7 Best Portable Soccer Goals for Backyard (October 2022) Reviews

It is not as easy as you may think to find the perfect soccer goal for your backyard.


Because so many brands are aggressively promoting soccer goals, it can be overwhelming to choose one because of all the marketing gimmicks.

You are very welcome!

I am here to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

This portable soccer goal review article will list the top 4 backyard soccer goals, with both their advantages and disadvantages.

It will be a great help to you in your decision making process, both regarding the price and quality.

Let me list some parameters that I used to place a specific model on my wishlist.

  • Its portability is a plus.
  • Easy assembly and storage.
  • Stability and durability
  • The goal’s size.
  • The frame’s material.
  • The goal’s depth.
  • Its cost-effectiveness, brand value.
  • These are just a few of the many characteristics that each model and brand has.

Let’s now dive into the comparison between the four goals.

The Best Portable Full-Size Soccer Goals For Backyard – A Comprehensive Review

1. QUICKPLAY Kickster Elite Soccer Goal for Backyard

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  • There are many sizes available.
  • This goal is easy to set up and takes very little time.
  • An ideal outdoor soccer goal that can withstand all weather conditions.
  • The net quality is something I love. It’s intense.
  • The goal is strong and durable to withstand blasting shots. The bottom poles are well-weighted and do the job efficiently.
  • Bars with thick walls
  • Durable.
  • It is a reasonable price for the performance.
  • It is worth noting the customer support provided by the company.


  • The company should focus on improving the quality of its carrying bags.


The QUICKPLAY Elite portable soccer goal is ideal for training and recreational play. A great choice for both coaches and young players.

This goal’s ability to withstand blasting shots is one of its most admired features. This goal is versatile and can be used for all kinds of gameplay.

This is a simple and fast task. You should be able to complete the task in less than a minute. The poles come pre-attached with elastic so you don’t have to read any instructions. The bungee support can be attached to the net with no difficulty.

The carrying bag may not be up to standard, but you can purchase other bags that are better and carry the goal. The goal won’t be moved often. You can leave it outside all year.

It’s an affordable option. It’s my opinion that it is the best portable soccer goal you can get for your backyard. QUICKTIME Kickster Elite Soccer Goal

2. GOLME PRO Framed Soccer Goal for Backyard Review

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  • You can choose between adult and youth size goals. .
  • This is an easy task that can be accomplished in a short time. With the help of a senior, anyone can accomplish this task.
  • It folds easily and can be carried in a duffle bag.
  • This portable soccer goal is ideal for practice and regulation games in your backyard.
  • It can withstand strong shots.
  • It appears to be durable (many other users have found it durable).
  • Every item, including the net, velcro and net stakes, shines in quality. The stakes offer a great grip.
  • The net’s orange color will give you excellent visibility.
  • The package includes a mallet to hammer the spikes.


  • The poles are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is not as strong as aluminum-based goals, so don’t expect it too. It’s still strong enough to withstand all-powerful shots.


This has been a soccer goal that both the coaches and players have praised the most.

This goal by GOLME is my top recommendation if you’re looking for a portable, full-sized soccer goal that you can take to your backyard. It will be lightweight, strong, and durable.

A goal such as this is ideal for practice and regulation games. This goal is available in two sizes: one for adults and one for youth (8.5×6.5ft)

It takes only 5 minutes to set up and take down the device. You don’t even have to be a pro to do it correctly. It is easy for any young player to do this in no time.

It’s the best choice if you plan to use it in your large backyard.

There shouldn’t be any major downsides to it, except that it shakes against strong shots, which is quite common. We are very grateful. It doesn’t get uprooted.

The price is a little higher than the other models I have on my list. This goal, however, is very cost-effective considering its portability and performance. It’s quite affordable compared to similar options. GOLME PRO Frame Based Soccer Goal

3. Powernet 12×6′ Soccer Goal for Backyard Review

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  • It is lightweight and easy to transport. The goal comes with a handy bag.
  • This goal can be set up in no time. To set it up, you don’t require any additional hardware.
  • This is a great goal to use indoors as well as outdoors.
  • It is suitable for all ages.
  • It is strong enough to be used for practice and recreational play.
  • You will receive all accessories such as skates and bungee.
  • The combination of a steel base frame and a fiberglass pole gives it strength while being lightweight.
  • It is very affordable considering its useability.


