10 Best Photo Paper For Laser Printers (November 2022)

Imagine this scenario: you’re working at your home. It’s just another Monday in your routine. But the workload is 10 times more than normal and demands your full attention. It’s only Monday, however, you are begging for weekends already.

Then you realize that you need you to create something. You get up, pick some papers from your nearest source and then head over to the printing machine. It is turned on, you place your paper in and just wait for it to show up. And then “Bam!” You hear the sound of a scream and then you see smoke coming from the printer.

You’ve already guessed, you’ve caused damage to the printer. What happened? You discovered that you’d purchased “only the inkjet printer” photo paper for your laser printer through accident during an investigation.

Typically, the majority of photos printed using inkjet are not designed to withstand a lot of heat produced by laser printers. Short version: you should consider buying a new printer if happens to you.

There are so many different printing papers designed for laser printers on markets that it becomes unclear which one to put your money on. Likewise, money invested poorly in cash will be wasted. Which one should you buy?

Don’t worry. We have conducted extensive research on this market. In the end, we have compiled an extensive list of the top photographic paper for laser printers that are available on the market to purchase without hesitation.

Our Top 10 Best Photo Paper For Laser Printers 2022

Here’s a 10 best photos on paper that you can spend your money on without hesitation and without needing to buy another printer.

1. Hammermill Glossy paper for laser Printer

Before you move on Ask yourself. Are you fed up of your paper slowly turning yellow? If so then you’ve found the right website. This is among the most frequent complaints from customers.

The gradual decolorization of paper could be a source of irritation for users. A whole sheet of paper each time it becomes yellow not financially feasible for you and also.

The good news is that you can end those irritating days. Hammermill promises the longest-lasting, acid-free white paper.

Paper jams are always a pain Isn’t it? Whatever you do to try to avoid it, there will always be a paper jams in the office right now, it will make it difficult to print. Fortunately, Hammermill will come to alleviate this problem.

Utilizing Hammermill papers You will no longer need to worry about jamming papers. Actually, Hammermill guarantees a 99.99 percent chance that there will not be a jamming of paper. Incredible, isn’t it?

What is the amount of printing you have to print on a regular basis? If you are a frequent printer and you’re a lot of people, then you’ll want to stay with Hammermill.

Hammermill offers a cost-effective and affordable set of paper that allow you to do high-voltage printing each day. If you need to perform a lot in printing Hammermill will be the best way to take.

Hammermill papers are among the top for creating a positive impression. White, bright papers that have the right distribution of weight per piece create the right impression and image you wish to portray from an individual or an organizational view.

If you’re looking to impress your audience with your presentation or documents and presentations, you should consider Hammermill papers. Hammermill gives you a professional experience that can turn out to be a game changer and quickly placing it on the list of the top laser photo paper on the market.

The last but not last, if you’re conscious of the kindness of nature, and who believe that the core of the earth is being destroyed each day by humans and we should be standing up and repairing the forests then you must know that Hammermill Paper Company is on the same page as you.

Key Features:

  • Garanties 99.99 percent jam-free operation.
  • There is no yellowing as time passes.
  • Participating in the replanting of forests and donating to charities.
  • Printing that demands greater visual and vivid color blasts.
  • Ultra Smooth paper that is suitable for creating brochures.
  • It provides a complete professional experience for users.

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2. TerraSlate is water-proof. Laser Photo Paper

This paper is by far, the finest laser photo papers. What makes it one of the top? Say hello to waterproofing. Yes, that’s right! The paper is able to withstand any harsh environmental conditions you may think of.

If you’re part of an organization that has to deliver documents daily to remote locations. If that is the case the paper you send is subject to the negative environmental effects. If this happens, for a different solution.

TerraSlate is the type of paper you have to purchase! Furthermore, this durable paper isn’t simply invincible to the force of nature, but it also has the ability to be able to withstand poisonous chemicals, unwanted grease or mud and even sweat that smells which could harm the paper.

