10 Best Laser Printer Paper (September 2022) Reviews

Achieving the best performance from laser printers isn’t a assure that the prints that you’ll receive will be spectacular.

There is one essential element that you must consider when getting the best results from your printer. This is the paper you’ll print on.

and the top bundles of paper for laser printers that are available give you the print result we discussed earlier.

Perhaps you are thinking about what makes these unique from the other models available.

They are optimized for laser printers. This can make prints appear stunning and accessible. The capacity of retaining the color is quite good for these printers too.

Top 10 Best Laser Printer Paper 2022

Because of the way the market is of sheets promising to deliver what they are unable to provide, finding the right sheet isn’t easy.

In order to make life simpler for you, we’ve selected those that can truly provide all they say they can provide. The following are the details:

1. HP FSC Certified Laser Printing Paper

Although there are a lot of them that proclaim to provide the most effective laser printer paper but not all are able to test all the crucial elements that are required for delivering top-quality performance. But this one from HP will meet all of the boxes.

Let’s discuss the paper’s performance first. They are acid-free, which means that they make them conform to requirements for FSC certificate. Additionally, this characteristic means that these products eligible for the MR1 credit in LEED. Therefore, you’ll purchase something that plays a an important role in helping to protect the planet.

But, no matter how many certifications it comes with, it’s not going to be worth the investment when it isn’t able to meet the requirements. It is fortunate that it won’t be a disappointment in that respect as well. The sheets aren’t coated which will give the best printing results.

In addition, due to how efficient the printing speed is, you are able to use it for many reasons. It doesn’t matter if it’s for documents or presentations The results you receive after the print is taken out of the printer will be truly amazing.

The ability of retention of colors is good too. This is why the colors that are on those sheets should be vivid. It won’t look dull as it does on standard quality sheets.

In addition, there are three distinct dimension choices. You can pick any of those three dimensions: Letter, Legal, and Ledger option.

Key Features:

  • Do not include any acids.
  • The surface isn’t coated.
  • Conforms to different standards.
  • The sheets’ quality is decently high.
  • Compatible with a variety of printing software.

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2. Hammermill Copy Plus Paper

You may have experienced problems with printing devices in the past. It is important to remember that the paper you will use will play a major role play in the event of jamming. The one provided by Hammermill will ensure that you don’t have to endure that painful experience again.

In contrast to other packs, the production procedure is distinct.

The company has adopted a unique method of shaping the sheets, making them jam-free. Thus, the likelihood of them getting stuck on the devices while you’re doing printing work will be quite minimal.

In addition, the company didn’t compromise one bit in their overall standard of quality. The quality is identical across each sheet on the pack.

In addition, there are three pack options you can pick from. The pack comes in one Ream, 10 reams and a pallet. Each ream contains 500 sheets.

In addition it uses ColorLok technology. The technology makes these around 30% brighter than typical ones available in the market.

This is why blacks will be 60 % more bold and the other colors will exhibit the most vibrant colors.

They are also unaffected by acid. The surfaces are not coated. In the end the inks will dry in a rapid manner. In addition, the amount that is smeared is likely to be minimal.

Key Features:

  • It is difficult to resist jamming extremely well.
  • Thirty percent more brighter than normal papers.
  • Keeps the vibrant the colors.
  • The inks will dry pretty quickly.
  • The sheets’ quality inside the boxes are consistently high.

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3. The JOYEZA Premium Vinyl Printed Sticker Paper for Laser Printer

One of the most important aspects that you must consider to determine if they are the ideal paper for a laser printers that use color is their ability for holding the ink. This one we will discuss is a great example of doing that.

As we’ve said the ability to hold color of these printers is quite high. This means that you will be able to print images and graphs, presentations papers, presentation papers and more using this.

All of the laser prints will be extremely vibrant. Additionally, due to the characteristics of the surface the inks will be dry in a flash.

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In addition the surface of papers is coated with a water-resistant layer on it. Due to that coating, one are able to use the papers to create beautiful water-resistant stickers as well as labels.

In addition, it is coated with a UV-resistant layer, which will increase the overall longevity. The color will not fade away as quickly due to the coating.

The box you’re receiving will include twenty pieces of paper. Each will measure 8.5 inches by 11. inches. Because of the shape it comes in, you can use it for printing for different purposes. You can also reshape the print pretty easily.

