10 Best Paper For Art Prints (September 2022) Reviews

Paper printing was first introduced before we began going to exhibitions where various aspects of life are depicted on other paper.

With the development of technology, we can print any digital artwork on paper in a matter of seconds. However, If you don’t take the seriously your paper, your work is likely to break into pieces in a matter of minutes.

There are a lot of papers on the market to choose from, which one do you choose for your needs?

From novice artists to skilled professionals, all face this issue when it comes to buying the most appropriate art-quality paper prints, but with no sources to discover what they need.

We decided to quickly run through a variety of paper art-related materials and then come up with a detailed discussion to help you figure the most effective.

When you’ve finished reading this article and you’ll be informed by a comprehensive buying guide as well as a few tips to help you an ideal art print on paper.

Relax, unwind take a sip of your cup of coffee, and then begin!

Our Top 10 Best Paper For Art Prints 2022

We’ve selected these 10 art paper options for printing for how well they perform in the final print, their durability, lots more. Whatever you choose to invest in you will receive an art paper that will hold your art better than it has ever before.

1. Epson Premium MATTE Art Print Paper

Digital artists to professional photographers, everybody can benefit from Epson Premium as a feasible solution to their art’s best output. What is it that it offers to be able to rank at the top of our lists?

This premium paper’s flat matte surface quickly creates an ideal platform for the eventual production of the digital or photographic art. Whatever you print on this paper it will soon become an exhibition by itself.

If you combine it with Epson Professional inks the result will dry faster than any other ink, allowing for an easy and comfortable grip throughout. Although handling is straightforward however, the color range should also be wide to allow for greater color accuracy.

If you’re making prints that do not need any gloss, this printer could be a good choice since it prints a very saturated image. A wide range of colors helps keep shadows and highlights at the highest quality.

Although regular printers print at 300 dpi or less This paper is compatible with high-resolution printers that can reach 1440 dpi, which is a high-resolution output.

We are used to seeing top-quality images on our computers however, they don’t appear on the paper after you print them. But not this one but!

Try it out, and begin printing your pictures today with the hi-resolution print with professional inks and then you will be presented with a beautiful print lasting for a long time.

Key Features:

  • 8.5×11 Inches of printing surface is soft to the touch and the matte surface produces great results.
  • Printing images is great, however, you can print whatever you’d like.
  • It provides the most precise color and finest quality.
  • It works with high-resolution printers with up to 1440 dpi.

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2. Canon Luster Photo Paper For Digital Art Prints

The word”luster” in this case refers to the Canon Photo Paper’s glossy which allows printing lab-quality photographs at home with no effort.

The luster surface provides your photographs a semi-gloss, smooth texture unlike other types of paper to print your artwork at home.

Printing images is a common use of it and produces outstanding image quality, making the print last for a long period of time.

Additionally, it is compatible with all printers available however, it is the best pair together with it’s Canon PIXMA Pro photo printer which has details that are sharper and more precise.

The hue it generates gives visual pleasure for the eyes as well as accurate in sufficient level of. Since the paper’s surface is smoother than many of its competitors as well as the black and white hues are printed with a sharpness that will give you an advantage over other paper.

When you pick the correct ink to print your images on this paper, your output will be safe from fade over time, and it is ideal to keep your precious memories for the years to be.

Due to the smoothness of the substrate, generally inks will take longer to dry, however the end result is stunning after it’s dried.

For photos or any other art work, Canon Luster is a excellent choice that can support an ounce of 255 grams to withstand comfortable use and tear.

Key Features:

  • Luster surface offers unrivalled smoothness that allows your photos to look shiny and bright.
  • Superior color reproduction when coupled with the right printing device and the appropriate ink.
  • High contrast print makes sure that every color has the same, smooth tone.
  • Printing at home with professional quality You don’t need to visit photo labs to print.

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3. PPD Fine Art Printing Paper

Although it may not be the most ideal inkjet paper for prints of art but it’s the ideal canvas for directly printing your artwork or images certainly.

It isn’t unlike other paper products which are made to look like canvas. Instead, it’s constructed from cotton, giving you the characteristics of a canvas with all the features you would expect by any normal inkjet printer. What a wonderful combination!