That’s right! A solid piece of paper designed to withstand everything in its path. This paper was created to serve one purpose: to travel in the face of anything!

The incredible strength against physical obstacles doesn’t leave any compromise in printing quality. This paper produces crisp and clear images as well as prints.

What’s even more fascinating is its capabilities are vast in terms of efficiency. The paper can print on both sides , giving you the best utilization and providing more price-to-value. It’s also is compatible with the duplex printers. If you’re tired of printing only on one side you’ve found the right paper to get your hands on.

Additionally, it’s recyclable, so you can make use of it without worrying about threatening nature. It is undoubtedly one of the top laser photo paper in the industry.

Key Features:

  • Resilient to being cut up Highly tear-proof.
  • Invincible to grease, mud or sweat.
  • They can be exposed to rough handling.
  • A stunning image of high quality can be printed with no worries.
  • TerraSlate prints both sides of the image, making it affordable.
  • Recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.

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3. Neenah Premium Cardstock Paper

While Neenah premium is compatible with both laser and inkjet printing and laser printers, we couldn’t resist putting this on our list. The absence of it from our list could be a huge wrong.

If you’re the owner of a business with a modest size and it is in its initial stages you are aware of the difficulties of trying to expose your company to the world at large. It is a fact that if you’re the owner of a new venture this article is perfect for you.

Neenah premium is a great source of paper that is best for direct mails as well as business cards. As a new owner of a business you must mark the back of your clients with your message and create an impression.

You need to impress those whom you meet in person There is no better method than to use papers from this site. The paper is cheap and affordable is perfect for making business cards and direct mail and everything else you can think of!

The best part is the fact that its capabilities are two-fold. It works in both laser and inkjet. If you’re starting a new company and you are looking to purchase this kind of paper. Why?

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When you are just starting out in business there is always looking to save money. If you own two printers, you could avoid buying two sets of distinct papers and instead purchase this.

This means you can save money! It could seem less but it’s something that is at all, right?

Don’t let the cost aspect of it cause you to believe it is a compromise on the quality. No sir! This amazing paper has the acid-free component and free of lignin.

It signifies that your paper won’t become yellow with time. In other words, it means that Neenah Premium will remain with you over the long term.

How durable is it? It’s not a problem. Neenah Premium has strong qualities of durability and improvement.

It will also resist the effects from wear and tear the paper is susceptible to over time during use.

If your company is brand new and you are looking to impress in the field of marketing, consider using paper to cut costs on paper.

If you’re looking for tough and long-lasting white paper Neenah Premium is the type of cardstock paper you should have for your office.

Key Features:

  • The perfect paper for business cards or direct mailers.
  • You can also create quick announcements and signposts using this type of paper.
  • The paper is acid-free and lignin free which means you will get clear, white papers at all times.
  • Resistant to the effects of tears and wear.
  • Particularly designed for prolonged and frequent use.

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4. Premium32 Photo Paper For HP Printer

If you’re the proud proprietor of an HP printer This is the printer for you. HP papers are made to ensure 100 satisfaction when used in conjunction with HP equipment.

Make everything better!

HP Premium32 offers heavier, whiter, brighter, and more smooth paper than other brands of paper on the market. That’s why when they refer to “Premium,” they mean it.

Don’t take our word for it. Test it yourself. If you want to experience the best quality handling paper and printing This is the name you must choose.

The best part is that it doesn’t stop there. Premium 32 is equipped with the latest “COLORLOK Technology.” In simple words, this is a more effective chroma when printing. Also, you will be prepared for vibrant colors in printing.

In addition, you’ll experience a quicker drying time of the ink. If you’re someone who has to work with colors every day and wants the most vibrant experience. If that’s the case it is this paper to put your money into.

Finally, Premium32 is 100 100% produced by hand in the USA. The company is involved in the replanting of forests This means that it does not contribute to the destruction of forests by any means.

This means that you’ll purchase the top paper that does not cause any harm to the natural environment. Find the top photo paper that is not damaging the environment by any means.

