15 Best Jeep Wrangler Bike Racks (November 2022)

A Jeep rack is essential for anyone who is both a rider and a jeeper. However, it is difficult to decide which bike rack is best for your Jeep. Because Jeep Wranglers are so popular, there are many bike rack manufacturers. Every Jeeper and cyclist should know which bike rack is best for his needs and the most secure. Many bike racks are available, including hitch-mounted racks, bike mounts that can be attached over the tire, and those that can be fixed to the mounting plate on the Jeep spare tire.

There are many types of Jeep racks. We have compiled a list of the best Jeep bike racks that suit every type of Jeeper. Read on to learn more about why they are a good choice. Then, let’s get to it.

Let’s start with

Q1 – Can any bike rack be used with any car?

Bike racks can be attached to almost any vehicle. You need to make the best choice for your bike and your car. If you have a spare tire, we don’t recommend getting a rack for your bike on a hitch.

Q2 – How fast can you ride a bike rack?

With bikes attached to your vehicle, you can travel up to 75 mph. However, it would help if you did not go faster than this, as it can damage your bike and cause the bike rack to crack due to wind pressure.

Q3 – Do bike racks cause damage to your car?

Your Jeep’s paint can be damaged by a bike rack mounted on its trunk. Ensure the bikes are securely held and that the front tires are not directly contacting the trunk. If the bike rack is not properly secured, the front tire can rub against your vehicle’s trunk, scratching the paint or causing it to fade.

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The Best Jeep Bike Racks for 2022

These are our top picks of the best Jeep bike racks.

Jeep Bike RacksRatingPrice
Allen Sports Deluxe10/10 (Editor’s Choice)Check Price
Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks9.5/10Check Price
Hollywood Racks, SR1 Mount Rack9/10Check Price
Thule 963PRO Save Me 2 Bike Carriers8/10Check Price
YAKIMA Bike Rack8.5/10Check Price
LEADRACKS 3 Bicycle Hitch Rack8/10Check Price
MAXXHAUL 5027 Hitch Mount Bike Rack7.5/10Check Price
SportRack Ridge Hitch Mount Bike Rack8.5/10Check Price
Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Racks8/10Check Price
Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier8/10Check Price
Allen Sports Premier Locking Tray Rack8.5/10Check Price
Swagman Hitch Mount Bike Rack8/10Check Price
MaxxHaul 4-Bike Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack7.5/10Check Price
Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack7/10Check Price
Apex Rage Powersports Bicycle Carrier Rack7/10Check Price

1. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Tire Rack

Why We love it:

  • Two bikes can be carried easily (up to 70 lbs)
  • Includes tie-down cradles that will hold your bike securely
  • The wider bottom foot places the pressure on the spare tire and not the rim
  • All sizes of bikes can have narrow carry arms.
It doesn’t interfere with the rear camera The build quality is not great
 The spare tire’s rim is not damaged by the wide foot.
It can be used with all types of bike frames.

Allen Sports is well-known for making top-quality bike racks for Jeeps and other vehicles. There are many options for Jeep bike racks. 

The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike spare tire rack is our favorite Jeep bike rack. Its versatility, affordability, and durability make it a great choice. Let’s now discuss the features.


The bike rack is built to carry the bikes high above the road. This is an advantage when you need to cross snowy or muddy terrains. The bikes are protected from any mud splashes when your Jeep traverses them. In addition, your bikes are protected from hot air from your Jeep’s exhaust.

Material and weight for construction:

The bike carrier for Jeep Wrangler is made of steel, but it is very lightweight. The bike rack is lightweight at only 10 pounds, which means it won’t put too much strain on your spare tire. It can also carry 70 pounds. This Jeep bike rack can hold two 35-pound bikes thanks to its 15-inch-long carry arms. We don’t recommend weighing more than this.

