5 Best Pella Door Locks For Entry Doors (October 2022) Reviews

You’ll need a trustworthy door lock that can be used on your doors in order to ensure that your home is secure. If you’re contemplating using Pella brand, it might be the right choice. Pella lock doors are perfect for entrance locking, which you be aware. They are strong, durable and come with anti-pick mechanisms and are bump resistant.

But, Pella has many door locks available and you may not be certain which lock is the most suitable for your home or door. It is essential to take care when searching for entry locks since they’re front-line security for your security at home.

For your convenience we’ve highlighted the top Pella entry locks on this page. This selection is premised on thorough research–considering consumer ratings and the required features of a reliable front lock. So , if you own Pella doors or you are in the market for to purchase a Pella lock for one of your doors that are compatible These are the top five locks worth considering.

Top 5 Best Pella Door Locks For Entry Doors 2022

1. Pella Select Oil-Rubbed Bronze Storm Door Matching Handleset

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This lock is ideal for entry locks and comes with all the features to ensure your entrance door’s security even when you’re not there.

While the lock is made for security purposes, it is also the style the door’s appearance is taken into consideration. The lock has an oil-rubbed look that is slightly dull and blends effortlessly with the majority of door styles. If you do not want the door’s lock the one that is noticed by your guests first because it’s too shining, the lock may be the perfect option.

If your home is designed either in a traditional or contemporary style the door lock is available in with a stunning finish that matches all doors and the overall design of your home. Although this lock is made with the classic French scroll levers, it can still be used on contemporary doors. This door lock is specially made specifically for Pella Select doors.

It’s tough and made to deter attempts to enter. If you’re able to follow the instructions on your own, you can install this lock on your own without the help of an expert locksmith. If not, make sure you find a locksmith for the an appropriate installation of your lock.

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2. Pella Select Antique Brass Storm Door Matching Handleset

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If your home is designed in a traditional manner and you’re seeking an option to enhance its beauty, you need to think about using the Pella Select Antique Brass Storm Door Lock.

The antique style will match the design of your home. In addition, the traditional French scroll-shaped levers are stylish improving the overall appearance of your house. This door lock can be used to lock with different colors for doors.

In addition to aesthetics, security is also thought of in the design. It is specifically designed to be used for entry locks, and must be strong enough to withstand break-ins. If you are looking for a strong Pella front door lock, then this one is of the handful of Pella front locks worth considering.

It’s also not that difficult to set up. However, you must hire an expert locksmith to manage the installation if you’re confident about doing it right.

3. Pella Select Matte black Storm Door Handleset that Matches the Door

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Are you in search of new Pella doors locks? The one you choose will not be a bad choice. We also have found this handleset ideal for front doors because it offers the security needed for doors that are front. It’s durable and can withstand forceful entry, such as kicks bumps, picking, etc.

If you’re thinking of buying the Pella lock that doesn’t look strange at your front door, the lock can answer the call. The Pella Select Matte Black Storm Door Lock is an ideal option if you require a lock for your door that blends in with your home. Additionally it’s matte finish matches every color and styles. There is no restriction to one particular design of door.

It also has an old-fashioned French scroll-like lever, which creates a clean design. Although the lever was designed traditional, you can put it on a variety of dark-colored contemporary doors. If you want your lock to be attractive it is possible to place this locks on doors that has an accent hue. The difference in the color of the door and the lockset’s color enhances the attractiveness that your doors have, making it appear more attractive.

4. Pella 2 Point Bolt Mortise Lock

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If you’re in search of sturdy entry locks, then you won’t be wrong in choosing the Pella mortise lock. It’s designed to give the highest level of security in industrial and commercial environments. Of of course, mortise locks are usually designed for doors that require extra security and are also heavy-duty locks. However, you can utilize this Bolt Mortise from Pella on your front door for your home, in the event that your door is compatible with the lock.

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What is it that makes this lock stand out Its design, the Pella Two Point Mortise Bolt Lock Body is solid construction that is able to resist kicks or any type that of force entry. It’s also bump resistant and cannot be easily picked. The lock isn’t equipped with an appropriate handle, which means you can pick any type of handle you’d like. This allows you to play around with different designs of handles until you discover the one that is compatible with the design of your door.

Are you concerned about picking? This is a factor as part of the design, this mortise lock isn’t able to be picked. Moreover, it’s quite durable and bump proof.

This lock isn’t compatible with any of the Pella storm doors. Make sure that you check it’s compatibility with your door prior to purchasing.

5. Pella Select Polished Brass Storm Door Handleset Matching to the Door

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The final one on our list, yet it has no less features when compared to other locks that we have examined. Similar to other Pella locks it is ideal for locks that allow entry. Naturally, it’s strong enough to withstand a an attack with force.

Are you concerned about the appearance of? This Pella lock comes with a fashionable shiny brass handle. The polished chrome finish of the lock is perfect for any door regardless of colour. Additionally, its classic French scroll levers look sleek and will blend well with any homes.

To benefit from the effectiveness of this door lock you should utilize the lock for Pella Select doors as it is designed specifically for these doors. Everything you require to install the door lock is provided inside the set.

You are able to handle the installation on your own or employ an expert locksmith to ensure it is completed correctly. This lock is perfect for commercial and residential front doors.

FAQs About Pella Door Locks

Can Pella Locks Be Re-Keyed?

Yes there are some Pella locks are fitted with SmartKey Re-Key Technology which allows Re-keying happen in only the span of a few seconds. It is possible to do the re-key yourself , safely and efficiently.

Can Pella Front Door Locks Be Picked?

Pella locks are constructed with anti-pick features to stop any kind of pick. Therefore, Pella doors aren’t able to be picked, unless there is a situation where the owners compromise. Therefore, you must be sure to keep your keys safe so that you don’t lose them to attackers, which could cause attacks.

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Are Pella Locks Bump Proof?

The majority of Pella doors are bump-proof and we’ve considered this during our selection process. We have highlighted just bump-proof doors which are perfect for locking mechanisms for entry points.

Are Pella Locks Suitable For Entry Doors?

This is the main feature for Pella locks. They have a selection of locks that are designed specifically to be used on entry doors. This includes residential as well as commercial entrance doors. Naturally, the locks are strong and come with anti-pick mechanisms and are bump-proof, which makes the locks suitable for front doors.

Does Pella Make Interior Doors?

The majority of Pella locks are designed for entrance doors. At present, we’re not certain whether Pella has an interior door or is planning to make interior doors. We’ll update this article as developments develop.

Can I Use Pella Locks On Commercial Doors?

It is true that Pella is a good choice. Mortise locks which are perfect for industrial and commercial doors. All you need is to locate an appropriate lock that is designed specifically especially for doors that are commercial. Review our article to discover Pella locks suitable for commercial doors.

Are Pella Locks Easy To Install?

Pella locks aren’t too hard to put in. However, you may need employ a locksmith take care of the installation if aren’t sure if you have installed them properly. Go through the installation manual to determine if it appears like something you can’t complete before making contact with an expert locksmith.


Pella doors are great for front doors and if that’s the type of lock you’re looking for you can pick one of our top choices here.

Front-facing locks are prone to attacks and the best thing you can do is purchase strong entry locks that have security features that prevent break-ins. There are various excellent locks to secure your front door, Pella locks also stand out. They have anti-pick and bump-proof features.

However, you must ensure that the locks are correctly installed to take advantage of all security features. If you’re not sure of how to do it right contact a locksmith for the proper installation.

As a final point be sure to verify the compatibility of the lock with your door prior to you purchase. This will avoid the hassle of purchasing the wrong lock and then having to file the return.

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