6 Best Gasket for Big Green Egg (September 2022) Reviews

The Big Green Egg or BGE has been an integral part of numerous lives across the globe. The charcoal-grilled, kamado-style food served in the BGE is an item that deserves praise.

Perhaps you have one of these multi-functional kitchen appliances and are an avid user for a long time.

Why would you want to miss out? It’s a great place to bake, grill or even smoke any food you put in it.

But, all of these food items and charcoal use can make the gasket that covers the lids to become greasy or discolored. Some of them are in dire need of replacement because of the poor quality of the material.

How do you locate the perfect gasket for your large green eggs all on your own? It’s not a problem for us. this as we’ll give you the best method.

Let’s have an overview.

Top 6 Best Gasket for Big Green Egg 2022

Are you prepared to jump into the market and perhaps get some tips from our short buying guide?

It can assist you in comparing and select the correct size gasket that fits your BGE.

1. LAVA LOCK gaskets that cook chambers are for BGE

Are you looking to replace the old, burned and dirty gasket by a new gasket? What better option than using the top huge eggs gasket for you?by Lava Lock?

If you’re new to it or are not yet, this easy product of top quality will amaze you for a long time. It is made of the Nomex material along with other mixed sources.

Who doesn’t love the simple and quick method to put up a device? In the same way, the self-adhesive option lets users apply the peel-and-apply feature to the edge. The glue is pressure sensitive and can withstand the temperature increase.

What you’ll get when you purchase this kit is a top performance kit that does not melt, peel or break down with the passage of time.

Additionally, the length of 15 feet and its reasonable dimensions make it a great choice for all areas which require gaskets.

This is a massive BGE gasket It is a huge bge gasketfor any cooking chambers from Big Green Egg. It doesn’t matter whether the rims of the cooker are tiny and you’ll be able to keep the rest in storage to be used in the future.

Its wide range of compatibility makes it among the most sought-after products on the market today. Also you should think about the superior temperature bearing material that effectively seals the inside.

There’s no risk that smoke will escape the edges. The perfect brisket is pulled in the cooker and the gasket is effective to keep the smoke in a well-controlled area.

Key Features:

  • High temperature gasket to increase endurance
  • Long-lasting Nomex material
  • Self-stick adhesive with pressure sensing
  • 15-foot length to give full rim coverage
  • Ideal for all-sized BGE

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2. Wire Mesh KAMaster Gasket seal for Big Green Egg

KAMaster is a name that which many grillers with experience are familiar with. It’s a straightforward explanation : quality over price.

If you’re looking to purchase a robust shock-proof device This fiberglass gasket for a the big green egg HTML0is the ideal method to begin your journey. It is essential to use it according to the directions to get the best results.

It’s not a big deal it’s an easy peel and stick self-adhesive tape that attaches with the gasket the the wheels.

What is the length of time?

While the manufacturer claims that it can be used with XL and L size BGE as well as Kamado Joe, we think the 12 foot length isn’t made to fit large Green Eggs.

The thing is very suitable for both the domes on the top and bottom of the larger-sized cookers.

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The fiberglass material is made up of thermal insulation which is strong enough to provide a proper seal when you close the top dome.

Furthermore the wire mesh construction in products makes them more durable and robust.

In addition to the superior temperature regulation, the non-scratching, non-melting properties It certainly stands out as the most secure seal for big green eggs.

We acknowledge that it could be a little more expensive than what you plan to spend however, the top-quality product is well worth the cost.

It’ll last for a long time without the threat of burns, leaks, or fast wear.

Key Features:

  • With built-in adhesive backing, you can have a an easy and clean installation
  • High-temp gasket for melt or burn resistance
  • Design that is hollow and shockproof
  • High-end wire mesh to integrate to ensure long-lasting, heavy-weight wire mesh.
  • 12-in. long is the ideal length for BGE size L

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3. Gold Standard High Heat Big Green Egg Chimney Gasket

Are you in search of an unique combination of materials that will hold up against temperatures as high as is possible? Sometimes, just sealing dome rims not enough to control the temperature properly.

So this is why it is no surprise that the Gold Standard includes a big green chimney gasket It also comes with a chimney gasketto make the device more secure. It’s not often that you can purchase this much at a low cost.

