5 Best Gorilla Pod (September 2022) Reviews

In the early days when photography, or video-making was a vocation. The situation is different in 2021.

It is often used for a hobby, or video-blogging for fun, occasionally making money, or freelancing… The list is endless!

The advancement of technology in this field is swift and sophisticated. One of the most recent developments in this field appears to be GorillaPods.

The greatest thing about it is that it has flexible and bendable legs that allow the user to connect it to any surface.

There are numerous GorillaPods available with each one having their unique characteristics and features. There isn’t a trial-and-error approach to purchasing one.

The entire experience could seem overwhelming, particularly when you realize there’s no margin for mistakes. This is where we step in!

We conducted a thorough market study on the product and came up with the top GorillaPods you can purchase in 2021. We’ve highlighted the most beneficial features of each one and the way it could be suited to your needs.

Be assured that if buy on this checklist, you will not be dissatisfied. This list can help you identify the exact model you’ll need and the reason you’ll need it.

Top 5 Best Gorilla Pod 2022

1. Joby JB01507 | The Best Joby Gorillapod

Our list begins with a pod offering an incredible amount of freedom that the consumer can enjoy. When it comes down to using pods, you require the freedom to run your business with total confidence. You require the maximum flexibility.

The pod can be used to turn, twist around, wrap and make the pod’s legs stand in the most flexible possible way. Extreme flexibility gives a professional look to your project , which takes projects to highest level.

A further reason we picked this product was due to the precision it provides. Are you struggling to take shots? No worries. It has a 360 degree panning bed as well as 90 degrees of super tilt.

Additionally, it comes with a bubble level that is installed, which guarantees the accuracy of your photographs. This will ensure that you’re not hesitant about getting the shots you want.

But, wait, there’re more!

This model has the capability to withstand the weight of a huge amount. You no longer have to worry about the chance of your camera crashing into the pod. You can put your compact DSLR and mirrorless cameras onto the pod.

In addition, you can attach lights and flashes on the device to help with the video. It is true that any device with a weight less than 3 kg (6.6 pounds.) can be hung on it with no worries. Neat, huh?

A fantastic tripod with amazing range of flexibility, super precise shooting and the capability to stand up to heavier than average weights, Joby JB01507 is a beautiful choice for the top of our top 10 list of the best tripod for gorillas in 2021.

Key Features::

  • Super flexible, allowing you to wrap or grip the legs completely free.
  • Extreme precision with angles, making sure that you get the perfect shot.
  • The unit comes with a bubble level so that you can achieve levels and even shots all over the place.
  • You can put items on it that weigh up to 3kg.

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2. Joby JB01503 Compact GorillaPod 1K Kit

Being a photographer or video blogger means a lot of travel. Whatever you choose to do for a job or as a hobby There is no escaping of the idea that you have to carry your gadget and travel.

If you have to travel long distances to get the ideal shot large devices can be a difficult job.

If you’ve gotten this far then we have the perfect tripod. Meet Joby JB01503, which can spare you from lots of hassle.

The greatest thing about this item is the amazing weight it is. With a weight of just 6.88 pounds It makes traveling effortless, comfortable and relaxing.

Being light in weight helps reduce the burden, makes blogging more easy and allows you to stay focused on the world in front of you and less the things you’re doing.

Furthermore, it is simple to carry around. Because it is so lightweight, you can put it with you in your purse, pocket or even in your backpack.

Then, last but not least it provides extra stability when compared with other pods of different brands. It is equipped with a unique rubber ring that is placed on the bottom that connects the legs.

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The unique shape of this model gives more grip than other brands. It’s for you to enjoy additional firmness as you capture your images.

If you plan to work on projects that require areas with rough surfaces, or rough terrains This product can ease your burden. In addition, the pod is extremely durable. This is due to the fact that the pods are constructed of plastics which were selected following many tests.

In actuality, more than 100 different types of plastics were tested for the best material to create these pods. This durability is another reason to add it to the reasons to purchase this pod if likely to work in an extreme working environment.

Overall, a light tripod with increased stability and built out of the finest plastic. All in all, an best tripod to purchase for use in a demanding and uncertain, rough surroundings.

Key Features::

  • The weight is lighter than other models making it simple to carry for long distances.
  • This is a truly portable product in the sense that it can be tucked away into handbags, pockets, or even bags.
  • It is equipped with a an elastomer ring and grips for your feet that help you stay stable in your shots.
  • The best plastic is used guaranteeing longevity.
  • You can attach items such as cameras, speakers or flashes that weigh up to 1 kilos.

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3. JOBY 325 | Flexible Tripod For Compact Cameras

If Joby JB01503 has impressed you just a bit and you’re now convinced to purchase the horse keep your horses as it gets better.

If we said that our list was the most reliable source to purchase the top gorilla pods for 2021, we really meant it. Welcome to JOBY 325, an upgrade from the previous model. Listen to us!

Be prepared to experience the ultimate light-weight pod. This pod, which weighs just 1.76 pounds, is sure to be the ultimate stress-buster for those who have to travel for long distances.

