10 Best Hand Mixers For Cookie Dough (October 2022) Reviews

There isn’t a need for everyone to be the cookie monster. However, a plate of warm chocolate chips and a creamy texture will surely make anyone’s day more pleasant!

Although there’s a broad variety of cookies to choose from both offline and online shops today there is nothing better than a freshly baked batch of homemade cookies at your home.

Cookies that are homemade are made with care. They contain an ingredient known as love that gives them the taste of joy!

If you’re an inexperienced baker or are an expert at making desserts, you’ll definitely be awed by the availability of hand mixers. They allow average person to bake bread, cookies and other items similar to a professional chef.
The trick is choosing the ideal hands-mixer for cookies to ensure that every batch turns out delicious and mouthwatering. That’s why we’re here to help you through this crucial choice!

1. Superior Mixing Quality

Hand mixer provides you with the perfect balance between the manual mixer and the stand mixer. The first is obviously a source of significant fatigue for your hands and isn’t as effective.

You can’t make good cookies from a dough that isn’t able to adhere well, contains some lumps, and does not have the soft texture.

However stand mixers can’t reach the areas that it is required to due to its rigid positioning in the mixer bowl.

The mixer is unable to get to the places that your ingredients require more effort, since the bowl is fixed. Hand mixers alleviate you of these two issues with their flexibility and smooth texture.

2. Mixing Speeds and Speed Options

There’s no need to alter the pace of your hand or work for hours in order to create an ideal dough.

Hand mixers give you an array of speeds to pick from while you’re working with the ingredients.

In most cases, you are able to change the speed, without having to take the time to stop mixing due to its handy switch or slider.

Beginning with the lowest speed will avoid splashing the ingredients in the mixing bowl.

Additionally, you’ll take more control over the consistency and texture of your mixer by using a sequence of speeds. A lot of mixers come with the turbo function that lets you take the speed up.

3. Simple to Use

There is no requirement to have previous knowledge of baking to utilize hand mixers. It’s easy to master how to use these machines since all you need to connect it to and adjust the speed and begin mixing ingredients in the bowl!

Hold the handle in your hands and let its attachments do the work on raw or dry ingredients of the cookie.

4. Simple and Quick Cleanup

The only thing you have to clean is the attachments that you use with the hand mixer. Because they are made from stainless steel, it is easy to put them into the dishwasher and put them away!

It is not necessary to devote more time manually clean them, which is a huge benefit to your overall efficiency!

5. Compact Storage

A lot of hand mixers come with a storage container in which you can place the equipment during the time they are not in use, or when you are not using them.

So, you won’t have to worry about arranging or storing them correctly. They’ll be within the mixer.

Additionally, these mixers are quite compact when compared the stand mixers. They don’t require any space on the kitchen counter or cabinet.

6. Affordable Solution

Hand mixers are less expensive than stand mixers, which makes them a great choice for those who are on an extremely tight budget.

They usually cost around one-fifth the price that stand mixers cost. So, you can indulge in creamy goodness throughout your baking endeavors without having to break the budget!

1. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach is one of the most well-known brands of kitchenware all over the world, particularly within the USA. They operate under the banner Good Thinking brand. Good Thinking – a leading supplier of stylish and practical kitchen appliances for small spaces, as this hand mixer!

It is packed with plenty of options, such as the speed levels that you can alter according to your specific recipe needs.

As you might have guessed the different speed levels can create different consistency levels for the mixture. Particularly with regard to cookie dough, you can find many recipes as well as a variety of the required consistency.

Thus, having a set of speeds that allows you to determine the appropriate amount is essential.

You can then concentrate on the feature that lets it to sit in your bowl as you cook other ingredients or prepare another dish you are working on.

The mixer comes with a built-in groove that makes this possible as well as keeping all the drips within the bowl to make it easy to cleanup after baking.

Its maximum output is around 250W,. This is not enough to cause any safety issues. The package includes traditional beaters as well as a whisk in addition to the mixer. It is possible to store all of them inside the snap-on case that comes with the case.