Tie-down cradles:

The bike carrier for Jeep Wrangler is equipped with custom-made tie-down cradles. These cradles secure your bikes securely and tightly enough to prevent them from falling. They also hold your bikes securely enough to prevent them from bumping into each other. These tie-down cradles can be attached to the carry arm, but you can also rotate them to suit your bike better.

The Jeep Wrangler JL bike rack has a wider bottom foot so that it pushes against the spare tire, not its rim. This is a great feature because bikes can cause damage to the Jeep’s rim. The bottom foot of a Jeep Wrangler is large enough to accommodate even the largest spare tires. This will also not interfere with your Jeep wrangler’s back camera located in the middle of the spare wheel.


The Jeep over-the-tire bike rack can be used with many different bikes and frames. The rack’s narrow arms can accommodate all types of adult and kid bicycles. It also features an open-frame design to mount securely onto any rear-mounted, wider spare tires like those on Jeep Wrangler JL.

Check Price on Amazon

2. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

Why we love it:

  • When not in use, the carry arms can be folded
  • Quickset straps and Tie-down cradles secure the bikes
  • The swing-out rear tires can be accessed even if the vehicle is not mounted
  • The cradles are made with a soft mattress to protect your bike’s paint
Foldable Carry Arms Only holds two bikes safely
Soft cradle bed
Excellent Tie Down cradles

Another Allen Sports Jeep wrangler bike rack is this one. Their mounting mechanism is the main difference between the 2-bike Deluxe bike rack and the 4-bike Hitch Rack. 

The rear spare tire is where you will mount your 2-bikes deluxe jeep-wrangler bike rack. 

The 4-bike is a jeep-wrangler hitch bike mount. The bike rack attaches to the Jeep wrangler’s hitch. Let’s now discuss the features of this bike rack.

Straps and Dual Compound Cylinder:

The Jeep wrangler hitch bicycle rack features durable, UV-resistant cradle belts that hold your bike in place. The cradle straps are adjustable to fit different sizes of tubes, so don’t worry about the type of bicycle you have. This bike rack can hold your bicycle securely, whether it’s a men’s, women’s, or kids’ frame.

Tiedown cradles have a soft cradle to protect your bike’s finish. As a result, it is safe to load and unload your bike safely without worrying about its paint being scratched.

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Easy-to-install hitch:

The Allen Sports 4-bike hitch rack for Jeep wrangler is easy to attach. A special locking knob is used to secure the Allen Sports 4-bike hitch rack for Jeep Wrangler. In addition, you can lock the rack at a specific location for added security and grip. This is great for those who don’t like to do complicated installation and assembly. If you’re one of these people, the locking knob design is a great option.

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This rack is only compatible with two-inch receiver hitches. Use the stock 2-inch hitch on your Jeep Wrangler. If not, please contact the manufacturer before purchasing the product.

Carry arms that fold easily:

Allen premier hitch racks feature a unique carry arm design that makes it possible to fold them when not in use. This can be done without any special equipment. Simply press the two red buttons on your Carrier to do the job.

It can be tilted and has folding arms. It is designed so that the main mast will remain in place for as long as used. If it isn’t in use, you can easily title it to gain access to your vehicle. In addition, you don’t have to take the bike rack off your jeep wrangler if you need to remove the rear tire.

Extension of the hitch:

Because of its extended hitch, this bike rack is ideal for jeep-wranglers with large tires. The rack’s hitch extension lets it clear even the largest rear-mounted spare tires of Jeep wranglers. It also lays vertically flat, clear of any spare tire. This allows you to access the spare tire anywhere without removing it or altering its alignment.

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3. Hollywood Racks SR1 2-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack

Why we love it:

  • It fits nearly all sizes of spare tires
  • Side-mounted tires can have their mounting support arms adjusted to the middle.
  • When not in use, the mounting arms can be folded
  • Ready to be assembled
Fully customizable support arms Not easy to use
Comes Completely Pre-assembled Cannot fit two adult-sized bicycles at once
It fits All sizes of spare tires

Our number three pick, the SR1 Jeep Wrangler spare tire rack bike rack, is the SR1. This is the best option if your spare tire is mounted to the side of the Jeep and not in the middle. In addition, its carry arms can be adjusted horizontally so that the bike doesn’t stray too far from the center and bump into another vehicle.

