10 Best Pecan Cracker (September 2022) Reviews

Nuts are a great source of nutrients and are great snacks that can be eaten instead of salty, calorie-laden crisps and other snacks that are sold at the store. There are a variety of nuts: small and large, soft or hard shells, rough or smooth shells.

The process of cracking or shelling nuts can be an unpleasant but essential task. If you’ve got the top pecan cracker you, eating and shelling fresh nuts can be an enjoyable activity. It is possible to enjoy them without fear of breaking them.

There are numerous types of pecan crackers on the market. To select the most appropriate one it is important to know certain things such as the material used for construction and the comfort of the device and whether the grip is comfortable feels and what is the most suitable one for cracking hard-shelled nuts.

The next article will cover the important information on nutscrackers, so that you can make the right decision and take pleasure in every handful of nuts with shells.

Top 10 Best Pecan Cracker 2022

1. Hiware Good Heavy-Duty Pecan Nut Cracker

You can crack and shell as many nuts you’d like using this single-lever Nutcracker that is easy to operate!

Pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, English walnuts, Brazil nuts, and more are easily broken open using this tool. However, nuts such as macadamia and black walnuts will not be appropriate for this tool.

The structure of the cracker used to crack nuts is constructed from strong and long-lasting materials to ensure that you won’t have to throw away the item anytime soon. The steel is nickel-plated and is ensured to be sturdy from the inside up to the exterior.

The base upon the which the pecan cracker for sale is fixed is made of wood that is not only sturdy and tough, but also beautiful to appear. It can put it upon any surface such as tables or counters in the kitchen.

The single lever design is simple to use since you must place the nut, then pull down the lever so that the shell of the nut removed without mess. Since the handle is made of wood it isn’t slid and provides a solid grasp. It’s particularly useful for people who suffer from hand or joint pains, as well as other issues.

It is suitable for small, medium and large nuts This tool is one of the top-quality ones that is used by chefs and has become popular among homeowners too.

Key Features:

  • Single lever action for smooth operation.
  • Nickel is a metal that has been plated on steel construction to ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Base of hardwood for mounting and the wooden handle is non-slip.
  • Unsuitable for macadamia and black walnuts because of the hard shells.
  • High-end, professional grade product for high-performance.

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2. Texan Nut Sheller

If you’re in search of flexibility in your pecan cracker this is the perfect solution for you!

Crack and shell all kinds of nuts while watching TV, enjoying a night out with family in the backyard or taking a picnic on your own. Sometimes using the simplest tools is the most efficient to use, and the nut is among those tools.

The steel construction that is tempered is durable and strong. It will keep you in good stead through many years of use. It’s simple to use as you simply have to insert the nut between jaws and then bring the handles in tandem with some pressure. The nut will emerge free of the shell and away from the jaws that are sharp!

Because the design is open the majority of nuts can be put in the pecan-like plier cracker, giving it greater versatility. The handles are made of plastic and made ergonomically designed to fit into one’s hands with ease.

Cracking the nuts is a non-smoking task with this tool since the plastic shield stops pieces of shell from flying across the entire direction. Furthermore, the blades of the jaws are bent to make the entire process easier to manage.

It’s a multi-purpose tool since you can use it to take shells off lobsters and crabs. Since it’s light weight it can be handled by even small children. it with ease and safety.

Key Features:

  • Plier-style designs require some pressure in order to function.
  • Tempered steel construction to ensure durability.
  • Handles made of plastic and ergonomic to facilitate operation.
  • Sharp jaw blades and open design that is suitable for the majority of nuts.
  • The plastic shield is angled and the blades are angled to reduce the mess.

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3. High-Quality Hiware Top Pecan Nut Cracker

Innovative product that can be used to crack nuts in a basket-shaped hole.

Additionally, if the smaller nuts you are looking to shell, then you can put them outside the main hole, or inside the basket in a place where there are ridges to keep the nuts in place. The ridges in the basket also aid to keep it in the right position. Additionally, the shape helps prevent the shell pieces and flakes from flying away and creating the mess.

A spring is located strategically within this device that allows you to feel comfortable and easy to use your hands for applying sufficient pressure. The design of the basket is tapered to makes sure that the pressure is uniform that is applied throughout the nuts.

The spring-loaded design is great for breaking nuts such as walnuts, pecans and hazelnuts almonds, as well as those with hard shells like Brazil nuts.

