9 Best Pan For Dosa (September 2022) Reviews

If you are a fan of Indian food, there’s no way to not have been familiar with dosa. The crepes that have a crispy exterior and tasty fillings are taking the culinary world to the next level.

There are many different variations of the dosa. Some are soft, while others are crisp, others are spicy, and others are nutritious. The one thing all dosa variations have in common is the method by which they are prepared.

Whatever batter you make to make dosa, you’ll need the correct pan to be flawlessly.

If you don’t have the right pan to cook dosa it’s impossible to get the crispy exterior with a chewy interior. If you’re thinking of making some dosas at home, then you should first get the correct equipment.

The right tawa or pan to cook this dish isn’t as simple as it sounds. This is why we assist you to locate the best device.

What is a Tawa Or Tava?

Tawas appear very like a wok, or cooking pan. Tawas are a frequently used gadget for Indian cuisine. While they are most commonly seen throughout Asia however, you may be able to find these on the menus of Caribbean or Balkans cultural practices.

A traditional dosa tawa is built from the heavy cast iron. With proper care the tawa will be used for many years.

There are more modern alternatives being offered today, which are made using copper or stainless steel. But they’re not as long-lasting as cast iron black ones.

The product is available in various sizes. It is able to be just 10 inches up to as big as 30 inches.

You can make use of this appliance to cook vegetables meat dosa, stir fry or even to bake bread..

Tawas are able to be utilized in an upside-down position too. A lot of people still cook flatbreads with the inverted side of a tawa, in small villages in Asia.

Anything that has to be cooked at an even temperature can be cooked using a tava.

Top 9 Best Pan For Dosa 2022

1. The Lodge Seasoned Cast iron Pan to use for Dosa Making

The first item we’ve discovered in our quest to find the most effective dosa pan is this one by Lodge.

Lodge has been producing top-quality cookware for a long time. When you purchase the Lodge pan you can be sure of quality.

We placed this item at the first on our list because it is pre-seasoned. Therefore, there’s no need to smoke oil around your home with this foundry-seasoned product.

The products that have been pre-seasoned and nonstick are simple to use. People who are new into the culinary world are able to learn a lot from this gadget.

Whatever cooking surface you’ve got it will perform on it. It is possible to take the pan along when you travel. It can be used on outdoor grills, campfires as well as regular stoves that are portable also.

Since the tawa is safe to baking in an oven it is possible to make use of it for more than making dosas. Roast vegetables, roast meat or even cook your breakfast eggs all in the same pan!

A spacious 10.5-inch cooking surface provides ample space to move food around. Cast iron made of the highest quality The product is durable and will last for many years.

Key Features::

  • A pan with a variety of uses that can be used to stir fry, saute as well as baking.
  • Broad 10.5-inch cooking space
  • The unit is safe to place into the oven.
  • It is pre-seasoned at the foundry.
  • Cast iron construction of high quality.

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2. Hawkins/Futura Nonstick Dosa Tava/Griddle

Aluminum is a fantastic material to choose for buying dosa pans. However, the main concern people have about this metal is the possibility of rust.

It is made of anodized aluminum and the Hawkins griddle is free of getting rusty. With the advantages of aluminum’s light weight and nimble, it can also minimize the risk of corrosion.

Models with a more robust construction like this are perfect for dosa. Since a stronger construction can cause even heating, there’s zero risk of overheating and there is no danger of food burning within the product.

To ensure that you are in the safest possible manner the handle of the product is equipped with the feature of staying cool. The handle is able to be handled with your hands without risking burning.

Because of the non-stick characteristic on the tawa it is possible to prepare healthier food items. There is no need to soak your food with oil.

A diameter of 13 inches allows users to maneuver the batter with ease. You can make bigger dosas that have more filling! Flat surface, as makes the dosa better in the making of Indian crepes, flatbread and chapatis.

With a weight of just 3 pounds it isn’t an issue to move with. They are also safe to keep in hanging places. The combination of these different features makes it the most suitable tawa for dosa to many.

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Key Features::

  • Anodized aluminum construction which does not rust.
  • Handles for heat safes with protection against burns
  • Large 13 inch diameter for larger dosas
  • The weight of the item is only about 3 lbs. It is simple to move
  • The design is thick to ensure even heating

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3. Cuisinel Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

Cast-iron dosa pans are superior to stainless steel options if are an experienced cook. If you have the right spice mix, dosas prepared using casting iron cookware can be superior.

This product is the top dosa pan that offers uniform heat distribution. The thickness is in the sweet spot which is neither too heavy and not too thin. Therefore, even though the pan is very hot but it won’t scorch your food.

