5 Best Non Slip Rugs for Vinyl Floors (September 2022) Reviews

Vinyl flooring is one of flooring options that are durable simple to clean, and flexible kinds of flooring. But, as with the majority of hard flooring surfaces, such as laminate floors, hardwood floors, tile floors marble flooring, among so on vinyl flooring is remarkably smooth and thus slippery. Because of this, many homeowners opt for non-slip rugs for floors made of vinyl.

Before I get one I suggest you look over five of the top vinyl rugs that are non slip flooring on Amazon today;

The reason rubber-backed Area Rugs Are Not safe for Vinyl floors and what to do about it

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know that the majority of non slip carpets come with rubber or latex backings which could ruin their gorgeous vinyl flooring.

Other area rugs come with artificial backings which are rough, which can leave marks and marks on floors.

Even though the majority of non-slip rug on the market are backed with rubber but that doesn’t mean that you should not buy the ones that have rubber backing. There’s a highly efficient method by where you can place the rubber-backed or backed with latex on your vinyl flooring without putting yourself at risk of scratches or discoloration.

I’m talking about putting the top-quality rug pad that is non-slip such as this one: RUGPADUSA Essentials 5′ square 12″ Thick 100% Felt Protection cushioning Rug Padbetween the floor of vinyl and the area rug.

The rug pad is made from 100% felt and it is free of latex, rubber, or other material that could end up damaging your floors.

I highly suggest this pad for rug over the other pads that are made of rubber.

Note: This rug pad isn’t designed to prevent rug rugs in the area from sliding, particularly in areas with high traffic. It’s intended for rugs that are heavy that are stable on their own, or larger rugs which can be secured with furniture. Also, since the 5 non-slip rugs I’ve suggested are heavy, they’re all great. I would also suggest purchasing an extra large rug so you can secure it by using furniture that is heavy, such as sofas or bed. This will stop it from sliding.

Below is a complete analysis of five of the top non slip carpets for vinyl floors.

The Best Slip-resistant Carpets for vinyl floors (Our Top 5 Choices)

1. NuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug

NuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug can be currently among the top area rugs that can be used on vinyl floors.

Contrary to most rugs Blythe rug is not covered by an adhesive backing. This makes it 100% suitable for vinyl flooring.

But, the fact it does not have an outer layer of latex or rubber is a reason why it’s prone to sliding.

If you do not intend to secure the rug to furniture that is heavy I suggest putting in an expensive and durable rug pad such as the RUGPADUSA 100 100% Protective Cushioning Rug Pad.

This being said, here’s a an additional list of benefits you’ll enjoy when you purchase the NULOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug

  • It’s trendy flexible, stylish, and gorgeous. It’s everything you’re looking for to improve your interior decor. It’s an inspired Moroccan design that is stunning in a broad selection of styles in the home, such as contemporary, traditional bohemia, mid-century modern and much more.
  • It’s a rug resistant to staining and staining doesn’t really set in. Stains are quick and easy to eliminate. The manufacturer suggests spot cleaning for stains that are not too heavy with carpet cleaner, and dry cleaning for more serious stains.
  • It’s simple to maintain and clean- regular vacuuming is highly recommended
  • It is made of 100% polypropylene material. It’s which is a tough and durable material that can withstand every day wear and tear even in areas with high traffic. This makes it ideal for areas with high traffic children, as well as pets.
  • It’s not shed, as the rug is made of extremely robust fiber that will not shed even if your pets scratch on the rug.
  • It is available in a broad selection of colors that appear stunning in any environment.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes that can be used in different rooms dimensions. For smaller rooms it is recommended to select an area rug of 5 8′ x 5 or 6 9′. If you want to decorate a bigger space carpets that measure between 6 9′ x 6 8′ and 8 10′ x 10′ are the best choice. If you want a larger rug to place furniture in the center of the space, the manufacturer recommends big sized rugs that measure between 9′ and 12′ or larger. Of course, it’s essential to take measurements of your room in order to make sure you purchase the right size rug.
  • A low-pile rug that has an 0.37″ pile width, this rug could be placed beneath furnishings, inside entryways or even in front of doors since the low pile won’t block doorways.
  • It’s extremely durable, inexpensive and provides a fantastic value for your hard-earned dollars
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2.Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush

The second-best rug we recommend for floors made of vinyl is The Unique Loom Single The Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush.