Finally, the back of these products has an adhesive. The adhesive is high-quality also. You’ll be capable of securing these to surfaces quite quickly.

Key Features:

  • The surface has the ability to be able to resist water.
  • It has a UV-resistant coating.
  • Capable of resisting color fade.
  • It is able to hold inks extremely well.
  • It is easy to adjust the size.

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4. JANDJPACKAGING Standard-Vinyl Paper for Color Laser Printer

While there are many vinyl papers available but not all of them offer an option for the quality that the paper’s surface is. But this one that is made by JANDJPACKAGING can provide you with the option.

In the beginning, it comes in two different choices. Based on the kind of print job you are most likely to complete it is possible to choose matte or glossy white.

There are a few packs to choose from. It is available in 15 pack as well as 30 pack or 55 packs.

In addition the back of all of the papers is made with top-quality adhesive. It is possible to stick it on any surface. The adhesive is removed effortlessly too.

It doesn’t leave sticky remnants on the surface meaning you don’t need to endure the clean-up after taking them off.

Apart from that surfaces of both the models includes a water treatment on it. This is why they will be able to resist water extremely well.

They also have a UV-resistant coatings, which ensure that the color doesn’t disappear that fast.

In this regard the capacity for the surface to hold ink is good. This means that the amount of smudges on the surface is likely to be small.

Additionally, inks do not require a long time to dry. Thus, you’ll be able to finish most of your printing projects within a short period of time.

Key Features:

  • Available in matte and glossy versions.
  • High-quality adhesive is used to the reverse.
  • Does not leave sticky remnants in the area.
  • The surface is able to repel water.
  • The product boasts a UV-resistant finish.

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5. Sunnyscopa Waterslide Decal Paper

Are you in search of something that has different thickness levels? You can end your search here since Sunnyscopa has the product you’ve been searching for all these years.

It first of all is available in a variety of different designs. There are two sizes offered for water slide decals. One of them measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches, while the other is 17 inches by 11 inches.

It is available in three choices of thickness. There are standard, thick and slim models available. Additionally, you can pick from a range of quantities.

Apart from the many choices it offers every single sheet’s quality is impressive. The printing resolution is incredibly high, meaning it will be possible to obtain clear and sharp prints from this.

There would be no need to endure the hassle of pressing heat or heat pressing.

Additionally, the material they are made comprised of is a 13-micron Urethane film. Due to this, you can put this over the majority all surfaces. The capacity for holding ink is pretty good as well. Inks will dry up relatively quickly.

In addition the surface is also waterproof. This is why you won’t need to worry about colors and inks being damaged by water in the course of time.

Also, the chance of smudges forming will be very small due to the surface of the material.

Key Features:

  • There are three different options for thickness are available.
  • It comes in two different sizes.
  • It is made of 13 micron urethane.
  • The print resolution is quite good. The printing resolution is quite.
  • It is able to hold ink extremely well.

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6. HP BrightWhite Papers

One of the most renowned producers of paper is HP. They’ve been producing high-quality printing sheets on the market. And this is not an exception.

Like the name suggests the surface is extremely brilliant. It’s whiter than the majority of the other sheets available. Due to the way it is you’ll be able to utilize this for various printing needs. It’s designed to print colored documents.

In addition to the brighter appearance that it offers it also utilizes ColorLok technology. Because of this, they are able to achieve high levels of ability to retain color. This means that the prints made with lasers will appear more vibrant, colours will be vivid and blacks will appear bold.

It will also increase the speed of drying. There will be a small amount of smudges that will be left on the surface.

In addition the high-quality that the papers are made of is on the standard. These do not contain any acid, which makes these environmentally-friendly.

Furthermore, since it has the absence of acid and therefore, the color’s vibrancy will last for a considerable duration. It also has MSR1 and FSC certification for its lack of acid, too.

In addition there are three quantities available. Based on the amount of paper you’ll need You can select of one ream, five reams, or even a entire pallet.

