15 Best Nail Buffer (November 2022)

It’s okay to buff your nails if it’s not too much. You can make your nails so shiny others will mistakenly think you are wearing polish.

It is important to file your nails and buff them for a manicure. If you have artificial nails, buffing will provide traction for glue or polish.

Which nail buffer is best? What grit do you need?

It all depends on the reason you are buffing your nails and their condition.

According to experts, how to polish your nails.

There isn’t much difference between buffers and files for nail nails. Files are usually flat, and buffers are typically blocks. Depending on the purpose, you can use either one or the other.

You must remove the shine from your nails before you apply polish, artificial nails, or extensions.

To shape the natural nail, it’s a good idea to first use a file. Then, slide the file from one corner to the other. Keep moving in one direction until you reach the desired shape. Do not file back and forth, as this can weaken the nail.

To roughen up the surface, you can use the gritty side to shape the nails. Use a few gentle strokes to create an X shape. Then, work your way around the opposite side. To avoid over-thinning the nail, use gentle strokes. The polish will smoothen the nail’s surface, even if it has some ridges and rough spots.

This is all you have to do before applying polish or artificial nails.

If you want to make your nails shine without polish, use a dry cloth to remove the dust. Continue to use the fine grit portion of the buffer. To smoothen the nails even more, use a few more unidirectional strokes.

Next, place the smooth side of the nail against the surface. Move it in small circular movements. The nails should become glossy quickly with a new buffer. 

You can also add cuticle oil. Plant oils and vitamins will strengthen the nails.

You will notice a difference in your nails’ shine for several days. You can also touch up your nails once a week or more if you only use the buffer’s smooth side.

What kind of nail buffer works best?

Block buffers with different grits are a favorite of ours. However, nail files are fine as long as they’re not too abrasive and gritty.

Avoid harsh abrasives to protect your nails. Instead, use a buffer for nails that is less than 180 grit ( 2). The file will be more granular and rougher if it has a smaller number.

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Next, smoothening can be done with 240-grit. But, again, be sure to get rid of any dust before you switch to a more refined texture.

A chamois buffer and buffing cream might be a good option. This gives your nails extra shine and protects them.

Best Nail Buffer in 2022

1. Soft N’ Style 4-Way Shiny Block

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It’s possible to imagine a nail buffer when we say “nail buffer.” It is a foam block that has a different texture on each side.

This is suitable for natural and artificial nails. The tips can be filed and shaped by the coarsest side. The second side will remove ridges.

The third side smoothens and removes stains. Finally, the fourth side shines with a high polish.

2. Revlon Beauty Products Shape’ N Buff Nail Buffer

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The Revlon nail buffer is a compact, all-in-one tool. The black side is for shaping nail tips, and the white side smooths out ridges.

This is not a one-trick pony. You’ll notice that the buffer has two additional options. One buff and one polishes the buffer. Polishing makes nails shine and removes stains.

It leaves your fingers looking like you have clear nail polish.

This product is disposable. It will not perform as well after a certain amount of use.

You should replace it after about twenty manicures.

3. Set of Teenitor Gel Nail Files

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This is the best gel nail buffer. It’s great for all types of manicures, as it comes with a variety of nail files.

They can also be washed, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria and fungal infections.

This kit includes sturdy, double-sided files in a variety of textures.

A silver-colored file with 150-grit can be used to sand long nails quickly. To grind the edges, use the silver 180-grit filing. These are both marked “Edge.”

FLEX files are used for nail surfaces. These files are thicker and marked with grit numbers 200/280, 100/180, and 1000/4000. These two can be used to remove any bubbles or prepare for glue extensions. This is a great way to make nails shine without using any polish.

4. Makartt Fine Nail Buffer Block 10PCS

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Do you love shiny nails? Do you want to polish your nails every day? Then, this is the right nail buffer for your needs.

This set of ten dual-sided files can smoothen and shine your nails’ surface. One side has 400-grit to buff, while the other has 6000grit for mirror-gloss.

These are not ideal for shaping nails. However, these are good for regularly sprucing up your manicure.

5. DR. MODE Professional Manicure Glass Nail Shiner

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Glass buffers for nails are durable and washable. They can be used many times and are safe to use on the nail surface. They can also be reused many times and are eco-friendly.

Nano glass takes only 30 seconds to polish the nails and smoothen the edges.

The file with a darker color has a rough texture, while the one with a lighter color has fine grit.

Glass files are rated higher than other products by reviewers. This is because they are extremely fast and won’t break like other emery boards.

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6. Onsen Secret Professional Nail Buffer

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Japan is home to one of the most effective nail buffers for ridges. It only has three steps, despite having four sides. Instead, it has two sides that are white for polishing the nails. It’s smart because it’s the one that wears first on nail buffers.

