12 Best ID Card Printers (October 2022) Reviews

In the age of massive information and analysis, it’s crucial to identify every single thing and person to protect yourself. Thus, both individuals as well as businesses require a formal ID card for social, professional and other functions.

A lot of companies require ID cards in large number for their employees, and frequently they require them in an extremely short period of period of time. This makes it difficult to visit a shop and get these cards printed. This is why ID card printers can be useful.

The top ID card printers can save you time and offer professional appearance and can be customized to print in accordance with your preferences. With so many different brands of ID cards to choose from How do you determine which one is best one for you?

This article was created following a thorough study about different ID card printers available on the market. The reviews of users were also considered to help you make an informed choice. If you’re looking to learn the specifics, read on for more information!

What to Do You Look For When purchasing printers for ID cards?

A printer for ID cards should be considered a long-term investment because it’s not something you’d like to replace after it has completed its lifespan. This is why you should be aware of certain things before you purchase an ID card printer. This article will provide specifics of the printer


Choose the area in which you’ll keep the printer since this will allow you to get an idea of the dimensions of the printer you must pick. Most likely, you’ll frequently use your printer and , therefore, the space should be designed to be easily accessible.

Numerous Prints

When you are looking to purchase an ID card printer you should make an estimation of the number of cards you’ll require for throughout the year. Since no printers have the same capacity, it is best to select one based on the amount of cards you’ll need.

It’s not just ID cards for employees you want to use. Many companies have cards for visitors, or provide reward cards for long-term customers. This means that you must include these when you estimate the amount of cards you require each year.


The speed at which printer is able to produce ID cards differs between machines. While some machines can take less than 10 minutes in order to create an ID-card. Other machines could take as long as 35 minutes. Based on the speed at which you’d like your printer to perform the task for you Choose one that’s suitable.

The speed of printing is also dependent on whether you’re using color or monochrome prints. Monochrome printers can have faster processing speed because they operate with just one color.


It is possible to choose a printer according to whether you’d prefer an individual or dual-sided ID card. The first kind is adequate for basic data such as the name and designation, ID number and even a picture.

If you’d like to include additional details such as address and blood group. Then you will need printers that print data to both sides the card at once.


Printing by some printers is limited to black or some other single color such as blue, red, etc. Other printers will provide ID card prints with the number of colors you’d like. Monochrome printers or single-color printers are quicker than other printers. Select a printer according to the color you prefer on your ID card.

Software And Technology

The top ID card printers typically have simple software that allows for ease of use. They allow you to modify templates with ease.

A printer is either DTC or direct-to-card technology , or reverse transfer technologies. In DTC printing, your printer print directly onto the card using the process known as dye sublimation. This method is more efficient, but leaves a thin black border on the picture.

DTC allows you to regulate the color temperature and temperature settings.

However reverse transfer technology requires longer as it requires two steps. The image or text is first transferred to the film, which is transparent, in reverse. The printer then uses sufficient heat and pressure to allow images to transfer onto the card.

The reverse printing technology produces images that are sharper, brighter more durable and are resistant to the effects of water.


The process involves saving important information about an individual’s identity inside the part that makes up an identification card. There aren’t all printers that have this top-of-the-line feature.

For security reasons and the nature your job, you might need for encryption of ID cards. In this case, choose one printer that can print encrypted ID cards.

Top 12 Best ID Card Printers of 2022

1. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Everything you need to get started with ID card printing is contained in this handy, compact package!

Create ID, photo loyalty, membership or cards with the click of a button using this card printer. It prints on single sides and comes with an easy-to-use software, full-color ribbon camera for photo ID, and 300 PVC cards. You can choose to capture a photograph or utilize your designs and images.

You can choose between a colored or black-and white photo ID to print. The former will take 35 seconds while the later takes just six seconds to type. Simply follow the directions to perform a simple plug-and-play procedure.

