8 Best Lapsang Souchong (September 2022) Reviews

Tea is generally thought of as a refreshing drink. What would you think if I said it could provide a variety of health benefits? Yes You read that right!

The only requirement is that you choose an alternative that is healthier, such as lapsang souchong. The tea is now a cult because of its sour taste and its health advantages. This is the reason, when you go to search for it, you’ll discover a multitude of companies offering the similar.

That’s how I can be of assistance to you. In my search for lapsang souchong, have compiled a list with the most reliable brands that supply authentic real lapsang.

Below, I’ve shared my top eight lapsang souchong tea reviews that will assist you in gaining benefits from this tea. Before you do that look over the advantages it can bring.

What are the health benefits of drinking Lapsang Souchong Tea?

Drinking lapsang souchong tea on a regular basis can offer you numerous health benefits, including:

  • It is a tea is high with antioxidants. It can therefore help fight age-related signs and help speed up the regeneration of the cells within the body.
  • Lapsang souchong is a great way to keep away the growth of harmful bacteria in your stomach, which means that your chances of being afflicted by diarrhea are decreased dramatically. It also helps with metabolic activity, which can boost your digestion power.
  • The antioxidants found in the lapsang souchong may aid in reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. They reduce bad cholesterol that is found in your body, and make sure it doesn’t block the wall of the artery.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above as well, it lowers that stress hormone ensuring that you lead an easier and less stressful life.

There are a lot of advantages of lapsang. There are a lot of other advantages as well.

Top 8 Best Lapsang Souchong 2022

Once you have a better understanding of the advantages that this tea has, it’s time to read my list of most popular lapsang souchong teas to choose from.

1. Taylors of Harrogate 50 Teabags

This is the top choice of the list since it comes directly from mountains in China. So, you will receive authentic lapsang souchong tea.

Although most Lapsang Souchong variants are smoked with pinewood, this tea gets a special treatment. When smoking, the leaves are placed on bamboo to dry which allows it to retain its flavors in a distinct way.

If you delve deeper into this technique, you’ll discover that it’s the most traditional method of making tea. This method lets you can get the smokey flavor in your tea that will make this lapsang souchong superior to other alternatives that you can encounter.

Another benefit to this tea the fact that you can drink it without or with milk. If a lot of people choose to stay clear of milk, an option for tea can satisfy you well. Your choice is up to you.

Because you receive fifty tea bags within the package, it’s simple to make use of them for a long period of time. The opening of a single cup won’t affect the other bags which means that their taste is preserved in a suitable way.

The tea’s sourcing is done in China. This is the reason why you can be confident that the tea is of high quality. tea.

Therefore, you should choose this tea if you’re looking to purchase authentic lapsang tea.

Key Features::

  • Sourced from China
  • Set of 50 tea bags
  • It can be found in milk
  • A true smoky taste
  • Traditional tea making techniques used
  • Teabags are easy to drink in teabags

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2. Harney & Sons 16 oz Loose Leaf Tea

Many people do not like tea bags. They require loose tea leaves. If you’re among those, this method could actually work for you.

In addition to being available in the form of loose leaves, they’re also made from China. So, you don’t need to be concerned about the authenticity. It’s a true smoky flavor because the leaves are dried in smoky burning fires.

One pound of lapsang tea leaves in one pack. They are a source of caffeine too. That’s why it is a good choice if you want to get the most beneficial of both choose this tea.

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Since it’s gluten-free you don’t need to worry about any allergic reactions when you’re following a gluten-free diet.

When you make your tea, you may decrease or increase the amount of loose tea leaves to achieve the perfect flavor. It is possible to open a whole teabag to enhance the strength of the tea in the case of the tea bag. If you use tea leaves that are loose there is no need for this issue.

If you like loose leaves of tea, then go for this tea.

Key Features::

  • Sourced from China
  • True drying method
  • Caffeine flavor
  • Gluten-free composition
  • Simple to utilize

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3. The twinkling echoes London Lapsang Souchong black tea bags

The brand we’re discussing currently is among the most renowned in the world. This is the reason should you choose the brand that has been around for a long time in the field of lapsang souchong you can opt for this choice.

I think that this brand’s curation process ensures that only the best tea leaves end up in the tea bags. With their excellent blend expertise and curation methods, while selecting tea leaves, one don’t be worried about tasteless leaves. The method of hand-selection they choose to use ensures there’s no room for error.

If you truly would like to taste the delicious flavor of the lapsang souchong, then it is recommended to use black tea. The tea bags are designed for exactly the same purpose. When you mix them with warm water they will give you a smokey flavor that is better than the other lapsang alternatives.

Nowis the time to learn more about its source process The tea is procured directly from Fujian Province. The company guarantees that only a few estates are utilized to procure tea. They can use it to help in ensuring the quality of their tea.

Naturally drying occurs in the presence of fires made from pinewood, giving the authentic smoke flavor.