Key Features:

  • The surface is extremely luminescent.
  • It is possible to keep color fairly well.
  • ColorLok technology for sports.
  • It does not have any acids.
  • The ability to hold the intensity that the hue has for a long duration.
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7. Hammermill98 Bright Premium

Another brand that has dominated the market for an extended period duration is Hammermill. The product they offer is outstanding printing capabilities. It can be illustrated using this particular example.

The first thing to note is that the pulp was utilized by the manufacturer doesn’t contain any percentage of acid. Since it is free that contains acid, it is in a position to stop the formation of yellows on the color of the prints as time passes. The laser prints will remain excellent even after a long period of time.

In addition to not having any acid, this product comes with jam-free technology too. The manufacturing process the manufacturer has employed the shape of the paper isn’t unlike the typical ones. Thus, the odds of this jamming within the device will be low.

In addition, they are extremely flexible due to the type of surface they possess. It is possible to perform a variety of printing processes using these.

The capacity of the paper to keep the color is awe-inspiring as well. It means that you can utilize these papers to print photos and for presentations with no concerns.

The surface also doesn’t have any type of coating. This means that the ink your device will print upon the material will dry quite quickly. The quantity of smudges as well as fades will be minimal too.

Key Features:

  • The design is jam-free.
  • The sheets are not laced with any acid.
  • It doesn’t turn yellow in time.
  • The inks will dry pretty quickly.
  • Amazingly flexible.

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8. Samsill Economy Transparency Film

Sheets that are performing well do not necessarily require a large investment. They could be within the budget category as well. A perfect illustration of a sheet like those are the sheets offered by Samsill provides.

The initial package you’re going to receive will include 100 sheets. Each one will measure 8.5 inch by 11 inches that makes them suitable for a variety of laser printing jobs. Since they are available in large quantities, you’ll not be worried about running out of paper shortly after receiving this.

Apart from that the smooth surface they print on can dry out inks very quickly. This is why the speed of printing process will be fairly quick.

You’ll be able finish all of your printing requirements within a few minutes because of the speedy drying speed they possess.

Additionally, the standard sheet is good as well. It’s not cheap like other sheets that many of the popular brands offer on the market.

This means that the papers you print likely to receive after using the sheets will appear professional. Additionally they are extremely sturdy.

The thickness of these can be measured at .1 millimeters. Due to the thickness the are they do not easily form creases. Furthermore, the amount of jams will be small for the amount of thickness they are.

Key Features:

  • Strong and durable.
  • The ink is able to dry up fairly quickly.
  • The chance of jamming is low. within the device.
  • Pack of 100.
  • Compatible with the majority of printing jobs.

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9. Hayes Paper Co. LASER CLEAR Decal Paper

Do you want something that comes in the standard sizes of A3 and A4? You don’t need to look further since Hayes has the perfect item for you.

It first is available in two different sizes that are standard. They are available with the sizes A3 as well as A4. Additionally, there are a number of packs available. When you consider how many sheets you’ll need then you can pick either the 20 sheets pack or the 100-sheet pack.

As they are standard sizes they can be made to compatible with nearly all of the devices available.

Apart from that the quality of the sheets is on par with the other top-quality papers available. The capacity of the toner is high, and this means that it is capable of holding colors extremely well.

Therefore, the color prints of these will appear vivid. Colors will appear fairly vivid too.

In addition, the design of the material is developed to absorb colors , too.

In this way, there is a small level of streaking. Furthermore the colors aren’t likely to fade as quickly too. The prints made by lasers are guaranteed to last for many years.

In addition, there’s an anti-water coating on the surface. This coating repels water, meaning that there is no need to be concerned about water or moisture causing damage to the structure.

Key Features:

  • Available in two sizes that are standard.
  • The surface is water-resistant.
  • The capacity of the toner is outstanding.
  • It can hold the vibrancy the color.
  • Resists streaks of fading and smudges.

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10. Printworks 100 00018C

In bulk purchasing papers could reduce the stress of having to travel to get new paper in the event that you run out of them while working on the printing job. Additionally, Printworks offers packages of this kind to help you with this.

The first thing to note is that there are five different quantities choices. They are available in one ream, three Reams, 6 reams or 8 reams, or the final option is the 480 in reams. Each ream will include 400 sheets that means that the 480 reams will have the equivalent of 192 million sheets. This is a huge amount of paper.

