11 Best Grill Griddle Combo (September 2022) Reviews

It’s not a secret that a great grill is the main ingredient in an outdoor barbecue. It’s thanks to the grill you can cook the delicious food, restaurant-style BBQ steaks that have the traditional crosshatch markings and give them away to beloved guests.

A grill could be good enough to cook fish, steaks, and vegetables. What if, however, you’re asked to prepare French breakfasts, or even pancakes for an accompaniment? Do you want to keep running from the kitchen or the backyard?

If you believe that’s the way you’re required to do, be aware that you are able to save your time and effort. You can purchase an oven and grill that are two in one!

The combination of grill and griddle allows you to complete all cooking and grilling chores all from one spot.

But, due to the many options available it isn’t easy to choose the right grill griddle combination. We’ve given you our top recommendations!

Read on to find out more about this subject.

What are the benefits of Using Grill And Griddle Combo?

If you are planning to cook with a grill and the griddle on their own take into consideration how you would handle the two devices for different dishes.

Perhaps you own a grill that you use to grill BBQ steaks. Meanwhile you use the stove to prepare sausages. It sounds like a trouble, doesn’t it?

But, with the grill/griddle combination it is possible to cook the various kinds of cuisine at the same time. It lets you cook your food at various temperatures, without sacrificing the taste.

Additionally, it will save space in your backyard. When the device is electrical that is, then you’ll be in a position to use it indoors as well as outdoors.

What to look for before purchasing an Grill Griddle Combo?

1. Size

The grill griddle that you select will fit exactly where you’d like it to be. The ones with more than four burners are typically larger than those that have one or two burners.

A few grill griddle combos have a leg that folds that let you put the grill on the table when there’s not enough space on the ground to stand upright.

2. Cooking Area

Another crucial aspect to consider when choosing the grill griddle combo is the cooking space. Some models have cooking area of up to 995 square inches, whereas smaller ones are limited to around 100 sq inches.

Depending on how many guests you will cook for, you’ll require the grill griddle that has an appropriate cooking area.

3. Material

The grill’s surface for cooking and griddles is constructed of various materials. The majority of them are constructed from stainless steel, which is an excellent option for preventing rust and adding toughness. It is a favorite option for barbecue lovers.

In addition cast iron is also as a great cooking material. It is more durable than stainless steel, and regular seasoning can cause the surface to release food more easily. You can also find less expensive options such as normal steel and aluminium.

4. Number Of Burners

The greater the amount of food items you’ll need to cook, the higher the quantity of burners you’ll require. The reason is that the cooking surface includes hot and cold spots.

If you cook an enormous amount of food and the cold spots don’t let the food cook correctly. Multiple burners can solve the issue by heating all cooking surfaces uniformly.

5. Coating

If you are choosing a grill or griddle set-up, you’ll also have to consider whether the cooking surface has been prepared or unseasoned. If it’s pre-seasoned the food won’t adhere to the surface. But If it’s not, you’ll have to spice it in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

6. Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Grill griddle combos are offered for outdoor or indoor use , or both. Depending on the place you would like to grill it is essential to select the right appliance.

Top 11 Best Grill Griddle Combo 2022

1. Blackstone 1554 Outdoor Griddle Station

Your backyard can be transformed into the perfect restaurant by using this professional grill station from Blackstone!

The 36-inch griddle offers an easy cooking experience for a lot of people. Its large cooking area with 720 square feet is sufficient to cook a variety of sausages, hamburger patties as well as steaks and other vegetables.

Additionally the side racks as well as the lower shelf let you keep utensils and ingredients in order to make it easy to grab them whenever you need them!

To ensure that food is properly heated the appliance is equipped using four separate burners. It is possible to adjust the burners in accordance with the areas that require heat. This ensures that each food item placed on the cooktop is cooked on the inside, without getting burned.

If you’re planning to begin cooking, there’s no need to purchase charcoal or matches! The cooker is powered by batteries and can be activated with the press of an button. It also has the 20-pound propane tank is safe to store inside its storage holder.

