8 Best Lights That Sync With Music (September 2022) Reviews

We were captivated the first time we saw lights that could be activated by music, and then we knew that we wanted them to decorate our home. We were amazed at the number of lights that could be synced with music.

This led us to search for the best music-controlled lighting.

We were looking for LED lights that would give us that special feeling of joy when the music starts.

They should also fit in the bedroom, kitchen, and dining room.

All of these ideas were already in our heads, so we set out to find the best lights that would work with the music. Let’s take a look at our top 8 picks.

Our Top Picks

1.Overall: HRDJ Strip Lights 65.6ftThese LED lights can be easily cut with the HappyLighting app.Check Price
2.Length: Micomlan Color Changing RGB LED Strip LightsThese music-syncing LED lights measure 82ft and come with a remote controlCheck Price
3.Best Remote Control:50Ft Strip Lights Music Sync Color ChangeThis smart LED light strip comes with remote control with 44 keys that allows you to select all options.Check Price
4.Best LED LifespanMicomlan 50ft/15M music synchron color changing RGB LED strip lightsMicomlan RGB RGB RGB strip lights with music sync can last for up to 50,000 hours!Check Price
5.The Best Budget Option: TJOY25ft Bluetooth Strip LightsTJOY LED music sync lights are available at an attractive price for smaller spaces (25ft)Check Price
6.Smart Speaker Compatibility: Cozylady Wi-Fi Strip LightsBoth Alexa and Google Home can control Cozylady Wi-Fi LED strip lights that sync with music by Cozylady using Cozylady music.Check Price

How we chose the Top 8 Music Sync Lights

We began our search by looking at the most popular LED music syncing color-changing lights. Then we considered the key features that we were looking for.

We reviewed consumer reviews and looked at the performance of each LED strip to find a great value. This would also allow us to enjoy music sync.

Our color-changing lights were to look cool. However, we also wanted the most intelligent lighting features possible.

You will find features such as a microphone, remote control and application control via your phone.

We also looked for lights that were easy to use and would create a special atmosphere, no matter if it was a private party or a family night at home.

We were also concerned about safety and installation so we searched for LED music sync light that was easy to install and tested for safety.

We wanted to make it easy for people to install the light strips.

LEDs are an excellent choice for bright, colorful lights that require low power consumption and high heat.

They also last a long time. We wanted music syncing lights with a good balance of quality and value.

When deciding on which RGB strip lights to include, customer reviews were extremely helpful. We were looking for smart LED strip lights with a track record of satisfied customers.

You may also be interested in the Best Remote-Control Ceiling Lights.

After analyzing the vast array of products, we were able to identify the top 8 music-syncing smart LED strip lights.

Let’s now look at the top 8 lights that are compatible with the music.

Review of the Top 8 Lights that Sync with Music

1. Best Overall: HRDJ Strip Lights 65.6ft

Product Ratings

Easy Installation4/5

Controls: Remote Controller and App

What We Liked

  • You can control the HappyLighting app or remote control via buttons on the microphone.
  • It is a great value because of its length-to-price ratio.
  • The app has a wonderful timing function.
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What We Didn’t Look Like

  • They stick to surfaces once they are placed on them, so it was important to be careful when installing them
  • Some users complained that the lights didn’t work on certain strips, but we didn’t see that happen.
  • It takes some care to connect the cables

It’s all about colors when choosing smart LED strip lights. These RGB strip lights can control more than 16 million colors and have 28 dynamic modes.

These lights transform into beautiful displays of multiple colors when the music is playing.

These LED strip lights measure 65.5 feet in length, making them ideal for large areas.

Smart LED strip lights are equipped with a microphone, remote control and HappyLighting app.

These RGB lights can also be controlled by breathing, flashing, and gradient modes. We could set the time when the LED lights should turn on or off using the timing function.

These strip lights are a great choice because they offer all of the controls and features.

These strips have cutting marks that make it easier to cut when installing. We made sure that the adhesive used on LED light strips was in the correct place for installation.

Powering the light strips is easy with the supplied power adapter.

Safety measures are essential. This article will help you to be as safe as possible while working with your LED strip lights. LED strip lamp safety practices.

The HRDJ LED strip lights provided us with the music sync lighting strips that we needed and were our top pick overall for music sync lights. Check Price on Amazon

2. Best Length: Micomlan Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights

Product Ratings

Easy Installation4/5

Controls: Remote Controller and App

What We Liked

  • Large areas can be covered with a length of 82ft
  • LED lights last a long time
  • The adhesive at the back of the strips is thicker

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Remote control options are limited
  • The package does not include the gapless connectors

This is Micomlan’s extended option for music sync color-changing RGB LED strip lights.

