11 Best Omelette Spatula (October 2022) Reviews

What’s more satisfying than a delicious omelet to start your day? If you finish it with tomato and avocado dressings, you’ll be eating a delicious breakfast.

However, when you think about it, you may be able to agree that the method of preparation is what determines the final result. A poorly-made spatula for instance can result in poor results.

With the most effective spatulas for omelettes, you’ll be in a position to effectively lift and flip your omelettes or pancakes, tortillas eggs, fish fillet or whatever else you’re cooking. The spatula is top-quality and food-grade. It will not melt or break and protects your food from scorching heat.

If you’d like to steer clear of the rubbish and invest in an excellent, simple-to-use spatula for omelets, this review below is for you.

Top 11 Best Omelette Spatula 2022

1. Di Oro Chef Series Flexible Silicone Omelette Flipper

Di Oro is a producer and retailer of cooking equipment and cooking equipment, with a large client number in US. Being among the most highly rated brands in this market, their products have been featured on TV shows such as the American Test Kitchen.

If you are looking for the most effective egg-based spatulas to use, heat resistance is just one of the most important aspects to be considered.

There’s nothing more annoying than a tool that is excessively hot while in use. Also, more dangerous and irritating is the situation in which the spatula spits out plastic due to the intense temperatures while you’re using it.

In this regard, Di Oro presents you with a product that shields your hands from scorching heat. The handle is made from an extremely heat-resistant plastic. With this handle, which is rated at 600 degrees of temperature resistance, you don’t need to be concerned about the parts melting.

A great spatula has the perfect balance of the flexibility and rigidity. Di Oro offers a unit constructed of premium-quality flexible silicone. It bends slightly for the purpose of flipping the omelets, however it is extremely rigid to ensure stable operation.

In terms of the material, it is food-grade and conforms to standards. This means that it is free of BPA. The spatula is also certified with LFBG certification as safe for food preparation.

Have you ever had a problem where the egg’s white remained stuck to the spatula? This is a very frustrating situation that makes it difficult to make the perfect egg omelette. But wait a minute! By using this Di Oro spatula it is not necessary to worry about this.

The material is completely non-stick, which allows you to cook your perfect egg, hamburgers or eggs, or whatever else you’d like to cook.

It’s also an extremely user-friendly product. It’s the perfect dimension (11.8 inches wide) and it has an opening in the end of the handle to make it easier for you to place your thumb.

Key Features:

  • Food safe BPA-free silicone material that has LFGB certification.
  • It is heat resistant to 600 degF . No more flippers that melt.
  • The handle is made of plastic and insulating, keeping your hands safe from scorching heat.
  • Non-stick material.
  • Steel shaft reinforced for durability and strength.
  • The perfect balance of flexibleness and rigidity.
  • Dishwasher secure.
  • Hanging loop to store things easily.

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2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Omelette turner

To provide your home with everyday use products, OXO Stores is a brand that you can count on. It offers top-quality products within the field, ranging from pastry and baking tools to spatulas, cocktail shakers, and other spatulas.

If you’re looking for the ideal omelette turner you may want to look into OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Turner. OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Turner.

The distinctive feature in this particular product lies with the dimensions for the spatula’s head. It measures approximately 7 inches tall and 4 inches broad. This is a large and long head that is great for longer foods like fish fillets or omelets.

Making omelets using a spatula is enjoyable. To be able to fully have fun the spatula that you’re using must be simple to use. It must be able to slide smoothly over the omelet and take it out effortlessly. This is contingent on the way it’s constructed.

One of the tools I’ve discovered that was designed to be easy in use it is called the OXO turner. It is a slim head that easily slides under the food. It is also large enough that it holds food with ease and allows for easy flipping.

Another benefit is the flexibility. The tendency to bend of the spatula is a great way to increase its ability to slide beneath the food.

You’ll love the balance of the tool’s flexibility and solidity. It’s not the kind which can bend by itself. Instead, you must apply some pressure to get it to bend, as the material is soft and solid tool.

The head is made from silicon that is bonded with stainless steel. The silicone is BPA-free , and therefore safe to use. Additionally it won’t melt when cooking at high temperatures because it is extremely resisting heat.

Another thing that is amazing with the head made of silicone is its non-stick properties.

