10 Best Paper Folding Machine (September 2022) Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on an assignment to fold paper at your school or need it to run your business then you must ensure you have the top folder for your paper.

What is the most effective way to be asking. Let’s admit it. It’s going to be difficult when you’ve got the papers that are clogging in the machine, and this is the norm these days. When you realize this that you’ll be fighting against your machine.

Do not worry, buddy. We’ll ensure that you do not overspend and end up with an inferior piece of junk. We’ll take you on an overview of our top 10 picks that we’ve picked for you.

Top 10 Best Paper Folding Machine 2022

After extensive investigation, we’ve chosen the following products for you to consider. Check out the reviews. You never know. It’s possible to find that document you’ve wanted.

1. Martin Yale P7200 Automatic Paper Folder

For the very first time in our reviews of paper folding machines We’re reviewing the P7200 model from Martin Yale. This fully-functional machine deserves to be featured in the first place , and it’s not just for obvious reasons. Let’s take a look at what it can do.

What was the last time you look at a paper organizer that folds stapled paper? The P7200 can do the job with ease. You can also give three papers at once to fold, and whoosh! They’re ready for serving.

What’s more? There are four folds different ways. The half-fold, double parallel, the Z-fold as well as The letter fold. Choose the fold in accordance with your paper’s size.

When you’re ready to play playing, the process is just automatic. It’s not necessary to use your hands to play. Due to its top speed, you can print as high as 4000 sheets in an hour. In terms of the feeding tray it can hold up to 50 sheets. Cool, right?

The most appealing thing? It’s quite light and small. You won’t have difficulties in transporting it, and the machine will not take up much area of your table.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to fold three papers at a time , which includes stapled papers.
  • There are four different folding types you can choose from.
  • The entire process is automated.
  • It is possible to get 4000 sheets in an hour.
  • The tray for feeding can accommodate up 50 sheets.
  • It’s quite light in size and weight. It’s also compact in.

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2. Martin Yale P6200

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed Martin Yale’s P7200 by Martin Yale and it was perfectly fine. But you’d prefer to get another model from the same manufacturer. Here’s the P6200 to make your paper folding work accomplished with ease.

Contrary to the P7200 model, this one is able to fold letters. It can also fold up to 30 letter in one minute. This means you’ll get 1800 sheets every hour. In addition, you’ll enjoy the entire procedure.

When folding the letter, the machine leaves 1/4 inch gaps on the top of the letter. In the event that the recipient receives the letter the letter can be folded easily. For the process, you don’t require hands for even a little bit.

All you have to do is place the sheet in its folder, and it will fold in just a few moments. It’s that easy. Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s stapled papers or unstapled ones, our friend here is able to fold both.

In terms of its size and shape it’s slim and light weight. In contrast to the usual models It’s lightweight and easy to carry. The folding machine doesn’t take up a lot of the space on your table. The most appealing thing? It’s on the budget side.

Key Features:

  • You can be folded up to 1200 sheets each hour.
  • The lettering is kept at a 1/4 inch space on the letter’s top to allow for the ease of reading for the reader.
  • The process is fully automated.
  • It folds stapled and un-stapled paper.
  • The shape and size is quite small.
  • The machine is lightweight in weight and easy to use.

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3. Sparco Tabletop Folding Machine

Are you still looking for the top folding machines? Check out the folding machine made by Sparco. It’s got everything you need to be considered a top priority. Let’s guide you through a thorough look at its capabilities.

One of the main reasons why we’re suggesting this folding machine is that it’s not frequently jammed. That’s an awful thing to happen Isn’t it? Simply place your sheet on the top of it and you’ll notice how quickly the sheets can be folded.

In contrast to the standard ones on markets, the tabletop folder machine made by Sparco includes guides for paper. This will allow you to load your paper with maximum precision. In addition, if you wish to use an instruction manual it is possible to do that too.

In terms of its capacity the capacity is up to 5 pages every minute, and there’s no chance you’ll make a mess of it.

