10 Best Pizza Stone for Traeger (September 2022) Reviews

The pizza is delicious. There is no doubt about that! The issue is that it is monotonous. After playing it in many instances (just kidding) it can get boring.

How would you completely reinvent it?

Being lazy as I am so I decided to change it up by cooking it using my Traeger grill instead of in the oven. The difference that it made was massive.

All you have to do is purchase a pizza stone which is compatible with your traeger grill. So, here is the top ten pizza stones to use with your Traeger and an buying guide.

Pizza Stone for Traeger Buying Guide

Before I reveal the 10 pizza stones that you can put for the Traeger grill, it’s time to learn how to evaluate them and pick the best choice among them.


It is impossible to make a pizza larger than the size of the size of the stone. This is the reason why the size of the stone can be greatly.

If you only make pizza for your own use An 11-inch stone should suffice. However, if you are making pizza for the family, or for gatherings with friends then a bigger granite stone (like fifteen inches) is an excellent option.


Pizza stones can be made of steel, aluminum the natural stones, ceramic and other materials. These are great options for pizza stone.

Much is dependent on the appearance and the look you want to accomplish from your pizza stones. Some pizza lovers prefer thin crusts, which provide crisp and crispy crust that heats quickly.

Others require traditional stone giving the stone a natural feeling. All of them are great however, you must select the one that suits you best and then select one.


Pizza stone is available in other shapes , other than the traditional round ones! That’s why you need first decide if you prefer a round pizza stone (the classic one) or more unusual shapes such as square or rectangular.

It is up to you to decide the one you’re comfortable with better, and then you can make a call.


If you’ve cooked pizza numerous times, you’ll know how to maneuver the stone. But for other pizzas handling, handles are essential. If the stone has handles or protruding shapes can be held the stone, it will be easy to operate the stone. This is the reason you need be sure to look over the features for handling of the stone prior to taking an appointment.

A lesser-known aspect can be found in the bottom of the pizza stone. If it is made up of feet or a non-slip texture it is considered to be a good thing.

Cooking Appliance Compatibility

I know, I’m talking about pizza stones that are used on the Traeger grills. But wouldn’t it be great if that same stone can also be utilized on other cooking equipments?

Many stones work using a grill, oven, and other kitchen appliances. Although this option isn’t essential but using a pizza stone may simplify your life. This is another aspect to take into consideration when you compare the pizza stones.

Top 10 Best Pizza Stone for Traeger 2022

With no delay, I’ll now present the top ten choices in the field of stone pizzas for your Traeger grill.

1. Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone

With resistance to temperature that can reach 1450degF This pizza stone is certainly appropriate with your Traeger. Its resistance to high temperatures is the reason it’s at the top of my list of items to consider.

Other than that, Cordierite construction means that it is extremely durable. It doesn’t produce any smell. This is why it doesn’t matter if you cook at high temperatures, you won’t need to worry about any unpleasant odor.

If you delve deeper into the specifics in this particular material you’ll be able to see that it distributes equally the warmth. It also effectively conducts heat so that the loss is minimal. Because of this that, whether you’re cooking pizza from frozen or a fresh one, it can help you to get it done.

If you love crisp crust pizza This is the stone to choose. It’s not apparent in photos that it’s made of micropores that are tiny. The aim that these tiny pores serve is to suck up any excess moisture that is present in Pizza dough. This is why you will not have the pizza that is soggy.

Its dimensions measure 14.9″ and 11.8″ 11.8″ x 0.6″ which makes it simple to cook pizzas at home for your personal use. To be able to handle the pizza stone comfortably you must consider its weight too. It weighs 6.6 pounds. This is the reason it’s not terribly bulky also. It also means that there is no special skills to make use of the pizza stones.

For accessories, you will receive an ice scraper. It is able to easily scrape any leftover pieces of the stone. This way, you don’t need to put in time to clean the stone after using it.

When I talk about the pizza stone is a great option for Traeger the stone can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it not only for your Traeger grill, but you can also use it on the stove. The versatility means that you will not be faced with numerous pizza stones when you purchase this one.

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Baking soda’s easy cleaning assures that maintenance will not be an issue. The durable and flexible design that this stone has is the reason it’s on my list.

Key Features:

  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to wash
  • It is easy to use
  • Absorbs moisture
  • It can handle extremely high temperatures.

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2. Cast Elegance, a durable and long-lasting thermal shock resistant pizza & Baking Stone

Do you prefer a pizza stone that is round?

