10 Best Placemats for Marble Table (October 2022) Reviews

We’ve been there. trying to find the tablecloth that makes a statement to your guests and also protects our tabletops. Particularly, if the table is made of marble. Everyone will love the beautiful patterns as well as the veins, shine, and sparkle of marble tables.

Do you be aware that marble is porous? Yes it is. It is possible to ruin it by placing your hot dishes and dishes directly on the table. What about the possibility of staining? Do marble tables are likely to be stained?

It’s “yes.”

Tables made of marble are prone to acidic stains, such as vinegar, wine, ketchup and fruit juices. Cleaning agents, too, can ruin the sparkle of the marble top. Additionally marble is prone to physical and physical damages as well.

So, what can you do to shield marble from staining and keep its shine? The answer is simple and is using the most suitable placemats for a marble tables.

Placemats or tablecloth could help protect your beautiful and shiny marble, however, marble is slippery and you shouldn’t allow tablecloths to slide across the marble. If you have an unfinished wooden table in your home, then look through our selection of most suitable placemats for your wooden tables.

Top 10 Best Placemats for Marble Table 2022

It’s best to pick non-slip table mats for your marble table, rather than fumble or fume in the future. This is why I’ve examined the highest quality placemats for marble tables for less than $100.

For toddlers, you will require mats made from silicon and have a strong suction. We suggest that you take a look at our list of the best toddler placemats.

1. Trivetrunner – Best Heat Resistant Table Mats

Material: Silicone, Polyester Plastic : 15.7×11.8 inch || Colors: 19 Washable: Yes The material is heat-resistant. Yes Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof Yes

When you first see these gorgeous black beauties and you’ll feel like it’s marble, but it’s not. The top is adorned with an amazing marble pattern that is made up with natural polyester and.

The black marble-like placemats match light-toned tables and increase the beauty of your dining area. Additionally, the six-piece placemats are accompanied by the table runner which can be stretched across the table for a more complete design.

Because of the material they are made of, These placemats are resistant to heat and are able to withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. providing protection from the heat marks caused by hot dishes being served.

If you’re looking to impress guests with your impressive appearances but aren’t a person who likes flowery patterns or vibrant colours, these non-skid plates will be able to meet your needs.

They are that are wrinkle-free and easy to store. Simply roll them over and put it in the cabinet in your kitchen. They’ll be ready for use when you next take them out with no cringeworthy wrinkles.

For cleaning, hand-washing with water and soapy liquids and it will leave your non-fading placemats as clean on the first day, without oily or ketchup staining.


  • Keep table safe from burn marks and heat
  • The thick and anti-skid
  • Available in 17 gorgeous colors and designs
  • Easy to wash


  • After a few months, its edges begin to curl
  • Colors might not be exactly the same color as the ones shown in photographs.

2. Jonovo – Best Stain Resistant

Material Fabric: Faux Leather Dimensions: 17.8×11.8 inch || Colors: 24 Washable: No Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof Yes

The placemats are available in a variety of colors and tones that will add some colour for your dining table. The soft texture works well with the tableware and provides a stylish look to your dining table.

The beautiful set of 8 placemats has been made using double-process sewing to improve the strength.

What’s more?

They feature a coarse surface on one side and smooth on the opposite side. It is possible to use both sides depending on your preferences.

The lighter shades work well with darker tables. In addition the faux leather can be cleaned without wrinkles and wrinkle-free ideal for use at dining out, at home or in the office work.

This isn’t just an insulation effect that makes it attractive The thicker material is able to keep water from getting through, increasing the security.

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Are you looking for something more positivity? The texture of the grain gives the placemat with enough grip to be non-slip and the perfect option to use on marble table.


  • Its material is extremely durable and lasts for a long time.
  • The two sides of the placemat can be utilized
  • The bottom is textured, making it non-slip.
  • Cleans easily with A dry cloth


  • It isn’t a placemat that can withstand heat.
  • Not suitable for smaller dining tables.

3. Bright Dream Bright Dream Placemat along with Table Runner

Material Vinyl Size: 12×18 inches Colors: 39 Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof No

They Bright dream placemats are much more than regular placemats. They can be used as conversation starters and help to liven up the dinner.

In addition the colors and styles have made it possible to fit into any modern dining area and dinnerware.

What is it that makes it worthy?

The delicate designs and subtle patterns of these tablecloths are a nice addition to any decor and are a great match for the interior of any space.

And, not only that, the placemats aren’t as brittle as other placemats that can be washed only. They’re not machine-friendly, but they can be cleaned with an abrasive with soapy water. It can make even the most difficult of stains clean.

These environmentally friendly placemats are constructed of 70 percent PVC and 30 percent polyester. The combination of the two ensures they last for a long time and are the most washable tablecloths.

Even if you have an enormous table that is 12×18 inches size is big enough to accommodate. It covers not only the plates, but also cutlery. Alongside placemats, it includes a coveted table runner that will dress up your table.

Of course, given the numerous patterns and colors they can not only serve as a backdrop for formal or informal occasion however, they can also be used for business gatherings, to decorate your vases or serve as a basis to place ornamental items.


