10 Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet (September 2022) Reviews

Did you know that “> In addition, one million Americans reside within the RV.

One thing common in small apartments, RVs or houses is the fact that space is a problem.

If you’re currently in a place in which you must use spaces sparsely, buying big appliances could not be a good idea. However, don’t let this weigh your down, as there are many alternatives.

For instance, using the top hot plate for a cast iron skillets, you are able to cook your favorite dishes and boil water at any time you want. And all while saving space.

They are so small that you do not need to think about the location to operate them or how to place the hotplates. These models are suitable not only for smaller homes but also for RVs and other situation in which weight and size are important.

In this article, I’ll show you 10 of the best hotplates that are great for cooking.

Let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet 2022

1. The Elite Gourmet Flat Electric Single Cast Iron Burner with 1000W

In this fast-paced society that we live in, a lot of families have a hard time spending time together. Elite is determined to address this issue by creating top kitchen appliances which speed the speed of the process of cooking to allow you to spend more time around the table with family and friends.

With more than three years of experience in the manufacturing of kitchen appliance, it is known for its superior quality. It is evident through their Elite One Electric Flat Iron Cooker.

What makes this the top skillet hotplate for cast iron skillets is the fact that it perfectly blends speed, convenience as well as durability, consistency and speed. Let’s dig deeper.

First of all, it is listed at 1000 watts. This is quite a large power, which lets you cook food in the shortest amount of time.

On the right-hand side of the front there is a knob that’s conveniently situated. It’s the one you can use to switch the light on.

I was happy to learn that the knob can also allow you to adjust your preferred temperature, ranging from minimum to the maximum. This feature of adjustable heat considers it being true that various food items require different quantities of heat.

The button lets you toggle between off to warm, low medium and then finally high temperature setting.

Do you enjoy going on RV excursions? Are your kitchen spaces small? It would be useful to have a compact burner that you could move easily and then put away at any moment.

If you’re looking for that then the single electric flat cast iron burner from Elite Gourmet will be a fantastic choice. It’s 9×9 inches and has a the thickness of 3.25 inches. It’s a tiny piece of art!

Cool-touch base, and it has rubber feet that are non-skid to ensure stability.

I like the fact that the maker didn’t leave out the aesthetics. Highlights like the black finish and the silver lining around the hot plate and the red indicator light on the left front makes it look so appealing.

Key Features:

  • 1000 watts of power to speed up cooking.
  • The heat can be controlled from low, warm medium, high settings.
  • Heavy-duty – constructed of cast iron to ensure durability and strength.
  • Its heating plates are smooth and easy to clean.
  • Lightweight and compact (3.5 pounds) It is portable and lightweight (3.5 lbs).
  • Non-skid rubber foot for stability.
  • It has an indicator light which will let you know when it’s turned on.
  • It is compatible with every cookware.

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2. CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet

If you’re looking to boost the power further, Cusimax now offers you the power output at 1500 watts. This means you can cook at a super-fast rate.

Cusimax is an Chinese brand, has quite impressive quality in small appliances for the home, like cooking equipment. Cusimax’s CUSIMAX Electric Hotplate is an example to this.

Sometimes, you need to cook slowly. Other occasions you’ll want to cook on moderate heat. And then there are times when you want to cook fast. The appliance is designed to meet the different demands.

On the right-hand side of the front there is a gorgeous knob situated that is marked with not 3, but seven temperatures. It is possible to go from off and adjust the desired temperature from extremely low to high.

Have you ever used a stove that wasn’t compatible with the cookware you use? Maybe you were unable to use aluminum or glass cookware, or even aluminum. What’s the problem? It’s time to end the kind of trouble that comes with it. This appliance can handle all kinds of cookware ranging from glass and cast iron, to stainless steel and aluminum.

While the unit is quite small however, it’s heating surfaces are vast, accepting pots with the maximum dimension that is 7.1 inches.

If your kitchen is crowded it’s likely that you’re looking for ways to make space. Cusimax hot plate Cusimax hot plate was designed with a space-saving layout. With a dimension of 11.6 and 7.79 inches, the hot plate can be tucked away in an apartment kitchen. It’s also convenient to bring along when you go on a camping travel.