The software is compatible with Mac and Windows Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the USB port as well as the LCD screen makes it simple to perform an out-of-the-box feature. For added security you can choose from four different watermark styles you can choose from to prevent copying without permission.

The slim design is what makes the device simple to install in the area of your home, or small business. It is able to print as many as 500 card per calendar year, and is guaranteed to last.

Print a variety of cards using an ID printer. It can print keys for hotel and motels, promotional cards, employee and student identity cards and membership card or gift cards. Each one of them is printed professionally-grade printing that reflects the high-end of your business.

The included software allows newbies to design and make prints. There are templates built-in to select from, and you can simply drag pictures as well as text to create your own personalization.

Key Features:

  • Windows and Mac are compatible to allow for versatility.
  • It also comes with a photo ID camera to facilitate.
  • Watermarks on one side of the print to ensure more security.
  • Simple to use program with space for personalization.
  • 300 PVC cards are included.

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2. Magicard The Enduro3e ID Card printer Dual-Sided

Student IDs to loyalty and membership cards, and much more. Print cards that meet your requirements with this reliable machine.

With full-color printing capabilities, you can get ID cards that have clear images and text in a matter of minutes! This inexpensive ID card printer is suitable for small and medium-sized companies as well as by individuals working on their own.

The pack includes 100 cards to print as well as a basic design software and a ribbon that is full-color. It takes just about 25 minutes to print the cards with full-color. If you create monochrome prints, you’ll see results in just 7 seconds. This printer uses direct-to-card, or DTC technology to produce fast output.

By combining Ethernet as well as USB connections, users can enjoy greater flexibility in using your printer on other computers. For added security your ID badge printer will add watermarks using the inbuilt HoloKote technology. Select from four designs of globes, waves keys, and rings for no additional cost!

The design software has a wide range of options to make ID cards that contain relevant details easily. You can include logos, photographs, barcodes and texts and much more at desire. With 50 templates for design You can choose from these templates to create your card.

Because the software is easy to use and easy to use, even novices can utilize it with ease. The printer comes with an internet camera to make your life much simpler. It can be used to take a picture of your ID card. It is compatible for both Mac as well as Windows OS, the device can be used by all.

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Key Features:

  • Ideal for monochrome as well as full-color prints. Suitable for both monochrome and full-color.
  • The pack includes 100 printing cards.
  • Supported by both Mac as well as Windows.
  • Design software for users that is user-friendly and has 50 templates pre-loaded.
  • Prints monochrome images in just 7 seconds, and full-color prints in just 25 seconds.

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3. Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer

In charge of all issues that come with printing ID card this printer for ID cards made of plastic lets you effortlessly create, encode and print the cards with no difficulty.

Making an ID in-house photograph, or another kind of card has never been simpler. Utilize the webcam included to capture pictures to use on your cards. With 50 blank white cards in the pack it is easy to print cards on-demand without any hassle.

Full-color IDs take about 45 minutes to print. The machine can be set up with no hassle, because it is plug-and-play compatible. The directions are clear in order to enable you to immediately start using it. It’s compatible with Windows as well as Mac users This gives you more versatility.

The unique notification feature can alert you to the full-color ribbon about to run out. In addition, it comes with an extremely compact and lightweight design that lets you transport it and set it wherever you want without making an mess. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use.

The software that is patent-pending allows you create cards with ease and with the right amount of customisation including or without photographs. The card can be personalized with signatures as well as barcodes. If you’d like to print your message on the opposite side, simply turn the card upside down.

Through its own database it is able to store data so that you don’t need to input it to print jobs again.

It’s an extremely useful device for small and medium companies. Be sure to avail of the free updates to ensure that your printer continues to function effectively.

Key Features:

  • Simple software that allows for easy printing.
  • Internal database storage to facilitate job reprints.
  • Mac and Windows are compatible to allow for greater the flexibility.
  • 45 seconds to print high-quality cards.
  • Free updates to improve efficiency and workflow.

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4. Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer

This single-sided ID card printer will give you professional-quality output in just a few just a few minutes!

