11 Best Pigment Ink Printers (September 2022) Reviews

Inkjet printers with pigments are the latest trend for both the business and creative realm. For one who doesn’t love sharp black and white papers and vibrant colors on stunning photographic papers simultaneously?

Their superior printing performance wireless controls, as well as their simplicity of use will create some commotion within your office. In addition that the most reliable inkjet printers will go above and beyond to produce prints that remain consistent and true to the color!

Starting from making DIY projects into a reality, to printing HD images from your most recent trip, they’re extremely creative in the world of art!

Today, we’ll test some amazing pigment printers to the test for resolution and speed, as well as ink quality as well as network connectivity, the frequency of use, other things. If you’re searching for a complete printer and printer, you’ve come to the right spot!

Top 11 Best Pigment Ink Printers 2022

After extensive study, we’ve created a list of 11 high-end pigment ink printers that have a lot of amazing specifications. Find out the details!

1. Canon MX922 All-In-One Printer | Best Pigment Photo Printer

The MX922 features the option of automatic double-sided printing which allows you to cut down on the paper usage without any hassle on your part. Today, it is possible to print up to 6”x4 stunning borderless images using its amazing 9600×2400 high-quality dpi in color. What’s cool about this?

The first thing to note is that this unique printer can handle a range of media that aren’t your typical A4 paper for office usage.

Additionally, it’s an exceptional printer when it comes to quality of image as well as speed and the speed at which it prints. It’s the reason why many people consider it to be one of the top pigment ink printers currently on the market.

Scanning is also accomplished with incredible accuracy. Even though pigment inks create somewhat less vibrant colors however, the black color is surprisingly dark and is ideal to print important office documents while on the move.

The memory card slot as well as its auto-expandable output tray in addition to than wireless connectivity make MX922 the MX922 our top choice among inkjet printers that use pigment for use in offices.

Additionally it is possible to use furthermore, the AirPrint feature lets you connect your printer to both your iPad as well as iPhone via Wi-Fi. In the same way, Google Cloud Print compatibility provides wireless printing. Connecting the USB 2.0 cable into your laptop or office computer will result in prints that are lightning fast.

Additionally, the MX922 awed us by it’s Full HD Movie Print feature. It allows you to print stills taken from high-definition videos you’ve made using an supported Canon EOS DSLR camera, PowerShot and VIXIA cameras. Its DVD/CD printing tray lets print your photos onto Blu Ray DVDs for a personal, enjoyable feature.

Key Features:

  • 5.0 LCD touchscreen to make quick selections and creative filters.
  • Automatic double-sided printing is an option.
  • Ink systems that are 6 colors and an Photo Blue ink tank.
  • The software supports AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Wireless, and plugged-in printing.
  • Printing on CD/DVD is possible.
  • FHD Movie Print is a method to print frames from your HD videos.

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2. Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer | Best Pigment Printer

The desktop model inkjet printer from Epson is a fantastic one due to its high-speed printing capability and vibrant prints that are smudge-proof throughout.

Fine droplets of ink can be employed in printing your documents or assignments to give them a an attractive, professional appearance. This printer is compatible with Mac as well as Windows OS other than the standard USB B port. It comes with a useful editing program for photos to create your personal album, calendars and much more.

The thing we liked the most about this printer is it allows BorderFree photo printing that comes in various sizes that are frame-ready! It is now possible to print 4”x6” and 5”x 7 8”x10″ and 8.5”x11 photos onto your mobile devices. It’s a great option because you can play around with making your own creative projects!

Print up to 23 black text documents , or create 14 color prints within a matter of minutes. With its own Ink Cartridge System, which allows you to replace just one color that is running out, you can save your cash and ink consumption.

Epson Stylus C88+ utilizes the amazing DuraBrite Ultra ink to print quality documents and photos on glossy and plain photo paper. The printing resolution of 5760×1440 dots per inch implies that the graininess of your prints are something you will never need to worry about.

