5 Best Overnight Pull Ups for Heavy Wetters (September 2022) Reviews

It is very frustrating to wake up to find your baby’s bedding wet and their bedding stained with urine the next morning. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the cold night your child had to endure. You want your child to get a good night’s sleep.

You might wonder if it is the pull-up’s absorbency or if toddlers urinate more than infants. However, it can be difficult to get super absorbent and leakproof pull-ups.

We have researched for you and found the top overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters. You don’t want your child to wake up to a falling waterfall.

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Our Top 3 Recommendations

  1. Huggies Pull-ups Night Time Training Pants
  2. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear
  3. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

Reviews of the Best Overnight Pull-Ups for Heavy Wetters

1. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

Pampers easy-ups are training pants that look and feel like regular underwear but are absorbent.

The waistband is super flexible and fits comfortably around the waist. It is easy to pull up or down for toddlers. Huggies pull-ups have velcro sides that can open mid-way. This is a great alternative. To avoid pulling the sides down during changing, you can easily open them.

Pampers has done an excellent job ensuring your baby has a safe and comfortable night. To soak up more liquid, they have additional absorbing channels. They also have dual leak guards on the thighs to prevent any leakage.

The top layers of the fabric feel like cotton underwear, and they are also made from a soft silky material. They also come in fun characters that both girls and boys can use. These are the best options if you’re looking for an absorbent, comfortable, leakproof pull-up for nighttime or on trips.

These will make it so your baby won’t have to shout for you when they need your assistance at night. Because they look almost exactly like underwear, they are easy to wear and aren’t embarrassing.


  • Fitting for a comfortable 360-degree stretchy waistband
  • Dual leak guards protect against leakage
  • Extra absorbing channels


  • Sides that are not refastenable
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My Verdict – I highly recommend Pampers night training pants for anyone looking for overnight pull-ups similar to underwear. They are super absorbent, form-fitting, and will not leak overnight.

2. Huggies Pull-ups Nighttime Training Pants

A toddler who isn’t yet potty-trained and leaks through their overnight diapers. Huggies Pull-ups Nighttime Training Pants are what you need. These pants are more absorbent than regular pull-ups and have easy-to-open velcro sides. They also come in fun designs.

These are water-resistant, and your baby will not have to worry about leaking. They have a higher absorbency at the bottom to hold more liquid. It is okay if your child has a glass of milk in the evening before bed.

They are super elastic and can be pulled up or down easily if they get up to use the toilet. They are also suitable for daycare because they are easily refastenable, open-able velcro sides. They won’t rip open when you put them on.

The best part is that Huggies pull-ups are fun and have cute designs printed. They are suitable for both boys as well as girls. They feature Disney superhero characters for boys and princess characters for girls. You can have a great conversation before bed with your child.

The Huggies pull-up nighttime pants are great because they are absorbent and have easy-open sides. They also come in fun designs. For a tight-fitting, make sure you measure.


  • Regular pull-ups are more absorbent than regular ones
  • Have velcro sides
  • Come in cute, fun designs


  • For babies with sensitive skin, the velcro can scratch the skin.

My Verdict – For moms who want overnight pull-ups that won’t leak, these Huggies pull-ups night will please.

3. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear for Heavy Wetters- Boys

Each child learns potty training at different times in their life. It isn’t easy to get large-sized bedwetting pull-ups because most brands do not offer overnight pull-ups after 5T.

Goodnites’ bedwetting underwear gives your child the confidence to go to bed at night without worrying about getting up in the morning to have an accident.

They are extremely absorbent and have five-layer protection to soak up as much liquid as possible. They have double leak guards around the perimeter to stop any overnight leaks.

These Goodnites bedwetting pants are suitable for any side or stomach sleeper. They also have odor-locking absorption that locks in urine smell.

Goodnites are available in two styles for boys and girls. To accommodate anatomic differences, the boy’s version comes with extra padding at the front. You can also have fun superhero prints printed on them.