As the diagram indicates, it’s a pretty object. Its black-colored finish, paired with silver-finished components looks amazing.

Key Features:

  • Small and light – ideal for kitchens that are squeezed and excursions.
  • Super-fast cooking with high 1500W power. cooking.
  • 7 heat settings that will meet your cooking requirements.
  • Single burner that can be used with all cookware products.
  • The body of stainless steel is able to stand the strain of frequent use.
  • Beautiful design and finishing.

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3. Elegant Gourmet Countertop Electric Double Hot Plate

Elite is a popular brand that provides high-quality. Recently, I talked about their single burner model and now, I’ll discuss their double-burner hot plate. Let’s delve in.

Are you frequently making meals in multiple pots?

With a single burner you must cook your food in one pan first and then cook your food in the next pot once the first one is cooked.

However, it is a waste of time. Elite offers the option of a hot plate which allows you to cook meals in both of the cookers simultaneously.

On the left side, you will find a flat cookware plate that measures 7 inches while on the right you’ll find the smaller 6-inch plate that is for the second pan. This allows you to finish cooking meals quicker.

To reduce the amount of time wasted The appliance is equipped with powerful power, which is rated at 1500 watts.

On the front there are two control knobs that are one to control each burner. The knobs are in the upper right corner and at the leftmost for the burners they are for.

It is amazing that the knobs can be adjusted to allow for adjustable temperature settings. There are 5 levels ranging from low to maximum to meet your preferences.

In addition to the knobs, there are indicator lights that correspond to each burner. So, even from a distance you will be able to clearly identify which burner is turned on.

Thankfully that even though the appliance has a dual burner that it is still in the standard that portable plates are in. The length measures 16.5 inches while its width measures 9 inches while the top is just 3 inches. It is the perfect size in a kitchen that is small and RV travel.

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If you’re in search of an affordable, portable and easy to clean double-burner hot plate this Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Plate is a great option.

Key Features:

  • The unit is powerful and has a power capacity of 1500 watts.
  • Dual burners of varying sizes: 7-inch and 6 inches.
  • Different knobs to control each of the burners.
  • Variable temperature control using five settings.
  • The indicator lighting to each of the burners.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable hot plate.

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4. Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Single Burner

Are you a tech enthusiast? Techwood has created a product specifically to meet your needs. Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Single Burner Techwood Hot Plate Single-Burner Electric Stove is an ingenuous device that has features like touchscreen controls.

The first thing to note is that the appliance is quite strong, with a power ratings as high as 1500 watts. It speeds up cooking and is practical.

If you’re in a dorm room or in a tiny apartment or be traveling on a caravan or an RV trip, the chances are that your kitchen is small. A conventional cooker may not be the best option, but the Techwood burner is a good choice.

It’s a tiny device measuring 13×12 inches, and has an overall height of 2 inches. If you want to save the space in your kitchen, it is the ideal cooking appliance.

I don’t know about your I’m not sure about you, but my cooking equipment must look stylish. One of the main reasons for me to choose this particular burner is because it is stylish and stylish.

The colour scheme is silver and black. The control buttons on the front of the device give it an even brighter appearance like something sophisticated and sophisticated. If the infrared hotplate is activated, it will turn to red and gives the gadget stunning appearance.

When it comes to control buttons, the on/off button can be operated by touching. It is simple to use and easy. It also has a timer that is also an option to touch.

Do not worry about constantly making sure that the food is ready to be cooked, so that you can turn off the cooker. With this device it is easy to choose the time and get on with your day. When the timer has ended the unit will automatically turn off. Such convenience!

The user can choose any duration between 1 and 180 mins.

Key Features:

  • A powerful burner that can reach 1500 watts.
  • Smart – has control buttons for on/off as well as a timer.
  • Timer adjustable You can set any time period of between one and two hours.
  • Stylish modern design.
  • Variable temperature, with several options between low and high.
  • Perfect for tight spaces. compact and light.

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5. CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate

As I mentioned earlier, Cusimax is a brand which is dedicated to providing top-quality cookware that speed cooking time. In the past, I discussed their single-plate models. Let’s see how the CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate has to provide.