Key Features:

  • Ink cartridges that are individual for simple replacement of a certain color.
  • Prints frame-ready photos that are available in four sizes.
  • Incredibly large page-per-minute (PPM) number.
  • Make use of DuraBrite pigment ink for its rich vibrant color and minimal graininess.
  • The user-friendly program allows you to make photo books, calendars and more.

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3. Canon Pixma IX6820 Wireless Business Printer

An Canon Wireless Office Printer that boasts great colors and user-friendly functions will soon be the highlight of your workplace. This Pixma iX6820 printer is equipped with an inkjet printer with full photolithography technology to create stunning documents.

Because of its five individual tanks of ink, you will be able to cut down on the cost of ink and paper each month. The highest resolution it can achieve is 9600×2400 dots per inch which allows you to print high-quality documents that are smudge-proof.

It also can be used with Google Cloud Print, AirPrint as well as Pixma Printing Solutions for taking the printing instructions.

Handouts, financial reports or printing your term paper could be completed in the shortest time. You’ll be amazed at the kinds of documents you can make using the iX6820. You can, for instance, print tiny 4”x6” postcards as well as spreadsheets measuring 11”x17′ as well as huge presentations charts in sizes of 13”x19′!

When you thought that the iX6820 had a ton of features and is now ready to impress you with its My Image Garden program. It includes all of the essential printing options, including particular filters Full HD Movie Print with easy-to-use control. In addition, you will have the access Creative Park Premium for downloading exclusive content!

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Key Features:

  • Prints an unbounded 4”x6” photograph using ChromaLife100and function. It prints in approximately 36 seconds.
  • 9600×2400 dpi printing for top quality.
  • Prints prints 13”x19” presentations charts, as well as 4”x6” postcards.
  • The ability to access My Image Garden and Creative Park Premium.
  • There is a Quiet Mode as well as an Auto Power On to start immediately after you have sent an email via wireless.

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4. WorkForce WF-7710, a Pigment Based Inkjet Printer

You can now print high-quality prints similar to the ones you would get from printing shops within your office. Are you wondering how this is possible? Look up the WF-7710!

Printing borderless 4”x6” images has become a common feature for the more sophisticated high-end printers. However, the WF-7710 gives all the other printers a run for their money since it prints a massive thirteen inches by 19 inches of borderless images with stunning clarity!

DuraBrite Ultra cartridges DuraBrite Ultra ink cartridges are the most affordable option for printing when you’re looking for vibrant colors in your artistic documents.

It consumes 80percent less power when compared with the color laser printers and its tray offers the most innovative management of different types of papers. A rear feed for special papers aside from the 250-sheet tray will keep everything in order.

Furthermore, the WF7710 features an auto document feeder with 35 pages It also supports double-sided printing! Print copies, copy, fax and scan – whatever you need and the printer can do everything!

If you’re in the field of sales or fashion design, the printer will help you reach excellence because your job will require you to make use of the WF-7710 to its fullest potential! Its simple buttons make printing as well as making copies as simple as can be.

Key Features:

  • 4.3″color touchscreen that makes it easy to navigate.
  • It can scan documents measuring 11”x17” and print borderless 13”x19” images using PrecisionCore technology.
  • 35-page auto document feeder as well as four DuraBrite Ultra cartridges for ink.
  • The machine has a 250-sheet capacity of paper, as well as the rear feed is for papers that are special.

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5. Canon IP8720 Pigmented Ink Printer

Its IP8720 inkjet printer has everything you require to bring your productivity in the creative field up to the next level. It can print the endless office documents with clear, consistent ink, but also highlights the exact colors of your images.

Its six color individual ink tanks make it among the finest ink systems available at a reasonable cost. Also, it comes with gray, which many premium printers don’t have. Furthermore, the deep black ink with a pigmented coating is the most suitable for printing office documents.

