16 Best Longbow (October 2022) Reviews

This complete guide will guide you to choose the most suitable longbow for your experience level and what you want to achieve in archery, hunting, and traditional archery.

Do you think the time is finally here for you to shed your high-end, modern compound bow and embrace archery in its purest sense?

If you can answer”yes,” you’re certainly not alone. Increasing numbers of archers are shifting to conventional longbows to enjoy the leisure and target shooting or even hunting bows.

Two of the most frequently mentioned reasons given by archers who have adopted this “shift” are the simple nature of the equipment and the sense that it is authentic, as well as the “history” it conveys. A traditional bow can give you an unforgettable experience, both a challenging and “mystical” archery adventure.

Top 16 Best Longbow 2022 for Traditional Archery and Bow Hunting

In this comprehensive longbow reference, you’ll find everything you must know about longbows.

We’ve compiled the top 16 most effective longbows available in 2022 for archery in traditional settings or hunting. We’ve also created complete guidelines to help you select the most suitable longbow to meet your archery needs in terms of style, experience, and budget.

“So long when the moon is back with a bent, beautiful bow, so will archery’s fascination retain its place on the heart of the men. “

Maurice Thompson Maurice Thompson(September 9, 1844 – February 15 January 1901) was an American novelist, poet, essayist, archer, and naturalist. The author of ” The Witchery of Archery” is the first English book that deals with hunting using bows ever published.

The table below shows the models we’ve selected as the best 16 longbows for 2022. To make things simpler, in this table, we’ve provided the most crucial specifications for a longbow that you have to be aware of to select the right longbow for your needs: AMO length, draw weight range, and hand size.

Top 15 Longbows to consider in 2022

If you’re brand new to the longbow world, we suggest you go through this guide to the end. It includes a thorough buyer’s guide and a thorough comparison table with all the longbow characteristics. This can help you select the most suitable longbow to meet your archery requirements and abilities.

The Top Longbows 2022 For Traditional Archery and Hunting

In more depth, let’s look at the specifications of the best longbows 2022. The 10 bows cater to different budgets, styles, and needs throughout this comprehensive review.

The 15 longbows listed here are not listed in order of preferential. Each of these longbows has distinct characteristics and pros and cons that make it suitable for hunting or archery requirements.

Important note: in this top 15 list of the best longbows and review round-up, we’ve added modern, reflex, and deflex bows only that you can purchase through our hyperlinks (we receive a small commission). Traditional English longbows Traditional-style longbows and other traditional bows are recommended to purchase from reputable manufacturers of traditional bows directly.

1. Bear Montana – The Best Longbow 2022 (Editor’s Pick)

Bear is a brand name that doesn’t need introduction in the field of manufactured archery equipment. Bear Montana is one of their bows. Bear Montana longbow is another instance of a fantastic combination of modernity and traditional. The bow’s deflex/reflex design lets for smooth, precise, and hand shock-free shooting. This bow is an excellent option for compound archers who want to transition toward traditional archery or hunting traditional.

A feature that’s sure to amaze you is the quality of the woods, the materials, and the craftsmanship used in the design and construction of Bear Montana. Bear Montana. Because of this design, it’s a stunning bow. Bear Montana looks great and is solid and durable, thanks to its black Dymondwood maple riser as well as clear white maple limbs with overlays of high strength black fiberglass. The longbow comes with the leather “shoot from the shelves” grip that provides greater performance and comfort. This creates a distinctive, traditional feel.

In terms of it’s flexibility The Bear Montana is available for left and right-handed shooters. It is available in 30,35,40, 45,50, 55 as well as 60lbs draw weight (45,50 or 55 for left-handed bows) to fit smaller-framed shooters. The bow is large in 64″ AMO length, which is a smooth shooting bow that is sturdy and comfortable and makes a great option for beginners.

However, some novice or young shooters have reported issues with the bow, even at the smallest number of pounds. If you’re a fan of Bear products but you’re an amateur longbow shooter, or have a tiny body frame and are looking for a longbow, it’s possible that the Bear Titan could be a better choice for you.

Regarding performance The Bear Montana is a fast and powerful longbow. Additionally, it comes with very little or no hand shock due to the reflex-deflex designthat helps ensure a precise as well as a non-vibration-free performance. This basically means that the longbow is fast and quiet, making it perfect for hunting small and medium-sized game. If you are bow hunting using this bow, the Bear Montana ensure sure that you purchase an over 40lbs bow, and make sure you use 400-grain bows or larger.

Overall If you’re searching for the top longbow that will be available in 2022 and that you can hunt with take a look at it’s the Bear Montana. Because of its reputation, its high-end materials and top-quality performance, for the price it’s being sold, this bow is a bargain!

