8 Best Pau D’arco Tea (October 2022) Reviews

The industry of herbal tea has grown by leaps and bounds due to the growing awareness of health and wellness across the globe. When it comes to herbs, one which deserves special attention is the pau de arco tea.

The tea comes from the bark of the trees of the same name which grow within the Amazon forests of Central and South America. Though still under investigation the tea pau d’arco has produced remarkable results in treating inflammation, cancer as well as a host of other medical issues.

To find the most effective pau d’arco, it is essential to determine if it was gathered naturally from trees that have been wildly constructed and also if it was naturally produced. In addition, the correct dosage is essential to know.

Based on pau d’arco users’ feedback and studies, this article was created to assist you in making the right decision shopping for this beneficial tea.

Top 8 Best Pau D’arco Tea 2022

1. Traditional Medicinals Yellow Pau d’Arco Herbal Tea

A cup of pau de arco tea is more enjoyable when you know that it comes from sustainable and responsible cultivation like this product.

It is caffeine-free and made with only the finest herbs, this particular brand of pau d’arco tea contains all the benefits of the herb’s medicinal properties intact. Through a partnership that promotes fair and ethical trading and fair trade, it’s an Certified non-GMO tea that’s safe for everyone.

As with its natural ingredients, the flavor is floral and woody with a touch of delicate tannins that transport you to Nature. The tea is the result of the natural healing powers that are infused under rigorous scientific quality control procedures, giving you the best of the pau de arco tree.

Each box has 16 tea bags. Each pack contains six boxes, totalling the 96 tea bags. Enjoy the aromas that come from the Amazon forest while sipping your cup of tea and nourish your body with the best benefits of this plant.

For adults only You can drink one to four cups per each day. To reap the maximum benefit out of this tea make sure to boil 8 ounces of water, then pour it over one teabag. Cover the cup. The teabag should be allowed to infuse for between 10 and 15 minutes to ensure that all nutrients are absorbed. For best outcomes, squeeze the tea bag.

With an eye for sustainability and environmental conservation the product is packaged in 100% recyclable boxes and uses renewable energy in the production plant and tea bags can be composted.

The tea is used by shamans and indigenous people from the Amazon forests of Central as well as South America, the pau de arco tea can ease the symptoms of inflammation, bloating, ailments caused by arthritis and cancer and many other health issues.

Key Features:

  • Naturally sourced, caffeine-free and certified non-GMO.
  • A woody and floral taste, with some tannins.
  • Each box contains 16 teabags filled by the goodness that comes from bark of the tree.
  • The recommended steeping time is between 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Renewable and eco-friendly energy as well as packaging materials are used.

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2. Buddha Teas Pau d’Arco Tea

Relax into an Zen state of body and mind as you relax to enjoy this pau d’arco tea.

Produced from the finest harvested trees in the wild, this product is 100% pure and without additives or preservatives. It’s also free of caffeine, which allows you to keep your sleep routine. It’s also free of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs and has the original taste.

Packs are available with an assortment of teabags, the pau di’arco tea has a wealth of advantages for health, such as antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can help boost natural immunity , and also eases symptoms like bloating , aches and stomach aches.

It’s also effective in combating inflammation, and it’s an excellent detoxifier, helping to keep the body clear.

It has an earthy undertone. the flavor from this blend is pleasant sweet and smooth in texture. So, you can enjoy it without having your tongue feel burdened by the bitter and rough taste. Also, since it is low in calories, it’s the perfect drink for those who are trying to shed weight.

The makers intended to create the top pau of arco tea. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to every step from picking of the packaging right down to the removal process.

Utilizing only pure materials, this tea comes packaged in tea bags that are not bleached. The packaging is made from recycled materials and the packaging is completely recyclable.

Make a cup of tea according to the directions to enjoy the best benefits of the natural goodness of each teabag. Use clean drinking water or spring water or water that has been filtered. Glass, ceramic, or stainless steel bottle is suggested. Pour boiling water into a tea bag , then let it sit inside a mug that is covered between 3 and 6 mins.

Key Features:

  • Derived from trees harvested from the wild Natural, caffeine-free, non-GMO.
  • There are 18 teabags per pack.
  • Smooth and sweet taste with the earthy undertone.
  • Eco-friendly, with recycled cartons and tea bags that are not bleached.
  • Three to six minutes steeping to ensure the best flavor.

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3. Now Foods Pau D’Arco Tea

If you’re not sure about making the effort to taste pau d’arco tea its original flavor, go for this blend which has chai spices together with pau d’arco for an amazing combination!

