8 Best Lettuce Keeper (October 2022) Reviews

Imagine sitting at the dining table, and are served a large portion of dinner of roasted chicken, salads and other dishes. When you start eating, you find that the salad is wet.

You may hide the fact to avoid formality, but you shouldn’t let your lettuce get soggy as a part of your meal. Additionally, there are different lettuce keepers, however not all lettuce keepers will be able to do the job perfectly.

With a variety of products for sale, it can be sometimes exhausting and tiring to pick the right lettuce keeper, by comparison of their attributes.

Let that stress go by using our list, that we’ve analyzed every single point to give you a comprehensive overview of these products. Have a look at our purchasing guide to make your purchase with care.

Top 8 Best Lettuce Keeper 2022

After a thorough investigation, we’ve picked these items and scrutinized for their quality to make it on the list.

You will be amazed at how versatile and distinctive they are in terms of construction design and quality.

1. Progressive Lettuce Keeper

Progressive lettuce keepers have reduced the stress of food preparation and has extended the life of lettuce, as well as other fruits and vegetables that are fresh.

It can be useful particularly when managing a large kitchen. Even if not, this food container for storage is one of the best solutions.

To preserve fresh lettuce, other vegetables and fruits for a longer time, simply wash and store them inside the container.

The Storage guide located on the top of the container to make it easy for handling. Organising your things is beneficial when making meals for your family or for business.

The container has an divider that allows you to keep different vegetables or fruits in one container at the same time. The divider can be put in position easily and allows room for your fresh lettuce as well as other vegetables.

It features an air vent that can be adjusted that can regulate the airflow within the container, as well as the reservoir of water to ensure that fresh produce won’t get dry at any time.

Because the container functions as a colander in addition to its primary function it doesn’t require an additional colander to clean and rinse your veggies and fruits. This frees up some space in your kitchen, and also the stress of handling various utensils.

What a fantastic combination of design and function to provide you with the most enjoyable kitchen experience you can get.

Key Features:

  • It is constructed from food-grade material and the ideal storage solution for lettuce and other fresh produce.
  • It is ideal for storing different vegetables and fruits in one place thanks to this built-in divider.
  • Variable Air vent as well as water reservoir will ensure perfect moisture to the fruits and vegetables and help keep them fresh.
  • Ample storage capacity, dishwasher secure.

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2. WalterDrake Lettuce Storer

This lettuce keeper with a dome design from WalterDrake is extremely efficient in keeping your vegetables fresh for longer by providing a humid environment for your produce.

Since these fresh fruits have a significant amount of water, it’s vital to maintain the humidity in order to keep them fresh for the duration of days.

Made from durable plastic material, the container is able to keep lettuce and other fresh vegetables and fruits without any negative impact of plastic. Because of the food-grade plastic, it is a sturdy storage container.

However, a vegetable storage container isn’t perfect in the event that it’s used for storing vegetables in plastic containers that lets vegetables and fruits take water out slowly and the produce is easily wilted.

There is a reservoir built in which is where the drippings get stored to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and fresh.

The quality of the construction is quite good for plastic storage. Using these in the kitchen will be easy.

After the lid has been sealed There is no risk of the vegetable coming into contact with the other ingredients in your kitchen.

When you consider the different features of this storage container it could be among the top lettuce keepers that you can find. However, if you’re seeking something that is too large it might not be the ideal choice.

Key Features:

  • Made from food-grade plastic, it is strong and doesn’t have any negative effect on the food products.
  • Keeps your fresh fruits and veggies in good condition for days by providing a humid atmosphere.
  • It has a reservoir for water to keep the water that is drained from the produce to prevent the plants from dying.
  • It is very easy to hold and secure to store.

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3. Rubbermaid 1920479 17.3Cup Produce Container

The rectangular-shaped plastic container to store lettuce and other fruits, provides plenty of storage space, 17.3 cups to be precise. Therefore, all produce is intended to last for a long time in the case of lettuce, or any other type of produce.