Fully assembled:

Do you find yourself tired of all the assembly and maintenance that Jeep’s aftermarket products need? Then, this Jeep bike rack might be the right choice for you. The company has already assembled it for you. You just need to remove it from the box and mount it onto your Jeep.

It is easy to install. It can accommodate almost all sizes of stock spare tires for Jeep Wrangler. The maximum tire width that this bike rack can hold for a jeep-wrangler with an oversized tire is 12 inches. However, if your tire is larger than this, the manufacturer will be able to provide you with larger kits.

This bike rack is compatible with Jeep Wrangler JL. So you don’t need to take out the spare tire. It also doesn’t interfere with the rear camera, usually located in the middle of a Jeep Wrangler’s spare tire.

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Compatibility and load capability:

The SR1 rack from Hollywood racks differs from the Allen deluxe 2-bike rack in another category. Although the Allen deluxe rack will fit most types of bicycles, it might need a top tube adapter for the SR1 and SR2 racks. If you don’t want to spend extra money on these, the Allen Deluxe 2-bike rack is good. Its versatility to accommodate multiple types of bikes is another reason.

Its weight capacity is equal to the Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack, which weighs 35 pounds per bike.

Check Price on Amazon

4. Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Bike Tire Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Includes firm cradles with anti-sway cages to keep the bikes in place
  • Compatible with both larger and regular-sized tires
  • A locking cable and knob are included to secure the Carrier and bike
  • It can carry 75 pounds
  • The arms can be folded down when they are not being used
Arms may be folded when they are not being used It does not work with rear-facing cameras
 Integrated locking cable and locking knobIt does not fit smaller women’s bikes

The Thule 963PRO Spare Tire Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler is fourth. Thule is a well-respected bike rack manufacturer known for making durable and high-quality products. However, the products are more expensive. However, if money is not an issue and you are looking to make a single, stress-free investment, this should not be a problem.

Stay-put cradles and anti-sway cages:

Thule’s jeep wrangler bicycle rack comes with detachable anti-sway cages and stay-put cradles. Stay-put cradles, keep your bike in place, and allow it to move even if the Jeep is in a ditch. Additional protection is provided by the anti-sway cages, which ensure that neither the bike nor the vehicle is impacted.

Locking the cable and knob

Thule’s jeep wrangler bicycle rack includes integrated locking cables to secure the bikes to its Carrier. Thule bike carriers are unique because they have all the features such as anti-sway cages and stay-put cradles. The Thule bike carriers also include a locking knob to provide additional firmness between the Jeep and the bike carrier.


Because of its security features, the Thule bike carrier makes a great choice. However, installing it can be not easy if you have never done this before. However, if you follow the instructions and secure it so it doesn’t loosen or break during loading, you can do this easily.


The Thule bike carrier can also fit onto all spare tires on Jeep Wrangler. It does not attach to the tire and uses the same mounting board as the rear spare tire. This means it will fit on any size tire, normal or large. This type of mounting has another advantage: the hitch and roof rack can be used simultaneously while carrying bikes.

This bike carrier can hold two bikes. They can carry 75 pounds, five more than the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike carriers and the Hollywood racks® in SR1 carriers. This bike carrier’s carry arms can be folded down when not in use, just like other bike carriers we have reviewed.

Check Price on Amazon

5. YAKIMA Bicycle Rack with 2 Bike Capacity

 Why we love it:

  • SuperCush ZipStrip cradles make it easy to load and unload bikes.
  • All sizes of stock spare tires
  • Anti-sway cradles are used to stop bikes from bumping into one another
  • Made from steel and durable
  • You can transport up to 35 lbs each
 Easy to load and unload bikes It does not work with rear-facing cameras
DurableIt doesn’t fit smaller kids’ bikes
It fits all sizes of stock tiresTools are difficult to find

Another top-rated Jeep bike rack is the YAKIMA Bicycle Rack. It has many unique and valuable features. SuperCush ZipStrip Cradles are the most prominent. SuperCush ZipStrip Cradles make it easy to load and unload your bikes onto the Carrier.


