8 BEST Indoor Stair Lights (September 2022) Reviews

Sometimes you might fall on your knees or trip over your toes while walking down a dark corridor or up a flight of stairs. This is not fun when you just want to get back to your bed.

Indoor stair lights are a great way to illuminate your path. Indoor stair lights can be used to lighten your path in the dark to keep you from falling.

We tested the top indoor stairlights and chose our top 8. Plus 2 honorable mentions.

Our Top Picks

1.Best Overall: Mr. Beams MB522 Wireless Battery-Operated Indoor/Outdoor Motion-Sensing LED Stair LightsThis indoor starlight combines style and functionality.Check Price
2.BBest Dimmable OptionLEONLITE 120V Dimmable Led Step LightsThese dimmable stair lights will set the mood for the night.Check Price
3.Innofox Stick On Motion Sensor LightsThese lights can be easily installed using the stick-on feature.Check Price
4.The Most Fashionable: OSTWIN 120V LED Light Step LightsBeautiful light with many style options.Check Price
5.The Most Energy Efficient Option: AMIR Upgraded Version Motion Sensor LightsA multi-purpose energy efficient option with multiple usesCheck Price
6.Best Bright Option: Ciata Lighting LED Indoor/Outdoor Step LightsA bright light that is as effective outdoors as it is indoors.Check Price

How we chose the Best Indoor Stair Lights

Indoor stair lights can add a nighttime ambiance to your home and help to light your way in the dark.


A stairlight won’t work if it isn’t bright enough (measured in lumens). We wanted bright lights to keep your path to the bathroom lit.

You can choose from a variety of brightness levels so you can pick the right one for you. However, all lights have high quality lighting that will not cause injury to your dog while you rush to get to bed.

Energy Efficiency

The stair lights are very small and should not add to your utility bills.

We looked for stair lights that were both battery-operated and wired up to a J Box. They also didn’t consume much energy.

We searched for lights with a lower voltage, but more lumens.


We wanted lights that were stylish and wouldn’t clash with the decor in your home.

You want to light your path, but lights can draw attention. We searched for stair lights with a beautiful look that could match any style, color, or texture in your home.

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Best Indoor Stair Lights Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Mr. Beams Wireless Motion-Sensing LED Stairlights, MB522 Wireless, Battery-Operated

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance2/5

Colors: Brown/White

What We Liked

  • Battery-powered
  • Nice design
  • Motion-detection feature
  • Soft glow Mode:

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Not Appropriate for outdoor use

The Mr. Beams lights, which are appropriately named, will add style and efficiency to your indoor stairs.

These LED Stair Lights can be powered by 3 C batteries. They also come with 12-foot motion sensors.

These lights will turn on when they sense motion and stay on for between 20 to 60 seconds.

These lights can be installed quickly and easily because they are battery-operated.

You should also keep in mind that many reviewers have reported issues with water leakage. They can be used outdoors but you might want to avoid putting them in areas that get a lot rain.

We love these lights for their long-lasting battery life and optional glow mode when they are not in use, which gives off a subtle but noticeable glow.Check Price on Amazon

2. Best Dimmable Option : LEONLITE 120V Dimmable LED Step Lights

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance4/5

Colors: White/Oil Rubbed Bronze

What We Liked

  • Is it dimmable?
  • Fashionable
  • Waterproof

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Installations that are more complicated
  • No motion detection

The LEONLITE Dimmable LED Stair Lights are an excellent choice if you prefer a slimmer and more concealable appearance.

These fixtures are almost flush with your walls. They also have dimmable options so you can adjust the brightness of your stairs lights.

These lights can be connected to your standard Junction Box so they are an excellent choice if you don’t like the idea of using battery-powered lights.

These are great for outdoor use, as they are water-resistant. You can also add sealant to make them weatherproof.

We also love that these LED stairlights can be customized to your staircase height and width.Check Price on Amazon

3. Best Stick-On Option : Innofox Stick-On Motion Sensor Lights

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance3/5

Colors: White

What We Liked

  • Installation is simple
  • Motion sensor

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • No dimmer
  • We are not as long-lasting as we would like

The Innofox Stick on Stair Lights are the best choice if you’re looking for a simple way to install your lights. These lights can be attached to stairs or walls with double-sided adhesive pads, or screws.

These stair lights also have a motion sensor and will automatically turn when they sense movement within 10 feet of any point in their 120-degree field.

They will switch on your waylighting for approximately 20-25 seconds, and then turn off after 20 seconds.

These plastic lights are not the most fashionable, but are practical and affordable for indoor lighting.

These lights do not have a dimmer switch and are very bright. They may not be the best choice if you want a subtler ambiance.Check Price on Amazon

4. Best Style : OSTWIN 120V LED Step Lights

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance4/5

Colors: White/Black Finish (Body) Warm White/Bright White/Daylight (Lighting)

What We Liked

  • Bright, steady light
  • Outdoor use:
  • Dimming switch

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Motion sensor not available
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These LED stairs lights are sleek and can be mounted flush to your stairs or wall. This option comes with a bright, adjustable light and a dimmer to adjust the brightness of your stairs.

These lights are ideal for outdoor use due to their intensity. However, the manufacturers recommend caulking the edges of the installation to make sure it is water resistant.

We don’t like that these lights don’t have motion sensors.

It makes sense outdoors, since the lights don’t need to be activated with every leaf or squirrel movement. However, our reviewers preferred more flexibility indoors.

These lights are great if you’re happy to have an extra light on your stairs that stays on all night.Check Price on Amazon

5. Best Energy Efficient Option : AMIR (Upgraded Version) Motion Sensor Lights

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance3/5

Colors: Warm White/White

What We Liked

  • Motion sensors
  • Installation is simple
  • Placeable in many places

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Not the best option

The Amir motion sensor lights are a great choice for indoor stairs, closets, and cabinets with dark corners.

