5 Best Julienne Slicer (October 2022) Reviews

Making tiny, consistent slices with only a knife can be difficult. A mandolin/julienne cuter removes all the hassle away. The versatile tool has a range of blades that can be used to make different kinds of cuts. Its advantages is speed and uniformity.

With the top Julienne slicer, you’ll be able to slice vegetables and fruits more quickly and have cuts that are more even than you’d achieve using knives. Furthermore, you can create beautiful cuts like waffles, waves, and spirals, which are difficult to achieve using knives.

Mandolins can be adjusted that allows you to adjust the thickness of your slices. With this feature, you can make various slice thicknesses and create different texture of food.

If you’re in search of the ideal julienne cutter, the reviews below of best-rated products on the market will point you towards the proper direction.

Top 5 Best Julienne Slicer 2022

1. Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline

Mueller is a company that has made a significant investment in solutions for food preparation. The Austria-based firm offers of the most sought-after cookware. One of them includes The Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Mandoline that can be adjusted.

If you’re in search of the most efficient julienne slicer you’ve made the right decision to select one like the Mueller V-Pro. It’s made of tough and sturdy stainless blades, housed in the strongest mandolin casing made of plastic. be equipped with. It operates flawlessly is easy to clean and is easy to store. Let’s look at the particular features and advantages.

It is the first time that this product includes everything you require for home slicing. Inside the box, there are several blades that can be used for different purposes. There’s a slicer blade as well as a wavy blade. shredder, a coarse blade and the grated.

The blades are exceptionally well-made and have a V-shape to maximize efficiency.

If you’ve tried a variety of slicers before and especially the budget ones You may have noticed there’s a market flooded with thin, cheap models. What is it that makes a slicer truly effective and reliable? The design.

In recognition of this, Mueller is able to provide you with an effective tool that functions and lasts. The five blades is made from German-engineered 420 grade stainless steel.

The blades are sharp and cut with the precision of surgical instruments. They’re also not tools that are likely that will dull or get rusty. Instead, they remain sharp and durable without getting rusty as long as you maintain them in a proper manner.

The blades can be adjusted from 1 to 9 millimeters With a fine precision of 1 mm. There are knobs on the sides that make adjustments easy.

To protect against the blades, a carriage provided to protect against blades.

The housing is made from ABS plastic. It is BPA-free and completely non-toxic, making it suitable for food preparation. It even comes with LFGB certification as a proof of high-quality.

It’s also an extremely stable model with solid legs. Contrary to many models, this one isn’t prone to moving around when you’re on the counter.

Key Features:

  • Five different blades that can meet your cutting requirements.
  • Blades are razor-sharp and made of stainless steel that has been engineered in Germany for durability.
  • ABS plastic housings to ensure strength and durability.
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free for your safety . It also has LFGB certification.
  • It is a collapsible device that is simple to keep in storage.
  • The blades come with storage containers to store the blades safely.
  • Legs that are strong and stable.

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2. Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice as well as Julienne Mandoline

For over 40 years, Progressive International has been on the cutting edge of developing kitchen equipment. Progressive International’s products feature innovative designs that allow food preparation to be effortless.

If you’re in search of an efficient kitchen knife such as the Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice along with the Julienne Mandoline could be the ideal choice. The name says it all it comes with the adjustable shaver designed for fruit and vegetables and an julienne mandoline to cut those matchstick designs.

This slicer is different from the one I’ve described in the past due to a different reason. You can clearly see it in the image it’s not the kind of slicer you would place on top of a table.

It is designed to be carried in the hand during the process. It’s possible to make use of it to add ingredients directly to your salad, or even in the cooker.

If there’s something I truly love about this device it’s its design. It’s got a stylish style and great colours that will match with every kitchen style.

It’s amazing that the tool isn’t just stunning. It’s also durable. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it’s strong and durable against degrading and will last it for a long time. You’ll appreciate how it’s resistant to corrosion.

The casing that surrounds the blade is ABS plastic, which means you can be sure it’s robust and long-lasting. I especially enjoy the handle that is non-slip , but easy to grasp.

Since the tool is mostly made of plastic, the weight is minimal. It is certain that carrying the tool around isn’t difficult or exhausting.

Adjustability is one of the major advantages of this device. A slide button is situated near the handle which allows you to operate the device with your thumb while you cut. It has three levels, which allow the user to slice thin medium or thick.

The final step is to switch the julienne function on and off is easy. The knob is located on the back, and can be turned to reveal or conceal the blades.

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Key Features:

  • High-quality ABS plastic is made from stainless steel.
  • Well-sized non-slip handle.
  • Three juliennes of slicing thicknesses for slicing thin, medium and thick.
  • Slide button to switch the level of thickness..
  • Side knob to turn the julienne feature off/on.
  • Lightweight to ensure comfortable, fatigue-free operation.

