10 Best Microwaves Under $100 (September 2022) Reviews

Looking for the Best Microwaves Under $100? But confused about which one is best to go. Read this ultimate buyer’s guide.

Finding a cheap microwave that works well is like finding a needle within a haystack. These are some of our top picks for microwaves under $100.

You can save time by using microwaves to cook. You don’t need a luxurious, high-powered microwave if you’re on a budget or have a small household. Microwaves of high quality are often unused.

We don’t need all the sensors and presets when sometimes we just need a simple appliance to make our lives easier. A microwave for under $100 is still affordable. You don’t need to compromise on performance.

You can get a countertop appliance that produces 700-1000 W at such a low price. It will also save you a lot on kitchen space. Such microwaves are capable of performing basic cooking tasks such as cooking from scratch, freezing food, and reheating.

It can be difficult to decide between the various microwave oven options. These are our top recommendations after much research and testing.

Top 10 Best Microwaves Under $100 in 2022

It can be difficult to find a microwave oven on a budget that has all of the essential features. This is not a problem. NRX Guide offers a selection of the best microwave ovens for under 100 dollars to help you choose the right one. Before we jump to the reviews, let’s take a look at a quick comparison table.

1. Black+Decker EM720CB7 – The Best Stainless Steel Microwave

Black & Decker 700 watts may be the best choice for you if space is limited.

It isn’t small, but it has plenty of interior space. It has a 0.7-foot interior space, so it can hold large plates and bowls.

You won’t find a microwave as powerful in this price range. You can take advantage of microwaving at an affordable price.

Heating functions are reliable and quick, and it also defrosts evenly with no burning edges.

The microwave has the same preset buttons as any other microwave. You don’t have to guess how long it will take to cook your food.

The push button to open a microwave door is slightly stiff. This causes the microwave to move a bit when it tries to open it. You can overcome this problem by using a non-skid pad to ensure that the unit does not move on the counter.

Apart from that, the digital display on the unit is very intuitive, with a timer, an express button for cooking, and 10 power options.

A microwave’s noise level is a major concern. Black & Decker is a quiet microwave, but some people have complained of a grunting sound when the machine is used for long periods.


  • This takes up very little space
  • Equip with child lock system
  • 10 adjustable power levels
  • Simple to use controls


  • Door clips are made out of plastic
  • Catches fingerprints that need to be cleaned frequently

2. Amazon Basics Smart Microwave with Alexa

Amazon introduced Alexa Integration for microwaves. This integration is now being used in other brands and models.

What is the reason?

Alexa offers tremendous benefits to anyone with low vision or disability, and older people. Alexa is also great for younger children who use the microwave, but without adult supervision, and mothers don’t have to worry about them messing up digital controls.

You may not want to touch buttons because your hands are stained or oily.

Amazon Basics Microwaves also have the best price, as it is cheaper than any other device with Alexa compatibility.

It isn’t microwaved with 1000 watts like the others. Amazon Alexa is 700 watts with an internal capacity of 0.7 cubic feet.

This means it is smaller in footprint, which makes it ideal for spaces with limited space like dorm rooms, offices, and mini kitchens.

The digital display features a kitchen timer and a digital clock display. It also has power levels. You won’t find any pre-programmed buttons on microwaves other than the popcorn preset.

You can’t expect the microwave to heat up at superhuman speeds, considering its low wattage. However, this should be expected for all low-powered microwaves.

Amazon Basic is a great option if you are willing to allow for a few extra minutes to heat and cook your food.


  • Compact and extremely affordable
  • Alexa enabled microwave
  • Push-button timer to instantly re-heat
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The echo device is not included
  • This is not the right place for large plates

3. COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM – Best Countertop Oven

Next on our wish list is a microwave that can help you save money and avoid spending a lot of money on expensive microwaves with lots of sensors and features you don’t need.

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Comfee, a compact microwave, can produce 700 watts. It can also be used at 11 different power levels.

The microwave’s power efficiency is impressive. By turning off the display when the ECO Mode is activated, it reduces standby power by half. This saves you money on electricity.

It is one of those models that has a mute option that will quieten the intermittent “beep-beep” sound that we hear when we open the microwave to take out our food.

The 10-inch turntable can fit small dinner plates but is sufficient for basic cooking.

Other noteworthy features include preset buttons for cooking and Express cook, child locks, memory, clock function, and kitchen timer. These features are standard on all microwaves.

The only problem was that it took a while to cook. However, it performed well in all other areas.


