10 Best Grocery Panniers (September 2022) Reviews

In the midst of a very busy schedule and a very busy working day One thing that keeps returning to your thoughts is shopping for groceries.

This is a vital task that everyone, including homeowners, must complete. The million-dollar question that I’m certain has been on your mind also.

People who own a car are able to drop off all the items inside their car. But what happens to those who visit the farmer’s market, or to the supermarket by bicycle?

Let me address the query for you. Panniers for grocery items are the best choice. It’s practical. If you’re considering “Will it fit on the bike I am using”,

Yes, it can. The reason is that the size the mounting method, shape, durability, design, and style may vary. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the top grocery panniers , and have reviewed and listed a few from them within this post.

Top 10 Best Grocery Panniers 2022

1. Bike Bags for Bicycles by BV Panniers with Hooks Adjustable

BV has become a well-known name within the market. I am aware of this since I’ve owned several items from their line. The company designs and manufactures new equipment for recreational, touring cycling, and commuter cyclists ( Like me).

These items are way above the rest as they offer added style, convenience and ease of use. The Bike bags Bicycle Panniers are suitable to carry your everyday needs.

What’s more?

You can also utilize the bike bags for commuting to work or school without any issues.

The bikes come with huge compartments that allow you to keep all sorts of items like food items, books bottles and clothes. There is a zipper into each planner, where you can put items in, including cellphones, snacks, and wallets.

The design of the pocket that is angled this bag will ensure there is plenty of room to pedal. There are four shelf straps in white found on the joined middle part of the bag, to give additional security.

The feature that has received a lot of attention was the hooks that can be detachable and adjustable found on the sides of the panniers. The hook is located on the back side. It assists in securing the lower section to provide more stability.

The product’s features:

  • The strap is hand-carrying.
  • It is safe to ride at the evening hours.
  • It has a solid black panel.
  • Made of Made from 1000D Cordura along with 600D Polyester.

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2. Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Pannier

The next item on our list of items is next on the list is Bicycle Clip-on Bag by Ibera. Ibera believes that cycling should be a regular part of the everyday life of each and every person. This is why they make world-class bikes that allow people to have the most enjoyable experience on their bicycle.

The Bicycle Bag The Clip-on Bag is unique. Because of its clip-on function it can take just three seconds to release the bag. Are you aware of what that signifies?

There are no straps required. Because of its clever release system, it is the top grocery pannier out of all the others.

Additionally, the bag is chic and appealing. It has several compartments, like large, big pockets as well as the top pockets that are zippered. It also comes with elastic bands for keeping the buckles of the flyway in place.

As a result, it provides a sleek appearance. The process of installation is simple, as you do not need any additional knowledge to do it. The three-point connector system is sure to hold to your bike, which will stop it from falling out.

The bag can be used for any of your needs like grocery shopping or transporting it to work. The interiors are quite spacious and can be able to hold everything with no problem.

The features in the products:

  • Weight around 14LBS.
  • It comes with an all-weather protection.
  • Ideal for pool parties, hiking, camping, touring, etc.
  • Fitted with A PAKRAK Lever lock system.

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3. The Back-Roller City of Ortlieb Rear Pannier

To be completely truthful, I had have never heard of this Ortlieb firm until the moment I discovered its products. I didn’t know that they had the highest-quality Back-Roller Rear Pannier, and I was stunned by the features on offer.

The bag is an elegant and luxurious look and has an open-top roll-top closure. It also comes with an QL1 mounting system which is quite simple to utilize. This means that fitting this rear pannier won’t be difficult at all.

I’ve voted for this bag as the top pannier bag of others because it’s large enough to hold fruit, vegetables juice containers, juice bottles or large size turkey cotainer as well as other things.

It is also possible to take the bag along on hikes or on a tour and put all your items inside it.

I’m confident that you will not have any issues with this bag as well, and wear is pretty light.

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Another advantage of the rear-facing panniers is If you own an 15-inch laptop you will be able to easily squeeze it inside the. It is also possible to store your hiking boots and an extra clothes in it on your trips.

The features in the products:

  • Available in a PVC coated polyester fabric.
  • Hooks QL and lower sliding hooks with Allen Key No.3.
  • Very long-lasting.
  • Equipped with a Lateral 3M 3M Scotchlite Reflector.