FreshWorks storage containers have an elevated base that keeps the vegetables out of humidity and ensure they are safe for a longer time.

This will prevent you from having lettuce that is wilted or other vegetables when you open your refrigerator. It’s a great thing to keep in your kitchen to cut down on the amount of food waste from fruit and vegetables.

They use FreshVent technology to ensure the right amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen to flow throughout the vessel. This creates the ideal atmosphere for vegetables and fruits.

This lid filter helps keep the air moving, and it isn’t a need to change it and over.

There are various sizes of containers in accordance with your preference or needs. If you require storage for small amounts of fruits or vegetables smaller containers can be ideal for your needs.

However, if you’re searching for something larger such as cauliflowers and broccoli that will keep you fresh it is possible to get the same size. Many choices to pick from.

The quality of the plastic used to create the container visible in its appearance. it’s safe to classify this container as the best lettuce keeper that is top-quality in terms of storagecapacity, practicality, usability and more.

Key Features:

  • The storage capacity is ample for all variety of fruits and vegetables and is kept fresh all the time.
  • It provides the perfect environment for the production of food thanks to FreshVent technology.
  • It has an elevated base to prevent the plants from becoming wilted.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes that will meet your needs.

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4. Savings for Ambergron’s Produce for Fruit and Vegetables

Simply slide all of your fresh vegetables and fruits in your fridge using an Ambergron produce savorer, since it is able to fit in any space thanks to its rectangular design, which making it a perfect storage device that can be used in any kitchen space.

And the best part is the container comes with three different sizes. the largest that is extra large. The capacity of the container is 5.7 Liters, which is perfect to store large amounts of lettuce and other veggies.

The two other containers are smaller and hold 1.7 Liters, which can accommodate smaller fruits and vegetables in perfect.

This is an advantage over other produce keepers that have only one storage unit that tends not to be able to accommodate all sizes of vegetables and fruits.

If you’re planning food for several people This progressive lettuce keeper will help you prepare the vegetables in advance. You can save them for the final portion.

However, be cautious when cleaning this salad storage container as it’s not dishwasher safe. Therefore, you must wash it manually by using soapy water.

The construction quality of this container is excellent, which means it is less likely of it breaking unintentionally. We recommend that you take care when handling the container.

Made of BPA-free and tough clear plastic that allows you to see the amount of food inside the container without having to take it out of the refrigerator.

Overall, this is the top lettuce storage container that we have examined up to now, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with this container from Ambergron.

Key Features:

  • Two small and one large containers to meet all your requirements.
  • Keep lettuce, or other fruits or vegetables to make food preparation simpler.
  • Clear containers are excellent for checking the remaining contents and condition of the products in the containers.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic therefore safe to store food however, don’t put it in the dishwasher.

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5. Sistema Klip It Collection Lettuce Lettuce Storage Container

If you don’t want your fresh produce to spoil quickly, keep them in a Sistema Klip It’s lettuce storage container to keep them crisp and fresh for longer.

With solid construction and plenty of space for fruits and vegetables, Klip It offers the perfect space for keeping lettuce and other vegetables and fruits fresh.

The storage container is huge with the capacity of 14.75 cups, which is ideal to hold a large amount of vegetables or fruits. It can also it is able to accommodate large fruits and vegetables.

The cylindrical shape of the container allows it to be stored compactly inside or outside of the fridge. It can save space in the kitchen.

It has the lid, which snaps into the right position and is locked by clips to keep produce in a sealed state to last longer. Because it is constructed from food-grade plastic, it is safe inside the container.

Dishwasher safe, cleaning the container is like repairing a bridge. Make sure you place it on the top rack. It’s also safe for microwaves for put it in cases. However, don’t secure the lid when using it in an microwave cooker.