You can feel the silky texture of the canvas with your fingers. The surfaces are coated by a high-resolution inkjet coating, which allows printing extremely high-resolution images with ease.

Whatever printer you are using you can feed the artwork directly in the printer and it will print out smooth with the digital artwork or image you want to print.

The color reproduction was on the standard and the finished canvas can easily be moved by fixing the canvas to frames.

However, if you wish to ensure that your print will last longer and resist the fading caused by UV radiation, apply inkjet fixative spray. This will give more life to your prints.

For the test the canvas, it was made using different inks and printers, with some being dye-based and other included colored.

The canvas was flawless in all cases and produced the excellent results we would expect from this type of material. It’s definitely worth the investment!

Are you interested in giving this a go? We guarantee you will not be dissatisfied.

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Key Features:

  • Canvas made of pure cotton will give your artwork an appearance that is more luxurious and is more durable than paper-like canvas.
  • Perfectly fits into any printer with inkjet technology to print anything you’d like to.
  • The reproduction of colors is stunning and offers incredible details.
  • Cotton absorbs ink well, and the ink is able to dry faster than paper.

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4. Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper

The ultimate design that prints beautifully! Epson Velvet fine art paper is without doubt the top paper for prints of fine art, provided you are able to get the most value out of it.

This highly textured, museum-quality paper can hold prints for a long time without losing their luster and is able to be kept in museums as well.

What makes this paper amazing? The pure cotton rag construction is what makes it stand out the rest of the pack.

You can feel the papers’ texture from little away, and it is very luxurious to the touch, providing the impression of a canvas, and it makes you feel like you’re in a museum from olden days.

You can save your artwork using this type of paper if you have the correct printing device and the appropriate ink. If it is projected correctly and correctly, the appropriate ink will be able to sit well on the paper that your work will last at least 100 years If they are framed.

The duration will increase if you apply any UV protection for the sheet or place it within an UV shielding window.

Injecting this paper into your printer doesn’t feel very enjoyable, however. Because of its heavier weight than other high-quality printing papers it may be necessary to feed the paper manually, one at one time.

Whatever your struggles to feed your animals, the result will be awe-inspiring with the vibrant colors and a matte finishthat gives your artwork a fresher appearance and keeping the color for the years to take.

Take a look at a few of these and print your vision right away!

Key Features:

  • It is made from 100% cotton rag, this paper appears very luxurious and gives the feel of canvas while also being paper.
  • The camera has come with an ISO brightness of 94% and an opacity of 96% for reproduction of the color of your photographs as well as artwork.
  • The matte finish will give your print the retro appearance you’ve been looking for.
  • The balanced sharpness of the color is soft.

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5. HP Cheap Art Print Paper

It’s evident from the name that you may require this paper for daily usage, whether at your office or in your home for printing tasks that are routinely required.

While we shouldn’t think much of this paper, it is useful when printing images on glossy surfaces. In addition, the cost of printing is an issue for those who are using the paper for regular printing.

In that scenario, this is an excellent paper that is worth the money for printing digital artwork that is accessible to all from high school students up to office workers.

HP Everyday Photo Paper will be a fantastic choice if you have an HP printer, or plan to purchase one since the paper is designed for optimal performance when used with HP printers.

The glossy finish of the paper holds colors completely and makes stunning images everywhere you need them.

Due to the paper’s glossy finish, it’s less susceptible to water damage and you’ll be able to keep the photographs for longer.

It’s an amazing shiny alternative to the regular paper. It’s not going to be the most ideal inkjet paper for printing digital art It’s not neither.

However, what it provides is nothing less than what it ought to offer at this cost. And using this environment-friendly, recyclable paper means you are contributing to the wellness of the mother earth. A great deal indeed!

Key Features:

  • High gloss output produces well-balanced and sharp shades that will last for a good time when properly cared for.
  • The ideal balance of high-quality printing and cost, which makes it is suitable for use on a regular basis.
  • 100% recyclable, it causes less harm to the earth.
  • Value for money and incredible color reproduction.

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6. Superior Arctic Matte Premium Inkjet Photo Photo Paper

This white, bright surface is the ideal location for your photography or artworks. No matter what printer you are using this paper with, you can be sure of a perfect result each time.

