9 Best Lubricant For Door Locks (October 2022) Reviews

You have a stuck door lock and need to get it working again. There are many options. You can choose from a graphite lubricant or silicone lubricant. But which one is best for you?

Common names like WD-40 or Houdini are used, but the drying time, temperature, and formula all play a role in choosing a lubricant to seal a door. The ingredients of a lubricant can have an impact on how it works for both the environment and the health-conscious.

To find the best brands and formulas for various types of door locks, we tested the reliability of PTFE, dry graphite, and classic silicone lubricants.

These are our top 9 reviews plus 3 honorable mentions.

Our Top Picks

1.Best Overall Lubricant –LiquidFix Door Lock and Hinge LubricantA needle-tipped bottle is included to ensure that you get the lubricant exactly where you need it.Check Price
2.Best Heptane Lubricant3 IN-One Lock Dry LubeIt penetrates deeply and dries quickly to keep the lock clean from dirt and dust.Check Price
3.Best Tacky Graphite Lubricant: B’laster 8-GS Industrial Graphite LubricantIt is easy to use and can be used for multiple purposes, such as belts or gaskets.Check Price
4.Best PETFE Lubricant: WD-40 ExpertA trusted brand that can be used across multiple materials Lock longevity is improved by reducing frictionCheck Price
5.Best Silicone Lubricant3M Silicone Lubricant Dry VersionIt is safe and effective at all temperatures. Silicone prevents lock squeaking, rubbing, and other problems.Check Price
6.Best Graphite LubricantCRC Dry Graphite OilThis is the best dry graphite door lock oil lubricant. It also has other uses such as gaskets and belts.Check Price

How to Choose the Best Lubricant for Door Locks

Less Mess

Lubricants can be messy and difficult to use. We wanted to find lock oils that would make it easy to maintain door locks.

A dry lock lubricant is meant to prevent dirt and dust from getting into the lock. The most effective options for keeping locks in good condition were the ones we found.

Different lubricants have different application methods. Some may use specific ingredients that give the lubricant an almost invisible appearance. These lubricants can also be used to remove gunk and other residues from door locks.

Effective Lubricant

The most important thing we need to know about a lubricant for door locks is whether it works. It was crucial to ensure that door lock lubricants could handle sticky locks. This is particularly true for certain temperatures and weather conditions.

There are many lock lubricants available, including graphite, silicone, PTFE, and non-toxic mineral-based ones that can effectively remove sticky locks, dirt, and grime.

These lubricants can be used for many other purposes than door locks. Many of these lubricants are useful when you work with machine parts, motor vehicles, and conveyor belts. Let’s get started by highlighting the best door lock lubricants.

Review of the Best Lubricants for Door Locks

1. LiquidFix Door Lock, Lock, and Hinge Lubricant is the Best Overall Lubricant

Product Rating

Easy of Use5/5

Amount in Container: 0.12 liters

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What We Liked

  • Built-in application nozzle
  • Formula that lasts

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • A small bottle for the price

LiquidFix, a new company in the world of lock lubricants, is a good choice. We think it can compete with the more established lubrication companies. This particular lubricant was the most effective in releasing a stuck lock.

The dropper is already included in the bottle’s design. This makes it easy to apply the spray.

This lubricant works well for locks and hinges, as well as for any other squeaks.

The bottle is also very handy. This stuff is a hit with us, and many reviewers agree. The bottle design reduces mess and allows you to get the right amount of product into your lock.Check Price on Amazon

2. Best Heptane Lubricant: 3-IN-One Lock Dry Lube

Product Ratings

Easy of Use4/5

Amount in Container: 2.5 fl. Other Applications: Automotive, Marine, Home, Padlocks

What We Liked

  • Made specifically for locks
  • Less mess than graphite-sprayed materials

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Application straw issues

This door lock lubricant works well on most surfaces, including metal and wood. It is also specifically designed for door locks – and padlocks. This lubricant has many applications including automotive, aviation, and door hinges.

This lubricant is great if your fridge or cabinets are squeaky. Similar to the CRC, reviewers had complaints about the attachable tube failing to fit in the nozzle or popping off during application.

During testing, this issue was not encountered. This lubricant is quick drying and protects the lock or hinge if used correctly. It is also excellent at keeping dirt and dust away and it leaves a durable anti-corrosive coating. Check Price on Amazon

3. Best Tack-Free Graphite Lubricant: B’laster 8-GS Industrial Graphite Dry Lubricant

Product Rating

Easy of Use3/5

Component: Graphite (Dry)| Amount in Container: 5.5 fl. oz. Other Applications: Gaskets, Transfer and Conveyor Belts, Rollers, Wheels and Gears

What We Liked

  • Dries are tack-free
  • Locks can be easily loosened and protected.

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Stains fabrics and skin
  • Spray application very aggressive

This lubricant is a favorite of ours because it comes in a dark grey color and dries quickly. It works well with any lock, including smart locks.