Key Features:

  • You can adjust the speed to six according to your requirements.
  • Its 250 watt peak power are simple to operate.
  • A groove built-in to allow the bowl to sit on the bowl.
  • A handy snap-on case is included to make storage easy.
  • Traditional beaters set and whisks included.

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A hand-mixer that will give you storage options is this model made by Shardor. The brand is also known for its small kitchen appliances , and is focused on the durability of its products more than anything else.

In keeping with this motto the company has chosen stainless steel as their primary material for the hand mixer.

We all know that stainless steel is believed to be one of the most durable materials used for making any kind of item, including cookware.

It will last for a long period of time due to the fact that it fights rust and automatically repairing itself from thin oxide coatings that have been built up over time.

In addition to the material’s long-lasting durability In addition, you will benefit from the five speeds that are available within this mixer.

You are able to be as fast or slow as you’d like, based on your personal preferences and specifications of the recipe.

There’s also a Turbo feature which is faster than the standard speed limits to enable a quicker task.

Like you’d think of from the top mixer for dough cookies You will receive five attachments on this mixer.

There are two beaters as well as two dough hooks along with one whisk. This means that you could use it to bake or cook anything as well as baking cookies.

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As with its body The attachments are constructed from stainless steel. They can be placed in the storage box included with it.

Key Features:

  • Made from stainless steel, it is designed for its high-quality and durability.
  • Five levels of speed, including the Turbo function.
  • Five attachments, including whisks, beaters and hooks.
  • Effective with power levels 350W or more.
  • A compact storage case is that is designed to reduce space.

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3. Hand Mixer from LILPARTNER for Cookies

If you have trouble with small spaces take a look at this electric hand mixer by Lilpartner as an ideal solution. It’s made to be small in order it will fit in any space with just a little to leave.

Due to its smaller dimensions this mixer is significantly lighter than the rest. While the majority of hand mixers weigh in at or 3 pounds, this mixer weighs just 1.9 pounds!

You don’t need to put stress in your fingers. In addition, the round handle will make every use more enjoyable for you!

There are five speed levels that you can change according to the dough you want to bake. All you need to do is pull the appropriate slider either up or down.

If you’d like to make it even quicker, simply switch to your turbo Boost button. It’s best to start with the slowest speed possible to keep from splashing dough all over the place.

You can also enjoy more efficiency with its 3D blowing feature which reduces the time of mixing.

The cookie dough mixer is designed to last for quite a while as it’s constructed from ABS and 304 stainless steel. The maximum power that it can handle is 400 Watts.

Key Features:

  • Five levels of variable speed and the turbo button.
  • 3D blowing increases efficiency and efficiency by cutting down on time.
  • The mixer is extremely powerful, operating at 400 watts or more.
  • Small size, built using ABS and 304 stainless steel.
  • It is available in bags or boxes to store things in.

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4. Cuisinart The HM 90BCS Power Advantage Plus

Cuisinart is a brand that doesn’t need introduction to anyone who cooks or has done some research about kitchen appliances on the internet. It’s been element of America’s history of electric cooking since its first appearance at the beginning of 1973. It should therefore come with no surprise the hand mixer of theirs is on our list of most popular hand mixers!

One of the most notable features of this machine is the SmoothStart. It is responsible 3 of the slowest speeds that are available on the machine.

Due to their presence, you can adjust the speed you’d like to be at starting to mix the dough. This will prevent the principal ingredients from spilling all over the place.

In addition to these threeoptions, there are 6 additional options for speed available. You can choose one of them using the single-touch speed control above.

The current speed is displayed the current speed in digital form on a LED screen. You can move slower or more quickly by pressing the + or buttons beneath it.

Each unit will receive beaters and whisks, dough hooks, spatula, and storage container. Limit it to use due to the power-saving motor. Be safe by using this hand mixer that is BPA-free always available for all cookie dough recipes!

Key Features:

  • Nine levels of speed, including the three of the lowest levels in SmoothStart.
  • Made from BPA-free materials to protect against health risks.
  • Motor operates on 220 watts, which is suitable for use in light conditions only.
  • Includes beaters and dough hooks, whisk and spatula.
  • User’s manual as well as a recipe book and storage case are provided.