Fantastic design and feel
Powerful and fast Handshock-free
It’s quiet and great for hunting. Reputable brand
Flemish string is included
The best price for the money
Recommendation for replacement of string
Not the most beginner-friendly

2. SAS Gravity Hunting Longbow

The SAS Gravity hunting longbow is among many sought-after contemporary bows in the market for traditional archery as well as hunting. Made through Southland Archery Supply, a well-known bow maker, longbow crossbow and compound bow maker The Gravity is hand-crafted using fine hardwoods that give shooters the ability to shoot with precision, smoothness and strong shot.

Its name is SAS Gravity. SAS Gravity is a smooth, long shooting 64″ hunting longbow, which is made from high-quality hardwoods to ensure stunning aesthetics and long-lasting toughness. The bow is light at just 1.3 pounds, yet feels sturdy and durable due to the reinforced limb tips. The deflex limb design gives shooters with greater speed, accuracy, and comfortable. It also comes with high-speed black glass as well as a maple core to provide an even higher speed and stability.

SAS Gravity SAS Gravity is available in 25 30 35 40, 45, and 50 lbs drawweights. It is suitable both left and right shooting left and right handed shooters.

A few users have complained an issue with the draw weight of the bow is less than what was stated when purchasing. It is recommended to consider this when you decide on the best draw weight for your longbow.

Its SAS gravity shoots smooth and precisely thanks its 64″ AMO length and the deflex design. The most powerful poundage models (40lbs+) are able to shoot any game that is up to the size of a deerif you are aware of the right thing to do. Another thing to consider is the slight amount of handshock some shooters have had to endure, as compared to other longbows. However, this isn’t a problem as long as you maintain your posture and be mitigated by wearing suitable shooters’ gloves.

High-quality wood Powerful and fast Great for hunting Lightweight Smooth-shooting Reputable brand
There’s some hand shock. A few users have stated that the actual weight of their draw is slightly higher than the advertised weight.

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3. AF Archery

If you’re in search of an elegant, traditional American longbow that hunts the ground, you should consider this AF Archery Handmade longbow. It’s a fantastic item, with premium woodwork and a classic design, and a highly inexpensive price. The longbow has a five stars all around and is one of the top options in 2022 for those who want to learn about traditional archery. It’s suitable for novice or experienced archers.

Its AF Archery longbow features reflex/deflex design with a bamboo/laminated riser made of wood, as well as fiberglass-covered limbs that provide strength, durability, as well as shooting stability. It comes with an size of 62″ AMO length which makes it extremely smooth and forgiving (although not like it is the longer 64″ Bear Montana and SAS longbow). Overall the bow appears and feels extremely well-built.

The AF Archery American traditional longbow is available in 7 different draw weights configurations (20, lbs) to accommodate for the needs of young shooters, women or beginners.

A few users have expressed their opinion on the riser grip not being the most comfortable. However, this problem can be resolved with the help of wrapping it or changing the grip in the future.

Due to its innovative reflex/deflex designand smooth, vibration-free performance, the bow is strong and could be deadly in a variety of bow hunting scenarios (in the right hands).

Traditional design Powerful and fast Handshock-free
Riser grip isn’t very comfortable Only right hand

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4. Martin Savannah Stealth

One of the top-rated longbows available today The Savannah Stealth by Martin Archery is a high-quality shot bow that is smooth and made from exceptional high-end materials. This bow truly is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, finesse and shooting ability. Not surprisingly, this bow Martin Savannah Stealth has been awarded an unheard-of 5-STAR user score for its quality of materials and shooting feel.

The woodwork used in the creation of this longbow is the highest quality in the business This is the reason why the brand new Martin Savannah is one of the most sought-after bows among traditional archery avid users. It’s not really an issue, considering that Martin Archery a brand with an extensive tradition of excellence in archery manufacturing of gear.

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Limbs of the Martin Archery Savannah consist of two laminations Bubinga core, which is covered with Zebrawood, and then topped off with clear glass and tips overlays of black fiberglass to give an AMO total size of 64″ that makes it extremely robust and stable when shooting.

The Martin Savannah Stealth performance is up to the expectations for a premium longbow. The deflex and slight reflex design store energy when drawing and results in smooth, precise shooting with almost no handshock. With its non-vibration and precise performance as well as the camo-like finish that is stealthy it is among the top longbows that you can pick to use for hunting.T

The longbow can be purchased in 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 or 65lbs draw weight options. Be sure to select the appropriate draw weight based on your body’s size and level of expertise. Keep in mind that even if you must choose the smallest amount (40lbs) you will still beat small-to-medium game with this longbow.