After the previous step is complete after which wicker baskets are placed to aid the tea leaves to absorb the smokey flavor. Bamboo trays that the wicker baskets sit give a more authentic taste to the tea leaves.

With this level of detail it is possible to be sure that the taste you experience after you add these leaves to hot water is exceptional.

Key Features::

  • A true traditional method of drying
  • Ideal for hot tea
  • Sourced from China
  • The leaves are hand-picked by the user.

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4. The Tea Bag of Davidson Bag

Another alternative can be Davidson’s tea Bag, Lapsang Souchong tea This tea comes in loose leaf. The 16 ounces of pack guarantees that it’s perfect for servings of multiple portions.

Furthermore, the container is small enough for you to carry with you wherever you travel. So it is ideal if you wish to enjoy your tea the way it is, then this is an excellent option.

Organic certification guarantees that you are assured about the higher quality of this tea. It’s also certified as Kosher.

Since it’s a blend with caffeine, the tea gives an energy boost along with the distinct taste of tea.

The brand is proud of using the traditional method of drying, which ensures that you will enjoy the smokey flavor that you’ve always wanted. The finest quality leaves will ensure that you get the authentic tea.

It’s easy to obtain the authentic taste to this souchong made of lapsang. If you’re in search of kosher-certified lapsang tea it won’t be disappointed.

Key Features::

  • Organic composition
  • Certified kosher
  • Drying process that is precise
  • It is a mixture of caffeine

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5. Stash Tea Lapsang Souchong

When buying lapsang Souchong, it is best to go with loose tea. This tea offers just the thing you need. In addition to the loose leaf composition, the package weighs 16 pounds. This is the reason it’s plenty to serve multiple portions and take it everywhere you travel.

Buying from the Fujian province in China assures you of genuine tea leaves. If you add the leaves to boiling water, you’ll get a stunning orange-reddish color that is unique to the lapsang souchong tea. It’s not hard to get the distinctive flavor of smoky.

The non-GMO certified and certified feature assures you that you’re receiving only the best quality ingredients. Additionally it’s kosher-certified too. The 16 ounces of tea are divided into various tea bags. That’s why it is possible to drink a single portion it is possible.

Another benefit to using this tea is the fact that it comes with an compostable teabag.

This isn’t the end of it!

The energy utilized in harvesting and sourcing of leaves is sourced from renewable sources of 50 and the same applies drying the leaves well. This is the reason why you’re buying tea that has very little or no carbon footprint.

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Beyond the above-mentioned certifications, it’s additionally certified as organic. This is the reason why you needn’t worry about other ingredients that are in the tea.

It is impossible to be off with the lapsang tea with its numerous features.

Key Features::

  • The source is Fujian province in China
  • Organic composition of non-GMO
  • Very little or no carbon footprint
  • A distinct smoky taste

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6. Organic Positively Tea Company

Certain distinctive characteristics of this tea makes it a great choice. For instance it is dried on fires of pinewood. This is the reason why there is a distinct smoky taste.

Organic certification means that you do not have to worry about the chemicals that are used in the process of the production or sourcing of the tea leaves. They can be easily added to hot water to achieve the organic black tea flavor.

It also has a caffeine taste , but not that has a high amount of caffeine and a smokey taste. If you’ve previously had lapsang souchong tea you’ll know that both are delicious to taste.

There is 1 lb. of tea leaves contained in the package. That’s equivalent to around 200 cups. So, when you receive just one packet, there’s no need to replenish it any time in the near future.

The process of sourcing natural makes sure that all antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are kept. That’s why you’ll reap the advantages of drinking lapsang tea when you choose this tea.

The lapsang souchong tea never isn’t missing any feature and that’s the reason why it’s worth it.

Key Features::

  • High caffeine levels
  • Organic certification at the level
  • Fantastic smokey flavor
  • Natural sourcing process

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7. Lapsang Souchong from Solstice Tea Traders

If you would prefer smaller packages of lapsang tea this can be also a good alternative. Packaging weighs 12 ounces. This is the reason you can consume around 130 servings quickly. A smaller size can also mean that you’ll be able to pack it around with you everywhere you travel.

For what the taste of tea is, it’s made of smoked pine leaves. That’s why you can taste the smoky flavour.

It is packaged in the pouch with zippers to make it simple for you to carry the bag around. This is why it is guaranteed that the flavor of tea leaves are preserved. Even if you consume the tea leaves slowly, you’ll not be worried about a loss of flavor. The zipper allows you to easily store the bag.

Caffeinated blends ensure that you enjoy the flavor of the tea and the caffeine that you’ve been wanting. Additionally, the antioxidants are abundant in tea leaves and getting the benefits of antioxidants is not difficult.

I enjoy this tea due to the fact that If you do not wish drinking it there are a variety of other reasons you could use it. You can, for instance, use it in dry rub form, or to make the soup, or syrup. The possibilities are endless.

It’s vegan, vegetarian and paleo-friendly. This means that no matter if you’re on diet, you’ll be able drink this tea with no worries.