Additionally, there’s no requirement for you to do manual. Take advantage of the complete automated process while you’re trying to make sure that the papers are aligned. What you’ll be able to enjoy is. Did you look at the guide? It’s correctly calibrated. Therefore, you don’t have to make adjustments. Simply place the sheets in the machine, and voila!

Key Features:

  • The folding machine isn’t frequently jammed.
  • The guide to paper loading ensures that you load your papers accurately.
  • It is possible to fold as many as five pages in one.
  • The process is completely automated, which means there is no need to be manually.
  • The guide has been properly measured therefore you don’t need to change the paper.
  • It’s a machine that is lightweight and has a small dimensions.

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4. Pitney Bowes DF100 Letter Folder Machine

If you hear the word ‘letter folder , you cannot ignore the name Pitney Bowes. It’s among the most well-known brands on the marketplace and they’re producing high-end equipment that can fold letters like a pro. This time we’re bringing you the DF100 model from the huge. Let’s find out if it’s everything you need to be worth the price.

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The DF100 is primarily made through Martine Yale. In contrast to the others that are equipped with stainless steel plates on their bottoms the DF100 is equipped with Galvanized Metal Plate.

This showcases the endurance you’ve been waiting for since a long time. No matter what kind of a punishment the machine takes.

Because it’s a folding desktop machines, you can use it for small companies or home offices and other small tasks. In terms of size, as when you first look at it, you’ll see the word “cute” appear in your mind. Yes, it’s that small.

Additionally, the procedure is quite simple, even children can handle it with the ease of a pro. Simply put in the papers to the device and it will handle all the rest. You can make as many as 30 letters minutes. This is around 1800 sheets an hour.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the letter-folder machine is able to fold stapled documents also. Cool, eh? For its weight, it’s less than 9.5 pounds. We think it’s not be a burden to carry it around. This might not be the top letter-folding machine however it is one of the best.

Key Features:

  • Galvanized Metal Plate offers the best toughness for the equipment.
  • Ideal for small-scale businesses and home offices and other small-scale tasks.
  • It has a slim shape.
  • It is easy to use and completely automated operation.
  • It is possible to fold as many sheets in an hour.
  • The weight of the machine is just 9.5 pounds.

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5. Martin Yale 1611 Paper Fold Machine

Martin Yale, we can’t talk about this brand as it’s so excellent. We’ve seen two models from the brand, and now it’s time to introduce you to 1611 that can make your life easier.

The company has made improvements to the feed system. It’s easy to fold tables simple to use since they’re simple to operate and in addition they’re easily removed.

The machine for folding paper comes with rollers that can reach from any angle you’d like. There’s no need to adjust the paper. With the auto-adjusting system it is easy to put the papers in and watch them fold in a flash.

“Within a blink”? Yes, it’s true.

And you know what? The process is extremely quiet. In contrast to the standard the operation, you won’t hear any unwanted sound or other disturbances. In addition this shouldn’t be too any issue when you have sheets that are bigger than the norm. It has an auto-adjusting retarder. It will take care of all of the issues.

For durability, the machine hit the mark. This machine is constructed of tough material that displays the strength to withstand the abuse. The fold plates however are extremely thick, and provide them with the highest toughness.

The most appealing aspect? There won’t be any kind of fan. There’s no chance you’ll encounter any jams in your paper anytime soon.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a more efficient feed system.
  • The tables fold up and can be easily removed.
  • You are able to access these rollers by bending them at an angle.
  • The system that adjusts itself allows users to remove sheets with ease.
  • Made from high-end material So it’s very durable.
  • There’s no need to any fanning to allow the job to be completed.

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6. MBM 98M Manual Tabletop Paper Folder Machine

You’ve probably heard of MBM the company which has built its reputation for making tabletop folders. The 98M has been the subject of lots of praise and now you’re about discover the reason the reason.

One of the most popular features of this small beast now is the programable counter. What makes it unique is the fact that the entire process is essentially a complete function , which includes a programable batch.

In terms of the paper you’re looking at, they can be as smaller than 20 square inches or as large at 119 square inches, the weight of 16 to 80 pounds. If you’re looking to keep the papers, or store them in a safe place then you can make use of the tray for stacking that the paper folder includes. However If you prefer to pre-feed your paper the tray for feeding, it will be quite useful.