The bow kit includes a traditional arrow rests as well as a bow sock. Flemish string.

The best materials Fast longbow Zero handshock Performance that is precise and smooth Flemish string with bow, arrow rest and socks includedCosts can be high for certain users.

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5. SAS Pioneer” the best longbow under $200

Another longbow made by Southland Archery Supply, the SAS Pioneer is an absolute top sellerdue due to its ease of use, shooting comfort as well as the brand’s quality manufacturing. SAS Pioneer is a well-made and durable longbow. SAS Pioneer looks well-made and feels sturdy and stable while shooting. This is definitely one of the best bargains available if you’re trying to start longbow shooting with a comfortable instrument that doesn’t cost the earth.

SAS Pioneer SAS Pioneer is a robust, well-built and beautiful longbow made of Makore Wood and Cassia Siamea.

With a staggering 68″ AMO at 68 inches, the SAS Pioneer is one of the longest longbows in the market (if you’re not tall it isn’t the right choice for you).It comes with a light reflex-deflex design as well as the grip is a locator design, intended to fit shooters of various hand dimensions comfortably. It’s available in a broad selection in drawweights (35 40, 40 50, 55, and 50 pounds) to meet the needs of beginners and those with smaller frames.

It is a great arrow for hunting. SAS Pioneers fires arrows smoothly and provides a stable and solid shooting experience. It is suitable to shoot targets and hunting and can do both very effectively.

These are the things you should consider doing should you choose to upgrade your bow:

1.) Find a bow stringer
2.) Replace the string one that is Flemish one, about 1 inch longer
3.) Replace or remove the leather grip. (some users have complained that the leather wrap around the grip is loose. )

Overall for this price, this longbow is sold for, it is the best deal available in the present market. It’s an the perfect choice for compound archers who want to explore traditional archery as well as tradition-based hunting.

High-quality woodwork Quick longbow that is smooth to release It is easy to use and suitable for beginners.
Comfortable grip Low cost tag Reputable brand Outstanding value for money
The grip on the leather can become loose and requires replacement. Flemish string is not included Only right hand

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6. Ragim Raven

The next bow on the list comes next is the Ragim Raven, an Italian-made manufactured in Italy part of this best longbow list 2022 It comes with an entry-level price tag, yet excels in the quality of its materials as well as the finish and overall performance. It’s a very easy-to-shoot and precise bow, simple to tune and can be used out on the field to hunt as well as target/3D practice, or just for fun for fun.

Like the as other Ragim bows that are traditional like as with other traditional bows, the Raven has been fiberglass laminated on both sides , which gives it great stability and durability. The handle is hefty and easy to grasp and, even after long use , it will not be affected by inflicting damage to the limb or even permanent twisting.

Ragim Raven Ragim Raven is available for both left and right-hand shooters and comes in a wide variety of draw weights (20-65lbs with increments of five).

Ragim Raven Ragim Raven is very light and is comfortable and balanced to shoot. It’s a long bow at the 66″ AMO in length making it a smooth and easy-to-shoot however it may not be the ideal option for smaller-framed shooters like younger archers or women.

Some users have complained of some hand-shocks towards the conclusion of the draw as a result of stacking however it’s an expected feature of traditional bows because of their light weight.

This bow is supplied with an Dacron bow string factory (not fast-flight but the bow is compatible with fast-flight should you decide to upgrade in the future).

Made in Italy premium quality woods Durable A smooth and balanced shooting AffordableA perceptible handshake has been reported by a few users Small shelf with arrows

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7. OMP Mountain Man Sierra

This Oct. Mountain Products (OMP) Mountain Man Sierra Longbow is one of the longbows that shouldn’t be missed from the best longbow 2022 list due to the fact that, chances are, it’s the top you can get currently in terms of performance and materials. While it’s not the most ideal option for novices and beginners because of the daunting price however it’s a great option that many archery and hunting experts are looking to add to their arsenal.

This bow is an amazing feat of craftsmanship, woodwork and style. It’s constructed from purple heart, hard maple and walnut woods. It includes multi-laminate limbs and reinforced limb tips that add security and strength.

OMP Mountain Man Sierra OMP Mountain Man Sierra has been created with a slight deflex/reflex to provide the best performance that is deadly in hunting any game of any size. It also comes with a multi-laminate grip with an built-in archery shelf for increased shooting comfort and accuracy.

It comes with the length of 68″ AMO length, and is suitable for left and right handed shooters, and comes in five different draw weights (40,45,55,60,65) to meet the needs of novice shooters as well as veteran traditional hunters as well as pros archers.