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3. Prep Naturals Vegetable Julienne Slicer

Prep Naturals Prep Naturals is a rather distinct brand. In contrast to focusing its attention on a broad selection of items it focuses on two categories – Food storage as well as food preparation. If you’re looking for the best food storage containers or food prep bags or mandolin slicers Prep Naturals will not disappoint you.

Like the name suggests it, Prep Naturals Mandoline Food Slicer Prep Naturals Mandoline Food Slicer with Julienne Grutter as well as Spiralizer is a complete device. It can solve every vegetable and fruit cutting and grating requirements. To make it easier for you to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about I’ll explain briefly on the style.

The product has an innovative design that lets you complete everything in a small device.

In this regard you’ll find the mainframe, to which you can fix each of the 3 blades included. Blades are either straight cutting, grating or cutting with julienne.

The most effective vegetable julienne slicer cuts well, but also takes into account safety. In this regard, Prep Naturals has included many safety features to guard against accidents when using the mandolin.

In the first place, there’s an safety hat to it you can put the fruits and vegetables while cutting them. It’s easy to use and keeps your fingers of the cutting blades.

Then, you receive an extra protective glove. With it, you don’t have to worry about your fingers slipping over the blade since the glove is resistant to cutting.

Do you like spiralized vegetable vegetables? There are many ways to enjoy spiralized vegetables in the process. If you’re searching for the best gadget to create vegetable spirals The spiralizer that comes with this mandolin should suffice. It has three settings so that you can make slim spirals as well as medium-sized spirals or ribbons. Making the proper size is simple as pressing the button.

The julienne slicer is adjustable. The slide button is situated at the front to let you select easily between different sizes for cutting and slicing.

Key Features:

  • Compact , yet it can be used for many purposes Slicing, Julienne, spiraling, grating.
  • Made with security in mind, it comes with a safety bag with hand gloves.
  • Cutting and slicing can be changed A slide button alters the settings.
  • 3 spiral sizes , from thin to ribbon. Press buttons are provided.
  • It comes with a clear storage container that is attached to the mandolin. It is movable.
  • The unit can be disassembled completely to allow for easy cleaning and storage.

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4. Sunkuka Julienne Peeler Slicer Cleaning Brush

Sunkuka Kitchen Accessories promises and is able to deliver on two aspects – the quality of their products and also safety. There’s a third aspect that makes Sunkuka an absolute favorite among consumers – the price.

For instance, the Sunkuka Julyenne Peeler Slicer that comes with a Cleaning Brush goes for just 10 bucks. It is nevertheless an effective and flexible tool that will solve a variety of cutting-related needs in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a handheld vegetable peeler or cutter, this is the product that you could take to look at. Like the image suggests, it’s a small gadget which you can carry in your hand.

The design is very creative. The front portion is the cutting area, and the back is the holding zone. The surface that grips is approximately 5 inches in length and 3.4 inches wide.

Because it’s just the right thickness and size and is non-slip too and with a strong grip, securing it is easy. The feature of being non-slip and easy to hold also serves a function as well – it’s an element of safety, preventing fingers from sliding towards the blades.

On the other edge of the handle an attached hook. This is useful to store the gadget.

The entire unit is constructed from stainless steel. It gives it a lot of strength and toughness against elements such as corrosion. In reality it’s a tool that can last the rest of your life.

There are two types of blades used on the tool : slicers and peelers. The slicer is located on one side and the peeler is on both sides. This means that you can peel and slice to make Juliennes, or make use of your peeler by itself.

In addition, this tool is designed with the cleanliness in mind. The stainless-steel body is extremely resistant to dirt. The only place food particles get stuck is the teeth, however with the included brush getting rid of it is easy.

Key Features:

  • Correctly-sized to be used with one hand.
  • Steel handle that is non-slip to ensure an unsecure grip.
  • Made from stainless steel, it is strong and durable.
  • Two types of blades are available that are used for peeling and slicing.
  • Brush for free to clear obstructions that have accumulated on the handle.

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5. Gramercy Variable Stainless Steel Julienne Grater

The majority of slicers are a significant danger for your fingers. Since they feature an exposed blade that could easily cut your skin, operations and cleaning can be a hassle. You must be cautious every time you operate or clean these units.

However, the Gramercy Adjustable stainless steel Mandoline has an innovative design that alters everything.

In this regard the mandolin has exclusive guards for the blade which hides the blade and helps reduce the chance of injuries. Amazingly in spite of this guard on, the slicer can still cut well.

In addition it also is equipped with additional features to help you stay safe from the razor’s edge. For example, there’s the safety carrier. When you use this to pass the food through your blade you remain far enough away to be free from the danger of being cut. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to connect your food to the container.