Key Features:

  • Prepare yourself for a brighter whiter, smoother, and a heavier amount of paper.
  • Ink will dry in a quicker rate, which allows you to maintain your productivity without obstruction.
  • It provides a more vibrant colour experience for the user.
  • The paper is not prone to yellowing in time, since Premium32 has paper that is free of acid.
  • This results in zero deforestation, which is a green paper manufacturer.

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5. HP Paper Printer Paper Premium 24

Did you enjoy the features offered by Premium32? It’s a good idea to. Premium24 is unique and are among the best in the industry. What is Premium24?

If you enjoyed the Premium32 however you felt it was somewhat expensive and way beyond what you can afford, you’re fortunate. That’s the point at which Premum24 is going to take you by surprise.

Premium24 has almost everything Premium32 provides, however this is the most important thing it’s less expensive. If you’re finding Premium32 to be a good value, but slightly outside your spending budget and you are looking for a better alternative, Premium24 is for you.

If it’s more affordable, what is the cost-benefit? The paper in Preium24 is slightly smaller than Premium32. However, given that it’s in the Premium series we can safely say that it’s still suitable for your requirements.

The same whiter, cleaner, and smoother paper at a lower cost and being a bit more thin is Premium24.

Key Features:

  • Smoother, brighter and whiter than other available.
  • Richer color.
  • Higher ink absorbent rate.
  • The paper is free of acid, which means that the paper doesn’t turn yellow with time.
  • No contribution to deforestation.

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6. HP Printer Paper ColorPrinting 24

A slight change in the Premium24 was introduced with nearly the same price range and features similar to Premium24. Premium series.

If you’re in search of printing papers that print high-quality graphics and text take a look at. CoourPrinting24 could be of interest to you.

If you’re pen-related and using fountain pens is something you do each day then this is the Paper for you. ColorPrinting24 is extremely compatible with fountain pen. Many complain that

Also, if you’re searching for the finest paper to make use of at home, you should consider this paper. This paper brand is extremely affordable and using it in your home is a wise choice.

Find the top of everything on a less expensive budget. You can create top-quality resumes and flyers, documents, letters, and other things you’d like to make at your home.

Finally, you can use this to print with inkjets or lasers without worrying about an issue with paper.

Key Features::

  • It will go hand-in-hand with HP technology.
  • Extremely bright (97 scores in reading brightness) as well as white.
  • Does not become yellow over time due to the acid-free characteristic.
  • Increase your visual appeal due in the use of “COLORLOK Technology.”

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7. JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

If you’re looking for papers that could be employed both outdoors and at home this is the right paper you need. If you’re searching for papers that could be used both in and out You want low cost and higher performance and durability.

If you want to create beautiful and attractive designs, logos and designs, stickers and logos, JOYEZA premium would best suit your needs. The best part is that it lets you make these stunning designs with water resistance.

Yes, that’s right! If you’re looking to print out designs for the outdoors, and are worried about rain saturating your designs, then this paper is designed to help you.

JOYEZA is best suited to people who are involved in projects. Naturally, these papers can also be used for papers and printing homework for your children.

What gives JOYEZA the advantage over other brands is its the reliability. JOYEZA creates vibrant and rich colors that last a long time. They can withstand the negative effects of water.

Furthermore, you can make letters, quotes on walls, photo-based stickers and decals to your designs. Whatever comes to mind in connection with your idea can be printed on these top-quality paper without any worries.

They can be used in both laser and inkjet. With a high efficiency of absorption, you are able to use them on your inkjets with out any worries. The inks will dry quickly.

It is easy to cut away paper after printing the logo. A super smooth surface to maximize the appearance of the logo and emitting bright shades, JOYEZA gives you all the reasons to use it for your projects that relate to your home or professional life.

However there’s more to it. The most exciting thing to note is that JOYEZA paper offers a lifetime warranty on the factory.

We believe this type of paper is ideal for those seeking to do other than printing documents.