OMP Mountain Man Sierra OMP Mountain Man Sierra comes with a premium Dacron string. It’s also Fast Flight string compatible.

Design and high-end woods.
Durable Perfect and smooth
Solid and powerful At ease shooting
Not the easiest for beginners.

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8. SinoArt Sparrow – The most cost-effective longbow 2022

Look into SinoArt’s Sparrow! SinoArt Sparrow the top longbow that we could find at less than $100 and it’s a steal considering its quality, performance and the high rating of its users. It’s the perfect option for women and teens because of its compact frame, but it could also be a great choice for a male novice or a compound shooter who wants to explore this world of traditional longbows as well as traditional archery. See what all the fuss is about!

With its distinctive single-piece reflexed shape, the Sinoart Sparrow isn’t that distant from an actual Recurve, and the wood material is good quality for the cost at which it’s offered.

Its Sinoart Sparrow comes in 30, and 35 lbs draw weights, making it an ideal option for archers who are young and women. If you intend for hunting, then it may not be the right option for medium game (we suggest at the minimum of 40lbs draw weight for a longbows to hunt deer) however, it is still able to be effective for smaller game, such as the turkey.

Two important things you should remember regarding The Sinoart Sparrow:

1.) It is possible to feel handshock towards the conclusion of the draw.

2.) at 54″ AMO length, this bow is shorter than other longbows listed on this list. This can result in less precision and forgiveness for those who are an average adult body size.

However, this can be normal considering that it’s a basic longbow that is sold at an affordable cost.

If you’re just trying to get into traditional archery, particularly when you’re teenager or short frame user, consider giving an archery bow like the Sinoart Sparrow a try. The bow has a 5-star average user ratings and is quite inexpensive. It also comes with traditional bowstring and arrow rest for shooting straight from the package.

Good materials Smooth release Simple to utilize Made for small and young frame archers who are small and young. Outstanding value for moneyA noticeable handshake towards the conclusion of the draw It is not recommended for hunting. Only right hand

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9. SAS Scorpion

The third placer made by SAS on this list of the top longbows 2022 list puts this USA archery maker right in the middle as one of the top producers of traditional bows for archery. Its Scorpion with its trendy design, strong frame, and hunting capabilities is the latest model that is rapidly gaining popularity among traditional archery enthusiasts as well as hunters. If you think that none of the bows listed above are suitable for you, you should give this one a shot!

The Scorpion was designed with the help of engineers, and the developers of the first Recurve Samick Sage, SAS has brought together four natural woods to make the Scorpion that has an elegant polished edges, smooth edges, and strengthened limb tipping.

This longbow comes in both a right and left hand versions with draw weights ranging from 25lb-60lb (5lb increments) making it accessible to younger shooters, novices and smaller-framed users as well as women. It comes with a shelf pad that has been assembled and is a huge advantage for novices and those who is looking to get out on the field straight from the box.

With the of 68″ AMO length, at 68 inches, the SAS Scorpion feels very solid when you are holding it. It it has a smooth draw, with a minimum of handshocks, which leads to high precision and quiet shooting. It is an ideal bow hunting weapon. Also, it is enjoyable to shoot.

The Scorpion is Fast Flight and Flemish string compatible. The package comes with an instrument for stringing ($15 value) for quick assembly and disassembling.

In conclusion In conclusion, it is clear that the SAS Scorpion is a high quality longbow made by a reputable manufacturer. This is one you shouldn’t pass up on a time-limited sale right now.

Beautiful woodwork and quality the materials Fast longbow Smooth draw Simple to make use of
Great for hunting Value for the money. Fantastic customer service and assistance One-year manufacturer warranty is available when registered online
Flemish string is not included

Check Price on Amazon

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10. Mandarin Duck Black Hunter

The final longbow we decided to include on our best longbow list in 2022 will be The Mandarin Duck Black Hunter, the traditional bamboo-based American longbow that’s getting 5-star reviews due to its beautiful design and top-of-the-line performance, but without the expensive cost. It’s an excellent choice for those who are looking for an affordable and reliable longbow that can be used for multiple purposes (target shooting, 3D field archery, bow hunting) during the archery season.

The reflex/deflex riser of the Mandarin Duck Black Hunter longbow is made of bamboo, making it extremely light which makes it easy for you to take. The bow is available in the form of a drop down design that makes it more convenient to ship or used for hunting or field archery trips.

Its sixty” AMO sizeon Mandarin Duck Black Hunter. Mandarin Duck Black Hunter makes it small enough to be able to be handled by all types of users and sizes, without sacrificing shot accuracy or forgiveness.