If you’re an active person, then you probably aren’t able to cook food. What’s the matter? Hot plates are exactly what you require to speed up cooking process.

It’s a powerful 1800 watt burner that provides the highest heat levels and lets the food cook extremely fast.

Additionally, the appliance has two burners. It allows you to cook two different dishes simultaneously. There is no need to wait for the first pot to be cooked before putting the second one in the flame.

The first one has the dimension of 7.4 inches and the second has an overall diameter of 6.1 inches. What’s most attractive about both plates is they can be used with various cookware, ranging from cast iron and glass, to stainless steel and aluminum.

How do you operate the device? On the left hand side, the device has two knobs. The left knob is intended for the left plate while it’s right side is designed for plates on either side. It’s possible you’ll like this style because it’s more organized.

On top of each knob is a light indicator so that you can tell which plate is in use.

To turn on any plate, simply turn the knob clockwise. The first turn activates the heater. Each turn raises the temperature through the levels, from the smallest to until maximum.

This heat setting that is adjustable is extremely useful because it will take the care of your cooking requirements.

Stability is an important aspect when working with hot plates. Cusimax is aware of this fact, has outfitted the hot plate using non-skid feet. Hence, it remains stable during operation.

Key Features:

  • Power capacity up to 1800 watts.
  • Variable temperature ranges from low to different levels up to high.
  • Double burner for hDouble Double burner hDouble 7.4-inch as well as 6.1-inch.
  • Excellent compatibility – works with iron, glass aluminum, and stainless cookware.
  • Durable and simple to wash cast iron is durable and easy to clean. hotplates.
  • Elegant design.
  • Non-skid rubber foot for stability.

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6. Aroma Housewares Single Hot Plate

There is no longer a time where you needed to shell out an exorbitant amount for an excellent cooker. Aroma Housewares is one of the brands that provide top quality for a price that is surprisingly low.

If you’re trying to stay within your budget then you’ll be happy to see it that Aroma Homewares Single Hot Plate is a bargain. It’s amazing that, despite being inexpensive and has a high-quality design, it’s still a great value.

The burner will help you in cooking fast food. At 1000 watts of power capacity, the device can cook your food in no time.

Additionally, the plate has an improved design that is curved that maximizes contact with the cookware. In this way, the cookware can cook efficiently and with less energy waste.

On the front, you will find the control knob can be found. When you turn it, you switch from off to off and there are four levels of heat that you can select from: warm medium, low and hot.

Do you plan to go on a the camping excursion with your motorhome? It is possible that you’ll think that taking your primary cooker isn’t feasible because of space, or perhaps your energy requirements. But do you know why the Aroma burner for your kitchen is perfect? It’s small.

This is the kind of have the ability to carry on only one hand. It doesn’t be a burden on your RV. When you’re done cooking, can place it in a bag or place it in a cabinet.

The idea of being small and light is a different thing. The appliance is classified as an appliance for dorms or small homes where the kitchen is tiny.

I am in love with the design of this tiny item. It is constructed from die-cast metal which makes it durable and durable. It is an instrument designed to endure the pressure of frequent use.

Key Features:

  • Small size (9.4 inches by 8.5 inches by 3.1 inches) suitable for small space.
  • Lightweight and suitable for use in RVs and outdoor areas.
  • Made of die-cast steel – strong construction to withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Temperature control precise There are four levels that can be set between hot and warm.
  • Flat plate that is easily cleaned.

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7. Hot Plate Portable Electric SUNAVO Single Burner

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of power and style this SUNAVO Hot Plate Electric Single Burner could be the one you should think about.

The unit has a silver body with black-colored plates It looks stunning. The glossy finish gives it an elegant look that is chic and stylish, with an element of modern sophistication.

One of the things that people love about this device is it doesn’t provide too excessive detail. The body of the sample is plain surrounding the plate. The logo is located at the front, however it’s not prominently visible.

On the right-hand side on the panel’s front, you will find the control knob can be found. It’s designed to make it easy to use. I like the arrow drawn across it. It shows you the exact level at which the knob is situated.

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A large number of small hot plates do not work. They make the user take too long to wait for simple meals to cook.

