7 Best Poster Printers (September 2022) Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the corporate sector doing the math, in the research/scientific field generating ideas, or are just looking for the everyday posters can help you get your work an enormous boost.

It will help visually your work and improve the work by with ten times the visual appeal. Printing posters is a fantastic tool to keep in your arm.

There are numerous printing devices available. Each has its characteristics and advantages. The process of buying one can be daunting.

Additionally You don’t want to purchase one that does too many features and which you do not need.

The great news is that we’re here with the complete list most effective poster printers available. These printers are among the most highly rated ones on the market, and will definitely provide the high-quality poster you’re looking for.

Top 7 Best Poster Printers 2022

For this listing, we’ve examined the distinctive characteristics and characteristics that each printer has. We also have discussed why and how you could find certain aspects useful.

Without further delay we’ll get right into it!

1. HP Poster Printer OfficeJet Pro 7740

A highly versatile product from the top company in the market. Pro 7740 will manage all of documents-related requirements quickly.

Print and fax, scan and copy – do whatever you’d like easily and with no stress with this amazing printer. Its flexibility makes it an excellent option if you’re looking for printers for posters.

It is able to print stunning photos that are wide-format, measuring between 11×17 and. So, the next time you require a printer to print stunning photos in large dimensions it is easy to know what you need to go for.

It also comes with a useful HP Smart app. What’s this you ask? This app simplifies the process of installing your printer and also connects the printer to your phone, which is a great reason to invest in the device.

It is also cost-effective compared to other laser printer. It could save you approximately 50% the cost per page. When printing, its cost-effectiveness surpasses the laser printer.

In addition, its printing speed is impressive and allows you to complete the job with a lot of force in a short time. If you’re in search of the perfect print-ready poster printer that will fit into your company It is, without doubt, the best. is the top poster printer that you can put the hands of.

Key Features:

  • Amazingly flexible, it lets you print or fax, scan, copy, and more at any time
  • Print stunning 11 17 inches using wide-formats
  • Economical and helps save money.
  • Speedier printing speed over other printers on the market.

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2. Epson WorkForce WF-7720

If you’re already employing Epson ink and are looking for a brand new printer for posters, then look no further.

This is the perfect unit you’ve been searching for. It was designed specifically for Epson inks. It goes along with Epson inks to will print like never before. For the maximum use in the use of Epson inks, it is recommended to use this model of printer.

Additionally, inks that come from a third party could cause damage to the device in the event that you own these, this isn’t the right thing to do.

It is equipped with WF-7720, with a solid core that makes sure that you print excellent prints quickly. It produces a high-quality print that other printers do not achieve.

In addition, it’s bound to save you cash on electricity. This amazing print requires around 80 percent more energy than the majority of other printers on the market.

The reduction in power consumption is sure to cost you less when you plan to print frequently.

The body has a staggering 500 sheet capacity which is plenty for professional requirements. There are also two tray systems and a read feed for papers that require specific treatment. It is able to hold up to 125 sheets on the end of output.

In short, it’s got excellent anatomy and has been specifically designed to offer only the best performance.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for those who own Epson inks, and vice to.
  • A strong core WF-7720 ensures constant and heavy-duty printing.
  • It consumes as much as 80 percent less power when compared to other models, reducing bills and conserving money.
  • Unique designed with a huge capacity to provide a seamless endless printing experience.

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3. Brochure and poster from Brother Duplex Printer

If you print at a high volume each day and are finding that you are feeding the ink tank right every now and then a bit irritating then this is the ideal printer to use.

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The Brother unit is equipped with a huge ink tank. The tank for ink is massive that it can supply an ink tank for one year. It’s like walking at the beach. This means you won’t have to refill the tank frequently and again.

Printing is also less expensive. The unit is equipped with powerful high-capacity INKvestment Tank cartridges that make sure that you don’t need to go to the shop to purchasing ink every year or more.

Furthermore, its structure is also impressive. With two rigid paper tray that can hold 500 sheets in capacity, and a tray with multi-purpose that can accommodate around 100 sheets. Printing is easily and with ease.

If you run an enterprise that is professional in its printing and have to handle diverse types of papers, you’ll need this printer you need for your business.

In addition, it includes an automatic replenishment of the dash that is useful at times. When you activate it, it’ll measure the level of toner in your printer and then order the refill on its own.

It may behave as your personal printer assistant. ensure that you don’t have to be attentive to minor things.

Key Features:

  • Mega ink storage featuring cartridges that have high capacity and can store large quantities of ink.
  • It saves cash by reducing the frequency of printing.
  • Trays with amazing capacity to allow you to carry out any print in any amount.
  • Its intelligent dash monitors toner levels and then orders new toners all on its own.

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4. Canon Pixma IX6820 Printer For Printing Posters

This wonderful printer is from Pixma is the ideal printer for your workplace. It prints a variety of sizes effortlessly and high-quality.

If it’s 4” x 6 formal mailers or 11” x 17 long spreadsheets with large amounts of information to 13” x 19 charts for presentations, this printer is able to handle it all. For a variety of printing requirements this is the perfect printer.

