5 Best Office Chairs under $100 (September 2022) Reviews

The tight budgets can make buying more difficult. You have to go deeper into the market to find the ideal item for you. This is also true for the market for office chairs and you can’t say no to it. But, using my list of budget-friendly office chairs I would like you to discover the most comfortable office chairs under 100 dollars if you’re extremely tight on money.

I’ve often stated this, I usually said that the Office chair market isn’t as straightforward and clear to navigate as you think and you may have been in this situation. There are a lot of marketing tricks and brands double-cross their customers. It gets even more difficult when you’ve only got more than 100 dollars in your wallet You aren’t looking to be taken advantage of by purchasing the incorrect product.

That’s why! I’ve compiled an assortment of stylish chairs that cost less than $100, so you can get the best value for your dollars. Let’s take a dive together;

Top 5 Best Office Chairs under 100 dollar 2022

SerialChair NameDimensions of the item LxWxHItem Weight
1.SMUGDESK20.08 is 16.54 43.5 inches 43.5 inches25 Pounds
2.Tall Chairs for Drafting24.4 by 23.8 50 inches30 Pounds
3.Mesh Computer Chair22 9 inches by 20 inches23 Pounds
4.SMUGDESK Ergonomic25 by 23.62 inches 42.91 inches
5.Ergonomic Desk Chair23.62 by 22.64 39.17 x 39.17 inches21.91 Pounds

1. SMUGDESK Office Chair: Best Office Chair Under 100

If you’re in search of an all-purpose, economical model, SMUGDESK is the perfect choice for you covered. The ergonomic chair is enhanced with style, comfort, and good ergonomics. It would be unjust if we didn’t speak about the 300 lbs capacity.

The chair has been packed with the most efficient and modern ergonomic features to give you a pleasant scent within a tight budget. Most noticeable feature here is the large the lumbar support cushion which gently helps the pelvic curvature.

Instead of incorporating pillows for lumbar, the manufacturer came up with the idea to make a sponge-like cushion for pillows that increases your comfort during long periods of sitting. But it is fixed and aren’t able to alter it.

However, what makes this feature is the headrest that can be adjusted. It can be swivelable and adjustable.

The soft mesh headrest is able to move smoothly in both down and up direction and can rotate around twenty to thirty degrees angle to allow for different heights. The ergonomically-sound design provides smooth headrest movements without the use of force from a human.

In addition is a armrest set that is filled by the same soft, foam-like. They’re not height adjustable at the moment; they can only be moved by adjusting the backrest. Yes! The backrest is also upgraded with 120 degrees of pivot and rocking function which is a fantastic option considering the cost of the.

It’s the same for seats that show an adequate variation in motion between 17.3 up to 21″ inches. However, the one aspect that could not be very appealing to those with taller heights is the seat’s average depth. 19 inches width is an acceptable choice for wide frames, however, the 16.5 inches of seat depth may be inadequate for legs that are longer.

Technically speaking, people who are over 5.8ft have a lack of support for their legs and knees which can lead to tension points due to prolonged static posture. But, the fabric can overcome this by using high-quality stitching and a remarkable breathability.

The chair does not appear like something that is padded with bubbles but the cushion is soft and soft, bringing the most comfortable and comfy posture for your thighs and butts. In addition the durable mesh backrest materials protects your body from the hot, sweaty summer days.

What we find good

  • Great weight limit of 300lbs.
  • The cushion on the lumbar is a great feature
  • The headrest moves effortlessly.
  • The tilt can be adjusted to 120 degrees and the capability to stand upright posture
  • Fantastic materials quality and stunning finishing
  • The grey hue is a great match with any color tone.

What We Can’t Find to be Good

  • Seat depths are a bit too low for taller professionals.

Why should you purchase this?

It’s a complete set of outstanding design along with comfort and affordability (without any request). Its durability is also top-notch for people seeking a long-term option for their office seating requirements, SMUGDESK has caught a significant amount of attention due to the model. Also, don’t forget, it’s not a baby because you can safely place over 300lbs of weight on it.