Along with the pau di’arco bark, this product contains cinnamon bark, cardamom seeds and black pepper seeds as well as clove buds. The whole thing is wrapped in the natural chocolate flavor that will offer you the flavor and the benefits of the various herbs.

Each box contains 24 tea bags, with each bag wrapped with care in the original no-staples non-bleached packaging. This means that you only get the taste of tea, as it is without any interruption.

According to the promises of the brand the brand, it offers relief from everything that makes you feel uncomfortable!

This pau d’arco tea is a great option for those seeking to shed pounds. It’s unique in that it functions as laxative, and helps rid the body of toxic substances. It also eases pain caused by cancer and arthritis, decreases inflammation, and combats harmful fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

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There are a number of ingredients are not included within this item. The list does not contain non-labeled allergens, nano-particle nutrients MSG artificial colors and flavorings and steroids, hydrogenated oils aspartame and saccharine and pesticides above the level of safe.

To extract the maximum amount of nutrients from one cup of this beverage prepare 6 to 8 cups of water. Pour onto the tea bag. Cover the cup with a lid , and let the tea bag infuse for 4 to 6 mins. At intervals stir the tea while it’s in the kettle to ensure you can ensure that your original taste blends perfectly with tea spice as well as the chocolate flavor that is naturally present.

Key Features:

  • Pau d’arco bark mixed the chai spices, as well as natural flavor of chocolate.
  • Each box is packed with 24 teabags in a recyclable, non-staple, eco-friendly packaging.
  • It is calorie-free and can address a range of medical issues.
  • A steeping duration of between 4 and 6 minutes is recommended.
  • It is free of artificial flavors, sugars or preservatives.

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4. Monterey All-Natural Herbal Organic Pau D Arco Tea

Get the most benefit from the plant’s medicinal properties with the pau d’arco tea that is that is made from dried, cut, and sifted bark.

It’s packed with compounds called naphthoquinones which belong to the Vitamin K category. The other compounds in the tea are antioxidants which aid in fighting free radicals and help prevent many kinds of illnesses.

Additionally, it contains anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anticoagulant properties, which can be beneficial in preventing disease and treatment. The tea can be applied directly to the skin that is that is affected by insect bites, athlete’s foot, eczema pisoriasis and other skin disorders.

When you drink teas made from pau d’arco frequently, you can restore or keep the healthy acidity in your body, and thus keep yeast and candida infections over the normal range.

It is a miracle for people suffering with constipation. It assists to regulate bowel movements, thereby eliminating all toxic substances from the body. It also reduces the feeling of the bloating that can occur and assists in losing weight.

The tea is derived from plantations that haven’t utilized pesticides or chemicals which makes the tea organic. Furthermore, there are there are no artificial colors, flavors or additives were added to the final product.

The tea is an earthy brown hue with a woody aroma and a slight bitter taste. It is packaged in a bulk bag of 1 pound and has 200 tea bags. Each tea bag uses a non-bleached tea filter paper and has no tags or strings, making it environment-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Derived from the inside bark from the pau de arco tree.
  • A wealth of antioxidants, antimicrobial and anticoagulant properties.
  • Bulk package of 1 200 tea bags.
  • Non-bleached tea filter paper to use for tea bags that do not have tag or string.
  • Organic and free of additives, preservatives and preservatives. They are also free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

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5. Zokiva Nutritionals Pau D’arco Tea

With the continuing pandemic of viruses, it’s essential to boost our immunity and nothing can beat this tea for this .

It is awash with flavonoids, quinoids and benzenoids, the internal bark of the trees is used to make this tea. These substances make this drink possess a strong antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral capacity.

Additionally, it is great for detoxifying your body, by controlling the stool movement. A daily cup or two of this magical drink can effectively cleanse your body of the toxins.

It comes with a variety of therapeutic and medicinal benefits in that it reduces the inflammation that is caused by infected or injured area, ease arthritis pains, and combat free radicals that cause illness. When taken on a regular basis and paired with a balanced diet and exerciseroutine, it can also help reduce excess weight.

The tea is devoid of caffeine and has no artificial ingredients or fillers. It can help fight common colds or flu and respiratory diseases, helping that you lead a healthy well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Each box contains 30 premium tea bags with no tags, strings, or staples, further ensuring it’s a healthy choice that is also environment-friendly. Because it has a mildly bitter flavor, you can cover this through including honey or lemon or any other mildly-flavored ingredient that doesn’t create an overpowering cup of tea.

