10 Best Non Stick Pan for High Heat (September 2022) Reviews

Looking for the Best Non Stick Pan for High Heat Cooking but confused about which one is best to go? Read this ultimate buyer’s guide.

High-heat cooks are often the best for cooking delicious dishes.

High-heat cuisine is known for its distinctive flavor and aroma. However, high temperatures are not recommended for non-stick pans.

Teflon (PTFE), or nonstick coatings, can break at 500°F and emit toxic smoke. This is a reason for concern.

Given the above, is there any non-stick cooking pan suitable for high heat?

First, you should always cook food on medium heat to preserve the non-stick coating. A few non-stick pans are best for high heat cooking. They can withstand oven temperatures and finish the cooking process.

After reviewing various products, we’ve compiled a list of the top high-heat Non-stick Pans. We want you to be able to shop with confidence and make your own cooking decisions. You can also check out our top choices for the best nonstick pan without Teflon and our recommendations best ceramic nonstick pans.

Top 10 Best Non Stick Pan For High Heat Temperature Cooking in 2022

1. Ninja C30030 – Best 12 Inch Pan

Ninja’s specialty lies in its design and material, which makes it different from other non-stick pans. Ninja’s nonstick pan, made of anodized aluminum using a cold forging process, is strong and heat-resistant.

Pans manufactured at temperatures up to 3000°F are more resistant than other pans that can only withstand temperatures of around 900°F. It makes the pan more durable and gives it resilience.

This 12-inch nonstick pan feels heavy and has an aluminum base.

The pan’s interior features a stainless-steel round handle with a double-riveted design. It’s more comfortable to hold than All-Clad’s stainless steel handle.

This ergonomically designed handle ensures easy maneuverability and oven safety up to 500°F.

This pan is great for high-heat baking and sauteing and can be used to roast, bake, and sear, as well as other cooking tasks.

The nonstick coating is non-sticky and doesn’t flake or release toxic fumes at high temperatures.

Its durable construction makes it safe for metal spatulas, spoons, and whisks.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Safe for metal spatulas
  • A scratch-resistant surface
  • Oven safe up to 500°F


  • It’s heavy and thick, so it can be difficult to lift.
  • A bit expensive

2. Tramontina Prof – Best Scratch-Resistant pan

Tramontina 12-inch restaurant-grade pans are built to withstand high heat and the rigors in the kitchen. The nonstick has professional-grade quality due to its weight and sturdiness.

Tramontina’s unique features include its even heat distribution despite its large 12-inch size and a long, removable silicone sheath-handled handle. These two attributes help Tramontina withstand high temperatures.

The sheath can be left on when cooking on a gas-fired stove. However, the protective covering can be removed after baking your dish. This will make it more resistant to the heat of 400°F.

Tri-riveted soft-grip handle provides a firm grip on the pan. It’s also longer than most brands to help protect your hands while maintaining a proper balance.

The pan features a reinforced cast aluminum construction and a smooth, non-stick finish.

We made the most complicated scrambled eggs and fish fillets in the pan. The food was easy and maneuverable through the flared sides. Nothing stuck to the top.

Tramontina retained its nonstick capabilities for years, unlike other cheap nonstick pans. Tramontina proudly offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer’s defect.

This pan is not compatible with induction.


  • All types of cooktops are compatible
  • No toxic materials
  • This option is extremely budget-friendly
  • Cool hands


  • After a while, the handle starts wobbling.
  • Oil pools around the edges

3. Utopia Kitchen – Best Induction Safe Pan

Utopia’s nonstick pan has simple features and is frugal-free. Its nonstick skillets come in three sets.

Despite its Bakelite handle, we are thrilled with the 11-inch pan’s high-heat resistance in the oven. The Utopia pan 11 inches can be used in a heated oven up to 350°F without showing any signs of deformation to the Bakelite handles.

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A key feature of the pan’s handles is their ability to remain cool even after prolonged heat exposure.

The rivets provide a firm grip. However, the handle of the pan may become wobbly over time.

The pan measures 11 inches in diameter and has flared sides. This makes it easy to sear meats or saute vegetables. To flip the meat, slide a spatula beneath it.

