10 Best Giclee Printers (September 2022) Reviews

Artwork that is good deserves to be showcased. If your printer can’t give your artwork the respect it deserves then you’re not getting the message and you’re not doing it justice. Giclee printers are among the best printers which you can make stunning prints.

This is the issue most printers in the market won’t offer the stunning quality. We’ve rounded up and looked at the most impressive Giclee printer that you can purchase right now.

What you need to look for is an excellent DPI in terms of print quality . Make sure the size of the print is suitable for your requirements. Not all printers can do large prints. If you require large prints be aware of that.

Before we begin this review, why exactly is Giclee exactly in the first point? Let’s explain briefly the meaning of Giclee and, If you’re an artist then why you should consider Giclee prints.

What is Giclee?

In essence Giclee basically is the French word. It’s literal meaning is spray. It’s beginning to make sense, doesn’t it? Giclee printers can spray the print you’re looking for and can match the colors and apply ink precisely.

Prints are very well and that’s why many artists are now considering Giclee prints. The type of print that is used is produced by inkjet printers. There is one caveat.

There is a reason why there are a few types of inkjet printers are able to give you the Giclee print. There are a few elements that determine if a print is one that is a Giclee print. Because they are extremely high-quality prints The camera used by the printer has to be capable of capturing high-quality images.

The resolution that you want to record on the screen must be at least 72 DPI while the picture file is required to have at minimum 300 DPI.

If you’re unaware, DPI stands for dots per inch. The more dots per inch that a printer can print, sharper the image will appear.

Top 10 Best Giclee Printers 2022

Although Giclee is fairly easy to grasp, selecting the right printer for it’s not the same. However, don’t be concerned. We’ve compiled some of the best printers available for Giclee that you can purchase right now. Let’s begin with our reviews.

1. Canon IP8720 Wireless

The review begins with a massive printer manufacturer and they may have created the top printing machine that prints Giclee prints using this IP87820. Canon is well-known for its printers and cameras. They’ve been in business for a long time and you can be sure they are knowledgeable about a thing or two about their work.

The printing quality is of the highest quality. The printer has a 6-color Ink System (including the grey color) and an maximum DPI of 9600×2400 which is quite impressive. This is why you can get amazing prints.

It’s not necessary to print tiny images as well. Let your art speak for itself with large 13″ 19″ prints. Ink compatibility is also a plus. The printer is compatible with the CLI 251 Cyan, CLI 251 Gray, PGI 250 Pigment Black XL and more. The page on pigment printers contains an additional set of details to those that are looking for a pigment print printer.

Canon did not skimp on the design , either. The model has a professional black finish, and it is very contemporary. The aesthetic of the design can be easily incorporated into any space. If you are looking to place it at your office or home it will blend right into.

Wires will become gone with this model. It’s able to print wirelessly through WIFI. It’s pretty neat even if we do say so ourselves.

Key Features:

  • High DPI prints give you highly clear print.
  • Wireless printing can be a great feature that can be a huge benefit.
  • Modern design makes it ideal to be used in any setting.
  • The good ink compatibility makes this printer a multi-functional printer.

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2. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Printer Home

If you’re looking for a printer with a moderate price which doesn’t cut important corners, this printer by the team at Epson is an excellent choice.

We’ll admit that the style isn’t very stunning. It’s rather boxy and a too big. However, that shouldn’t be a problem for the majority. The black finish allows it to be used in different kinds of configurations.

Prints will be extremely sharp and beautiful because of its excellent DPI prints that this printer can produce. The maximum resolution for printing is 5760 x 1440 DPI.

This makes it ideal it for Giclee prints. The document feeder is efficient and can produce prints in a matter of minutes. There’s a 30-page auto document feeder as well as auto 2-sided printing.

To turn the things up a gear, this printer comes with a huge touchscreen that has intuitive controls to print directly from the USB drive or Micro SD.

Additionally aside from that, there’s Amazon Alexa support as well. And did we mention that you can print wirelessly? Since you can.

Key Features:

  • High-quality construction with professional design.
  • 30 page document feeder prints extremely quickly.
  • High-resolution optimized DPI gives you crystal crisp prints.
  • Large screen that comes with Amazon Alexa support is very cool.

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3. Canon ImagePROGRAF TA-20 24

Yes, it’s an additional Canon printer. Tell us a story, the number of times been unhappy when your printer was running empty of ink? Then you have to buy the ink. With this one it is possible to start with the box.

This is because it comes with about $250 worth of ink included. This means that you can begin printing straight away. It’s true that there isn’t a limitless amount of ink. However, something is more valuable than nothing.

