10 Best Placemats for Square Table (October 2022) Reviews

Your table’s square shape can be embellished with different patterns, designs, and sizes. The attractiveness of a round table is it has the ability to be adorned with a variety of designs and materials, including felt, leather, or linen vinyl. But, they are small in size and, unlike rectangle tables, they require less space.

The main considerations to consider when choosing the ideal placemats to tables that are square depends not only on the surface and design, but on its size and material.

The most significant benefit of having a table that is square is that it offers closer seating for a cozy, intimate chat. The placemats should be selected to add a warm atmosphere rather than creating a cold appearance.

Placemats should not only shield your table’s square from scorching marks however, they must also be able to transform the space into something extraordinary by creating a gorgeous ambience.

After evaluating 45 table mats, we’ve created a list of most stylish placemats for your dining table with a square shape. You might also want to take a look at our top picks for the most stylish placemats for your wood tables.

Top 10 Best Placemats for Square Table 2022

1. Bright Dream The Best stain resistant

Material: Polyester Size: 18×12 Colors: 42 Washable: Yes Heat-Resistant: Yes Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof No

The pattern on these placemats reminds me of bamboo. Bright Dream placemats boast subtle designs that are designed to enhance the appearance of your dining table without appearing too overly tacky.

They are made of 70 percent PVC as well as 30% Polyester. The combination of the two materials has made them simple to maintain and last for a long time.

Furthermore, you can have the option of looking through different colours and sizes according to your preferences and the requirements of your table.

The square table requires tablecloths that are well-adjusted to your dimensions. And Bright Dream is the perfect match with the standard dimensions of 18×12 inches, which can be used with any table size.

The Bright Dream placemats, you are free from worries about edge fraying since they are woven with a strong.

If there is a spill You can quickly the placemats clean with soapy water. However, certain spots such as tomato juice or the ketchup must be removed immediately to avoid permanent staining.

Another measure to protect yourself is to keep hot plates and pans below 100 degrees centigrade.


  • Made from eco-friendly and non-fading material
  • Easy to clean up food stain
  • Easy to fold and transport and store
  • Available in 42 different designs & colors


  • The liquid spills seep into the mat
  • Not suitable for wooden tables.

2. Home Brilliant Home Brilliant Best Machine Washable

Material is a Polyester Blend Size: 13×19 inchesColors: 14 Washable: Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

Linen is the symbol of elegance, and beautiful linen-made tablecloths will be in fashion. Even the simplest of designs like Home Brilliant placemats can stand apart from the rest.

Hand-crafted products exhibit the skill of artisans that give them individuality. home Brilliant placemats are the result of that art.

Therefore, there is an imperfection in the sizes. However, the most common size is 13×19 inches.

Although leather and other materials aren’t washable in the machine, placemats can be washed in an easy cycle as well as be cleaned and rinsed by hands. However, soaps that contain bleach and harsh chemicals aren’t advised.

The many color options allow you to create a different look to your table. It is also possible to mix and match various colors , or purchase runners to give your dining room table with a splash in color or contrast.

Placemats made of linen tend to be heavy, which makes them resistant to heat. They also possess a sturdy grip, which makes it slip-resistant, ensuring that the food stays on place while you and your family are enjoying your dinner.

Also, you can use these placemats for marble tables to safeguard its stunning surface.


  • The material won’t shrink or bleed.
  • The size is sufficient to place glasses, dinner plates and spoon, as well as fork and fork.
  • Great for daily use and special occasions
  • Hand or machine washed
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  • Hot plates and bowls can leave marks on tables
  • Not suitable for tables with small dimensions.

3. Artand – Great for Kitchen Table

Material: Polyester Size: 18×12 Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

Placemats and art are the real expression of luxury and simplicity.

When you’re having a formal meal, or you are using it for your everyday eating, these placemats will bring a sense of comfort for your dining area.

And not only that, Artand placemats come in a variety of shades. Each color palette is a mix of lighter and dark shades.

The well-chosen shades of light and dark create an expansive border that will complement your table’s square shape and draw admiring glances from guests.

The best part is that these placemats are able to be cut to the dimensions of your table.

Made up of polyester and PVC These placemats ease the stress of cleaning up after each meal. You can clean them using an abrasive towel and clean water and they’ll be like new.

Do you want to know more?

These placemats offer insulation from heat, and are UV protected, which ensures they are not fade-resistant. The surface is not porous, which means liquid spills cannot pass through them.

Artand mats come in a flat pack instead of tightly rolled, that has a difficult time remaining level on your table. However, not so with these placemats that simply lie in a flat position on top of the table, without the need to be flat.