Because this is a stand-alone griddle station, it’s possible to be worried about it moving during cooking. There’s a lock mechanism for the legs as well as wheels that prevent any interruption.

The good thing about this device is that There’s a hole in the middle that permits the grease to move through. You don’t have to worry about dirty ground because the appliance comes with an inside container to store the grease!

Key Features::

  • Large cooking area suitable for cooking large quantities of food
  • There is a hole to drain excess grease
  • The locking mechanism that is on the legs and the caster wheels stops this appliance from moving
  • The four burners let users to alter the heat level to different areas
  • The set includes side racks as well as an under shelf to store objects

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2. Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If you’re looking to select an option that is larger for a large BBQ celebration, Royal Gourmet GB8000 would be the perfect grill griddle combination for you!

The oven has the cooking space of 950 square inches. This is enough to make around 60 burgers at a time!

As compared with the original griddle, this model has eight burners you can alter to ensure that each meal is properly cooked.

Because it has bars that grill your meats, sandwiches and other items will be adorned with sear marks similar to those you find in barbecue restaurants. In addition, you’ll also be able to taste the flavorful smokey taste!

While grilling, it’s painful to not be able to locate something that can be kept in the sauce bottle or pepper mill.

What ever ingredient you’ll need to cook, you can arrange everything on the lower racks or side shelves. Side shelves can be folded in case you don’t require them they can be folded down.

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If you’re thinking about how to clean up you’ll find several containers and drawers that can hold the grease that’s left over. After grilling is done, you can empty them and wash them before the next time you need them.

The good news isthat you’ll get an instrument kit that comes with spatulas and dispenser bottles and the scraper to provide most ease!

Key Features::

  • A larger cooking surface can accommodate more food items
  • Includes bottom racks as well as foldable side shelves.
  • The containers and drawers that can be removed are able to hold extra grease
  • 8 burners give you complete control over the heating and cooking surfaces
  • It includes dispenser bottles, spatulas and an ice scraper

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3. Camplux Propane Gas Griddle

BBQing at the weekend for only a small number of people is a great idea with the Camplux propane gas grill.

The small gas griddle will fit perfectly into the tiny space in your balcony or backyard. It comes with a cooking surface of just 14.9 and 13.4 inches that is enough to cook as many as six steaks, hash browns, or other cuts all at one time. It also has a flat top grill and griddle that can be used to cook your favorite food.

When you cook anything this appliance will serve you delicious and tasty food each time. Due to the tiny area of the griddle, it is equipped with two burners that can be adjusted to ensure uniform heating. It’s not necessary to wait long for your food to be cooked!

When you’re cooking your heart in your mouth, your enjoyment could be ruined in the event that a breeze is blown across the griddle and burns out the flame. To stop this from occurring, it is possible to place the lid horizontally on top of the grid.

If you’re cooking outdoors and can’t locate anything around you to keep an item like a spoonsor spatula handy, not a need to fret!

Camplux has added two shelves on the sides of the appliance for ease of use. In addition, there’s a place to put an propane gas cylinder.

The gas griddle isn’t only for use at home. You can bring it along on camping excursions simply because it comes with legs that are removable.

Key Features:

  • Small cooking surface that is suitable for a small number of people
  • It comes with a lid to protect the flame from wind
  • It is possible to store things on the shelves on either side
  • Includes a flat top grill and griddle
  • The legs can be removed and take the griddle with you on camping trips

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4. Hamilton Beach Raclette Electric Griddle Grill Combo

Are you letting the cold weather keep you from satisfying your cravings for barbecue? It shouldn’t, as long as you have the most efficient indoor grill and griddle!

The Hamilton Beach electric grill Hamilton Beach isn’t like the common freestanding grills you find outdoors, yet it’s made to provide you with tasty, smokey food. It’s something you can put on your table and cook while sitting.

