10 Best Placemats for Round Table (September 2022) Reviews

The way you style a round table could fail horribly, especially the wrong choice of placemats. Take a look at these gorgeous placemats for a round table to get a better look. Some placemats are not aligned with the edges of the round dining table.

The most troublesome thing about setting up a round table is the overlap of placemats, that can make the dining table appear crowded. If you select a traditional rectangular or square placemat you’ll have to deal with issues with alignment because of the flat edges that the placemats have.

  • Which placemat is best to work for a table with a circular shape?
  • What shape and size of placemats will make a design that is harmonious to the table as well as your interior space?

With just some effort, you can decorate the table by adding food accessories and placemats to impress guests. According to our experience, shape, wedges and round are the top placemats to use for round tables.

To shield your wooden table from heat and stains, take a look at our top suggestions for the best placemats to protect your Wood Table.

Top 10 Best Placemats for Round Table 2022

To make it simpler for you, we’ve chosen the best placemats specifically made to be used on round tables. Let’s take a look at modern and curvaceous placemats that are suitable for round tables.

1. Shacos Best Placemats for small Table

If there is a placemat is perfect for the round table, it’s the wedge-shaped one. They are specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of a round table and the curved edge of this mat coincide with the rounded edge on the table.

Shacos wedges placemats are constructed using 70 percent PVC as well as 30% Polyester, an ideal combination for a placemats that are comfortable to be used on a regular basis.

One of the unique features for these table napkins is the weave construction that creates a beautiful texture and glossy sheen. The collection is a blend of traditional basket weave with bamboo like weave lines.

The plain-looking, yet softly textured placemats are available in various subtle shades like tan white, beige, and grey and hues of black, blue green, red and blue.

Apart from that, the visually appealing set of placemats is useful as they protect the table from scratches and spills of food.

Placed Shacos Placemats on Round Wooden Table Looking BeautifulBut take note that they aren’t completely waterproof because of the weave.

Additionally they also make simple to clean tablecloths. Simply wipe them clean after each meal and you’re finished. To remove tough stains, you can wash it with soapy water and wash thoroughly.

They are designed to deflect temperatures to some degree and the Shacos placemats are insulated to a degree that can reach 100 ° Celsius.

The multi-functional placemats are elegant enough to be used in conference rooms offices, patios, or outside dining.

Read the complete review of SHACOS Placemats with a Wedge.


  • Material is winkle – and stain resistant
  • Excellent for heat resistance.
  • Be careful not to slide on the tables made of wood
  • Non-fading and easy to clean.


  • Liquid spills get absorbed by the mat
  • Slid a little on the glass table

2. Famibay – The Best Placemats that are Heat Resistant

The Polyester Vinyl Famibay placemat adds a touch of class to your round table.

They also come with a wedge-shaped design which means that the outer edge of the round match with the round dining table , and do not look out of place like the classic rectangle-shaped placemats on the table.

Placemats made of vinyl are woven tightly to trap food crumbs that happen throughout the course of each meal. They are available in a 7-piece set that also includes the placemat with the central round.

The woven placemats come in seven appealing shades, including beige, silver grey, blue – the colors that look stunning on any glass or wood dining table. Famibay placemats are a great match with dinnerware that sits on the round table.

The main feature of placemats made of vinyl is the ease of cleaning it provides. It’s not necessary put it through the dishwasher. You can simply wipe it clean or wash it with soap water to get rid of the tough and oily food stain.

While the simplicity in cleaning it makes an ideal item to use on a daily basis However, it is important to be aware when placing hot bowls on your mats.

The insulation’s strength and resistance to heat is limited by the temperature of 80 degrees Celsius therefore anything that is very hot could cause scorching marks on your dining table. Because the placemats are made of weaved, they are not waterproof.


  • Protect yourself from the heat
  • Do not slip on the wood and glass tables
  • Great for tables that are large
  • Cleanable and easy to wash
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  • The loose weave lets the spill get through the mat
  • Dishwasher and machine safe but not dishwasher safe.

3. Immokaz – Best Waterproof Placemats

If you’re searching for the most effective placemats for your marble tables and you are sure to find it, Immakoz placemats are among the best options.

There’s an additional attraction and charm to leather’s texture and texture which would be a perfect match with the veins and swirls of marble. And, not just that but the contemporary elegance of leather can also be paired when paired with a glass table.

Although it is made from synthetic leather, its texture and grain are similar to natural leather.