The light emits around 10 lumens and is not blinding. It also effectively illuminates any space it passes. It is sure to be a favourite in your home with its 120 degree detection angle and 3 meter distance.

We love that the unit can be used in other places than stairs such as closets and lower cabinets.

These lights are easy to install. They have adhesive pads that you simply peel and stick. However, you can also use screws to make them permanent.

There are two colors available for LED bulbs. The warm white will warm a space and make it feel more inviting than the harshness of bright, cold lighting.Check Price on Amazon

6. Best Bright Option : Ciata Lighting LED Indoor/Outdoor Step Lights

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance4/5

Colors: Black/Silver/White

What We Liked

  • Very Attractive Lighting
  • Downlight effect
  • Mood Lighting

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Motion sensor not available
  • Some reviewers found them too bright for their liking.

Ciata lights, which are an energy-efficient LED light with a great downlight effect, are very efficient. These lights are very attractive for a stairlight.

The installation is quick and easy. All accessories are included.

The lights are very bright and create a romantic atmosphere in your home. These lights are bright enough to be used in stairwells, but some reviewers felt they were too bright.

This is especially true if the lights are used for outdoor lighting. These lights are stylish and efficient, so they will light up your walkways or stairs from your front door.

However, these lights don’t include a motion sensor so if you don’t want to deal with a light switch at night, there will be another option on our list.Check Price on Amazon

7. Best High End Option : ZONK 120V Outdoor/Indoor Stair Lights

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance5/5

Colors: Black//Grey

What We Liked

  • Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
  • Great Outdoor Option
  • Glare Prevention: Downlight

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • The more expensive side.
  • Motion sensor not available

These ZONK lights are sure to impress with their quality and style. These lights are as beautiful indoors as outdoors, because they were designed with looks and functionality in mind.

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These look great, but they have two important caveats. They are only on/off and don’t have a dimm function. Also, they must be switched on to activate the motion sensor.

These lights are stylish, durable, and provide a great ambience.

These are ideal for professional spaces or corporate offices that require more lighting and a specific aesthetic to maintain professionalism.

They are high quality and provide illumination in any space.

It is important to remember that although these lights can take some time to install they are extremely durable and efficient, and require very little maintenance.Check Price on Amazon

8. Best Budget Option : ZISUYU Motion Sensor Light Indoor LED Night Lighting

Product Ratings

Weather Resistance2/5

Colors: Warm White/Cool White

What We Liked

  • Soft Light
  • Multiple Applications
  • Motion Sensor

What We Didn’t Look Like

  • Not very fashionable

This is a great option if you want to save money but still get a high-quality light.

The Zisuyu is available in 6 light packs and can be used in any room in your house, not just on stairs.

They were praised by our reviewers as a better choice than a nightstand or bathroom cabinet. They are a great option for lighting the interior of closets and cabinets thanks to their motion sensor design.

These lights offer 20 lumens and are perfect for anyone who is sensitive to light or for people who enjoy a soft, night-light in their bedroom.

The light comes with sticky pads which you can peel off and stick to wherever you need it.

These are an affordable way to add light to dark areas in your home.Check Price on Amazon

Comparison Chart

ProductBest OverallThe Best Dimmable OptionStick-On Option:The Best StyleBest Energy- Efficient OptionBrightest OptionThe Best Luxury OptionThe Best Budget Pick
Overall Rating4.6/54.4/54.2/53.6/53.8/54/54/54.6/5
Weather Resistance2/54/53/54/53/54/55/52/5

The Winner

The Mr. Beams MB522 Wireless Motion-Sensing, Battery-Operated LED Stair Lights

These lights offered the perfect combination of style, affordability, and brightness. The cordless power option was the best and it was easy to install.

They look great and you have the choice of a white or black style to suit many interior styles.

The motion sensor on/off switch that has a large detection radius was the cherry on top.

How to Choose the Best Stairlights for Your Home

The right stair lights for your home depends on the color lighting, style, power source, and capabilities you prefer.

Installation and Power Source

These two are often placed together because they inform each other. It is much easier to install a battery-operated lamp than to connect them to a junction box.

Many of the battery-operated, stairlights come with sticky pads. These make it simple to stick the lights on the wall after you have installed the batteries.

We recommend the Innofox, Mr. Beams or the Amir as easy-to-install stair lights.

A stairlight that is AC- or power cord powered will require more work and installation. However, they are brighter and last longer and are weather resistant.

We would suggest that you use the Ostwin or Leonlite in this instance.


At home, style is everything. You spend most of your time there so it’s important to have enough color options.

We recommend the Leonlite and Ciata for a classier, more elegant look.

These lights will fit flusher into your stairs and walls. The Zonk, which protrudes from the wall, is a bolder option. We find it to be very stylish.

Extra Features

We recommend that you consider whether you want more from your light. Are you looking for dimmers for your lights?

We would recommend the Ostwin or Leonlite in this case.

We recommend the Innofox and the Zisuyu if you’re looking for a light that has a motion sensor.

Honorable Mentions

1. Foyoconven Motion Sensor Indoor Light – Considered For Best Energy-Efficient Option

This light is great for stairs and as a nightlight.

We love this light and wanted to highlight it because it can be recharged via USB.

The power cycle can be recharged once it is fully charged. It will then last approximately 1000 motion sensor activations. We also love the full circle radius of this light.

2. LEONLITE LED Step Lamps – Best Luxury Option

We wanted to include another Leonlite, even though it didn’t make it on the list. Although it is more expensive, we think this light is worth it for its style and brightness.

This product is IP65 rated and can be used outdoors. It also features an anti-glare design that can be used at eye level.

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