It is available in Mandarin Duck Black Hunter is available in 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 or sixty lbs draw weight. It is only for shooters who shoot right handed.

In terms of performance it is very easy to shoot, with nearly zero stack or handshock. It’s quick and precise, and can at 40+ pounds be used with confidence to hunt traditional.

This bow is shipped with risers, limbs, and strings removed that means you have to build it by yourself. We strongly recommend that you make use of a bow stringer to string it, particularly for bows with heavy draw weight.
In Black Hunter Black Hunter, you’ll get access to a video that teaches you how to complete your assembly.

The kit includes everything that you need to build for your Black Hunter: wooden riser (bamboo core) 2x legs (laminated fiberglass and wood) strings spanner, and an arrow rest made of leather.

Easy to transport and light weight Beginner-friendly Fast longbow Smooth draw, no handshock or stack Great for hunting Excellent value for the money.Only right hand Needs to be assembled

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11. SinoArt Takedown Longbow

One of the top longbows to buy in 2022 is the budget-friendly longbow from SinoArt. The longbow comes with beginning kit that includes a fur rest pad an stinger tool tab strings nocks. The SinoArt Longbow, you will get more than you’d expect from it. Sure, it may be missing some finishing details such as a drop of glue that has been sprayed over the bow, however it is an excellent and affordable bow. It shoots very well and is highly accurate and you’ll experience virtually none hand shock.

To this end, this SinoArt Takedown Longbow is included among the top longbows. It is a great choice by focusing on target practice, as well as smaller animals for hunting. The draw weight ranges between 30 and towards 60 LBS. The length of the string is 57 inches, and the Bow length of 59 inches, with the AMO being 60 inches. This Longbow capacity is 2.2LB and is from fiberglass, wood bamboo, or fiberglass. It is suitable for hunters who hunt right handed as well as left-handed hunters.

Are you looking to get into shooting, target practice or even give an item for hunting? It’s the SinoArt Takedown longbow is your best choice! It is affordable, and it comes with a variety of high-quality items. What’s included in this package? It comes with 1x Wood Riser 2x Limbs and 1x 16 Strands of String, 1x stringer 1x Rest Pad for Fur 2x String Nocks and 1x Set of Otter String Silencers. Why do you keep looking for a new longbow that isn’t expensive? Buy it right now!

Ergonomically created Contents of the package Let you be able to have multiple pairs of legs Multi-faceted Low-costSome details might require to be rinsed

12. SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow

As we’ve previously explained, SAS is a brand that has been around for ages. SAS company is known as a world-renowned longbow crossbow and compound bow manufacturer. SAS’s Recon Folding Survival Bow is similar to all bows made by Southland Archery Supply. It is the SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow is the bigger brother to that of the SAS Tactical Survival Bow and is available in a limited amount. It’s the fastest-deploying compound bow that is great to hunt with. It can store takedown arrows in the riser.

The bow measures 24.3 inches when folded, and it measures 63 inches long when it’s strung. The SAS Recon comes with an arrow’s draw weight ranging between 45 and 55 pounds and a drawing length that is 31 inches. If you choose the 50-pound version the speed of the arrow increases by 200 feet per second. And for 55 poundsversion, it’s up to 220 feet per second. The bow’s weight can be as low as 2.4 pounds. It is constructed of T6 aerospace-grade aluminum that is suitable for both right and left-handed archers.

If you’re looking for the most efficient, fastest bow to deploy that you can find, this SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow should be your top option! There’s absolutely no reason to not buy this bow if you are looking to be fast and light-weighted for going out. It’s made from premium-quality material and can store bows in the rinser even when folded! Find it here, buy it today!

Fastest deploying compact bow Top-quality material Arrow’s speed can reach the speed of 210 feet per second Lightweight ConfortableSome details might require to be rinsed

13. Longbowmaker Flagella Recurve Horsebow

The longbow made by Flagella Recurve Horsebow is constructed to resemble the Hungarian longbow. This means that the longbow has the look and feel of hunters of the hunting era way back in the day. It has an East-European appearance and feel and is constructed out of Wood, Cow leather, Glass Steel, and Beech.

However, why is a Hungarian-styled longbow part of the top longbows for 2022, you might be asking? That’s the main reason! It’s quite different from modern longbows, and there are plentiful in the present. Its Flagella Recurve Horsebow gives you exactly the same feeling as authentic hunters of the past, yet it performs the same job as modern longbows accomplish.

With this bow makes you stand out from other bows and must be treated in a manner that provides you with that cool sensation that men of the real world had many years ago.