Because it does not have a wheel over the tire rack, this Bike carrier from YAKIMA can hold almost any size spare tire. The installation is slightly different from the Allen sports deluxe bicycle rack or the Hollywood racks SR1 bike rack. They can be installed on top of the spare tire. On the other hand, the YAKIMA bike carrier is installed similarly to the Thule 963PRO bike carriers. I used the same amount of spare tires for its installation as the original. It doesn’t matter how big the tire is for installation.

SKS locking and Anti-sway cradles

ZipStrip ensures that bikes stay in place even during rough rides. In addition, the ZipStrips can be a great stress reliever since Jeeps are often driven on rough terrain.

The anti-sway wheels are designed to prevent damage to the vehicle’s finish by bike riders or Jeep drivers. The anti-sway bike cradles also ensure that they do not collide with the vehicle. All YAKIMA bike carriers come with SKS locking. SKS stands for “Same Key System,” and you can use the same key to lock all of YAKIMA’s lockable products.

Durable Construction:

The YAKIMA bike carrier for Jeep is a great choice if you are looking to buy a durable bike carrier. Alloy steel construction is used to make the YAKIMA Jeep bike carrier. The Carrier’s tire tread pads add stability and strength. In addition, the rubber on the tire tread pads protects the surface of the spare tire and reduces shocks if the Jeep is rammed into a ditch.

Installation and capacity:

It is the same weight as the Allen sport’s Deluxe bike rack and the Hollywood racksSR1 bike rack, which are 35 pounds each. You should not load more bikes than recommended. This could cause damage to the Carrier. You will need to do the basic assembly. A universal mounting plate and an extension that fits most lug patterns are required.

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6. LEADRACKS 3 Bike Hitch Rack

 Why we love it:

  • Includes an extra hitch tightener to increase the strength of the rack
  • New saddles are more durable at higher temperatures
  • You can access the trunk from the rack without taking it out
  • Compatible with the 2-inch hitch mount
Durable saddlesBikes can shake if they are not properly fitted
It comes standard with an additional tightener The rubber straps could scratch your bike
Compatible with 2-inch hitch receivers It only fits certain frames for kids’ bikes

LEADRACKS is a low-cost Jeep hitch bike rack that can hold three bikes simultaneously. This rack is larger than most other bike-carrying racks with the same price tag, but it can carry three bikes. The LEADRACKS 3-bike hitch rack also has many unique and useful features. Let’s talk about the orange straps, which are what first catches your attention. These are great for those who like bright and flashy designs but don’t mind boring designs. Let’s now discuss its main features.

Hitch tightener:

To strengthen the connection between the hitch of the bike carrier and the Carrier, the LEADRACKS bike carrier includes a hitch tightener. The hitch tightener helps prevent the bike carrier from shaking during the ride and keeps your journey safe.

Resistance to temperature increases

Older saddles were not allowed to be used for more than eight hours at temperatures greater than 90 degrees F. They could easily break if used for more than eight hours. After many experiments, LEADRACKS developed an improved version of the saddles that would last longer and be more durable than the older models.

You can access the trunk without disassembly.

LEADRACKS’ hitch bike rack allows you to access the trunk of your vehicle without having to unload the bikes. The rack is mounted onto the Jeep with only two bolts. As long as the bolt below is pulled out, you can access the trunk at the back of your vehicle.


You can use the standard 2-inch receiver hitch. The 2-inch receiver hitch can be used with the LEADRACKS 2-bike hitch bicycle carrier. If you have a receiver hook of a larger size, or if your spare tire is used, you can contact the manufacturer to discuss a solution. We had the opportunity to contact their customer service ourselves. They were very friendly, helpful, and quick.