There is no doubt about the container’s durability and certainly credible to be in the list because of obvious reasons.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality food-grade plastic that’s BPA free, which protects food products from poisoning by plastic.
  • Locking clips and an inner seal creates an ideal atmosphere for the food items to keep freshness for longer.
  • The size is large and allows for the easy handling of different sizes of fruit and vegetables.
  • Uses the least storage space possible, which is ideal for kitchens with smaller spaces.
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6. A LUXEAR Vegetable Fruit Produce & Vegetable Container to keep Lettuce Fresh

It’s stunning and beautiful that you will not be able to only make use of it for yourself, but also give it to your friends and family members to make their burden at the kitchen less.

The set comes in a variety of various sizes to pick from. You can choose to purchase 2 or 3 containers in a pack.

Thanks to the vents for air at the bottom and top of the containers, it allows enough air to flow through and out, ensuring an appropriate and sustainable humid environment for the produce.

With its distinct storage design You can alter the partitions to make your own storage space that is suitable for various vegetables and fruits.

It is also equipped with two smaller containers that can keep the smaller fruits, such as berries, fresh. They can be stored inside the larger container, too.

With small holes on the lower part, this storage container can double function as a colander that can be used to wash products without the need for an additional colander in order to reduce space and time.

The clear plastic structure of this container raises the appearance to a higher level. It’s not just the design that makes this the perfect container to keep fresh lettuce.

The filter tray can be set in the bottom of the container in order to draw out excess moisture to keep them from rotting or turning wilting.

This way, you will be certain of fresh food every time you pull the refrigerator container and begin cooking your meals.

Key Features:

  • Multiple layers of separation for storage multiple products simultaneously.
  • A design that is easily adjustable is practical and will meet your needs.
  • Aerating the fruits and vegetables through the vents can help keep them fresher for longer.
  • Use it as a colander, or serving bowl, if it is needed.

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7. Rubbermaid Produce Keeper

Another container that is ideal for keeping fresh lettuce from Rubbermaid is big enough to hold larger items with ease. It is not a flashy design it’s compact and helps keep food fresh and crisp for a longer period of time.

The unique, crisp tray that sits at the bottom of the container will help to keep the fruits and vegetables out of the water to stop them from turning rotten quickly. You can put away your fresh vegetables and fruits and enjoy them without degradation even after several days.

The vents of the container are called FreshVent according to the company. It regulates the airflow within the container, creating an ideal atmosphere for producing.

It is ideal for storing lettuce and other vegetables inside or outside of the fridge or freezer since the container is freezer-safe.

Additionally, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, so this product can be used wherever without risking damage to the container.

The entire container all the way to even the lid made from food-grade plastic that is BPA free to guarantee that the product is in the safest possible environment.

Key Features:

  • Unconstrained by those nonsensical functions that restrict the space for storage inside the container . It can also hold the bulk of produce.
  • FreshVent lets enough air flow through the container in order to keep food fresh and safe from rotting as it was before.
  • Crisp Tray in the base of the container will ensure that the produce is kept away from humidity.
  • It can be used in the microwave oven or dishwasher.

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The tiny lettuce container is from Vegan Life is not so attractive at first glance as the container isn’t clear plastic , but rather a color container.

The real magical happens once you place lettuce on the spikes in the container, which keeps the moisture out to keep the lettuce fresher for longer.

The lid is a great place to place an additional container over it, while you keep them inside, in freezers or on the outside, which can save lots of space.

Food preparation is easier when you have the most efficient salad keeper since you can prepare your produce before you dive into the larger bargains.

There’s not much on this container for storage, however it serves its purpose for the purpose it was designed to do. It helps keep fresh lettuce by wicking moisture out and also providing safe storage for other vegetables and fruits.

Key Features:

  • Made from BPA-free plastic that will ensure the safety of any produce you keep, which includes lettuce.
  • Spikes within the containers aid in create a dry environment to keep them in good condition for longer.
  • There is no rotten, wilted or soggy products at the time you’ll be using this container for storage.
  • Smaller and lighter in weight which means that it can be placed wherever you want to to reduce space.