It works well for door locks as well as other applications such heavy machinery and motors. It is safe to trust a lubricant for heavy machinery. It is easy to use and leaves no residue.

We want to remind you that this spray can stain fabrics and skin.

It’s also known as the “Blaster” because of its aggressive nature. Although it is very aggressive and you should be careful when using it, it can be used to lubricate locks quite effectively.Check Price on Amazon

4. Best PTFE Lubricant: WD-40 Specialist

Product Rating

Easy of Use5/5

Component: PTFE | Amount in Container: 10 fl. Other Applications: Blades, Bits, Conveyor Belts, Window Tracks

What We Liked

  • High-quality formula
  • Use the attached straw to make it easy

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Long drying time

WD-40 is a trusted brand that does the job and is considered to be one of the top lock lubricants for door locks.

This lock lube can be used on wood, paper and fabrics as well as leather and metal .

This lubricant was very effective, but drying takes longer than normal. It can take up to 30 minutes for the lubricant to dry properly, according to some reviewers.

It is also industrial strength and can penetrate deep. It was worth the wait for a protective, effective film to form.Check Price on Amazon

5. Best Silicone Lubricant: 3M Silicone Lubricant – Dry Version

Product Rating

Easy of Use4/5

Component: Silicone (Dry) | Amount in Container: 8.5 fl. oz. Other Applications: Window Channels, Plastic Dash, Weather Strips

What We Liked

  • Keeps the lubrication at a high temperature
  • Spray straws are easy to use
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What We Didn’t Look Like

  • For best results, material must be at room temperature

3M is a well-known company known for its many products including tape, protective equipment, and medical equipment. It is not well-known for its door lock oil, but it does have an effective one.

The silicone lubricant is easily applied using a spray straw. It dries quickly and leaves no trace that it was ever there. It will not freeze at temperatures below -28°F and it won’t melt at 350°F.

It can handle sticky locks and many other situations. It can withstand lower temperatures making it ideal for outdoor locks in cold conditions.

However, this does not mean it will be at its best at any temperature. It still works well when it is at room temperature.Check Price on Amazon

6. Best Graphite Lubricant: CRC Dry Graphite Lube

Product Ratings

Easy of Use4/5

Component: Graphite (Dry) | Amount in Container: 10 fl. oz. Other Applications: Marine, Heavy-Duty Motor Vehicles, Industrial-Grade Engines, Household Tools, and Electrical Equipment

What We Liked

  • Multiple uses of mechanics
  • Dries quickly for cleanliness

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Tube may not always fit in the required space for application

CRC was established in 1958. They specialize in aviation, automotive, engineering, and many other areas. You can trust that CRC Dry Graphite Lube will work well for your door lock.

This particular lubricant, dry graphite, can be dried at room temperature. These lubricants are fan-shaped, so you will need a straw to apply them, especially if you want deep penetration.

The spray should be placed close to the lock. You will be able to get the oil in without the straw. This dry graphite lock oil lubricant is very popular because it dries quickly, and is efficient all over the house.Check Price on Amazon

7. Best Mineral Formula Applicator: Leafy Lock And Hinge Lubricant

Product Rating

Easy of Use5/5

Amount in Container: 4 fl. oz. Other Applications: Stuck Pins/Sticky Keys/Stiff Hinges/Squeaky Doors

What We Liked

  • Mineral-based formula that is odorless
  • It is safe for the environment and free of petroleum
  • Use safe formula at home

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • The application nozzle could be even more precise

Leafy Lock Lubricant can be used to remove smart locks and door locks. However, it is safer for the environment.

This lock lube is made from various minerals and we are impressed. This lube is safe for pets and children. It can also be used to protect standard and smart door locks for several months.

This door lock lubricant is absolutely odorless, which we love. This is a huge advantage, especially if your nose is tired of strong odors from other lubricants.

Because the bottle is already designed to fit into a keyhole, it doesn’t need an attachable straw as with other lubricants. It can be used on car locks, commercial locks, and door hinges, just like the name implies.

This lubricant can also be used at very low temperatures (-35F), making it ideal for unsticking outdoor locks during winter.Check Price on Amazon

8. Best Quick Release Lubricant: Houdini Lock Lube

Product Rating

Easy of Use4/5

Component: N/A | Amount in Container: 11.84 fl. oz. Other Applications: Garage Door Track, Hinges, Rollers, Window Tracks

What We Liked

  • Professional locksmiths use this method
  • Alternatives to common lubricants
  • It works like magic to remove padlocks and door locks

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Repeated use is required

Houdini Lock Lube is what many consider to be the best door lock lubricant. It is the preferred door lock lubricant by professional locksmiths.

They won’t tell you what is in the can, because a magician doesn’t reveal their secrets. This is especially true when these lubricants are as effective against door locks than this one. We know it is free from Teflon and silicone, as well as grease, oil, oil, and graphite.