The placemats feature accent stitch around the corners, which reduces their beauty.

The wedge-shaped tablecloth comes in a set of 6 pieces. The elegant choice of colors will cause you to buy multiple sets.

Tested Immokaz Placemats on Wood TableBeing comprised of leather Placemats are cleanable using any cloth or sponge. Dry them in shade to avoid cracks as well as sun-damage.

They’re heat-resistant, durable placemats, which can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C. If temperatures exceed that, it can cause deformation of the mats, so be careful not to place hot plates on them.

The water droplet’s texture and the lux-colored choices aren’t just for indoors, but they can also be used to decorate outdoor dining areas for birthday parties, birthday celebrations, and even holiday dinners.

One of the features that we , along with many other customers appreciate the most from Immakoz leather placemats is their water-proofing. Therefore, spills of liquor won’t harm the table.


  • High-end material makes it tough and durable
  • Heat, stain and spill-resistant mat
  • It won’t slide or slip around
  • Cleaning is simple as pie


  • The rubber type odor will be released when the package is unpacked
  • Small in comparison to the size.

4. IYYI – The Best Dishwasher Safe Placemats

While it is possible to see heat-resistant mats that be used up to 140 ° Celsius, IYYI silicone placemats have earned their spot on the top 10 list of top heat-resistant placemats for table tops.

The reason is that they can endure temperatures that can reach up to 300 degrees Celsius. This makes them safe when used in the microwave.

Furthermore they’re dishwasher-safe and suitable for refrigerators.

The shape of the IYYI placemat is wedged, but the curvy side isn’t that much more deep.

The Silicone used in the production of the placemat is non-toxic, BPA free and food-grade. Therefore, you are able to make use of it even though have children.

IYYI Wedge Shape Placemat Placed on Round TableAnother important aspect we’d love to talk about with the Silicone mats are their simple cleaning. You can clean it with a cloth or throw your dishes in it.

If the stain isn’t gone If the stain doesn’t disappear, place them under warm water and let them sit for about 20 minutes in order to dissolve the stain. They are easy to clean, making them ideal spotmat that is washable for tables with a circular shape.

Made from Silicone These are water-proof, which means that spills are kept in the placemat and won’t get through.

The placemats feature a smooth texture, which gives them the firm grip they need and makes them slippery. Look through their complete range of the colors available and then use them to serve any type of dinner.


  • High-end quality BPA and toxic-free material
  • Protect table effectively from heat, water, and the resulting stains
  • Non slip design prevent sliding
  • Mats for dishwashers that are safe


  • A little large in size could not look nice on all tables.
  • Food crumbs can be difficult to remove

5. Topotdor – Best Stain-Resistant Placemats

If You are looking to dress your tables to wow your visitors, Topotdor is a right option!

Concentric rings of cotton material Topopdor round placemats are available in a range of colors that include vibrant variegated colors placemats, dark single bi-color mats, as well as subtle neutral shades.

Concentric circles of placemats are joined together by intricate stitches. Certain placemats are braided, which emphasizes the mat’s texture.

The thick cotton fabric adds the desired warmth and ambience to your dining space and effectively shields tables from scratching and scratches.

Used Topotdor Placemats with Table ClothIf you’re looking for placemats that protect wood tables The heat-resistant Topodor placemats will fit nicely into the bill of your requirements. You won’t need to be concerned about the hot plates bowls, pots, and pans inside it.

Made of natural fibers , and decorated with intricate designs Placemats that require special care when cleaning. They aren’t machine-washable. Clean with a damp cloth or perform spot cleaning for food-related staining.

Furthermore, the lavish and stylishly designed placemats will complement your patio or dining setting.


  • They are made well and long-lasting.
  • It is available in fashionable and attractive styles
  • Guard table against staining and scratches


  • The liquid spills can go right through it

6. Pigchcy is the best slip-resistant placemats

This company gives a modern look to the wedge-shaped placemats suitable for round tables. The vibrant colors such as orange, aquamarine, black gold, burgundy red , and gold are designed to enhance your dining room table with a modern and fresh look.

Modern placemats are made of polyester and vinyl which is considered to be everlasting due to its easy cleaning.

The strips of vinyl are woven to create a textured appearance. The texture provides enough friction to ensure it is non-skid.

The wedge-shaped mats are easy to clean and remove all the difficulties of clearing the table after the family meal. Just wipe them clean or rinse them in running water.