Check Price on Amazon

7. MAXXHAUL 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack

Why we love it:

  • Two padded hooks are included to secure your bike without damaging its finish.
  • You can adjust the tire cradles horizontally to make your bike fit firmly
  • The rubber straps are also included to improve stability
  • The rack can hold two bikes up to 80 pounds.
Padded hooksHard assemble properly
Adjustable Cradles The screws aren’t strong enough
80 pounds holding capacity Cannot fit bikes with mono shocks

MAXXHAUL 50027 Hitch bike rack for Jeep Wrangler is the best budget 2-bike rack. This bike rack is an excellent choice for Jeep because of its low price and many other outstanding features. Let’s now discuss the fantastic features of this bike rack in more detail.

Foam Padded Hooks

The foam-padded hooks are its most notable feature. Two foam-padded hooks are used to secure the bike and ensure its stability. Both the hooks and tire cradles can be adjusted. You don’t have to worry about what size or type of bike you put on it.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

You can easily remove the verticle posts of this MAXXHAUL bike rack and install it by simply removing a few pins. Access to the tailgate and storage can be easily managed. It is easier to access the tailgate and manage storage, even though it is less comfortable than other bike racks that have a tilting mast.


It can also be used with 2-inch hitch receivers, such as the other hitch-mounting bicycle carriers. Mount it as is if you have a 2-inch hitch. If you have a spare wheel, the bike carriers can be mounted to the spare tire or mounted to the spare tire mounting plate.

Check Price on Amazon

8. SportRack Ridge Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Why we love it:

  • You can hold up to four bikes simultaneously
  • To allow truck access without disassembly, a swing-away hitch rack
  • To protect your bike, the cradles are made from durable but soft leather
  • When not in use, the carry arms can be folded down
  • It works great with the 2-inch standard hitch
 Can carry four bikes Not Easy to Assemble
 The rack can be tiltedHeavy, Bulky
45 pounds holding capacity Straps can be difficult to use correctly

We only looked at racks that could hold one or two bikes. What if you’re traveling with friends or family and all love cycling? What do you do when you have three to four cycles? The SportRack Ridge Hitch Mount bike rack is the answer. Let’s now discuss the technical details of this bike rack.

Capacity for Carrying:

SportRack Ridge Hitch Mountain Bike Rack can hold up to four bikes simultaneously. This bike rack is unique in that it can safely transport this many bikes on a long trip. This bike rack has a 45-pound load capacity. You can safely transport 180lbs of bicycle weight on the Hitch-Mount Bike Roof.

Swing-away Rack:

This bike rack features a unique swing-away design, which is useful for Jeep drivers. You can access the rear spare tire by simply disassembling the bike rack. It is not possible to access most hitch-mounted racks without disassembling the bike rack, which can prove quite frustrating.

Rubber cradles and foldable armor:

The bike rack comes with soft rubber cradles to protect your bike’s paint while unloading or loading them. The carry arms can be folded down for compact storage.


Its installation can prove to be a challenge. Before you assemble the bike rack and install it on your car, there are a few things to remember. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that it is securely bolted.

Walmart.com has the SportRack bike rack on amazon Check the Price

9. Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

Why we love it:

  • It can carry five bikes
  • To ensure that each bike is at a safe distance from the other, carry arms 28 inches long are used.
  • When not in use, the rack can be folded.
  • It’s very simple to install and takes hardly five minutes.
  • Sturdy and durable, made from steel
Easy installation The tilt-away feature is not available when five bikes have been loaded
 Can carry five bikes Can bend if loaded higher than the capacity
Doesn’t wobble

The Allen Sports 5-bike hitch rack is the best for carrying multiple bikes simultaneously. It can be used with all the other bike racks reviewed in this article. Although it is lightweight at only 20 pounds, it can hold five bikes simultaneously. It is the perfect bike carrier for families.