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5. Utalent 180W Electric Multi-speed Hand Mixer

If you have a suitable storage space to keep your accessories in a neat and organized manner and don’t require an additional storage container You can think about this electric hand mixer offered by Utalent. I

It offers all the other advantages you might expect from a well-known mixer that is affordable like this.

It comes with a set of five attachments which includes the 8.3-inch long whisk two dough hooks that measure at 7 inches, and two beaters of the same length.

After every use, you are able to remove them with a single click using the simple eject button, and then scrub the sticky dough from them with dishwasher.

In addition, there are other useful features within it such as grips that are non-slip. It’s designed to make your hands feel at ease while you grip it when mixing the ingredients for your cookie dough.

The locations of the turbo and multi-speed buttons can appear a bit cluttered at times. They are situated close to one another at the top of the screen, making it more difficult to avoid making a mistake when you switch between the two.

In multi-speed mode, it functions using a power of 180 watts, but it can be increased to 300 watts when in turbo mode.

Key Features:

  • The turbo and multi-speed functions are available on this same switch.
  • The power that is normally 180 watts can be increased to 300 watts in turbo.
  • 2 dough hooks and two beaters, and an included whisk.
  • Eject button is easy to use and has a non-slip handle for comfort.
  • Attachments may be washed with the dishwasher.

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VonShef is a division of VanHaus is a company that is focused on making your kitchen the most preferred room in your home.

Of their numerous kitchenware items The hand mixer used for cookies shines brightly thanks to the durable equipment and vibrant color palette!

The product is available in four colors the red, cream black, blue and all of which are popular shades for kitchen interiors.

So, almost anyone can pick the color that matches their personal style from this wide range of colors.

Similar to many of its competitors this hand mixer has five speeds of speed as well as an engine that will increase the speed.

You are able to choose one of them, based on the consistency that your cookie dough recipe requires or your personal preferences you’re looking for.

There are two dough hooks included in this set, as well as beaters, a pair and one whisk.

They are all constructed from stainless steel to ensure maximal durability. They’re is then finished with a coat of chrome to avoid further destruction. You can clean them with the dishwasher to ease the chores!

The motor is powered by 250 watts that is necessary to keep mixing, kneading or whisking with ease.

Key Features:

  • Available in four colors such as blue, cream, red and black.
  • It allows five speeds and turbo function.
  • Motor is powered by 250 watts of power at its maximum.
  • Each attachment is constructed out of stainless steel.
  • Use a dishwasher to clean the accessories.

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7. DmofwHi Five Speed Cookies Hand Mixer

If you’ve been looking for the perfect hand mixer for dough cookies that is light and affordable, you should consider this one. It’s made by DmofwHi to last for a long time and useful at the same time.

As with any other hand mixers This one also allows five speed settings.

By using them, you’ll be able to move from the slowest to the fastest in a gradual manner and avoid splashing the ingredients around the mixing bowl.

You can pick one with a simple thumb, which allows you to alter the speed of mixing in mid-mixing.

The powerful motor running at 300 watts can handle any stiffness that you struggle when making dough.

In the end, your cookies will be delicious and soft just as it should! Also, professionals who are chefs or have an enterprise that sells desserts profit by this mixer.

The set is expected to last for many years since they are constructed from stainless steel with high-quality. Each mixer you’ll get an array set of six accessories.

Whisks beaters, whisks, and dough hooks are all available as pairs for this gadget. If you’ve felt guilty for the single whisk for years, you’ll be able to give it with a companion!

Key Features:

  • Five speeds can be picked using the thumb.
  • Six attachments made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Motor with 300 watts take control of the stiff dough.
  • Snap-on cases are provided to ensure the proper storage.
  • The accessories can be cleaned using a dishwashers.
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8. LINKChef Electric Mixer 5 speed

You will experience the highest quality of durability when you use this hand mixer from Linkchef. It is built to last for many years due to its strong construction and accessories made from stainless steel 304. It’s the most durable material that you can use to make anything from kitchen appliances to jewelry.