Make tea by boiling the water and then pour it over the teabag. Cover the cup with a lid and let the teabag sit for between 5 and 10 minutes, so that the ingredients that are natural to the pau de arco are released into the cup. Relax and enjoy the soothing aroma of tea, and you’ll feel the difference it has made to your body, mind, and your soul.

Key Features:

  • Combats free radicals and increases the immune system.
  • The product is caffeine-free and can therefore be taken at any moment of the day or at night.
  • 30 tea bags of premium quality with no staples, tags or strings.
  • The taste is slightly bitter, so toppings are suggested.
  • A steeping period of 5-10 minutes is enough to absorb everything good.

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6. Alvita Teas PAU D’Arco Herbal Tea

If herbal teas with a mild flavor are your style, you’ll not be disappointed by this pau de arco tea.

Made from the most intricately-crafted pau d’arco trees found in the thick Amazon forests, this tea has a delicate and woody scent that will relax your body and mind. Only the highest-quality inner bark that is purple in this tree are used to make this tea, so it is not deficient in the beneficial properties of each cup you drink.

This non-caffeinated, gluten-free beverage has numerous health benefits such as relief from inflammation and pain natural detoxification, protection against viral, fungal and bacterial infections and relief from skin issues such as eczema and insects bites, and psoriasis along with weight loss.

Its caffeine-free nature means that you can consume up to 3 cups a day regardless of whether you want to drink it during the day or evening time, as there’s no possibility that it will keep you awake during the late at night..

In line with the principles of environmental sustainability, the containers for the teabags created out of recycled paperboard. They also include delicate and delicate images of the pau d’arco flowers. The teabags have not been treated with chlorine but instead are oxygen treated, which makes them 100% natural.

The shape of these teabags are unique because they have their shape like English pillows. They are also free of string, staples or tags. In all the idea of using only natural ingredients does not end with the product, however it can be observed in the outer and inner packaging.

To extract all the goodness of herbs make sure to boil 8 ounces water, then pour it over the tea bag, then cover the container with an lid. The tea should sit for 15 minutes, and it should then be squeezed prior to drinking. It is possible to add an ingredient to sweeten the tea if you want.

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Key Features:

  • Herbal traditional South American tea with numerous health benefits.
  • The trees are harvested from the most wildly-crafted and makes use of the bark inside.
  • Gluten-free and caffeine-free to meet the needs of all.
  • The mild and woody flavor can be sweetened as desired.
  • Time for steeping of 15 minutes to reap the most benefits.

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It could be a great supplement to your herbal cabinet, thanks to the 100 percent pau d’arco bark ingredient.

It is packaged as ethically wildcrafted. the plants used to make the tea were gathered randomly from fields that were not planted to promote the natural regeneration and growth.

The shredded bark of the plant from which tea is made is loaded with compounds which fight cancer. They alleviate arthritis and cancer pains as well as reduces inflammation and bloating also treats skin problems such as Psoriasis and eczema, and helps to maintain the pH balance and decrease yeast infections.

With a strict quality control process It is the most effective pau d’arco tea to ensure that you drink only finest herbs that will give you the maximum benefits of nature, exactly as designed by nature.

Each teabag contains 24 which have been packaged in chlorine-free plastic bags, without tags, staples or strings. In keeping with its pledge of being environmentally friendly the boxes are constructed of recycled cardboard. It is possible to use the sealable bags to keep the freshness and flavor of the tea.

To have a wonderful cup of tea drink, spring or filtered water is suggested as the water’s quality will determine the outcome that the tea will produce. You must be at peace with your mind to allow you enjoy this tea more.

Pour boiling water onto the tea bag to ensure that the quality that tea has is released, and you enjoy the full taste. Then, let it infuse for 7 to 12 hours in case you want the full medicinal experience. If not, you can simmer it for three to five minutes if you like to drink the tea. Whatever you choose, be sure to cover the tea while you are steeping.

The tea does not contain preservatives or additives, which makes it a safe and healthy daily brew.

Key Features:

  • Extracted from the bark of the trees, which are randomly harvested in areas that are not cultivated.
  • Only the finest herbs are selected to keep all of the beneficial properties of nature.
  • 24 chlorine-free bags without tags or staples.
  • The recommended steeping time is 7-12 minutes.
  • The boxes are made of recycled cardboard are eco-friendly.

