9 Best Number Pad Door Locks (October 2022) Reviews

Door locks with number pad locks are crucial for various reasons. Maybe you’re tired of losing keys or the expense of the process of rekeying or changing your locks.

For whatever reason, keypad locks are an ideal alternative. Beyond that smart locks that have keypad control can also provide convenience. The majority of locks have been programmed to lock automatically if you do not lock them. It is also possible to operate some of them remotely.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Sure the locks are well worth the investment! If you’re searching for the number pad lock with key entry feature or lets you set multiple security codes for access, this guide will provide all the information you require.

Top 9 Best Number Pad Door Locks 2022

1. Kwikset 999070-103 Powerbolt 2 Electronic Deadbolt with Keyless Entry

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This lock gives you the flexibility to lock and unlock your door with no needing keys in the physical form. You can create at least six user codes that are unique to you and your household members. If you decide to utilize a key entry system lock, it also includes a key locking and unlocking. The key can be used both outside and inside you are able to use turning buttons.

Like you see in the picture, this lock gives users the option of using keys or pads. If one option fails you are able to swiftly switch to the alternative. This can be crucial if you are unable to use physical keys, or when your battery is not enough to operate the keys.

Additionally the lock is certified by ANSI/BHMA as grade 3 and is therefore completely safe and able to withstand any type or forced entry. Additionally, you can set it to close after 30 seconds. This will prevent any unauthorized access.

2. Schlage FE575 CAM 619 Acc Camelot Keypad Lock

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If you require the number pad lock for your front doors, Schlage FE575 the CAM 619 could be a perfect fit. It is specifically designed to be used on front doors, back doors, side doors, as well as doorways to garages. It is ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified, which means it guards against intruders who might attempt to force entry into your house.

For extra security, install 19 user codes to this lock. These user code are just six digits, which means they’re simple to remember. Furthermore, installing the door lock is not a need for programming, which means you can use it immediately after it’s taken in the box.

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Additionally, fitting it to your door is easy since it can be used on doors with handles and knobs. All you require is a screwdriver, and approximately 30 minutes to install it. The door lock also has an 8-volt battery that can last for three year of life.

3. Tacklife Electronic Keypad Lock Handleset

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Similar to other locks, Tacklife Electronic Keypad is certified by ANSI/BHMA Grade 3, that guarantees you the highest security. If you like the convenience of using numbers that allow you to unlock and lock your door, you are able to program this lock to lock within 10 to 99 seconds in a sequence. This feature is vital for people who not remember to lock their doors. This means you don’t need to be concerned regarding whether or not your front door is secured or not, this smart lock will do the job for you.

To increase security For additional security, you can create as many as 6 access codes that range from between 4 and 10 digits. It is also possible to create unique user codes for visitors.

In addition, this pad lock for doors is water-resistant. It can be used at temperatures that range between -20degC/-4degF and 70degC/158de. No matter if there is cold air, snow and rain, it are able to still make use of it to lock your door.

The door lock is equipped with DC6V 4 AAA (1.5v and Lr6) battery that can can last longer than one full year, meaning you don’t need to think about replacing the batteries regularly. When the battery is low it will display a low battery indicator that will alert the user to change batteries. Without batteries this lock comes with an outdoor temperature of -20degC 70degC, and an ambient humidity between 30% and 90 percent (RH)

4. SCYAN X3SN Touchscreen Keypad Door Lock with Touchscreen

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SCYAN X3SN Touchscreen door lock features a double-shell construction design, which makes it safe and therefore capable of surviving forced entry.

You can make up as many as an 89 unique pin code to be shared with family and friends. Pin codes range from 4 to 8 numbers long. It is also possible to create up to 10 unique pin codes for your visitors. You can also create the option of a keyed entry in case you do not want to use the user entry for any reason.

In order to allow entry for everyone on social occasions You can turn on the mode of passage, which allows the lock to remain unlocked.

If the battery in the lock is low, the battery alarm will let you know. the loop. In addition, there’s an included 9V battery that acts as an additional source of power. The main power sources are alkaline batteries of 4 AA.

5. Schlage FE575 PLY 716 FLA Plymouth Keypad Lock

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Schlage FE575 PLY 716 FLA Plymouth Keypad Entry was designed specifically to be used for front doors and back doors, side doors, as well as doorways to garages. Apart from being accessible via the numeral pad, one also can utilize a key to gain access to the door.

