10 Best Military Mess Kit (September 2022) Reviews

The last time I went to camp; I was incredibly tired of carrying around so much gear.

Have you experienced the same incident?

Following my camping adventure I was thinking about the questionof how I reduce the amount of items I carried. This is when I realized that the cookware and utensils not only put a great deal in weight, but also took up lots of space. It forced me to look for alternatives that were lighter.

It was then that I discovered mess kits.

They’re multi-purpose, lightweight and extremely robust. Today, I’ll discuss the top 10 most effective mess kits for military use and the benefits they provide to relieve your from carrying a variety of tools on a trip.

What are the benefits of an Mess Kit?

The advantages of a mess kit are:

  • The majority of the utensils included in these kits can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, you can quickly cook food and then serve food in the pan and the pot that are included in the mess kit for military.
  • The tools in this kit are made to be portable. The carrying of them won’t be an issue due to the identical.
  • The name of the military guarantees excellent quality of construction. This is why mess kits are able to last for decades.
  • They do not require an arduous process to clean them. This is why maintaining them is simple.

Top 10 Best Military Mess Kit 2022

1. AnQIAO Reproduction WWII US Military Lunch Box

The food grade stainless steel that is part in this mess kit, you can’t be wrong. Food grade implies that it is safe to use for everyday use.

So, you won’t receive a single piece in a mess kit. This is why even if you intend to keep hundreds of these mess kits they will not consume a lot of space. This is why it’s important to consider the dimensions of this mess kit conveniently. This one has in the dimensions of 8.6″ 7″ and 2.3″.

The robust stainless steel makes sure that it lasts for many years together.

A weight of 500 grams allows anyone to use it. So, you will not have any problems with regards to the use.

If you look at the design, it’s very similar to that of the World War II mess kit that The U.S. Army used.

This mess kit is great to cook, at campsites, on hikes and more. It’s as flexible as a mess kit could be.

With the aid of locks, locking the two pieces together is definitely easy. This is the reason why handling gets even more comfortable.

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a military mess kit that comes with all the features you need be sure to consider this.

Key Features:

  • Food quality stainless steel construction
  • Locking mechanism available on offer
  • Simple to store
  • Construction with heavy-duty construction
  • Small size
  • Solid, yet light

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2. UCO 4 Piece Camping Mess Kit

A mess kit doesn’t have to appear traditional. Thanks to technological advances, the shape and quality of the construction of these kits are changing too. If you’re searching for that is modern and stylish then you should consider this one.

The most significant modification is that it’s offered in three different colors. This is the reason why there is an additional color to the kit for mess. A little color definitely can make the mess kit more visually appealing.

Another difference comes from the use of the nylon material. The material is extremely tough. It can withstand liquids and water quite well. It isn’t a problem with food items as well. This is why the nylon is the perfect material to use in the kit for mess.

Because of the nylon material The weight of the mess kit is only about 280 grams. It is simple due to its light weight.

If you look at the construction quality, you’ll see this mess kit is comprised of a bowl, a plate and a three-in-one spork. In addition the tie-down. It’s the one the one responsible for keeping everything together. Apart from the lightweight it is designed with a unique style, this mess kit definitely makes it simple to use.

The majority of mess kits are used to serve meals, however this one could be used to store mess. It is equipped with an airtight seal, which means that food items will stay in good condition inside. After you have put in the food item and keep it in the fridge, you will be able to effortlessly transport it.

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Are you unsure about the grip? With grips made of rubber at the bottom, you’ll not be worried about it moving around. This is the reason when you decide to make use of it in your vehicle or truck, or even for the public transport, you are able to use it.

It is possible to scrape out every piece of food by adjusting the curvature of both the spoon and cutting utensil. It further increases the ease of use.

It’s hard to overlook this kit of chaos with numerous features.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Color options available
  • Extremely flexible
  • Lightweight design
  • Non-slip texture
  • Simple to utilize

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3. STANSPORT Mess Kit made of Stainless Steel for Backpacking

The mess kit isn’t only limited to serving Utensil. It may include additional utensils too. It’s all dependent on the way you intend to utilize it. It is comprised of three distinct items, including the cookware.

First first, you receive a pot of boiling and lid. It also comes with the frying pan that has handles which locks. Then, you will receive the high-quality stainless steel dish. If you’d like to make use of this kit for cooking as well or for serving meals, you are able to use it for both.

If you don’t take a look at how well the kit is constructed picking one that isn’t the best is a bad idea. It comes with stainless steel materials and copper on the bottom. This is why when cooking with these kitchen utensils, the heat distribution is uniform.

The efficient transfer of heat also implies it means that how much heat that you require to cook the food is lower.

If you don’t intend to use this set, you are able to store it into a nested style. This is the reason that the space needed to keep this set in is quite restricted. With it, you will receive an nylon mesh cover and a cover made of nylon.

After you have gathered them after which you can place them inside the nylon mesh cover making it easier to carry them. Should you decide to store them in your vehicle or in your backpack, you are able to do that.