The kit contains everything you require to print immediately from the box. The ribbon that is full-color can be used with a full-color printer that can print 250-photo or membership ID cards. It’s very easy to operate the printer using its easy-to-use features, it shouldn’t take long to receive the printed cards.

The company also includes 300 high-quality and durable PVC cards, so you don’t have to go to other places for raw materials. It is not necessary to alter the size of the cards as they are fully compatible with your printer and camera software and ribbons of color.

If you examine the program, you’ll be able to see that even kids can use it to create ID cards. It comes with professional-looking templates. alter your design by simply dropping and dragging text boxes logos, images or other elements. The high-end quality will impress you!

This printer is suited for to fulfill the ID card printing function very well in small business setups office spaces, schools and offices. It’s one of the most efficient printers that can print 50% more vibrant and clear text and images in only 15 minutes per card.

The small and compact design lets you put the printer wherever you want without wasted space. Printing two sides on the same card just flip the cover on the card. The embedded technology will encode these cards to safeguard against counterfeiting and copying.

Key Features:

  • The card printing process takes just 16 seconds when using full-color mode.
  • Technology that is easy to use to speed up printing and customization.
  • Templates that are pre-designed for ease of use.
  • Space saving design and compact size to avoid space waste.
  • This set includes 300 high-quality PVC cards.

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5. Full AlphaCard Identification Card Printer Bundle

Your business can be taken up a notch by handing the card-based membership or loyalty cards to everyone who visit your establishment.

First, you’ll require a printer to help you reach the next step on the ladder. That’s the reason the ID badge printer is here! It’s designed for smaller-scale printing tasks so that it doesn’t waste resources while also being highly efficient.

Seven seconds of monochrome cards and 35 secs for cards with full color each one is fed to the printer by hand to print on a separate basis. Also included are 100 high-quality blank cards to provide greater ease of use. They are compatible with both the software and printer. The ID card printer could have compatibility with seven ID cards printing programs we covered in our other article.

The printer employs dye sublimation to print directly onto the card. The AlphaGuard watermarking system is available to provide your cards with more security.

This is the most suitable ID printer designed for low-volume output of printing, and comes with software that’s limited capabilities, which is understandable. It’s user-friendly for beginners who wish to keep things simple but elegant. Be aware that this isn’t an extremely robust printing ID cards.

The program also permits barcode printing and encryption so that the information stored on the cards is completely secure and secure from counterfeit. Be aware that the application does not have an in-built database. Therefore, when printing you must type into the correct information.

With no connection to Ethernet The program cannot connect to databases that are external. It is however fully compatible both with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Key Features:

  • Low-volume machine for individual printing.
  • seven seconds to print monochrome, and 35 seconds when printing in all colors.
  • 100 high-quality blank cards that are compatible with printers and software.
  • DTC technology to speed up operation.
  • Encoding built-in to ensure security.

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6. Fargo HDP5000 Dual Side ID Card Printer

Sometimes you don’t want to see an unpainted border surrounding the image or the information. That’s why you need to buy an ID printing machines that utilize reverse-transfer technology.

In addition to the 100 high-quality PVC cards that are included in the box, there is an easy-to-use design software that works for Mac and Windows and transfer film and a ribbon with full-color that allows printing more than 500 cards. Since the printer utilizes reverse transfer to print the image, it prints from edge to edge, without leaving the border.

Print a wide range of cards on this printer – loyalty cards, gift members’ cards identification cards, credit card as well as security card. Also, you can print badges. This product is intended for printing jobs with a medium volume. It is possible to use the same card to print on both sides at once.

Reverse transfer printing result in stunning, high-quality text and images which are long-lasting. It delivers the same top quality results when using chip-integrated smart cards. Its compact size allows it to be easily placed at any point at home or in the office.

With this user-friendly program making identification cards or access cards can be easy. Print with or without photos , and create and encode according to your needs. The printhead is safe from injury by the reverse-transfer technology which makes the dual-sided ID card printer long-lasting.

