5 BEST Kwikset Front Door Locks (September 2022) Reviews

Certain locks are not appropriate for front doors. However, the proper front door lock can protect your privacy, offer security, and provide security and peace.

Kwikset is among the top lock manufacturers because its locks are known for their reliability and security.

There is many Kwikset door locks that are available and you might struggle to locate the right one the door of your home.

We hope to assist you choose by providing reviews and research to help you select the ideal Kwikset lock that will meet your requirements.

If you’re considering upgrading your existing Kwikset door lock, or require an upgraded lock on your door, think about picking one of our top picks.

Alongside the top five most effective Kwikset locking mechanisms for the front of your home we also have five honorable mentions.

How Do We Choose The Most Kwikset Front Door Locks

The best door locks for your home could be a little confusing in the event that you don’t have previous experience in remodeling your home or changing locks on your doors.

In order to make this process easier, we chose Kwikset. Kwikset is a well-known brand for door locks, and you can’t go wrong by using their products.

When it comes down to picking the most effective among the top, it is important to take a look at a few aspects. Although all locks are made by Kwikset however, not all models is the same.

Additionally it is important to note that not all locks are suitable for front doors, so be sure that you purchase right locks that provide maximum security.

For your convenience we’ve recommended the top Kwikset lock for front doors in this post along with short reviews of each item.

The front locks made by Kwikset focus on security and accessibility. They also come in amazing styles, meaning you won’t need to sacrifice fashion for security.

These locks won’t just appear attractive on your door but will also provide the level of security that you want. We selected locks that protect your door effectively and last for many years to be.

We also consider accessibility that is mainly a reference to installation ease and also the function.

Installing one of these locks is simple however, you should consult a professional to assist you if you’re not sure how to do it right.

Always take measurements of the door’s thickness to make sure the lock fits the door before you purchase.

Top 5 BEST Kwikset Front Door Locks 2022

1. Top overall: Kwikset Ashfield Single Cylinder Handle Set

Customer Ratings


Style: Traditional | Color: Venetian Bronze | Finish Type: Venetian Bronze | Handle Type: Lever | Metal Type: Bronze | Weight: 2.64 lbs | Size: 5.5” x 8” x 21.8”


  • A beautiful bronze-colored finish goes with any door
  • Feels luxurious with a strong feeling
  • Perhaps the most effective single-cylinder handle set
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  • The coating can get a little worn or fade over a long period of time.

Its Kwikset Ashfield Lock provides a wonderful solution to secure your outside doors. The lock is strong and built to withstand abrasive entry attempts.

The exterior panel of the lock is equipped with a keyway to allow physical access and a contemporary handle set to enhance the appearance the door.

If you’re using a standard door installation, the process is a breeze with the instructions for installation.

The lever inside is reversible, which means it can be adjusted to suit left-handed or right-handed doors. A lever handle as well as a turn piece are situated on the inside, which is used to secure locks on doors.

If you lose your key, Kwikset Ashfield Lock’s SmartKey re-keying technology allows you to easily rekey the lock without needing to contact an locksmith.

Furthermore to that, this Venetian bronze finish is compatible with the majority of door styles and can help to make a great first impression. Check Price on Amazon

2. Runner-Up: Kwikset 9800-107 Shelburne Single Cylinder Handleset

Products Ratings


Design: Pull Handle The color is Satin Nickel Finish Type: Satin Nickel Handle Type Lever Metal type: Nickel | Weight: 5.73 Size: 21.4” x 8.2” ‘ x 5.6″


  • Satin Nickel looks great in any setting.
  • Heavier grade nickel hardware


  • Instructions aren’t enough clear to allow for an easy installation

Its Kwikset front lock is an elegant satin-nickel finish that looks stunning on a variety of door styles.

The exterior of the lock is adorned with a modern, stylish handle. The interior panel features the lever handle, as well as an elongated piece to secure your door’s lock.

This lock allows the convenience of accessing your home, either from the inside or outside and is suitable for any door that is standard and the inside lever reversible for both right-hinged and left-hinged doors.