The cooker is equipped with a cooking space of 200 square inches which is sufficient to prepare a variety of meals that can accommodate eight people.

Instead of separating the plates, you can place fillets and steaks on the grill side, and sausages and eggs on the side of the griddle. Both sides stop food from sticking, while also retaining the heat.

It’s not just about the grill or griddle with this gadget! On the bottom of the tray are eight coupelles can be used to melt your favorite cheese or cook vegetables. Each tray comes with a spatula that you can use to bring the food out then serve to dear people.

If you’re concerned about cleaning your carbon tray or coupelles as well as the spatulas, don’t worry about it. There’s no need to since you can simply put all of them in the dishwasher!

Furthermore, the appliance has an LED that remains lit all the time the appliance is turned on. It also reminds you to turn off the appliance after you’ve finished with your dishes.

Key Features:

  • Single tray includes grill and grill
  • It comes with 8 coupelles that can be used for further dishes.
  • You can put the electric grill to cook your food on the tabletop.
  • The knob lets you alter the temperature.
  • It is possible to put all items in the dishwasher.

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5. Grilla Grills First-Class Grilla Gas Grill with Griddle

To serve mouthwatering meals for your guests for your dinner guests, your Primate barbecue and grill work perfectly!

It has a cooking area of nearly 500 square inches. It allows you cook a variety meals at the same time.

If you’re looking to cook bacon, sausages or eggs for breakfast, make use of the flat-top grill. To cook a whole tuna steak, fillets, or steaks it is possible to remove the griddle, and then place it on the grill on top.

The ideal combination of a gas barbecue and grill can allow you to alter temperatures of your cooking surface to ensure an even cooking process for each dish.

Luckily, this device has four burners that you can experiment with to put the right quantity of heat to your food.

In order to cook more substantial cuts or to protect food from sudden gusts of wind, you can take an advantage by protecting the cooking surface by the lid.

If you cook using oil, you’ll always need to eliminate the oil that is left from your food. Excessive oil isn’t just unhealthy and can alter the taste of food.

With that in mind, Grilla Grills added a hole in the edge of the griddle tray that oil can pass through, and then spills out into the container beneath.

If you want to keep the spatula and plates handy then you can utilize shelves to make them easy to access!

Key Features::

  • Large cooking area for cooking large amounts of food
  • The flat-top griddle is equipped with an opening for draining oil
  • There is an open shelf on both sides to keep things
  • The lid is designed to stop the winds from cooling the temperature.
  • Four burners let you control the temperature of the surface of the cooking.

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6. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill + Griddle

Another model from Hamilton Beach, the 3-in-1 electric griddle grill is an ideal choice for indoors.

This multi-functional appliance lets you cook your food in any way you like. It has two trays on which the one is used as a grill while another is grill. You can enjoy the option of combining the grill and griddle sides in one, or a combination of a grill and one griddle side.

The total cooking area measures approximately 200 square inches. This allows it to cook dishes for up to eight people.

Both trays come with an individual burner that lets you modify the heat to your liking. If you’re grilling steaks, or sautéing vegetables, rest sure that the food will not be scorched.

In addition the non-stick coating on the trays stops food from sticking to or breaking apart. As with the majority of non-stick cookware today, the trays are not contaminated by PFOA.

If you’re thinking about how you can get rid of the grease that’s left There’s a tiny gap between the two tray. The oil travels through the gap, and then drips onto the smaller tray beneath it. Once the tray is filled then you can take the tray out and clean it before using it again.

In terms of cleaning, you don’t need to expend your time and energy to wash your hands! The grease tray and container will look sparkling clean after you place them in the dishwasher.

Key Features::

  • Useful to prepare dishes for eight persons.
  • Reversible tray in any way you’d like.
  • Each burner is individually controlled to regulate the temperature of each tray.
  • The gap is narrow and drains the grease
  • The grease tray and container are dishwasher safe
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7. Cuisinart CGG-888 360deg Griddle Cooking Center

If you’re looking to bring something unique to your backyard This 360-degree cooking center from Cuisinart is the ideal choice!