  • The beep sound can also be muted
  • For power savings, use Eco mode
  • 11 adjustable power levels
  • Bright, beautiful digital display


  • Buttons can be difficult to press
  • A bit too high-priced

4. Commercial chef CHM770B – Best 900 Watt

We should be able to say that this microwave is small and powerful.

This microwave is a great option for those with limited budgets and needs. It does a good job at basic microwaving tasks.

You don’t have to worry about remembering what time it is for your daily meals.

It has a capacity of 0.9 cubes, which is what you will find in nearly every best-selling 900-watt microwave. This microwave has decent power and can heat food evenly and quickly.

Because of its interior capacity, the microwave is ideal for small families with limited cooking needs.

The microwave works well with all functions, be it defrosting, reheating, or cooking frozen meals.

The only thing missing from the top-tier microwaves was the 30-second button. The 30 seconds button is a minor detail that makes it stand out in nearly all other aspects.

It’s easy to keep clean with the removable turntable.


  • Has solid stainless-steel body
  • Heat foods quickly and evenly
  • Six pre-programmed recipes
  • Kitchen counters take up less space


  • Slides around slightly when the door is closed or opened

5. Galanz GLCMAKA07BKR Retro Best Small Size

It is not hard to admit that we all have a passion for retro-looking, timeless items. Retro items are durable in today’s tech-driven world.

Galanz retro microwaves are a stylish addition to any kitchen countertop. The black microwave fits on any countertop or cabinet without taking up too much space.

It doesn’t come with the usual tech and numbered buttons. Instead, it features a large knob to adjust the cooking time.

Let’s not forget its stunning looks. Now let’s get down to its practicality.

It is 700 watts in power and 0.7 cubic feet.

Although you will need to be patient, it is still a great machine with great performance. You can get evenly cooked food because the turntable rotates flawlessly.

The oval window has LED lighting that allows you to peek inside the cooking process.

A microwave’s pull-open door is an alternative to a push-open switch. It is very well-liked by many customers for its simplicity of handling.

It is a budget-friendly microwave, but you’d love to pay more for it.


  • Beautiful retro style design
  • Space-saving tips for kitchen counters
  • Easy to use control system
  • Safety for children is assured by the child lock


  • Door hooks are made from plastic and can break easily.
  • The microwave can be turned just a little.

6. Farberware Classic FMO07AHTBKJ – Best Value for Money

Farberware is another brand we have included in our list.

The model is available in three sizes: 0.9, 0.7, and 1.1 cubic ft. Here, we are reviewing the 0.9 cu. ft version.

Performance is excellent. It heats up quickly at 9000W with good heat intensity. Not a slow microwave like its 700 watts counterpart, which we discuss below.

Performance-wise, there is little to no difference between reheating or defrosting.

Comparatively, the only thing that makes the difference is the internal capacity as well as the dimensions. It measures 13.66 x 12.36x 8.7 inches and features a 10.6-inch turntable.

It is a microwave with a smaller footprint that packs power.

Farberware classic, a black microwave with curved edges and stainless steel front, looks amazing on the countertop

Other features are similar to the 1000 watts. 10 power levels can be adjusted to adjust the cooking process. Pre-programmed preset settings take the guesswork out when microwaving frequent meals.

This unit can also be used for express cooking, 30-second time-addition, kitchen timer, digital display, and memory functions.

The downside is the lack of user-friendliness. The touchpad doesn’t respond well when pressing buttons. You need to press the buttons firmly for the microwave to follow your command.


  • Very easy to use
  • Reheat and defrost quickly
  • You can easily fit large 10.5-inch plates
  • The beep sound does not bother anyone


  • When operational, a bit loud
  • When cooking, dark glass paper provides less visibility

7. Commercial Cook 9.5inch Best for Dorm Rooms

The Commercial Chef white microwave is an adorable addition to the kitchen.

It is simple in design but has retro-style rotary control.

It has 600 watts of power and an internal volume of 0.6 cubic feet.

You can hide it in almost any corner of the kitchen, thanks to its small footprint. However, its beauty and simplicity are begging to be seen.

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This microwave oven is perfect for small homes and residents who don’t like to cook complicated recipes.

Even though 600-watt microwaves aren’t recommended for popping popcorn at home, many reviewers found that microwaves can still be used to make popcorn.

The dials can be used to set the cooking time for up to 30 mins and six power levels, ranging from low-high to high.

It’s a great choice for those who can spend a little more time cooking or heating their food because it doesn’t have any buttons or digital displays.