When it comes time to fold the papers, you may utilize a selector knob that is pre-defined. Simply learn the proper folding measurement and then press the knobs, and the device will fold your papers quickly.

In order to ensure you understand all the buttons and use your machine colored marks on the fold plates will prove useful. Don’t worry for those who are new here.

Concerning the amount of sheets is concern, you are able to go for more than 100 sheets if you’d like.

Key Features:

  • The counter can be programmed to will work with automated batch to make your work easier.
  • Compatible with paper that is smaller than 20 square inches or as large to 119 sq inches.
  • The product comes equipped with stacking tray as well as a feed tray to make it easier for you to use the.
  • Displays pre-defined knobs to fold the paper.
  • The color-coded markings will allow you read the buttons with no trouble time.
  • Can consume up to 100 sheets.

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7. Martin Yale 1217A Medium Duty Auto Folder

You’re wrong to believe that Martin Yale has bribed us to promote their products. Don’t be fooled by this. You’re looking for the best folding machine and we need to be transparent about our review. It would be unfair to not talk about the 1217 A model from Martin Yale

When we speak of 1217A it’s about having ‘no hands on your part. You’ll get a fully-automated feeding system. You’ll be able to spill the magic from your mouth once you’ve discovered the various modes that it has.

The devil is a good example the devil, it folds in 6 different ways. There’s the standard letter fold, half fold, the z-fold Baronial, French and, of course the two parallel folds. You’ll get all these folds in one set.

If you choose to use the manual bypass process it will allow you to feed up to three sheets that have a weight range of 16 and 133 pounds. We’re sure you didn’t see this coming.

In addition no matter if you’re working with stapled paper or not it’s still possible to go to fold them easily. In terms of quality this machine has solid construction, however it’s light weight. Its compact design is a advantage if you’ve got smaller tables.

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Key Features:

  • The operation is fully automated and includes a feeding system.
  • There are six different folding modes that you can choose from.
  • By using this manual bypass mechanism you’ll be able feed 1 three sheets.
  • It can hold sheets that have the weight of 16 and 133 pounds.
  • You can fold stapled and un-stapled paper.
  • It showcases a strong and durable look.
  • The machine is lightweight and compact in its shape.

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8. Duplo DF755 Manual Paper Folder

Are you tired of the automatic letterfolders? You could opt for something that is manual and user-friendly. The DF755 is a product from Duplo. This incredible machine will fold your documents exactly how you would like it to be.

If the standard paper folders fold only a few sheets in a minute, this boy is here turning the table. It is possible to fold up to 120 sheets in a minute. This is as high as 7200 sheets in an hour. Impressive, right? That’s what’s great about doing things manually.

Don’t even think for a second that simply because it’s a manual folder is an impossible task to use it. Not at all. Two knobs are available to offer you a precise adjustment, and you’ll be able to use them easily with.

Apart from that, it’s not only letters, but. Billing statements, brochures, flyers or whatever you want to call it. With this machine for storing brochures, you can fold all of it in the most simple manner.

To make things easier for you, the designers have included two charts that are easy to follow included with the machine. These charts will show you where you can place the folders with ease.

If you find papers that have the wrong size, you’ll be able to modify it by making minor adjustments using the knobs included. Additionally, it is possible to create custom folds too.

After the paper has been removed from the printer, it are able to make use of the feed tray to store up to 500 sheets. With the help of the 4-digit LCD counter that records all counts in a precise manner. Overall, this model right here is the best choice to consider if you’re planning an enterprise-level venture.

Key Features:

  • The machine is able to fold up to 7200 sheets at a time.
  • Two knobs are available to provide you with the ability to make fine adjustments.
  • It is possible to fold the letter bill statement flyer, brochure, and so on.
  • There are two easy-to follow diagrams that will help you work with the machine.
  • It is possible to make minor adjustments to paper sizes that aren’t standard.
  • Four LCDs digital keep all the counts of papers.
  • The feed stray is able to store up to 500 sheets.