  • Available in 40 appealing colors and styles.
  • Keep table safe from scratches and heat marks
  • Non-fading, stain-resistant, and non-fading material.
  • Are they washable using soapy water?


  • A little thinner than other mats.

4. Dainty Home: Best Extra-Thick Mat

Materials: MDF, Cork, Paper Size: 12×18 inches Heat-Resistant: Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof Yes

What are the best placemats for a table made of marble?

Yes, you’re correct! It’s one that won’t shift or slide.

The marble’s smooth surface allows ordinary placemats to slip and slide. This one however is made of cork, which ensures it is water-resistant and anti-slip.

In terms of water, they are the most simple for remove placemats however, should the spill get close to the edge of the mat the foil’s design could be able to peel off. If you take some extra care, you’ll be able to avoid this occurring.

The beautiful shine and design of the placemat fools the eye by creating the illusion of marble.

It provides a contrast when set on a dark-colored surface. You can also cover it on top of a tablecloth or directly onto the surface. The possibilities are limitless!

The design and strength make it a versatile product, since they are suitable for kitchens, restaurants or kitchens, as well as decorative items.

Due to their broad use with their long-lasting, durable, and sparkling appearance, they are able to improve the mood of any occasion.

These trendy placemats are heat-resistant and can handle temperatures of up to 212degF. That is the ideal temperature for hot and steaming plates. This feature is what makes them among the top placemats for protecting your the table.


  • Elegant robust, durable, and strong
  • Extra thick, heat resistant placemat
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Clean and easy to store


  • A little expensive compared to other placemats

5. Jovono is the best for round Marble Table

Material Fabric: Faux Leather Dimensions: 13.4 inch || Colors: 15 Washable: No It is heat resistant: Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof Yes

These beautiful round tablecloths are a perfect addition to your tablescape with the marble-like pattern. Jonovo placemats combine the best of practicality and aesthetics.

If you’re looking to wow your guests by providing the “Insta-accurate” table settings If so, Jonovo coasters and placemats are perfect for you.

These placemats are indeed equipped with coasters for you to place your wine glasses as well as coffee glasses on. But, these placemats aren’t only a beautiful thing to look at and look at; they’re much more than they are just.

They are constructed with faux leather with everyday use in mind. They’re also added to the thickness to improve insulation. The most appealing aspect is that they are able to withstand enough friction to make them slip-resistant. Due to this, leather-made placemats also function as desk pads.

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Are you interested in learning more?

They are Reversible. Yes both sides of placemats are able to be employed. Contrary to cotton, jute or rattan tablecloths, these are easily cleaned.

If you have children and an elegant marble table, these placemats are sure to please. From casual and everyday dining to formal dining, these placemats are a great option to complement the table’s decor and settings.


  • The liquid doesn’t seep through the mat
  • Stain and heat-resistant
  • It can be used on a tables made of wood
  • The best for daily use


  • The mats are tiny in size

6. BETEAM Table MatBest heat resistant

Material: Polyvinyl chloride Size: 18×12 inch Colors: 8 Washable: Yes The material is heat-resistant. Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

The rich tones of this placemat offer an ideal base for enhancing the design of your dining set. Made from eco-friendly vinyl, they are cross-woven in order to give an elegant appearance.

Due to the thicker than average of these mats They are a durable choice to use on a daily basis.

It’s a non-fuss, no-fray tablecloth with edges that are precisely cut using a specific technology to prevent fraying.

Since these placemats last for a long time they can be stored by rolling it or keeping it straight. Placing them into drawers or using them daily will not cause wrinkles or fraying.

In addition on top of that, the 18×12 inches dimensions of the placemats are suitable for any table, and also fit tableware.

However, according to my experience , these placemats do not work well with things that are too hot as they can withstand temperatures of up to 80-degrees Celsius.

The threads of vinyl are woven tightly, making them ideal placemats with water resistance. What is the purpose of the use of a placemat if it’s not simple to remove grease or food-related stains off it?

Beteam placemats wash easily using soapy water and soft sponges and dry quickly.


  • Material that is durable and not fading.
  • Protect your skin from scratches and heat
  • Ideal for guests and family


  • Beteam says they are anti-skid, but they aren’t

7. Homaxy – The Best Mats for Waterproofing

Material Vinyl Dimensions: 17×11.8 inch || Colors: 9 Washable: No Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof Yes

Family mealtimes are a time in which conversations start and strengthens family bonds.

The mood and atmosphere of the evening are crucial in setting the tone. Table dressing is the method to emphasize the importance of food and the visual attraction.

This is where you’ll find you’ll find the Homing faux Leather placemats come in to set your dining room perfectly.

But what’s special about the Homaxy faux leather tablemats?

First, they are available in a variety of colors and hues So you can choose the color that complements the marble table.

They are made of sustainable faux leather. The material has the advantage in being “waterproof” as well as “stain-resistant.”

The imitation linen pattern provides this marble table calm and sophisticated look, and the marble-like look is well-matched with the glossy shine of the marble table.

It’s not over!

These placemats are very practical in terms of their durability as well as ease of cleaning and resistance to heat, they’re reverse-able, which implies that both sides of the placemats are able to be utilized.