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Pigchcy Placemats used on White Round TableUse brushes when small pieces of crumbs get stuck to the weave of placemats. Brushing with a brush will prevent the colour fade, making it appear fresh and vibrant even after years and months of use.

As previously mentioned that any placemat that has a weave isn’t waterproof, but they’re temperature-proof up to 85 ° Celsius. We recommend not placing anything on top of it that is higher than the specified temperature, or else it can cause burn marks and scalds on the placemats.


  • Be sure to shield the table from hot pots and hot dishes
  • The top and bottom of the mat are slip-resistant.
  • Color doesn’t fade after washing
  • Washable and wiped.


  • Not suitable for large dinner plates

7. Bright Dream Best Placemats to Table Protection

Navy, black gold, orange red, and green. These colors aren’t just typical. When you examine their range, you’ll immediately be amazed by their choice of colors.

The dual dark and light shades blend perfectly. The placemats with a wedge shape are woven to mimic the bamboo style which gives a texture to the table.

They are made up of 70 70% PVC and 30 percent polyester, they come in a pack of six placemats and one round centerpiece.

For resistance to heat, it can be able to withstand temperatures of around 100 ° Celsius. Do not test it beyond the temperature limit.

Tried Bright Dream Placemats on Round TableThe stunning combination of design and colors creates a stunning decorative base to keep your vases, ashtrays, and vases on.

You can use placemats throughout the day, or dress the table during celebrations and dinners with a festive theme.

Like any other placemat made of woven vinyl they can be cleaned after use or soak them in soapy water to wash the stains off.

Based on our experience, placing these mats in storage is very simple, you can roll them around when they’re not in use and then lay them flat can be a bit difficult and take a lot of time because the sides stretch.

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  • High-end quality and environmentally friendly material
  • Enhance the beauty of your dining area
  • Easy to wash and washable
  • Color won’t fade even after washing


  • The resistance to heat isn’t adequate.

8. Jovono – Best Round Shape Placemats

Some folks dislike round placemats for round tables. But, the exceptions are all the time, particularly if you can find something as attractive such as Jenovo circular placemats.

From basic color palettes to marble-like designs You will definitely find something that appeals to you, and will blend seamlessly with the interior of your dining area.

When we looked at these placemats carefully, we noticed that they’re double-stitching , which gives the edges a finished look and also the protection against use and abuse.

The placemat is double-layered making it spill and heat-resistant, it protects your table from burning marks, heat and spills.

Using Jovono Red Placemats on Round Shape TableThe combination of being water-resistant and heat-resistant make them ideal placemats for wood’s round table.

Jenovo leather placemats come as sets of 4 or 8 that come with matching coasters. Placemats for smaller tables are difficult to come by especially on a round table because round tables appear crowded when larger-sized placemats are used. Jenovo placemats are made of leather. placemat dimensions can be found at 13.4 inches and does not provide the table with an overcrowded look.

Look at their gorgeous gold hue that is difficult to come by with such stunning qualities. Actually, all shades have that enticing appeal that adds interest to the dining room.


  • The leather construction makes it very robust
  • Placemats that are thick and heat-resistant
  • Stain-resistant and slip-resistant top and bottom
  • Waterproofing makes it easy to clean


  • It is possible that some find it too small
  • The glass is held securely to the table

9. Kreatur – The Best Placemats for special Occasions

The Kreatur Placemats Collection is distinctly distinct from the others. The entire collection is a mix of different types of materials and designs.

If you like vinyl placemats, test their wedge-shaped, textured placemats in various weaves and designs.

However, if you prefer to go with placemats made of leather, examine their embossed round scallop-shaped placemats that come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Additionally, you will find intricate lacey designs with an elegant white shade in the Kreatur placemats.

Overall the entire collection is stunning patterns and textures that meet the needs of all.

Testing Kreatur Placemat on White Round TableEven even though the placemats differ in terms of materials and shapes they all share an essential feature. The entire collection is pleasing to the eye and is strong enough to be used on a daily basis.

Vinyl and leather both are inert to heat. However, these placemats aren’t waterproof. However round leather ones are waterproof.

They can be used to decorate your home because of their beautiful and appealing designs. We also placed these placemats beneath vases and put them on the drawing room’s center table. The design of these mats provides an endless number of ideas to utilize these mats in creative ways.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Good thickness provides good heat resistance
  • Mats with slip-resistant and stain-resistant
  • Easy to wash


  • Stains from ketchup and juice can be difficult to get rid of

10. PEKING – Best Round Table Mats

The Peking round table mat’s speciality is its “warmth” along with the “cozy” effect that brings back the joyous colors of the festivals and festive seasons.