The CGG-888 comes with an oven with a cooking surface of 22 inches which you can use to cook smashed burgers tacos, pizzas and many other meals.

It’s a multi-functional device that lets you bake grill, roast or steam all at the same time. When you’re cooking for guests or family it is a breeze of cooking multiple meals all at once!

To ensure that your food is getting the proper quantity of heat, you are able to regulate the temperature by changing the burners. The two burners are separate from one another, which means there’s not a possibility of food being scorched.

While you cook your favorite dishes, excessive grease in the pan could ruin the taste.

If you’d like to get rid of the grease, use a spatula to scrape it from in the bottom of your pot and into the hole at the bottom of the pan. There’s a pot underneath the hole to store the grease.

If you’re in search of an area to store the spatula and other utensils you can make use of the table built in! It folds so that when you’re finished working with it you’ll be able to fold it back into its original position.

To clean up spills and messes You don’t have to go inside! This is because you have the option hanging a roll of paper towels on the table that folds.

In order to stop the cookware from moving to and fro while you cook you can stop the casters from moving.

Key Features::

  • You aren’t limited to grilling.
  • The lid is vented to maintain temperatures during different cooking methods.
  • Table that can be collapsed for storing tools
  • The towel holder has a paper towel to make it easier
  • It is possible to lock the wheel of your caster to ensure that it is not disturbed during cooking

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8. Cuisinart Electric Griddler

Don’t worry if it’s pouring rain outside, you can grill using the Cuisinart Electric Griddler!

This appliance is portable and lets you cook your favorite meals in within the privacy of own home. Much like it’s Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 electric griddle this model also has two trays that can be reversible which you can set up based on the food you wish to cook.

If you are planning to cook paninis or grilled sandwiches then you can use the top tray inside the lid to make press. If you want to grill a few steaks or hash browns, combine the two trays by placing your lid on top of the table. When you flip the trays over to the griddle side and cook eggs or sauté vegetables!

Additionally, this appliance comes with a LED screen that shows the temperature as well as the timer. If you adjust on the control, the LCD will show the temperature required to cook. The temperature can be set as high as 450°. This feature makes this the most efficient electric grill and griddle combination!

If you do not have a scraper to scrape food particles off the trays can use the scraper that comes with the device.

After you’re finished then you can place the scraper and the tray into the dishwasher for speedy cleaning.

It is important to note that Cuisinart does not recommend using any metallic utensils on the trays as they could harm any non-stick surfaces.

Key Features::

  • It comes with two trays that can be reversible which you can arrange in any way you like
  • The lid could double as a press to make sandwiches
  • A LED monitor displays temperatures as well as timer.
  • You can also use the scraper to scrape food particles from the tray
  • The scraper and the trays are dishwasher safe

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9. Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo

Similar to the 3-in-1 electronic grill that comes with griddle from Hamilton Beach, the 4-in-1 model can perform the same thing, but with an additional feature.

Instead of reversible tray, this device has two griddle tray along with a grill tray. The trays can be used to cook meals in four different ways – with both grills and the griddle combination for steaks and burgers as well as griddle and griddle combination to cook sausages and eggs and a single grill for entire fish and a a single raised grill to cook bacon. This is a great way to be flexible!

Each tray is equipped with the cooking space that is 100 sq inches that is enough to cook meals for six persons. If you’re planning for more cooking space, you can put the lid down flat to expand the cooking area.

If you want to alter the temperature, you are able to make adjustments using the knob on the front. Both trays heat up simultaneously and the maximum temperature they are able to reach will be 400oF. It’s not a big deal when the trays are at the desired temperature since the indicator for preheat will come on!

Cleaning doesn’t have to be an issue when you use this wonderful appliance! Once you’re finished, click the button to release the trays. Let them cool, and then place them in the dishwasher. It’s time to give your hands a break after a long day of grilling.