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They are sharp. And with the inkjet technology, it will make sure that all Giclee prints will come out exactly how you would like them to. With a maximum resolution of 2400×1200 DPI, this isn’t the most expensive option.

The only issue we have about this product is the appearance. The beige hue doesn’t appear as appealing as other colors. However, if you’re looking for retro-style hardware, this one will be a perfect fit.

If you’re looking prints for posters, then this machine is the best option. Canon’s imagePROGRAF T-20 24 is able to turn out 104 posters in an hour. This is quite a number of posters if one asks us.

Key Features:

  • Prints quickly, which can save your time.
  • High-resolution prints provide high-quality prints.
  • Ink is included for $250 that is ideal to get started straight out from the box.
  • Free poster creator software that only enhances the value of the whole.

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4. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

If the first one did not meet the standards in the design area, then this will set the bar for other printers in the market with regards to style. This isn’t just a attractive boy, though.

Let’s start with design. Epson’s design staff did excellent work with this design. The style is modern and contemporary without looking horribly.

It has a professional appearance to the entire thing. If you decide to place it in your office, or print a stunning Giclee in your home, or at your studio, it is a great choice for any location.

As we’ve already mentioned that it’s not only a pretty little boy. It can accomplish some serious work. If you’re looking for printing, this one will impress you with the quality of its printing but with an array of other functions.

For instance, you can print 13″ 19″ x 13″ borderless prints, as well as prints made with smartphones. If you’re interested in the maximum resolution, it’s 5760 1440 DPI. It’s in line with the top printers in this list.

Other great features include the ability to work with various kinds of papers and 50-sheet rear tray automatic 2-sided printing of documents and many more.

Key Features:

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5. HP DesignJet 2PX9507 T120

HP may be a household name for their computers however their printers aren’t deficient of high-quality either. Consider this inkjet printer for instance. It combines features and style with a balanced package.

Let’s dive right in now. How is the print quality? In general you’ll get decent prints of good quality that run at 1200 DPI x 1200. Your prints will not end up looking sloppy or amateurish.

This printer is great for those who are just beginning business selling Giclee art and prints. Although the design may not be extraordinary, it’s also not ugly.

The dark colors make it appear less formal. However, we think it’s a little outdated however.

You’re able to work with many different kinds of papers, so this is a benefit. If you’re using photograph paper or bond paper coated paper or vellum paper the printer is able to use all of these.

Also wireless printing capabilities too. This means that you won’t be stuck in the middle of the age of manually printing your documents.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and easy to access printer that is user-friendly and accessible. excellent printer for beginners..
  • A simple design that’s not too amazing, yet it seems professional.
  • Beautiful prints at the highest resolution of 1200 DPI.
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to take prints quickly.

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6. Canon Pixma IX6820 Wireless

Canon has created the ‘big printer using this. If you’re professional and require incredible Giclee prints, or simply want to play around by using some of the finest printing quality available it is difficult to beat.

Before we get deep into print performance however we’ll look at the style. This is because it could be the most attractive printer in this list. Of course, it will depend on your personal preferences however, you shouldn’t be saying that it’s not attractive.

The smooth lines, along with the curves and angles in precisely the right points which are enhanced by the glossy black finish, making it a striking machine. If you’re a fan of aesthetics and design, this printer is worth the investment.

For the prints, you will not be satisfied. This model offers stunning prints at resolution of 9600 2400 DPI. Make sure that the prints you print with Giclee will appear as beautiful as you envisioned them to. We dare to say that it could even defy expectations?

Although print quality is the most important aspect however it’s not the only thing to consider. There are other quality-of-life options there too. You can use the automatic 150 sheet feeder that makes printing multiple sheets easy.

The precise print nozzle makes sure that prints that are exact and precise each and every time.

Key Features:

  • The beautiful design will increase the ambience of any space.
  • Quality printing and detail thanks to the high resolution.
  • Rapid printing speeds make printing multiple pieces simple.
  • The app permits printing using any device compatible with it.

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7. Epson SureColor T3170 24

If you’re sick of boring black printers this model will to bring a change in the pace. With its white-colored finish and a variety of fantastic features such as fast printing, this printer is ideal in commercial Giclee prints.

The speed of printing of this model is phenomenal. Print A1/D-sized prints in only 34 seconds. You read that right. This amazing speed of printing makes it ideal for use in commercial settings..

If you require speedy printing for your own personal projects, then do it. You may be thinking, what you think about the ink? Does it have the potential to run out more quickly? It’s true, Epson has thought about the same thing.

That’s why you can choose larger cartridges of 50 milliliters so that you can print for longer without having refill as often. We dive deep on toner cartridges within the article on recycling toner cartridges with care.

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As we’ve already said, the design is also good. The white colour scheme is a great variation from the previous designs.