With the meticulous care that it receives and the solid construction The Flagella Recurve Horsebow is precise and precise once you’ve learned it. Traditional archery is appealing to anyone wanting to experience the archery of archers times gone by.

It can draw weight of 30 to 110 LBS and a body length of 54 inches and a draw range of 28-33 inches. It comes with an ergonomically-designed riser design, and is available in black.

If you’re looking to feel the authentic archer experience of the past The Hungarian-Style Longbowmaker made by Flagella is the best Recurve Horsebow. It will give you the sensation that men of the past feel back in the days when hunting was their sole source of sustenance!

Historical Archery Perfect and precise shootingIt takes time to master

14. Kainokai Traditional Handmade Longbow Horsebow

It is the Kainokai brand is famous for their outdoor items designed with precision and craftsmanship that have the characteristics of strong performance, high speed, and long-lasting. The same is true with their bows! The recurve bow has an elegant look, and after some practice and practice, it shoots flawlessly.

Another benefit is the items included with the longbow. The package includes the hand guard, one fingers guard 3x arrow target paper 3x hunting arrows and 1x bowstring wax and 1 bowstring.

The traditional recurve longbow arm is made of clear epoxy, and is wrapped with with leather. The handle is made from the wood of locust, which is coated and polished to minimize the tear and wear on the bowstring. Furthermore the bow is waterproof for use outdoors. Recurve bows are perfect for right- and left-handed archer.

The power is powerful The shooting speed is lightning fast! Because of the clear epoxy that is wrapped in leather the bow is lightweight and long-lasting, making it the perfect longbow choice for beginner archers. Furthermore it comes with a complete set of accessories to help you practice your archery skills!

The bow is available in 25 to 55 pounds and comes with the draw weight range of 20 to 70 LBS. The 40-pound bow can shoot an arrow for hunting as long than 150 meters (might be more!). We suggest a 30-40 pound Kainokai traditional recurve bow for menand 25 pound bow for women. For beginners, a 40 pounds is a good size, to master the art of archery in a short time.

Beautiful longbow Speedy shooting speed Powerful Additional products AccurateFinger and hand guards are not the greatest

15. Traditional IRQ Handmade Longbow

The IRQ traditional hand-made longbow is a stunning basic bow designed for fast shooting! It is unlikely to find a better bargain which is accessible. Its hand-shock is not too bad and it’s fires well.

The bow is made from Acacia hardwood and high strength resin fiberglass the limbs. It’s durable and wear-resistant. It features that stylish black and gold leather limb that makes it look nice. Draw weights are between 30 and 50 LBS and the longbow measures 53,5 inches long. The package that you purchase includes one horse bow with string and bow arm protection 1x archery glove the bow’s tensioner and 1x couple of Tendon silencers made of rabbit hair.

The integrated design allows for an impressive performance, high-speed and great comfort. They also provide lower hand shock as well as more accurate shooting. In the end, you’ll be completely satisfied once you purchase this bow for less!

There is no hand shock Durable and strong Incorporated with the finest materialsIt could be lighter

16. Southland Archery Supply SAS Maverick

As we have previously discussed in the top longbow reviews of 2022 The SAS is an archery brand that is well-known. It has met the expectations of its customers including it’s Maverick One Piece Traditional Wood Hunting Bow is no exception.

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If you can only purchase the bow and strings for this amount, it is able to deliver its worth. The design and feel are very nice and well-made. That may be an exaggeration! That’s why this longbow is listed in the top longbows of 2022.

The longbow is made from timber which weights 2.2 pounds. The riser is constructed of Makore Wood Zebra, Makore Wood, and Chulgam. Limbs are also made from Makore Wood and High Strength Fiberglass. It’s an Slender Shape and is extremely at ease.

It measures 60 inches in length. It is available in a wood and black colour. It comes with a variety of draw weights, ranging from 35 and up to 55 pounds. Its downside is that it’s only for right-handed archers.

Overall, the SAS Maverick One Piece Traditional Wood Hunting Longbow is true its Southland Archery Supply name. It’s lightweight, strong and highly precise. It comes in various dimensions and features a stunning design and performance.

Lightweight Durable Accurate High-quality constructionOnly for archers with right-handed hands. There are no additional products

Best Longbow Buyer’s Guide And things you need to know when choosing the Best Longbow 2022

This buyer’s manual will help you discover more about archery in the traditional sense as well as longbow types and specifications like “AMO length”, “recommended brace height” as well as “draw weights” Why they’re essential when selecting the ideal longbow to suit your needs.

We’ve also compiled all the crucial information you should know in order to select the right longbow to meet your bow hunting and archery needs.

Let’s get started!