Key Features::

  • Three trays are included to allow for a variety of uses
  • The trays can be removed by pressing the button
  • It is possible to serve up to 12 people at a time by mixing two trays
  • It is possible to elevate the oven for making bacon
  • Temperature can be set to up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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10. Blackstone 1819

The Blackstone 1819 charcoal and griddle combination is ready to make your backyard a place of excitement!

The grill allows you to grill steaks, and cook tortillas in one go! Instead of just a single tray that can be flipped, there are separate grills and griddles which you can use simultaneously. In addition, you’ll be able to savor delicious food, but you can also use your cooking time for chatting with your pals.

Contrary to other gas grills that have griddles, this allows you to adjust the level of the grill’s grate to ensure that food is able to get the proper level of heat. After all that hard work you’ll want to indulge in a tasty food to the max!

If you cook delicious burgers, or even an entire chicken, the extra grease will not give you the taste you expect. To prevent this from happening, Blackstone has added a hole that allows extra grease to go through, and then drop into the container just behind the kitchen appliance.

In the event that you cook in an area where there’s no place to store items and utensils, you shouldn’t be concerned! The appliance comes with a shelf on the side, but there’s also a lower shelf to store dishes, utensils and sauce bottles, and anything else you’ll require at a moment’s notice!

In addition it is possible to hang towels on the hooks. The holder can be used to store the propane tank, too to make a tidy set-up.

If you’re looking to relocate to a new place to grill You can easily move the grill! You can pull out the top griddle, and then carry it by using the handle.

Additionally, both legs on the table are equipped with wheels for casters that enable you to move around effortlessly.

Key Features::

  • The grill and the griddle are separate areas
  • You can alter the height of the grill’s grate for the proper grilling
  • It comes with a container to store grease that has accumulated
  • Two caster wheels let you to easily move the appliance
  • Hooks and a side shelf and a lower shelf to make it easy to store items
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11. Lodge Reversible Grill/Griddle Handle

There’s no reason to feel frustrated if there isn’t enough space in your backyard to put the grill outside. This is because you have this versatile tray made by Lodge!

The Lodge grill/griddle tray that can be reversible allows you to cook anything you want using any cooking surfacethat includes induction coil seamless tops, gas stove and even an oven! It’s an essential piece of equipment that you can take with you on camping or picnics and cook on the stove.

This tray is made from cast iron. The cooktop is pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking to it and breaking apart. It is not necessary to apply any other spice before beginning making your food. If you regularly use the tray, the surface’s non-stick properties will improve.

Because this is an reversible tray, you can make use of the grill or griddle at once. If you’re planning to make pancakes for breakfast, you could start by making pancakes first, before grilling steaks to eat lunch!

Both sides are able to hold heat because the tray is made of cast iron. So you can be sure that food will not be shivering in the cold.

In contrast to regular pans and pans of other kinds, this dish provides delicious, crispy food that you’ll enjoy eating with your loved ones. In addition, it this tray makes cooking quicker!

In terms of the cleaning process, Lodge recommends hand-washing the tray using mild soap or water, and drying it off with the help of a paper towel.

Key Features::

  • Reversible grill sides and grill
  • Cast iron tray is a superior non-stick cooking surface with time.
  • Food won’t be chilled easily because the tray stores heat effectively.
  • The tray can be used on any cooktop
  • The handles allow you to carry the tray with ease.

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What’s the Difference Between Grill And Griddle?

Although both grills and griddles operate with charcoal, gas and electricity. It’s not difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Griddles are flat surfaces which allows you to cook food like sausages and hash browns, just as you would in a fry pan.

Because these devices don’t operate at the same high temperatures is the case with grills and grills, the food that is cooked will be more browned and with an underlying smoky taste. Additionally, they do not leave marks of sear in the food’s surface. food.

In contrast grills are often employed for grilling fish, steaks or chicken. They use a high temperature to create smokey and charred flavor of food items.