The tool also features a rubber-insulated handle. The hands won’t be scorched when you use the device.

Key Features:

  • Heads that are large enough for longer meals.
  • Head made of heat-resistant silicone that is bonded with stainless steel.
  • Flexible and soft, yet sufficient firmness.
  • The head made of silicone is not sticky.
  • A slim head that easily glides under the food.
  • Handle made of heat-insulated plastic.
  • The hole for hanging is located at the handle.
  • Dishwasher secure.

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3. Joseph Joseph Elevate Egg Spatula

Joseph Joseph is among the best-selling retailer on Amazon which offers a variety of products including appliances, cleaning supplies and home storage solutions. If you are looking for top-quality products and a quick suggestion of a brand not likely to disappoint, Joseph Joseph is it.

What is unique with this Joseph Joseph Elevate Egg Spatula is its simple design. It’s a compact and light unit that has an easy style. It is this, in part, that is what makes it such a low-cost product.

If you’re looking to save money and a basic style is all you require then this is the right choice for you.

Because of its simple design it can be utilized to fulfill a myriad of tasks. It can be used to mix eggs. You can also use it to make stir-fries in the cooker to flip eggs and eggs, add butter to toast, and complete various other tasks related to food preparation.

Let’s take a moment to consider the structure. The head is long and measures nearly 7 inches. Because it’s also wide with a diameter of close to 3 inches, it is ideal to hold food items such as eggs. The head is wide enough that cooking food is easy.

The thickness is important when you use spatulas. You need something sturdy, however, it should be able to penetrate the food. Luckily, there is an omelet spatula with a thin blade that can be used to cover your eggs, omelets, or hamburgers with ease.

The comfort of operation is also dependent on the type of handle. With this model you get a lengthy plastic handle that is not too thick or too thin. It’s a perfect handle and more importantly it’s non-slip.

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It’s good to know that the design is designed with safety in mind. In this respect the silicone head and the handle are BPA-free. It is also extremely resistant to heat, and has a an admeasurement of 520 degrees of resistance.

Key Features:

  • Rating of 520degF for heat resistance. No melting.
  • The head of silicone is flexible but firm.
  • Wide and long head is ideal for turning and scooping food items.
  • Beautiful design that adds a splash of color to your kitchen.
  • Affordably long and non-slip handle with a hole for hanging.
  • Simple design and reasonable price.

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4. Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set

For many professional and home chefs, Di Oro is the major changemaker in the cookware industry. Di Oro manufactures and offers the finest cookware and utensils that are user-friendly and safe.

If you’re in the market for the top omelet spoon then it’s the Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set is a worthy to consider. The name implies that this is a set consisting of 3 spatulas. It comes with a broad slotted spatula, a smaller unslotted one, and an narrow, slotted and bent spatula.

With these three tools you have, your needs will be taken into consideration. You can flip or scrape fold, saute and serve a range of dishes, including salads and eggs to tortillas and Omelets. The large unit is particularly helpful when it comes to bigger meals such as sausages, barbeque ribs chicken wings, barbeque ribs or fish fillets.

An ergonomic design is the reason why these spatulas are very useful. For example, the handles feature an elongated notch which allows you to place your thumb. The notch, when combined with the right size of the handle, allows you to use the spatulas as an easy task.

It can be extremely difficult to use an instrument that slides into your hands. However, a non-slip handle like the one found in these tools will make the job easier.

The handles are constructed of 100% silicone. And what’s more appealing?

It’s extremely heat-resistant which means you never need to worry about burning your hands.

The spatula head is composed of 100 100% silicone, is also extremely heat-resistant in fact, to a degree of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not the kind of material that melts under extreme heat.

The Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set is not just ergonomically-designed. Made from BPA-free material and are safe too. They’re also backed by FDA and LFGB certifications to prove it.

If you’re looking for a reasonable set of spatulas made from top-quality materials take a look.

Key Features:

  • 3 spatulas that are different in design to suit different requirements.
  • The ultimate heat resistance, up 600 degF.
  • Innovatively designed handles featuring the option of a thumb rest.
  • The handles have holes for hanging that can be hung from to ensure a stress-free storage.
  • BPA-free silicone construction to ensure quality as well as safety and endurance.