If you are, this is an excellent choice. The common perception is that the pizza stone has to be round since the most commonly used pizza’s shape has a round shape as well. This is the reason the reason this stone is so easy to hold.

The fact that the stone is round isn’t enough. You must consider the size as well. Then you will know the size of pizzas you can cook with it. It is 14 inches. This is why it’s suitable for making very large pizzas.

The most amazing thing is that the thickness is 5/8 inches. This is the reason why there isn’t a lost heat. Despite the thickness it’s extremely durable.

The reason for the durability is the thermal thermarite. It is a material with outstanding thermal conduction capabilities. Additionally it can withstand extreme temperatures. This is the reason, regardless how hot your barbecue is, you’ll be able to utilize this pizza stone with ease.

The material is completely scentless. It’s food-safe. This means you don’t need to worry about the possibility of contamination to your pizza.

To make it simple to make use of this pizza stone you’ll receive a scraper with a recipe guide. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something new to cook or tools to clean the pizza stone with ease You have both.

Alongside the grill You can also make use of it to bake in ovens. It’s a great choice for a variety of uses. If you’re seeking an excellent pizza stone that has great heat conduction in a round form This stone will satisfy your needs.

Key Features:

  • Construction equipment that is heavy-duty
  • 14 inch round shape
  • Excellent heat conduction
  • Food safe and completely safe
  • Included are accessories

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3. Pizza Stone For Pizzas use in Oven by Hans Grill

Size of the pizza stone affect the grill you choose to use. If it’s too large then you may not be able use the pizza stone with some grills. It’s a good size, measuring 14.9″ by 11.8″. It can be easily used on top of the Traeger.

The stoneware style that is used in the design of pizza stones guarantees that it absorbs the moisture of the dough. This is the reason why getting crispy crusts is achievable.

Regarding compatibility, you can make use of it with Traeger barbecue, Traeger, and oven. This is the reason why you can create your pizza with any source of heat.

Although I’ve already pointed out the dimensions in the previous post but it is crucial to examine the thickness. Its thickness measures 1.5 millimeters. The consistency is perfect to facilitate faster transfer of heat. Additionally it won’t cause loss of heat. So, once you begin cooking pizzas on this stone, you’ll be able to observe the results in a short time.

The majority of pizza stones have accessories. It also comes with items in the form of an wooden paddle. It lets you pick the pizza off the stone with ease.

The pizza stone’s versatility as well as its simple-to-use design makes it an excellent purchase.

Key Features:

  • Rectangular shape
  • Stoneware construction
  • Great compatibility with all kitchen appliances
  • Included are additional accessories
  • Quick conduction of heat

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4. Heritage Ceramic Baking Stone

Some people are not happy with the 10 inch pizza. A lot of us prefer larger pizzas to share with friends and family. If you’re also thinking of doing so this pizza stone measuring 15 inches could be a great help.

If you’re wondering about construction quality, it is made of ceramic. Ceramic is also a fantastic heater. This is the reason why you’ll be in a position to cook the pizzas quickly.

The time needed to cook is nearly half. If you’re cooking just one pizza, it’s unlikely to change much. If you’re making food for a gathering or party rapid preheating could help you out. You’ll notice a faster conduction of heat in the process itself.

One less well-known aspect of the stone is that it has a series of edges that taper. This is the reason taking the pizza off or serving directly from the stone is simple.

Ceramic construction provides an additional benefit. The stone is burn and resistant to grease, making it very easy to scrub.

In contrast to other pizza stones that you can clean with the soap and water mix to wash this one. Therefore, at the conclusion of your cooking process, you’ll be left with sparkling clean pizza stones.

In addition to ceramic, it also comes with an anti-heat coating. It protects it from high temperatures. It’s especially helpful when you use it to protect your Traeger.

It comes with a pizza cutter which will ensure that cutting the pizzas to serve is simple. The cutter is so efficient that it’s adequate for deep-dish pizzas.

The ceramic surface and coating are both nonstick in their design. This certainly eases the burden when it comes to serving the pizza.

This pizza stone will please anyone who is looking for convenience.

Key Features:

  • Large 15-inch size
  • Ceramic construction with an anti-slip coating
  • The edges are tapered to make it easy to serve
  • Easy to wash
  • Includes a pizza cutter

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5. Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone

If you’re in search of an oven pizza stone to use on the Traeger grill, you’ll encounter a variety of pizza stones. The issue is that handling them isn’t an easy job. Be aware that you’ll keep this on your barbecue which is why you require more efficient methods of picking it up.

