8 Best Pellets for Traeger Grills (September 2022) Reviews

When you hear all the good comments about Traeger grills and Traeger grills, you decide to purchase one. To test the grill it, you host an evening BBQ celebration. The fun begins with the grill. Traeger grill.

In disregard of the pellets or wood and pellets, you put the energy into your smokey barbecue meat. The BBQ is finished and now you’re ready to eat. From what we can see other people don’t take pleasure in the barbecue.

You bought the most powerful grilling equipment; you tried your best on the barbecue. What could have gone wrong? Wood is among the most essential elements of grilling. The smoke has a significant impact on the flavor that is served on the BBQ.

We’ve collected a few of the finest pellets for the Traeger grills so that when the next time you host an outdoor barbecue, everyone will be raving about the food.

Different kinds of pellets can be used in the Traeger grills.

There is no perfect barbecue pellet. Each type of pellet has its own distinct taste and is well-suited to different meats. Let’s take a look at the most popular kinds of pellets that are used in the Traeger grills, and what kind of taste they impart.


Hickory is perhaps the most commonly used pellet throughout the United States. Hickory is excellent for pork, beef lamb, chicken and even vegetables.

Smoking fish doesn’t give great flavor. In terms of flavor, it provides the strong to mildly taste that is a bit similar to bacon.


Mesquite is renowned for its strong and intense flavor. This is why it is best when used with dark meat as the meat of this kind can be able to withstand the intense flavor.

Brisket in Texas-style, duck, lamb wild game meat are just a few examples. It can also be used to smoke seafood.


Apple, like its name implies, is a sweet, fruity taste that isn’t too light or too powerful. Apple is a great choice for chicken, pork, duck and other vegetables. The flavor, however, is not a good match for beef.


Like apples, maple is also known to have sweet taste. However, the intensity is different from apple. Maple has a mild to mild taste, and is ideal for small game birds and poultry birds. It is also possible to make use of maple or a maple substitution in the cooking of cheese and vegetables.


Oak is a middle ground between hickory and apples in that it offers the flavor of both, mild and strong. If you aren’t able to find hickoryin your area, then oak is the other option. It’s perfectly with any kind of meat.


Pecan and maple, as well as cherry and apple, each of these pellets are essentially similar. They all impart an effervescent to strong and sometimes a light sweet taste in your food. The majority of them have more flavor than other fruitwood.

We have review pecan crackers that you might require.

Top 8 Best Pellets for Traeger Grills 2022

Grill or roast pork, beef, chicken even vegetables on you Traeger grill. There’s nothing stopping you from enjoying those smokey flavor.

All you have to do is select the right pellets. Before you purchase a package and start looking at these incredible pellets you can utilize in the Traeger grills.

1. Traeger Grills 100% Natural Hardwood Pellets

Certain manufacturers enrich their wood pellets by adding chemicals to create more smoke, thereby attracting more customers. If you’re not looking to poison your food with chemicals The Traeger grills that are 100 organic pellets that are perfect the best choice for those who want to stay away from contaminating their food.

Like the name suggests It is natural. There aren’t any chemical substances or additives that can enhance the smoke or fire.

Due to its natural qualities It enhances the flavor in your meal. It is a good choice for beef, pork and even chicken. Gives a distinctive flavor in your dishes.

Since the pallet was manufactured by the same firm that creates one of the most effective grills, they are aware of how much moisture pellets require.

Due to the balance of moisture, you will get an excellent burn-to-smoke-ratio. It’s not too much smoke, not too many flames.

The greatest feature of this product is the fact that it has an array of choices. It is possible to purchase hickory mesquite, apple, cherry as well as pecan and the combination of several pieces of wood. Each of them gives an unique flavor to your barbecue.

The pack includes the equivalent of 20 pounds pellets that you can use to cook various cooking methods. With its low ashlevel, clear burn and a variety of choices it is a great choice. Traeger grills made of 100 100% natural pellets are definitely among the finest Traeger pellets available.

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Key Features:

  • 100% natural hardwood pellets with no added ingredients.
  • Each bag contains 20 pounds worth of pellets.
  • Improves taste of beef, pork vegetables, chicken, and pork.
  • It is available in 6 different options of wood.
  • Does not have enough moisture to achieve a balanced smoke-to fire ratio.

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We’re not sure if you were aware of this, but it will be void when you use other brand of pellets on your Traeger grill in any.

The possibilities are restricted. What would you think if we told you could use this product on you Traeger grill? The Bear mountain barbecue pellets work with nearly all major grilling brands.