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9. United F100 Automatic Paper Folding Machine

There’s another brand worth noting. Speaking United, a brand for those who choose affordable and easy appearance machine for folding paper. The F100 is making waves on the market at the moment and offers all the ease of use you can get. It’s the perfect machine for small-scale projects.

When you hear about small-sized folding machines, we usually think of machines with low capacity. That’s the way you’ll find in the standard. But the F100 is a game changer in this regard. It can fill as much as 156 sheets each minute. That’s 9360 sheets every hour.

If your paper falls within the size of 11.5 inches to 14, you’re ready to go. But the greatest part is that you’ll have 4 fold options to pick from.

Don’t forget our LCD control panel however. It is equipped with a 3-digit setting that keeps all the numbers on the sheet. It is also possible to reset the settings whenever you want.

If you’re looking for the durability of your machine, you don’t have to scream “Pftt!” simply because the machine is smaller-sized and compact machine. It will withstand the most extreme abuses for a long time. Due to its design it is able to be kept in your kitchen even if you have some space issues.

Key Features:

  • It can take at least 156 sheets per minute.
  • Compatible with paper that is 11 to 14 inches long.
  • LCD control panel that keeps the sheets count.
  • The machine is lightweight and compact in size.
  • It has improved strength and durability.

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10. Dynafold DE42FC Document Folder Machine

We’ll conclude the review of the paper folding machine section by reviewing the Dynafold DE42FC. It’s a commercial grade folding machine that has been a hit with thousands , if not millions. Why is it different to other junk? This is what we’re going to explain to you.

This machine folds paper equipped with a jam-detection system. This means that if papers are jammed in the then you’ll be notified immediately. Additionally, you’ll find other sensors , similar to that of the Eject Sensor.

The most unique feature can be found in the control feature it is equipped with. Contrary to other models, you can adjust your machine’s speed in accordance with the requirements of your. At full speed it can be loaded up to 500 sheets at a time.

The aspect that you will not be using any fanning papers is the cherry on top of course. This is because the model from Dynafold is totally self-adjusting in altering the thickness of the papers.

Additionally, the manufacturer has added some enhancements to its feeding systems to ensure the performance remains at its best.

While you won’t get any control panel that is digital that comes with it, you’ll discover the push button quite useful. Press this button, and your machine will begin folding your paper for you. In terms of delivering papers in a hurry, you can expect to receive around 9000 sheets in one hour.

Key Features:

  • Commercial grade folding machine for commercial use.
  • It comes equipped with an automatic jam detector, as well as an the eject sensor.
  • You can regulate the speed to meet your preferences.
  • The printer can load up to 500 sheets simultaneously.
  • There’s no need to the paper to be fanned.
  • The self-adjusting mechanism can adjust the papers on its own.
  • Simple push-to-start button that you can work with.
  • The company can provide up to 9000 pages within an hour.

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The Paper Folding machine Buying Guide

The simple act of deciding to purchase the paper folding machine without being able to purchase it won’t do much good. It is essential that you’re aware of what specifications you should be looking for prior to buying. If you do not, you run the likelihood of purchasing the wrong item. To avoid this from happening, occur, here are the factors to think about prior to buying a paper folding machine.


The more folding options or, perhaps, options the greater the options. There are paper folding machines that only make letters folds. Others may choose Z folds French folds, baronial triple parallel, tri fold machine, etc. So, if you have the option opt for the model that has various options.

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Look Up The Paper Size and the Weight It’s Compatible with.

If the machine you purchase isn’t suitable for the weight and size of the paper you’re planning to fold, it’ll be a snub. When you realize this when the paper is becoming blocked inside.

This is the reason you must check out the weight and size the folding machine will work with. If you feel it is attractive enough for your needs it, then go for it. There’s a plus but. There are a few foldable papers that are able to handle papers, even if they aren’t in the standard sizes. If you’re able to obtain these machines, it’s the best thing to happen.

Test to determine if it’s self-adjusting.

The process of adjusting your paper by yourself is bound to cause you to have a difficult time. This is the result when you do it manually. This is why we prefer machines that can be automated in the first place.