Along with all that there are two gloves to protect yourself with this item. If you’re not using the device and the gloves will ensure that you don’t have cut skin in the event that you come into contact with the blade.

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The knife is exceptionally sharp. It is sharp and efficient and allows you to finish your work quickly and without using lots of elbow grease.

You’ll appreciate the level of adjustability offered by this cutter. By using the dial knob located conveniently on the back, you are able the option of adjusting the thickness of slicing between 1 mm to 9 mm. This knob can also help you choose your preferred julienne thickness , which is between 4.5 millimeters and 9 millimeters.

The best part about the whole thing is that all the components are integrated in the machine. There is no need to constantly change parts to find the proper cuts.

To make it easier to use it has a strong support leg that retracts. You can also put a bowl beneath the slicer to ensure that your cut pieces don’t fall out.

Key Features:

  • 4CR15 stainless-steel is non-corrosive and does not suffer from corrosion, dulling or degradation.
  • Elegant design, stainless steel with Black plastic with black highlights.
  • Variable slicing blade for slicing Between 1 and 9 millimeters.
  • Adjustable julienne cutter 4.5 and 9 millimeters.
  • Relaxed adjustment with the side-mounted dial.
  • Safety carrier that is easy to operate.
  • Safe and free gloves.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean with a free cleaning brush.

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What features should you look at Before purchasing the Julienne Slicer?

A mandolin/julienne cutler is one of the most efficient kitchen appliances. By using one, you’ll be able rid of the hassle having a blade peel slices, cut, julienne or cut fruit and vegetable. If the knife is safe, security and efficiency will be assured.

As with other product, it is possible to purchase a faulty or good device. To find the most suitable Julienne slicer for your needs ensure you take these considerations.

Material and Build Quality

A julienne cutter must be able to efficiently cut and withstand pressure. It must also be resistant to dulling, rust, and various other types of degrading. So, durability is an essential feature.

Most of the time, the tools are constructed of metal, but it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the device is made from stainless steel. It is due to the fact that stainless steel is durable and long-lasting. It’s resistant to rust extremely well and also.

It is important to note that not everything has to be stainless steel only the blades. The handle and the housing could be constructed of plastic. Select the ones that are made from ABS to ensure durability. It is also recommended to buy units that are BPA-free materials for your safety.


You’re not likely to want to think of how much suffering you’ll endure when your fingers are cut. This is among the main reasons people opt for mandolin slicers in first place rather than using knives.

However, the different mandolin models offer different levels of security. For example, the Gramercy Adjustable Stainless-Steel Mandoline that’s the final one in the review comes with a variety of security features you will not see in any other slicers.

The blade is protected by a the protection of plastic to keep the blade from being seen. This provides plenty of security in the event you happen to accidentally slide your fingers over the blade’s edge. It also will make it easier to clean the device.

If you’re serious about safety be sure to check the location on the cutting blades. They must be well-hidden but not affecting the efficiency of cutting. Guards are definitely going to be useful.

Also, make sure that the product is equipped with a safety container. This is a tiny device that holds your food items for you. Instead of using your hand for holding the food item when moving it along your blades, this device handles it for you, safeguarding you from the sharp edge.

Also, make sure that protective gloves are provided. If they’re safe then they must be cut-resistant to ensure you’re secure in the event that your hand is pushed over an edge of cutting.

Cutting Efficiency

The slicer you have that barely cut is a very stressful situation. It could make work much more difficult than it should be, instead of being making it easier. Thus, the most important factor to be asked prior to buying the slicer you want is whether or not it can cut easily.

The blade is the one that determines the cutting effectiveness. First, it must be made from stainless steel so it’s strong and able to withstand stress. Like other metals stainless steel is not prone to break. It will be rigid.

Second, the cutting edge must be already sharpened to allow you to make use of it straight from the box.


Have you ever had to search through the kitchen cabinet in search of the perfect knife to slice your vegetables into different sizes and thicknesses? It’s quite annoying do you not think?

However, a great, flexible mandolin slicer can change all that.

Find a device that has the option of adjustable. It must have an adjustment dial or buttons that allow you to adjust the thickness. The models reviewed above, for example include these features that allow you to determine the thickness you prefer.

The Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Mandoline (in this review previously) For instance, it lets you change the thickness of the slices between 1 and 9 mm using an adjustable dial, and also the size of the julienne is between 4.5 millimeters to 9 millimeters. It offers maximum flexibility and comfort.


There are many kinds of cutters on the market that are based on their function. There are models that

  • Slice
  • Grate
  • Create juliennes
  • Food spiralized

Still, some models serve all functions from slicing and grating to creating matchsticks/juliennes to spiralizing food.