There are some dips in the vicinity of the chip of Smart cards, the gadget doesn’t leave any holes, unlike printers using direct-to-card printing. This is why the prints produced are clear and have a nearly the appearance of a 3D appearance.

Key Features:

  • Dual-sided printers print both sides simultaneously.
  • Reverse transfer technology to produce better text and images.
  • Ideal for printing smart chip cards as well as other cards.
  • 100 high-quality blank cards are included.
  • Printing and design software that is easy to use.

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7. Magicard Enduro 3e ID Card Single Sided Printer

Do not hurry out to print photos, memberships as well as ID card! You can print professional results with this simple ID card single-sided printer.

It is included in the complete bundle , making life more easy and affordable for you. Instantly snap photos with the camera for photo identification. Make use of the software that comes with it to create stunning design to the ID cards. Select from full-color or monochrome options, and print in seven or thirty-five seconds based on the option you choose.

The printer is ready for utilize straight from the box. With the help of simple instructions, tasks can be made to look like an easy task for kids. Plug and play to start ID card printing up and running without any hassle.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and comes with an LCD display, Ethernet, and USB ports to provide greater convenience and flexibility in use. To ensure that all data is secured correctly, use the four watermark patterns which can stop the cards from being counterfeited and illegal copying.

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The small footprint and light characteristics that the printer can offer means it can be stored within a corner, without blocking the view. A hopper for input of 100 cards allows for bulk printing to be faster. The edge-to-edge printing signifies that you won’t have the white border surrounding the images.

It is possible to print as many as 5,000 cards each year using this printer. It’s the ideal solution for small-sized businesses such as hotels, universities clubs, schools, and so on.

Make use of this printer for a range of uses, including access cards, promotional cards such as student identity cards gift cards, membership cards, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Professional, top quality edge-to-edge prints.
  • Hopper to print 100 cards at once.
  • Printing capacity for 5,000 cards each year.
  • Mac as well as Windows compatibility.
  • Plug and play for speed and convenience.

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8. Evolis Primary Dual-Side ID Card Printer

In addition to membership cards as well as ID cards you can print access cards, gift cards, and much more using this practical and effective dual-sided printer.

The package includes the printer, ribbon in full color and 100 premium empty PVC cards, as well as design software that will help you create professional-looking cards. This is a great product for medium-sized printing tasks that are ideal for small businesses.

It’s easy to print any types of ID cards on this machine since its software is easy to use and produces vivid images thanks to its top printing capabilities. It has an in-feed hopper to hold 100 cards, you’ll be able to print quickly when you’re working in a hurry. The two sides are printed simultaneously with a speed of 20 seconds for each side.

There is an alternative magnetic stripe encoder if you wish the information on ID cards to be protected. The USB port lets you attach the printer directly to your laptop to facilitate setting up and operation. You can keep track of the progress of your work by using the LED display.

The program allows you to incorporate your logo and any background that is specific to your business. Each of the sides, both front and back of the card are equipped with a variety of text fields. Live cameras or a image file saved on your computer will handle the photo field.

Additionally, the program is easy to set up and provides the most well-known design elements. There are 50 templates that have been designed or you can create your own design. With a selection of 20 barcodes to choose one that is suitable for your needs.

Key Features:

  • 50 templates pre-designed to provide a more extensive selection.
  • 20 barcodes available to select from.
  • It is easy to set up and then install printers and software.
  • 100 PVC cards are included.
  • Double-sided prints that come with the capacity of 100 cards.

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9. Fargo DTC4250e Dual-Side ID Card Printer

If you are setting up your business, one the essential items you’ll need are an identity card printer. You should ensure that you purchase one that is appropriate for medium and small-sized printing jobs.

This item lets you print high-quality ID badges and cards with the highest efficiency. This package includes not just the printer, but also necessary equipment to allow you to begin your printing endeavor early.