The body itself is made from enameled aluminum die-casting, keeping it sturdy and stable for a long period of time. The handles provide a solid grip and won’t slide. They are also stronger than wood, and add another aspect to make the product sturdy.

Additionally, it is handy It is also light and portable and allows users to carry it wherever you’d like to carry it. Even for people who have weak wrists, this tool is appropriate. The cracker can shell the nuts, without breaking the nut into several pieces.

Key Features:

  • The holder is tapered and ridged to ensure precise placement and consistent pressure.
  • Die-cast aluminum with Enameled for strength and durability.
  • Lightweight and mobile to carry around at all times.
  • A firm grip and sturdy handles to ensure accurate shelling.
  • Spring-loaded design designed to reduce hand fatigue and provide the right amount of pressure.
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4. The OXO Good Grips slim Nut as well as Seafood Cracker

To taking it with you to your camping adventures and then storing it securely in your drawer in the kitchen, nothing is comparable to this elegant and sleek nutscracker.

It’s an excellent combination of function and style and is worth every penny and much more! The 6.25-inch nutscracker can store anywhere in or out of the home. It is easily packed in your backpack.

The plier-style design is easy and simple. The open-faced design with grooves is suitable for the largest nuts. The large mouth and sturdy steel teeth are what make it the most effective pecan cracker that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is also possible to use the same tool to break your claws from lobsters as well as crabs.

In addition they have handles that are large and cushioned by rubber grips that are slip-resistant, but also take on the pressure equally. This reduces fatigue in the hands and you’ll not notice any discomfort on your hands after many hours of carrying.

By placing a block just beneath the jaws made of metal you are assured of your fingers being caught. The zinc-based construction of the device is durable and elegant.

It comes with a polished look that gives a refined look to kitchen tools. The strength and efficiency of this product will allow you to crack even the most difficult of nuts. Another positive aspect of this tool is that it’s dishwasher safe.

Key Features: :

  • Zinc construction for strength and a polished appearance.
  • A sleek and open design that is perfect for breaking all types of nuts, lobster claws and claws of crabs.
  • Metal jaws with strong steel and a long openings for efficient and precise position.
  • Rubber grips that are comfortable to use and absorb pressure.
  • Dishwasher-safe to ensure your safety.

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5. Anwenk Nutcracker

Traditional nutcrackers can nip your fingers, but since this item has a modern style, there is no worries about getting your fingers injured!

The smallest details of the product have led to substantial enhancements. The hook that is located near the disks helps prevent hand injuries. The two 2-inch disks are the security and safety to secure the nuts. Additionally, they assist to keep the bits and flakes inside, preventing mess.

The jaws’ blades are coss-serrated, which means that most nuts are easily cracked and come out in a complete state.

The smooth handles offer non-slip, secure grip without becoming exhausted. The handles are wide and flat. provide your hands with plenty of room to place them precisely. Additionally, they help give the overall appearance of the device sleek and elegant.

Due to the stainless steel construction, this tool is impervious to corrosion and rust which allows you to have fun cracking or shelling nuts long periods. The ergonomic design lets you enjoy eating fresh nuts as fun. Made of food-grade material this product is completely secure for your family.

This is true for most nuts, including hazelnuts, walnuts pecans, chestnuts walnuts and so on. Except for extremely hard shells such as macadamia or black walnut. The package comes with two long picks as well as a pick with scoop-shaped.

Key Features: :

  • Steel construction made of stainless steel for longevity and anti-rust properties.
  • 100% safe, as food-grade ingredients were used.
  • Two 2-inch disks to hold nuts in their place.
  • Flat and wide handles to make it easy to crack.
  • Small hooks on disks to stop injury to fingers.

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6. Fani Crackers are for nuts

Do you require storage for various sizes of nutscrackers to accommodate different sizes of nuts? By using this pecan sheller, you can forget about other tools since it is the only tool you require to complete the job of all your nut shelling needs!

Its 15.5-centimeter hand tool that is used for cracking and shelling nearly all kinds of nuts comes with the sawtooth sizes: 2-centimeters, and 1.3 centimeters. This means that you can shell small and large nuts simultaneously.

With the sawtooth-like design, it’s much easier to place suckers precisely. secure them with a secure grip, and then have the nuts cracked and perfectly shelled. The sucker’s design is in a manner that makes it pliable. It can be expanded to 180 degrees , so it can be stored anywhere and also clean it effortlessly.

