10 Best Placemats For Glass Table (September 2022) Reviews

Glass dining tables give modern appeal with their captivating appeal. It exudes a sophisticated and modern style with its polished, transparent surface. But, placemats are required to set up the glass table top.

It’s hard to imagine how recklessly putting dinner plates or hot bowls on the gorgeous dining table made of glass. Placemats can protect the glass table from scratches, and scorching marks, and adds the atmosphere and create the mood for dining before anyone even touches the fork.

When you’re looking for the top placemats to use on your glass table, look for a mat which is non-slip since glass is less friction. Also, consider buying a placemat which is resistant to heat and be clean easily.

The trendy minimalist designs are a perfect match for tables made of glass. Over-exposed and boom! It is possible to ruin the elegance that is the table made of glass. After some testing, we’ve selected a few of the glass table mats that go with your home decor and the occasion.

Also, take a look at our tested suggestions for the best toddler placemats along with our most popular choices for the most suitable placemats to use on a round tables.

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Top 10 Best Placemats For Glass Table 2022 [Scratch and Heat Protection]

1. Bright Dream – Best Wedge Shape Mats

Material: Polyester Size: 18×12 Colors: 9 Heat-Resistant: No Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

The most loved glass dining table requires a special attention. If the table is round, any ordinary placemat won’t do the trick.

The placemats made by Bright Dream have a wedge design that was designed to complement the edge of the round dining table.

The placemats are a reflection of the minimalist style of decorating by displaying a simplicity of designs. While the placemats are constructed out of a combination comprising PVC as well as Polyester, the texture is similar to bamboo.

Bamboo texture creates an almost natural appearance.

The most notable benefit for these tablecloths that they can be washed easily. Although some other placemats can only be cleaned and aren’t washable You can soak them in soapy water and warm water to wash off the stains.

But, as an important note, stains from ketchup should be avoided because they are very difficult to remove.

It doesn’t just will protect the table’s glass top from scratches However, it also resists heat. It is possible to place hot plate or pot that is less than 100 degrees centigrade without a worry.

However, liquid spills may be absorbed by the placemat which isn’t a problem since glass tables are simple to wash.


  • Protect tabletop from spills and scratches
  • The material is durable and non-fading. It’s also eco-friendly.
  • The best placemats for round tables
  • It is very easy to clean and washable


  • Juice staining is difficult to get rid of
  • A little thin

2. Pigchcy – The Best Non Slip Placemat

Material: Polyvinyl Size: 12×18 inches Colors: 30 Washable: Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

The modern look for the table made of glass demands only class and elegance. Even the soft natural tones and textures can make the glass table more attractive.

The great thing about Pigchcy placemats is the fact that they come in an infinite colors to pick from. Additionally the different textures are sure to keep you interested.

When it is picking the best placemat it’s not only about looks.

Placemats must be practical enough to handle hot plates, spills and even light rubbing when cleaning. It is a good thing that Pigchcy placemats are up to the requirements.

These placemats are composed from 70 percent polyester and 30% PVC. They are the best placemats that are slip-resistant, that is essential to the glass tables. They are available in a sizes of standard 18 inches 12 inches by 18 inches.

If you’re organizing a get-together, an event for a birthday or hosting guests at Christmas, the variety is the best option for any occasion.

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So, you don’t have to look at your kids with anger when they make messy mess when eating because you’ll be able to take care of the placemats afterward.

Soak them into soapy water, or wipe them clean to ensure they are sparkling clean.

Be aware that soaking in warm water can also eliminate fold lines.


  • Placemats that are extremely durable and thick
  • Both sides of the mat have non-slip surfaces.
  • Available in a broad range of colors
  • Easy to dry and clean quickly


  • Not recommended for extreme temperatures.
  • Non machine washable

3. Shacos is the best choice for a Round Table

Fabric of Polyester & Vinyl Dimensions: 11.8×17.7 inch || Colors: 18 Washable: Yes Resistant to Heat: No Slip-Resistant: Waterproof No

The appeal of a glass tabletop is the fact that color placemats will look great on the table and enhance the entire dining table appearance.

Shacos placemats are available in range of shades. They can be matched according to the decor of your dining area.

As with Bright Dream placemats, they are also wedge-shaped that is ideal for round glass tables. They feature bamboo textures but the texture is different in certain shades.

Made from PVC as well as polyester placemats ease the hassle of cleaning. They can be cleaned or cleaned with soapy hot water.

In addition the placemats are convertible. Therefore, even if one part of the placemat becomes stained, you can reuse another side of the mat.

Use these placemats as a stylish base for your centerpieces, vases or set your silverware in them. These placemats are versatile and offer numerous options.

When it comes to resistance to heat according to our experiences, it’s not great. The mat’s shape and material may be damaged due to the high temperature of bowls and dishes.

Find a detailed review of the SHACOS Wedge-shaped placemats.