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This lock is also a great source of security and comfort of use. It’s an ANSI/BHMA grade 2 lock that makes it sturdy and capable of preventing forced entry. Furthermore it has a 9V battery which lasts for three years.

This smart lock allows you to make 19 different user passwords each of which is a six-digit number that you are able to easily recall. They can be erased anytime. To ensure greater security this Schlage door lock locks automatically after five seconds after unlocking it. The lock is compatible with door knobs and handles using the screwdriver. It is a breeze to install it on your door if you adhere to the installation instructions precisely.

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6. Lever Keypad Door Lock

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The lock is equipped with two entry options: passwords and keys. With this variety of entry, you’ll never be stuck if you lose your physical keys or when your battery isn’t enough for powering the access code entry.

Additionally, you can create a master code and control 6 types of user code that range between 4 and 10 digits. You can also remove any user-generated code, or set it as a one-time user specifically for visitors. There is also an auto-lock feature that you can use to secure your door between 10 to 99s. This will enhance the security of your home.

Furthermore, this lock has an efficient battery, which means you’ll never have the battery running low to operate the keypads. It comes with a four-x AAA Alkaline battery. It is also possible to are able to change the battery if you require replacement. If the indicator for low battery is illuminated, and the alarm for battery is set off, you are able to quickly change the battery so that your door lock will work without the need for keys.

Overall, the lock is sturdy and secure. It’s worth giving it a go when you’re thinking about the use of a number pad lock with a great battery longevity.

7. Digital Door Lock SoHoMiLL with Backup Mechanical Key

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The SoHoMill keypad lock has been made with the best security features to protect your front door. Installing this lock doesn’t require a locksmith, provided you follow the instructions for installation and follow the instructions, which you must.

The lock comes with master codes that let you make up to 8 passwords. The codes can be controlled by your master password. The master code also offers two layers of security to your door. The door also has an electronic key that acts as to act as a backup.

For security As a security measure, this lock locks automatically when you’re in the outside. It is also alerted in the event someone attempts to gain access to your home illegally.

8. Kwikset 99170-001 Keypad Lock with SmartCode

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The Kwikset 99170-001 SmartCode 917, you are able to programme up 30 access codes that you can give to family members and friends. It is also possible to program unique user code for people who wish to restrict access to following visiting your home.

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The three options for entry are methods that are available “auto-lock”, “passage” and “disable access”. Each of these entry options allows you to alter the door lock to allow for security or access for free. Additionally, if you’re worried about security this lock BHMA certified, meaning it provides excellent security for homeowners.

The lock operates on 9V batteries and could last up to 3 years.

9. Kwikset 99050-004 Smart Key Lock

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This Kwikset door lock with a number pad is intended for the side or garage doors. It is in compliance with the requirements of Grade 3 locks to ensure safety. Additionally, it is able to keep at least four different codes, which you can distribute to people you are confident in. It’s possible to use this door lock anytime using the keypads since it has an 9V battery that acts as a backup in case the four AA batteries are depleted.

The deadbolt is motorized to allow one-touch locking. It is easy to set up. In addition, all you require to put in the door lock is the screwdriver.

This lock is perfect for front doors, and it fits all standard doors. Make sure you check the compatibility of the lock with your door before purchasing the lock.

Similar Questions

Are Number Pad Door Locks Safe?

The door locks of the Number Pad are secure, based upon the brand. In addition, all locks suggested here are made to withstand the forceful entry of burglars and are certified by BHMS to verify the security capabilities of their locks. However, this does not mean that locks with keypads cannot be targeted, sharing access codes with people who aren’t trusted could cause a burglary. Also, you should create secure access codes to prevent intruders from guessing your password in a matter of minutes.

How do you unlock the number Pad Doors Locks?

The locks allow you to create unique access codes that you can use for unlocking your door. All you have to do is enter the code you have set on the keypad in order to open your doors.

Wrapping up!

Are you still trying to find the top door locks with keypads? Pick one of our top choices above to take advantage of the convenience of not carrying keys all over. Additionally, these locks have key entry so you’re able to choose any method of entry that works for your needs.

To install, you’ll be able to install the majority of these locks by yourself, however, you should seek out assistance from a locksmith when you’re unsure that you’re doing it right.

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