The greatest benefit of the paper is that it can be used with all types of ink, either pigment or dye-based.

Oil-based inks can also perform well on the matte finish to provide the best clarity and color of the details and increase the beauty of your work.

Because the surface is matte it absorbs the ink fast and dries the surface quicker than glossy papers, providing you with an advantage for carrying out printed papers immediately and the printed image won’t end up being damaged.

It results in print that is kept longer than you imagine, making it the perfect paper for printing digital art. Additionally, you can combine it with a lacquer spray to improve the resistance to fade and water, even more.

Select the appropriate spray that will seal the print so it can be waterproof. It is also possible to choose sprays that protect the print from exposure to UV light as it could harm the print over time.

The matte surface that is glare-free can be used with all of the inkjet printers on the market and prints professional-quality digital prints or photographs.

Although it’s not suitable for everyday use because of the weight, it’s ideal if are just beginning to get into your passion.

Key Features:

  • The matte, anti-glare surface is ideal to print photos or digital prints.
  • It works with almost all printers and ink types available , and delivers the best results each time.
  • Inks tend to dry quickly to prevent the print from scratches and also provide better durability.
  • A smooth and balanced color that professionals and hobbyists love.

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7. Pacific Inkjet Paper For Fine Art Prints (25 Sheets)

This double-sided, thick paper is widely considered to be the finest inkjet paper for fine art prints thanks to InkLock coatings in both directions.

It’s made of 100% cotton, which gives it a matte look across both surfaces. It’s ideal to print landscape or nature photography as well as portraits, wedding pictures as well as fine art, and is able to be framed and stored whatever prints you make on the dazzling.

It has a higher density than the majority of other paper available at 325 grams This makes your photographs appear crisp and vibrant and last for a few centuries.

Thanks to the special coating that is applied on both sides of the paper, it will not fade for around 200 years. Therefore, you can be sure that your work will be preserved for future generations.

This high-quality archive paper can produce high contrast colors and precise details if you have the correct printing device and printer.

However, since the thickness is higher, matching it to any printer may be a problem. Consider passing the paper directly into the tray of intake instead of placing it in the printer to prevent clutter.

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Once the ultra-high-resolution print is done, the ink will dry quickly to make the print fingerprint, smudge, and scratch-resistant, which the professionals love.

Applying an anti-UV spray can help prolong the lifespan of the print further. Do you want to sell artworks or gift them to someone else? This is the inkjet paper of your preference.

Key Features:

  • Made of pure cotton, it can make the ideal substrate to print any of your artwork.
  • Klock with a coating that can be applied to both sides allows printing either side or both sides.
  • Prints with high resolution and sharp clarity.
  • Resilient to fingerprints, smudges and scratches to keep your art in tact for more than 200 years.

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8. Strathmore 59-701 Textured Inkjet Paper

There isn’t much to say about the quality and the textured surface of the paper which makes the inks more solidly on the paper and remain in their spot to dry fast.

The most striking aspect of this paper isn’t its texture, but the way it’s made. It can be used with nearly any printer that is that is available and the print quality is always up to the standards with regards to detail and resolution.

Because the ink doesn’t have numerous places to move because of the surface’s texture and the final print turns out to be an eye-pleasing experience.

The white, bright surface is ideal to print any of your artwork, such as photography and fine art, digital art, and more.

While there isn’t a lot of water resistant excellent on this paper you can count on it to provide excellent scratch and smudge resistance to preserve your print over a longer time.

It may behave differently when using different inks, and it is recommended to test a variety of inks before choosing one that works for every print.

Additionally try to test the paper’s performance using pigment-based and dye-based inks to see what results in an stunning results. Because the price is reasonable, it is an ideal option for students to print their work to training.

There’s no reason to throwing away money until you’re sure enough to do your best. Select this inkjet paper to improving your skills by trying repeatedly.

Key Features:

  • Textured surfaces are ideal for printing sharply and fast drying.
  • It is extremely compatible with every printer or ink. However, test it in various cases to determine the best results.
  • The thickness is right on and offers enough protection against scratches.
  • A very affordable price, which is an excellent deal for those who are just starting out.