  • Composition is strong and durable.
  • Make sure table is safe from food spills and scratches
  • Place them in vases, tables or Ashtrays
  • Placemats on both sides are able to be utilized


  • A little thin in comparison to others on the list.
  • Hot foods can harm the table and mat

4. U’Artlines – Best Heat-Resistant

Materials: Polyproplene & Cotton | Size: 15 inch Colors: 8 Washable: No Slip-Resistant: Waterproof No

These captivating placemats for round tables incorporate two different weaving patterns. Fine, yet dense inside and a braided round edge on the outer.

The uniqueness of these tablecloths is a bold statement that stands out among the ordinary placemats.

They are made of cotton and placemats are available in elegant colors and will impress the guests at your table with their simple and subtle appearance. These placemats will add an accent of color in your boring dinner table.

The size of this placemat is 15 inches in diameter, which is the perfect size for any placemat that is round. It’s also the ideal dimension placemat for a square table.

As well as safeguarding your tables, also use it for decorative and creative reasons too. Put your vases there or use them for dinner parties, tea time and even tea time; the decision is yours.

Made of cotton, they are regarded as one of the most heat-resistant placemats. Hot pots and pans will not scratch or leave fog marks on the table’s glass.

These gorgeous placemats are washed by hand in warm water. Cleaning them or wiping them off won’t cause fade or shrinkage.


  • Made of durable and non-fading material
  • It is heat-resistant to 180 degrees F.
  • The cross-woven pattern keeps you safe from slippage
  • Available in 30+ colors & designs


  • The mat is saturated with liquid.

5. Home Brilliant – Great option for Glass Dining Table

Material Fabric: Polyester Blend Size: 13×19 Colors: 14 Heat-Resistant: No Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof No

The simple and elegant look of linen is unmatched. These Home Brilliant placemats are hand-crafted with environmental-friendly faux linen. The linen fabric has a timeless appeal and is sure to remain trendy!

These glass table mats are designed to be paired with something stylish and yet has an elegant feel. at home. Brilliant placemats meet all these criteria!

It is available in a variety of colors and sizes of 13 x 19 inches. Mix and match the placemats to create unique looks or use it in conjunction with the matching table runner, or tablecloth.

The design and size make these placemats a perfect option for tables made of glass. It can be used all day long without having to be concerned about spills.

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They’re stain-resistant and can be cleaned in the washer. But hand washing is the preferred method.

The color will not fadenor decrease after washing. This makes it more durable than mats. They’re not water-proof however, they will protect your precious glass table from scratches.


  • Beautiful colors and attractive patterns.
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Make sure the table is protected from scratches
  • Clean and simple to wash in the machine.


  • It’s not a great resistance to heat
  • There could be a 1 inch error because of the design being handmade.

6. Wazaigur Red-A – Best Round Shape

Fabric: Polypropelene & Cotton |Size: 14 inches Colors: 6 Washable: Yes Slip-Resistant: No Waterproof Yes

This is yet another round placemat that is on our list! If you’re seeking a placemat to an oval glass table with a circular shape, then a round one is a great option.

They are then woven softly with cotton in order to make a, concentric design that stands out from other designs because of its simplicity.

The hues of these placemats are perfect and you can even contrast them with your home decor. If you’re having a party outdoors, you can select more vibrant colors that are suited to the event.

These measure 14 inches in diameter, which is plenty to allow you to keep your food items on it.

Since it is made from cotton, it is able to bear hot plates without harming your table and placemat. The most appealing thing is that they have a softness that you can roll them up to keep them in storage when not being used.

Another aspect to consider is the cleaning. They are, in fact, cleaned with a hand. But, be careful not to use abrasive scrubs to eliminate the stains.


  • Braided design stops slipping
  • It’s thick enough to shield tables from scratches and heat
  • Made from chemical-free, durable material
  • The perfect mat for everyday use.


  • Food particles are trapped in braided patterns

7. Shacos – The Best Braided Placemats

Materials: Polypropylene & Cotton | Size: 15 inch Colors: 27 Washable: Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

Shaocos placemats are circularly braided designs that are suitable for any table shape.

The placemats are available in a range of colors that range from neutral shades to intense rainbow red and hot pink hues.

A range of colors gives the option of using it for a semi-formal event or for any casual outdoor gathering.

The vibrant colors of Shacos were designed to bring people together and enjoy meals with family and friends. In this regard, Shacos gives you the possibility of picking the various sizes based on the size of your guests or family members.

Made from cotton and polypropylene Placemats with a stylish design are made with everyday use in your mind.

This placemat’s beauty and style is the reason they can be used for doilies to place vase or other trinkets over them.

To cleanse them, just wipe them clean with moist water or wash them with soapy water.

The materials used in the making of the material is the reason why it’s not waterproof. The spills that happen could leak across the mats.

Their vast selection of placemats in bright and neutral hues give the user a variety of options to select and give it to the person you love dearly.