Like the previous model we looked at, this lockset comes with SmartKey Re-Key technology which allows you to change the key on the single-cylinder within minutes, and the instruction manual will guide you through the procedure.

You won’t have to pay an unprofessional for rekeying.

The instructions for installation are a bit complicated to understand which is why you may have to contact a handyman.

Following that, it will be easy sailing every the time to exit and enter the home.

The Kwikset 9800-107 Single Cylinder Handleset is an ideal solution to secure your side and front entry doors. Check Price on Amazon

3. Best Budget: Kwikset 687DAXT 5 SMT CP 96870-087 Dakota Single Cylinder Handle Set

Products Ratings


Style: Traditional | Color: Antique Brass | Finish Type: Antique Brass | Handle Type: Knob | Metal Type: Brass | Weight: 4.2 lbs | Size: 5.63” x 8” x 21.63”


  • It is easy to install and easy to rekey
  • Excellent product, even with the cost.


  • Polish appears to be inconsistent in certain areas.
  • It doesn’t seem to be compatible with other colors of antique brass by Kwikset

If you’ve got a conventional door that is not a lock, you can use this Kwikset Dakota Lock is a great option you can choose to protect and increase the appearance of your entrance.

The hardware on the outside of the lock has the keyhole to allow access and on the inside, there is a turnpiece and thumb turn to secure the lock.

The lock has a four-way adjustable latch, and has square and round faceplates that allow it to fit perfectly on standard door designs.

Installing the hardware is simple and takes only a few just a few minutes, with the setup manual’s guidance. It is easy to rekey the lock cylinder by yourself in case you require to change keys, meaning you don’t need locksmith services.

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Although it isn’t the most secure rating of a lock the ANSI/BHMA grade 3 certification for the lockset provides the security that is derived from knowing that you have a lockset that is rated installed.

The color and finish could be less durable when compared to the different Kwikset set of handles.

After receiving our items we discovered that the finish was uneven compared to other ones.

Some spots appeared smudgy and could not stand against the other colors of brass we’re used to. Check Price on Amazon

4. Best Entry Lock: Kwikset Montara Single Cylinder Handleset

Customer Ratings


Style Entrance Satin Nickel • Finish: Satin Nickel The handle type Knob Metal type: Nickel | Weight: 5.15 pounds : 5.5” x 8 inches 21.8”


  • Sleek design and an amazing nickel-colored finish
  • It is easy to change the key


  • The installation process may be a little difficult
  • The parts could be loose If the installation isn’t flawless

Its Kwikset Montara Handleset is a single cylinder lock that blends fashion and security.

It is equipped with Kwikset SmartKey keying technology, which allows you to change the functioning of the key mechanism to allow for new keys.

This is a useful security option for instances when your lock is compromised or if you have lost keys.

Re-keying technology ensures the lock is secure from attack like bumping the lock.

The door lock is locked or unlocked by using an outside key. On the inside the lock, there’s a turn on the thumb to lock the lock.

It can be fitted onto any standard lock and installation is simple since the installation manual guides you through the steps.

In light of the intelligent re-keying function and the stunning appearance this lock creates it, it is sure to go to almost any type of door for residential use.

After we had access to the product we found that we encountered difficulties getting the lock installed. It was fairly simple, except for the screw in the middle of the lock.

After a lot of determination we finally installed it and were thrilled with the outcomes. Check Price on Amazon

5. Best Modern Door Lock: Kwikset 98180-020 San Clemente Single Cylinder Front Lock

Products Ratings


Style: Modern | Color: Matte Black | Finish Type: Matte | Handle Type: Lever | Metal Type: Iron | Weight: 6.34 lbs | Size: 5.69” x 8.09” x 21.69”


  • It is easy to install and then re-key
  • The most hefty handle on our list
  • Beautiful matte black finish


  • Anesthesia might not work for every household.

The Kwikset 98180-022 is a classy lockset that can be incorporated into the style of modern doors, as it is available with a variety of designs.