Its light weight makes it easy to carry for a stroll in the park. This is a great reason to purchase it!

Do not fret about finding the right angles as it’s highly adaptable. This lets you get nearly every angle. You can get virtually endless angles for your project like you’ve never had before.

Furthermore, put a rubber rings in the feet of your legs. This unique design gives you an extra grip, and improves the strength of your work.

What is its body? Get ready for one of the finest designs in the business. The pod is composed of stainless steel balls. It is guaranteed to have the highest quality and durability, so nothing will be damaged by the structure of the device.

Furthermore, it is able to mount cameras that point-and-shoot. It can also be used to attach audio, lights, microphones and any other device that has it. But, we have to inform that it will only accept devices upwards of 325g.

The pod is so lightweight, it limits its capacity to weight. Additionally, it’s cheaper than the one before it with the same advantages.

Key Features::

  • Made of stainless steel which is the most durable JOBY pod you could purchase.
  • The lightest pod , which means total portability and pain-free moving around.
  • It comes with a rubberized ring and foot grips to ensure you have more stability when shooting.
  • It is possible to mount accessories to it with a maximum weight of 325g.

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4. JOBY GorillaPod For Phone – Action Video Tripod

The camera model you use also plays a an important role in the pod you purchase. If you use action video cameras , such as those in the GoPro HERO series (5/6/Session).

Contour as well as Sony Action, you might require a tripod with more flexibility. For greater control, it is possible for this tripod. Why?

Since these tripods were designed to integrate action cameras. To achieve the best performance the camera must have the highest level of flexibility and a smooth mechanism and this tripod can provide.

Your GoPro will run more smoothly using this model. The model was specifically designed to be used for vlogging. It is the perfect pod that you can use on your GoPro.

It also comes with a sturdy ballhead. The ballhead will ensure that your action camera is solid and stable.

In addition, you can connect the iPhone or any other smartphone to. For this, you’ll need the GripTight Mount, which is sold separately.

Furthermore, it comes with two quick-release clips- Mount on your camera for use with action. These clips keep the camera in place and provide the impression of being rigid in your photo.

If you are in harsh conditions and your camera requires an extremely strong connection to this tripod recommend that you purchase these.

It provides natural adaptability to an action camera. It also comes with a sturdy ballhead, as well as a collection of clips to improve your camera’s stability.

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If you’re capturing curves and swerves . You are looking for the most comfortable level of control linear, even and even. If so you need this tripod.

It is essentially a complement to the action cameras and works together. It’s the best Vlogging Gorillapod on the market.

Key Features::

  • It comes with quick-release clips so that you can connect or remove the device with the blink of an eye.
  • A ballhead control that is integrated ensures accuracy on your shooting.
  • Allows you to work in 90deg or 360deg orientation quickly and effectively.
  • Mounting devices with a combined weight up 1kg.

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5. JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Stand Pro Tablet

We have provided the best GorillaPod to DSLRs as well as other similar devices. If you’re not interested in filming or photography and just need a tripod for holding tablets We have a solution to suit your needs as well.

The most appealing aspect of this unique tripod is the simple versatility it provides. It is compatible with virtually all tablets.

It is possible to fit 7 to 10 inch tablets into it. Tablets’ models include tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 9, iPad mini, iPad Air Pro 9.7. The list also includes the Kindle series too.

You’ll get a solid grip and secure hold on your tablet you connect. It is ideal for use at home when you’re looking to listen to some music while you do other things in the home. You can also take it on your way to work.

It allows for rotation quickly. It allows you to switch from your preferred show to FaceTime practically in a flash.

You can switch from vertical to horizontally with the flick of your eyes. Fast, reliable and customizable for each app on your tablet.

Finally, for an appropriate tripod for tablets, it’s well-constructed. It is constructed of durable plastics, grip pads made of TPE as well as stainless steel plate. All of these contribute to its solid structure that will last for a long time, guaranteeing a long product longevity.

Key Features:

  • It can accommodate a broad variety of tabs (7 between 7 and 10 inches) inside it.
  • This allows you to change to any kind of activity quickly.
  • Made from ABS plastic that is durable TPE grip pads along with stainless steel plates to ensure longevity of the product.
  • It is ideal for making your work life easier at home and at work.

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Gorilla Pod Buying Guide

As a buyer is essential to be knowledgeable about the product that you are buying. In 2021, there’s a lot of goods available in the marketplace.

A purchase has never been more difficult. This is a thorough buying guide for those seeking to purchase the Gorillapod by 2021.

It provides some helpful tips on what to look for when buying the Gorillapod. Read it and learn. Perhaps it will aid you in deciding the one that best fits your needs.

Things to take into consideration when buying a Gorillapod:

The Maximum Weight that can be hung on the Pod

This is an important aspect. You must make your decision on this. In essence, you must find out the amount of combined weight the GorillaPod is able to carry. Each pod has its own weight capacity to carry.

It is crucial to grasp the concept that is “combined”. When we say “combined,” we refer to the weight of the camera’s body, lens and any other equipment you might have to carry, like mics, lighting and so on.