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5. Calphalon Whisking Fork and Omelette Turner Set

From cutlery and bakeware to turners and pans, Calphalon Store offers it all in the kitchenware category. It is a well-known brand that is sold on Amazon and is an ideal choice for those who require a balance of value and quality is desired.

Do you need a device to stir or whisk eggs and broth, as well as an excellent Omelette Turner? It’s time to check out what Calphalon Whisking Fork along with the Omelette Turner Set has to provide.

According to the title that the product comes with the whisking fork as well as the turner.

The most appealing thing about these tools is the fact that they’re well-made. The tools are made of nylon. However, it’s a high-quality nylon that is very durable. Because it is BPA-free it is safe for food preparation.

If you’re using non-stick cooking pans You might be worried about the possibility of cooking tools scraping off the pan’s surface. But remember that the kinds which scratch your pans are sharp ones. These two tools are sharp and well-made and well-made, they won’t scratch your pans..

The whisking fork also has beaded tines that are well-rounded to ensure that the fork won’t scratch your cookware in any way. In addition the beaded tines also provide the support needed when lifting food items.

To be able to efficiently get into the skillet to take omelets or other food you’re cooking, it has to be slim and narrow. This is exactly the style of the turner included as part of this set.

It’s about 2 inches or less and can be so small that crawling underneath eggs in order to raise them up is not a difficult task.

Key Features:

  • 400degF resistance to heat.
  • BPA-free nylon that is non-toxic for food preparation.
  • The material isn’t hot therefore it won’t burn your hands.
  • Beaded tines to ensure effective whisking and scratch protection.
  • The spatula is thin and narrow – can scoop and dip efficiently.

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6. Calphalon Nylon 2-Piece Omelette and Egg Set of Tools Set (Curved)

Are you a lover egg fried and omelets? There are two tools that you’ve need to make effortless the process of making these delicious dishes. You will need an instrument for whisking. This tool will be used to mix the eggs to an even consistency.

The second thing you’ll need is spatulas. This can be useful to flip the eggs, or omelet in order to ensure the eggs cook equally.

Why should you purchase the tools individually when you could purchase this Calphalon Nylon 2-Piece Egg and Omelette Tool Set? It comes with a top-quality whisking device and spatula for a reasonable cost.

One thing I adored about these two was they’re beautifully constructed. These are the kind of kitchen tools you’d love to the counter within your home kitchen. The silver and black colour scheme, along with the slight curve of the heads look fantastic.

Along with adding an aesthetics The curve also enhances the accessibility. The first is that the utensils are flexible. When you add that to the bent shape on the bodies, it is very easy to access the food items and then move it. This makes cooking very easy.

Another aspect that provides an excellent convenience is the dimension. The spatula measures 10.5 inches long , and two inches wide, while the fork measures 9.5 inches long and 2 inches wide.

In conjunction with the light and light weight The size is ideal to use.

The spatula and fork are made entirely of nylon. The material is however, high-quality and BPA-free that means these tools are safe for preparation of food. The risk of melting is eliminated since the material is 400 degF of heat resistance.

The final thing is that these utensils are non-stick, and therefore there is the least risk of scratching pans.

Key Features:

  • Two tools: two forks and a spatula.
  • Good heat resistance that goes up to 400°F.
  • Slim and curved for easy scooping.
  • Beaded fork to improve whisking, and also scratch prevention.
  • Hanging hole for storage.
  • Non-stick and dishwasher safe.

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7. OXO Flip and Fold Silicone Omelet Turner

This is yet another model of the well-known OXO brand. It’s the OXO Flip and Fold Omelet in Silicone Turner closely resembles that of the Joseph Joseph unit we’ve discussed in the past, with just some variations.

You can clearly see from the photo, this device is a simple shape that resembles an axe. However, the way it is made is a demonstration of absolute ingenuity. It’s made up of an inner core that is firm and an outer layer of silicone which extends all the way up to the edge.

The inner core gives the required firmness while the silicone component ensures there is sufficient flexibility. It bends easily and assists the spatula to slide under the food in order to raise it.

The shape of the item suggests, you should not shift the spatula to the side to scoop food. Instead, you’ll use an inverse move.