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2. Drafting Tall Chair $ 100 Desk Chair with Lumbar Massage

It’s true! What’s amazing to hear when looking over the office chair’s market , with little money in the pocket? Fantastic breathable materials, stunning finish, and great adjustable heights aren’t “Those” things that sound a bit odd with the budget in your mind. If you can do it, massaging your the lumbar area will certainly let the world of wonders open for you.

That’s why BestOffice provides you with the top office chair that costs less than $100 with lumbar support that is massaging. For people with extremely sensitive backs and lowers, the adjustable lumbar support is a dream for them to save the pocket of a few dollars.

However, the chair can’t recline as it has been designed to stand desks, drafting and sketching tasks. In keeping this intention to mind, the maker cleverly has created an innovative method to massage the lumbar support and without leaving the comfortable position.

If you are suffering from long-day fatigue, you can enjoy pleasure in a relaxing massage simply by plugging your USB cable in the slot.

Additionally, the extremely large 7.9 inches of height adjustability and an 5.7 inches adjustable footrest makes it an easy way for legs with longer lengths to support 8-10 hours. You can easily tighten or ease the adjustable footrest according to the size of your.

Furthermore, the armrests come with the ability to flip up. It is possible to flip them up to 180 degrees for no use.

In addition to the ergonomics aspect the chair isn’t particularly groovy in terms of padding. The chair only has 2.2inches of cushioning made of sponge which doesn’t lose or sag its shape, even when you put on heavier weights.

A thing to bear in mind is that the maker has not mentioned that there is a 250-pound limit however, the chair can easily handle the 260+ pounds it is providing. Thanks to that, the chair is sturdy in the case of slim or slightly fleshy bodies.

Furthermore, the fabric appears robust, and stitching quality is superior even when there is no loose thread. The mesh backrest fabric is tear-resistant and cut-proof and can last for a long time.

What we find good

  • Long-range height adjustment
  • Consume weight that is greater than the specified limit
  • The lumbar support that massages is actually an exclusion
  • A footrest that can be adjusted to protect you knees from fatigue
  • Quality materials and stitching

What We Can’t Discover Good

  • The backrest isn’t tilted back.

Why should we consider buying this?

The chair within the category draws the attention of users due to its outstanding lumbar massaging feature. Although the intensity is not the greatest However, users who require the extra comfort of their back will experience an absolute pleasure. Additionally, it provides perfect coverage to taller people with the greatest adjustable height.

3. Ergonomic Desk Chair: Best Cheapest Office Chair under $100

Another BestOffice product, this one is the most simple furniture for seating, with no unique features or ergonomics, but significant value. This model is an ideal alternative for smaller to mid-range sitting sessions in the study, brief to moderate-length meetings, as well as casual computer work.

Concerning the ergonomics aspect the chair is equipped with an integrated support for the lumbar region to ensure that the lower back stays in place and keep the pelvic curve active. With fixed lumbar support, backrest frame displays an enormous curve that resembles a human spine structure.

This allows for comfort for moderate time periods. You can easily sit for up to 4-6 hours sitting in a chair without getting tired. Additionally, the Leaning back at 125 degrees allows you to unwind when you have time to relax.

This model does not have any tilt locking mechanism but the feature to control tension controls the smoothness of the reclining.

A different feature is the height adjustment that is almost at just the 3.5 inch mark. Between 17.1 inches up to 20.3 inches It is a standard an excellent platform for men with a height between 6 and 5 feet. It also holds 250lbs of weight, assisted by the gas lift class3 mechanism.

The ergonomic chair that costs less than $100 isn’t an extremely cushioned seating alternative. But, a U-shaped cushiony seat has great elasticity against sweating and sagging. The quality of the foam is superb and doesn’t leave your thighs and hips sore because it doesn’t turn into a tough and flattened piece of sticky foam after certain times of usage.

All of this said is that the chair provides great price-to-value ratio among chairs under $100. In reality, it’s the cheapest office chair I have listed in my list.