The range of teas available is the reason it’s an excellent option.

Key Features::

  • Smaller packaging
  • Paleo, vegan and vegetarian
  • Very versatile
  • Caffeinated flavor

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8. Tealyra Tealyra Tarry Lapsang Souchong

The perception of consumers is that the lapsang souchong tea originates from China. The reality, however, is that there are similarly good tea leaves in Taiwan too. This is the reason why, when making this listing, I was certain to add a high quality tea leaf from Taiwan and Taiwan as well.

The smokey flavor that is present in this Taiwanese lapsang souchong is very distinctive. Some may say it’s more intense than Chinese versions also. This is the reason If you love the flavor of smoky don’t be averse to this flavor.

Despite the smoky taste It is pretty easy to take a sip.

The tea is oxidized to full extent. But, you are able to drink it twice to ensure that you’ll get stronger flavor.

Caffeinated compounds boost your energy levels.

Since it is available in small packages and store it in a small container, it’s simple. The packaging is 4 pounds. The weight of tea leaves is 110g.

The package that comes inside comes with the zip lock mechanism. After you have closed it, it’s air tight. This is why storing the tea leaves that are black is very easy. They will not lose taste even if you keep them for a prolonged period.

If you’re looking for something more robust than the Chinese lapsang version take a look at this alternative.

Key Features::

  • Tea that is fully oxidized
  • Smoky and strong flavor
  • Caffeinated composition
  • Simple to use packet
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Lapsang Souchong Buying Guide

With the varieties above it’s not simple to pick the best one. Therefore, I’ll share some of the parameters that I have used to evaluate these teas with you.


Lapsang souchong tea has become very popular with regular drinkers. This is the reason why should there be any difference from the original flavor, the majority of consumers will not be able to enjoy it.

The question is what is the best way to select one that is authentic and tastes good?

The most efficient method to do this is to examine its source information. If it comes from China it is certain that it will supply you with the authentic taste.

Are you looking for a more robust flavor? In this case, pick one that comes from Taiwan. If you stick to that same supplier, it’s simple to obtain the authentic flavor.

Form Factor

If you are buying this tea you can purchase tea in loose leaf in tea bags or loose leaves. If you prefer to alter the taste of your tea, opt for loose leaves.

Teabags are simple to keep in storage. If you don’t want to measure your tea leaves precisely before adding them to your beverage choose the tea bag. Additionally, because there aren’t all of tea leaves will be exposed to the air simultaneously The retention of the aroma is higher when you choose the tea bag option.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is not required in the lapsang tea. But, many people would prefer a caffeinated version of lapsang souchong. Before you decide be sure to check the amount of caffeine in the tea leaves or tea bags, and then make an appointment after that.


Make sure to verify its certifications prior to buying if you’re trying to find a specific kind or type of lapsang. It’s simple to find lapsang souchong that is not genetically modified. In addition, if you’re seeking organic tea, there are a lot of choices as well. There are Kosher certified versions readily available.

When you look at the alternatives above, think about the certifications, and after this, purchase one.

Smoky Flavor

Lapsang souchong is renowned for its smoky flavour. But, the smoky taste will differ from one tea to the next. If you want the authentic smokey flavor be sure to purchase teas whose leaves have been dried on pine wood. So, you’ll be able to taste the original flavor.


The consensus of customers is that you could include the lapsang touchong in hot water to create black tea. However, there are handful of different varieties of lapsang that you can mix into milk. So, prior to purchasing this tea, you must first consider the possible uses.

Many are multi-purpose The more adaptable the tea you purchase, the more versatile it will be.

Frequently Answered Questions

Are Lapsang Souchong good for you?

It’s true, lapsang souchong is good for you as it is made up of antioxidants which combat the signs of aging as well as lower cholesterol levels in blood vessels.

Do you add milk to Lapsang?

Yes, you can put milk in lapsang souchong. It all depends on the type of tea you purchase. Certain varieties are good with water, whereas other permit you to create milk tea.

What is the best method of drinking Lapsang Souchong?

The most effective method to drink Lapsang souchong is to brew the water in boiling. If you truly desire to enhance the lapsang’s flavor, ensure you make use of distillation water.

Is Lapsang Souchong high in caffeine?

A few of the variations from lapsang are rich in caffeine. Other varieties do not consist of any caffeine whatsoever. It depends on the type of tea you choose.

Can you use Lapsang Souchong for kombucha?

You could certainly make use of lapsang soupong to make Kombucha. However, some lapsang soup has a strong taste and you should only make use of it in small amounts.

Where can I get Lapsang Souchong tea sourced?

Lapsang souchong originates origins from China. So when you purchase this particular type of tea ensure that the tea leaves come from China for the authentic taste.

Wrapping Up

There’s no reason to buy an inferior version of lapsang souchong just because you weren’t aware. Select from my list of the top 8 lapsang tea reviews to purchase the most reputable variety of tea available. You will never go back after having a taste of these tea varieties.

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