  • Placemats resistant to staining and heat
  • Textured non-slip back and front
  • It won’t shrink or fade after washing.
  • Placemats that work well for glass and wood tables


  • Liquid absorption isn’t that great
  • Could not last very too long

4. Glamburg Braided – The Best Resistance to Heat

Material Colors: 1 Washable: No Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof No

Classic, timeless and rustic Galmburg Jute placemats provide the impression of forests trees, woods, and trees. Placemats that are neutral in color make the perfect addition to the square wooden table.

It adds a natural feel to your dining room regardless of whether you plan to enjoy a meal in the open air or enjoy a relaxing dinner in your own home.

The Glamberg’s forte is the craftsmanship. These are handmade placemats made from one of the most durable fibers Jute and woven into a braided design.

Apart from being attractive visually and durable, they’re also very sturdy, which makes them one of the most placemats that are heat-resistant.

The versatility of this placemat permits it to serve as a decorative placemat or base for centerpieces on your table.

The only disadvantage of the jute mats is that they’re quite difficult to clean. They are only cleaned using a damp cloth, not the best choice when you have children at home.

But, if you find that one part of your tablecloth becomes stained by a hard stain, you can reuse the opposite side of the placemat since they are convertible.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Extra thick and heat resistant placemat
  • The mat’s two sides could be utilized
  • Easy to clean and store.


  • Not suitable for tables with a large size.
  • There is a slight shedding of the light at the beginning

5. Homcomoda – Best Decorative Placemat

Material Size: 16.3inch || Colors No Slip-Resistant: Waterproof No

Placemats made of these display the “uniqueness” by its “beautiful” design and pattern. The unique design of Homcomoda placemats gives a boho chic design to your dining room.

You can easily decorate your dining table or other area with this hexagonal design with intricate patterns.

The gorgeous tablecloths are made from Vinyl material and are available as a set of twelve placemats that are large enough for families as well as guests. Your tables that are square will look more lively by these beautiful golden hued beautiful beauties.

The unique the design of these mats makes them appropriate for gatherings at Christmas and parties as well as weekends meals.

Mix and match them with the charger plates and table linens. The golden hue is contrasting with the dark wooden table.

As you can observe in the design, they aren’t ideal for collecting the crumbs or spills. But, the vinyl material is easy to clean.

It can be used as a layer of protection for your table or as a decoration piece it’s intricate design can inspire you to utilize these for inventive uses.

The most important precaution is to store them in a safe manner. They are prone to bend at the edges when they are stored by rolling. You can stack them on top of one another for storage.

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  • Available in beautiful stylish designs
  • Material that is extremely durable and non-fading.
  • The best for special events
  • Simple to clean and store


  • It is not a mat that can withstand heat.
  • Liquid leaks out through the holes

6. DOLOPL – The Best Non-Slip Mat

Material: Polyvinyl chloride Size: 18×12 inch Colors: 2 Washable: Yes The material is heat-resistant. Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

If you’re looking for the placemats that have a soft feel that creates an modern appearance for your table The Dolopl could be the perfect option for you.

The subtle elegance of these placemats will never go out of style!

Made from Vinyl material Placemats made of Vinyl are made of elegant basket weaves. If you have an oval table the standard rectangular placemats will look stunning on it.

The trendy placemats are available in a wide range of shades. Pick lighter shades for tables with dark colors and bright hued placemats for a light-colored dining table for an amazing contrast.

The simple design of these placemats enables the use of them each day, for formal occasions or even during a holiday such as Easter, Christmas, or Christmas.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to wash the mess that is left after every meal.

Thanks to these placemats cleaning is easy. Simply wiping it down or washing it with the tap will bring it back to a sparkling clean.

For added convenience to top it off, these placemats are non-skid and resistant to heat. We’re sure you won’t want the placemats sliding across the table with your food bowl placed on top or to see marks of heat to your tablecloths.


  • Non-slip front and bottom surfaces
  • Temperature-resistant up to 80°C
  • Extremely durable and inexpensive
  • It is possible to use indoors as well as outdoors.


  • Food particles can get stuck on the surface’s texture

7. WangChao – The Most Eco-Friendly Material

Material: Polyvinyl Size: 18×12 inches Colors: 17 Washable: Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof The answer is no.

If you want to keep your table setting simple, with a soft texture, then you won’t choose Wangchao placemats.

The range of these placemats is awe-inspiring. From the elegant black to the stunning green and red You can pick the color you prefer. It is also possible to use the opposite color depending on the table you have.

What else can you find on a tablecloth?

Yes it is the size, function and the design of the placemat are all great.

These placemats are made of PVC, a green material. The material used to make these placemats permits it to withstand liquid spills as well as damage and wear.

Do not be concerned about accidentally placing hot plates on it since these are very heat resistant as well. One of the things that make it worth buying is their stain-resistant and non-fading capability.