When you’ve determined the amount of weight you could have to carry, pick the GorillaPod that is able to handle your eventual weight.

If you’re not sure on the weight opt for a weight that is slightly more than the maximum weight you could be able to bear.

Attachment Methodology

The second thing to take into consideration is your choice of attaching your device to the tripod.

There are several choices to consider at this moment:


The system makes use of screws to connect your device to the tripod. The head screws directly to the hole of the tripod.

It is safer and gives you greater stability. To take the camera off you simply need to remove everything on the GorillaPod.


This is fairly straightforward. The Gorillapod comes with an easy-release tripod plate. The plate can then be attached onto your gadget. The advantage of this is the fact that it is able to be easily removed out of the GorillaPod.

P.S. The most important thing to take away from this is that it is based on whether you have to be speedy or not. If your project demands quick attachment or detaching of your camera, choose the option that has the fastest removal.

If not, you can pick your camera according to the amount of weight it has to carry

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People Also Inquired

Q1. Do You Have the Ability to Use It As An Selfie Stick?

Ans: Yes, you can. Simply bend the legs in the same manner. A small amount of bend should suffice.

Q2. Are Your Feet Magnetic?

Answer: The feet aren’t magnetic. The feet are flexible with rubberized rings that provide stability.

There are also foot grips that enhance the grips. The product does not come with magnetic feet, but you shouldn’t be concerned about the level of grip it has.

Q3. How to Determine Which GorillaPod Model You’ll Need?

The answer: Interestingly enough, JOBY products are able to have their weight capacities already listed in the name. This should make things simple for you.

If you have a smaller point-and-shoot camera, then you may want to purchase GorillaPod 325. If your camera weighs more than 1 kilogram, you’ll need GorillaPod 1K. In the same way, if your equipment becomes heavier, purchase one that has a larger capacity.

Q4. What’s the Tradeoff You must make when buying GorillaPod? GorillaPod?

Answer: The thing to keep in mind is the tradeoff that takes place. If you’re looking to have an easier pod then it will come with a lower capacity for weight.

In the same way, a larger pod will have a greater capacity for weight. Be aware that pods with lighter weights are easier to carry than larger ones.

In the end, it all comes down on you and the equipment you use.

GorillaPod Vs Tripod

When you decide to purchase a GorillaPod you may stop and think “Wait what, why not just purchase the tripod?”

We are confident when we say that it’s one of the most commonly requested things. It seems to make sense, doesn’t it? Both seem to function similarly, therefore why not purchase an tripod?

Today, we’re going to discuss the primary distinction between a GorillaPod and tripod.


A GorillaPod is an irrational, bizarre innovation in photography. It’s a tiny holders that features an elastic, twistable leg. It is possible to use the legs for attaching this pod onto any kind of object.

It’s like giving your camera the appearance of a spider-man. It lets your camera attach to any surface. Your photos will be taken in an entirely different way when using the GorillaPod.

The fans of GorillaPod love it due to the amazing angles it offers. In addition, it helps to carry cameras and other gadgets, providing the user a wide range of options to use.

Pros Of GorillaPod

  • Provides an impossible angle to choose from, providing new and thrilling perspectives.
  • The product is extremely light, meaning you don’t get a sore back or hand from carrying it around.
  • Highly portable, you can carry your device everywhere you go.

GorillaPod Cons

  • It’s a hassle when there’s no other thing to wrap around or stick to.
  • It could fade over time.


Tripods are the basic equipment for photography. Elegant and high-end set of legs adds the weight of your professional. However, it comes with many positives and negatives too.

Tripods provide stability to your photography. The increased stability lets you create well-balanced images and also test different methods.

Furthermore, the body parts can be stretched. This means that you can operate at extremely low or extremely high levels. Tripods are essential to ensure smooth and professional video production.

Pros Of Tripod

  • Stabilizing your work.
  • It brings a sense of confidence into your job.
  • Perfect ideal for HDR or long exposure images.
  • Essential for video production.
  • Extendable parts.

Tripod Cons

  • It slows up your productivity.
  • Restrictions on usage due to certain locations prohibit tripods.
  • It is not convenient to transport around.
  • Somebody or something could come into contact against your tripod and cause damage to your equipment.

Wrapping up!

We hope that this article helped you gain information you’ve never before. GorillaPods provide a quality product lifespan, so purchasing the incorrect one can result in a loss of money. Therefore, make sure to avoid purchasing a model which doesn’t meet your requirements.

To ensure optimal performance, we suggest buying 3K or 1K. No matter if you’re an amateur or professional they should be sufficient for your needs.

the best Gorilla Pod provide flexibility and enjoyment to your projects, something that other tripods don’t. It lets you place cameras in almost impossible places and capture images from difficult angles.

If you’ve been with us to this point, you’re aware of all you need to learn about GorillaPods.

What are you putting off? Take a look at some of our top items for the best experience.

You can gain the most edge on your work that you haven’t ever had before. Be assured that your investment will not be wasted!

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