The plier-style nutcracker is simple to use since the two handles must be joined when you place the nut in order to break it open. The handles that are non-slip allow users to hold the tool with firmness and apply the correct pressure. Since their edges have a smooth surface, hands will not hurt when applying pressure.

The structure of the device is made from aluminum alloy, a durable material that can last for many years. It also stops the nutcracker from becoming broken or bent. It is safe to handle even people who have weak hands will not have any difficulty breaking nuts.

Key Features: :

  • Aluminum alloy construction for durability.
  • Sawtooth sizes in two different shapes are available for breaking small and large nuts.
  • Plier-style design that is an expandable and flexible core that can be expanded 180 degrees to clean.
  • Sawtooth design allows for precise placing and cracking.
  • A firm and non-slip handle with smooth edges to avoid the pain.

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7. Anwenk Industrial Pecan Cracker

If you’re particularly fond of black walnuts , but the sheller you currently use doesn’t do well with hard-shelled walnuts, then this pecan cracker made of steel with an angled turnscrew could be what you’re seeking.

In addition to the black walnuts, this gadget is capable of breaking down and shelling other kinds of nuts such as almonds hazelnuts, pecans, and so on. The stainless steel item is made by hand and guarantees toughness and endurance. Its anti-rust qualities makes it an lasting utensil for the kitchen.

Because of the stainless steel structure, the system is strong and won’t break, even when you are breaking very hard shells.

A 1.5-inch size is adequate for the majority of nuts. With a size of 3.5 inches for the handle, maintaining the correct pressure for the nut is a straightforward and clean task. The tip made of metal on the cracker will ensure that the shell is cracked , without damaging the inside of the nut.

The triangular shape makes it very easy to carry in your hand and makes it mobile also. The dimensions, shape and design help with storage.

For a hassle-free shelling experience, the kit comes with a container for storing the shells. For the best results, you should crack the shell once, then switch the nut to the other side , and crack it a few more times.

Key Features: :

  • A nutcracker made of turncrews that has triangular form for comfortable gripping.
  • Steel stainless, anti-rust to ensure the durability and strength.
  • Ideal for all nuts that measure 1.5 inches, this includes hard-shelled nuts.
  • 3.5-inch long handle that lets you apply pressure quickly and evenly.
  • The tip of the metal can crack without damaging the nut.
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8. Master Commercial Pecan Cracker

A classic, old-fashioned style in your kitchen could be complete with this single lever style pecan sheller.

Apart from adding an element of character to the kitchen, this gadget is particularly useful in cracking nuts with extremely hard shells such as macadamia, black walnut and many more. It also performs cracking chestnuts, walnuts and pecans hazelnuts, almonds, and pecans.

The strong-duty design of the device provides it a solid and sturdy appearance. It’s mounted on a wood base that keeps it steady on flat surfaces, such as tablets and kitchen counters to avoid the risk of it causing injury.

The deep cups in this set help to keep the nuts in their proper place and stop shell pieces and bits from flying everywhere. Thus, you get an easy-to-clean kitchen that is full of nuts that are fresh to enjoy.

When you have to pull down the lever to prevent nuts to crack the handle is rubber coated to provide you with the comfort you need. The non-slip feature helps prevent hand fatigue and helps keep your hands secure.

It’s a robust machine that can last for many years. The wooden base is durable and won’t break if dropped accidentally. It’s been praised as an excellent commercial pecan cracker because of its ease, speed and efficiency that have maintained over time.

Key Features:

  • Commercial machine that is heavy-duty and capable of breaking all kinds of nuts.
  • Metal body with rubber-covered handles to ensure durability and ease of use.
  • A wooden base to mount and stabilizing.
  • Deep cups to ensure exact cracking and easy shelling.
  • The vintage look and style is ideal that will add the character of your kitchen.

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9. The TOONEV stainless steel clippliers opener

Another kitchen appliance that you must have is this automatic cracker for nuts. It’s fun to use due to its appearance and ease of use.

Made from high-end stainless steel. This means that not just will it not rust or remain polished however, it will not deform regardless of how often you make use of it. Thus, the attractive appearance and functionality the tool provides stay in good condition for a long period of period of.

With the built-in spring located at the point where the two handles touch it is easy and secure. Furthermore, the spring aids to return the lever fast after being released, which saves time while making quick work of breaking shells. Also, it takes the least effort on your part.