A large touchscreen lets you use it with ease through an intuitive interface that’s simple to grasp. The last thing you need would be a printing device that slows your workflow due to being difficult to use.

With an image resolution of 2400 1200 DPI Your prints will come out looking nothing less than professional quality.

Key Features:

  • Prints of high-quality will provide you with a the professional quality final piece.
  • Printing speed is extremely fast, which is ideal for commercial printing.
  • The style and color are a welcome design to any room.
  • Inkjet cartridges that are large finally let go of cartridges that need to be changed frequently.

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8. Epson Artisan 1430

High-quality prints, with an element of modernity that anyone will love. This is how we would describe this model. Epson’s Artisan printers have always performed well and this isn’t different.

The style that the printer has is simple however it’s still good. It’s square with a black-colored finish, but it appears professional in the majority of cases. We also appreciate the design, which doesn’t include any design elements which could make it appear unprofessional.

The quality of printing with this printer is outstanding It is, in a word, amazing. With the highest resolution of 5760×1440 DPI the prints you print will be like any other top-quality printer available in the market.

The impressive features don’t end there, however. It can produce some of the most vivid prints with the configuration of six inks. It includes magenta, yellow, light magenta black, cyan, and light the cyan.

Its print dimensions are restricted to 13 44”, which is nothing to complain about. For prints that are borderless you can make prints up to 13 19” by 13 in size with this printer. As that’s pretty much the norm, we’ve no complaints about it.

Key Features:

  • Professional styles that don’t include any sloppy design elements.
  • Fantastic high-resolution prints that will provide amazing outcomes.
  • Color prints are vivid and sharp because of the configuration of six inks.
  • Printing is possible on your smartphone and computers, which can be convenient.

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9. Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printer, flexibility is the name of the game. This printer can be used as a great office printer or desk printer and can also produce excellent Giclee prints.

Canon does make good-looking printers. We wouldn’t claim that this is their finest with regards to the actual design of the printer. It’s very subtle. If you want to utilize it in the office, you’re able to use it.

However, design is only one aspect. Quality of printing is what it all boils to. That’s why this printer really shines. It comes with 11 colors of Chroma Optimizer ink Canon’s imagePROGRAF range of printers are among the top printers you can buy.

Maximum print resolution of this printer is 2,400 x 1200 DPI. This isn’t anything to make you feel bad about and makes it the top Giclee printer that you can use at your home. It’s not necessary to have professional-grade equipment at home are you?

Its ease of use combined with the adequate performance and features such as WIFI printing makes it an excellent printer.

Key Features:

  • Prints of good quality that won’t make you want to go back for more.
  • Simple to use and easy to understand that means you don’t need to mess around with it.
  • Wireless capabilities add an extra added convenience to the user experience.
  • The system supports a range of operating systems, ensuring the best compatibility.

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10. CANON IPF4000 44 WIDE

If you are looking for an Giclee printer that works with large-format prints, check out this. This printer checks all the boxes to be an excellent printer, and there are many more. The previous printer is the most suitable home printer to print Giclee prints. However, it one can also be utilized for professional use.

Don’t believe that you can be able to get away with putting the printer in a tight space. It’s a big printer, and it’s rightfully so. This printer is capable of printing prints in large format that are the size of 44″ wide. This means that the print is very large.

It is also possible to print professional photographic prints in 12-color. To add to the impressive features of the set, is the automated feeder. This makes it easy as it will feed itself, because of the roll input.

Regarding prints are concerned it can print at an maximum resolution of 2400 1200 DPI. Prints appear rich and sharp. If you’re looking to store the digital images of your print it comes with HDD that can hold 320GB.

The design is perfect for a printer this size. A black-colored finish helps it blend with every setting and will not stick out as a sore thumb in the space you choose to place it in. It’s quite a big printer.

Key Features:

  • Capable of producing large-format prints of 44″.
  • Prints of excellent quality thanks to the 2400 x 1200 DPI.
  • The HDD allows you to choose for saving copies digitally.
  • Support for all types of connectivity to the media.

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Giclee Printer Buying Guide

Let’s face it, the Giclee printers available don’t come with a lot of money. That’s why you must be aware of the features to be looking for prior to purchasing. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive printer and then discover it’s not exactly what you need. Here are a few items you should to consider.


It’s no surprise that printing quality should be the primary preference when selecting an printer. If it’s not of excellent print quality then it’s basically unusable. Print quality is dependent in part on DPI.

Choose an ultra-high DPI printer that prints sharp, high-resolution prints. This will guarantee that work you print is beautiful every time.

Another consideration will be prints you’re planning to print. If you’re certain that you don’t have to print over a certain size, you’re free to buy a smaller size.