Let’s discuss the maximum resolution of 9600×2400 pixels and what it could affect your photos as well as files. To begin, it’s an incredible high-dpi number and when combined to ChromaLife199+, an outstanding printing head The IP8720 prints the best colors!

If you have an Canon EOS SLR, PowerShot digital camera or VIXIA camcorder and have images or frames taken from video clips to print using the printing device is perfect for the task.

Print images direct from your smartphone Wireless PictBridge support without needing an internet connection or a computer in any way. In addition you can bring your images to life using its borderless prints that can be as large as 13” x 19 inches!

Additionally it is worth noting that the IP8720 is also equipped with a configuration for color printing on CDs and DVDs. Additionally, the Prisma Printing Solutions (PPS) application allows you to send large photos and files using all the commands you need, and the printer is turned on automatically when it is finished with the job!

Key Features:

  • Up to 13”x19” prints vibrant borderless images.
  • 6 ink color system with Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering and ChromaLife100+ technology.
  • Average speed of printing at 10.4 pictures per minute using the color option.
  • Slot for color printing on a CD and DVD.

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6. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Printer

A compact, sleek and quick printer is required in an office space. Epson allows you to explore endless possibilities with this one-of-a-kind the one-of-a-kind printer.

You can enjoy an extensive color spectrum with the Claria 6 HD Ink System. It has red and gray inks to give your images an enthralling pop of color. Borderless prints 13”x19” benefit from the greatest vibrant colours.

Additionally the fact that they’re printed using pigment inks means they are less prone to fade and water damage. When it comes to printing capabilities, it boasts 200 sheets of paper and an automatic double-sided printing feature. The most impressive feature? A rear tray that holds 50 sheets to hold specialty papers!

Its operation is quite quiet and exceptionally quick. Dash Replenishment is a useful feature that tracks of your daily ink use and then orders more ink when tanks are empty it is a great option for offices that have the highest ink use.

The first thing you should be aware of prior purchasing is that Epson XP-15000 printer is compatible with only Epson cartridges. Ink that is pigmented by third-party vendors could impact the life of your printer.

The best part is it prints wide-format A3+ paper, and is 30percent smaller than previous Epson model printers. It’s relatively light and requires little place in your office.

Key Features:

  • Auto orders ink using active Dash Replenishment.
  • 50 special sheet rear tray for photo paper and cardstock.
  • Crisp black prints and quick drying for easy storage.
  • Inks of gray and red make its color palette ultra-wide and vivid.
  • Prints borderless photos of 4”x6” up to 13”x19” in size.

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7. Canon Pixma MG5520 Color Printer

Make your projects creative and take your paper work to new heights by using the Canon MG5520 ink pigment printer. It prints on both sides and supports the most popular cloud services that allow wireless printing.

Take advantage of five individual ink tanks as well as the renowned ChromaLife100+ system to print amazing photos and documents of high-quality. The maximum resolution of 4800×1200 dpi color resolution isn’t quite as impressive as its other capabilities.

Although 9600×2400 dpi might be more appealing however, the MG5520 does have an array of mind-blowing specifications to offer. It is the first to mention that it has an array of connectivity options.

It can be connected to your laptop computer using an USB B cable to print a large amount of documentation in a quick time. The fact that 4 dye-based inks as well as 1 pigment-based black ink that are not only quick-drying but also smudge-resistant has made a difference for us.

There is also another option, the Full HD Movie Print feature. It allows you to print frames and stills using you Canon EOS or PowerShot digital camera.

You can print prints of these photos borderless , and print store-style that measure up to 8.5”x11 inches. Furthermore, on its 2.5 inches screen, you can view an image preview to ensure that you are able to double-check the image you’re printing. It is possible to find compatible cartridges in stores and everywhere.