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8. The Nature’s Sunshine PAU D’Arco/Taheebo tea

Loose pau d’arco tea such as this product lets you make multiple cups at a at the same time.

Infused with the therapeutic benefits that the tea contains, it can help to strengthen immunity by fighting against free radicals using antioxidants as well as a chemical known as lapachol. An effective way to cleanse your body, you should drink regular doses to help keep your bowels in motion and eliminate the toxic substances that are a result of processed and unhealthy foods.

It is not susceptible to fungal growth, even though it’s native to the Amazon forests of Central as well as South America. This makes it the ideal solution to viral, fungal and bacterial growth. It also reduces inflammation caused by injuries and infections.

The tea Pau d’arco also assists to maintain the health of your circulatory system and helps to increase blood circulation. So, if you have a well-functioning circulation system, you will be certain that your arteries and nerves are in good shape.

The harvesting of this herb is carried out manually, by vertically stripping the bark, then taking the extract to create the tea and the supplements. 6 to 7 feet of bark is removed to ensure that there is sufficient remaining on the tree to allow to regenerate. Therefore, the tree is not exposed to harm during the process of extracting.

Only the finest herbs are chosen to make this tea. To gain the full benefits of this tea make sure to add 1 tablespoon of loose tea per 2 pints water that is boiling.

Take it off the stove and cover it to allow the tea to infuse up to 20 minutes. This releases the benefits in the herbal tea. After the straining it, you are able to serve four cups of this amazing tea.

Key Features:

  • It’s full of antioxidants to boost the immune system.
  • It prevents the growth of fungal organisms and decreases inflammation.
  • Develops blood in order to ensure an active circulation system.
  • Available in a loose format in 7-ounce Tin.
  • One tablespoon is to mix with 2 pints of water, to make 4 cups.

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Pau D’arco Tea Buying Guide Guide

After a lot of study and pau de arco tea review of best brands This buying guide was compiled to ensure that you don’t waste money. Take note of these aspects before purchasing pau D’arco tea.

Inner Bark

Check the label carefully to determine whether the tea you’re purchasing has its inner bark, which is part of the d’arco plant since it will be its most effective component. Also, make sure the label states Tabebuia specie to which pau d’arco is a part of but not the closely related species Tecoma curialis.


Organic teas are made from plants that haven’t been treated with pesticides or chemicals on them. These pesticides can be detrimental for our wellbeing and must avoid at all cost.

Thus, you should only select the organic pau d’arco tea for maximum advantages. You should select a tea that is derived from plants that were wildly designed and also that they have been matured after harvesting at the correct moment.


When purchasing pau d’arco tea make sure you check for any flavors or color that are included. If there are, you should avoid purchasing it since these artificial ingredients contain chemicals that are dangerous for our wellbeing.


A lot of people do not want to consume tea or other drinks because of the caffeine content which could cause trouble sleeping. If you plan to purchase pau d’arco tea, make sure to check whether it’s caffeine-free.

Eco-friendly Materials

If you’re concerned about the impact on the environment, examine the ingredients that are used to create the teabags and cartons to be sure that they’re not harmful to the environment.

Teabags must be constructed of non-bleached bags. They shouldn’t have tags string, staples, or strings. The boxes should be constructed of recycled materials and be recyclable.

Pau D’arco Tea Health Benefits

There are many benefits to taking pau d’arco tea on a regular basis. It was used for centuries by native Central as well as South Americans for its medicinal properties. Below are some of the most important benefits for health. If you’re familiar about the peach tea bags and its benefits, you can an energizing tea that will be healthier, like we’ve discussed in our previous blog.

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Pain Reduction

The bark inside of the pau d’arco plant contains an extract that is believed to help reduce pain for those suffering from arthritis, cancer and various other medical ailments. Many types of cancer-related symptoms affecting the breast, liver and prostate were proven to be less severe when consuming pau tea made from d’arco.

Inflammation Reduction

If we sustain any kind of injuries or infections our body reacts, and we can see the affected area becoming swollen or inflamed. Pau d’arco tea assists to reduce inflammation by blocking the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals.

So, it’s less likely you’ll experience a flare-up, inflammation, or pains as a result of drinking tea made from pau d’arco. It’s especially beneficial for people with Rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis, arthritis, or an overly large prostate.

It helps to stop Candida

Candida is a common yeast infection that is present in a few areas within the human body. If it doesn’t get beyond control and is a cause for concern, it’s fine to experience it. If you have an unusual amount of candida may cause stomach upsets, sore throats as well as other issues.