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If you’ve had to deal with such issues with handling before you are aware that it’s not easy. Luckily this pizza stone can assist you in that.

In addition to the many other advantages, it also includes the ability to carry it on a rack. This is why, if you’re looking to remove it from the grill or would like to serve it then you can do that quickly.

Alongside the above features, it’s ideal for larger pizzas. With the size that is 16.7 inches, it’s easy to create bigger pizzas.

The substance it is Cordierite stone. The benefit of this material is the fact that it is able to retain moisture and last for many years. This means that you can enjoy fresh pizza that isn’t looking for an alternative in the near future.

Another reason it’s an excellent choice is the fact it is able to fit in the barbecue system effortlessly. This is the reason, regardless of what kind of cooker the one you’re working with it’ll work well. For cleaning it you need to wash it by hand.

The simple to use design definitely makes it an excellent pizza stone.

Key Features:

  • Large size of 16.7-inch diameter
  • Excellent durability
  • It comes with a rack for carrying
  • Easy to keep
  • Moisture absorbing design

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6. SOLIDO Rectangular Pizza Stone for Traeger

If you’re looking for a pizza stone to use in a grill or barbecue, or even oven, this stone is sure to meet your needs. The greater surface area means it’s also suitable for larger pizzas. However it can be incorporated into any oven of standard size and this is the reason the reason why you don’t need to be concerned about compatibility.

Cordierite construction gives it toughness. There is no need to be concerned about extreme temperatures.

If you take a look at the bottom, it is made up of feet. So, maintaining it in a stable way across any type of surface can be simple. The feet provide an edging that guarantees stability when you place it on the ground.

Alongside the feet on the four corners, there’s an arc-shaped design in the center. It also provides the necessary grip for any surface.

When you’re making pizza from frozen dough or make a new one from scratch, the pizza maker will work with both. The measurements are 14″ 16″ with the width at 0.75 inches. The dimensions are in a way that they are simple to carry.

Alongside its the durability, Cordierite material is another advantages. It distributes heat quite quickly. Also, the loss of heat is low. This is why making pizza with it will be simple.

A pizza stone is made to stand up to temperatures of 2000 deg F. This is why, regardless of the cookware you’re using it on, it’s able to cope with that quite well.

The outstanding grip and high temperature handling capabilities makes it among the top pizza stones for Traeger grills.

Key Features:

  • Large surface area with dimension of” 16″
  • Non-slip design
  • It can handle extremely high temperatures.
  • Can be used with virtually all cooking appliances

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7. Pizzacraft Cordierite 15” Pizza Stone

I like this pizza stone due to its natural structure. Cordierite construction is durable. It is also well-known for its ability to soak up moisture. These two aspects are useful in baking pizza.

Additionally, the design designed to allow you to use it in an oven with bricks or even on the grill. It’s up to you.

It will help you prepare frozen pizza, as well as fresh ones. Along with pizza It helps bake bread, cookies, cakes and other items.

There is no additional conditioning or seasoning required It’s very simple to utilize this grilling device with the Traeger grill.

A 15-inch diameter lets you make larger pizzas too. The square shape definitely is visually appealing.

It’s thermally resistant to shock and ensures that extreme temperatures will not cause problems.

Prior to cleaning, you need wait for it to cool. After that, you’ll be able to clean it using regular water, which allows you to wash it with ease. If you’re in search of an even bigger pizza stone it won’t let you down.

Key Features:

  • Thermally shock-resistant
  • Works with any kitchen appliance
  • Excellent durability
  • Absorbs moisture

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8. Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

When I was looking to find a stone for pizza I discovered that the majority are produced with the same techniques and procedures. This is why the quality you receive from them is the same. But the one you get is quite different.

First of all, it is manufactured by hand in France. Since it is made from all-natural components it is guaranteed the safety of your food. to cook food. It also employs a specific frame technology throughout the manufacturing process. Quality of construction isn’t likely to be an issue due to this.

If you’re wondering what these natural materials are, it primarily is made up of ceramic. Its dimensions of 14.5 inches make it perfect for pizzas that are larger.

It is possible to use it in the Traeger grill as well as within the oven. If you own a wood charcoal oven or grill, one that is charcoalone, or a gas-powered one it will work with any of them. The temperature that it is able to handle ranges from to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. With this high temperature handling capability regardless whether you’re cooking for grilling or baking, it’s able to perform pretty well.