This kind of steel can be able to fight the formation of rust without putting too much weight on the maintenance costs. This means that you will benefit from the high-quality and low-cost while at the same at the same time!

Each hand mixer includes two beaters as well as two hooks for dough. If you do not have a whisking device are likely to be a bit irritated.

But, all four attachments are able to be cleaned by washing them in the dishwasher after use. This will certainly save a lot of energy and time for you!

Additionally, you can eliminate the pair immediately after use by pressing the button for ejection. This means you don’t have to manually do it.

The light is circular at the top that functions as an indicator of power. You can tell that the mixer is turned on or off by simply looking at this indicator. The device is priced at one of the cheapest cost points available.

Key Features:

  • You can choose between five different speeds.
  • Body and accessories made from stainless steel 304.
  • A light that is circular on top acts as a power indicator.
  • Attachments are simple to clean using a dishwasher.
  • Get rid of any item immediately by pressing the Eject button.

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9. KitchenAid 5 Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

If you’re bored of the same red, white or black hand mixers prepare to be overwhelmed by the colors!

The hand mixer made by KitchenAid comes in a variety of 13 different colors. These include Boysenberry (violet), Contour Silver, Crystal Blue, Green Apple, Guava Glaze (pink), Hot Sauce (bright red), Ice Blue (mint), Majestic Yellow, Matte Gray and Tangerine. This means you shouldn’t have any trouble picking the ideal one to match your kitchen’s style!

In addition to the numerous range of colors This mixer is extremely light. It weighs just 2 pounds. you’ll find it easier to handle and use.

It is lacking two things in comparison with other contemporary models. It is the only one with a pair of beaters but no whisk or dough hook.

If you don’t have cookies in your collection It could be difficult to find the correct cookie.

The other issue is weak power. This gadget is only 170 watts, which is lower effective than other models.

In addition it also offers the standard features such as five different levels of mixing speed and a sturdy construction made from stainless steel.

You can also wash the equipment after use using the dishwasher. This will relieve some pressure by reducing precious time as well as energy.

Key Features:

  • It is available in a range of 13 stunning colors.
  • Five levels of speed for various recipes.
  • A pair of beaters constructed out of stainless steel.
  • Accessories can be washed in the dishwashers.
  • Leicht mixer, weighing just 2lbs.

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10. KRUPS Electronic Hand Cookies Dough Beater that comes with Turbo Boost

Krups is a specialist in kitchen appliances for small spaces with a an emphasis on precision and fine tuning of the finer particulars.

This has led to them becoming an extremely reliable brand for those who are passionate about cooking delicious food and drinks frequently.

The mixer they use meets all expectations, by placing more food than the other mixers.

There are 10 speeds accessible on this device, which is double the speed of the majority of hand mixers.

This allows you to explore further possibilities while mixing, and come up with different levels of congruity.

Slowly move from the slowest to the fastest to avoid splashing the ingredients. For more speed, turn on your turbo booster!

One of the main issues with mixers is excessive amount of noise they create when it is in use. It is among the top hand mixers for dough cookies.

This mixer is the ideal option if you are concerned about the volume of noise produced by mixers.

It’s designed to function in a quiet manner and will not interrupt any ongoing work of your loved ones within the home.

Another interesting aspect of the design is the timer that counts up above the mixer. It allows you to track the time you’ve spent on a mix or dough using it.

It also has an option to pause the counter in order that if you break for a while the counter will wait until you return. It’s definitely one of the

Key Features:

  • 10 levels of performance, including turbo boost.
  • It’s effective without making too much background noise.
  • Timer that counts up and pauses.
  • Five accessories made from stainless steel.
  • Small case for safe storage.

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This hand mixer by Mueller incorporates all the necessary features needed to mix batters, doughs or doughs to make cookies brownies, cakes, and other desserts.

This is why it is an excellent option if you’re just beginning to learn about the different aspects of baking, and you are just beginning to learn how to bake mouth-watering food items!

It comes with five speeds that can help you maintain the consistency of the ingredients. Starting at the lowest speed can prevent them from splashing all over the bowl.