Arm yourself:

Carry arms have both advantages and disadvantages. The bike rack can hold five bikes simultaneously, so the carry arms are very long. The length of the carry arms is approximately 28 inches.

Your bikes will be held at a distance so that they don’t bump into each other. They can also bump into other things because they are quite long. For example, if you’re driving through a forest, they can become entangled in a branch, so be cautious.

However, if you don’t have any bikes to load into the rack, you can fold them like the Allen Sports bike racks.

Construction Material and Installation

The bike rack is made from strong and rigid steel. This bike carrier can carry a lot of weight, so steel construction is essential. It is also very durable, so it will not break anytime soon. It is very simple to install. It takes less than five minutes to complete the installation.

Tilt-back mast:

You can tilt the bike carrier back to reach the tailgate, but it won’t be very helpful. Because the tailgate is not sufficiently tilted back, you won’t be able to open it fully. If you have a large rear spare tire, we recommend purchasing a hitch extension.

10. Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier

Why We love it:

  • Extra-long hitch insert for Jeeps with large spare tires
  • To eliminate rack movement comes with a no-wobble bolt
  • You will find dual-compound tie-down cradles that hold your bikes securely.
  • It is easy to load and unload bikes
  • It fits standard 2-inch hitch receivers
 Enough clearance to fit larger tires The straps are of poor quality
 Can carry four bikes The tailgate could hit the rack even if the rack is tilted
Easy folding

If you need to store four or more bikes on your Jeep bike rack, the Allen Sports 4-bike premier hitchrack is a great option. You might be wondering what makes this bike rack different from other Allen Sports bike racks. The most significant difference between this bike rack, and other Allen Sports bike racks, is the extra-long premier hitch insert.

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Premier Hitch:

Sometimes, the hitch-mounted bike racks can be uncomfortable to use. Some racks may not fit onto vehicles because of their large spare tire. To address this issue, the bike rack has an extra-long hitch insert. This extra-long insert ensures that the spare tire is not in direct contact with the rack and that it is kept at a sufficient distance.

You can carry arms and a no-wobble bolt

The bike rack’s carry arms have the same quick-set straps and tie-down cradle as other Allen Sports bikes to secure the bikes. These straps make it easy to load and unload the bikes on the bike rack. For better protection during driving, the no-wobble bolt ensures that there is no movement in the hitch.

Access to the tailgate

The only problem with this bike rack is the inability to open its tailgate once it is mounted. It is difficult to open the tailgate completely, even if it is tilted. This is why you should consider this when buying a rack.

Allen Sports Bike Carrier can be purchased at Walmart.comCheck Price on Amazon

11. Allen Sports Premier Locking Tray Rack

Why we love it:

  • Can load up to 40 lbs per bicycle
  • It includes a locking hitch insert to ensure a wobble-free installation
  • You can tilt it back to access the spare tire and the tailgate
  • When it isn’t in use, it folds up against the vehicle
  • The item weighs 40 pounds.
  • For durability, it is made from premium aluminum and stainless steel
 Great price-to-performance ratioFolding pivot point might loosen up
Solid Construction It cannot be used on trailers
It comes complete with all the tools you need to assemble it

This tray rack is ideal for bikes with large frames and wide tires. This bike rack is equipped with sliding wheel trays that can be adjusted. You can fit almost any size bike with the adjustable sliding wheel tray. This bike rack will fit bikes with a 35-48 inch wheelbase.

Secure Wheel straps, integrated bike locks, and lockable wheels:

The bike rack has wheel straps that will hold your rear and front wheels in place. This ensures that your bike’s front tire won’t scratch the paint of your vehicle or any other bike attached to it. Integrated locks provide additional security and support for the front wheels.

Capacity and Compatibility

The bike rack can hold up to three bikes at once. This bike rack can accommodate bikes with 26-29 inch wheels and a width of 3-5 inches. This bike rack can hold 40 lbs per bike, which is enough to carry 120 lbs of weight. It is lightweight at only 35 pounds.