Ceramic construction implies that it’s scratch-resistant. If you look at the pictures and you’ll notice that the stone is made up of handles that are on the sides. You just need to select the stone to cool it some, then serve it following that.

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In addition to the ceramic material, it also has a layer of glaze on top. This is the reason it is important to ensure that when cutting pizza it’s unlikely to be able to damage the surface of the ceramic.

Another benefit I appreciated is that it’s dishwasher safe. The decision to wash it by hand or make use of the dishwasher after you use it is entirely up to you. But it is possible to use the dishwasher to make a huge difference in time.

The natural construction process and the patented manufacturing process will make it an excellent purchase.

Key Features:

  • Construction that is heavy-duty because of the patented manufacturing method
  • Glazed surface
  • Can handle temperatures of up to 900 degF.
  • The ease of use is due to the handles on the sides.

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9. THERMICHEF Square Pizza Steel Plate for Oven

When you search to find pizza ovens you’ll be surprised to find that a few provide you with a variety of sizes. This one, however, has. The model I’m talking about right now is 14″ by 14″. The other sizes are 14″ 20″ as well as 16″ by 16″. This is the reason why you are able to choose the size and shape you like best.

Pizza stones are constructed of steel material. Steel is a good conductor of heat, which is why the stone can heat up quickly, and the loss of heat will be very minimal.

In addition, it is known for its toughness and strength. This is the reason, regardless of whether you’re using it for the grill or in the oven the wear and tear of steel is minimal.

With a variety of options It’s up for you to pick which one is most suitable for your needs. The thinness of 3/16 inches guarantees that handling it won’t prove to be a hassle. If you’re purchasing it for heavy-duty usage There’s a different version made available that has 3/8 inch thickness.

A faster cooking time because of the steel construction. This means it will work to your advantage when you cook for a gathering or in commercial kitchens.

When manufacturing, CNC laser cutting is employed. This is the reason why the design is precise, and the handling is simple.

If you’re looking for a pizza maker to make your life easier it’s the one you should choose.

Key Features:

  • Available in a variety of sizes and thickness options.
  • Steel construction with heavy-duty properties
  • A precise construction method is used
  • Speedier cooking time

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10. PIT BOSS 70137 Baking Stone

The final option is a pizza stone that measures 15 inches. It’s ideal for ovens as well as the barbecue.

Wooden construction will ensure that you’ll get that authentic wood taste in your pizza. Even heat distribution means that the whole pizza crust cooks evenly. Additionally it enhances the strength of this stone.

The handles on either side permit you to operate this pizza stone effortlessly.

So, if you’re searching for a simple pizza stone to go with your Traeger take a look at this.

Key Features:

  • Large -15″ in size
  • Wooden construction
  • Excellent durability
  • Spreading the heat

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How do I Get My Pizza Stone After Using It on the Traeger?

When you have chosen the pizza stone, you’ll like to know what you can do to wash it. The process is quite easy.

Step One is to Allow It to Cool Down

If you try to wash the pizza pan when it’s hot, you’ll find yourself singing even when you have gloves in place. Better to allow it to cool.

Step Two: Make use of the Scraper

You must utilize your scraper in order to clean away the remaining pizza crust or any bits of crust left over.

Step Three: Apply the right solution

Some pizza stones do not require water and soap. Certain require baking soda along with water and others need you to wash it under water. It is important to read the instructions and apply the correct cleaning solution.

Step Four: Allow It To Dry

Before storing it away it is recommended to allow the pizza oven to dry.

That’s it!

Frequently asked questions

1. Are pizza stones only round?

Pizza stones can also be found in square and square shapes.

2. Are you able to make use of this same stone for different kinds of appliances?

Some are not suitable for use in different kitchen appliances, but a lot can be.

3. Do you find it difficult to clean the pizza stone?

Cleaning the pizza stone is only 15-20 minutes. Most of the time is spent letting the stone cool.

4. Are pizza stone’s working?

Pizza stones are effective because they absorb excess moisture, spread the heat evenly , and provide you with an evenly cooked crust.

5. How long will Pizza stones used by Traeger last?

Pizza stone that lasts for 10 years or more.

Wrapping Up

The taste of your favorite food (pizza) was never simpler. No matter if your friends are coming to your home or you’re creating pizzas for the loved ones, one of these stones could change the game of pizza for you.

In this top ten most effective pizza stone options for Traeger grills, you will be able to concentrate on your guests, drinks, and your party instead of analyzing pizza stones. Since only the finest pizza stones made it onto this list, there’s no need to consider the hundreds of options.

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