This light strip has a length of 82 feet and is ideal for covering large areas. It also doesn’t compromise on quality.

The LED light strips were all we needed. You can control the LED light strips via your smartphone or tablet using an app and remote control. There are four music modes that allow you to dim the lights.

Although it did not have the same options as other remote controls, this remote control was easy to use and simple.

The app control offered the features we needed, such as music mode and mic mode as well as custom presets.

We have many options for choosing the color we want because of all of these features

Micomlan LED strip light came standard with 3 LEDs per section, but did not include gapless connectors.

Micomlan claims that these RGB lights come with the correct power supply and last up to 50,000 hours.

The adhesive backing was thicker than the standard. This made it easy to install and secure.

Micomlan’s 82ft music-syncing strip lights are ideal for large rooms, and have all the features we need. Check Price on Amazon

3. Best Remote Control: 50Ft LED Strip Lights Music Sync Color Changing

Product Ratings

Easy Installation4/5

Controls: Remote Controller and App

What We Liked

  • Protective circuit that turns off when it is overloaded
  • Custom “Illumi Home” app
  • 44 keys remote control

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • On the highest setting, there is a slight noise from the power supply
  • Brands are not as bright as others

The 50ft RGB LED strip light is equipped with a remote control that can be controlled by 44 keys. This remote control allows for great customization when we listen to music.

You can control the LED strips with the “Illumi Home”, an app for Android and iOS. This allows you to customize your lights right from your smartphone!

Nexillumi’s strip lights are customizable and have safety features.

The 12-volt adapter is fireproof. It also has a protective circuit that will turn off the power if there is an overload, short circuit or other emergency.

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These RGB light strips include the standard features of an integrated mic and 3 buttons on their power switch to enable different music syncing modes.

You can also set the LED lights to a timer using the app controls.

We are pleased to recommend the 50ft RGB LED strip light with such a great remote control. Check Price on Amazon

4. Best LED Lifespan: Micomlan 50ft/15M Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights

Product Ratings

Easy Installation3/5

Controls: Remote Controller and App

What We Liked

  • The most affordable option
  • Service life of 50,000 hours
  • Remote control and smartphone app

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Remote control options are limited
  • The power adapter may run a little too hot

Another option is this Micomlan product with the same high quality LED strip lights.

These music sync RGB lights, however, are 50ft long, making them more affordable and still providing the same options as we wanted: remote control, app control, and other music listening modes.

These music sync light strip remote controls only have 20 keys and offer fewer options than other brands.

We were able to customize our phones using the app control, which includes 22 dynamic modes.

These color-changing lights also worked great with our sound system, but knowing how LED lights work can help to understand their great lifespan, and this article is perfect for that LED knowledge: Check Price on Amazon

5. Best Budget Option: TJOY 25ft Bluetooth LED Strip Lights

Product Ratings

Easy Installation4/5

Controls: Remote Controller and App

What We Liked

  • App controls are easy to use
  • Low cost compared to other options
  • Instructions for quick setup

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • 25ft is not enough to cover a large area
  • There are no control buttons for the power switch and latch reported

TJOY is a great choice for color-changing LED strips lights that are affordable. It is ideal for smaller spaces as it measures 25ft in length.

The device also includes a remote control, as well as a smartphone-based app control that allows you to sync with 5 different music beats.

Sometimes it’s just easier to keep things simple. TJOY has you covered with these RGB strip light.

These are great for when you just want to enjoy a changing color while still listening to your favorite music.

This was possible thanks to the app control. The music sync lights were also very affordable.

Although the installation was straightforward, we made sure to follow all instructions. We measured only 25 feet and wanted to make sure that this was the right choice for our space.

It is also important to note that these lights, as with most of the others on this list are intended for indoor use only.

You can find more outdoor lighting options at our Best Outdoor Lighting With Remote Control.

TJOY music sync LED strip lights are an affordable option that still provides stunning effects for music. Check Price on Amazon

6. Best For Smart Speaker Compatibility: Cozylady Music Sync Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights

Product Ratings

Easy Installation4/5

Length: 65.6ft | Controls: Remote Controller, App, Smart Speaker | Brand: Cozylady | Special Features: Smart Speaker Support

What We Liked

  • It’s amazing to be able control your lights using Alexa or Google Home.
  • You have many customization options in the app
  • Wifi was used to control the app. This means that distance is not an issue

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • The remote control did not have as many features as the other lights.
  • Instructions weren’t as detailed as those of other brands.

Cozylady smart LED strips are a great option because they can be used with Alexa or Google Home. It was amazing to be able control the music sync lights by simply speaking.