You can utilize it together with Traeger, Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, and Green Mountain Grills. You don’t have to worry, making use of it in conjunction with Traeger does not invalidate the warranty.

The pellets are available with six options which include apple, alder cherry, bourbon, oak, and a gourmet blend. The final option is an amalgamation of hickory, oak, cherry and maple.

The gourmet blend does an excellent job of traditional BBQs like Boston Butts and Ribs and pork. It’s well-balanced to avoid overcooking the chicken and fish. It’s an all-purpose cookware.

Other options are incredible because they are 100 100% pure. For instance, if purchase cherry pellets, then you’ll receive 100% cherry wood, with there are no fillers or binders. The absence of additives means that you’ll get the usual flavor and smokiness.

The pellets are compatible with all kind of grill, including charcoal, gas, or electricity. It is also possible to use these pellets to make Traeger smokers. The “best wood pellets for a Traeger grill” award is given to BEAR MOUNTAIN.

Key Features:

  • Compatible With Traeger, Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, and Green Mountain Grills.
  • Available in six different options of wood.
  • It has a sweet and smokey taste.
  • Pure and natural wood.
  • It is a good choice for electric, gas, and charcoal-powered grills.

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3. Food Cooking Pellets 40PM: Perfect Mix

the 20 pounds worth of pellets can be enough to make a couple of servings however, what happens when you’re cooking for a lot of people? That’s where CookinPellets can help.

In the same amount of money, you can get 40 pounds worth of pellets while other brands only offer 20 pounds. This is enough to cover the largest barbecue party you can imagine.

Other brands provide you with the possibility to choose from a variety of kinds of wood. However, this means that if you select cherry, you will not experience the taste of apple or maple. CookinPellets lets you try four different types of wood in one sitting.

They are a wonderful mixture of hickory, cherries hard maple, applewood. The mixture gives the perfect sweet, mild but slightly strong flavor for your meals.

The smoke is so well-balanced that it does not leave any odor on the grill. This means that you are able to easily clean it as there aren’t any chemicals.

Fillers, binders or alder, you will get an authentic taste. There is no chemical, which means there’s that food is not contaminated.

The only downside is that it isn’t possible to purchase single wood options or the combination of four planks.

If you’re not worried about this, then opt for one of the CookinPellets 40PM pellets. They’ll provide you with the most delicious taste for sure.

Key Features:

  • A blend of four top-quality premium wood species.
  • 40 pounds of pellets are included in each pack.
  • Gives a sweet, mild or a strong smoky flavour.
  • Does not contain any chemicals or fillers.
  • There is no smell on the grill.

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4. BBQr’s Delight Pellets for Wood Smoking

If you’re someone who prefers the smoke of your BBQ more than everything else, we’ve got the right pellets. The pellets have BBQ in their name.

If you buy the Smoking pellets from BBQr’s delight You will receive six bags of pellets, each distinct from the prior. The pellets consist of apple, cherry pecan, hickory, mesquite and a particular mix of pellets dubbed Jack Daniels.

Each bag contains only 100% natural wood that is free of any fillers or other additives. The cherry pellets provide you with an delicious fruity sweetness and add a beautiful rosy hue for your food items.

Hickory and pecan are nearly identical. Pecan is the only exception. is softer and sweeter.

Mesquite is the type of charcoal you’re seeking if you are looking for the sweetest and most tender smokey flavor. The special Jack Daniels utilizes charcoal-soaked with oak and whiskey (for months) to provide you with the distinct flavor.

The only drawback we can discover could be that the bag is just 1 pounds of pellets. The total weight is amount of six pounds. If you compare the price, some brands offer 20 pounds for the same amount.

The decision is entirely yours to make. If you’re looking for succulent, smoky and soft BBQ meat, you’ll need to shell out a little more. In light of the quality of BBQ that it produces, we’d suggest that the BBQr’s Delight smoking pellets are worth every cent.

Key Features:

  • It comes in six distinct wood types.
  • It gives you a mild flavor smokey flavor that is not as strong.
  • Each pallet bag can be utilized 10 times.
  • There is no need to soak prior to grilling.
  • Can be used in all types of grill.

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5. Traeger Grills PEL308 Maple Hardwood Pellets

A good grilling machine isn’t enough to produce those smokey tender, succulent ribs that you can find in restaurants. It is also essential to find the most appropriate pellets for barbecue ribs.

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The maple wood is thought to be one of the finest woods to use for ribs due to its sweetness, lightness smokey flavor.

Of course, it’s possible to utilize other woods, however, it’s impossible to get it wrong using maple. It’s not just restricted to ribs however. You can also find barbecue, roast, grill meat as well as beef, vegetables, and even chicken.