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They are extremely stretchy and fit perfectly. XS 9 28-45 pounds) S-M (38- 65pounds), L-XL ( over 60 pounds). Goodnites are a great option for children who have outgrown 5T pull-ups. Booster pads are not necessary to increase absorbency. These pads have more absorbent layers and fit snugly. They are also leakproof.


  • Super absorbent, 5 layers of protection
  • Form-fitting and soft
  • Technology to lock odors
  • For older bedwetting kids


  • Regular pull-ups are more expensive than regular ones.
  • Available in smaller sizes

My Verdict: The Goodnites bedwetting pants are essential for children who haven’t mastered nighttime toilet training. This underwear will give you the confidence to go to bed without worrying about a wet morning.

4. Pampers Underjams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Girls

Pampers are less noticeable than Goodnites. They are made from a cloth-like material that doesn’t squish and is not easily scratched. They are also low in waist, so no one will notice your child wearing them. Older children who haven’t yet mastered nighttime potty training will have more privacy.

You can rest assured that your baby will sleep soundly with Underjams. They have nightlock technology that will quickly lock away moisture and keep the top layer dry. They are made to feel like underwear so that the skin can breathe.

They also have an ultra-absorbent core that locks out the wetness. If you’re looking for a soft yet absorbent pull-up for your older child, we recommend Underjams.


  • Ultra-absorbent core
  • Distinctive cloth-like material
  • Night lock technology to protect a dry core


  • Not the best absorbency

My Verdict: Pampers Underjams are a great choice for sensitive skin. They have a cloth-like feel and night lock technology that locks away moisture fast.

5. Sposie Booster Pads

If your child is still leaking through the pull-up brands, you can try all the ones we mentioned. If your child continues to leak through the pull-ups, you might consider purchasing a Spoosie booster pad to provide extra absorbency.

This adds to diapering costs. This will not last long as the goal is to have them potty trained overnight as soon as possible. These will help prevent leaks and minimize the laundry you need to wash.

They come in size 6 and are available in both adhesive- and non-adhesive versions. This can reduce the liquid they need to go to bed.


  • To pull-ups, add extra absorbency
  • Available up to size 6
  • Use adhesive to keep them in place
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  • These add to the price of purchasing pull-ups

My Verdict Although diapering can be expensive, there are other options. These are great if you have enough pull-ups to absorb the water.

Important FAQs about Best Overnight Pull-Ups For Heavy Wetters

  • Do Pampers Easy-Ups work well for overnight use?

You can use Pampers Easy-Ups overnight. They are very form-fitting and comfortable to pull up and down.

  • Are pull-ups more absorbent than diapers?

They are more absorbent than regular diapers. These are made to provide a baby with a wet feeling, so they can learn how to potty train faster. Some pull-ups are super absorbent, such as Goodnites, for older children still learning to use the potty.

  • Are pull-ups the same as potty training

Potty training is a process. Pull-ups are one way to do it. This is not intended to confuse the baby. It’s all about your preference and how your child learns best. Pull-ups and underwear can be introduced immediately.

  • Which Pampers Easy Ups is better? Huggies Pull-ups or Pampers Easy Ups?

Pampers easy-ups feel more like regular underwear than Huggies pull-ups. They have velcro sides that allow for easy opening, especially for daycare. Pamper’s easy-ups are more comfortable than Huggy’s pull-ups because they are more fitted and easy to pull down.

  • What is the largest size Pampers Pull-Ups

5T is the largest size for Pull-ups, and it fits children 38lbs or more. For children who are 6 or more, you can get bedwetting underwear like Goodnites and Underjams.

  • Are Goodnites more effective than Pull-Ups?

Goodnites are more absorbent than Pull-Ups and have leak guards. However, they are only available for sizes greater than 5T. For an absorption comparison, please see the video below.


Your toddler can no longer wake up wet and soaked if they are not yet potty-trained. You can confidently put your toddler to bed and have them dry by using the best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters.

Huggies Overnight Pull-Ups are perfect for daycare due to their velcro open sides and Pampers Easy ups for a more comfortable 360-degree fit. Goodnites bedwetting underwear is for kids wearing pull-ups larger than 5T.

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