The disk on which you put the nut features an elastomer pad to shield the jaws from damage and allow you for cleaning the pulp. The smooth handles are not slippery and can be used to grasp them well the handles without risking injuries and hand strain.

Another security aspect is the rounded edges that is free of sharp protruding. It is safe to use and stored in any location. Its length is just 8.5 centimeters. It is also easily transportable.

It will also resist extreme temperatures making it possible to utilize it in winter close to the fireplace and shell all kinds of nuts easily.

Key Features: :

  • The stainless steel construction provides durability and sleek appearance.
  • The length is extremely portable, with a length of just 8.5 centimeters.
  • The edge is rounded and has a built-in spring to ensure safety and precise place.
  • Quick and simple to use equipped with handles that are non-slip.
  • The rubber pad is designed to remove the pulp cleanly and also protect teeth.

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10. 2021 Nutcracker Nut Tongs New Nutcracker

Pecans, almonds hazelnuts, walnuts and many more varieties of nuts can be broken and shelled with ease using this robust machine that has the turn-handle design.

A lot of thought was put into the design of this machine to incorporate security, ease of use and function into this machine. A U-shaped groove is designed perfect to fit most kinds of nuts. The handle’s length is easy to turn when the nut is placed. A distinct click sound will indicate that the shell has damaged!

When you take the shells off and the shells, you are able to enjoy as many nuts as you would like! Thanks to the ridged teeth pattern the shells are broken softly and without damaging the nuts within. The smooth cracks don’t send the shell fragments fly, causing an unintentional mess.

This is the most effective pecan nut cracker for many because it has a ball on the top of the handle that’s non-slip and provides a secure grip and is easy to use. Additionally, the structure of the device is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it solid and resistant to corrosion and help it last for an extended period of time.

The wooden container that’s attached to the machine creates the perfect storage area for the shells and nuts. It’s durable and strong with a soft appearance that makes the entire device look great and sturdy.

It’s the most efficient and time-saving machine for cracking nuts which is effective in every aspect.

Key Features:

  • Turn-handle design with a ball that is placed at the top of the handle for comfortable grip.
  • A wooden basket is connected to store nuts.
  • A sturdy construction using aluminum alloy, which is also rust-resistant.
  • Time-saving and efficient design.
  • Ridged teeth allow for cracking the shells, but not damage the nuts within.

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Pecan Cracker Buying Guide

Different types of pecan crackers

There are various kinds of nuts, each with different sizes and strengths, the shells. There’s a variety of kinds of pecan crackers to suit for every kind of. The following article will give an overview of the kind of nutcracker appropriate for your requirements.

Single-Lever Type

The single lever nutcracker has an handle that must be lowered to break inside the shell nuts. This type of pecan crusher comes with a base which can be placed on the counter in the kitchen or on the table top.

Because the design is strong and designed to be used for serious business dealing with nuts It’s suitable for events where you require to crack many nuts of various sizes and shapes. The feature that can be adjusted allows you to put small medium or large-sized nuts into the groove.

One type of single lever nutcracker comes with a wooden basket which can be used to be used to store the nuts or shells to prevent them from causing an mess.

However it is true that not all single-lever nutscrackers can be used with all kinds of shells. The nuts with extremely hard shells, such as the black walnut might not be broken with any single-lever pecan-shellers.


The plier-style cracker used for shelling nuts, is by far the most commonly used kind of the device. It comes with two handles that have to be brought together in order to break the nut set where the jaws are. Sawteeth designs have grooves that aid in holding the nut.

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This type of nutcracker could be used for nuts with hard shells however it needs strong hands and wrists to apply lots of pressure. The plier-style type nutcracker does not have a shield that allows the flyaway shell pieces are able to be controlled to provide an uncluttered experience.

Turnscrew Style

A wrench for cracking nut has cups or holders for putting the nuts. The screw is then rotated several times until it cracks the shell. The tip of the metal is brought in proximity to the shell every turn, and breaks the shell. This gives greater control to the user in the event that they desire the kernel to emerge completely.

This is the ideal pecan cracker for those who have weak wrists or arthritis since it doesn’t require to exert a great deal of pressure. But, this is also a reason why it’s not suitable for shells with a high degree of toughness.

Percussion Style

The percussion-style nutscracker is the most basic form. The nut is secured and a force is then applied to the shell in order to break it. This is usually done using wooden mallet, a metal hammer or any other heavy object that the nut could be hit with.