Its heat distribution, heat responsiveness, and heat resistance were both tested. We found the results to be quite impressive. The pan quickly heated up and evenly cooked the food.

The only issue with the budgeted saucepan is that it isn’t completely flat at the bottom and has oil pools around its edges. The pan’s nonstick properties are praiseworthy.


  • Large 12-inch cooking space
  • Even heat distribution
  • It’s a nice and comfortable handle
  • Strong and durable


  • It is not compatible with an induction stovetop
  • Available in only one size

4. Anolon Accolade – Best Dishwasher Safe Frying Pan

Anolon frying-pan set is made from hard-anodized Aluminium and triple-coated using a 100% nonstick finish. This makes it stronger than stainless steel and untreated aluminum.

You can choose from a set of either an 8-10 or 10- 12 inches pan. This set is great for those who don’t want the whole cookware set.

The set comes with a stainless steel handle made of polished stainless steel. This handle is attached to the inside of the pan.

They have pans from Anolon Advanced that have soft handles with sure grips. This limits their oven heat endurance, while the set we’re reviewing has a maximum temperature threshold of up to 500°F.

The stainless steel handles are long and can be lifted without burning your fingers.

This cookware is suitable for gas stoves and induction cooktops due to its thick bottom.

It cooks and sears food without burning it. For easy, drip-free food transfer, the thin walls of the pan are flared at an angle.

The pan is not only hard-anodized but also has been coated thrice. We didn’t have any sticks or burned bits left afterward.


  • Rapid and uniform heat distribution
  • Excellent non-stick properties
  • All types of cooktops are compatible
  • Safe for metal tools


  • Uses very little oil
  • Lifting a bit too heavy

5. Circulon Symmetry – Best Metal Utensil – Safe Nonstick Cookware

Circulon Pans are made with hard anodized tech and have raised circular patterns to improve non-stackability.

The pan excels in heat conductivity, responsiveness, and evenness when browning or searing.

The base of the pan is thick and has an induction compatibility stainless-steel plate bonded. The side walls are flared with rolled lips. Drip-free food transfer to the dish ensures that the stovetop and surrounding dishes are protected from oil splashes.

The pan’s circular design gives your meat the perfect browning and texture. This is an advantage over non-stick flat pans.

Because the pan is large enough, oil-splattering caused by high-heat searing is minimal.

The pan’s handle, made of stainless steel, has screw-on handles, and the middle is covered with a silicone grip. The pan will remain cool no matter how long it has been on the stove.

It is oven-safe up to 400°F.

Our tests showed that the pan was extremely nonsticky and that delicate eggs, more likely to stick and break, glided off the nonstick surface easily without using spatulas.


  • Anti-warp and anti-dent
  • Compatible with the induction stovetop
  • Handle remains cool
  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty


  • Metal utensils are not safe
  • Dishwasher Cleaning Damage Coating

6. All-Clad – Largest Frying Pan

All-Clad is known for its stainless-steel cookware.

Its HA-1 series includes the non-stick pan that we are using. It is a 12-inch pan made from Hard Anodized technology, which is 30% stronger than stainless.

It isn’t fragile and thin. Instead, it has a strong stainless steel base designed for induction burner compatibility. Its solid construction with aluminum as the core ensures that the pan will not warp in high heat or temperature variations.

The HA-1 skillet set we reviewed in “best Non-stick Non-stick Pans Without Teflon” did not have a lid or helper handle. The 12-inch pan is large and deep, but it also features a helper handle for lifting the contents of the pan.

All-Clad is known for its stainless-steel handle. However, this fame doesn’t only attract positive reviews. This handle cuts through the finger and is the only thing All-Clad pans have a problem with.

We still prefer the stainless steel handle because it can be used in the heated oven for up to 500°F.

The nonstick coating resists scratches. Food doesn’t stick to it. It also browns evenly and sears evenly, so cleanup is easy.

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The pan spreads heat evenly but is slow due to its high-gauged base. Overall, this pan is a great non-stick large pot for high heat.


  • Teflon and PFOA-free Pan
  • The non-stick coating in 3 layers
  • Coatings are scratch-resistant
  • Safe for oven and dishwasher


  • Because of its thick bottom, it heats up slowly
  • It’s not easy to cook food.