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What We See Good

  • Seat cushioned by soft cushions
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds is reasonable.
  • Relax your back until 125-degrees.
  • Good human posture backrest design
  • Affordable and easy to afford

What We Will Not Find to be Good

  • Many customers complain about delayed shipment

Why should we purchase this?

The chair is an ideal gift for children or fresh graduates as well as professionals who are in intermediate stages to use for short-to-medium durations. The correct backrest posture as well as the tilt of 125 degrees allow this guy to become the most comfortable sitting option within a budget-friendly price.

4. SMUGDESK Ergonomic Chair $100 Office Chair for Taller Guys

If you’re searching for an ergonomic office chair that is under 100 for taller heights This chair is definitely worth taking a look at. With a double Y-shaped support for the lumbar as well as a headrest that can be adjusted, and a very sensible weight limit of 300lbs it’s not any financial burden.

The chair’s design will show the user of a shapely Y-shaped double lumbar supportthat deliberately demonstrates style while also supporting a great sitting position. This unique piece of furniture helps support you back, from the lower portion of your back up to the mid-section.

While the lumbar support can’t be adjustable, the design of it keeps the level of comfort at a high level.

The chair is designed to accommodate those who are taller because of the backrest that is long and a headrest that is adjustable. It is expected that the headrest is able to move upwards and downwards (4.3 up to 8.1 inches) and tilt up and down to accommodate various neck areas. Also, there’s nothing fancy about this.

The armrest is a an unchangeable mechanism that it is only adjustable through adjustments. The 3.8 inches adjustment of the seat between 17.5 up to 21.3 inches can allow users to use a variety of armrest heights.

Additionally, digging deeper in the ergonomics area will reveal the backrest which can easily recline up to 120 degrees with a locking function. Additionally the chair is able to be moved forward and in reverse.

In a blend of the ergonomics and durability The chair is sturdy enough to support 300lbs of weight assisted by the gas lift mechanisms of class 3. The metallic 5-star base keeps the chair in place, however, the finish or polishing appears like a standard.

However, that’s not the case with upholstery. As you’d definitely give a thumbs up. The seat appears soft and the stitching doesn’t make customers feel disappointed. However, the mesh on the backrest requires to be given some consideration since it is a magnet for large pieces of dust.

Therefore, it is important to regularly clean your home to keep new appearances.

What We See Good

  • Can manage taller guys above 6.1ft
  • Astonishing 300lbs weight limit
  • Tilt backwards up to 120 degrees with locking function
  • Double Y-shaped lumbar support helps reduce the fatigue of the back muscles
  • Frame materials that are sturdy and durable
  • 1 year Limited Warranty
  • It comes with an adjustable headrest

What We Will Not Discover Good

  • The armrests are not height-adjustable, nor do they flip-up

Why should we consider buying this?

The chair is well-designed with a generous size of the seat and backrest to be able to compete with taller guys in the category. The headrest that can be adjusted is an excellent feature that can accommodate taller heights. If you’re seeking a sturdy option with the 300 lbs weight limit This is a perfect option for you at the same budget.

5. ORVEAY Office Chair $100 Office Chair to be used for short sittings

A chair that you see for the first time may not be a pleasant experience because it looks like an “Baby chair.” But, quality and comfort is the most important element in this chair.

It’s a simple ORVEAY comfortable office chair doesn’t boast stunning and other features.

But, a remarkably good reputation on the market suggests it is among more comfortable chairs for office use that cost less than 100 dollars. This is why the most prominent player can be this 2.36 inches of seat that was introduced with a stunning blend of softness and firmness.

You’ll hear about the benefits of the comfort of seating.

However there is a huge support for the lumbar region in the rearrest. The backrest’s design is reminiscent of the human spine. together with the backrest’s lumbar support, it allows you to keep moving comfortably for hours and hours.

The lumbar support can’t be adjusted However, the design nearly covers all blocks.

In addition, the reclining feature allows for an angle that is 130 degrees and a locking feature. The chair is able to stand up in a straight 90-degree angle to keep your spine in form. One thing you’d like to have is adjustable armrests.