This app control for strip lights works through Wifi and removes the need to be in range of the control.

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These RGB light strips offer many features that we don’t see in other brands, such as remote control, color customization and timer settings.

The installation was however not as thorough as other brands.

Although the average price was slightly higher, we were able to get 65 feet of RGB LED light strips.

It’s so much fun to tell Alexa/Google Home to play music and then have it sync it up with colorful lights.

These LED light strips were very easy to use with voice control. Check Price on Amazon

7. Best Ease Of Installation: GUSODOR Smart Led Lights

Product Ratings

Easy Installation5/5

Controls: Remote Controller and App

What We Liked

  • We had everything we needed in installation accessories
  • Light and brightness modes can be adjusted
  • The ability to cut and join light strips

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • The lights are available in three different coils
  • We had to make sure that the adhesive was properly mounted.

When we decided on music sync LED strips lights, ease of installation was important to us.

Gusodor’s Gusodor option includes many accessories that make it easy to install.

These RGB light strips have all the color-changing capabilities we wanted, and great control options.

The music sync light pack comes with many accessories. These strip lights come with strip hooks with adhesive and solderless connectors.

These accessories allow for simple installation and more placement options, without the need to purchase additional supplies.

This article will help you to install LED strip lights. How To Install LED Strip Lights – Easy to Follow Installation Guide

The color-changing sync lights have all of the controls we expected.

These devices come with a microphone to listen to music and a remote control. There is also a smartphone app that offers 29 dynamic modes and a timer function.

The easy installation of these music-synced LED strips with their accessories was a great benefit. Check Price on Amazon

8. Best Outdoor Option: 100Ft Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Product Ratings

Easy Installation4/5

Controls: Remote Controller and App

What We Liked

  • They can be used outdoors as they are waterproof.
  • 100ft is quite a long strip of light strip.
  • They live for a staggering 60,000 hours.

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • These products are more expensive than other brands.
  • They do not come with self-adhesive strips

The other top 8 options for music sync color-changing lights are only for indoor use. However, these Nexillumi LED strip lights are waterproof and can be used outdoors.

This allowed us to install more freely. This also means that the indoor options are more expensive.

These RGB strip lights transform outdoor spaces into a colorful light show.

These color-changing lights were easy to use for music syncing, thanks to their built-in microphone and remote control.

These light strips are waterproof and can be used outdoors so the high price and absence of adhesive backing is understandable.

A 100ft length of LED strip lights can cover large areas. This is why music sync lights are our top choice for outdoor light strips. Check Price on Amazon

Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest LengthRemote Controls at their BestThe Best LED LifespanBest Budget OptionCompatibility with Smart Speakers: BestThe Best InstallationBest Outdoor Option
Overall Rating4.5/54/54/54/54/54/54/54/5
Easy Installation4/54/54/53/54/54/55/54/5

The Winner

HRDJ LED Strip Lights 65.6ft was our overall winner of lights that sync to the music.

These RGB light strips are the most cost-effective and versatile. They can be adjusted to match the beat of your music.

These LED strip lights are controlled by buttons on the power switch or the remote control. You can also use the app to control them from your smartphone.

There are 29 modes available, including smart music. You can also turn them on and off automatically with a timing function.

The best LED light strips that can be used to create music sync lighting effects in a space are the HRDJ LED light strip lights. They have the ability to transform the ambience of the space.

How to Choose the Best Lights that Sync with Music

There are many music sync RGB LED strip options. The main objective is to increase the ambience and entertainment.

When choosing the best music sync lights, there are many other factors to take into consideration.

Safety Features

Safety is a must for any product that uses electricity. This applies to LED light strips too.

The power adapter is one of the most critical safety features you should look out for.

Many options have built-in circuit protection. However, some options are fireproof.

We wanted to confirm whether the light strips are suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

RGB LED Colors Produced

The music sync light strips can change the color of your screen, but they don’t all offer the same options.

One can produce more colors than the others. This is an important factor in creating the right atmosphere for parties and everyday use.

There are many options available for controlling the lights using apps. These include customizing the colors and setting the brightness level.

Remote Control

Nearly every music sync LED strip comes with a remote control. However, some models have more options and buttons than others.

Although this is a personal preference it can change how you use the lights.

It also depends on whether you plan to use app controls.

Installation Accessories

The most difficult part about having music sync light strips installed is probably their installation.

Planning and measuring are key to ensuring that the area we want is covered. Many options for strip lights come with self-adhesive backing.

You may need connectors and other accessories depending on how you plan to set up the lights.

If your brand does not offer installation accessories, this could lead to another purchase.

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