9 Best Google Assistant Enabled Door Locks (September 2022) Reviews

The ability to control your door locks without leaving your comfortable area has become more fascinating thanks to the introduction of smart locks that are voice-controlled. It’s quite exciting the process of locking or unlocking your doors using your phone, keys, and others smart devices for your home.

If you’re too lazy to get that gadget and change to voice assistant-enabled locks to have a more efficient method to operate your locks. Although it is possible to find intelligent locks that can work with Alexa IFTTT and other devices but this article is only about doors that have Google Assistant enabled.

If you’re a novice to smart locks or would like to buy one that is compatible in conjunction with Google assistant , then it might be a challenge to locate the top. However, we’ve simplified the process for you, spending enough time to study the top Google Assistant-enabled door locks that are guaranteed to fulfill your requirements.

This article provides a brief review of each product, however, you should begin by looking through the following list of products:

Top 9 Best Google Assistant Enabled Door Locks 2022

1. Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

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The smart lock has Google Assistant enabled and is equipped with Z-Wave technology. It makes it simpler to join it into your automation device for your home. Furthermore, it means that you can control the lock using your smartphone or via the internet. If you’re not using your smartphone, you’ll be able to connect to the lock using any device as long as you are connected to the internet and utilize an internet browser.

In addition to connecting this smart touchscreen lock to Google assistant it also works in conjunction with Alexa, Nexia, Wink and Ring. Does that sound good? Sure it will offer value for dollars.

The Lock, Schlage Connect is built with universal latches and deadbolts which fit 2/8 inches (60 millimeters) or 2 3/4 inches (70 millimeters) backsets as well as door thicknesses in the between 1-3/8 inches and 3/4 inches.

2. Yale Assure Lock Deadbolt Touchscreen

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Yale offers some of the most advanced smart locks which work using voice-controlled assistants. This particular lock is compatible in conjunction with Google Assistant and can be operated using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as well. It’s an ideal choice for those who own a vacation rental because it is compatible into HomeAway and Airbnb to make it easier to manage check-ins and checkouts.

It can also be connected via Alexa, Simplisafe, Apple Home Kit ( Siri) as well as other devices. The lock was also developed to be compatible with a variety of home appliances, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about its capabilities when you move house or purchase new gadgets. It comes with the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge, which means you won’t require additional hubs. It also has an alarm for your door that informs the user when your door is opened or closed.

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The lock can be programmed to automatically open when you walk by the door. However, this only works if you’re carrying your smartphone you and the app installed. The lock also has an entry code; you can create a unique code to lock and unlock the.

3. Kwikset 99380-001 Halo WiFi Intelligent Lock Keyless Entry

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Another great smart lock that can be controlled by voice commands, and it’s an official Google door lock that is compatible for use with Google Voice Assistant. In addition to connecting to Google assistant the lock can also connect to your Wi-Fi connection at home or your smartphone , without third-party app for smart homes panel, hub, or subscription.

Kwikset 99380-01 Halo is BHMA Grade AAA certified. This guarantees you of its security, durability and forced entry resistance and more.

For better functionality You can connect to Kwikset for enhanced functionality. You can connect to the Kwikset apps on your phone to receive updates regarding the status of your lock your door. This way, you can check if the door is properly closed or unlocked. It is also possible to check the history of lock events using the app. The only drawback is that the Kwikset app is only compatible only in Canada as well as the United States.

4. August Smart Lock with Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

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If you’re in search of an elegant door lock that integrates in conjunction with Google Assistant, you want to give this smart lock from August an opportunity. It’s attractive and can be a great addition to the decor of your home.

In addition to its the aesthetics This lock is also secure and long-lasting. It gives you a different alternative to control your door apart of voice-controlled assistants. You can also add an entry code for your door lock using august’s Smart Keypad, but it does not come with the lock, so you’ll need to purchase it on its own. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an August Doorbell Camera that lets you see and talk to anyone who is who are at your door prior to you let them in.

The installation of the lock will be straightforward and simple. It can be installed on the existing lock , and utilize your existing keys for locking and unlocking your door.

5. Ultraloq Fingerprint And Fingerprint Smart Lock With Touchscreen

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Ultraloq The UL3 is a dust-proof as well as waterproof lock making it extremely sturdy. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition it, it is equipped with three AAA batteries that are capable of supporting up to 8000 times of unlocking and locking your door with no battery levels.