The round placemats are constructed using polypropylene and cotton. They feature charming woven patterns. They are ideal for Thanksgiving, Christmas or for family gatherings.

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With bi-color yarn the yarn creates an ombre look by blending lighter and darker shades. The range includes seven fun colors, which include elegant shades of white as well as beige.

Imagine the beautiful aesthetic and soothing effects of blue and white on the glass and wooden table.

Tried Placed PEKING Placemat on Round TableThe exquisiteness of the cotton-woven tablecloth requires a delicate hand washing. The most appealing aspect is that regular washing will not alter the colour of these mats. Washing machines can lead to the placemat becoming frayed and falling apart. the placemat.

In addition, because they’re made of cotton, these woven placemats can withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius.

The 15 inch wide Peking round placemats provides ample space for you to place your meal plate on. The sophisticated texture design of these beautiful mats is a great option to store your decorative pieces.


  • Made from top quality cotton
  • Guard table against scratches and the heat
  • Braided design stops slipping
  • Suitable for large dinner plates


  • Crumbs become stuck in the braided design.

How to Create Round Shape Placemats

Round Table Table Tablemats FAQ

What are the most suitable placemats to use for a round table?

  1. Shacos is the best choice for Small Table
  2. Famibay – The Best heat resistant
  3. Immokaz – Best Waterproof Placemat
  4. IYYI the safest dishwasher
  5. Topotdor – Best Stain-Resistant
  6. Pigchcy – The Best Slip-Resistant
  7. Bright Dream – Great for Table Protection
  8. Jovono – Best Slip Resistant
  9. Kreatur – Great for special Occasions
  10. PEKING – Ideal for Round Table

What type of placemat would be best for the round table?

Placemats with a wedge shape are created to complement the curvy edges on the round table. Round tables function as a blank canvas, where you can showcase your imagination by putting placemats with irregular shapes (like the pebble shape).

Placemats that are square don’t work well on round tables because their straight edges aren’t in line with the round curves of the dining table. You can however, place the placemats in square shapes by flipping them over to create a new design.

Read the article we wrote on how to set up an Round Table with Placemats for more ideas on round table placemats designs and styles.

Are there any placemats that are round on a table that is round?

We would like to break the monotony of forms by not putting round placemats over the round table, there’s no definitive rule regarding this and you are not in violation of the fashions that surround the table. Therefore, you are able to make use of the round placemats that are for the round table however, you must think creatively and use your own aesthetics to make your decision.

What size are round placemats?

The size or diameter of round placemats ought to be compatible with the table’s size. If you have a huge dining table, placing tiny round placemats could appear out of place The same is true when using large placemats on tables with smaller sizes.

The largest round tablecloths that you can buy measure 15 inches in size You can opt for smaller sizes of 15 inches when have a table that is small.

Another way to test the ideal dimensions is cutting mockups of round placemats from any kind of cardboard. Set them on the table to check their appearance and size prior to placing them on the table.

What are the best ways to dress up a round table?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the round table does not have a lot of space to play around with, especially smaller round tables. Thus, the minimalist approach to making the round table is to be taken into consideration.

  • The centerpiece vase or other decorative piece should not be too large to fill the entire space.
  • It is possible to stack the bowl and plates to make space.
  • The placemats should not be overpowering.
  • If you’re combining tablecloths and placemats, the table cloth’s “drop” and “overhang” should not be too large. (Especially for casual dining).
  • Placemats and tablecloths must have the contrast of the color and pattern.
  • It is also possible to use plates for charging if you don’t like round tablecloths.

Are you able to make use of a runner for an oval table?

Yes, you can put a table runner for the round table as well. If your round table isn’t large enough and narrow, then you can should use a table runner that is narrow instead of a bigger one. Set it underneath the centerpiece so that it hangs on both sides. You could blend and pair the runner and the tablecloth.

Another option is to make two runners, and then place them in a fashion that creates the appearance of a “plus sign” at the table. You will impress those around you with the table decorations.

Closing Up!

The setting of a round table with placemats takes a amount of work because the table’s dimensions do not coincide with rectangle or square placemats. Pick the right placemats and you will get compliments from the left and right. To help you in selecting the right placemats to coordinate to the edges that are round of your table, we’ve reviewed the top 10 placesmat sets. Take a look and make a decision on your own.

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