The lock handle that Utensils included in this set is protected. This is the reason using the utensil is definitely going to be simple. Steel made of stainless ensures cleaning is simple and easy.

It is really difficult to pick a different mess kit for military use over this one with regard to its versatility.

Key Features:

  • 3-pieces set
  • Transportable and easy to carry
  • It ensures even heat distribution thanks to copper’s bottom
  • Simple storage mechanism for storage.
  • Construction equipment that is heavy-duty

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4. Gotland World War II US Military Canteen Kit

When you are looking for the best army mess set, you’ll frequently come across Canteen Kits and Canteen Kits. Utensils found in this set are not in number, however, they’re larger in dimensions.

It comes with one canteen and a glass with an handle. In addition you also get the cover made of cotton to transport everything.

Its capacity is one quarter of a liter or 1 liter. Its capacity itself is 0.5 quarters. This makes it suitable for serving also. This is why cooking it will turn out be simple.

As the material is genuine stainless steel you shouldn’t be able to doubt the endurance of both of them.

It is unlikely that you will keep the canteen kit in one location. This makes knowing about the measurements of both items is extremely crucial. The canteen is 5.1″ in size and 3.1″ and 7.3″. The cup’s size is 5.2″ by 3.1″ in size. 3.9″.

Food-grade stainless steel makes sure that it’s completely safe for use in regular settings. Although it may be sold under the name of military canteen mess kits, they is suitable for hiking and camping. It’s the reason why when you’re searching for the best mess kit, with more equipment, choose this one.

Key Features:

  • Set includes two pieces
  • Larger 1L Canteen is available
  • Food quality stainless steel construction
  • Easy to store and portable design
  • Cover is made of heavy-duty material

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5. Ukr Russian Army Soldier Mess Kit and Griddle:

I love this mess kit as it can be used as a kettle, and the lid to make an fry pan. It is also small in size it’s very adaptable.

If you’re thinking about the amount of 1.3 L. The volume is sufficient to use for a regular usage.

The materials used in the construction of the mess kit can be a factor significantly. It will determine your purchase decision. Fortunately, this one is composed in food-grade aluminum. Food-safe quality means that you don’t have to worry about reactions to food products that are acidic or alkaline.

The material used to make the utensils is what makes them light but durable. That’s why when you want to carry them around on your travels, you can take it with you.

By using the handle, holding it and then transporting it is easy.

When you close the lid the door, it has a locking mechanism. So, if would like to keep the food inside, you’ll be able to do that.

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If you wish to make something warm It is definitely feasible. It will not suffer any significant wear and tear because you’re heating it. Aluminum conducts heat efficiently with little to no loss, resulting in the saving of fuel.

If you’re looking for an ultra-functional, minimalist army mess kits, this is superior to alternatives available.

Key Features:

  • Strong aluminum construction
  • Extremely light
  • Very versatile
  • Affordable capacity
  • Extremely mobile

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6. KingCamp Camping Cookware & Bento Box

The 3 in 1 function that this kit offers is one reason why it’s included in this list. It can be used to make a bento bowl. This will aid you to pack food items and food items for the family. In addition you can also use it to cook food in a camping pot, or cookware pan. Cooking directly on a flame is also possible. You can also make it plate or serving bowl.

A variety of uses for this kit are enough to warrant its place in this listing.

Food grade 304 stainless steel can make it more secure. It doesn’t matter if you make use of it indoors or out you are able to do it. Its maximum capacity of the unit is around 800 milliliters.

If you’re curious about the dimensions, they’re 8.23″ by 6.57″ in size and 1.65″. The weight is just 372 grams which means you can carry it in your backpack without difficulty.

Because it comes with the spork, it is possible to make use of it to serve as a spoon, as well to use it as a fork. It is made of stainless steel, which supplies the sturdiness.

It has a foldable bamboo handle that makes it simple to use. Cleaning is easy. It can be rinsed with regular water – you don’t need to follow an arduous process of cleaning.

The variety of this kit will make it an excellent purchase.

Key Features:

  • 3 in 1 function
  • Steel construction made of stainless
  • Food quality
  • Easy to wash
  • It comes with a foldable bamboo handle

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7. Militar Original Dutch Army Mess tins

It’s common to look for something that is simple in the mess kit. This Dutch style mess kit will meet that criteria.

There are two pans in all. The handle dimensions of each pan are 6.5 inches. This makes it simple to use. If you place these pans the handle will slide onto the other which makes it easier to put it away.

The material, naturally it will be stainless steel. Because of this, the durability is superb and it is safe to eat.

The capacity of the entire system is 1.2 L, which is sufficient to meet the needs of an individual.

If you’re looking for something minimal then this is the ideal option.

Key Features:

  • Construction of stainless steel
  • Minimalistic design
  • Two pieces
  • It is easy to store
  • Extremely robust

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8. ANQIAOGreen German WWII M31 Mess Kit

It is essential to have portability when seeking the perfect mess kit. It’s comprised of three piecesthat can be put together in a nested way. When you’ve packed them there is a handle on the top that makes it easy to transport the pieces around.

