It is possible to call locksmiths if you’re uncertain about installing it the correct method.

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