Spatulas are used to meet a variety of requirements. Sometimes we’re cooking eggs, and other times, it’s barbecuing the fish as well as roasting pork. In recognition of the various requirements you might have, OXO offers this spatula with two sizes.

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There’s a larger size, with the measurement of thirteen inches as well as a smaller version that is about 11 inches in length. The larger size is ideal for filleting fish. However smaller ones come in handy for cooking scrambled eggs.

Are you fed up of watching your spatulas melt under the heat of the high frying pan? A high-quality product such as the OXO turner that is also resistant to heat, will resolve the problem. It’s a premium silicone material that is resistant to heat up to a certain point.

The handle is also composed from a heat-resistant piece plastic that will keep your hands from hot. It comes with a hole which can be used to hang the unit from the kitchen.

Key Features:

  • A silicon heat that is impervious to high temperatures.
  • Flexible material that allows for easy glide beneath food.
  • Non-stick and non-slip to ensure comfortable handling.
  • Two different sizes to suit a variety of applications – 11 and 13 inches.

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8. Norpro Grip-Ez Pancake Spatula

When making pancakes and Omelets, one of your objectives is to ensure that the food doesn’t crack or break. However, without a sturdy spatula, you could be a bit tense each time you decide to flip an omelet or pancake.

So, let me introduce an item that can let you put an end to jaw-clenching while cooking food within the skillet. This Norpro Pancake Spatula is among of the most efficient broad-head turners I’ve encountered.

Let’s talk about the building.

First , the handle measures approximately 9 inches wide. This allows you to grasp the device and use it with ease. The grooves on the handles’ sides give you a good platform on which it is possible to rest your hands and make it even more comfortable.

Aside from that I would like to mention that the extended distance between your head and the gripping surface helps keep your hands protected from scorching heat and burns that can happen. It’s an extremely well-thought out design.

But, on the scale it is designed to be efficient. Its width is 6.5 inches and 4 inches of depth. It is enough to accommodate some pancakes or omelets. You can also rotate them in a safe manner without causing any breakage.

The large head is suitable for cooking in a large saucepan.

The thing that is amazing is that, even although the spatula is large it’s light and easy to use. It’s because, instead of being constructed from metal, it’s constructed using nylon.

It is non-stick and non-slip, and also heat-resistant and firm up to 400 degF.

Key Features:

  • Made of a tough but flexible, non-stick nylon material.
  • It has a beveled edge that is easy to slide under food.
  • An extra-wide head , which holds food in a secure way.
  • Temperature resistant to 400 degrees.
  • Long handle keeps your hands protected from heat and injury.

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9. TENTA EZ Premium Chef Series Spatula

Are you looking for a large spatula that is able to hold large-sized pancakes and tortillas, omelets and more? It’s here this is the TENTA EZ premium Chef Series Spatula. With a 7-inch wide with a long of 14 inches, it’s one of the largest turning tools that you can get.

Due to its massive dimensions, and especially its large head, this spatula can hold foods with such a firm grip that there is no chance of it breaking. If you’re fed up of seeing your food fragments while you stir it around in the pan, invest in this item.

Health and safety are two of the most important aspects to take into consideration when shopping for an egg flipper. There is no need to buy a product made of plastic that melts because of the high temperature or a turner that has an handle that burns hands.

It’s great to know that the company thought of these things when they were designing the device. The head is constructed of premium nylon with an optimum heat resistance that can reach 410 degF. Therefore you can rest assured that there will melt.

The handle is constructed of an extremely durable plastic material that is also resistant to heat. It offers a reliable and durable insulation against heat. In addition, the angled shape of the spatula is able to keep the spatula’s gripping surface from the flame, giving you more protection from heat.

Cleaning is an additional important aspect to consider when looking for an excellent egg spatula. The maker seems to have considered this aspect as well.

The surface is non-stick so it won’t collect particles. Furthermore, the spatula can be dishwasher safe and easy to wash. Just a quick wipe down with using a damp cloth will suffice.

Key Features:

  • A huge size for flipping big food items.
  • Flexible and thin, it slips underneath food quickly.
  • Made from BPA-free materials, it is compliant with health standards.
  • The material is heat resistant to temperatures up to 410 degrees F.
  • Handle with heat-insulated insulation and hanging opening.