  • Tables with extra thickness are protected
  • Spills won’t get through the mat
  • It can be used on marble countertops.
  • They are simple to wash


  • Not 100 percent resistant to heat
  • The odor will be released for some days

8. The Blissful Living Room – Ideal For White Marble Table

Material: Wood Size: 13×18 Colors: 27 Washable: Yes Heat-Resistant: No Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof Yes

We’ve all been enthralled by the witty Instagrammable tablescapes that are able to bring a smile to your table during mealtimes.

Now, we are able to make use of fun floral patterns, marble designs or inspirational quotes to enhance the style of our dinner setting.

Beautiful living placemats provide an extensive array of patterns and colors which are perfect for informal gatherings as well as elegant evenings.

The question is, can it be used to be used daily and appropriate for a table made of marble?

Based on my research It is indeed.

Beautiful Living line of placemats are made from 100% polypropylene. This makes wiping and cleaning easy – which makes it a stain-resistant tablecloth, to be precise.

The material used to back these beauties is made of 100% EVA, which ensures the non-slip surface of these placemats.

In addition the mat’s smooth surface the mat is impervious to spills and is easily cleaned with an aqueous cloth. But, you’ll have be cautious when placing hot plates on it.

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  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price.
  • Foam backing keeps mat from sliding
  • A quick clean with a damp cloth will make them appear new.
  • Available in 29 attractive designs


  • Not suitable for daily use.

9. Visesunny – Best Non Slip Mats

Material: Polyester Size: 12×18 inchesWashable: Yes• Heat-Resistant: Yes Waterproof Yes

According to the old saying “you consume food with your eyes” which is also true for Visesunny placemats’ wide range adds to the ambiance of any table setting.

The vibrant patterns and colors can change your dining experience from routine to exceptional.

This is not just during Christmas, or Easter They are also the perfect mats for every day use or informal gatherings.

Even toddlers will be playing with the mats’ patterns, and will be able to subconsciously make less clutter.

They’re also not only for adding a splash of color or a sense of creativity. they can also be an extra layer of protection for any marble surface.

They are made from eco-friendly 100 100% polyester. The top-quality material has increased the strength factor. It’s waterproof and fade-resistant placemat that will protect you marble table against scorching, and heat marks.

It’s not a good idea for such bright patterns and colors to get colored by ketchup or red wine.

This is why they are designed to be easily cleaned by a damp, clean cloth so that they don’t lose color. In the end they’re an excellent option for informal and festival gatherings.


  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly materials
  • Provide decent protection against heat
  • The color will not fade
  • Easy to clean and light


  • There is no non-slip mat
  • Once they’ve been rolled, they’re difficult to lay flat

10. GEFEII Excellent – Top Vinyl Placemats

Material Bamboo Dimensions: 17.5×12 inch || Colors: 12 Washable: Yes The material is heat-resistant. Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

The placemats cover the marble tabletop with an intriguing textures, stripes and borders.

The aesthetic appeal of appetizers makes them more appealing and the dining experience more enjoyable.

The designs aren’t just attractive however, Gefeii placemats come with many color options as well. They are available in a variety of colors and come with six placemats for each set.

In addition to being visually appealing in addition to being practical to use in everyday life.

The placemats comprise 70 percent PVC and 30 percent polyester thread. The extremely durable fabric makes it more attractive.

Additionally they are resistant to fading This is an additional factor.

But, it is able to withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should only use the dishes and cookware at or below this temperature to prevent ruining these stunning beauty.

If you are planning to host an elegant gathering or throw an informal celebration These placemats can be used enough to fit any occasion. Additionally, these placemats have a non-slip handle to keep your dishes clean and make it a great option for any marble surface.

While you cannot throw it away in the washer It is possible to clean the Gefeii placemats using an aqueous cloth.


  • These are placemats that resist heat.
  • Very elegant and stylish with the table made of marble
  • The bottom is textured to prevent it from sliding


  • They can’t stop liquid the leakage

What are the top placemats for a marble top tables?

  1. Trivetrunner – Best Heat Resistant
  2. Jonovo – Best Stain Resistant
  3. Bright Dream Bright Dream Placemat along with Table Runner
  4. Dainty Home – The Best Extra-Thick
  5. Jovono is the best for Round Table
  6. BETEAM-Best Heat Resistant
  7. Homaxy – The Best Mats for Waterproofing
  8. Beautiful Living – Best For White Marble Table
  9. Visesunny – Best Non Slip Mats
  10. GEFEII Excellent – Top Vinyl Placemats

Closing Up!

The natural marble is one, with incredible and distinctive formation of patterns that we are enthralled by. But, this creation of nature can be damaged by acids and heat. Scrubbing and vigorous rubbing can make it dull. This is why it is necessary to protect the surface prior to placing your dishes on top of it. Selecting the right placemats for your marble tables can be difficult but it’s not completely impossible. Marble tables require non-slip tablecloths that stand out and enhance the design and feel of your table. I’ve talked about a number of choices that are gorgeous and you’ll be delighted to have them a element of your dining table.

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