About Archery Traditional Archery

The difficulty and simultaneously the appeal of archery as it was in the past is the total absence of modern technology and aids that modern crossbows and compound bows provide. When you use a traditional bow, you’re the only one with ability to use bow and arrow. Does this mean that any piece of wood could be suitable for bow practicing, or even for hunting, if you’re an expert archer?

Don’t be deceived by the simple nature of archery equipment. Behind the production of a traditional bow are usually hundreds of years of top quality woodworking skills. Wooden recurves that are hand-crafted and made by hand longbows may not provide the same speed or adjustability options of the most modern wheel-and-pulley guns however they provide an experience that is unique with some that are better than modern technology.

Traditional Longbow Hunting Pros and Pros and

Traditional bow hunting can be an exciting experience. Many archers who’ve switched from compound bows to crossesbows have spoken about the sense of participation and excitement when hunting using a longbow provides. The most exciting part is the satisfaction of dropping deer with the exact same equipment our ancestors utilized. There are several advantages as well as a few drawbacks that hunting deer with a bow that is traditional.


  • Equipment that is simple: you only need an additional string
  • Lightweight and portability
  • There is no second-guessing on equipment


  • It’s a game with a shorter range (20 years or less)
  • A lack of sights is shooting “instinctively”
  • More muscle memory is required and training

In general, a longbow is an archer’s bow made of wood that is about the same height as an archer, and with small limbs and a D-shaped cross-section. Longbows have developed from the traditional times in the past and are available today in a myriad of styles, designs and materials.

When you’re looking for your ideal longbow, you’ll have to be able to differentiate the various types of longbows before deciding the best model for your needs. The three main types of longbows you’ll encounter are:

1. English longbow

2. “Hill-Style” Longbow also known by its name as an American Longbow

3. Longbows with flex-deflex

There are many different styles and designs of longbows that are not limited to the three mentioned above, however the majority of longbows available on the market today are in the three categories. Also, you will find more traditional Hungarian or Mongolian “longbows” and also horse bows, however, these bows belong to the recurve variety.

The English longbow is a traditional English

The HTML1 English lengthybow is one of the more well-known kind of longbow. It is characterized by an elongated limb that is narrow, with a the core is deep, it is believed to measure approximately 6ft/1.8m tall (but some warbow-weight models can be higher than 1.9m). It is usually made of yew, though other materials like ash or elm are also commonly used in. With English longbows the arrow is fired out of the hand, as our forefathers. In medieval times, the bows featured larger draw weights because they were utilized for hunting as well as for fighting. Nowadays, English longbow are of special interest and are made using a lower weight.

Woman shoots the traditional English Longbow

The “Hill style”American Longbow

“Hill style” American longbow “Hill type” American longbow is an improvement on the traditional flatbow ,which is a bow that has a wider legs, and a flat cross-section which typically has a higher degree of taper towards tip of the limbs. Flatbows also come with a tiny cut-away for shooting the bow from the shelf instead of from the hand, as is the case with an English longbow.

Flatbows, in contrast to longbows can be constructed using various kinds of timber which is why they were widely used throughout history for warfare and hunting especially used by Native American tribes like those of Hupa, Karok, and Wampanoag and prehistoric Europeans as well as certain Inuit tribes Finno-Ugric tribes, as well as several other societies that were pre-gunpowder.

It is the American Longbow as developed in the 1930s, and was made famous through Howard Hill, an archer known by the title of “The World’s Best archer”, This bow typically is a little longer and has shorter, straight limbs and a rectangular cross-section that has been identified by scientific research as the most effective cross-sectional design for bow limbs. This shape provides greater strength and stability compared to traditional longbows as well as recurves.

Howard Hill in action with an open bow

Modern American flatbows and longbows are made of modern materials like fiberglass outer laminates to increase range of flexibility and endurance.

The longbow with deflex and flex

The longbows that are deflexed or reflexed, sometimes referred to hybrid longbowsare modern versions of flatbow that has a deflexed riser (curving toward an archer) and limbs with reflexed limbs (curving toward an archer). These are longbows that were designed to enhance the efficiency of the bow and minimize handshocks to a minimum.

A reflex or deflex longbow has characteristics similar to that of the recurve bow while keeping the light weight, aesthetics and ease of use of a longbow.

Different longbows with deflex or reflex are different in their degree of reflex. Some bows could have very small reflexes, while others could have a significant reflex, similar to the form of the reccurve bow.