The manufacturer suggests that buffing your nails is good for them. It removes any chemicals from the surface and improves circulation. The file also contains minerals from Japanese hot springs that can heal nails.

The effects of this product should last for up to 10 days after you have buffed your nails. Then, finish your manicure with a cuticle conditioner to lock in nutrients and moisture.

7. BTYMS 7 Way Nail File and Buffer blocks

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This buffer block is incorrectly called a “seven-way” buffer block. It’s a collection of four 2-sided nail files that come in various textures. Each step of the process is marked and numbered. Additionally, each file part is color-coded.

There are two types of shaping and refining: coarse and medium. There are also options for polishing, conditioning, smoothing, and buffing.

Wait, there are four files. There should therefore be eight textures. Instead, they duplicated the polishing step on two files. This is a great idea, as it is the part that wears the fastest.

All files can be washed and reused.

8. Tropical Shine Mini 4-Way Nail Buffer Block

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This is the basic nail buffer block that covers all bases. The first side is for filing and shaping. The second is for removing ridges.

The third is for smoothing the surface. And the fourth is for creating glossy shine.

This block has the advantage of a cuticle protection edge to ensure that you don’t get hung nails.

We heard the biggest complaint that this block is too big for small nails.

9. Tachibelle 4-Way Super Shine Buffing Block

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K-beauty fans are familiar with this product. It is a buffer block of salon-quality made in Korea.

There are four sides to shaping nails, but only three steps. First, you can shape the nails on both sides. This is a brilliant design because it allows you to use the most grit.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you can complete each fingernail within 20 seconds.

10. Biutee Nail Files Buffer 10pcs – Set

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This set is perfect for serious manicurists. It includes all the necessary buffers and nail files to do manicures and pedicures.

First, you will find five coarse black files. One side is 100-grit, and the other is 120-grit. These are strong enough to form artificial nails and extensions.

The next are five colorful buffer blocks. Each block has just one texture.

Three blocks are left with only one texture. 

These blocks are coarse enough that they can be used to remove the shine from gel polish before soaking in Acetone.

The two other buffers are four-sided and can be used for polishing, smoothing, and filing.

This set is not recommended for thin, fragile, or brittle natural nails.

11. Tweezerman Neoon Hot 4-in-1 File. Smooth & Shine block

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This brand produces useful products such as this buffer block. You will also receive an additional set of stick-on pads. This is a great thing as less trash goes to the landfill.

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These four pads have the file, buff, and smooth functions. In addition, you can remove and replace any part of your buffer block as it wears.

The neon colors are also very cheerful. This buffer block will not be lost in your bag.

12. Keiby Ciom Nail Files & Buffers

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It was finally discovered that buffing curved nails using rectangular blocks is difficult. So instead, these nail files are ergonomically curved.

To make polishing faster and more efficient, the shape of the foam blocks follows the curves of the nails.

There are four options: smoothing, shaping, smoothing, and polishing.

13. Malva Belle Best Crystal Glass Nail File

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We’re sure you’ve never seen a more elegant glass nail file. The case protects the file. You can choose from light pink, pastel green, or lilac colors.

These files can also be washed. They can be washed in a dishwasher. They can be reused in salons as long as they are clean.

These boards are built to last for hundreds of times longer than regular emery boards. In addition, they come with a lifetime guarantee and a promise of a complete refund if they don’t perform as expected.

14. Winning Nails Chamois Buffer & Buffing Cream

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A set that includes a chamois buffer and the best nail buffer cream is available. The cream can be used to polish nails and soften and push back cuticles.

Chamois is a gentle abrasive that gives your nails a high shine. The handle allows for easy access.

15. Fancii Professional Electric Complete Portable nail Drill System

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What about the best electric nail buffers? This buffer comes with a UV lamp to cure polish.

Five attachments can be attached to it, which trim calluses or trim cuticles. It can also be used as an electric nail file and a nail drill.

These attachments are standard sizes for this type of tool. They are rotary tip tips. These include a grinder with a coarse grind for shaping nails and a grinder to smoothen the edges. A felt pad is included to polish the nails’ surface to a shiny finish.

It is cordless and can run on three AAA batteries. This makes it ideal for traveling. The warranty is for 18 months.


Many people believe that the best nail buffer you use is the one you use. It’s important to include all essential textures in your toolkit. You will need to shape, grind and smooth your tools.

Many options include dual-sided files and buffer blocks, chamois buffers, chamois buffers, and electric nail files. A four-sided block is best for basic home manicures.

Regularly buffing your nails will make them easier to maintain and polish. If you want your nails to look perfect and healthy, you won’t need to deal with ridges or stains.


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