Because of the control of heat, your home-cooked dosas are as crisp as those you’ll find in restaurants.

Another great thing regarding Cuisinel cast-iron pizza pan is it can be used with open flames, barbecue grills and even normal home stoves. This cookware is versatile and ideal to have on hand.

The handles on both sides of the pan help you carry the pan more easily. Because the surface for cooking isn’t flat, you may also make use of the pan to make pizzas or for stir-frying.

You can add additional seasoning to your model if you want, but the model comes already seasoned. The ability to use non-stick on the device grows with every use.

Key Features::

  • A slightly curved tawa can also be used to make a pizza dish
  • Durable cast iron build
  • Handles were added to both sides of the unit.
  • Over the open flame, on the grill and over the grill safe cookware
  • Factory-seasoned for easy of use
  • The non-stick function is enhanced with usage

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4. Cuisinart 623-24

A small dosa pan within your kitchen is helpful for a variety of reasons. First, it’s light and can be stored more easily.

The tawa could also be used to make single portions of crepes, dosas, or even frying eggs. It is a versatile device with many applications!

Simply because the model is made of aluminum does not mean the tawa isn’t strong. The aluminum used to make the model is not porous and anodized. You don’t have to be concerned about water damage when using this Tawa.

A long stainless-steel handle will make it easy for you to move the appliance from one location to another. They also remain cool and cool while cooking.

Cooks who are passionate about cooking healthy food will find this product beneficial. It has a quantanium-infused interior layer that has been reinforced by titanium meaning you don’t require a lot of oils to maintain your pan and food separated.

The slightly elevated rims on one side stop the juices from spilling out. Even though the flat cooking surface is not completely gone the rims with tapered edges aid in keeping your kitchen spotless.

One of the most important advantages of aluminum pans is how simple to clean. The Cuisinart pan is cleanable using regular dish soap.

Key Features::

  • Quantanium is added to the interior to make cooking easier cooking with non-stick.
  • Long stainless steel stays-cool handles
  • Smaller 10-inch personal-sized dosa tawa
  • Anodized and non-porous aluminum construction
  • Simple clean-up using warm water and dish soap
  • The rim is slightly elevated to avoid spills

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5. Victoria Cast Iron Pan

The reason that people stay clear of cast iron pans or skillets is that they require to be prepared. Luckily, this model is already seasoned so that you don’t need to go through the trouble.

Utilizing fresh and high-quality flaxseed oil, the unit has been cooked at various high temperatures. The oil the manufacturer utilized is completely non-GMO, and is safe for you. The use of flaxseed oil can create a natural taste within the cooking pan.

Flaxseed oil spice can increase the effectiveness of the pan, resulting in an all-natural non-stick coating after every use.

Loop handles make making this Victoria cast-iron pan much easier. You have greater control over the tawa , and you can move it around the stove. This means that with this item on fingertips, you don’t have to buy any additional utensils to distribute your dosa.

A large dosa pot as one might be beneficial for families with a large number of children to feed. Being able to prepare huge dosas in one go can help you save time.

As it is a 15-inch skillet constructed of cast iron and cast iron, you can cook with the cookware making pizzas as well as lasagnas cookies, pizzas and many other dishes.

The multi-functional tool could be employed in the oven as well as on a grill or on the stovetop for cooking all kinds of food.

Key Features::

  • 15 inches of casting iron cooktop
  • Loop handle that makes it easy to use
  • Pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil
  • It ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the cooking process.
  • 6-inch wide handle

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6. Vinod MT30 Nonstick Flat Tawa

Are you looking for a non-stick skillet for cooking your dosas? It’s the Vinod MT30 might just be what you’re looking for.

This model isn’t just similar to any other common non-stick pan or skillet. It comes with three non-stick coatings. When we say there is no need for cooking oil We mean it.

A dosa pan made from ceramic as such is compatible with induction stoves as well as other sources of heat.

The construction of virgin aluminum allows for more rapid heating. The dosa pan that comes with an induction cooktop is Swiss top of the line. With frequent use, you won’t notice any scratches on the pan’s surface.

Cleaning these units is also a lot easier. A gentle wash cloth and a small amount of dish soap is all you require to clean the food stuck to the surface.

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While you shouldn’t employ any sharp tools on pans with non-stick coatings, this pans are coated with an abrasion resistant coating to ensure your safety.

The abrasion-resistant features keep your pan looking new for a long period of time. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefit of using spoons made of metal on the tawa , without causing any damage to your tawa.

The base’s thickness of 4mm improves the durability of the product, in addition to providing heating evenly.