The outside panel has the keyhole to allow entry as well as an attractive handle set as well as on the interior, there is a turning piece to secure the lock as well as an entry lever for the user.

The lockset works well on doors that are standard, and the lever handle inside can be adjusted to accommodate left-handed or right-handed door operation.

The simple and quick reset-keying feature allows you to alter your lock’s settings to accept a different key. As an the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, rated lockset is available, you can put the Kwikset 98180-022 in your exterior doors to ensure maximum security.

Although the design is superior to any other, it could clash stylistically with old-fashioned front door locks. The front door lock can make a difference to the entire home when it fits the overall theme.

Because the front door’s lock and handle are the first thing that you come into contact with when entering an apartment, it creates an impression.

You’re sure to be entering an elevated area. Check Price on Amazon

Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallRunner-UpBest BudgetThe Best Entry LockBest Modern Door Lock
Total Rating4/54/54/54/54/5

The Winner

The best choice for us would be Kwikset Ashfield One Cylinder Set for Handle.

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It’s a sleek design that’s not outdated for contemporary homes, and isn’t too contemporary to look good with older doors.

We know that it’s pricier cost, but we take security and privacy into consideration and believe that a bit extra cost is worth it.

How to Select the Most Effective Kwikset Front Door Lock

If you’re not sure after having a look at our suggestions There are a range different options to help reduce them to a minimum.

If you’re looking for something different from the Kwikset locks for your front doors, you could take a look at our guide to Kwikset Electronic Door Locks.

They typically come with a door and a combination that could be more appropriate to your house.

What is the best design for your Home and Door?

The locks on the front door are an insignificant detail in comparison to the home you live in. Although it’s likely the furniture that creates an impression on the public, it should be in harmony with your house.

The best option is to check the finish to see whether it coordinates in conjunction with the door.

Are You Able To install the Lock Yourself?

The ease of installation is an important factor If you’re willing to invest your the effort. Door locks like these are heavy and may not come with the most effective instructions.

If you’re not concerned about money you can refer to the design once more. The handymen will have worked with Kwikset lock for front doors before as they’re quite well-known.

Employing a contractor to set up the lock might be the best option.

How Do You Plan to clean the Lock?

Cleansing the Kwikset doorstraps as well as locks may not be a huge element in your final decision on a purchase but it is in some way.

Some finishes can be kept with a simple dusting cloth Some finishes require an application of silicone.

Honorable Mentions

This is a quick look at the five choices which didn’t make it onto our list.

1. Kwikset 96870-100 Belleview Single Cylinder HandlesetAims To Be Traditional

The Belleview is a different Venetian bronze set of handles we looked at. In the end, we like the classic Ashfield more due to its higher quality. It might be a less expensive, but Ashfield is more reliable. history.

2. Kwikset the Tavaris single Cylinder handlesetThe Handleset is a Modern Design

It’s up to the individual, but we prefer more the San Clemente only a bit more in terms of modern design. The Tavaris is attractive and looks as good as any other handle set, however it’s not as simple an installation procedure.

3. Kwikset Chelsea HandlesetAims to be a Brass Handle

There have been reports of this model being a problem in it’s “Lifetime” brass-finished finish not meeting its promise.

While it does have a different type of sheen We would prefer to opt for this Dakota Handleset. It’s likely to last longer and look just as great.

4. Kwikset Shelburne One Cylinder Handleset – Possibly For Brass

This beautiful brass piece is similar in appearance to Nickel Shelburne. Even though it’s an suitable handle set, it is not enough been included in our list of honorable mentions.

Although they’re nearly identical, we awarded the nickel version more marks due to the way it appears (and is also a bit less expensive).

5. Kwikset Hawthorne Single Cylinder Handleset – Considered for Bronze

The Hawthorne is an excellent choice as compared to different bronze doors locks (the Ashfield and the Avalon) which are in our top five.

It is a beautiful look and finish, as well as a stylish design. But, we noticed that it lacks the quality of the other two , and is known to use lower-quality materials. Therefore, it didn’t make our top choices.

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