  • Beautiful design and a very small footprint
  • Six adjustable cooking levels
  • It is a gentle beep sound.
  • Best microwave for seniors


  • Cooking requires poor vision
  • No digital display

8. Farberware Classic FMO07ABTBKA – Best 700 Watt

The sleek black Farberware model from Farberware adds class and elegance to any countertop.

This combination of style and functionality makes it one of our most reliable and cost-effective choices. It has impeccable features and plenty of internal space.

It has an internal capacity of 0.7 cu. ft. and can accommodate larger plates without the need to be tilted.

The power difference from the previous model in our list is 200 watts. The model above is powered by 700 watts. It has 900 watts of power.

We found that the buttons began to fall off of the digital panel.

It doesn’t affect the functionality of controls, however.

You can manage the power to avoid burning with ten power levels.

It has pre-programmed buttons that can automate basic cooking as well as express cooking options. It has a memory button that allows you to keep your preferred cooking settings for later use.

The microwave will make a soft, musical sound when it is operating. While there is some internal lighting that allows you to see how the cooking progresses, the dark interior absorbs all the light and makes it feel dim.

It is a strong microwave with a pull handle. The microwave doesn’t move or jerk when it’s opened. The turntable spins at an even speed.

Overall, it is the most cost-effective option for functionality and looks.


  • Compact design occupies less space
  • Six quick-cooking programs
  • Child safety lock


  • The power cord is very small

9. Danby DBMW0721BBS – Best for Small Kitchens

A bigger microwave is not necessary for everyone. Mini microwave ovens are ideal for those with small kitchens. The small footprint of this model makes it easy to place on a shelf.

This microwave’s boxy appearance is not the best. However, we want our microwaves to perform better than they appear.

A 700 watts power combined with the competence of 10 levels allows you to adjust the power and cooking directions according to your instructions.

The Danby microwave lacks a swift handle. Instead, the microwave has a push button that allows you to open the door.

Danby provides 6 auto-cook convenient options to ensure consistent cooking results. You can also use it as a microwave, with auto defrost and express cooking.

This product is highly regarded by other consumers because there are almost no complaints about its ability to reheat and freeze evenly.

The 10-inch turntable plate needs to be adjusted slightly due to the microwave’s engineered design which isn’t recessed to suit the turntable.

However, the microwave is classified as a “silent machine”, which is an advantage for those who are irritated or bothered by the motor’s grinding sounds.


  • The glass turntable heats food evenly
  • Auto defrosting is controlled by time and weight
  • Popcorn maker with a single touch
  • Very quiet microwave


  • Not suitable for large dinner plates
  • Pop-corn bags stop the turntable from rotating when pop-corn starts popping

10. Hamilton Beach– The Best Small 1000 Watt Inexpensive Cooking Oven

Hamilton Beach’s stainless steel microwave oven is our last choice. This company is known for its motor-driven kitchen appliances. The microwaves are well-respected.

We are looking at a microwave that falls under the middle-size microwave oven category. It is a powerhouse microwave with 1000 watts of output and a large interior cavity area of 1.1 cubic feet.

It can be placed in the kitchen with a volume of 1.1 cubic feet, and it will not take up the entire countertop.

The exterior is constructed of stainless steel and has a black casing. It looks sophisticated and will impress. The door does not have a push button but has a pull handle to make it easier to open and close.

Hamilton Beach’s remarkable features, performance, and looks are more important than its competitors. It can be quickly reheated and defrosted.

This model comes with 6 pre-set buttons for auto cooking, including power levels and expressing cooking.

You can lock the control panel using a child lock to protect your kids from accidentally changing the settings.

LED display, Kitchen Timer has all the ingredients necessary for high-end microwave ovens.

It’s a powerful microwave with comparable performance, but it is affordable and easy to use.


  • Solid stainless steel built
  • Panel with touch controls that are easy to use
  • With powerful 1000 watts and adjustable power levels
  • Child lock to limit access for children


  • Its machinery can be a little noisy
  • The black sheet that covers the glass door makes it difficult to see while you cook.

Microwave Buying Guide

These are the essential facts to consider when choosing the right microwave oven.

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Types of Microwaves

Before you buy a microwave, it is important to choose the type of microwave. Microwave ovens come in three basic types, according to their function.

Single microwaves can be used for defrosting and basic heating. They are also the cheapest.

Grill microwaves are capable of grilling food just like an outdoor grill.