7. EOE – Best Oven Safe Pan

EOE nonstick pans come in a classic black design with a hard anodized coating that strengthens the pan.

This frying pan falls under the budget category because of its smooth nonstick finish and stainless steel handle.

It comes in three sizes, 8 x 9.5 x 12 inches. The classic pan design is great value for money. The exterior color is very similar to that of the interior.

The pan heats thanks to aluminum in the core evenly. It is quick and responsive in heat transfer and heat-retaining.

The pan’s handle is metal and fits well in your hand. The handle is straight, unlike other concave handles. This allows for easier handling and lifting.

But it passed our high-heat endurance test in the oven. It can continue cooking in the oven even after you have removed the pan.

The pan’s warp is compatible with induction stoves. The pan’s depth allows for cooking large batches of food in one go and less oil-splattering.

The downside to this pan is its uneven bottom. Oil pools around the edges of the pan, leaving little oil in the middle.


  • The hard-anodized coating makes the product solid
  • The depth can prevent oil splattering
  • You have three options for sizes
  • Rapidly respond to heat


  • The pan’s base is not completely flat
  • Dishwasher cleaning can be dangerous

8. EPPMO – The Best Non Toxic Frying Pan

It’s a nonstick wok with flared sides and tall, sloping sides. It can also be used as a kitchen workhorse.

The work can be used for various cooking techniques, from stir-frying vegetables to tenderizing meat with a hint of smoke.

It comes with a tri-ply hard-forged, cold-aluminum finish that provides a traditional cooking experience but also offers the health benefits of non-stick.

The handle of stainless steel has a curve to improve grip and flipping. The pan is exceptional for tossing food with its weight and height. It lands flat on the work surface without any spillage.

The wok’s nontoxic surface and high-heat endurance make them ideal for cooking high-temperature dishes.

It is also oven-safe to 500°F.

If you don’t want to flip, the helper hand on one side of the wok can be used for lifting. The high sidewalls of the wok can be rolled to ensure that food doesn’t drip.

The nonstick triple-layered layer makes oil minimal and allows food to be released easily with little cleanup.


  • Strong, durable, and strong
  • Nonstick coating is safe from toxic substances
  • Oven-safe to 500 degrees F
  • Ergonomically designed handle in stainless-steel


  • It is not compatible with an induction stovetop
  • The lid cannot be placed in the oven

9. Black Cube Hybrid – Best Non-StickStainless Steel Pan

You might be tired of non-stick pans. Then you should consider the hybrid pan. It combines the benefits of stainless steel with non-stick pans.

The pan’s top has raised stainless-steel ridges in cube form; beneath the stainless-steel grid is the nonstick coating.

So when you scratch the pan with stainless-steel spatulas, spoons, or forks, the pan just touches the steel grid.

It browns vegetables and meats, which can be difficult in traditional nonstick pans.

The nonstick quality of the pan due to its raised pixelated cubes was one of the major concerns we had before testing it. Surprisingly, the pan did not require assistance to release the food, and cleanup was very easy.

It didn’t even burn or scorch, even though it was raised to ridges.

The pan can be used with stainless steel, up to 500° F.

The pan heats up quickly, is lightweight, and retains heat well. However, we found uneven heat distribution on an electric stove.


  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Pan is strong and durable
  • Rapid and uniform heat distribution
  • The coating is 100 percent scratch-resistant


  • Lifting a little too heavy
  • Very expensive

10. Scanpan PRO IQ – Best 8 Inch Pan

Scanpan ProIQ is an imported non-stick pan from Denmark. Pro IQ is a non-stick pan comparable in price and quality to professional-grade ones.

The pans feature a recycling center of cast aluminum and a Stratanium Non-stick coating. This brand is one of the first to manufacture pans without PFOA.

Scanpan ProIQ is an extremely shallow pan with a large base and shallow sides. This makes it ideal for baking tender foods or frying eggs. It is not able to hold large quantities of vegetables for stir-frying.

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The 8-inch pan’s specialty is its shallow design. This makes it ideal for frying eggs and searing thin meats. It cannot hold a lot of vegetables to stir-fry.

Scanpan Pro IQ’s lineup features an upgraded polished stainless-steel handle. We prefer it to bakelite or rubberized handles because of the higher temperature tolerance of up to 500°F.