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4. Gonex Change Bicycle Waterproof Panniers to Upgrade

Gonex is well known name in the marketplace. It is a reputable company with a image in the bicycle industry for its panniers as well as different other products. The Upgrade Bicycle Pannier is regarded as one of the top bags to carry groceries as well as for outdoor activities.

You might be thinking “What’s special regarding this particular bag? It’s like the other panniers” However it’s not. This bag is because it is more provide than you imagine.

First of all, the bag is constructed from high-strength PVC that is completely durable, waterproof, and dustproof and wear-resistant.

It has an triangular hooking system as well as two solid and adjustable buckles. It also has the 360Degree rotatable securing bracket, and can be adjusted and fixed to keep the bag in the proper location. The bag is practical and large.

However you choose to utilize these panniers for your bicycle, it’s certain that they’ll protect everything in them.

If you’re planning to shop at the farmers market or camping with your friends the bike bag is sure to keep your belongings secure. It has multiple compartments as well as shoulder straps that can be removed.

The features that are part of this product include:

  • It comes with night-time reflective stripes for secure riding.
  • The sturdy handles offer another option for carrying the bags.
  • It weighs approximately 2.6LBS.
  • Available in black and yellow colors.
  • It has a capacity of 27L.

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5. Bushwhacker The Omaha Bicycle Shop Pannier

The products and accessories from Bushwhacker always amaze me. The Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier looks basic, but is an excellent choice for a quick trip to the store. It includes two bags with identical design and size.

The bags are separate and you must hang them on your own. Each bag is quite large and has dimensions of 14cm in length, 9cm in width and Height-11.5cm. If you’re a big shopping addict ( Like myself) this bag is the perfect one for you.

The whole bag of bicycles is made of high-quality and durable materials, which can stop wear from happening. Installation is easy.

If you’re experiencing issues in installing it then refer to the manual for users that comes when you purchase the pannier. It is equipped with a 3-point mounting system that holds the bag in place securely and with a firm grip.

When you’re done with your project You can remove it from the bike and return it to use when you want to use it.

The bag can be folded when you are done using it and put it in any room of your home. This can help you save lots of space. Oh! I nearly forgot about the bags. They are intended to be used on the rear of your bike.

The features that are part of this product include:

  • They are very easy to handle.
  • It comes in two large grocery bags.
  • It comes with a bicycle frame S Hook, and an Bungee.
  • Weighs approximately 4.85LBS.

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6. ROCKBROS Bicycle Panniers for Bicycles

If the subject is the best bike bags to carry grocery shopping, you can discover the best ones at ROCKBROS. ROCKBROS is a reputable cycling brand that offers items and products for cyclists.

I did look through their website, and I found that all their products are of the highest quality. Of all their items that I have seen, their Bike panniers that fit Bicycle is the one that attracted my attention. The bag is not just attractive, but it also is attractive, but it also provides the best service, but it also provides outstanding performance when you put it in use.

The bags are spacious enough to accommodate all of your cycling necessities and come with reflective straps on both sides to ensure an enjoyable and safe journey. Additionally it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes your camping and hiking experience significantly easier.

There are four velcro straps that attach the pannier on the rear of the bike. Therefore, the chance of it falling are significantly less. It also has two separate dividers that are inside. it can help you divide it in accordance with your requirements.

To protect against extreme weather conditions It has an extra rain cover. The water bottle holder at the sides. It is equipped with an elastic cord that can be used to secure the water bottle.

The features of the product:

  • Tail Light hanger strap.
  • It weighs 893gms.
  • Fabric made from Dacron.
  • The product comes with the multi-purpose design.

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7. Market Panniers from Banjo Brother

The bicycle panniers for grocery shopping made by Banjo Brothers will impress you. They have the most efficient panniers for groceries , and many customers were quite pleased with their items.

In comparison to the other panniersavailable, the Market Panniers is a bit larger and has the volume of 1500 cubic meters. The whole pannier will last longer and all areas of wear and tear have been strengthened with ballistic panels.

The pannier comes with a sturdy HDPE frame that you will see at the bottom as well as at the rear to prevent it from sliding.

You can attach the pannier to your bicycle. Once you’re done you can simply remove it and put it away somewhere secured. If you need to transport everything within at home, the strap for your shoulder and handles that are long will allow you to do this.