This model is designed to be efficient. It is evident by the 1500W power capacity. The burner heats quickly and, at its highest temperature setting it’s burner cooks incredibly quickly.

We don’t always need to cook in a hurry. Sometimes, we need to slow cook things, like when cooking vegetables. In other instances, we would like to cook at a medium temperature. It’s amazing to know the way this brand takes into consideration all of these requirements.

In this regard it is marked with various levels starting from min and going up to 5 which is the highest temperature.

Security is a crucial element when it comes to heating equipment. To ensure that the heater is protected by thermal. If the temperature gets excessively high, for instance in the event that it is for long periods of time the unit will shut off immediately.

Key Features:

  • Heating capacity of 1500 watts.
  • Elegant design with a beautiful glossy look and a perfect glossy.
  • Control knob that is easy to operate with the ability to pointer.
  • 5 temperature settings, ranging from the low end to very high.
  • The indicator light indicates whether the unit is turned working.
  • Flat heating plate, resistant to staining and simple to wash.

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8. Techwood Electric Hot Plate Double Burner

Another great product that is part of Techwood. Techwood brand. This Techwood Hot Plate Electric Double Burner is among the elegant and stylish yet inexpensive double-burner units available.

Techwood is a name which is so devoted to its customers. I’ll tell the reasons why. If you take a look at the diagram, you’ll notice that the product is equipped with handles both on the sides, both the left and the right.

Contrary to other models that you wrestle to get This one is made to make carrying simple task. Just grasp the handle or both handles and head out. Easy-peasy.

The appearance of the appliance are another reason that draws buyers and makes users feel comfortable. It is finished in black with a few stainless-colored sections.

However, the device isn’t solely about appearances. It also has top-of-the-line features when it comes to construction quality. The housing is made of stainless steel, which makes it tough and long-lasting. This is obviously an item that will last. The handles too are made from stainless steel, so it’s that’s why they’re so strong.

If you’re looking for something that cooks fast it is the right appliance for you. It is equipped with the capacity that is 1800W.

The best part is that it puts total control on your shoulders which allows you to select the temperature that is suitable best for your requirements at any moment. The knobs, easily attached at the front, let users to select the desired degree of heat between high and low.

Like the name implies, it’s a double burner device, meaning you can cook in two pans at the same time. The left plate is the size of 6.1 inches, while it’s right side measures 7.4 inches.

For a compact-sized cookware with handles and rubber feet that are non-slip choose an item like the Techwood Hot Plate Electric Double Burner.

Key Features:

  • Two stoves (7.4 as well as 6.1-inch) Cook using two skillets at once.
  • 1800 watts of power is ideal for fast cooking.
  • Size compact Compact size 19.8 inches by 7.9 and 3.9 inches.
  • Portable and light weight ideal for RV, dorms and caravans, and so on.
  • Control knobs are simple to operate , with one knob to each burner.
  • It works with all cookware copper and aluminum cast iron, steel etc.

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9. CUKOR CUKOR Electrical Hot Plate

The next item is a great product by CUKOR. CUKOR’s CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hotplate is a double-plate design that allows you to prepare food using two separate pans simultaneously.

This means you do not need to have to wait around for your first one to cook before placing the second one on the stove.

The most impressive thing about this is that, even it has two burners, it’s nonetheless quite compact and compact. The dimensions of the width and length include 19 by 12 inches, and the appliance measures just 4 inches tall.

If you’re in an area where kitchen isn’t huge it could be the perfect solution. I find it also useful for camping, RVs and caravans.

It’s clear that the maker was conscious of aesthetics. The device has an all-black finish, however at it’s front end, the space between the knobs has been made white, and the effect is stunning.

The layout of the plates and the controls are neat and suggests commitment to quality.

Beyond the beautiful design in the design, the build is flawless. The body, constructed of stainless steel that is heavy-duty is not only strong but also impervious to corrosion. In fact, you can put cookware that weighs up to 22 pounds with no worries. This expands the range of food items you can cook using this appliance.

They are constructed from cast iron. The high-quality material heats up quickly and then loses heat as the heating stops. Additionally casting iron is durable and long-lasting, and is simple to clean.