The lock is Google Assistant-enabled , and has an anti-peep touch screen. It will take under 0.5 seconds to recognize your access number or fingerprint. Even if you’ve damaged fingerprint lines, it will accept it.

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This lock is smart and has an adjustable backset of either 2-3/8 and 2-3/4”. It works perfectly on doors that are between 3/8” and 1 inches. Make sure you verify that the lock will fit your door prior to buying.

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6. August Home AUG SL-CON-G03 Dark Gray Smart Lock Pro

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August Home AUG-SL CON-G03 also connects with Alexa as well as Siri. To use these voice-controlled devices you need to make sure your August Connect Wi-Fi bridge is configured.

There’s a 24 hour activity feed that lets you keep track of who’s in your home at any given time and especially when you suspect suspicious activity. To be connected to other smart devices within your home, or to increase security you are able to connect via ZWave, Wink, IFTTT, Nest, Logitech, and Smart devices.

This door lock can be used with all single-cylinder deadbolts, however, you cannot utilize it with rim-cylinder mortise, interconnected or mortise locks. It is also simple to set up, and you will not require an expert to manage the installation if you follow the easy installation procedure.

7. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

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Schlage Encode Smart is designed with a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen, so intruders won’t be able to access your home through fingerprints left on the touchscreen. The touchscreen is extremely effective. You can secure your door using just one click. Additionally, this lock uses passcodes. You can create up to 100 codes and share them with those you trust to have an access point to the home.

In addition to connecting with Google Alexa, this app communicates with Alexa as well. What’s more you can also check whether your locks are working via Alexa. In addition, Alexa alerts you when the battery is draining. You can easily purchase new batteries by setting up smart reorders through the Amazon Dash Refill.

The lock also comes with an alarm system that detects suspicious activity in the vicinity of the lock. It’s not just about Alexa to inform you of the battery’s power, it also has the indicator of low battery which alerts you to the need for replacement of batteries. The lock is also simple to put in place with just an screwdriver. Additionally, it has the unique Snap ‘n’ Stay technology, which allows for the installation.

The lock is made to work with doors that are standard. It comes with a three-year electronic warranty.

8. Yale Assure Touchscreen Lever Lock

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The Yale Assure Lever is compatible together with Simplisafe, IFTTT, Airbnb, Honeywell, and HomeAway. If you manage an apartment that is rented and want to lock your door, this lock to make smart integrations. If you connect it to August, you’ll be able to monitor your home without necessity of a hub. You can also lock, unlock and grant access to other individuals.

Naturally, the lock can be controlled by Google Assistant and extremely efficient. One of the main advantages is that you can operate the lock even when the battery is not charged because it has a the backup charger 9V on the keypad, with two keys physically available. You can choose to charge your battery or change to key entry in a flash.

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Installation is not a challenging procedure. It’s easy to put it in. When installing, you are able to install it on your current knobs or levers using a single hole that is a size that ranges from 1-3/8” up to 1 1/4”.

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9. Sesame Smart Lock – Google Assistant and Alexa Enabled

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The Sesame smart lock has upgraded and modern features that were missing in earlier models. It is equipped with a larger motor that is able to deal with locks that are difficult to turn. It also comes with an adjustable gripper, which means you won’t have to worry about getting lost with the adjustable detachable.

In addition to Google Assistant In addition, this lock is also compatible alongside Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home. As you will see, the lock offers numerous ways to connect and manage your door from any location.

This smart lock can also let you share lock and unlock access to your friends using phones. This means that you can connect their phones and grant them access, which is able to be revoked at any time. You can also personalize the security lock by locking and unlocking in accordance with your preferences using an API called Sesame API.

In addition, the installation of this lock is simple. It doesn’t require equipment or a specialist to install it. It can be fitted over the existing lock.

Wrapping Up!

Have you ever used a lock that integrates with the Voice Assistant? Maybe you had a negative experience with the lock you had or would like to give smart voice assistant locks a go at first. you shouldn’t go wrong by choosing one that is compatible in conjunction with Google Assistant. Alexa is also working well according to our research and the majority of locks we have listed work with Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

If you’re looking to purchase make sure you verify that the lock will fit the door you’re buying it. This will save you the hassle of filing a return , or risking losing money. In addition, many lock models are very easy to install and you’ll be able to handle your installation on your own. If you’re not sure of how to install it right, hire an expert to ensure it is fitted correctly. In this way, you will have the complete benefit that comes with locking or unlocking the doors using voice assistants.

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