Because these pellets are manufactured by the same company who created your amazing grill You won’t face any compatibility issues and you won’t have a chance of your grill’s warranty becoming invalid.

Similar to all Traeger pellets this too comes with a balanced moisture. This means you’ll achieve the ideal balance between smoke and fire. It also maintains the perfect ratio of smoke-to-burn.

In the end, you can use pellets for 40 hours in a row. A container of just 20 pounds of pellets will last for that long. You can also estimate how many times you could utilize the bag.

Although Traeger maple pellets made of hardwood can be used to cook various kinds of meat but they are particularly effective with ribs, making them the most effective Traeger pellets for ribs.

Key Features:

  • Excellent for lambs, pork meat, chicken, particularly Ribs.
  • Doesn’t have enough moisture to provide a satisfying smoke.
  • Each bag is able to last up to 40 hours of grilling continuously.
  • Pure hardwood that is 100% natural with low ash, and a clean burn.
  • It is light and refreshing to the sweet, smoky flavour.

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6. Ultimate Blend Pellets from RecTec Grills

Looking for the finest hardwood pellets to use on the Traeger grill? The Traeger pellets are truly incredible, but let’s find out whether there’s something superior or less.

Hickory pellets are among the most popular pellets used in grilling. Hickory emits a strong smokey flavor that works well with a wide range of meats. However, there are times when it’s just too strong. And that’s the reason RecTec is available.

The pellets in this bag contain two kinds of wood. It’s a mix of hickory and oak. Like we said in the past, hickory provides strong flavors.

Oak is used to reduce this flavor until it is in the right level. Oak is excellent for vegetables as well as fish, while it is perfect for chicken and beef.

The great thing about the pellets you can burn significantly slower, while also producing more delicious smoke. You are able to squeeze every drop of flavor from the pellets and then surround your meats with it.

In addition, they react quicker to temperature fluctuations. For instance, if you have finished cooking something at 225c, and wish to grill at the higher temperature the pellets will have a short time to heat up. This means they’ll heat up more quickly.

Finally, these pellets allow you quickly reach the grill’s temperature. This can reduce waiting time. The RecTec pellets are sure to be the best Traeger smoker pellets. They have the advantages listed above.

Key Features:

  • The bag is made up of a mixture of hickory and oak wood.
  • Great for fish, vegetables meat, pork, and even beef.
  • It is slower to burn while producing more smoke.
  • Reacts quickly to temperature.
  • Each bag is filled with forty pounds of pellets.

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7. Louisiana Grills Texas Mesquite Pellets

Are you fed up of seeing your BBQ meat turn brown even after a long time of marinating and using the most effective pellets? We have the right product for you.

Like the name suggests it’s a bag filled with mesquite pellets. Mesquite wood is famous for its capacity to impart vibrant color to meat by releasing smoke. In the future the BBQ food will appear just as delicious in taste.

BBQ is focused on adding spice. Sweet is a good option however, spice is the most effective. This pellet bag contains mysquite, maple and.

As a result of this blend the smoke has a tart spice. If you’re wondering about the ratio of the blend 35% mesquite and 35 percent maple.

The Louisiana grills, texas pellets, and grills are ideal for fish, beef, and particularly chicken. While you can use the pellets to cook pork and vegetables however, you won’t see any remarkable results.

It can be used in any grill supported by pellets it is possible to make use of this grill as a substitute for Traeger pellets for your chicken.

If you’re an avid fan of the spice and tang, along with the vibrant coloration of your food, the Louisiana Grills Texas mesquite pellets can be a fantastic choice.

Key Features:

  • The perfect combination with maple and mesquite.
  • Enhances the colors that you have put into your BBQ meat.
  • Gives a fiery, tangy taste to food.
  • Ideal for fish, beef and even chicken.
  • It can be used with any grill made of pellets.
  • The pellets weigh 40 pounds are contained in each bag.

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8. Traeger Grills PEL328 Texas Beef Blend Pellets

Are you curious about how elegant restaurants prepare those soft succulent, juicy, flavorful beef steaks? Perhaps we have the exact steak you’re seeking.

Traeger called this mixture “texas beef” to let you know that they’re not playing games. We tested it on brisket, and it produced a the perfect smoke ring, and a smoky bark (we didn’t wrap it).

The taste was amazing The flavor was amazing, and in the same way, it didn’t have that smoky, acidic taste that you get in the smoke of beef that is often present for long lengths of time.

The package says it’s for beef, but believe us, it’s excellent for pork and chicken. We had smoked a variety of pork butts and racks of ribs chicken and more, and all were bursting with amazing flavors as well as a lovely bark.