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9. Finestra Cold Press Watercolor Fine Art Inkjet Paper

Another inkjet-based paper by Finestra Art for printing artwork can give you confidence in the quality of their paper and performance.

This paper does justice to the brand and creates extremely saturated prints for your photography or fine arts.

The texture of the watercolor paper is stunning and can lift your prints immediately to the top of the heap. The best part is you can make use of this paper for archival purposes because it’s acid- and free of lignin.

Additionally, the surface that is textured is perfect with the thick paper that weighs 16 millimeters which is made from cotton. This lets the paper absorb ink very quickly to preserve the printing.

The smooth surface isn’t easily scratched to keep the finish intact in the same way you would have to expect from a product like this.

Despite its weaknesses in various aspects, it earns the the top list of papers to print digital art prints for obvious reasons.

It’s compatible with different printers and inks, allowing for high-density, durable prints.

Additionally, it’s one of the cheapest papers in the 300gsm range So you can be sure that it is worth the price, making it the ideal paper to print art at home.

However, when the ink is used with the correct printer, this medium-textured paper will outperform the rest of its kind.

It is recommended to check your printer’s capabilities as this paper is thicker and may not work with any of the printers that you are used to using.

Key Features:

  • A thick paper that will preserve your prints for a few years, if properly cared for.
  • The medium-textured paper creates stunning color that attracts attention immediately.
  • It works with all sorts of inks. It uses trials and errors to figure out which one suits you most.
  • Ideal for archiving fine art prints and digital prints.

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10. Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag Fine Art Paper

We can’t conclude our list with out being able to mention the Canson Infinity Edition that resembles the natural prints, which makes it a museum-quality fine art paper that will meet your requirements.

With the most white and brightest surface of the paper it provides high contrast colors that are sharp in clarity. The grainy texture of the paper aids in printing every single detail in your art.

However, the quality of the paper isn’t like other paper that you can find everywhere. To ensure durability there are no optical brightening agents are employed to whiten the paper to a high degree.

This helps the paper resist aging , and keeps your images and artwork in the same condition for many generations. Why wouldn’t you love this top quality etching rag?

Its color rendition is perfect and provides a distinct advantage over other paper in the same class.

Beides is resistant to gas fades over time to safeguard your artwork from damage and to spread the same charm over many years due to the internal buffering.

Due to its materials regardless of whether you employ dye or pigment inks, it dry quickly. It provides a unique smooth finish that is impervious to water, and also keeps your prints free from destruction or degrading of the print.

Let us talk about something here. Since it’s expensive and expensive, it may not be the sweet treat in your wallet. Experts and professionals appreciate this paper for printing their work, but it’s not very affordable.

If you’re happy with the cost this will be the most beautiful high-quality printing paper that you’ve ever worked with certainly.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% cotton rag. The textured texture is similar to high-quality printing papers.
  • Be free of artificial brightening agents that enhance the optical quality to ensure the paint does not get worse over time.
  • Internally buffered to shield your print from the effects of gas and ensure that it remains consistent throughout the life of.
  • Conforms to all industry standards for use as museum-quality paper.

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Paper for Art Prints – A Complete Guide To Buying

What do you need to consider when looking at an art print’s paper? The cost? The size? The thickness?

It is often difficult for experienced artists and you’ll be able to see how challenging it can be for those who are new to art and haven’t purchased these paper yet.

This is a comprehensive guide to help you determine the quality of a piece of paper to determine if it can be useful or not, based on several factors. Read this buying guide to be assured when buying.

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The most important thing to think about when choosing the right art print paper is the type of paper. If you want to print photos that are typical that you use in your daily life it is possible to use regular paper which is less expensive and produces a good quality print when you use the right ink.

However, for more valuable products, opt for a product made from pure cotton to achieve the classic and elegant style and feel. They are more heavy and thicker, however they provide a more smooth prints at the final.


The thickness of the paper you choose to use can affect your final image to an enormous degree. Be very cautious in selecting the ideal paper for your art prints.

If you are using a standard printer that is able to only pass lighter papers, don’t purchase any heavy papers of over 200gsm.