To ensure that candida stays at the threshold of a healthy level, drinking pau di’arco tea is beneficial since it keeps the natural pH balance in your body.

It aids in Cancer Prevention

Pau d’arco tea is an ingredient known as beta-lapochone that is found in anti-cancer treatments, although it’s currently being studied. In a study the compound was found to kill cancerous cells in mice, without producing any adverse negative effects.

Beta-lapochone can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy to treat cancer patients, specifically prostate cancer. It can also help in reducing the pain caused from this illness.

Healing Of Stomach Ulcers

The stomach ulcers, also known as Peptic ulcers are caused by the lining of our intestinal tract gets damaged by stomach acids which causes a burning feeling and discomfort. The acid secretion rises because of various causes such as alcohol, stress, smoking or diets, medications or bacterial.

In laboratory tests, it was discovered that tea extracts were able to treat peptic ulcers that were present in mice, leading to the possibility that it can do exactly the same thing for humans.


Within the body of every human the colon is the major system for eliminating toxic chemicals and other substances out of the body. When you drink teas like pau d’arco the bowel movements are regularized, which allows the body get rid of toxins.

The product works as an effective laxative and helps stimulate the digestive system to ensure an ideal digestive tract. Reviews of Pau D’arco by customers also confirm it.

It can be helpful especially in the event that it is helpful when we consume processed or processed foods which are loaded with preservatives and fats. The tea of Pau D’arco detoxifies all of the system, including tissues, blood vessels organs, as well as the lymph system.

Anti-Microbial Benefits

Due to the anti-fungal antioxidant, and anti-viral qualities of tea made from pau d’arco, it aids in preventing illnesses like flu, herpes, polio, and other illnesses like leukemia.

The beta-lapochone component found in tea combats the virus and stops it from multiplying and infecting the healthy cells of the body. This is why it’s beneficial in treating skin disorders that cause swelling due to an infection. Eczema is also believed to have been treated using this tea.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Should You Take Pau D’arco Hot or Cold Tea?

Answer: You can drink either cold or hot pau d’arco tea , but it’s better when you opt for the hot variant. If the tea comes in contact with hot water it releases all its nutrients and goodness which are beneficial to our well-being. Therefore, drinking it hot is more beneficial.

2. How long should I steep tea from Pau D’arco?

Answer: For the most optimal outcomes, you need to make a cup of pau d’arco tea hot water for between 8 and 15 minutes, and then keep the cup in a covered container. This will ensure that all of the beneficial components of the tea have been released into your cup. Because it’s an all-natural drink getting the best goodness out of it will take some time.

3. Are There Any Negative Effects of Pau D’arco Tea?

The answer is: If you drink excessive amounts of pau d’arco tea, you could suffer negative effects like nausea, diarrhea, or vertigo. It is recommended to start with only a small amount and then check to see whether there are any adverse reactions in the body.

A high dose can cause more serious issues like bleeding from the internal organs, fainting and bloody stool. It may also hinder your blood’s clotting, and therefore, should not be considered for patients scheduled to undergo surgery.

4. What’s the best dosage for Pau D’arco Tea?

Answer: The correct dose for a day will be 1.5 grams (1500 mg). If you take less than that, you is not going to give you the maximum benefits of its nutrients. However the higher dosage can harm the liver and kidneys.

The right dose will depend on the age, health and other health conditions of the person who is drinking it. Therefore, it is strongly advised to consult with an expert before drinking pau de arco tea.

5. Where can I buy the Pau D’arco tea?

Answer: The local general stores do not usually carry pau of d’arco tea. So, you need to search for it online stores. Some examples of online stores include Amazon, Lucky Vitamin, Now Foods, and the website of Traditional Medicinals.

Wrapping up!

As you’ve seen in the past, all pau-d’arco tea brands aren’t the identical. So, you must take your time before you purchase the best one. Regularly drinking this tea at the prescribed dosage is beneficial for people suffering from arthritis as well as cancer, inflammation and a variety of other health issues.

When you purchase the finest pau d’arco tea you’re also making a commitment to your overall health since the tea can help keep you from a wide range of illnesses and aid in easing the symptoms of. It is important not to overdose because it can cause numerous painful issues.

This article has been written to help you on how to purchase the right pau d’arco tea is suitable for your needs. To reap the maximum benefits out of this drink that has medicinal benefits, it is important to be aware of how to make it the right way. We hope that this article can be beneficial to you. Cheers!

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