Key Features::

  • Abrasion-resistant coating is added
  • 3 coats of nonstick
  • It can be used by using a metal spoon
  • 4mm thick at its base to ensure toughness
  • Induction stove compatibility

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7. ESLITE LIFE 9.5 Inch Crepe Pan

This is an exclusive product. Made from stainless steel and an emerald-colored coating over the its top.

The coating can be great for those who wish to stay clear of oily foods. It is not necessary to put oil on the tawa so that you can flip your chapatis and dosa into one piece.

The granite coating also offers you the ability to clean it easily. Any sponge wet with mild dishwashing soap can be well-equipped to clean this cookware.

Since food doesn’t stick on the surface of the device, there’s little to wash at all. But, keep in mind that this dishwasher is not a good choice.

The Bakelite handle will not heat up no the time you cook it. If you accidentally touch the handle accident, there is no chance of burning your hand.

With a weight of around 2lbs. with weight, this item can be moved from the counter to the oven, or to other locations without breaking the sweat.

Its surface is smooth and as perfect as can be. You can be assured that your dosas will come out perfectly cooked when using this pan.

Key Features::

  • A smooth tawa surface to make crispy dosas
  • Food particles don’t adhere to the surface
  • Protected from heat Bakelite handle
  • Sturdy stainless steel material that has granite-coated surface
  • Simple cleaning with a moist sponge

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8. Lodge Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned and Sealed Dosa Making Pan

When asked’what’s the secret to making deliciously crisp and light dosas? Most vendors will answer, high temperatures. High temperatures can provide crisp that is professional quality, but it needs to be controlled to ensure that the food is not burned.

If you’re a master in cooking the perfect meal, then you’ll be delighted with this pan. Cast-iron cookware is well-known for its ability to hold onto the heat. It is able to get hot and stays warm for a long period of time. Thus, your dosas are excellent each time.

As I mentioned before, Lodge makes great skillets and fry pans. Therefore, even with this model it is durable. Get the pan and it will last for several years.

Large handles have been put in to every side. In this way, you will have more control and grip on the tawa.

In the case of seasoning, manufacturers offer it ready-to-use with vegetable oil. There’s no unwanted taste that can be found in your food.

Key Features::

  • Secure grip handle for greater control over the Tawa
  • Vegetable oil seasoning to avoid undesirable flavor enhancement
  • Quickly warms up and then keep the heat on
  • Flat surface for easier distribution of batter for dosa

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9. De Buyer – Mineral B Crepe & Tortilla Pan

Are you worried that your stainless steel cookware becoming from oxidization? With this pan, there’s no reason to worry about the possibility of oxidation.

A special beeswax coating keeps the pan safe from rust. Furthermore, the coating will not harm food items. It is now possible to use stainless steel pans for a long time as the cast iron pans.

To protect the environment To ensure safety, the model is PFOA and PTFE-free. There are no harmful chemical substances in this model!

Constructed in France The model was designed by taking into consideration the needs of professional cooks. The handle is not heat-resistant, however it is a long and slim. Because the handle can be easily grabbed it’s quicker to cook and move things about on the surface.

Steel pans that are made from carbon require some assistance in the lubrication department. It is necessary to add some type liquid oil into the pot prior to when you begin cooking, or else the dosa may stick. You can also try seasoning the pan for a lasting non-stick finish.

Key Features::

  • PFOA and PTFE no design
  • Engineered in France to provide high-end cooking
  • Long handles and easy-grip handles to facilitate pan-movement
  • Finish of Beeswax to prevent oxidation
  • Put it in an oven at 400 degrees

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What Should You Look for at before purchasing Dosa Pans? Dosa Pan?


Pans today are constructed from diverse kinds of material. A few of the most commonly used pan materials are

1. Cast Iron:

Cast iron dosa pan is the ideal choice when you’re looking for toughness. It’s strong and sturdy. With uniform heat distribution, the devices made of this material won’t deliver a dosa that isn’t perfectly.

However, the durability comes at the price of weight increase. The process of moving a cast iron pan in the kitchen location to another is not easy. Cleaning, seasoning and maintaining the pan could take a lot of time.

In spite of all the negatives this material is thought to be the top dosa pan pan material due to its capability to provide perfectly crisp dosas each and every time.

2. Stainless Steel:

Pans made from stainless steel aren’t so sturdy. They are among the more modern pans that were designed to address the problem of burdens on cast iron pans.

It’s an excellent purchase for those who make dosas every once every once in a while. There is an increased chance that you’ll have to replace your stainless steel tawa every eight months. In addition they are also more durable to keep clean.