It also has the highest resolution of 9600 x 2400 dots to the viewer. The detail is sharp and enhanced, providing the ultimate experience for viewers with the highest resolution. It gives a stunning view that will leave you in admiration and a smile.

In addition the printer’s unique design will also alleviate your concerns. Its sophisticated system connects you with thousands of unique templates.

Download them for free and then use them wherever it is appropriate. You no longer have to think about creating templates, which we all are aware of how bad they can be. Let your printer do it.

Finally, it includes an exclusive software known as “My Image Garden Software.” This powerful application brings all printing options under one roof, giving the user a brand new concept of printing that is flawless.

In addition, it can organize your photos similar to Google Photos for your utmost ease. A great application on your sleeves sounds like something you should consider.

Key Features:

  • Print a variety of prints easily.
  • An impressive 9600×2400 DPI resolution in color for enhanced visual.
  • Connects the user to fantastic templates that eliminate the hassle of creating new documents.
  • “My Image Garden Program” can store photos and provides all printing features in one place for flawless printing.

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5. HP DesignJet T130 Large Format Poster Printing Machine

A poster printer by HP was designed with one reason: to offer speedy printing. This printer runs swiftly as well, operating 35 seconds to print a single A1 sheet and printing at a rate of 70 prints per hour.

This is a huge leap from any other printers on the market. The plotter included is also top-quality. If you’re planning on printing large-scale plans or huge drawings and drawings, then an appropriate plotter is crucial.

Therefore, this printer could be ideal for anyone working who work in the field of architecture or who need to print construction plans frequently.

In addition, it includes all the other features needed for an easy printing experience. It comes with wireless connectivity as well as a roll feeder sharp cutters and all the other functions.

On the other hand there isn’t any stand. Instead, it comes with an office cabinet. This may be inconvenient for many people, and so we decided to mention this here.

At the final point, we believe that the benefits are greater than the drawbacks and it’s one of the top printers for posters for 2021.

Key Features:

  • Astonishingly fast printing speed specifically designed for those who require quick prints anywhere and anytime.
  • Excellent plotters that print accurate images ideal for those who want to print flawless diagrams.
  • Include all the tools like the wireless connection, roll and a cutter to give you the best printing experience.
  • There isn’t a stand to ease the process, however, it is a huge filing cabinet.

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6. Canon ImagePROGRAF TA-20

The printer can print at a an amazing rate, printing the user 104 posters of 24×36 inches per hour. This speedy rate will surely draw the attention of users, making it an indispensable tool to keep in. Are you in need of printing at very short notice? There’s no problem. Leave your machine to do the work.

It lets you print posters, while remaining completely wireless. It allows you to print from anywhere in your office or at the workplace. You can move around and be attentive to what you’re doing while you create high-quality prints.

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The most appealing thing is that it comes with an enormous amount of ink upon purchase. The ink is nearly 250 dollars. This printer will ensure that you don’t purchase ink for a long time. Cool, right?

The size of the paper roll is also quite good and comes in 8”-24” dimensions and 2″ 2” cores. It is true that such measures beneficial to your work. A 3″ 3” can also be found however, you must invest more money for it.

It permits printing on a variety of papers like imagePROGRAF photo, signage and bond/coated papers.

Printing on a variety papers provides you with convenience and the opportunity to experiment. However, it doesn’t support fine art papers.

If you’re wanting to print your posters on large sizes then this is the ideal large-format printer that is available on the market. It is sure to be worth the cost.

Key Features:

  • Fast printing speed allows users to print up to 104 sheets of 24×36 within a single hour.
  • A strong wireless connection allows users to access it from any location you’d like.
  • It comes with tons of ink.
  • It supports a variety of papers that can be printed.

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7. Epson SureColor T51

This printer has the 4.3 screen LCD touchscreen monitor. It’s a great upgrade to the printer that can make using it ten times simpler.

The cartridges are extremely powerful. They come with 50mL of color and the black cartridge is 80mL. This means that there will be there are fewer cartridges to replace ink by using these high-volume cartridges, and making savings over the long term.

Print from anywhere within the office using this printer, which includes phones or tablets. This printer has an integrated wireless network that comes with Wi-Fi direct that is router-free. It isn’t necessary to leave your office for printing.

Are you having trouble finding a workspace, and you don’t have enough space to fit a printer? If yes, then you’ve found the right printer that you’ve been seeking.

SureColor has a minimalist and sleek design that ensures it occupies as the smallest space feasible. It also has extremely compact footprint and takes virtually the same amount of time to set up.

Key Features::

  • 4.3 screen LCD monitor makes operating simple.
  • Cartridges that are relatively large and contain lots of ink so you won’t have to buy ink every so often.
  • It supports wireless operation, so you can print stunning prints from any location in the office.
  • The clever design can be adapted to the smallest amount of space, which is ideal for offices with plenty of space.

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Poster Printer Buying Guide a Printer

These are the products that are doing great in the marketplace. They are the best products that have the highest number of positive reviews.

However, these aren’t the only items available on the market. There are many other models that are flooding the market. The buying process for anything in 2021 is going to be a challenge, in fact.