  • It’s not durable. It’s not something I am sure of, however. It’s based on the opinion of a real user.


This soccer goal is a great way to pass the time and is very affordable.

This is the Powernet 12×6 soccer goal. It’s best suited for younger players and those under 12. You can use it for adult practice.

Here is the link to purchase the full-size adult (18.5×6.5) version of the same goal.

However, the GOLME PRO I reviewed is better for serious gaming. The GOLME PRO is recommended if you plan to play regularly in regulation games.

This portable goal can all help someone improve their individual skills. Powernet 12×6′ portable soccer goal

4. Review of the Franklin Sports Premier Steel Soccer Goal

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  • There are three sizes and two colors available for soccer goals.
  • The nylon net is weather-resistant.
  • It is easy to put the net on and off. Reading the instructions would be enough to get the job done even for a nine-year old.
  • It is lightweight and easily portable.
  • The steel frame provides a lot of stability for powerful shots.
  • This is a great option for group practice and recreational play.
  • No question about durability.
  • It can be stored in any room of your home during winter.
  • The frame’s steel is rust-free.
  • The net can also withstand all weather conditions.
  • It is undoubtedly a great value for the money.


  • The company should concentrate on improving the quality and performance of the Velcros.
  • The goal is too shallow. It’s not an issue for recreational play or practice sessions.


This Franklin Sports steel soccer goal makes a great choice for family practice or play with your friends in the backyard.

It offers five goals in a variety of styles, so it can be used by a wide variety of soccer players as either individual or team training equipment.

Any of these sizes are available to you:

  • 6’x4′ silver.
  • 6’x4′ black.
  • 10’x5′ silver.
  • 10’x5′ black.
  • 12’x6′ silver.

This is a great portable soccer goal that you can afford and will last a long time. This price range is so affordable that you might not hesitate to give it a shot.

Get your youth soccer goalie gloves ready, goalkeepers! You are now ready to stop the ball from reaching this net. Franklin Competition Steel Portable Soccer Goal

The Best Backyard Soccer Goals – A Comprehensive Review

1. GOLME PRO Backyard Soccer Goals Review – The Best Pop-up Soccer Goal

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  • This pop-up goal comes in three sizes.
  • It’s no surprise that this goal is lightweight and easy to carry, just like other pop up goals.
  • It is a single-piece goal. It doesn’t require assembly to put together the goal.
  • To anchor the goal in the yard or park, the stakes are a great help.
  • This net is suitable for all players, especially children, and kids will love playing with it.
  • This package contains a set of 2 goals.
  • This soccer goal is very cost-effective and can be used in your backyard with your family.


  • It’s not a great choice for any other purpose than children’s play or youth practice.
  • You won’t be in a position to anchor the system without grass or soil. It is not suitable for indoors.


Without a doubt, this portable goal by Golme Pro ranks among the top pop-up soccer goals.

This goal will be a deal-breaker if you don’t want too much and need a portable soccer goal for quality time with your family.

The kids love the color and like to target this net, which eventually leads to their growing interest in soccer.

There are three options for goals: you can choose between 2.5′, 4’, or 6′. This package comes with two goals and a bag. This package is a great value for money.

The net is very reflective and the plastic stakes make it easy to attach the unit into the grass. GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

2. Review of the JOGENMAX Pop Up Soccer Goal

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  • It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It is easy to set up and take it down.
  • This pop-up soccer goal is perfect for training and comes with additional training accessories such as cones, targets, anchors, etc.
  • You will receive a high-quality storage bag with your purchase.
  • It can be used in low light conditions because it has an LED strip.
  • This goal is both durable and the target that comes along with the purchase.
  • You can play the game indoors or outdoors as well as on the sand.


  • It could have been cheaper.
  • It’s not too bad for adult recreational games.


The JOGENMAX portable soccer goal is perfect for practice and play with young players.

The net is durable and high-quality. Its 9-shaped fixed pile keeps the goal stable.

It could have been cheaper. However, I think the accessories and the two goals that come with it are well worth the price.

It is not a good solution for adults who want to play recreational games. It is suitable for all pop-up goals. It is good for practice and provides enough stability to all levels of players.