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Lettuce Keeper Buying Guide

For those who are only beginning their journey into the kitchen could have a difficult time picking the best lettuce keeper protect their fresh produce from the risk of spoilage.

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Finding the ideal container for storing vegetables and fruits isn’t simple. Here are some crucial aspects to think about when purchasing containers for lettuce.

Container with Vents

The vents at the top and bottom of lettuce containers are vital for regulating the flow of air through the container , leaving the food in the same condition for days.

When you purchase an container for storing lettuce make sure you choose one with enough ventilation to let air out and in.


Its size storage container is important as you may need to store large quantities of produce often. It should not take up a much space inside your fridge , or even in your kitchen, if you have smaller kitchen appliances or a fridge that is small.

There are models that come in different sizes to allow you to select the right size based on your preferences. The medium-sized containers are ideal for us.


A partition that can be adjusted inside the keeper for lettuce can be beneficial when you need to keep different items in one place.

It also lets you modify the size of the compartments according to the type of product you intend to keep.

Choose a product that has adjustable dividers so that you can make space for all the items you want to keep.

Water Reservoir

A water reservoir located in on the inside of the pot is a huge feature as it allows the produce to drain excess water and remain far from water. In this way, you can will get crisp and fresh vegetables and fruits. vegetables.

Food-grade Plastic

The container must be made from high-quality plastic that is BPA-free. Otherwise your food items could become affected by plastic containers. It’s not a good idea to poison the food items rather than keeping it safe in the container.

Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Cleaning your lettuce containers can take longer So, choose a container that is dishwasher safe so that you can remove them quickly. Microwave safe containers are also useful for other uses too.

Tips To Keep Lettuce Fresh For a Long Time

Here are some professional strategies to help ensure that your fresh lettuce is kept over an extended period of time.

  • Cut off the stem from the lettuce and cut the leaves to prevent the leaves from rotting.
  • Examine the leaves for any bad ones which could harm other leaves and take them off the pile.
  • Cleanse the leaves thoroughly since they could contain E.Coli.
  • Clean thoroughly and dry thoroughly before taking them to the storage area for.
  • It is possible to use the salad spinner or a newspaper towels to dry your lettuce leaves.
  • Make sure not to scratch the leaves when you wash and dry them.
  • Keep the leaves in a container that can be rearranged to ensure they stay in good condition for the longest period of time.
  • Every day, look for poor leaves and take them off in the event that they are necessary to protect the rest of the leaves from becoming rotten and turning wilting.

People Also Ask

How do you keep fresh lettuce in the refrigerator?

If you’re storing the lettuce along with the head, ensure to wrap it in a damp towel and then store it in an ice-cold container to ensure it is fresh.

It is also possible to remove the leaves from the head and put the leaves in a container after washing.

How long will lettuce keep fresh?

Based on the type of lettuce used and the method of storage the lettuce, it can be fresh for between 7 and 10 days. The full head of lettuce typically extends the time slightly.

What is the most effective way to store lettuce?

Since everyone has their own personal preferences, you may want to look on our list of most reliable keepers to choose the perfect container that will meet your requirements.

How can you identify bad lettuce?

You can tell the difference between good and unhealthy lettuce when you observe the color of the leaves and the texture change. Instead of being crisp the lettuce can turn wet and spongy. It is also possible to get an unpleasant smell from the lettuce.


The best reviews on lettuce keeper doesn’t suffice to ensure that your lettuce is fresh however, it will inform you on factors you’ll never have the chance to consider.

As you’ve gathered selecting the appropriate salad keeper, and following the right storage technique will make life much simpler, which is our aim.

Make sure that you lettuce, and all other vegetables remain fresher than normal from the next time. Don’t be tempted to settle with greens that are wilted or soggy on your plate. Be sure to keep the moisture out of your fruits and vegetables and prepare an eating experience that and not just delicious, but also appears stunning.

What could be more satisfying than a bowl of fresh, healthy lettuce on your plate next to an exquisite feast!

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