Light paper is great to use in everyday life and create good prints of good quality. However, heavier papers are ideal to print sharp details and other special effects, which is why they are commonly employed to print art. If you are printing on heavier paper than 300gsm, it is possible to require another printer that’s compatible with your.

Gloss Or Matte Finish

While gloss finish papers give you a shiny appearance when printing but they are also very scratchy and take longer to absorb ink than matte finished ones. They are more commonly used for everyday printing.

On the other hand matte-finished paper is ideal for printing colors that are extremely saturated and the ink dry fast on these types of papers making sure that the final print remains unaltered.

Matte-finished paper is used more for printing high-quality artworks or images. They also help to keep the paper from rapidly degrading therefore is the ideal paper for printing digital artwork.


We all want papers that are white and bright for printing our artwork. Have you ever considered how these papers can be enhanced?

Most manufacturers employ the optical brightening agent (OBA) for this purpose. create super white paper to appear appealing.

However, these materials can make the paper to age faster, which means it’s quality artwork gets worse over time. Papers may also have different acids and lignins, which can cause the same damage to the artwork you’ve invested in.

Therefore, select a art paper that is made from artificial brightening agents that will ensure that your work will last for the next generation.

Tips to Create The Perfect Art Prints at Home

Printing your art on paper can be a challenge when you don’t know the secrets behind your the success of your work or didn’t experience any age in your work experience.

Here are some professional tips to be aware of while you work on your artwork to ensure that you print the best every time. We’ll be back later to thank you.

Take a high-quality photo of your artwork in order to print as much detail as you can onto the paper. If you don’t take the photographs with a quality camera, your artwork could appear blurred in the final print, or not be printed with enough clarity and the colors.

Select the best paper based on the work you’re creating. In terms of the final print’s quality and sharpness will depend on the texture of the paper Choose a paper that will work with the artwork. Also, think about the length you would like it to last.

Learn to practice editing images and proofing them by tweaking according to the need. It is possible to damage some papers and ink at first, but once you’re comfortable with the behavior of the paper and the ink, you’ll save money later on.

Keep in mind that your image’s hue could appear more dark on the image than the one in your personal computer. Therefore, you should adjust the color in the right way.

Get a quality monitor that displays the real colors of your file. If you’re not able to meet your budget, you can try to calibrate your monitor to get more accurate colors.

If you’re selling artworks choose the best ink and paper possible since it will be highly praised by others in the future , and also more durable.

Don’t stack the printed paper as soon as they are removed from the printer. Lay them out separately until dry, then stack them up with clean paper between.

You should leave some bleed space at the end of the printing for your signature and the serial number of the artwork to make it appear more sophisticated.

Pro tip: You can use these printers to print your artwork with perfection.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the best type of paper for Art Prints?

It’s all about personal preference. If you’re printing regular photographs, then a crisp glossy white paper should work perfectly.

However, if you’re creating something of greater value then you must choose cotton rag since they can produce high-quality colors and superb quality. They are also free of harmful chemicals to safeguard your artwork from the effects of time.

How to Find High-Quality Art Prints at Your Home?

Printing fine art at your home, you’ll require an excellent camera, a monitor that can display the best color and a photo editing program as well as a high-quality printer, the right paper and ink, along with additional tools that are required for the job.

What Size Should You Choose of the Art Prints?

There isn’t any definitive and unchanging rule for the size of prints. It usually depends what size paper that you are using.

Use a paper that is in line with the proportions of the original art. If you are unable to locate the ideal size, you can use cutters to make your own custom-sized size.

Which is the Perfect Paper Between Glossy Paper And Matte Paper?

Fine art printing matte-finished papers are thought to be to be the best since they produce more vibrant output than glossy papers. They also reduce reflections when you store the prints behind glass.


Beginning with the art print of cave walls that our ancestors used to live in We have now entered an age where printing is more simple than you think. Yet, there is still to print their artwork correctly on paper.

Everything is important in this industry From choosing the right art paper to print on and ink, to understanding how to alter your images in order to create the perfect print.

A lot of the smaller details are missed, particularly by novices, for example, not focusing on the texture of the paper or finish when making prints that are fine art.

Take our advice to consider as you progress to become an established artist whose art becomes their signature and is recognized by people around the world. immediately.

Create something that generations to come will be moved to applaud!

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