The amazing flavor was made possible because of the combination of pecan, oak, as well mesquite. They are all natural hardwood that is free of additives or fillers.

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As with all Grill pellets from Traeger, they contain a balanced moisture level that helps balance the ratio of burn to smoke and produces a powerful smoke that has a low burn.

The only issue with this blend is that you’ll never consider using other blends after you’ve tried this one. We guarantee you’ll fall in over it. The best Traeger pellets for steak.

Key Features:

  • It’s a mixture of pecan, oak and mesquite wood.
  • Pure hardwood that is 100% natural There are no additives or chemicals.
  • Great for all kinds of things But great with beef steak.
  • Makes your meat look nice with a smoke bark and ring.

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Pellets for Traeger Grills Purchase Guide

In this portion of the review article we will provide a better understanding of the main elements that are present in Traeger smoker pellets that affect the quality. Be aware of these aspects before purchasing charcoal for the Traeger grill.

Sort of pellets

In the past, we’ve looked at the different kinds of pellets you can utilize in you Traeger grill or large green eggs. Since each type of pellet gives the user a distinct taste and can be used for specific meats, it is important to choose the best one to suit your needs.

For example, hickory goes best with pork, beef and game meats, but is not suitable for seafood. If you’re planning to barbecue seafood, choose mesquite.

Additives or fillers

It is important to stay clear of pellets containing chemical fillers, fillers or artificial additives. Since the smoke from these pellets could end up in the meat, there must be no additives.

Fillers, binders or chemicals can be harmful to your food items. This is why it is important to opt for natural wood pellets.


One of the primary aspects to be aware of when buying pellets, is their compatibility. If you utilize different pellets in conjunction with the Traeger grills, this could possibly void the warranty.

This is the reason it is recommended to make use of Traeger pellets when you cook in the Traeger grill. If you are unable to find them you’re looking for, look for other pellets that will work with your grill.


The more moisture in your pellets the less performance you’ll get. Pellets that have a lot of moisture are likely to produce lower smoke levels and will burn quicker.

This is the reason you should select the pellets that contain the proper amount of moisture. In this instance you can choose any Traeger pellets can do the job. They are the ideal choice for moisture control, which ensures an even smoke-to-burn ratio.

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. Which Traeger pellets impart the mildest flavor in barbecued beef?

There’s no definitive answer since taste differs from person to person however we have found the Traeger Apple Pellets have the least flavor in beef.

#2. What is the duration of 20 pounds of wood pellets to fill the Traeger grill?

If you have your Traeger grill to burn it will consume 0.5lbs per hour. This means 20 pounds of smoke will last for 40 hours. When you turn it at 300 degrees F, it’ll burn up to 20 hours. If you set it to extreme temperatures, expect 10 hours.

#3. Can I utilize Traeger pellets in an electric smoker masterbuilt by the manufacturer in place of wood chips?

Yes you can use Traeger or other hardwood pellets inside the electric smoker. The only problem is that pellets be more efficient that wood chips. It is preferential to make use of wood chips.

#4. Which Traeger pellets are the most suitable for all kinds of meat?

Traeger Texas meat or Traeger signature blend is ideal for all kinds of meat and even veggies. The signature blend includes cherry, maple and artisanal hardwoods to provide the finest taste.

#5. Are heating pellets safe to use on my Traeger grill or smoker?

No. You can’t use heating pellets inside the grill of your Traeger grill or on any grill. Heating pellets aren’t food grade and do not provide any taste. It could harm your barbecue. Only use smoking pellets on the Traeger grill.

#7. Why is it that Traeger pellets costlier than the other types?

Although the gap isn’t too large, Traeger pellets are usually more expensive due to their research. The control of moisture that is balanced and unique flavor, as well as the perfect burn-to-smoke ratio , and more are just a few of the.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve mentioned earlier The pellets you select are the primary reason for the flavor of your barbecue, roast grill, or roast. Different pellet types offer diverse taste.

Certain varieties give you a mildly sweet taste, while others provide a strong spicy taste. The choice is entirely dependent on the flavor you prefer.

Traeger grills stipulate that using pellets that aren’t compatible with the grill could void your warranty. we’ve only reviewed most compatible and best pellets that work with the Traeger grills. The highest quality steak Brisket, ribs and brisket and pork are only two pellets away.

From looks to taste and smell These hardwood pellets for the Traeger grills will provide you with everything. They will make sure that when you next make use of your Traeger grill, everybody’s hungry mouths would be begging to eat the prepared food.

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