You can alter it in accordance with your preferences with an adjustment dial. To achieve higher speeds and greater power, you need to turn on the turbo feature.

Instead of the standard of six or five attachments on this mixer, it has only mixers and dough hooks that are paired.

Therefore, you’ll need to make use of your whisk at home. Although the mixer does not come with a whisk, it is still possible to beat eggs, butter and egg whites. You can also beat heavy cream. You can also make heavier mixes!

After you’ve baked yummy cookies, it’s not necessary to need to put aside any energy to take care of cleaning off the attachments!

Put their dishwashers in, and it will handle the remaining residues. After that, put the newly cleaned items in the container.

Key Features:

  • Five speeds on the dial as well as a turbo feature.
  • Mixers as well as dough hooks can be available in pairs.
  • The handle is non-slip, which allows you to hold it the comfort of a comfortable grip.
  • Lightweight mixer is powered by a the power of 250 watts.
  • The stainless steel accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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1. Speed Levels

One of the primary requirements to make cookies properly is having a range of speeds to choose from.

This will allow you to keep in control of the dry ingredients and prevent spilling all over. In addition, you can achieve the desired consistency more quickly and efficiently by having a variety of options at hand.

This is the reason why you’ll be able to choose between 3 five, 10, or 10 speed options to the mixer hand you prefer.

Make sure you check whether the lowest setting isn’t fast enough since some mixers operate too fast at this level, and cause problems for the user.

2. Attachments

It is essential that the ideal hand mixer for baking dough is equipped with three kinds of attachments: beater whisk, dough hook, and beater.

Each one serves a particular purpose to serve when baking and that is why you need to purchase each one with a hand mixer. Certain models come with spatulas.

They should be made from stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability. In order to ensure they do never scratch your bowl’s finish look for ones that have the coating of silicone.

They must also be dishwasher-safe to ensure that you don’t need to invest more effort and time in the process of baking!

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3. Storage Case

Storage cases have become an increasingly common feature of the hand mixers that are most well-known. The purchase of a mixer will provide significant advantages If you don’t have an organizing system in your kitchen that keeps your cooking equipment in order.

The case you receive will provide the perfect storage space for attachments, and will keep them safe from being lost.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about finding the ideal space to put them in drawers or cabinets.

4. Power

As you can see in our comprehensive descriptions of hand mixers we have described above they differ a bit in regards to the wattage. There is a range of power of as little as 120 watts, whereas the upper end typically is about 350 watts.

It is recommended to pick an audio mixer with mid-range power range since they are more likely to deliver the most effective outcomes.

Lower wattage could cause you to work harder on the dough cookie, whereas those with the highest wattage can make the dough very stiff and hard.

The best hand mixer for making cookie dough is between 200-250 watts.

5. Comfort

Who wants to mix dough for hours using a poorly-designed hand mixer?

The comfort of your hands is vital when you work hard to make an ideal dough.

That’s why there are mixers with non-slip handles , as well as lightweight construction that reduces the stress on your hands.

Their handles might have the soft or ergonomic grip that allows you to grip them with ease with no strain on your hands.

By using them, you are able to make the dough as strong as you like and not be able to feel any discomfort on your fingers.

Similar to a gadget which weighs approximately 1.5 pounds even when the accessories are not connected can prove to be a major advantage if you have to keep going for five mins or so.

But, don’t choose a mixer solely by weight as it could be lighter, but also imply a lower construction that will not last as long.

6. Sound

The volume of a hand mixer operation could be an inconvenience to many. It can certainly disrupt the sleep of a person, disrupt their favorite television show or keep them from a crucial conversation.

It is a smart idea to purchase an instrument designed to work silently or with a low volume.

Stand Mixer Hand Mixer vs Stand Mixer: Which One to Choose?

1. Application

Although they share the same functions but they provide diverse recipes to cook.

Hand mixers, for instance, are ideal for working on simple recipes like cakes, cookies as well as mashed potatoes and other similar products.

However stand mixers are made to create more complicated or difficult recipes that require more power needed.