If you’re looking for to have a device that requires you to wait for a long time for meals to prepare, this model is the one for you. It is rated at a powerful power output of as much as 1800 watts, this appliance can cook food very quickly.

Key Features:

  • High power output of 1800 Watts ideal for cooking at a rapid pace.
  • 2 knobs (one for each burner).
  • Variable temperatures ranging between low and high.
  • The knobs are marked with the red dot which indicates the temperature.
  • Slip-resistant and stable feet that are secure and slip-resistant.
  • Plates made of cast iron that are resistant to corrosion.
  • Strong stainless-steel body.

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10. Ovente Electric Kitchen Single Hot Plate

The final product on the checklist is called the Ovente Electric Kitchen Single Hot Plate. If you’re trying to save money then this is the perfect option to look into, since it’s extremely affordable.

Like the name implies it’s one-plate device. Its dimensions are 9x9inches, it’s the ideal space-saver and the perfect size for anyone searching for a cooker to bring on an outdoor camping trip, or to be able to use in a dorm or RV.

You can place it in a corner while cooking and , when it is done you can easily put it away.

The burner occupies a large portion of the upper body therefore you can put skillets at least 7.5 inches wide.

I’m guessing that although you may need an affordable item, you would rather have something that can last the time. While it isn’t expensive the model was designed with durability in mind. Made of cast iron, this burner is sturdy and is able to withstand the weight of the weight of heavy skillets.

What I enjoy about this burner is that it can provide uniform heat across its surface. The burner is heated within a couple of minutes, unlike other models that take a lot longer.

Different food items require different temperatures to cook. For example, meat requires more heat than eggs, for instance. I am awestruck that this device was designed to meet this need. The knob is able to be turned to five different levels of heat between low and high. Simply select the best amount to cook your food.

The housing made of metal is also strong and is extremely resistant to temperatures. In contrast to the cheap models on the market, this one won’t be rusty or warp.

Key Features:

  • Space-saving design that is 9×9 inches.
  • 1,000 watts of power, with five different levels of heat.
  • It’s light and portable – you can carry it with you wherever.
  • Heating plate made of cast iron is strong and impervious to corrosion.
  • A budget-friendly option that is ideal if you’re in a tight budget.
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Hot plate for cast iron Skillets Buyer’s Guide

Electric hot plates are very useful. If a conventional-sized cooktop isn’t an option small-sized hotplates prove to be extremely useful.

If, for instance, you’re living in a small space or contemplating an RV trip or caravan It’s not practical to take a huge cooker. A small-sized hotplate that takes up little space, can be used.

If you’ve set your mind to buy the most efficient hot plate for cast iron skillets, these tips will aid you in making the best decision.


Before you purchase a cooking appliance it is best to be able to answer a few basic questions. First is, how much space in your kitchen are you using? Second, how often will you have to move the device?

When I say size, I am referring to what the dimension of an appliance is, namely length and width, then height.

Find a model that will fit in the space in your kitchen. For instance, if you have a small space like when you live inside an RV then a model such as that of the Ovente Electric Kitchen Single Hot Plate that measures 9 by 9 inches , would be the perfect size.

If you have more, don’t hesitate to buy a larger unit.

Another option is to examine your burner’s number. One burner units tend to be smaller than those with two burners.

If you’ll need to move the device often, ensure that the model you choose is light and compact. A hotplate such as the Techwood Hot Double Burner Electric equipped with handle on each side, are extremely easy to transport.

Two or one burner?

If you are shopping, you’ll find two main options – two-burner models and one-burner models.

One-burner models are ideal for people with limited space. They’re also less expensive and, therefore, when you’re trying to stay within your budget, they’re a good option.

But, if you buy an appliance with only one plate that you cook with, you’ll only be able to cook one dish at one time.

Two-burner models can be a bit more expensive and take up less space. But, they can speed up cooking since you can cook more than one pan on the fire at once.


When you purchase an electric hotplate, take a look at the power consumption. It’s among the most prominent aspects included on the package or in the description of the product.

The majority of hotplates have an wattage that ranges from 1000 watts up to 1800 watts.