The ribbon is full-color and prints up to 250 credit card-sized cards. The printer prints both sides simultaneously. To help you get to your destination quickly the card comes with 100 unprinted PVC cards to ensure that you are able to print as soon as you want. Each side takes 45 seconds to print . One-sided prints can take up to 20 minutes.

Its compact design is a great device for storage and usage since it’s not a large space. Keep it out of the sun’s heat and direct sunlight.

In addition, with Mac as well as Windows support, users are able to install and utilize the design software with ease. It offers you additional advantages of 20 barcodes 50 pre-loaded design templates with unlimited field of text both on one side of card.

Printing commands can be simple or complex , however the intuitive control panel equipped with an LCD screen that is mounted on your printer will make it simple to change the settings and monitor the printing process at hand.

If you’re looking to enhance the security of the ID cards, you can choose this magnetic stripe encoder.

Key Features:

  • Dual-side simultaneous printing.
  • 100 PVC cards are included to ensure the fastest start.
  • Printer and software that is user-friendly with helpful features.
  • A sophisticated control panel that has an LCD screen that allows for simple monitoring.
  • Full-color ribbons that are enclosed can accommodate 250 prints.

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10. One-Sided Datacard ID Printer

This product can be the answer to a simple but high-quality printing needs for desktops.

Ideal for the production of large quantities of ID cards The ID printer is ideal for establishments such as schools, hospitals, hotels fitness centers, as well as other small-medium companies.

It’s packed with features that are the result of technological advances. This low-cost ID printer is affordable, but professional grade.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the printer performs when in comparison to other printers similar to it. It is less time-consuming for the printing of the identical amount of cards, which improves productivity. Its TruePick anti-jam function doesn’t block the tray, and it can print normal and thin cards efficiently, with no any manual adjustments.

The hues we see on screens aren’t the same as those on printed output. In this situation the printer employs advanced technology to ensure an exact to match to the printed and screen. Whatever number of cards that you print, you’ll are guaranteed to get clear and vivid prints.

Soft-touch panels make it simple for anyone to use the printer that prints ID cards. The icons are simple while it’s LCD panel makes the entire experience simple and enjoyable. The ribbon is well-designed and includes an abrasive cleaner in an integrated design.

With features that are easy to load that are easy to load, you’ll never be disappointed. Connect effortlessly to your own or third-party systems using Ethernet and USB ports. USB as well as Ethernet ports. It takes just 18 seconds to print in full color as well as 4.3 second for the monochrome printer.

Key Features:

  • Professional-grade and economical prints.
  • Innovative and user-friendly features that provide ease of use.
  • Anti-jam technology to ensure clean operation.
  • 18.2 seconds to print in full-color, and 4.3 minutes for printing monochrome.
  • Color ribbons that are ergonomically designed with drop-in cleaner.

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11. ID Zone Badge Express IDZ-31S ID Card Printer

Printing edge-to-edge with less price per card could be the goal for anyone who just started their own business in the printing of ID cards.

By using this printer you are able to create your own in-house cards for a range of companies, including motels, hotels, neighborhood clubs, identity cards designed for staff as well as students, among others.

A basic printer designed for people who want to create ID cards on one side , with the bare minimum of details. You can expect top-quality cards that have stunning, bright pictures and text.

Print one-sided, full-color cards in less than one hour. This is less than one second per card. This is awe-inspiring and provides a significant increase in productivity. For monochrome cards it takes about an time of an hour for printing 720 cards.

Equipped with eight hoppers for input cards as well as 20 output hoppers for cards and a printer that can simultaneously print 80 cards and print only one side. The functions of this device have been designed to suit businesses of small and medium size.

In order to print ID cards that have sharp and clear images as well as texts, the printer creates 300 dot per inch. Because it’s easy to make use of, anyone can use the printer to create ID card prints easily.

To print high-quality graphics within the shortest amount of time The fully-color CMYK ribbon is provided. The bundle includes 100 PVC cards that are top-quality included to give your printing task an early to.