That’s what it is all about. You must be certain the size you’re looking for. If you’re planning to print large-format prints take a look at these bigger printers which are able to print large sizes.

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Media Support and Other Features

Media support is essential too. Find out whether the printer can handle different kinds of paper and if it is able to cut sheets or rolls. Printers that can support roll media cut themselves. This is great as you don’t have to purchase separate sheets of cut.

Design and Design and Build

The design and build quality may have no impact on the quality of printing in the same way, but there are still a few things to consider. When your printer likely to be located somewhere that is visible and within easy reach it is unlikely that you need a shabby part of metal ruining your design.

All printers look alike, with a few notable differences in the middle. In the end, it is a matter of your personal preferences. Choose the one you like, and then choose the one you find most suitable to your requirements.


Ink is equally as crucial as the quality of the print. Giclee prints print most effectively when you use pigment-based inks. They’re made up of colored particles in suspension. Dye-based inks are, however, water-soluble dissolvent.

Pigment-based printers are known for their vibrant colors and prints that last longer too. For prints made with Giclee, this is precisely what you need!

Your Use Case

A majority of buyers don’t take their specific requirements into consideration. If you are a regular maker of Giclee prints, then it’s worthwhile to invest in an Giclee printer. If you just pick one that is attractive on paper, you may not get an appropriate printer for you.

Keep track of the size, resolution, and how often you will need to create Giclee prints. All these aspects will be taken into consideration.

Additionally, if you do not need advanced features such as WIFI and wireless remote printing, you can buy the printer that doesn’t have those features and save money in the process.

Brands and Price

The process of deciding on a price range is about finding the features you desire and deciding on a price range that is within your budget.

If you are looking to select an organization, selecting any from the most reputable brands in the market is the most secure option. The names we’ve mentioned are in business for quite some time and are experts in their art.

The ones listed here are highly regarded and we’re certain that you’ve heard of them at least once. Therefore, you can choose one of our choices without worry.

In addition: The list below of the best printers for your art work.

How to Make Giclee Prints at Home: A Simple Tutorial For Beginners

We’ll reveal the secret. You can make decent Giclee prints from your home. All you have to know is the basics of what you’re doing. These are the steps needed to take to make stunning Giclee prints. Even if you’re just beginning it will be helpful.

Set Right Resolution

The first priority is to determine the best resolution. Giclee involves the correct resolution. Giclee prints are extremely precise and sharp. This means that you need to be able to achieve an DPI of at minimum 300. Anything less than that will cause poor prints, as well as the loss of color and precision.


Choosing the correct ink is essential. It is essential to use ink that is based on pigment. It differs from dye-based ink in that sense that it’s comprised from tiny particles, not an insoluble liquid.

Inks that are pigment-based will provide better colors, and overall quality of the printed image will be excellent as well.


Finally, it is essential to select the proper paper for printing. Archival papers are your first choice if you desire nothing less than the finest quality. It is possible to use museum-grade inkjet papers too. The papers are long-lasting. time-to-live and look stunning when printed on.

It is possible to get amazing Giclee prints printed by professional printers. However, if you’re a novice and would like to learn involved printing, you can print Giclee prints at home as well. As you gain experience it becomes clear the things that work and what doesn’t.

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Are Giclee Prints worth the cost?

Ans. Answer: The short answer is yes. Giclee prints are of the highest quality. If you own something that you think is worthy of the highest quality and you would like to display it printing it with Giclee is the best way to go. Landscapes look stunning in Giclee.

Do Giclee Prints Last?

Ans. One of Giclee print’s advantages is its long-lasting nature. They’ll keep the colors for a longer period than regular prints. This ensures that you be able to have an item that will last for many years in actuality if properly preserved.

Are Giclee Prints expensive?

Ans. Because Giclee is a better quality print, they generally cost more. However, the quality of these prints is so evident they are worth the cost. If you’re planning to sell the prints you have created, Giclee can be a excellent investment.

Are Giclee Prints difficult to make?

Ans. If you’re only beginning there are a few obstacles when creating Giclee prints. With some practice and following the steps, you’ll be up and running quickly. Once you’re comfortable with your prints, you will never ever look back due to the excellent prints you’ll make.

Wrapping up!

Now you are aware of the top Giclee printer. While print sizes and DPI are crucial, you shouldn’t reduce the quality of your build and design.

It’ll be a part of your office and it’s good to have a professional-looking printer in the first place. If you’re looking to go above and beyond and make your printing more efficient, smart features like remote printing are nice to include.

The top choice overall would be Canon’s IP8720 Wireless, with an Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 being a close the second spot. It is also possible to check out this Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, which is a more affordable alternative.

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