Key Features:

  • You can view the image on the LCD screen prior to printing.
  • Printing compatible to work with AirPrint as well as Google Cloud Print.
  • Pigment-based black ink to print crisp, high-contrast and high-contrast black or white documents.
  • It is possible to access the tanks of ink easily.
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8. WorkForce WF-7210 Wide Format Printer Photo Printer

Who says you must go to a print store in order for the best prints? The WF-7210 printer for photo printing is all you require to shine. Utilizing up to 20% lesser power. It can be a cost-effective way to reduce the energy use in your office.

It is a large 500-sheet capacity. Therefore, if you’ve been working on a novel for the past few months, you’ll likely print a copy of it.

Keep a complete sheet of paper in the dual tray. The printer can print up to 125 sheets at a time. Also, you get dual-sided printing, which can cut the paper consumption by 50. That’s right! It permits double-sided printing for up as large as 11”x17” size documents for use in offices with a high degree of stress.

If you are familiar with printers, you’ve probably had a chance to hear about those DuraBrite cartridges that create amazing colours. They are useful when you have an unbounded 13”x19” image to print. However, the color spectrum isn’t as impressive like that of an different ink systems.

The lack of a include a scanner makes it unsuitable for use in offices. It can still produce fantastic wide-format prints. Naturally, the 2.2″ LCD screen made it practical to use the various choices.

Key Features:

  • 500 sheets capacity on the two tray.
  • 4 DuraBrite Ultra Ink cartridges.
  • No scanner feature.
  • A decent speed of printing, 18.3 ISO Black ink speed of 18 ISO, and 10- ISO colour ppm.

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9. Canon PIXMA PRO-10 Pigment Ink Inkjet Printer

It is impossible to get wrong when you use Canon Inkjet printers that are pigmented. The PRO-10 is a different printer that is affordable from Canon with a variety of incredible features to test. It has up to 4800 dpi resolution, which is grain-free prints.

Pigment ink and the Chroma Optimizer combination truly elevate the quality of your printing up for those who want high gloss and dense blacks, as well as deep, vibrant colors.

It is also compatible with PGI-72 individual ink tanks, both the matte and black photo magenta, gray red, yellow and more.

The 10 ink tanks, along with its unique mixture of colors consider a variety of key elements like color reproduction, tonal gradations, anti-bronzing black density, and anti-metamerism into account and help you create photographs that are of high-quality for display.

Chroma Optimizer increases the height of the ink in the tanks of ink, increasing your Optimum Image Generating (OIG) technology for printing flawless and balanced images.

In addition to its stylish design and superb usability The other thing that was awestruck is the unique output tray. It can handle papers of an impressive range of sizes and materials. Printing commands can be given via Wi-Fi or Ethernet in addition to AirPrint and Google Cloud Print on your phone, desktop, and laptop.

Key Features:

  • 10 ink tanks with Chroma Optimizer to ensure natural and balanced printing.
  • Innovative ink balancer technology and a rich color spectrum for prints that are studio-quality.
  • The Blu-ray disc printer is built-in.
  • Texts with a deep black hue as well as glossy, grain-free photographs on photo paper.

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10. Epson SureColor Pigment P600 Printer

8. UltraChrome HD Inks which include three black ink colors that come in various intensities This makes the SureColor P600 one of the top Epson Inkjet printers with pigment that you can buy.

High-end B&W printing now feasible using the 3 ink tanks that are devoted to high-quality black and white photographs. The other five ink tanks are able to chip in to create a vibrant soft print that’s crisp, vivid print.

The P600 can handle the most popular sizes for photos. You can print 13 wide prints by using an option to print without border. The thing we like about this printer was it’s a printer that can be used commercial and home use. For instance, in addition to normal photo paper The P600 can print rolls and CD, canvas DVD, and even artboards!

If you’re searching for an archive printer that is suitable for use it’s a good option, considering the 200-year lifespan of its archive for color prints , and 400 years for documents that are black and white. The touchscreen with colored colors allows you to set the control options in a snap and get the cartridges up and running for printing high-quality images immediately!