They can slice through all kinds of dough, and they allow you to relax your arms. All you need to do is insert the ingredients and then turn the machine on!

The stand mixers are great for creating huge quantities of food such as ravioli, pastries sandwiches, breads, sauces cheese fondue, and much more!

2. Capacity

Stand mixers typically contain more mix more than hand-mixers. They have a huge bowl in which you simply put everything you need. The typical capacity is around 4.5-litre of food.

If you’re looking for more flexibility but want to be more flexible, hand mixers be the better option since they can be used with the size of the bowl to use it!

Since you’ll using the hand mixer in a manual manner it’s capacity is within your hands. But when using it on large portions can be difficult and you might have to take longer breaks.

3. Attachments

The attachments that are provided or utilized with hand mixers tend to be restricted to dough hooks, beaters or whisks. Sometimes, they also include things for hand blenders. They can be provided as individual pieces or as pairs.

For Stand mixers the selection of attachments is further extended with accessory accessories such as those that are used for meat mincing food processing, and much more.

4. Weight

It shouldn’t be too difficult to use hand mixers for a few minutes. They are light in weight, which usually ranges from 1.5 to 4 lbs. up to 4 pounds. In comparison, stand mixers weigh more, with weights that ranges from 11 lbs. to 15 pounds. But, its functions and comforts far outweigh this minor issue.

5. Cost

If you’re operating with a tight budget and want to keep your expenses to the low level, hand mixers will be the ideal solution.

You can find equipment of high-quality for less than fifty dollars while expensive ones can cost more than 100 bucks at the most.

In contrast, the cost of stand mixers starts at around $100, and can go up to the range of a few hundred dollars.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. How Do You Knead the Dough Using a Hand Mixer?

Answer: In general, it can take between 25 minutes mixing the dough using a hand mixer.

The amount of time needed will also be contingent on the particular recipe that you follow as well as the speed you wish to achieve. With Turbo function you could achieve the task faster and speed up the amount of time.

Q2. Do I have to use a Blender in place of a hand Mixer?

Answer: Blender could be the perfect substitute for hand mixers if are only making cake batter.

But mixing it into the dough for cookies might not be a good idea as you could lose the soft and creamy result as well as the smooth surface on the biscuits. Hand mixers offer you more control over the process as well as the specifics of it.

Q3. What Do I Need to Know About What Speed I Should Choose?

Answer: The right speed of mixing will depend on the recipe, ingredients , or model you’re using.

You can get details about the appropriate speed settings from the user’s manual for your mixer or from the instructions for the recipe. It is recommended to start with the lowest speed, and then gradually increase the speed.

Higher speeds are ideal for whipping creams eggs, egg whites and other light-weight mixtures. The lower speeds are ideal for batters and pastries.

Q4. What is a paddle attachment for a Hand Mixer?

A: A paddle attachment is usually used in conjunction with a hand mixer to prevent blowing too much air into ingredients as they mix.

This tool is typically employed for the purpose of creaming sugar and butter. You can mix them with the paddle to make the mixture fluffy and light within a couple of minutes.

Q5. What is the best way to Do I Wipe My Hands? Mixer?

Answer: Even though the attachments made of stainless steel may be cleaned with ease with the help of a dishwasher, you shouldn’t use the same method for the mixer you use.

It is not recommended to keep it submerged in water. Instead, pour the dishwashing liquid onto an absorbent sponge, and then apply it to clean the hand mixer in case it is dirty.

Wrapping up!

At the final point, you decide which hand mixer is the most suitable hand mixer for your cookie dough, as lots of it is dependent on your personal preferences.

But, don’t forget to review the points we have discussed prior to purchasing as they could make or break the quality of your cookies.

It should be easy on your hands, but not at the expense of high-end construction. There should be at least three to five levels of speed at the minimum that allow you to alter according to the recipe.

Beaters are essential because you’ll be unable to create a baking recipe without beaters.

Be sure to look up tons of simple , yet effective cookie recipes on the internet to find out which one you’ll be able to try using your mixer of choice!

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