We can’t think of a paper that can be more sturdy and diverse applications than this.

Key Features:

  • Features water-resistant and highly durable characteristics.
  • It is extremely durable, making it ideal for outdoor use.
  • Super smooth and offers vivid color.
  • It works with both inkjet and laser printers.
  • Factory warranty that lasts for life so that you do not have to be concerned about any malfunction.
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8. Printing Matte Photo Paper

This type of paper is into the less-appreciated category of photo paper made by laser. Printerry provides papers that are termed matte-finished. This implies that printing on this paper will produce high-quality images as well as sharp text.

This implies that if you are searching for brands of paper focused on producing high-end products, you may want to stay clear of all others and only purchase this one.

What is the best way to print these? It’s a matter of what can you print. First of all, photographs are the ideal choice for printing on them.

You’ll definitely want vivid and high-quality images and these are best for printing photographs. What else can you do? You can print flyers or coupons for your business. you can also print cool index cards, too.

Printerry Matte Photo paper gives you the possibility of a sense of eccentricity. They can be used with your lasers, inkjets and supertank printers.

It has a suitable weight of 220gsm, it is the perfect paper for daily use. Printerry is a surprisingly lesser-known name when it comes to naming the top laser photo paper.

Key Features:

  • Matte finish paper gives the user a highly detailed and graphic print.
  • It is durable and designed for lasting effects.
  • The most excellent paper to print photographs.
  • It is a great option for lasers, inkjets and even your very own ecological tank printer.

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9. Printing Paper/Projector: Samsill Economy Transparent Paper

We have reviewed a variety of papers that can be used with both laser and inkjet printers. However, if you are looking for the feature of specialization then this is the paper you require.

Samsill papers are only made to be used with laser printers. The use of this paper for your printer with lasers is the best method of ensuring that your printer doesn’t crash.

Paper jams and slow printing are always a pain. This is the time that you are feeling like your day isn’t working for you. Additionally, the time spent and the long wait for your print to finish seems like an eternity.

If you are looking for reliable and clean printing within just a few days, you should look no further. Samsill paper guarantees its customers quick and efficient printing. If you’ve experienced the slowness of your printing and are in need of a change take a look at Samsill paper.

Samsill offers more value for your the money you spend. In others, you receive the amount of paper that you have to pay for. However, Samsill is a company that cares about its customers and goes above and beyond.

Samsill papers include an additional bulk set of transparent paper with 100 sheets that can handle bigger and more complex requirements. They also guarantee to provide additional value to its customers.

The added value is strength. Each Samsill paper is approximately .1mm in thickness, meaning you will get plenty of durability from each piece.

They can be used at work, school or at your home. One of the most important things to remember is more robust and durable, offering higher value than other paper brand.

If your work is going to undergo many handlings and you’re looking to get greater value from your paper Then Samsill is the name of paper you need to purchase.

Key Features:

  • Find value with this bulk supply of clear paper that comes in 100 sheets.
  • .1 millimeter thick paper that promises lasting durability and long-lasting life.
  • Print at a faster speed.
  • Clean and smooth Clean and smooth Samsill promises its customers the most professional look and feel from its paper.

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10. Sunnyscopa Waterslide Decals for LASER Printer

The last but not least is that Sunnyscopa paper is the largest and most skilled decal paper manufacturer in the industry. If you’re looking for experienced and tested decal paper for your company and laser printers, this is what you’re searching for.

Furthermore, this type of paper is specifically designed for laser printers. The use of “only laser printers” papers is the most effective option to ensure that your printer stays secure. If you are looking for the highest quality paper for your printer, we suggest that you make the investment in this.

Sunnyscopa has been making decal paper since 1990. It’s been over 30 years. Their records speak for themselves.

It’s difficult to stay in the market when your product isn’t adequate. Sunnyscopa has been in business for over 30 years. Therefore, it is obvious how amazing their product is.