Sturdy and compact:

Allen Sports’ bike rack is constructed with premium aluminum and stainless steel. It is strong and durable, making it ideal for transporting bulky bikes. The bike rack can also be folded together with the vehicle for additional storage and capacity.

Walmart.com has the Allen Sports Tray rack Amazon Check Price

12. Swagman CHINOOK Mount Bike Rack

Why we love it:

  • It is simple to load and unload bikes, and the installation manual is clear.
  • You can reach the tailgate by tilting your bike rack.
  • For a strong connection between Jeep and Rack, it comes with adjustable locking ratchet hooks.
  • The bike can hold up to 45 lbs and be transported with two bikes.
  • It fits 1-1/4″ and 2″ hitch receivers
 It can be removed and installed in less than a minute The tilt doesn’t work so well
 Folds up close to the vehiclePads attached to tire straps can be difficult to use
It fits securely into the hitch


Swagman CHINOOK hitch mountain bike mount is well-known for its simplicity and ease of installation. As long as you carefully follow the instructions, it is easy to assemble. The Swagman CHINOOK bike rack makes loading and unloading your bike on a bike rack easy. Swagman’s bike rack is the best choice if you don’t like complicated assembly or installations.


It can hold bikes from 12-inches up to 29-inches in size, making it very versatile. You can fit most types of frames, sizes, and shapes. Swagman’s bike rack can hold bikes up to 45 lbs.


This bike carrier’s wheel trays can be adjusted to fit your bikes perfectly. The bike carrier comes with wheel ratchet straps to hold the bikes in place. The bike carrier also includes key-lock cylinders, which lock the bike frame and keep them in place. This key-lock cylinder acts as an excellent anti-theft device.

Check Price on Amazon

13. MaxxHaul (70210) 4-Bike Deluxe Mount Rack

Why we love it:

  • You can transport up to four bikes at once
  • Fits 2-inch hitch receivers
  • Because it is made from high-quality steel, it is very durable
  • Multiple types of bikes can be fit with the adjustable bike cradle
  • For added safety in the dark, the reflector is built-in
 Easy to install and assemble Can fit three adult bikes and one kid’s bike
Lightweight It can be wobbly if it is not properly fitted

MaxxHaul, another hitch bike rack, can hold up to four bikes. MaxxHaul is known for making sturdy, rock-solid bike carriers that won’t wobble or break down anytime soon. This isn’t a good choice if your Jeep has a tailgate that needs to be opened often, as with other hitch-mounted racks.

Padded cradles

MaxxHaul 4-Bike Deluxe Rack has padded cradles to protect your bike’s finish. The bike will stay in place with the hook and loop straps. The bike rack can be swung down to access the spare tire, but the tailgate cannot be opened. The Jeep Wrangler’s tailgate opens in a sideways fashion, unlike other SUVs, which open upwards.

Loading Capacity

This bike rack has a 150-pound load capacity. It can safely carry up to 37.5 pounds of bike, which is less than its competitors. We recommend getting a rack with a greater weight capacity if your bike is heavier than 38 pounds. This should not be an issue as most mountain and road bikes are between 17-25 lbs.

Construction Material

MaxxHaul 70210 bike racks are made from high-quality steel to ensure greater durability. The rack is powder-coated to protect against rust. This bike rack is ideal for those who live in areas that get a lot of rain or have to wash their cars often.

Check Price on Amazon

14. Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR Hitch Bike Rack

Why we love it:

  • It does not require complicated tools to be installed
  • It is possible to mount bikes without the bikes ever touching the frame
  • To avoid them coming into contact, maintain a distance of 12.5 inches between each other.
  • When not in use, the rack can be folded or tilted.
  • It can carry 60 pounds per bike.
 No contact with the bike’s frame Expensive compared to its rivals
 The load capacity of 60 pounds Locking cables can be stiff
Tool-free Installation

Thule bike racks can be more expensive than other brands. It makes up for this by offering customers a better quality product and longer-lasting than its competitors. It is easy to install and requires no tools. It has an auto-attach system that makes it easy to install and remove.