Consider the tasks you’d like to complete with the tool prior to buying the tool. Also, take into consideration your budget. An all-in-one device like that of Prep Naturals Mandoline Food Slicer which comes with Julienne Grutter as well as Spiralizer (in this review) is, naturally be more expensive than a more sophisticated model.

Keep in mind that handheld models such as the Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice as well as the Julienne Mandoline have fewer uses. Bulkier models that have legs or mounted to containers serve more purposes.

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Safety Tips to Use Julienne Slicer

It is undisputed that a mandolin offers many advantages. In addition, you can experience speed and precision when cutting, shredding, or grating fruits and vegetables. With this multi-functional equipment, your kitchen’s cutting requirements are taken into consideration.

Additionally, a julienne slicer is more secure than.

But, remember that a mandolin remains a tool for cutting. If you do not take the time to care for it and use it with care you’ll discover how it feels being a tomato, or a cucumber, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to.

Before you start, make sure you master how to operate the mandolin properly.

The safety tips below can help you avoid injuries using a julienne slicer.

Put on the glove

If you’re not using a safety carrier such as a safety belt, a protective glove will be crucial to have. In the event that you slip and slide your fingers on the blade, you will not be cut.

Fortunately, some mandolins like those from Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline (in the review above) come with an safety glove. If your model doesn’t include a glove, make sure you purchase one on your own. The glove must be able to withstand cuts.

It’s not necessary to wear it on both hands. You can wear it on the hand that you employ to push the food through the blade.

Make use of the safety belt

Many call it an ice-breaker, some use it as an apron, or a safety hat. And some refer to it as a safety holder. These terms all are referring to the same thing which is a small device that stores food items for you.

The primary function of a safety device is to keep fingers from coming in close contact with the knife. This greatly reduces the chance of sustaining the possibility of a cut that is accidental.

Avoid putting your hand in soapy water.

The majority of julienne slicers can be cleaned in a safe manner by washing them by a sink. Most often, people use soap to their sinks to make cleaning easier.

There’s a mistake many people learn by accident – placing hands in soapy water. It’s because the soapy clear isn’t obvious and you don’t know which part of the slicer will be held. If you are holding an edge of the slicer, it is likely that you’ll get cut. Keep in mind that the edge is very sharp.

Make sure they are out of the reach of children.

Mandolins and kids . That is a scary word just to mention it. Children, particularly those who are young, don’t understand how to be safe when using cutting instruments. The best way to guard the tools is keeping them away from the reach of children.

Do not force it

Mandolins come with different capabilities. Some are able to cut almost anything including meat, whereas others only cut soft vegetables and fruits. In general, handhelds have a narrow selection of things they can cut, whereas larger ones can handle a larger variety of things.

If you try to slice a food item and notice that the slicer isn’t cutting it easily then it’s best to put it aside and look for an even bigger slicer.

You can also employ a different tool. For instance, meat is best cut with an animal shredder. Do not be concerned about the price or size as there are many small, affordable models you can buy and put within your home kitchen.

Frequently Answered Questions

What do I need to know about an Julienne slicer?

Although you can use the julienne slicer to cut nearly anything, including meat and cheese, it is typically employed to cut fruit and vegetables. If you enjoy creating salads French fries, fricassins and vegetable spirals you’ll find a slicer to be extremely helpful.

Are all mandolins alike?

Mandolins are diverse in dimensions, shapes, the materials they’re made of, the list goes on. We generally sort mandolins according to the tasks they are able to perform. While some models are able to perform one or two tasks including slicing and grating, others are able to perform various tasks that range from peeling and cutting to grating and julienning.

When you’re looking for the best model, determine what features it has as well as what it’s capabilities.

Do I need an julienne slicer to cut cheese?

It is actually simpler using a Julienne cutler instead of a regular cheese grater to cut cheese. But, it more practical to use a julienne slicer with harder cheeses than soft cheeses.

How can I use a julienne slicing tool to cut cabbage?

In the beginning, you’ll need you to slice the cabbage in four quarters. Next, use a knife to cut off the hard centers in the quarters. Then, you can use these cores later to make juice from cabbage by mixing.

After that, put on an appropriate glove and then run the quarters of the cabbage through the blade. However, if you are able to use a safety device to pass the cabbage through then you don’t need gloves to protect yourself.

Wrapping up!

If you’ve determined it’s time to put down knives for cutting needs for vegetables and fruits take the time to purchase the top Julienne slicer.

With this tool, you can cut faster and more efficient. Cuts are more consistent and, with features like the ability to adjust blades you will not need to buy a range of knives with different slice thicknesses , or handle slices that aren’t cut evenly.

If you are deciding on the model you’ll purchase make sure you consider your requirements. Do you require a model that you can place on top of or in an open bowl or with a handle can be held with just one hand? Do you also require additional features, like spiralizers? Whichever type you prefer There’s a suitable option in the above review.

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