CloudBadging software is a cloud-based solution. CloudBadging software allows teams to collaborate on cloud-based workspace.

Key Features:

  • Single-sided printers for medium and small-sized businesses.
  • The company can produce 156 full-color and 720 monochrome card in one hour.
  • Printing simultaneously on 80 cards simultaneously.
  • 300-dip resolution for clear images.
  • CloudBadging software to collaborate on printing and design.

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12. Zebra ZC100 LT ID Card Printer

The slim layout of the ID card printer comes loaded with useful and innovative features that ensure maximum convenience and speed in printing endeavors.

The professional look of the printer shouldn’t appear out of place in the workplace. You can put it in your reach since it doesn’t take up the entire space of your desk. Its design also allows it to be placed on display in retail stores, and everywhere there’s interaction with customers.

It is easy to set up and to use due to the plug-and-play feature. The card feeder can be used to load blank cards. It also adjusts the cards to different thicknesses.

The design of the hopper is unique and is a major factor in its simplicity. Making the change to the ribbon is also a simple and foolproof process that makes it the top ID card printer in the market.

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With the graphic interface, it’s an instant process of setting the right print settings and for controlling all the process. You’ll get professional-looking photo ID promotions, membership, and membership cards each time.

The full-color ribbon is able to print up to 200 cards. The 200 empty PVC cards of top quality are also part of the package. The security features built in examines the authenticity of the host who is giving the print command in order to block any unauthorised use of the printer.

With its encryption technology which is as good as any graded by the government You can be assured of protecting your sensitive data when printing ID cards. Cloud Badging software included for remote and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Small design that is suitable for retail and other similar formats.
  • 200 unopened PVC cards are included.
  • Highly secure system for printing and data security.
  • Innovative hopper design for comfortable loading.
  • Automatically adjusts to different card thicknesses.

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Advantages of Using Identification Card Printers

There are many important advantages of having an ID card printer that is the reason it’s an extremely popular device to own. Find out more about the benefits of owning one.

Economic Benefits

A printer for ID cards saves you money to print your cards through a third-party supplier. Since it’s an enterprise that they run, they earn some of their profits. You can cut out for this by using your own printing equipment to print your cards.


With printing equipment, you can cut down on time by printing cards for employees or for other purposes. If you were required to go to a store, you’ll have the time needed to brief them on the job as well as the time for transportation as well as the time required to follow-up on the job.


A printer for ID will free you from the stress of having to rely on another person to collect the prints and then deliver the prints to you. It is possible to immediately print prints when you’ve completed the design and not rely on anyone other than yourself. This is particularly beneficial when you need to rush your work.


When you use an ID card creator, you are able to make personalization in terms of color and print on just one surface or two sides. It is easy to make these changes if you have an equipment for printing.

You can also select one of the DTC as well as reverse transfer, depending on the sharpness you wish the image to appear.

Top 5 Brands of ID Card Printers Available on the Market


Bodno is proud to offer printers as well as all accessories related to ID cards which include lanyards, covers and everything else. They concentrate on items that can serve small and medium-sized companies effectively.

The company provides a variety of top-quality products at an affordable price. Their experience and expertise regarding ID card printing is top-of-the-line.


In 1992, and based in United Kingdom, the company was at the cutting edge of the ID printing market. An engineering team regularly conducts research to develop high-quality and innovative products.

The company has crossed boundaries to establish offices and sell its products to more than 100 countries. It’s a trusted brand in the secure ID card sector.


The company is located at Oregon It has been operating in business of providing secure ID cards as well as printing equipment since 1998. They have the experience to assist customers to select the best machine for their needs and budget.

It is proud of its superior customer service both throughout the USA and around the world, from pre-sales through the post-sales experience.

Card Imaging

The company is based in Chicago The firm was founded in 1984. It is now one of the top companies in the field of plastic card printing as well as related services. It has sold more than 1,000 fully integrated printing solutions, which includes the software and equipment.