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3. Hit Run Steal Portable Pop-Soccer Goal Review

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  • There are many sizes to choose from.
  • It is easy to set up and take down. It is not necessary to assemble.
  • It is sturdy enough to be used as a goal for training soccer at all levels.
  • It is lightweight and easy to take anywhere.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It is not strong enough to be used for adult recreational activities.
  • The company should be able to improve the net quality.


The set includes two goals, just like the quality portable soccer goals. This goal is a single-piece design that makes it easy to install and take down.

It is a great soccer goal for young players and kids. Although it is suitable for practice, it can’t handle strong shots.

Overall, the Hit Run Steal soccer goal is a great option. It’s affordable and you get the desired result.

How do I buy portable soccer goals for my backyard? Buying Guide

You’ve already gone through the review section. Now you know which parameters you need to consider before you make a decision.

Let me, however, give you some insight on some key points here.

Portable soccer goal types

This is a discussion about portable soccer goals.

You have options for permanent or semi-permanent goals, but these are not the best choices if you want something that you can use in your backyard.

You will therefore find two types portable goals.

  • Pop-up soccer goals
  • Frame-based goals.

What are Pop-up Soccer Goals (or “Pop-up Soccer Goals”)?

These goals are lightest of all soccer goals, and are used mainly in practice sessions with the children. These goals aren’t for kids only.

Pop-up goals are also used by professional players as well as adult players. These goals can be used by almost all levels of players during practice sessions.

These are the best options for portability and storage ease. However, if you are looking to assess the strength of the product, I would not recommend them.

If you wish to shoot the soccerball with power, then you will need to consider frame-based options.

These portable soccer goals are small enough to be used by your children or yourself for aim practice. Pop-up soccer goals can be placed in any space, regardless of how small.

In Summary

  • Ideal for both children and youth. Also great for adults for practice purposes.
  • Pop-up goals are among the simplest of all the types.
  • It is very easy to transport and store.
  • It is versatile and very affordable.
  • It is easy to set up. There is nothing to do other than twist the bag open to play immediately and then flatten it to put in your bag. There will be three ground pins. Push them into the ground. This will make your goal strong.
  • Sturdiness is not the greatest. But quite ok for your practice. No problem for children. If you’re an adult and can shoot the ball with great power, the goal might move a little. You can still make power shots.
  • The majority of reasonable pop-up goals are between 2.5 ft and 6 ft.

Standing Frame-Based Goals

This goal will give you a framework to achieve your goals. These goals will provide you with two major benefits.

  • The goals are larger than the pop up options.
  • They are stronger and can withstand extreme power shots than the pop-ups.

Frame material may vary from one goal to the next. Because these goals can be used in your backyard, they will all be portable.

Some of the standing frame-based options can be folded and stored in a bag. Some are more difficult to transport. With the help of another person, it is possible to move them quickly from one place to another. These are semi-permanent goals.

The portable frame-based goals weigh very little and can be carried in a bag. You can also store them in the bag.

These types of goals are easy to set up. These goals aren’t as simple as pop-ups. In most cases, however, it takes only 15-20 minutes to put together the goal.

It is possible to use frame-based options for almost any purpose. Portable frame-based goals can be used for recreational, practice, or tournament play.

There is no age limit. This is the perfect place to play.

In Summary

  • This is the perfect portable soccer goal for your backyard.
  • It can be used for practice, recreation, or even mini-tournaments.
  • This product is suitable for all ages.
  • These lightweight frame-based goals can be carried or stored easily.
  • You are strong enough to take extreme power shots.
  • Although assembly can take longer than pop-ups, most cases will only take 15-20 minutes with the help of someone.

Frame Materials

As I mentioned earlier, there are many options for materials when it comes to frame-based portable soccer goals. We will only be focusing on the most commonly used materials.


Aluminum is the most commonly used material for a frame. Aluminum is durable and rustproof, but it can be expensive. Aluminum is used to create the goals for tournaments and league play.

Aluminum frames are more expensive than any other options when you’re looking for the best soccer goal in your backyard.


The most popular material is steel for standing frame-based, portable and backyard soccer goals. It’s mostly used to make goals between four and six feet high. Although it is cheaper than aluminum, the quality is still quite good. Steel frames are a great choice.