Key Features:

  • Three black ink tanks are ideal to bring out more contrast in black and white photos.
  • Prints on art boards and canvas, roll papers and CD.
  • A pigment-based printer inkjet printer, with strong wireless connectivity.
  • Fantastic archive life and vibrant color.

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11. Epson SureColor P400 Pigment Printer

If you’re looking for photographic paper, art paper or roll paper this printer is a multi-purpose pigment printer designed for comfortable office, home, or commercial usage. It supports 13” broad format print sizes, it offers an array of paper management options and fast printing.

In contrast to cheap pigment ink printers in which the dye inks used for color are dye-based and only the black ink is based on pigment The SureColor P400 uses high-quality pigment ink tanks that can be used for all eight colors!

Due to this, prints are archival in lifespan of up to 200 years for color prints, and up to 400 years for the black and white documents used in office. Because each ink tank is distinct they only need to replace the ink that has run out, leaving the other tanks the same. This is a huge savings on the budget, no doubt!

There is no reason to feel sad over being disappointed that this printer doesn’t miss its printing of dedicated black and white photos , like those printed by The Epson SureColor P600. It’s far superior! It is possible to print the panorama of 129 inches with a stunning level of color and gloss.

The red and orange cartridges offer high-quality warmth to photographs. If you’re in search of an ultra-high-performance printer that utilizes pigment inks, the P600 is the printer for you!

Key Features:

  • Prints high-quality 129″ panoramic photos.
  • Ideal for photo printing as well as illustration and scrapbooking.
  • 8 . Individual 14mL color cartridges.
  • Fast printing and Wi-Fi connectivity operation.
  • The prints are accurate to the color, with no graininess or smudging.

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Pigment Ink Printers Purchase Guide: How to Pick the Best One?

Why should you go to the photo or printing press studio when you could print similar prints of professional quality in the privacy of your home or office? If you’re looking to purchase the top printer for inks with pigments available there, be sure it has all of the features listed below!

Individual Ink Tank System

Printers using pigment inks have several ink tanks. Both the quality of printing as well as the intensity of color depend on this important resource.

Ink tanks that are multiple are essential to ensure the correct amount of detail on your images, as well as guaranteeing that they are true to the color. Additionally superior quality cartridges for ink make superior color permanence possible and extend the life of your archive.

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Ink systems that are unique could be the only reason why you need to purchase an inkjet printer with pigments in the first in the first. If one color cartridge is depleted it is possible to replace just the color you want to replace.

The Epson Expression Photo HDXP-15000 comes with Dash Replenishment that monitors and orders additional ink via Wi-Fi when an ink color is running out.

Color Resolution

Printers with pigment ink usually have an outstanding resolution. They employ a sophisticated imaging technology that determines the best tonal gradients on various types of paper. You can also select the dpi which refers to the amount of dots that the printer heads create into one inch.

Canon PIXMA PRO-10 features an Optimum Image Generating (OIG) system to determine the ideal ink mix. First, a reliable printer must produce text that is black and dry quickly and don’t get smudged when you stack the sheets on top of each other.

If you own a pigment ink printer designed for professional use, you should choose one like the Canon Pixma printer or the IP8720 which has a maximum 2400×96200 color dpi. High resolution is definitely a requirement for greater detail and more colors on photos printed.

You could opt for a printer with 4800 dpi which produces amazing prints. High-end printers complete printing within a brief period of time, and the same stunning colours could take twice as long duration.

Borderless Photo Printing

The greatest benefit of inkjet printers that are pigmented is they are able to print borderless images in a variety of sizes, starting at 4”x6”, all the way to 13”x19″. The Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer supports 4 different sizes that range from 8.5”x11″.

While it prints up to 14 high-quality color images within a matter of minutes we’re impressed by Epson’s other two models: SureColor P600 as well as SureColor P400.

The first excels using three dedicated black inks to print amazing B&W photos. Meanwhile, the P400 impressed us with a stunning 129” panoramic featuring stunning color pallets.