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If you lean backwards and forward, the armrests do not move with the movement of the backrest and create an unpractical angle when relaxing. Additionally, the armrests aren’t cushioned, which can create problems in hot conditions.

In terms of dimensions, the chair wasn’t designed for large bulky people. The seat’s depth is small. It’s 16.14 inches which will be the ideal equation for teenagers as well as kids and people who are taller.

However, the width of the seat is usually sufficient for frames with broad shoulders.

Given these size, manufacturers suggests placing a maximum weight that is 250lbs but the chair is has the capacity to handle higher than that. A number of customers have stated that the chair worked effortlessly after pushing around 270lbs. This is an interesting idea to think about.

What We See Good

  • Soundless and smooth movement and working
  • A good seating design that is balanced with firmness
  • The key is quality.
  • Can hold up to 270lbs?
  • 125-degree tilt-back feature
  • Customer service is top-notch.

What We Will Not Find to be Good

  • Short Height Adjustment Range

Why should you purchase this?

If you are looking for the best quality product on the budget of a smaller one and this is the best option for your needs. The top-quality design of the seat and the most useful lumbar support design will allow you to enjoy relaxing seats for moderate to short time periods. This chair isn’t a huge boy item, so it could be the perfect birthday, Christmas, or summer present for your loved family members.

the Bottom Line Hitting the right spot:

The smaller the budget you’ll have, the more difficult your decision is. Here’s the exact scenario you may be in after examining each item. To help you find the most efficient method to go through the process to find the perfect office chair for under $100 I will suggest where you should be spent without worry.

So it is my Best Friend will be SmugDesk ergonomic high back Chair because of its versatility and performance. It is true that it is the Best Office Tall office chair is also a good contender in contest, however because of a few essential flaws I’m placing it behind the SmugDesk.

The first step is to understand SmugDesk is a wonderful blend of durability and comfort. The unique lumbar support is an excellent feature here and the 300 lbs weight limit certainly makes it stand out from other models. Together with the headrest, it covers the entire back towards the head portion.

Despite this the fact that it’s height adjustability is normal, and this is the top Office Tall Office Chair that is ahead of the pack in the comfort of your knees and legs. This budget-friendly chair isn’t as good simply because it does not pivot backwards. But, if you’re searching for a multi-purpose seat solution, this chair boasts the highest length and adjusts for footrest height.

It also beats the drums with a remarkable massage support. It is difficult to find such a feature within an office chair class that is $100 is quite a feat and this chair has the entire thing, which is a worthy effort.

Apart from that there are other options to check other chairs based on your preferences or needs.

Stop the Myths Not Your Mind FAQs:

The ideal computer chair?

A variety of brands compete in this kind of category. However, the goal is to locate the top computer chair that costs less than 100 dollars HON, BestOffice, and HBADA make the budget computer chair versions. If you’re wanting to upgrade, Herman Miller and Steelcase are the leaders in the market.

What’s the distinction between an office or task-chair?

Task chairs are generally for shorter periods. They typically are smaller in dimensions, and are usually without armrests or an extended height adjustments to be used to perform various tasks such as drawing, sketching piano, drawing, and other activities. But the office chair has an obvious need for prolonged or moderate-length sitting and which is why they are equipped with ergonomics as well as other features designed to make you comfortable.

Does a chair for office require wheels?

It all depends on your use. The majority of office chairs are now equipped with wheels that allow for greater mobility. It is also possible to choose office chairs with no wheels when mobility is not a requirement.

Why do office chairs have five legs?

The main element of the chair’s design is stability. The 5-star leg is able to stabilize your chair to a superior manner when you tilt, recline or move around.

Do mesh chairs sag?

It’s also dependent on mesh material. The best stretchable meshes don’t loose their grip or shape, so you will enjoy the same high-quality and comfortable sitting experience over a longer time. But, poor materials and stitching can cause you to sink into the seat and provide floating sensation.

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