The company is committed to complete following up with customers from the beginning to the conclusion of their purchase process and even after.


The company’s headquarters are at France, Evolis has more than 400 distributors across 140 countries. They are experts in everything connected to printing plastic cards. They are devoted towards making printing capabilities widely accessible.

Their aim is to offer print solutions made of plastic, which are inexpensive yet quick and immediate. They are the world marketplace leader in this regard.

Practical Tips To Take Good Care of Printing ID Cards

A long-term investment requires careful treatment to provide you with greater value. Therefore, you should follow the guidelines below to care for the printer for your ID card.

1. Find the Right Space

Be sure that the printer you use to print ID card is located in a cool, dark corner far from the direct sunlight. When you use it for a long time you will create heat. So, any additional heat shouldn’t cause harm to the delicate components of the machine. Select a location that has less heat.

2. Take Care with the Print Head

It is among the least durable and expensive component that the printer. If you’re changing your color ribbon use care. A gentle rub on the printer head with your fingers can result in damage to even the top card printer and result in a costly replacement costs.

3. Clean Up Frequently

If your photo ID card printer is not being used often then you need an enclosure for it to protect it from dirt, dust or spills from causing damage to it. If you decide to change the color ribbon, you should follow up with a thorough clean with any cleaner suggested by the manufacturer.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What Types of ID Cards Printers Can Print?

Answer: The majority of ID card printers are able to print on PVC or other cards with magnetic chips that are embedded in them.

However, printers using the DTC printing technique may create gaps on the chip’s surface. This isn’t the case when the printer employs reverse film technique of printing.

To laminate cards, certain devices are equipped with lamination technology.

2. What’s the Benefit of Laminating Identification Cards?

Answer The use of lamination, or even a transparent film that is placed over the ID card extends its life length, thus reducing the costs of printing a new one. The card is also protected against the harmful effects of everyday handling. Texts and images on laminated cards maintain their clarity and colors since they are shielded against UV radiation.

3. Are You able to design a card without using the printer software?

Answer Yes, you are able to create ID cards without the software included together with the print device. There are numerous other design tools available on the internet, for no cost. These can be used to create your ID cards.

4. Why is Encoding Required on ID Cards?

Answer: Certain professions require their employees’ personal data to be protected. Thus, an ID card comes with magnetic stripes that keep all information and are only read by decoder. This means that no one who is not authorized will be able to access the information.

5. What is the benefit of Utilizing PVC Material to make ID Cards?

Answer: Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is the strongest kind of material to use to be used for identification cards. It is akin to plastic and is not susceptible to use and damage.

It’s also flexible in that you can choose to have them plain or encased in magnetic chips. It’s also light and simple to carry around. Thus it’s a PVC identification card printer has distinct advantages over other printers.

6. Should You Buy A Single-Sided Printer or a Dual-Sided Printer?

Answer: It depends on the functions you would like your ID card to fulfill. If you have a single-sided printer, you could use it to print basic details like a photograph that includes a name, ID number, and a designation which will appear visible on the front.

If you wish to add additional information, such as blood group, signatures and so on. you’ll need dual-sided printers that print on the reverse side. It is also possible to add magnetic encoders to save more data.


It is likely that you have realized that there are a variety of kinds of printers for ID cards that are available and each one has its own advantages to print different purposes. This article will give you the essential details to help you select the ideal ID card printer that can best fit the requirements of your company.

Selecting a printer for plastic cards option is one of easy but cautious evaluation. If you know the amount of ID cards that you print each year, and the amount of information required, you can eliminate a lot of brands in order to narrow your choices.

An ID card printer is a basic device, but offers a variety of time and money-saving benefits. When you buy one, it’s important to maintain it properly when altering the colors of the ribbon as well as cleaning it to ensure that the print head does not damaged. Here’s to wishing you a happy identification card printer purchase!

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