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PVC is short for polyvinylchloride. It’s a thermoplastic material that is made from polymerizing vinyl chloride.

Now you know that the PVC frame is a plastic-based option. A frame made from PVC has both positive and negative aspects.

These lightweight frames can be carried easily. They are less expensive than steel frames. These are a great choice for your backyard.

This case makes assembly easy and allows you to carry the goals around easily.

While plastic frames can be affordable, they are not as durable as aluminum or steel. This is obvious. This is obvious.


Fiberglass is another material that can be beneficial, especially if you take into account its lightweight.

Fiberglass soccer goals are strong. The majority of the frame for pop-up goals is made from fiberglass. This material is used for both the standing frames and pop-up goals.

This is the fastest option.

Portable Soccer Goals Shape

Because the goal can vary, there will be some variation in form, especially in standing frame-based goals.

Let’s look at some of the more familiar shapes of portable soccer goals.

Without Depth

Yes, but without depth.

This means that the net of the goal hangs directly from the top bar to ground, creating a 45 degree angle.

The net will attach to the front top, sidebars and back bars.

There will not be a top sidebar. This is where you can attach the net to the ground with the anchor or down back bar.

These are generally lighter than the ones with depth and easier to transport.

This type of goal has one drawback: the limited space within the goal. This should not pose a problem but the goalie won’t have enough space to save the goal from within the goal.

This is the best choice for recreational and practice play. You can also organize a mini-tournament with it.

With Depth

Design is more complex than goals without depth. This is not rocket science, but it’s possible. The only difference here is that the goal has depth.

This means that the top sidebar is at a 90-degree angle to the crossbar. The top sidebar extends for a few feet and the net descends at a 45 degree angle to another bar.

It’s pretty straightforward, right?

What’s the benefit? These frames are usually made of high-quality materials. Overall, the net’s quality is better than those that don’t have any depth. These are reliable goals that offer more space inside the target. This makes them more stable.

What’s the downside? They are less portable and more expensive than their depthless counterparts.

Box Shape

Box shape does not only apply to professional match goals. The portable full-size soccer goal can also have the box shape.

You don’t have to make it large. You can also have a box-shaped portable soccer goal for small sizes. These are usually made of heavy metal.

The goal is rectangular in shape, as you can see from its name. The net drops to the ground straight from the crossbar and top bar.

There will be enough space for you to place your goal. These are the best of the three forms, as they have multiple bars that allow the net to stay on.

Soccer Goal Sizes

The goal size will vary depending on the field size and age group. This is not a rule that you should ignore.

These measurements are especially important when choosing the best soccer goal in your backyard.

You can choose the goal that suits your needs and preferences. There is no need to worry about the size. Here is the table to help you determine the official size as per FIFA.

AgeGoal Size (in feet)Field Size (in yards)
Adults 12 and over24W x8Hmin. min.
U1218W x6Hmin. min.
U1018W x6Hmin. min. 35W x45L
U89 to 18Wx 4.5 to6Hmin. min.
U66 to 9Wx 4 to 5Hmin. min.

Soccer Goal Nets

This article does not review any specific net. You can still read the rest of this article if you’re interested in learning more about other nets. If you don’t want to read this section, skip it.


Most soccer nets are made of synthetic material, which allows them to last longer.

There are many variations in synthetic materials. These are the three most commonly used types of nets.

High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP).

HTPP is used for making heavy-duty nets. These nets are stronger than other nets and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Polyethylene, (PE)

This is one of many common materials used in making nets. This net is not as good as HTTP nets, but it’s better than nylon nets.


Most soccer goals are made of nylon. This material can be found in the USA and is the best option to make custom nets. This soccer net is very high quality.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which portable soccer goal is best?

We recommend the GOLME PRO Frame based Training Soccer Goal when it comes to choosing a portable soccer ball. The GOLME PRO pop up soccer goal is also a good choice.

Bottom line

Let’s summarize!

This article focuses on the best soccer goals for your backyard. I have listed 7 of the most popular portable soccer goals, depending on your budget and requirements.

A thorough buying guide has also been prepared by me. It will help you understand all aspects of soccer goals purchasing.

It’s now your turn.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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