Regarding staining, nobody likes their lovely placemats becoming unusable because of ghastly food staining. Placemats made of Wangchao are washable as well and will dry fast after wiping.

In terms of size for the size, 12 x 18 inches is sufficient to hold all of your wine and dinnerware glasses as well. You can use it daily or just occasionally, these placemats will surely add a touch of elegance to the look of your table with squares.


  • Resistant to heat and stain
  • Non-slip textured surface on the front and back
  • Lay flat on table and do not have any curly
  • These mats are simple to clean


  • Liquid spills seep in through the mat

8. WEHVKEI – Top Placemats that are Waterproof

Material is Faux Leather Dimensions: 17.7×11.8 inch || Colors: 7 Washable: Yes Non-Heat-Resistant: Slip-Resistant: Waterproof Yes

Wehvkei placemats are a symbol of class and style. They are a great way to dress up the table because of their simplicity.

A fine golden stripe that surrounds this border creates a elegant appearance.

Your table is sure to need some color that you deserve. This allows you to choose from several colors, including champagne silver, grey, or wine green and red.

They are made up of synthetic leather which is why they are water-proof placemats. Water spills or spills is easily cleaned. A damp cloth suffices to accomplish the task.

However, light-colored tablecloths may stain easilyand are difficult to clean.

The downside to these placemats, which we’d like to highlight is that they’re heat-resistant to a limited degree. It is recommended to place dishes and other items with temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius.

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They are available in a normal size of around 12×18 inches which is considered to be the ideal size for a table that is square.

One thing we love the most about these leather placemats is that they is that they are simple to store. They can be folded up and placed it in the cabinet when not being used.


  • There are no spills that seep through the mat
  • Beautiful & attractive designs
  • Quality and value for money


  • The juice is difficult to remove and ketchup stain

9. Sunshine Fashion – Best Stylish Placemat

Material: Plastic Dimensions: 11.8×17.1 inch || Colors: 17 Washable: Yes The material is heat-resistant. Yes Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof Yes

It’s not everyone’s idea to have a placemat that is simple!

If you’re like the people who prefer to dress their tables with high-textured and pattern placemat This will definitely delight you.

The texture and royal colors remind you of the royal times.

The best feature of this placemat is the range of hues, meaning you’re free to pick the color that will best match your table.

The style we tried is only available in two colors, white diamond and red diamond.

Since they are sustainable and are made from the wicker reed, they be most effective on a wooden table that is square. The glass table can appear stunning with them.

Its perfect size makes it perfect for large and small tables. It is possible to pick this placemat and without hesitation without a second thought.

Sunshine placemat does not offer different sizes, however, it’s ideal for use on tables that are large and small.

It’s the material that makes it unique. Made from environmentally friendly materials makes this mat strong and extremely light .

The non-slip, heat-resistant qualities of these mats are solely due to the material. But, the mat is not able to deal with liquid spills since they are able to easily slip over the surface.


  • Material that is non-fading and eco-friendly.
  • Keep table safe from scorching marks
  • Useful on wood and glass tables
  • Easy to clean and light weight


  • Edges may not be exact because of handcrafted design

10. Lexella Placemats with Coasters

Material Fabric: Faux Leather Dimensions: 17.4×12 inch || Colors: 3 Washable: Yes Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof Yes

The sensation of softness is associated from all material objects that are felt.

Lexella placemats are constructed of felt, and you can imagine the opulence of these placemats. They’re designed to provide warmth to your dining table.

The placemats are available in a variety of shades of grey that you can pick from. Laxella provides separate coasters that are an added advantage for this price.

What makes it the perfect table for a table that is square?

A table that is square is small in length. If the table is tiny, it will not be able to accommodate regular-sized placemats. The advantage for Laxella tablecloths is they are able to be cut to fit the size you prefer.

In addition, the ideal size of Lexella placemats makes them resistant to heat too.

Furthermore the placemats can easily be cleaned. Don’t place them in the washing machine and only make use of warm water clean them.


  • Extra-thick and premium mat made of top
  • Keep table safe from heat and scratches
  • It is very easy to wash.
  • Very nice and stylish


  • It takes a long time to dry after washing
  • May slide a little on the glass table

What are the most suitable placemats for a square table?

  1. Bright Dream
  2. Home Brilliant
  3. Artand
  4. Glamburg
  5. Homcomoda
  7. WangChao
  9. Sunshine
  10. Lexella

Closing Up!

Square tables can be space-saving and look stunning in rooms that are symmetrical and even small areas. But, choosing the right placemats for tables with squares isn’t easy due to the table’s size. Yet, at the same this is a great opportunity to select a placemats that make a welcoming impression at dinner. If they are chosen with care they could be an excellent conversation starter and draw compliments from all. We are hoping that our carefully selected placemats can assist you to create the perfect ambience for your dinnertime.

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