Ratcheting arm that doesn’t require a frame

The frame-free, ratcheting arm design allows you to mount bikes easily without their frames touching the vehicle. For added security, the ratcheting arm is attached to your bike tire. A 24-inch cable connects with the frame of your bike. When not in use, the cable retracts into the ratcheting arms.

Clearance Sale on Bike:

Thule T22 pro bike rack transports the bikes securely without any contact. The Thule T22 pro bike rack holds the bikes securely in place with 12.5 inches between them. You can adjust the bike mounts to be angled sideways for better bike clearance.


Thule’s T2 pro bike rack can hold 2 bikes up to 60 pounds each. The rack can accommodate wheels up to 20-29 inches in diameter and 5-inch tires with no need for an adapter. It can carry mountain bikes, e-bikes, carbon frames, or fat bikes. E-bike riders will appreciate this feature because many bike carriers don’t support them. This is the best option for e-bike riders.

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15. Apex Rage Powersports BC8407-2 Bicycle Carrier Rack

 Why we love it:

  • Mounted in a higher position to provide better security
  • Key Lockable for anti-theft protection
  • A rear reflector included for safety in the dark
  • Made with heavy-duty steel, durable
  • For additional storage, cradles can be folded to the sides.
Made from Thick and Heavy-Duty SteelReplacement keys are not available
Strong with no wobbling Getting the rack off can prove difficult
 You can access the tailgate

Compatibility and loading capacity:

Another bike carrier, the Apex Rage Powersports Bike Carrier, is attached to the spare tire’s same mounting plate. It can accommodate spare tires with a width between 7-11/16 and 12.5 inches. These bike carriers are useful when you need to access the tailgate frequently. You can simply open the tailgate with the bike carrier still attached.

Although the Apex Rage Bike Rack can hold two bikes simultaneously, we don’t recommend it. Because the bikes are held tightly, they can bump into each other and cause damage to the finish.

Cradles and tie-down straps:

The bike carrier includes a tie-down strap to secure the bike. The cradles can be moved to the side to store. This is a great feature for vehicles with spare tires located on the sides of the vehicle rather than in the middle.

Construction Material

This bike carrier is made from heavy-duty steel, which ensures that it will not be damaged even when carrying heavy loads. It also comes with a black finish to protect against rust and improve its appearance.

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This concludes our article on the best https://amzn.to/30xRYqZJeep bike racks. After reading numerous reviews and trying out the Jeep bike racks ourselves, we compiled this list. We believe you will be able to choose the best bike rack for your Jeep.

Have fun cycling! Get your favorite bike carrier and get out there to start your cycling adventures. Remember, we are always there for you.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it against the law to ride a bike rack on a vehicle?

Bike racks that secure part of the view of your license plate are allowed in some states. If your bike rack blocks the view of your license plate, it might be illegal in certain states. It might also be illegal in certain states. We recommend that you get a bike rack mounted high on your vehicle if you live in an area where it is prohibited.

Question – Can you fit your bike into a Jeep?

It is possible to fit a bicycle inside a Jeep Wrangler four-door. It will still be necessary to remove the front tire and lay it on its side. We don’t recommend this as it could cause serious damage to your Jeep wrangler interior.

Question – Is it worth buying a bike rack?

It all depends on what you need. A bike rack is essential if you love to cycle and want to travel to remote places on your bike. Although they are more expensive, rear-mounted racks offer greater safety and convenience. Roof racks can be very dangerous for your bike as well as your car. Roof racks can cause damage to your vehicle and your bike’s tires if it rains. You will need to clean your vehicle and have your roof cleaned.

Question: Can you open a bike frame with a trunk?

The latest bike carriers allow you to access the trunk even though the rack is mounted. If your bikes are mounted on the Carrier, this is not a good idea. The extra weight of the bikes will not be supported by the Jeep’s trunk or back door. The door could break or fall off. The trunk could also fall on the person who is under it.

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