This is a brief overview of everything you should to consider when purchasing the most effective poster printers.

The purpose of the printer

The first step is that you must determine your priorities. Find out why you are purchasing this printer?

Printers at home don’t give a professional appearance to your prints. Likewise, an office printer in your home may be overpriced and is a waste of cash.

If you only require occasional prints you should consider an at-home printer. If you want to do a lot of printing speed, you should get you an office-type printer printer that offers professional results.

Speed of printing

Printing for yourself, a client or at the office, slow or dragged prints are not appreciated.

If you are prone to print a lot and require quick delivery make sure you choose the printer that has a quick printing speed.

If you print at home but do not have a printer that you regularly use You can decide to go with the printer with moderate speeds.

Color Cartridges

Printing posters involves the use of many colors. Nearly all printed posters will require hues to look attractive.

You’re trying to impress everyone who comes across it, and you don’t want to color compromise is something you’re not going to make.

If you’re looking to get a massive boost in visuals, you should get the top-quality printer that prints several colors. We suggest getting an printer that is able to support at least four colors of ink.

It is not a good idea to have an image that is boring or unappealing to eye of the viewer.

Cost Per Page

No matter if you have a premium printer or a less expensive one or the frequency of your printing is high, it’s always a good idea to calculate your costs per page.

It is possible to estimate the price per print by considering the number of prints that you will print each month and the number of months can an ink cartridge cost.

Additional Features

Check out the other things that your printer is able to perform. Does it have other capabilities aside from printing? Other tasks you might should look out for include scanning, copying, etc.

Also, verify if it is compatible with Cloud and wireless connectivity or if it is using USB, USB or a Bluetooth.

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Feeders, Output Trays and Feeders

This is something that lots of people do not consider when buying an printer. When they do, it’s generally happens when the trays begin to break down, and it’s probably too late.

You need the best printer that will stand up to the volume of prints you make. Calculate the amount of paper or printing you’ll have to deal with and then purchase one with a capacity that is compatible with the numbers you have.


Poster printers are usually big. It is therefore an ideal practice to examine the dimensions prior to purchasing one.

It’s not a good idea to be in a position in which you purchase one after which you return to your house and discovered that it was too large to fit into the space you’ve set aside.

Thus, prior to making a decision to purchase a printer it is important to verify that the printer’s size is compatible with the space set aside to it.


A printer that has an extended warranty may prove very useful in certain instances. This is why it’s one of the factors you should be aware of.

Additional Software

Today, nearly all printers provide more what is apparent. That is to say they all come with unique software that offers users more to the game.

Some include software that provide users with various templates for download that are free to aid them in projects.

Other options include the ability to store photos like Google Photos. Certain models also include enhancement software for your prints.

Look at which one is appealing to you. Each of them is useful and could lead to some tough bargains.


Your posters must have the highest quality before you print them. One of the most important factors in determining quality is the resolution.

It is crucial to use high-resolution images. Printing on posters means the poster is displayed on a larger display and is attracting more eyes. A poster that is not high-quality will appear dull, unprofessional and unprofessional.

If the images aren’t clear enough, viewers may find it difficult to follow the poster includes figures or data.

Thus, purchasing an printer that has at least moderate resolution is essential.

Frequently asked questions

How Do I Determine The Cost Per Page Important?

Poster printing, as vital as it may be however, comes with cost. Paper costs toner costs, electric expenses – all of these could make your costs more expensive.

When you’re in the middle of a budget, it’s best to sketch costs in the near future. Drawing out possible cost scenarios will allow you to keep your spending within the budget or avoid compromising too to much.

Which program should you choose to create a poster?

It is possible to use Microsoft to create posters. People who use Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Excel should save their work in PDF format prior to printing them. By saving as PDF, you can ensure that the images and fonts are properly printed.

In addition, you could utilize InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Some printers include software that lets you create excellent posters. Some also come with free, printable templates to get speedy outcomes.

Can you use third-party ink?

Certain printers prohibit the use of inks from third party suppliers. Inks from third-party suppliers may work with the printer but it’s not the top quality that it was designed to provide.

Additionally there are many policies that state that the guarantee won’t be able to cover damages caused by third-party inks, which is why we suggest not using inks from third parties for the most effective outcomes.

If You Don’t Use Your Printer often, will the Cartridges dry out?

The cartridges’ inks could dry out in printers that are not being used. The most effective way to stop dehydration is to complete each week a printing task regardless of whether it’s an insignificant one.

Be sure to use the four colors in order to keep your cartridges in shape. There is also an efficient function known as ” print head cleaning function” to ensure that your cartridges are in good shape.


You’ve put a lot of energy to your project. But, it’s tragic if you do not create a professional poster for your project. It’s tragic allow all your time, money and time go to the wrong direction!

If you’ve been with us up to now then you’ll be able to be able to access the most effective poster printer available on the market. It’s been nothing less than an honor to have you as a part of our team.

We hope that this list has enlightened you in a variety of ways, and you now know more than you were yesterday. We hope that you find this list interesting.

Read the buying guides if are in complete obscurity about the product, follow the product review to see what you want.

Best of luck creating those awesome posters!

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