Additionally the rims on top and bottom will have the best sealing amount without needing to purchase more. It’s a great alternative to the OEM rims. What is it that makes it worthwhile to buy other than the price?

The reason we’ve included it to our list is due to the fact that it is one it is one of the high-temperature fibers. It’s made from American Kevlar and Nomex for resisting burns and melts that are caused by abrupt flares.

In case you didn’t be aware, firefighters extensively make use of these fibers to safeguard themselves from flames and extreme heat. Do you sense the power of resilience that it has?

In addition, the peel-and- stick layer of adhesive makes this simple for those who are new to cooking. It’s the ideal option for all 20-22-inch ceramic Kamado cookers.

It is also the reason that many people have considered it to be the most suitable gasket for a big green eggs due to its design and longevity. Therefore, buy it with certainty!

Key Features:

  • Gasket 12 inches for the L size BGE
  • Peel and stick adhesives for a quick and easy setup
  • An authentic mix made up of Nomex as well as Kevlar fibers for heat resistance
  • Height that is higher to ensure the proper sealing
  • Included is an chimney gasket

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4. Total Control Grill Gasket

We are aware of how certain OEM gaskets are an unpractical piece. They ultimately hinder a novice to understand how to use the cooker and makes it difficult for the more experienced person to steer clear of it completely.

What if there were an simple solution to this problem? What if there was a solution that could be easily implemented? Total Control, hence, offers the most effective gasket replacement for the large green eggs. It’s easy and efficient to install.

In addition, you’ll attain the best grilling control whether you’re an experienced griller or not. You will be able to put an end to the rusty, worn-out, gaskets that are charred and have caused only a hassle.

It is able to withstand heat at high temperatures more effectively than other similar models. This is the reason it is now a go-to for those who grill with an BGE located in the backyard of their home.

The durable quality material will ensure that you won’t have to spend your time and energy on annual replacements. Additionally, it’s fifteen inches long to ensure it fits on the ceramic cooker rims on both the bottom and top.

This means that it is possible to install it on the XL or L-sized BGE which has been leaky and has a terrible flavor of brisket. It’s self-stick, which provides the most effective solution for an effortless installation.

Overall, while even though it doesn’t appear to be as impressive and powerful in its appearance, but it’s one of the best gaskets you can get. You won’t be satisfied.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with the XL/L range of BGE as well as Primo Grills
  • Material that is flameproof to stop melting in high temperatures.
  • 15 feet long to be able to cover both dome wheels
  • Self-stick adhesive that is positioned well after installation
  • Simple-to-read instructions
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5. Aura Extreme Temp Aura Peel-and-Stick Gaskets for Bge

Another winner can be used to replace the gasket in the factory without sacrificing sealing quality. This product from Aura is strong enough to last for quite a while and can be used with a variety of ceramic cookers.

Because of its remarkable integrated adhesive stick and peel style It is very easy to use. It is not necessary to play with spray adhesive or chemicals for simple gasket installation.

This means you can avoid the hassle and dirt, all for a low cost. The Aura makes use of felt as the material for sealing which is known for its effectiveness of its function with little effort.

There is no issues with melting, misalignment or absorption issues related to the product. So, you can sit back and enjoy a quality smoking or grilling in the sun on a summer afternoon.

If you’re in search of the highest quality felt gasket, without spending a lot, this might be the ideal choice.

Be aware that it can only be suitable for a large BGE. Anything more than that will need more than one Aura gasket packages.

Overall, it’s sufficient to provide the full dome coverage. Make sure to peel it off just a bit and then continue to place it to the rims. This will ensure a solid set-up even after years of usage.

You are now able to bring the temperature control to its initial state. All you need to do is be sure to trust the product.

Key Features:

  • High-temp resisting felt material
  • Ideal for L-sized BGE, Kamado Joe, and many more.
  • The dome is compatible with both the upper and lower domes.
  • Self-adhesive backing that allows easy installation
  • 14.1-inch long

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6. Big Green Egg Nomex Gasket

The review is not complete when we don’t include the gasket that came with it’s Big Green Egg. This is the brutal reality that many customers have discussed their experience.