The convection microwave is the most expensive, as it can also grill, reheat and defrost food.

People, who believe microwave ovens can cause serious health problems should read this Do microwave ovens cause cancer?


You need to decide where the microwave should be installed. You can put it on the countertop. It can be placed on the countertop.

Built-in microwaves are fitted with cabinets. Microwave drawers fall under the same category. Consider the space and location of your microwave.


In watts, the power of a microwave oven is measured. A general rule is that the microwave cooks food faster if it has a higher wattage. 1000 watts is the minimum for fast cooking.

But, 700 watts can also be used for cooking. High-wattage microwaves can be more expensive, so make sure to keep your budget in check and choose the most powerful microwave for fast results.

Functions and Features

You should also consider the size, budget, location, and power of the microwave when shopping for one.

You can make microwaving easy with preprogrammed buttons, power levels, child locks, and sensors.

Noise Levels

You don’t have to be bothered by the motor grunting sound of these appliances if this is your preference. You should opt for a microwave that doesn’t hum when the food is being cooked.


A microwave is reliable if it operates smoothly for a long time with a uniform output. A reliable microwave won’t heat or burn food and it won’t smoke or spark.

It operates smoothly and all the features of the microwave work uninterruptedly and consistently.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Which are the most budget-friendly microwave ovens for under 100 dollars?

  1. BLACK+DECKER – The Best Stainless Steel Microwave
  2. Amazon Basics: Best Smart Microwave With Alexa
  3. COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM – Best Countertop Oven
  4. Commercial Chef CHM770B- Best 900 Watt
  5. Galanz GLCMKA07BKR Retire – Smallest Size
  6. Farberware Classic FMO07AHTBKJ: Best Value for Money
  7. Commercial Chef 9.5inch Best for Dorms
  8. Farberware Classic FMO07ABTBKA – Best 700 Watt
  9. Danby DBMW0721BBS – Small Kitchens Best
  10. Hamilton Beach – Best Small 1000 Watt Inexpensive Oven

Are microwaves cheap and safe?

First of all, every microwave must pass the safety standards enforced FDA. Everybody must follow safety guidelines when using the microwave to reduce the risk of microwave-related injuries, no matter if they have a microwave costing $2,000 or $60,000.

All microwaves are protected from radiation. You should be careful about the time it takes to cook popcorn or potatoes.

How long should a microwave stay good?

With proper care, a microwave can last up to ten years. The microwave can last approximately 7 years. However, you might find yourself in a difficult situation and have to replace the microwave sooner than expected. The microwave’s life expectancy can be reduced by mishandling, such as not cleaning it, not slamming its doors handle, using unsafe utensils, and keeping it ON when there isn’t food in.

What are the signs that a microwave has gone bad?

Here are some signs your microwave may be going bad.

  1. The microwave emits a loud sound.
  2. The simplest tasks take forever.
  3. The microwave emits a strange, burning smell, smoke, or an electric spark.
  4. The turntable suddenly stops working.
  5. Push, press, and push again to get it in working order.
  6. It has outlived its expected life expectancy.

What foods should you avoid heating in the microwave?

  • Eggs can explode in a microwave.
  • Processed Meat These meats contain chemicals and preservatives that can increase cholesterol oxide production and lead to cardiovascular disease.
  • Chilies: The chilies’ capsaicin can evaporate and cause your eyes to burn.
  • Breastmilk: For safety reasons due to uneven heating.
  • Pasta Sauce is thick and splatters when heated in the microwave.
  • Grapes These grapes can lighten and flicker.
  • Plain Water Although you can microwave it, it can get “overboiled” and erupt, leading to scalding, and even burning.

What should not be microwaved?

Avoid microwaving anything not marked “microwave-safe.”

  • Steel utensils
  • Unsafe plastics
  • Styrofoam
  • Paper bag
  • Takeaway containers
  • Containers with no lids
  • Watch out for metal-rimmed utensils.
  • Use plastic containers to keep food in stock
  • Aluminum foil
  • To dry, a shirt or cloth piece

The Bottom Line

Although you might be misled, you won’t be able to buy a small microwave oven that isn’t as efficient if your budget is $100. You can still get a high-quality microwave if your budget is flexible. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t get one of the most powerful microwaves under 100.

It is possible to buy a low-power microwave with 600 watts or a large microwave with 1000 watts. These appliances are made by reputable brands that have a reputation for quality. We’ve reviewed some high-rated microwaves under your budget. We hope you find it helpful in your choice.

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