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The Market Pannier also comes with an easy-to-close flap that keeps all dust and dirt from entering the interior and linings. Whatever you store inside the bags I am confident that they won’t be able to escape from.

The product’s features:

  • It is possible to store small objects like keys and cash.
  • It comes with an easy mount system that can be removed and put back on.
  • This bag stands out as a perfect bag to carry around for work and errands.
  • There is a zipper inside.

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8. Ibera Bike Pannier Bag

This is yet another bicycle bag made by the well-known and well-known firm Ibera. Ibera offers the top pannier bags designed for cyclists. The bag is equipped with the ability to clip it on and is 100% waterproof.

The overall structure of the bag is sturdy and can withstand any weather condition. This will keep everything you own secure and protected from severe weather.

This Bike Pannier PAKRAK Bag is made of water-proof materials, including 700D Polyester and 500D Tarpaulin. It also has ultrasonically-fixed stitching.

The bag comes with two large coating partitions, as well as two water-resistant pouches that are zippered. The elastic straps of this bag secure the straps for the flyway buckle. Because of its water-resistant design it stands out as one of the top-of-the-line grocery panniers among the others.

Ibera bike pannier is equipped with an enormous capacity of 15L. This can hold all your items and other items. The most appealing thing about this bag is the fact that you can make use of this bag two ways: as a stand-alone item or in sets.

It is possible to use the bicycle bag with any carrier, but if you’re looking for the best performance choose Ibera. Ibera carrier.

The features in the products:

  • It has a 3-point connection system.
  • Fitted with a handy-carry trim.
  • It comes with a reflective strap.
  • Has a PAKRAK lock mechanism.
  • The capacity can be as high as 22lbs of weight.

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9. Bicycle Bags for Hikenture Panniers

Hikenture is an innovative and innovative brand that was created by a team of outdoor and cycling enthusiasts. The company is relatively new to the market, however it is gaining a lot of attention for its top-quality bicycle bags.

The most distinctive thing about this business is that they solicit feedback from their customers , and create an bicycle pannier. The bag is totally waterproof and can transport all kinds of things and other products.

The greatest benefit of the Bike Bag it that it can be used for any of your daily tasks, and it comes with an Universal Mounting System. You can effortlessly transfer from one location to another without any worries.

As it’s equipped with water-resistant material this makes it easier to wash it. When you’re not using the bag, remove it from your bike, fold it in half and put it in a safe place. It is also impervious in the face of wear and tear, and can last for an extended period of time.

The bag also has an incredible capacity. What I’m trying to suggest is that it can keep virtually everything.

Laptops, gloves smartphone repair tools shoes, keys water bottles or even helmets be perfectly contained in this bag.

The features that are part of this product include:

  • The fabric is fairly durable.
  • Provides durable performance for a long time.
  • The system is 3-mounting.
  • It won’t fall off.
  • Brand new warranty.

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10. BlueDorado Bicycle Canvas Panniers

I came across BlueDorado through a good-will gesture along with the bag for the panniers that this company offers are perfect for anyone who loves cycling. BlueDorado’s Bicycle Canvas Panniers are unique and is the most impressive pannier bag I’ve ever come across.

The functions and characteristics in this bag are exceptional quality. The company checks all of their products prior to making them available to the general public.

Bicycle Canvas Panniers are equipped with an ample compartment. It has two pockets on the sides that are an 12.6 distance between the two. It has a 35L capacity that can carry all of your items such as storage containers to books, groceries laptops, snacks, and other items.

The bag weighs approximately 1.3LBS and offers an elegant and clean design. It’s constructed from high-end water-resistant materials. It is also impervious to scratches and tears.

Whatever you put in the container, they will not be able to stick out or slide off so quickly. Installation is easy due to the easy mounting system.

It can be used to hunt, fishing, BBQ parties, road excursions for picnics, boating and field excursions. Of course it can be a boon in shopping for groceries.

The features that are part of this product include:

  • It is equipped with an easy release and clip-on.
  • Includes two black ropes.
  • Does not move.
  • It’s very practical, professional, and chic.

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Things You Should Consider when purchasing grocery panniers

Bicycle panniers are great for those like you who commute to supermarkets and markets by bicycle. They’re useful as you can put everything you need inside them and transport them home safely, without having to drop them on the ground.