It is recommended to get your hands on the folding machine with self-adjusting functions. This way, you will not struggle to get your perfect folded. In addition the manual folding machines available which have an auto-adjusting mechanism, although the whole process isn’t fully automated.

Capacity for Load

More sheets that you load, the greater. If you have a folding machine that is equipped with a large capacity to load, you won’t have to load your papers every now and then by itself.

Choose a machine that can load up to 500 sheets simultaneously. This will make your job simpler and you will not have to waste a lot of time.


We can tell the speed of the machine through the number of sheets the machine gives us. This is why it is important to opt for a folding machine that produces the most sheets every minute or hour. The top paper folders offer around 1000 sheets an hour. It’s possible to go with smaller volumes for projects that are not big.

The Top Three Folding Machine Brands Available On The Market

Martin Yale

There was a chance that we’d talk about Martin Yale at first, you think? Yes, you’re right. Martin Yale industries have been creating top-quality folding machines for paper since the 1940s, and have been able to keep up with the demands of the present. If you’re looking for a trusted name that has a solid brand loyalty, we suggest that you choose Martin Yale with your eyes shut.


Sparco is a brand to consider when you require a quality product and affordable price. The brand has been making papers folding machines as well as library essentials for years and is famous for their small-sized machines that nobody has to empty their bank account.

Pitney Bowes

It’s an American firm which has been in first position for many years. They’ve earned their name by providing mail services and other equipment. And guess who was the company’s founder? That’s Arthur Pitney …..THE ARTHUR Pitney, who invented of the postage meter is available for purchase.

The brand is partnered together with Martin Yale sometimes to produce the finest papers folders from time time.

What are the advantages of Making use of paper folding machines?

You might be asking what the reason to use an equipment for folding paper. There are a few obvious advantages.

More time, better productivity

If you fold your papers by hand, it can require a considerable amount of time. This means that you’ll be able to cut down on efficiency. If you’re using an equipment for folding paper, you’ll be able fold your papers in a shorter amount of time. In the end, you’ll reduce your energy consumption as becoming more efficient.

Excellent Quality

To create a seamless design papers folding machines are able to assist you. When you fold paper by hand it is possible to spot mistakes. But since the only task of the machine is folding paper, it is able to handle it with precision.

Saving Money

There are some papers folding machines will cost an arm and a leg. However, you can purchase the cheapest ones, and they’ll at most cost you less money than the individuals you choose to hire to do the work. Imagine having to pay a lot of money to five individuals. You can accomplish it all on your own using a single machine to fold paper.

People Also asked( FAQs)

1. How Do I Create A Double Parallel Fold?

Answer: To do this first, you’ll need divide the piece in two. After that, you’ve have to fold it back in half and ensure you make sure you fold with the exact same orientation. If you’d like your paper to align precisely how you would like it to it is necessary to ensure that the two sections inside are slightly thinner than the other both.

2. How Does a Paper Folding Machine Function?

Answer Paper folding machines aren’t exactly an intricate device to use. It comes with two sheets of paper, one that folds, and a tiny motor, wheels to move the paper, and a few rollers.Though it is true that the process of one machine might differ from the other, here’s the general way in which they operate.

  • The machine is equipped with wheels. It uses them to draw the paper.
  • Then, the initial plate of the folding machine pulls the paper forward and back. The process continues until the paper is placed on the second plate for folding.
  • When this process is complete when the rubber has cooled, it begins to roll and create delicate folds on the paper.
  • Then, the paper folding machine will deliver the paper, and the folded paper is placed onto the tray.


This is everything you need to know about the most efficient machine for folding paper. If you’ve read the reviews and made notes on these features, then we’re certain that you’ve picked the right one. This is what’s important. We’ve chosen the best of the best, and there are thousands of products available today.

If you’re interested to ask for help, then you could consult your family or friends who are experienced with folding machines. We’re confident that they’ll agree with our picks. If you’re satisfied with our selections What do you have to lose? Now is the time to fold your paper to the professional standard and you’ll discover it to be a piece of cake.

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