The elevated surface of grills is the reason the food that is cooked in grills can be seen with sear marks.

Tips For Taking Care Of Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

To ensure that your charcoal grill or griddle is working properly for years it is crucial to maintain the proper health of the appliances. Here are some suggestions that you can use.

  • Clean up the cooking surface every time you use it. When grilling make use of a stiff brush . For cooking on the grill, you can use a fresh cloth.
  • Avoid using soap or detergent to clean the cooking surfaces. It can cause damage to the layer of seasoning and alter the flavor of the food following time that you prepare it. In addition, it could cause corrosion.
  • Use mild dishwashing detergent or liquid with warm water to wash outside of your appliance.
  • Make sure to warm the oven prior to cooking. It reduces the risk for food to stick onto the cooking surface and also allows it to cook properly.
  • Always make sure you use the grill and gas combination in a ventilated area to stay clear of the dangers from propane leakage.
  • When you’ve finished using the appliance, put it away in a dry and cool location. Avoid placing items on the surface of cooking because they could cause scratches. Also, cover the cooking surface to stop dust and dirt from collecting on the surface of cooking.
  • Make sure the appliance is away from children and pets.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. What food items can you cook on a grill and griddle Combo?

With the top grill and griddle you can cook an array of meals without having to make use of the kitchen stove.

A grill, for instance, lets you cook tuna, barbecue steaks whole chickens, and asparagus. Each time you cook with it, grids make marks of sear on your food items. If you want to grill small items like shrimps, for instance and prawns, use an elongated skewer to grill them.

A flat-top griddle in contrast is a flat surface ideal for making egg poached burgers, eggs and other sausages, sandwiches, and many other foods that do not require grilling.

2. Are Grills/Griddles Easy To Clean?

The combination of grill and griddle makes for simple cleaning than if had separate kitchen appliances.

If you need to clean a griddle, it’s simpler due to its non-stick surface. Food particles stuck to the surface will be removed after you clean it off with an abrasive clean.

In contrast grills comprise bars. If food particles get stuck to the edges of these bars, they can’t disappear with a wipe. In this instance it is necessary to thoroughly scrub the bars to eliminate the food particles.

3. What are the best cooking Temperatures?

To grill steaks, fish or chicken, you have to heat the grill to an extremely high temperature. This kills the bacteria and allows the food cook in a proper manner. The ideal temperature to grill is 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the case of griddles, they do not require extreme temperatures since they are used to cook normal food. The ideal temperature to employ in a griddle should be about 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Are You Able To Cook on A Griddle?

Yes, you can! If you’re looking to cook some spring rolls or chicken nuggets then a griddle is the more healthy alternative. You’ll need brushes and a tiny amount of butter or oil for lubricating the surface.

5. Is Steak better on A Grill Or Griddle?

Grilling an entrée on a grill provides the same smoky flavor and sear marks in contrast to grills. This is because the extreme temperatures utilized in grills allow the grates to become hotter and turn the food burnt or brown.

Additionally, the fat that comes from the steak drips out between the grates, something that wouldn’t be possible if to make use of a flat-top griddle. There’s less fat when using grills, so it’s a better option.

6. Do You Close the Lid While Cooking Steak?

If you leave the lid closed when grilling a steak it can result in a crispy outer layer as well as an inside that is perfectly cooked. If you are cooking larger steaks that are thicker, closing the lid will let the heat be more intense and cook the meat thoroughly.

Wrapping up!

If you’ve ever been confused as to the use of a grill and griddle, this article has cleared the fog. Instead of purchasing each piece individually, you can find the ideal grill griddle combination to handle different kinds of food at the same time.

If you’re searching for one, we’ve got you covered! The appliances listed above have been subjected to adequate research and testing and then we’ve listed them. No matter which one you decide to purchase, be assured that it won’t disappoint.

If you are deciding on a particular one, we recommend to assess whether it’s suited to your personal preferences.

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