It’s available in a vast range of colors, looks very stylish, comes in various dimensions, and, most importantly it’s built to last.

One drawback of this carpet is the fact that it can slip, particularly since it is not backed by an inner backing made of latex or rubber.

As I have mentioned previously Rugs with latex or rubber backing are not suitable for vinyl floors because they leave a lot of stain marks which are difficult to get rid of.

Because it slides it is recommended to place an area rug underneath to avoid sliding and sliding.

The RUGPADUSA 100% felt Protective Cushioning Pad is among the top rug pads for vinyl flooring and all kinds of flooring.

Note: Because this rug is made from polypropylene, it is likely to release some smells as the rug releases gas. The smell will fade eventually and is not cause for concern. It is possible to speed up the de-gassing process by leaving it outside during a sunny day in order to ensure maximum airflow.

Overall overall, the Unique Loom is a budget-friendly area rug that blends perfectly with your decor. It is recommended to put an area rug under it to safeguard the flooring against discoloration.

3. Safavieh Premium Shag Collection, SG151-1313, 2-inches Thick Area Rug

This Safavieh California Premium Shag Collection Area Rug is yet another premium rug that is ideal for flooring made of vinyl.

Before I talk about its numerous advantages, I want to warn you that this rug is prone to slippage because it doesn’t have an adhesive or rubber backing to keep it in the right place.

To prevent this, you’ll need to install rug pads in between your rug and the the vinyl flooring in order to keep from sliding as well as sliding.

This rug is going to suggest this rug: RUGPADUSA 100% felt cushioning Rug Pad.

But since it also slips I suggest getting an extra large rug so you can secure it by putting it on couches or various other heavier furniture.

Here’s the complete list of things you’ll enjoy regarding this collection. Safavieh California Premium Shag Collection.

  • It’s a large rug with a 2-inch pile which gives it a soft texture to provide luxury comfort.
  • It’s very heavy, and when combined with a rug pad that is dense it will not slip or slide off your vinyl flooring
  • It’s resistant to shedding due to the sturdy, tough fibres it’s constructed of.
  • It’s made to last, as it is constructed using high-density polypropylene yarn that ensures long-term durability and endurance.
  • It is available in a broad spectrum of colors, as well as some neutral colors that make the possibility of endless decorating possibilities
  • It is available in a range of sizes
  • It’s great for living rooms as well as bedrooms, home offices as well as kids’ room and dining room
  • It’s a great area rug for those on a budget.

4.Safavieh Madison Collection MAD611F Bohemian-Chic Vintage Distressed Area Rug

The Safavieh Madison Collection MAD611F Bohemian Chic Vintage Area Rug is among the most elegant area rugs on the market.

It is an Bohemian Chic Style Rug that gives your home a classic elegant design with a distressed look to create a subtle elegance.

As with the majority of rugs I’ve suggested like the Safavieh MAD611F rug does not come with a latex or rubber backing, which can cause it to slide.

Although putting a rug made of felt pad similar to the RUGPADUSA might not be enough to solve the issue of slippage buying a bigger rug that is secured by furniture of a high weight can make the rug pad totally non-slip.

This rug is really fashionable multi-purpose rug which can fit perfectly into your decor.

It’s sturdy enough to provide luxury comfort, and it’s 0.37-inc pile height that allows it to be positioned on doors without creating any obstruction.

The rug is constructed to last, and is constructed using high-quality polypropylene fibers that are non-shedding for long-lasting durability, comfort and easy maintenance.

Overall all, this Safavieh MAD611F Rug is a great option if you’re in search of something classy and stylish but also safe for flooring that is prone to damage.

5. Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug

Then, last not last but certainly not least We offer our Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug.

The rug is very attractive and is constructed of polypropylene which is a sturdy material that can ensure its durability and long-term durability.

It has a durable jute backing, which makes it longer-lasting.

I am sure you’re in dire need of an area rug that is rubber-backed because of its non-slip properties. But the jute backing is very slippery. Therefore, I’m going to suggest putting a thick rug pad such as one like the RUGPADUSA 100% felt cushioning pad in between your rug and the the vinyl flooring.