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10. Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula

Do you need an excellent omelet-style spatula to hold lighter food items like pancakes and eggs? I’ll explain how to use the Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula has to provide.

The unit is available in two designs that can be used for various needs. It has a round shovel as well as a long shovel style.

The round shovel has the size of 12.2 inches and the head measures at 6 inches by 5 inches. If you’ve got a huge pan, and need an extra wide turner to be able to hold your food securely so that it won’t break the food, this model is ideal for you.

The other side the long head turning device is 13.8 inches and its cutting blade being 6.75 and 4 inches. The measurements indicate that it’s a long and narrow head perfect for smaller pans. In addition, scooping bigger food items such as sausages and fish fillets can be done with the longer head model.

The spatulas were designed with durability and quality in mind. The base is made of stainless steel that as we all know is a durable and durable material. In addition to the core, there is a silicone cover that forms the exterior on the turners.

For your safety The silicone utilized in this product is BPA-free. A LFGB certification is included with the product to demonstrate that it’s safe to prepare food.

If you are using this Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula, you will never need to be concerned about your turner warping , or melting. This is because the material is 600degF heat resistant.

A curved design makes handling the product easy. For instance, there’s an area that you’re supposed to place your thumb to secure a grip. The material used to make the handle is heat-insulated plastic , which ensures that you are safe from burns.

This spatula is extremely flexible which means it may not be suitable for heavy food items.

Key Features:

  • Two designs that are versatile – flathead and round.
  • The material is thin and flexible, making it easy for scooping.
  • The heat resistance can reach 600 degrees F.
  • A ergonomically designed handle that has a thumb rest.

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11. Tamagoyaki Omelette Turner

The final thing on the list a basic device that is simple to use, and easy to hold and keep in storage. It is the Tamagoyaki Omelette Turner is also popular for its price.

When it comes to spatulas for omelet the construction is paramount. A high-quality tool constructed using high-quality materials will stand up to the heat while making it effortless to reach your food, then flip it.

If you’re in the market for an option and don’t need too much about features that are complicated such as the Tamagoyaki flipper is a great option.

Made of 100 100% silicone, the device is sturdy yet flexible enough to slide underneath your food and then move it with ease.

It’s made up of a solid base and an external flexible component which lets you have an ideal blend of strength and flexibility. To do this, you are able to turn the most heavy foods without the spatula’s head putting into pressure.

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Looking for a device with a smooth surface food particles won’t adhere to? This is the one. The device has a non-stick coating, giving two advantages. It simplifies cleaning and also ensures that food remains intact.

To enhance your experience for cleaning dishwasher-safe, the appliance is dishwasher-safe.

The resistance to heat is another great feature. This tool can stand up to the extreme temperature of up to 450degF So you don’t have to worry about warping or melting.

Finally, the handle features non-slip surfaces for an easy grip , as well as hanger holes for easy storage.

Key Features:

  • Food-grade – made from BPA-free, non-toxic silicone.
  • Non-stick surface keeps food intact.
  • Non-slip handle that provides a good grip.
  • The hanging hole allows the tool to be convenient to keep in the storage.

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Omelette Spatula Buying Guide

Like any good chef, turning the egg is the actual art of making the perfect egg. However, to do a perfect flip without damaging the egg or scratching up your cook pan that is non-stick it is necessary to have a top egg turner.

From the article above you may have noticed some factors that define the most effective spatula for omelet. It is a matter of

Flexible, but firm

A good spatula is one that can lift the food with out having to fight. It must have a head that moves easily.

To allow this to occur for that to happen, the material used in the blade must be flexible. In this way, it can adapt and bend to the spaces beneath the food.

However, you shouldn’t use the tool to bend excessively, since this makes it ineffective when handling heavier food. There needs to have a certain amount of flexibleness and firmness, so that you can handle light and heavy food items without a issue.

Resistant to heat

If you cook omelets, you’ll probably be dealing using temperatures between 250 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a high temperature amount, and if material used to make the spatula isn’t resistant to heat you will get undesirable outcomes.

For instance, you may observe the components melting. This is a common occurrence when working with rubber and plastic. Also, the head of the turner could begin to warp. Both scenarios are unpleasant and, in all likelihood, harmful This is the reason the resistance to heat is important.