  • Extra-thick heat-resistant placemat
  • The surface is braided to prevent sliding.
  • Make sure table is protected from scratches and scratches
  • Reversible design permits both sides to be utilized


  • Best suited for a round tables only.

8. Pabusior – The Best Water Resistant

Material Vinyl Size: 18×12 Heat-Resistant: Yes Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof No

Pabusior placemats show simplicity, yet show off their vibrant and fun shades, making them gorgeous and unique among other placemats.

The minimalist style is a classic choice for formal events as well as informal gatherings like the Christmas and holiday season.

Their standard 18×12 inches size is ideal for rectangle and square table tops. They are suitable for use in restaurants, hotels or for business meetings.

The pattern of woven and solid colors of these placemats could be paired with tablecloths or table runners to enhance the appearance at the table.

Vinyl placemats are well-known for their toughness and easy cleaning and Pabusior placemats are no different to this. They are easily cleaned by wiping them.

They’re not waterproof and liquid spills could be absorbed by the surface. If you intend to put it on a dining table made from glass, the cleaning it is much easier than cleaning a wooden table.

Do you want to know the best aspect? These placemats are recyclable. When you’re bored of them, you can tear them up and use them in your DIY projects , or for making coasters using them.

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  • Placemats with a thick, heat-resistant surface
  • Guard table from scratches
  • The mat is braided to make it non-slip.
  • High-quality and durable at an affordable cost


  • Food particles are trapped the braided surface
  • It’s a bit hard to wash

9. Baby Mumbo – Great for Toddlers

Material: Silicone Size: 10×16 inchesColors: 10 Heat-Resistant: No Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof Yes

We tend to forget placemats for our kids when buying placemats for all the family.

A standard placemat isn’t an ideal option for toddlers. It’s recommended to purchase separate tablecloths for children particularly if they’re eating with you at the dining table made of glass.

Baby Mumbo placemats have been specially made using silicone. This mat free of dangerous substances like BPA BPS, PF and lead, making it safe for toddlers.

Children who love to transfer food from table to plate are able to eat their food without being exposed from harmful chemicals without causing the mess.

The most distinctive aspect of this style is the drop-tray, which can be useful when there is an in-between space between the chair and dining table. It can also be used to store cookies or other foods for children.

Additionally, Baby Mumbo placemats come in various colors that you can choose from.

When it comes down to choosing the appropriate placemat for your kids the non-skid feature of the placemat must be given the top priority because of obvious reasons. It is a placemat that sticks to the floor and does not move around when kids play with food.

Baby Mumbo is a great placemat for your kids. It’s waterproof, and cleaning it is simple. You can clean it manually using soap and water, or place it into the dishwasher after each use.


  • Made from non-toxic food grade material.
  • It can be connected to a baby high chair.
  • Very light and easy to carry around
  • Clean and easy washable placemat


  • The mat is not heat-resistant.
  • Larger children can easily take the mat from the table

10. Topotdor – Best Washable Table Mat

Material is Cotton Size: 14 inchesColors: 13Washable: YesThe material is heat-resistant.Slip-Resistant: Yes Waterproof Yes

The gorgeous braided look of these placemats creates a dining table a warm and cozy sensation.

Glass table’s coldness with the warm feel of the cotton placemats provides the perfect balance for dining space.

Another benefit of these placemats is the range of colors. Each placemat is made using dark and light shades of yarn. These vibrant hues are perfect for outdoor dining or indoor dining.

They can also be used for a relaxed evening tea or as a centerpiece for your table.

Thanks to the material’s cotton and the thick braided texture these placemats are among the top heat-resistant placemats to put on the tables.

A glass table needs only a placemat that isn’t slid by the slight movements of our hands . Topotdor placemats have non-slip surface.

The cleaning of Topotdor circular placemats can be easy. You just need to wipe it down with the help of a damp cloth. Do not rub too hard, otherwise the braids could be smashed.


  • Top quality, eco-friendly materials
  • Elegant design suitable for multiple occasions
  • Slip and heat resistant
  • Mats that are durable and washable.


  • Cleaning can be a bit challenging.
  • Drying time is long after washing.

What are the most effective placemats that will protect your glass table from scratches and heat?

  1. Bright Dream
  2. Pigchcy
  3. Shacos Round Shaped
  4. U’Artlines
  5. Topotdor
  6. Red-A from Wazaigur
  7. Shacos
  8. Pabusior
  9. Baby Mumbo
  10. Home Brilliant

Closing Up!

The stunning look of a glass dining table is only going to be completed by the perfect selection of the finest placemats to go with a glass table, along with the perfect tableware. They create the atmosphere for the meal. The tranquil elegance on the glass tables is in sync with a placemat that’s not overly bold, but not too silent. To make it easier for you to decide on choosing the right tablecloths, we’ve analyzed the top placemats for glass tables. We hope that you will find this helpful in your search for the perfect placemat.

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