Overall, it is one of the most popular carpets for vinyl flooring. It doesn’t have a rubber backing it is possible to purchase an extra-large rug and tie it with couches and tables.

But, you’ll still need to install rug grippers, such as the top-selling home techpro non-slip rug Grips. These can prevent the rug from sliding off and curling around the edges.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are a few points to remember before you head out to buy your next rug that is non-slip. Let’s look at specific crucial products.

Where will you use the rug

The most important aspect to take into consideration when you’re looking for an non-slip rug is the plan for the place on the floor. Different types of rugs are designed to be utilized in various locations, based on the environment in which they are used.

Here’s a quick overview of the kind of non-slip rug you can make use of based on the conditions:

Dry zones The most frequent type of workplace. However, remember that dry does not necessarily mean that it is slip-proof. Condensation is a possibility spills may occur and floors may become slippery. If you’re in a space that is dry and you’re not using a slip-resistant rug can make sure that your workplace is always secure.

Areas that are wet This type of zone is usually used in work areas that employ liquids. For instance, aerospace or mining industries typically employ waterjet cutting for the fabrication of parts for machines. When water is an integral part of your routine there is a chance that you get sloppy and tumble, which is why you’ll require a non-slip carpet in this case.

The slick spots These are typically located in businesses that regularly make use of oils, such as machine shops and repair shops for automobiles. Any floor that is soiled can pose a serious risk of slips and falls for employees and patrons alike. A non-slip, nitrile rubber rug designed for areas with oil will ensure that everyone is secure and isn’t at risk of falling.

Thoughts on materials

Another important aspect to think about when purchasing an area rug is the fabric of the material the rug constructed out of. Rugs are made from natural or synthetic fibers, with a variety of options for each type.

In the end, the material the rug is made of can affect the price the feel, its durability, and the ease to clean.

Let’s look at natural fibers first.

  • Sisal Rugs with HTML0 have a boho, beachy design, but are also robust. They are ideal for areas that are heavily used because they’re slightly sturdy and resistant to wear. The only downside is their high absorbency and therefore susceptible to staining if liquid spills. Make sure you keep that in mind as you’re you’re considering the location the sisal rug.
  • Wool Wool is a popular natural material that designers love and designers, not only because it’s extremely comfy and warm and cosy, but also because it’s tough and has scales that cover dirt. This makes it simple to clean. It is also fire-resistant and has lanolin that naturally blocks staining. Because of these advantages you can put wool rug in any place.
  • Cotton Rugs are a beautiful soft choice that’s cheap and easy to wash. If you’re seeking an affordable fiber that will be able to take on some spills, cotton is probably your best option. The only problem is that cotton doesn’t stand up to the test of time well, and you’re likely to see more wear in time than the other materials made from natural substances.
  • Silk If it’s a luxurious look you’re seeking Silk is your perfect companion. It’s soft and shiny and perfect for intricate designs. Silk can also be the most durable natural material, however it isn’t easy to clean.

As we have mentioned previously, there are synthetic options readily available. Below, we will look at the most commonly used synthetic options that you can choose from.

  • Polypropelene Polypropelene most durable synthetic choice Rugs like these are excellent options for homes that are crowded with pets and children. They are reasonably priced and are great for outdoor mugs due to their resistant to mildew, UV and staining.
  • Polyester Polyester is affordable and soft to the feel, and is durable especially when you purchase an area rug made of polyester with more of a pile. They resist scratches, stains and moisture , and retain their color throughout the many years.
  • Viscose Rugs made of Viscose are beautiful and very soft on your feet. However, they are best suited to rooms that aren’t as crowded. They don’t take moisture exposure very effectively.

Size and shape

Selecting a rug that fits your house in regards to size is crucial. It is important to find an item that will fit and isn’t large as well as too compact. It is generally recommended to find a rug enough to accommodate the largest part of your room, or act as an insulator between built-ins.

Here’s a quick guide to rug selection to each area of your home.

Dining rooms Use the size that your table is to determine the size of your dining. If your rug is rectangular, round or rectangle, the rug must be at minimum 24 inches along the sides so that the chair that is moved back will fit on the rug.