You don’t have to limit yourself to door locks. Houdini can also be used to remove corrosion or lubricate any other item. This is the right lubricant to use if your lock or hinges attract dirt or attract dust.

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This lubricant was voted the best by many reviewers, and we can understand why. We can’t recommend it enough as an American-made product. The Houdini Lock Lube does the job and is easy to use.Check Price on Amazon

9. Best Odorless Mineral Lock Lubricant: UniSport Door, Lock, And Hinge Lubricant

Product Rating

Easy of Use5/5

Amount in Container: 0.24 L

What We Liked

  • Clear and neat product
  • Simple, hassle-free application
  • It works well at low temperatures
  • Environment-friendly

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • It is difficult to see exactly where it was applied.

Another good lubricant is one that’s gentle on the earth, and your family. Lock lubricants will be more mindful of Mother Earth as we become more aware.

UniSport has developed a lubricant that can be used to combat the graphite and silicone lubricants. This lube, which is mineral-based, works at low temperatures (as low to -35F).

This lubricant can be used to treat frozen locks and winter months. This bottle comes with a dropper that allows you to apply the liquid lubricant easily to your hinges and locks.

It goes on cleanly, unlike other dry lubricants that can leave residue. It can also be hard to see exactly where it has been applied. However, we believe the tradeoff is fair.

The lubricant makes it easy to lubricate. You can make a mess with silicone lubes, Teflon-based or PTFE Lubricants. This could stain the surrounding areas.

This lubricant, which is mineral-based is easy to use and leaves less mess.Check Price on Amazon

Comparison Chart

ProductBest Overall LubricantBest Heptane LubricantBest Tacky Graphite LubricantBest PTFE LubricantBest Silicone LubricantBest Graphite LubricantBest Mineral Formula LubricantQuickest LubricantBest Odorless Mineral Lubricant
Overall Rating4.6/54.3/53.6/54/54.3/54.3/54.6/54.3/54.6/5
Easy of Use5/54/53/55/54/54/55/54/55/5

The Winner

Although all of these lubricants make great choices, we think the LiquidFix Lock, Door, and Hinge Lubricant is the clear winner. It is easy to use the lubricant because it comes in a smaller bottle.

This lubricant has received positive reviews from many people, and we can understand why. It was great on all the things we tried it on. We will be buying another bottle for when this one runs out.

All of these lubricants can be used for other purposes, too. It all depends on your preference.

How to Choose the Best Lubricant for Door Locks

These are the best, and you can’t go wrong. All of them are designed to lubricate stuck doors locks.

You can trade one thing for another, so you might need a good all-purpose lubricant that won’t stain your carpet.


You may want to use a cleaner lubricant like the 3M. However, if you’re looking for long-lasting protection, such as with B’laster or the 3M, then you might have to deal more with it.

The lubricants that are more environmentally friendly seem to be the best, as they require a more precise application.

The UniSport and Leafy Lock, for example, have bottles that are more precise than the UniSport, and because they are mineral-based, they can be used clear.

Alternative uses

You won’t touch a lock lubricant that is effective once it has been applied until you have another problem with a locked lock .

We recommend that you purchase any lubricant you might need for other purposes to get the most bang for your buck.

You might be a mechanic who works on your car occasionally and needs a lubricant that is safe for the parts. We recommend the CRC Dry Graphite Lube and the 3-IN-One Lock Dry Lube for this purpose.

If you enjoy tinkering with machine parts in your garage we recommend the B’laster GS and the WD-40 Specialist.

We recommend the UniSport and Leafy locks if you are outdoors working or camping with metal, wood or plastic materials that need lubrication and corrosion prevention or rust-fighting properties.

Honorable Mentions

1. Clenzoil Multipurpose Cleaner, Lubricant and Rust Prevention is a Top Choice

This lubricant was made in America by a company that was founded and managed by veterans. This lubricant can be used to protect locks, bikes chains, guns, fishing gear, and many other items. To adjust to your lubrication requirements, the bottle includes two application methods: spray and dropper.

The LiquidFix Lock, Door, and Hinge Lubricant was overall our favorite. It works well and the tip is perfect for unscrewing door locks.

2. LAB Lube Lock – Lubricant PTFE powder – Considered for Best PTFE

This PTFE powder alternative is a great choice to graphite. It won’t clump or cake up, and is a great option for keys stuck in locks. This product is made in America and is ideal for fighting friction.

WD-40 Specialty is a wonderful tool that works flawlessly and makes life easier.

3. Quest Micro-Dry, PTFE Dry Lubricant and Release Agent – Considered the Best PTFE

We tried many PTFE lubricants and found this Quest Specialty brand to be a good one for your door lock. It’s slicker and less sticky than silicone lubricants, but it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.

This lubricant is low in odor, non-staining, and has no mess. The WD-40 Specialist was awarded the Best PTFE Lubricant. However, if you are looking for other options, this is one we recommend.

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