The pan has a remarkable heat distribution. The non-stick coating lasts longer when the pan is well maintained, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Scanpan Pro IQ costs the same as the professional collection but has a magnetic base, making it compatible with induction burners.

Because of the low walls, food maneuvering is much easier, and you can slip your spatulas under crepes to flip them.


  • Premium quality pan
  • Compatible with Induction Cooktops
  • Safe for a metal spatula
  • Nonstick, PFOA-free coating


  • These are not compatible with glass tops
  • Not so deep

Buying Guide for Nonstick Pans for High Heat

Pans PFOA-Free

The nonstick coating made from PFOA emits toxic fumes at temperatures above 500°F. PFOA should be removed from the pans.

Heat Distribution

The heat should be evenly distributed across the pan’s surface to avoid hot and cold spots. If you do not, you may experience browning or burning in certain areas and uncooked in other areas.

Flat Surface

For even heat distribution, a flat pan surface is essential. Otherwise, the lower pan will become hotter when it comes in direct contact with the stovetop.


Handles are crucial for compatibility with high-temperature bakeries. Bakelite or silicone handles cannot be used in the heated oven. Stainless steel handles, however, can be used.

Weight and Balance

High heat cooking demands wrist flipping of your pan. The pan must be light and balanced for easy food flipping and tossing.

Heat Retention

The pan must be capable of holding heat for high-temperature cooking.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

What non-stick pans can you use for high heat?

  1. Ninja C30030 – Best 12 Inch
  2. Tramontina Professional – Best Scratch Resistant
  3. Utopia Kitchen – Best Induction Safe
  4. Anolon Advanced Dishwasher Safe
  5. Circulon Symmetry: Best Metal Utensil Security
  6. All-Clad Ha1 – Largest Size
  7. EOE – Best Oven Safe
  8. EPPMO – Best Non-Toxic
  9. Black Cube Hybrid – The Best Stainless Steel Pan with Nonstick Coating
  10. Scanpan PROIQ 8 Inch – Best 8

Can high heat be used on nonstick?

The nonstick coating of a nonstick pan should never be heated beyond 500°F. Follow these steps to sear, saute and stir high fry heat.

  • Do not heat the pan.
  • You can start at a lower heat and then use high heat to finish the cooking.
  • High heat cooking requires peanut, sesame, canola, or sesame oil. Avoid walnut oil, flaxseed, wheat germ, and flaxseed.

Can you heat a nonstick saucepan at high temperatures?

Nonstick pans can easily be heated to 500 degrees F. The Teflon coating will begin chipping, even if it is free of PFOA.

Ceramic pans can withstand high heat.

Ceramic coating will begin to break down at 800 degrees F. Not all nonstick ceramic pans will be the same. The manufacturer and quality of the coating are what determine the difference. Traditional nonstick coatings must meet FDA regulations. Ceramic coatings do not. This is why some ceramic pans can’t withstand high heat cooking.

How do I determine if my frying skillet is safe to use in the oven?

Modern frying pans have been made oven-safe to a temperature. The temperature difference mustn’t exceed a specified temperature. Look at the handle of the nonstick pan to determine if it has an oven-safe label. The handle made of stainless steel can be placed in an oven at 500 degrees F. It’s best not to heat the oven if the handle has silicone, bakelite, or rubberized materials. The manufacturer’s instructions may be helpful.

What cookware can withstand high temperatures, and what type?

Cast iron, enameled iron, carbon, and stainless steel can withstand high-temperature cookware. They don’t allow for non-stick cooking. Cast iron retains heat very well, and stainless steel is easy-to-clean and maintain.

Season them with the right seasoning to temporarily make them stick.

The Bottom Line

Nonstick pans relieve burned food sticking to their bottoms, but high heat cooking requires careful consideration. This includes the selection of oil and maintaining a consistent flame to infuse high-heat cuisine with its delicious flavor. It is important to consider the details of the pan’s construction, handle material, and nonstick coating. This will significantly affect how the pan performs at high temperatures. To save you time researching and spending hours searching for the right pans, we have carefully reviewed all pans and made a list to ensure that you can cook at high heat safely.

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