Then, there are some issues, for instance, “Which pannier is the most suitable pannier to fit me?”, ” Can it be used for my motorcycle?”, and ” Can it take the weight?” might pop up in your mind.

That’s why in this article I’ve listed a few of the main aspects that will guide you to the top grocery Panniers to help you shop considerably simpler. Read the following information.


Durability is one of the most vital elements to be considered when you are buying an grocery bag. You must check the materials employed to make it , and if it’s strong enough to hold all of your items.

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Do some research on the bag, and then check out the reviews section. If the bag you purchase is made of durable materials that lasts an extended period of time and will never show any signs of shrinkage. This can prevent you from buying a new pannier for your groceries and will save you cash.

The ease of unloading/loading groceries

When you’ve found the ideal supermarket bag, you have ensure that you can empty and load the entire contents.

There are approximately 10 panniers of groceries that I have included in this article, and most of them feature an attractive basket top.

If you think that this particular design is flawed then you’re wrong. It makes it much easier for you to load all of your things at the market and then unload them when you are home.

Make sure to ensure that the pannier for your groceries you select doesn’t require long when it comes to unloading and loading.

Mounting System

The next thing to examine is the mechanism for mounting the pannier. The mounting mechanism will assist in attaching the pannier your bike. Although all panniers for grocery include an attachment system, it does not make all the functions exactly the identical.

I had to go through a scenario that I believed that the system for mounting was in place, and did you know? The whole pannier fell into an intersection. If you don’t wish to be in the same situation as I was in, it would be a better idea to be aware of the mechanism for mounting.


After you’ve checked and verified all of the items, make sure to look over the amount you’ll spend on the pannier. Like other items bicycle shopping bags are available at various price points.

From the advice I’ve provided in this article , I can say with confidence that a high-quality pannier for groceries can cost anywhere from $30 to $70 with the maximum is $100.

When you create your budget within the specified limit it will be simpler to find the bag you’re looking for with your budget.


In the case of grocery panniers, size matters. There isn’t any particular capacity for a pannier. The size that will fit your needs perfectly will depend on the amount of items or products you want to transport.

It is likely that you have an idea of the kind of pannier you require, right? All you have accomplish is use of the picture and you’ll have an idea of the dimensions which is suitable for you.

Based on my experiences, I’d recommend that you purchase an item that has more capacity. This will allow you to ensure that you don’t run out of space for carrying your entire collection.

FAQs and Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy one or two bags?

It’s up to your preference on how many bags you’d like. The majority of panniers for groceries come as two bags. There are some brands that can offer one bag too.

I would suggest that you consider two bags. Why? It balances your bike precisely when you put them on the same level. If not, you could opt for a single.

2. What are the top brands for supermarket panniers?

In addition to the brands that I have listed in this article There are many more brands that you could look into.

A few of them are M-Wave, Green Guru, Blackburn, Inertia, and Diamondback. Be sure to visit every one of their panniers for groceries before you purchase one.

3. What happens when I place a basket directly over the rack?

Yes, absolutely. It’s possible to use it even if you put an additional basket on top the rack. All you have to do is connect the clips in the upper part inside the bag and the rack underneath the basket.

If you do it will function without issue. Be sure to can hook and unhook the bag to your pannier.

4. What kind of material are they made from?

Different pannier bags are constructed out of various materials. Certain bags are made of nylon, polyester as well as tarpaulin. Cordura.

These materials will keep your bag protected from extreme conditions in the weather, scratches and wear and wear and tear. Although there are different materials available but these are the best of all the others.

5. Where can I purchase these bags?

If you’re searching for the most efficient panniers for your grocery items , you will be able to find them through online shopping platforms including Amazon, Alibaba, and many more.

There are a lot of physical stores offering bags like these, but the cost could be more expensive. This is why I recommend purchasing bags through the online platform.

Wrapping up!

Pantry bags for groceries have become quite trendy these days due to their distinctive attributes and features. They aren’t just for large shoppers but can also be a focal point for people who like to travel.

In this post, you’ll learn a lot of details about the top supermarket panniers, which will allow you to select the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

I’ve shared all the important facts you should be aware of that you could not find elsewhere. You’ll have a clear insight into the aspects you must consider prior to making the pannier bag you have been looking for.

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