The resolution of the print is superb. The printing quality is nearly like copier paper. If you’re looking for a stress-free printing without sacrificing your prints’ quality or colour, this is the product you’re seeking.

If you’re the proprietor of a print shop that is just starting out and you are looking for a paper, then you absolutely require this type of paper. Print stunning images or quotes, basically anything and put them on glasses, mugs or on any other object. This could be the perfect paper that your business needs to grow!

Are you into DIY? If so, this may excite you. You can make use of this decal paper to continue your own DIY projects at home.

Custom-designed mugs, candles, nail-arts, and more! You can create one for yourself, or give it to your loved ones or sell them to make some money.

Key Features::

  • Experience of 30 years printing decals on paper.
  • Colors that are perfect when printing.
  • You can get the best resolution in your printing.
  • Ideal for DIY projects.

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Photo Paper for Laser Printer Shopping Guide

It’s 2021and it’s 2021, and there’s so many brands available on the market that it is difficult to select a brand.

Knowing the reason choosing a particular paper is much more vital than deciding on the right product. The choice of the best paper is based on your requirements and the need the paper will serve.

It is important to determine your requirements prior to splurging your cash on a certain brand. It is true that the brand may be the most popular but it’s not required that it be ideal for you.

This guide will provide everything you “need to be aware of” and the best way to establish your priorities and needs prior to deciding to buy photo paper to use with the laser printer of your choice.

There are numerous aspects to take into consideration before purchasing paper. Here’s an overview of the aspects you should take into consideration:

Setting The Purpose

There are numerous kinds of photo paper brands out there. In fact, lots of excellent top-quality brands operating in the marketplace.

Before you begin the purchase process first, you must inquire about what the reason behind the purchase. You should inquire about the reasons why you are purchasing the papers, and the function will they serve.

You can use them at work to print out documents when you require top quality performance that is adorned with professional appearance.

It is possible to use photo paper for printing at home where you may decide to reduce the level of professionalism and weight, and purchase at a lower cost.

Perhaps you own your own small business, and you’d like to have the very best from both worlds of professionalism and affordability.

It is possible that you don’t need the documents to print initially. instead, you intend to print flyers, cards brochures, flyers, etc.

Maybe you’re looking to design logos, designs or anything else for your own project, or maybe an DIY project. Or maybe you’d like to print your images.

The most important thing to remember is that photo paper’s use is diverse It is essential to determine the needs and uses you are, and then purchase in accordance with your needs.

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It is true that size matters a significant factor when you purchase paper. We’ve said that there are a myriad of ways paper can be utilized, and each user will require a different size.

It is necessary to have the standard size of paper to print resumes and documents. However, imagine an index card with the same dimensions as of the document.

The size of a design that lays out plans for an architectural company should be larger than the size of a document.


As the weight of paper grows, the strength and thickness of the paper it is made of is also increased. Weight is an important factor when purchasing paper.

When you work with paper you can feel the weight on your fingers, which leaves a mark on your brain’s back.

If one of your customers or someone you wish to impress is given an ordinary weight paper supplied from you, they can feel the thickness of their hands immediately, it creates an image of you.

Professionalism is determined by the quality that you choose to use. It serves as a symbol of identity for you and your business You certainly should not convey a cheap or unprofessional image to anyone.

Professional presentations and resumes you wish to make an impact usually require the use of a thicker piece of paper.

In addition, the heavier paper will offer a greater degree of durability than lighter papers. Another aspect to consider. The most common weight ranges include 20lbs and 24lbs however, a higher weight may be as high as 32lbs.

Brightness and Opacity

An aspect you should not make a concession when purchasing paper. Brightness is the amount of light’s interaction the surface of your paper. Of course, you’ll would like the best paper.

This is logical. The brightness can affect the clarity and the visibility of printed picture or text. Brightness is measured on the scale of 100 and the majority of papers on the market are rated with a score higher than 90.

Based on the possible people who will be using your paper, it is important to choose the appropriate most suited to the potential users of your paper, you should select the. Naturally, you’ll require a paper that is bright so that your designs or text are clearly visible.