With the percussion type Nutcracker, there’s no assurance it will be able to come out in its entirety, as it’s difficult to control the force and it may cause a crack inside the nut.


To crack a lot of nuts in various dimensions, it is recommended to go for a lever-action counter-top type of cracker for nuts. They can be set on the tabletop , and the lever could be pulled down to create the proper amount of pressure to crack off the shells that surround nuts.

Nut Type

If you wish to crack open nuts that have hard shells such as pecan, hazelnut, macadamia and so on. Choose nutcrackers with an plier-shaped shape. Even though this shape can make some mess the sharp teeth, the strong jaws and the two handles are working together to break the toughest shell.

If you have nuts with soft shells such as peanuts, you can use a turn screw pecan cracker. Instead of having to exert any tension, one can just shell the nuts by turning the screw several times. This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis.

Design And Materials

Examine the design and components employed in the pecan nuts cracker machine. For long-lasting durability, select stainless steel die-cast or zinc as the robust materials can keep the device in use for a lengthy duration, even with frequent usage.

Beware of any pecan cracker with a handle made of plastic because they can be slippery when wet , but they appear beautiful. Wooden handles are easier to use. But, you’ll need to keep the wood polished regularly to ensure it’s maintained.

The handle should not slide and offer a comfortable grip. Therefore, you should look for an ergonomic design which will be comfortable in your hand.


The tabletop version of pecan sheller and cracker is bigger and heavier and cannot be stored in a cabinet or drawer. It’s also not easily transportable. Both of these issues are easily solved when you select either plier or a turnscrew.

Security and Comfort

A pecan sheller that has a narrow handle can be a strain on your hands since there’s not much room and all your energy is concentrated in a limited area. If you’re looking for convenience, opt for one with larger handles, which give you a solid grip.

To keep your fingers from being snagged by plier-style nutcrackers Look for one with ergonomic handles as well as a block underneath the jaws.

People Also Have Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do I require a Nutcracker?

Answer: A nutcracker is an effective and safe method to remove shells from nuts. Utilizing hammers or other tools can cause harm to your hands and fingers. Therefore, using a tool specifically designed to crack nuts is a more secure and less messy method of breaking and removing shells.

2. What is the benefit of Nutcrackers With A Single-Lever?

Answer Single-lever nutcrackers is able to be placed on kitchen counters or on any flat surface. It offers more stability and allows only 1 hand for operating the machine. Additionally, this type of nutcracker produces less mess since it does not allow parts of the shells to carry around in all directions.

3. For people with weak wrists What’s The Best Nutcracker Type?

Answer: The turnscrew style is the best type of nutcracker for those suffering from wrists that are weak or arthritis. Since the turnscrew requires to be turned up without any pressure, it requires the least effort required by the wrists.

4. What are the advantages of A Nutcracker with a Plier-style?

Answer An plier-style, nutcracker can be carried around due to it’s shape, size and shape. It can be put away in a backpack whenever you are on an excursion to the outdoors. You can make nuts anyplace, including in your home. This makes it more flexible and adaptable. Additionally it can be kept conveniently in a drawer of the kitchen.

5. Are plastic handles in a Nutcracker Useful?

Answer While plastic handle can be attractive and appealing however they’re not ideal for the Nutcracker. They can be slippery when wet, and pose danger to your hands since they could slip off and inflict injuries. Furthermore, they’re not able to withstand high temperatures and could crack in time.

6. What’s the downside to a Wooden Basket in a Nutcracker?

Answer: Although a wooden basket can be used to store shells and nuts in a logical way, it’s also a very maintenance-intensive material. It’s important to polish and clean it frequently to ensure that there isn’t any mold develops on it.

Additionally, wood can be damaged when used frequently. This is why you should be on the lookout for the first indications of fractures or damage.

Wrapping up!

Nuts can also be a great source of filler when we’re in a state of hunger and don’t want healthy snacks to ruin our diet. Cracking or shelling and eating fresh nuts can be very relaxing since there’s a specific rhythm to the process.

With a pecan cracker available you can crack nuts right from your couch , or take it with you to your next picnic. Counter-top models are great provided the design is strong and the handles won’t cause your hands fatigue when breaking a lot of nuts.

Choose the right pecan cracker to suit your requirements, your comfort level and the amount of nuts. Enjoy the shells and the variety of nuts!

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