Mint aluminum materials means longevity won’t be an issue for this mess kit. When packed, the total size is 7.5″ 7″ and 5.5″. It weighs just 400 grams. I’m showing these characteristics to demonstrate how simple it is to use the mess kits.

The tin comes with an utensil to serve using as well. The strap made of leather ensures you are able to connect all the parts. It closely resembles the mess kits used by Germans during World War II.

If you’re searching for a practical army mess kits, you can’t get more superior than this.

Key Features:

  • Great accessibility
  • Mint aluminum construction
  • Utensils that are versatile
  • Nested design

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9. Valtcan Titanium Canteen Military Mess Kit

The benefit of this mess kit lies in the fact it includes an 1100 ML canteen. The canteen is made up of an extremely secure cap. The contents inside are very secured. Additionally you will get 400 and 750 stackable cups. They can be used for serving food and beverages in the canteen.

To transport, you will receive the molle case that includes straps that can be adjusted. If you do not require the straps, then you can take them off. The case can be used regardless of whether you’re travelling either a short or a long distances, you’ll be able carry this mess kit easily.

The ultra-lightweight design makes sure that it doesn’t weigh a great deal on your bag. So, handling it will be effortless.

If you’re wondering about dimensions, they are 7.7″ 6″ 3.35″ x 3.35″. That’s why it is so compatible.

Dishwasher safe design means that you do not need to put in the time cleaning it. This way, when you’re back at home, you can wash it quickly.

The titanium design of the canteen is more durable than other canteens. This is the reason why use and tear of the canteen is minimal as well.

For durability and portability, it is considered to be among the finest mess kits for the army you can purchase.

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Key Features:

  • Three utensils total
  • Extremely mobile
  • Titanium construction
  • It comes with a strap that can be removed

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10. Extra Italian Mess Box for hiking

With three pieces and a design inspired by the Italian army mess kit this kit can be as genuine as they come.

The weight of 1.3lbs makes it easier to take and carry with you wherever you travel. Two pieces of the set can function as a pot, while the larger piece could be used as pots.

Durability will not be an issue.

If you look at the mess kit with a keen eye the mess kit is made up of fold-out steel handles. So, handling them won’t be a problem.

If you’re curious about the build quality It is constructed of aluminum. It aids in the transmission of heat well. This is the reason the reason, if you’d like to cook with this device it is possible to cook with it.

Nested design implies that if you need to carry them along with you, they’ll be able to fit within. It is not necessary to carry each in separate bags.

So, if you’re looking for something simple, this isn’t a reason to be unhappy.

Key Features:

  • Construction made of aluminum that is heavy-duty
  • 3PC set
  • Includes handles that fold down
  • Portable design

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How to Choose the Right Mess Kit for Military Mess Kit: A Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking to evaluate and select among the best mess kits for military take into consideration the following aspects:

Construction Materials

The mess kits could be constructed of nylon, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials. It is important to make sure that the material you choose to use provides longevity to your mess kits.

In addition it must be suitable for food use also. If it is in compliance with these standards the waste kit will be safe for use and you’re free to use it.


The most common belief is that a mess kit must consist of plates that are used to be heated. But, a mess kit could include much more than the above. Nowadays mess kits are stocked with the canteen, cooking equipment, spoons, etc.

Thus, you need to decide what you need from a mess kit then you will be able to compare the various alternatives and select one.


It is not necessary to have the mess kit in the same time. In some instances, you’ll be required to bring it along on a hike or an excursion to the backcountry. This is why it must be extremely portable and if it has the option of a cover, it is an added benefit.


If an institution or other organization purchase a mess kit they’ll purchase it in a number of hundreds. In the event that they do not use it the mess kits will be stored in these mess kits. When they complete a significant amount of space when they are stored they will not be practical for the person purchasing them.

Ideally, the kits should be the appearance of a compact and nested design. This way, the storage of many mess kit kits will be easy.

Frequently Answered Questions

Does the military have mess kits?

Yes it is true that the military does utilize mess kits. They may not be as widespread than World War II, but still, they are in use.

What is the reason it’s called an mess kit?

The mess kit was named for a game called Muss. The game involved throwing out the room with a lot of people. People would jostle each other to grab them.

In the course of the dining hall was associated with Muss was renamed to mess because of the simple pronunciation. Since the kits were being used in mess halls like these and mess halls, they were given their name Mess kits.

What are the steps to using an equipment for mess?

For a mess kit to be used first, you must know the utensils that you’re equipped with. If they are serving utensils, then you’ll require a different cooking vessel. If they are able to handle the heat, you are able to cook with them.

What materials are military mess kits constructed of?

Mess kits for military use can be constructed from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, or even nylon.

How long will the military waste kits for mess last?

The mess kits for military are quite durable. They can typically last for up to five years.

Wrapping Up

Instead of buying a mess kit only to regret the decision later It’s a great idea to review my list of the top ten best military mess kits reviews to select the best one.

Only the mess kits that are sturdy and easy to make it to this list. This is the reason why selecting from this list can make it easier for you to research and will help you purchase the top quality.

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