However it is important to consider if you intend to keep it in your home for family members and yourself, you might have to sacrifice it slightly on the brightness scale to get cheaper or lower prices. It is your responsibility to make this decision based on the users you are planning to use it for.

Opacity is the term used to describe the quality of transparency, also known as the degree that you are able to see through the opposite face of the page. Some people want opacity due to the fact that they prefer printing only on one side.

Similar to that, some customers require a paper with more transparency due to the desire to use both sides for more of a cooler look.


A ream is the amount of sheets of paper bundled in a single bundle. Papers are usually sold in Reams with 500 sheets. They may also come with five or 10 edges.


The majority of paper comes out of wood fibers. But, the origin isn’t finished there. Paper can also be derived from synthetics and clothing. In certain cases, paper can also be made from plastics.

Uncoated And Coated

The coated paper is papers that are described as matte or with high gloss finish. This means that printing on coated papers will produce an image that is sharper and more appealing for users.

However the uncoated papers do not reflect and, generally you should steer clear of buying these.


In all cases we recommend that you purchase environmentally friendly papers. Eco-friendly refers to their capacity to degrade into biodegradable material. Eco-friendly paper is safer for the environment and leave an enviable carbon footprint, and their usability is based on the use.

Premium Paper

The name is a reflection of the quality. The premium papers comprise the top category of papers that offer users the best qualities of every aspect of weight, brightness and the texture.

Furthermore premium papers can also be coated papers that are designed to offer users the highest quality of printing.

Premium papers are among the top available If you’re looking for an experience that is guaranteed even if it requires a few dollars more, it’s the best paper to purchase.

Paper Size

Paper is available at three dimensions:

Letter Size Paper

8.5 11. This is the size that is considered to be the standard in the world of printing and is the standard size for all printers.

It’s also that is used for making magazines and letters, as well as in creating forms and publishing articles etc. If you plan to be using it in the workplace, in business or at home, this is the perfect size for you.

8.5 14. This paper has the same width , however it gives users a greater length of paper to work with.

If you’re practicing the law of law or practice involves drafting contracts, or any other legal thing that is legal, this is the document for you.

Ledger Size Paper

11 17. This paper is ideal for drawings and diagrams that require the use of a larger size of paper. In most cases it is necessary to have a bigger amount of paper to print diagrams and designs, and this is the right choice.

Frequently asked questions

How do I store my documents securely?

Well, it depends. It is best to keep it kept in a secure location. If the paper is going to be exposed to extreme temperatures it is recommended to purchase papers that are that are resistant to extreme conditions.

What happens if you would like to write on the paper?

In this instance it is best buying an item that is non-coated quality.

Do you need premium paper to mail?

You can definitely utilize these. However, if you have to perform a large amount of mail, we recommend against using them. We suggest using lightweight paper as mailing can take in its weight as a cost factor.

Do you think that thicker paper is always the best choice?

It’s not always the case. In the case of example the case where your paper is exposed rain or water or if the paper isn’t water-resistant We recommend making use of a paper that is thinner.

Because moisture could ruin a more dense paper, a lighter paper will dry in a matter of minutes, eliminating the moisture.

How do I prevent the paper from becoming yellowed in time?

There isn’t anything to stop the paper from becoming yellow after you purchase it. There is, however, an option. Be sure to purchase acid-free, non-toxic paper that will not change color over time.

Wrapping up!

This guide will provide all the information necessary prior to you buy photo paper for laser printer.

Get rid of jammed papers and paper that turns yellow slowly slow printing, waste of money by buying paper that don’t meet your needs.

I hope that, having read this article, you’re more knowledgeable, and can make wise choices about at the time and place you require these. Go through the article, examine the checklist we’ve put together and pick one that best suits your needs.

If you stick to our recommendations then you’ll be getting one of the finest photos papers for laser printers available on the market. Be assured that you won’t be disappointed and your investment won’t be to waste.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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