In addition to the variety of choices, the sheets you receive in sheets will be extremely versatile. It is possible to utilize them for a variety of printing needs. From presentation work and documents to document printing, you shouldn’t have any issues making use of these.

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Additionally, the standard that the paper is adequate. The whiteness of these sheets is 90 points. This is quite high. This is why color prints printed on it will have a bright appearance. You can anticipate it to produce a vivid image as well as a better quality image.

In addition the company went green with this product. The pulp they’ve used is recycled post-consumer waste. The package sheets will be delivered in is poly-wrapped making it easier to keep it in storage.

Key Features:

  • Recycles 100% of the pulps used.
  • Available in five different quantities.
  • The white level is 92 .
  • Offers good color production.
  • It comes in a sturdy wrapper.

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Laser Printer Paper Buying Guide

Reviewing the product will not suffice if desire to find one of the top laser printer paper sheets. If you are considering purchasing one it is important to think about the following important aspects prior to making a purchase:


Prior to anything else, you need to take into consideration how good the material is. Whatever brand claims about its performance, if it is not of the highest quality of the paper is low it will not be able to obtain an excellent print on it.

Only high-end ones can help you obtain high-quality and useful images on them. With that in mind, it is recommended to select only those with high-quality.


Beyond the print quality, you have to think about the dimension of the paper used for laser printing. If you’re printing legal documents, you’ll need the 8.5×14 inches paper. However for letters or other types of documents for letters, the 8.5×11 will work just fine.

For ledgers, make sure you get the 11×17 inch size. There are regular sizes such as A4 and A3 on the market and you could use them for a variety of printing tasks too.


A paper’s thickness plays a major part to play in regards to printing quality. But, you wouldn’t choose paper that is too thick as they won’t be compatible with all devices.

You should aim for sheets that aren’t too thick, and also not too thin. They should be around 0.1 millimeter thick meet the range of.

In that regard, ones with the correct amount of thickness won’t be able to print which is often.

The prints will be durable, and you will be able to utilize every page from the pack without a lot of waste.

The Surface

Another aspect to think about when shopping for these is the type of surface. If you plan to create the vinyl it is recommended buying the ones with a water-resistant coating.

They are able to withstand damage caused by moisture and water. This means that the designs you plan to print can last for a longer duration.

Color Absorption, Capacity of Holding Ink

The majority of sheets available are able to absorb colours fairly well. However they aren’t all can produce vibrant hues.

The ones with the ability to absorb color better produce vibrant and vivid colors.

If colors are what you use the most then you should purchase the ones that have the highest rate of color absorption.

In addition you should also think about the capacity of your ink to hold. The ones with the capacity to hold a lot should produce strong blacks.

Additionally, the inks they print will dry fairly quickly. This means that you don’t need to wait around for the time required to finish every printing task using these printers.

Frequently Answered Questions

Do Laser Printer Papers The Same Like Regular Ones?

The underlying principles of both are identical. Both are made of paper. The standard copy pages are lower quality. The laser printer paper are superior in terms of quality.

What are the benefits of having a Laser Printer Page?

One of the biggest advantages of these papers is their longevity. They are typically extremely robust due to the high superior quality of paper. Additionally the colors are more vivid and vibrant on these sheets in comparison to the standard copy sheets.

Are the glossy sheets of laser printers worth the investment?

Glossy papers are those that you should make vinyl or stickers. They also resist water extremely well. When we consider both of these aspects we can conclude they’re definitely worth the investment.

Do The Laser Printer Pages take too long to Intake Ink?

Not at all. The majority of them will have a high absorption rate. This means that the inks will dry up extremely fast.

Can I Print Labels on Laser printer paper?

Yes, you can utilize them for printing labels. Additionally you’ll be capable of printing vinyl and stickers on them too.

So, what is the Top Laser Printer Paper on The Market?

For a quick recap, if you need a perfect laser printer paper that doesn’t compromise the quality of any of the elements it is recommended to purchase HP Office 20. HP Office 20. The pages do not contain any acid on them, and offer the highest quality laser printing.

Apart from that however, Hammermill Copy Plus is a great alternative. Hammermill Copy Plus is an excellent choice in other ways. They are jam-free and since they incorporate ColorLok technology The colors they display are pretty bright and vivid. The other sheets are worth looking at as well.

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