The majority of manufacturers provide specific figures of their equipment”heat resistance. As an example, for instance, a tool can be described as being heat-resistant to 410 degF or 500degF or even more.

Find a model with at least 400degF resistance to heat however, the more the more efficient.

Materials that are heat-resistant include stainless steel as well as 100 100% silicone. The high-quality nylon is also able to resist the heat efficiently.

Non-stick and non-slip

What you do not need is a spatula which sticks the food in its own. This kind of utensil makes it extremely difficult to maintain intact food because pieces of food will be ripped off of it.

Find a spatula certified non-stick so that your food will come out perfectly without a scratch.

Another aspect to consider is whether the device is slip-resistant. Naturally you don’t wish for your meal to fall away too easily from the spatula. A spatula with a non-stick, but sturdy surface which can hold food items is ideal.

A good handle

The user-friendliness of the omelette flipper has much to do with the handle. A good handle will make it fun to use the flipper, but a poor one can make you feel uncomfortable.

First, make sure the handle is well-insulated. It should be made of nylon, rubber, plastic or similar material which shields your hands from hot.

Second, ensure the handle isn’t slippery. If your hands slide when you hold the handle, this won’t provide you with an enjoyable experience. A non-slip surface which gives you a solid grip makes the device user-friendly.

I’ve seen some models equipped with a handle with an notch for the thumb. The position of your thumb against the notch provides you with a greater security in your grip.


The material the spatula is made from is the primary factor that determines all the other factors I’ve discussed. It determines the degree of firmness and flexibility and heat resistance and stickiness, and of course the length of time that the spatula will last.

There are four primary ingredients that Omelet spatulas are comprised of: the stainless-steel alloy, silicon nylon and plastic.

It is a given that stainless steel will be the strongest choice. A spatula made is completely made from stainless steel could have a hard time being flexible, and the heat insulation is inadequate.

I’ve found that the best construction that provides the best of both worlds is when there is an inner core from stainless steel and an outer shell constructed from high-grade silicone or nylon. The handle should be covered by an insulating substance such as silicone or rubber, nylon or even plastic. So, you’ll get a sturdy and long-lasting device that is flexible, and also heat-resistant.

Commonly asked questions (FAQs)

Can melt a spatula made of silicone?

Silicone isn’t the most durable material, however it does have quite a high degree of resistance to heat, as high as 600degF. If you’re working with temperatures as high as 350 degrees when making omelets, a silicone spatula isn’t likely to melt.

What causes a spatula to become sticky?

If you’ve ever worked with an instrument that began to become sticky it was likely due to the oil layer that was left on the tool following use. It is suggested to wash your spatula as soon as you finish use because leaving the oil on will eat away at the silicone, making the turner sticky.

Are silicone and nylon spatulas are safe for your health?

The normal silicone and nylon which contain BPA can be harmful. However the food grade silicone as well as nylon don’t contain BPA and therefore are suitable for use in food preparation. Look for FDA or LFBG certification to confirm that the product is in compliance with safety standards.

There are spatulas with holes in the blade. What do the holes mean?

Spatulas with holes let the excess oil or water to drain out while the food remains held. When you decide whether or not to buy a product that has holes, consider the type of food you’ll prepare.

If it’s food that isn’t damaged like pancakes or omelets the option of a device with holes is acceptable. If you’ll be making use of the device to transform loose food items like scrambled eggs, it’s best to purchase a unit with none of the holes.


When making an excellent Omelet is dependent on selecting the best ingredients, you’ve must have the proper tools. An omelet spatula that is good quality is essential. It allows you to flip the omelette around and place it in a manner to cook it evenly.

The advice in this article can assist you in choosing the most suitable egg-based spatula. Like we said it is important to consider the material you choose most preferably, one with a stainless-steel base as well as a nylon or silicone shell. The tool should be elastic but sturdy and also heat-resistant.

It’s good to know that every product in this review have these characteristics. They are also easy to use and don’t scratch your non-stick pans due to their premium construction.

After you’ve selected your preferred device, you must maintain it in order to ensure it will last for a long time. It is essential to wash the unit after each use to ensure that the oil layer does not take away at the surface.

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