The 1000-watt models aren’t consuming a lot of energy, however they aren’t very hot. I would not recommend these models for roasting the meat. However, for grilling eggs or heating water in a slow manner for steaming veggies and other cooking activities that aren’t too heavy the 1000W model should be able to do the job.

1800-watt hotplates on the contrary, are designed for both heavy and light cooking requirements. They can be set from 0 ° to more than 400 degrees in just a few seconds. They can be used to cook an omelet or roast pork, by setting the correct temperature.


Have you ever seen an old hotplate or cooker? When they are damaged or hit with rust they can become very unattractive.

When purchasing, don’t only think about the look at the moment. The main question is: how long will it last?

The answer to this question is dependent on the material the unit is constructed of. To ensure quality, I’d suggest using the stainless steel used for body. Stainless is extremely durable and is resistant to elements. It is extremely resistant to corrosion and warping.

Make sure to check the material of the plate too. Cast iron is the best option since it heats up uniformly and also happens to be extremely durable, able to stand against corrosion and pressure elements efficiently.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning is a crucial element of maintaining. To ensure that your electric hot plate to casting iron cookware last longer, you need be sure that it’s free of any stains.

Before I go on to talk regarding the simplicity of clean there’s something I want to remind you of. Hotplates have two kinds of cooking surfaces: those that are flat as well as coil-structured ones.

A flat surface for cooking is the best choice for this as when food spills onto it, you simply wipe it off. But with a coil cleaning can be a bit more difficult.

It is necessary to go in between the coils to clear the food. Sometimes, you’ll aren’t aware of the need to clean some food particles and this can accelerate the process of rusting and damaging the hotplate.

To make cleaning easier For ease of cleaning, choose a cooktop equipped with a flat cooking area.

Control of heat

Different dishes require different amount in heat required to prepare. For example, you might not cook your food at the same temperature you cook chicken at or peas to cook the leafy vegetables.

This is where the temperature control is crucial. Although a model that has off/on as the only option could be a bargain One with a range of temperatures is useful for cooking a broad selection of meals. Certain models come with up to 7 levels ranging from hot to warm.

In addition to heating control, some models have time controls as well. They provide you with the ease of not needing to keep monitoring the food to find out whether it has been cooked.

It’s as simple as setting the time, and you can go on your way, having assurance that when the time has passed the unit will turn off itself.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What can I do with a hotplate to cook in a cast iron skillet?

Yes. Actually, the majority of hotplates work with almost every type of skillet, including cast iron, aluminum, glass, stainless steel and copper.

What are you looking for on an electric hotplate?

When you are looking for a hotplate, the initial consideration is to determine if it’s a one-burner or two-burner. One-burners require less space, while two-burners cook more quickly since you can cook in more than two cookwares simultaneously.

Beyond this, there are other important factors to be considered, including the temperature settings, the material and the ease of cleaning.

Can I cook something on a hot stove?

A hotplate can be used to cook almost anything that can be cooked on a regular stove, so long as it’s equipped with the appropriate temperature output. Models with lower watts (like 1000W) are suitable for cooking purposes that are not too heavy but for more complex tasks such as roasting beef it is not practical.

High-wattage appliances (like 1800W) On contrary can be used to cook nearly everything from cereals to eggs.

How can I keep my hot plate?

The key to make your hotplate last is to ensure proper cleaning and storage. Make sure you clean up any spills that occur immediately. When you’re done cooking, store the food in a container that is safe from moisture to stop rust from growing.

Wrapping Up!

The value of a hotplate cannot be denied. The hotplate is tiny and light.

It requires very little cooking space and can be relocated or moved from place to place. If you are on a vacation and you want to take it with you, put it into a bag or box and cook your meals at anytime, as long as you have electricity.

If you reside in a cramped space, like a dorm room or even a tiny house the most efficient hot plate for a cast iron skillets will help. Furthermore, when taking excursions, it’s an item you can bring with you to cook your food and warm water with no hassle.

If you are considering a purchase, make sure to purchase a product that is specifically tailored to your needs. Be sure to check the wattage, the size of the unit, weight, temperature settings, and other options to ensure that the unit is a good fit for your needs.

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