Living space If your sofa is positioned against one wall, ensure your front leg as well as the legs on the front of the armchairs are covered. When you’re in a bigger space and a floating seating arrangement, you’ll need the rug to be able to hold all furniture including the front and back legs, ensuring that there is enough space around.

kitchen – It is recommended to choose a rug that is smaller or an elongated runner for the kitchen as well as your home’s entryway.

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Bedroom If your bedroom is a large space, consider the largest rug that will accommodate the entire beds and side tables. There should be a bit of space on the sides, too. If your space is smaller, the rug should cover around a third of foundation of your bed. You can also put small rugs along the sides of your bed to create an interesting appearance.

Style and materials

The vocabulary used to describe the aesthetics of a rug is endless. But, the material the rug is constructed from can also influence the style of the rug.

Natural fibers, like silk, cotton sisal, wool and jute are durable and long-lasting. Wool rugs are excellent in securing dirt and stains and are relatively easily cleaned. The biggest drawback with natural rug is that they are typically more costly and need to be professionally cleaned. Silk carpets that have been dyed might leak dye when they are wet.

Synthetic materials like acrylic, polyester and polypropylene, are easy to clean, cost-effective and resist stains well. However, it’s a lot easier to let them develop mildew and bacteria from spills from pets and other repeated spills. It is also possible to replace them earlier than a rug made of natural fibers.

For synthetic silk like viscose, bamboo, and banana silk These rugs are low-cost options, and are usually adorned with vibrant patterns that excel at hiding dirt. However, viscose is extremely absorbent and draws moisture, and can be damaged by a single water leak.


The pile of a rug is the measurement of its thickness or the density. Rugs with coarse piles always have more pile than intricate and high-end rug.

Rugs with high piles are more loose and have larger fibers, making them more fluffy and work well in bedrooms and living rooms. Shag and Moroccan rug are two of the most popular high-pile rugs.

Rugs with low piles have smaller loops and fibers. This makes them ideal for rooms that see lots of traffic such as the kitchen. Flatweaves are among the most well-known low-pile carpets.


In the end, regardless of which style you pick the rug will eventually get dirty. Therefore, it is important to think about maintenance and cleaning before making a purchase.

Incredibly, older or vintage pieces are usually more durable than modern-day rugs because the rugs that are budget-friendly today don’t have the same quality.

wool – Utilize natural oils to stop spills from entering the wool rug. Blot any spills to soak up the residue, then apply dish soap using the aid of a toothbrush to scrub it off. Be careful not to scrub however, as you could cause damage to the fibers.

Silk and cotton – It’s best to seek out professional assistance to prevent causing more stains through their fibers rug.

Synthetics Vacuum, steam-clean or spot-clean synthetic rugs.


What type carpet should I purchase?

In the end, the type of rug you purchase will be determined by your tastes of style, your personal preference, what you would like from your rug and your budget.

What size is a rug?

A common sense rule of thumb is to buy a big enough rug so that all the furniture’s main elements in the room can fit on it. For instance an area rug for dining ought to be large enough to accommodate the dining table as well as the dining chairs.

Do you have the ability to put a rug outside?

Specially-designed rugs are made to be utilized outdoors and are ideal for bringing some excitement to your outdoor area for entertainment. They tend to last longer than indoor rugs, and can withstand damage and wear.

Do I need to buy a rug that is custom-made?

The purchase of a custom rug allows you to modify its appearance to suit your individual taste and design. If you’re looking to ensure that the rug you choose to purchase is perfect for your style of living then you ought to think about purchasing an individual rug.

What’s the definition of an outdoor rug?

Outdoor Rugs are, as the name implies, rugs that are designed to be used outside! They’re perfect for brightening up your yard or patio particularly if you spend lots of time hosting dinner events as well as entertaining visitors.

Should I purchase rug pads on my slip-resistant rug?

Rug pads are intended to be used under rug mats that could otherwise slide across slippery floors. If you’re using an non-slip rug an additional rug pad is not required.

The Best Slip-resistant Carpets for Vinyl Floors- Bottom Line

The carpets I’ve suggested don’t have backings made of latex or rubber and therefore will slide across your floor’s smooth vinyl.

However, this is actually a great thing because these carpets tend to stain vinyl flooring.

The best part is you can keep your flooring made of vinyl from slipping and staining while placing a rug pad of high-quality between the carpet and the vinyl floor.

Take one of the options from this list of the top non-slip carpets for floors made of vinyl.

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