Bear Montana Bear Montanahas a reflex/deflex design that has an a little reflex

One-piece Longbows vs Take-down Longbows

Due to their smaller dimensions, a lot of American longbows have a ‘ one-piece’design which means that the limbs can’t be separated. Howeverthe ‘ take-down’ variations are also in style. Both types of bows has any advantages in terms of performance in comparison to the other. The two main advantages of bows with a take-down design over single-piece bows are:

1. The take-down is able to be transported in a smaller size case once it is dismantled.

2. That the limbs used on take-downs can be altered according to the archer’s preference.

Recurve bows are often commonly referred to as longbows. However, they’re, in actual distinct from traditional bow with more reflex than deflex/reflex longbows. They are not included in our top longbows list.

Go to the Top Recurve Bows 2022 Guide to know more about the top bows for recurve on the market in 2022.

Longbow specifications and what they mean

If you’re new to archery in the traditional sense or you’re a veteran longbow or recurve shooter, but you still require an update understanding of some technical terms and specifications could be less or more obscure.

AMO length

AMO is the acronym in the acronym for Archery Manufacturers Organization. The AMO developed a set standards , which includes defining the length of a bow.

Usually, when manufacturers mention the length of a bow in inches, they usually refer to the an AMO length bow.

The length of the AMO on the longbow is calculated as its length minus three inches.

For instance for a 66 inch AMO bow is expected to use a string of 63 inches.

However, some companies offer strings according to AMO length, rather than the actual length so be sure to check measurement unit you use when buying a new strings for your bow. Also there are bows that require strings that are 3 inches shorter than the length printed on the bow as well as some bows, like English Longbows are measured using their length without strings.

Usually, longer length bows create easier shots, they are more stable and much more tolerant than bows that are shorter. Furthermore, with shorter bows, you risk getting to an “false” anchor point prior to a the full draw. At that the bow becomes extremely difficult to draw or will be impossible, and it will result in sloppy shots, which are weaker.

Brace height is how much distance is between string length and most deep part of the grip. The brace height is an important aspect in the tuning of an recurve or longbow. In contrast to conventional bows where the height of the brace is determined in the hands of the manufacture, for traditional bows it’s the responsibility of the archer to adjust or loosen the bowstring until they reach the correct brace height.

For a higher brace bend your bowstring in order to cut its length. To lower the brace’s height remove the bowstring and put in a more long bowstring. Do not untwist the Flemish-style bowstrings entirely since string failure can occur.

Be aware that the shorter the brace’s height, more quickly your bow will shoot the arrow, however this may be at the expense of quietness and forgiveness of the longbow.

A taller brace will result in a slower the speed of your arrow, however it’s likely to give you more stability, precision and quieter. A lower height of the brace will result in a faster the speed of your arrow, however it could make noise, lower effectiveness and precision and may even harm your bow for the rest of its life.

Manufacturers have recommended optimal brace heights for particular models, but ultimately, the height of the brace set-up for your longbow is up to you. is entirely up to individual preference shooting style, overall ease of use.

If you’re not able to determine the correct brace height for your longbow begin at 7 inches and gradually increase or decrease the height of your brace until you can find the setting which is best for your.

Longbow Use weight to draw

Draw weight for bows can be defined as the amount force held by the bow when it is fully drawn. Thus, the greater the draw weight is, the greater force you’ll have to apply when drawing the bow.

In contrast to recurves and longbows, compound bows are designed in they can be constructed so that, when completely drawn are able to held at full draw with very little force since the majority all the power is stored within the limbs (a feature referred to “let-off”).

If you’re used to shooting with a compound bow, keep in mind that when you shoot a traditional bow, you’ll have to grasp using your fingers the same weight you draw. So, if you decide to choose an archery bow with draw weight that is equal to that of the compound bow, you’ll likely be unable to hold the bow in maximum draw over long lengths of time and not get exhausted. This will certainly impact your shooting ability and, in general, on your overall archery experience.

Be sure to adjust your reference draw weight before changing from to a composite bow.

Select the most suitable longbow 2022 that suits your needs.

“What’s the most effective longerbow that I could get? “

This question will depend on a variety of aspects. Are you just beginning to get with archery? Or are you an experienced compound archer or crossbowshooter wanting to try traditional hunting and archery?

If you’re new to archery and are just beginning to learn, make sure that you’re aware of the difficulties of shooting with a longbow. Don’t let your first obstacles keep you from practicing be sure to select the right draw weight to fit your height and size.


Of course, price is an important aspect to take into consideration when selecting a longbow.

Based on the style of the longbow and production, the cost is subject to a wide range of variations. In addition prices can fluctuate according to the season. Be sure to not reduce quality in order to save money, because purchasing a less expensive longbow is likely to result in a shooting nightmare, and you’ll never want to practice traditional archery!

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