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3. Aluminum:

It is a fantastic heating conductor. A pan made of aluminum can help make Dosas of high quality due to the fact that it can even heat.

But, if you do anything acidic in an aluminum pot, there’s the possibility of corrosion.

Anodized aluminum, on contrary, is generally processed through an electrolyte bathing process. The current of electricity flows through the aluminum to ensure it doesn’t get rusty easily.

The primary reason people choose to invest into aluminum, or even anodized aluminum, is the fact that it is extremely light and is easy to work with.


Dosas in the past were prepared using an oven-proof pan. A damp cloth that was soaked in oil was rolled across the Tawa so that the outside of the dosa becomes crisp.

The processhowever led to an upper layer breaking off. This could result in various health risks to our digestive tract.

It is for this reason that people are more inclined to buy nonstick pans. Nonstick cookware allows you to cook healthier meals since there isn’t much oil required.

We suggest purchasing an oven that is non-stick for healthy choices with crispness that rivals restaurant quality.

Diameter And Thickness

Pans purchased to use at home come in a variety of sizes.

Dosa is a popular dish to make. You require a large pot. It is necessary put the dosa batter slightly on the pan. If you have a small pan, this can be a challenge.

Thus, a bigger size in terms of the making of dosas, can be more effective choice.

Be sure to take the dimensions of the stove you are buying in your mind when buying. A pan that is too big may not work on the stove you have at home.

The products that are too thick will take longer to warm up. Tawas that are thin could overheat and scorch your dosa.

Health Measures

If you’re buying a nonstick pan, make sure the pan is free of PFOA. It was a common chemical in coatings for non-stick. Then, research exposed its drawbacks.

Exposure to PFOA can cause health problems like cancer. Even though high temperatures cause the volatilization of PFOA it is not recommended to be taking any risks and choose safer options when it comes to your health.

Secure Handles

While cooking, there’s the possibility that you’ll be able to handle the tawa using your naked hands. This is usually the case when you’re in a rush.

The cooking appliances with handles that resist heat are always the best choice. If your pan doesn’t come with this ensure that your handle has a long length.

The slim handle makes gripping or moving your pot effortless. Make sure that the handle can support any weight that the pan may have.

Most frequently asked questions and answers:

1. What Type Of Tawa Is Suitable For Making Dosa?

Answer: The best tawa for making dosa is one that’s non-stick with a medium-sized thickness. Non-stick means that the dosa won’t stick on the pan and cause mess. Also, it means that you’ll use less oil in your cooking.

The thickness medium ensures that the oven heats up quickly, but it doesn’t overheat and cause burning to your food.

2. How Do I Care For the Cast-Iron Pan?

Answer: The best way to clean a cast iron pan is to soak in hot water for at least an overnight. In the morning, you can mix a mixture of water and coarse or kosher salt to wash away any food particles that are stuck to the pan.

Do not use detergents for dishwashing, detergents as well as steel wool, on the cast-iron cookware.

3. What is the reason why My Dosa Keep Fraying?

Answer: No worries it’s not broken because of a damaged pan. Dosas are more susceptible to break if batter is too wet. Find you rice flour, and the spice-to-water ratio right and you will be left with perfectly solid round dosas.

4. How Do I Create Dosa on a Pan That isn’t Non-Stick?

Answer: While this may be an extremely difficult job but it’s not impossible.

You can cook food in a skillet that is non-stick by adding a substantial amounts of olive oil. Sprinkle the pan with seasonings prior to cooking to avoid cooking your food to overcook.

This method is helpful when there isn’t access an oven that isn’t stick-free. Tawa.

5. Is A Granite Pan Good For Making Dosa?

Answer The dosa pan made of ceramic or granite can be very useful when making dosas. Since they are non-stick in their construction folding and flipping the dosas is much simpler with these tawas.

6. Which Dosa Is Healthful?

Answer A: Any dosa with the flour ingredient substituted for something more nutritious will be healthier for you. Certain people opt for coconut flour or oat flour as an alternative to rice and all-purpose flours to make their own dosas.

Dosas made of just rice and lentils is referred to as sada dosa. It’s considered to be a healthy alternative.

Wrapping up!

Making a quality dosa demands a top quality cooking equipment. There’s no reason to spending so much time in making and preparing the batter in the absence of the proper equipment for making your dosa.

The possibilities of achieving perfect results without the most effective pan for dosa is nearly impossible.

We’ve provided several sizes and options of materials in our tawa collection. Hope you find the right one.

What are you wasting time to do? Purchase a brand-new tawa and begin flipping the perfect dosas right at home!

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