Additional Features

The top pigment printers have additional features to make your experience as easy as you can. To begin, nearly all printers with pigment have the ability to print double-sided automatically which helps you save paper.

If you’re concerned about your energy usage you should consider WorkForce WF-7210 or the WF-7710 which comes with an auto document feeder that can handle 35 pages with an 11.17” x 17” size scanner bed.

A good pigment inkjet printer should offer a wide range of connectivity to the internet, mobile, computer including Wi-Fi, cables, Ethernet and more. It will also have an extra tray to accommodate specialty papers, and, more important, it will support a variety kinds of papers like A4 A3, A3, A3+, various sized matte and glossy photo papers artboards, etc.

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Advantages of using a Printer that uses Pigment Inks

“What is an ink pigment printer useful in?” is a question we are constantly asked. Because , let’s face the facts they’re not as widespread. But they are catching up to laser printers when it comes to technology, colorfastness, broad range of paper compatibility and ease of use. In the next section, we’ll be reviewing their top features in the following.

Ideal for Archival Use

Even the cheapest ink printer can have a greater longevity than inks based on dye. Ink cartridges with pigment are fantastic in storage of important documents to be used for longer-term storage. The papers printed won’t fade or feel damp due to ink on the surface.

Tolerates UV Exposure

Pigment inks don’t fade under UV exposure. Prints are able to withstand the harmful UV radiation more than dye-based prints.

Color Stability

Pigment inks are best on semi-gloss or matte papers when compared with dyed counterparts. Dye-based inks offer more vivid colours however they are unable to make black text as rich as those produced by pigment cartridges. In comparison it is almost indistinguishable distinction.

Ink that is Water Resistant

We’ve all seen the way dye-based inks may be dispersed all over the paper after spilling water. It is most common to papers designed for office use. However, pigment ink printers are the most secure to print office documents. They dry quickly too!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Below we will provide the most frequently asked questions about a pigment printer

Do I have to use pigment ink In My old printer?

If you’re using the cartridges that contain pigment inks for the dye-based printer and the pigments are able to block the inkjets of your printer and cause damage to the delicate components inside. Use the correct for ink and paper for the printer you are using to ensure regular prints.

Does Printing High-Resolution Photos Consume More Ink?

Ink consumption in your inkjet printer isn’t based on resolution. Rather, it is based on the quality of paper that you’re using. The paper with low density isn’t able to take huge ink drops to address quality control concerns. A higher resolution on the same paper results in lower ink consumption since the printer will use smaller drop sizes.

However similar resolutions on photo paper will use more ink since it will have a more vibrant color.

Why is my Pigment Ink Printer Printing inconsistency?

The pigment ink printer that you have may have issues with ink leveling inside the tanks of ink. An even ink height is essential to print images that remain true to the color. It is also contingent on your printer’s image processing as well as execution method.

But, make sure to use appropriate ink brands and paper typesas specified in the manual, to ensure the best results.

Pigment Ink is better than Dye?

Although dyes cost less than ink cartridges with pigment but the latter produces water-resistant and smudge-free prints that lasts for time.

How do I connect my Pigment Ink Printer to Wi-Fi?

If your printer is equipped with touchscreen capabilities, you’ll be able to access Wi-Fi in the first moment. If you don’t you need to click the button that reads WI-FI or Wireless. Once you have that, locate your router’s Wi-Fi WPS button, and then press it. Once the connection has been automatically established the light for Wi-Fi that is on your printer’s side will change to solid.

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This is our review of the top ink pigment printers on the market right today. Printers that use pigment ink are fun advanced and feature numerous controls that will not find anywhere else.

As you’ve noticed, every single one of our suggested products provides something different, and it’s your decision to pick which one will appeal to you.

If you have any questions you have about pigment ink printers, post them off in the comments and we’ll be sure to respond to them as soon as possible.

What are you wasting time to do? Buy the printer now!

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