It is constructed from Nomex fibers that provide a high-quality fire resistance. It gives you maximum smoke efficiency, while using the use of less charcoal. Here’s a great article If you’re looking for the choosing the right charcoal for that big green egg you’ll need to use.

Although many are equipped with the gasket built into your BGE buy, the gasket typically becomes damaged very quickly.

This is why , if prefer to use the same style of model, this piece is the best choice.

Remember that it is not equipped with an adhesive backing that self-sticks. So, you’ll have to follow the lengthy route to install it.

It is necessary to clean the rims with rubbing alcohol or acetone to create smooth surfaces. After that spray the adhesive and then apply pressure to the gasket with care in a precise direction. Make sure you don’t stretch it but.

The only issue in this particular product would be the risk of losing its grip if it is not handled in a proper manner. There’s plenty of material to accommodate both the bottom and top rims. However, the thing we don’t dislike is its limited life span.

That means that you’ll be required to buy a new one in the next couple of years.

However it is contingent on how well you care for the cooker. The proper use of it can result in a longer lifespan!

Key Features:

  • Nomex fiber material is designed for high-temperature resistance
  • Ideal for BGEs of the size L
  • Adhesive spray is required to be used
  • Simple to comprehend instruction for novices
  • 24 hour curing time

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The Best Gasket to use for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

If you’re planning to change the gasket by yourself but you are unsure any idea of how to do it, what you need to buy or what to buy. Let us give you a hint first. Follow our guide to learn more You’ll be half way there!


The material protects the gasket from becoming brittle before time. It should be able to temperatures of around 600°F. If it is not you’ll end up purchasing a useless item that ignites, but without sealing the edges.

There are several commonly used large eggs with green gasket There are several common big green egg gasketmaterials that you are able to get, including Nomex, Kevlar, fiberglass and many more.

It is common to see you will see the Nomex and Kevlar combination in various combinations other fabrics, while others use them in a separate way. Both are aramid fibers ideal for fabrics for firefighting that are of high-end quality.

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Fiberglass is a different heat-resistant component that can also have wire mesh in. It aids in sealing and thus prevents early wear and discolor caused by smoke escape.

Of of course, there are other blended materials you can choose from such as felt, but always opt for the ones that are super resistant for use over a long period of time.


The gasket that is high temp to be used with BGE HTML0should have at least fifteen to 16 inches of length to guarantee complete coverage. If you choose to purchase BGE in a smaller amount, make sure to determine the size of the BGE and purchase accordingly.

The green cooker is available in a variety of sizes. This means that the gasket’s size is dependent on your measurement method to ensure the best fit.


The majority of factory gaskets will require extra glue for the job. This is not just complicated, but it can also be lengthy. The best method to avoid this type of problem is to opt for self-stick products.

All you have do is take off the protective layer of paper, and you’re done!

Tips to Replace Big Green Egg Gasket

Do you think this is your first time changing the gasket? Let us provide you with an exact description of the long-winded procedure. Make sure you have gloves on!

First step:

Make sure you know the size of your BGE Then, purchase the gasket for that size.

Step 2.

Take the dome off carefully and use a paint brush to remove the gasket, but be careful. It is possible to remove any remnants by using a fine wire brush and apply acetone to the diameter of the.

Step 3.

When the area is smooth and clear prepare your newly purchased BGE gasket by stripping the paper layer just to expose the gasket.


Set it over the edge. it is best to begin with the back. Then slowly peel it, pull slightly and press to cover the entire area. The same process is followed for the dome and you’re good to go!

Frequently Answered Questions

How often do I need to replace gaskets for the Big Green Egg gasket?

It’s all about the temperature of cooking. This temperature controller for large green eggs provides additional information for cooking something using a big green eggs. Certain materials are not able to handle extreme heat, so smoke is released. However an excellent model will last for years without needing replacements every year.

Does acetone need to be used for cleaning up after the final clean-up?

Yes, it’ll take away the wires that were left behind and adhesives from the edge. By not doing this, it will make the gasket installation an extremely difficult task.

It could not last if the edges of the rim are not well cleaned and smoothed.

How long will this gasket last?

If you keep the dome open for longer than you need to the flares may result in burns on the gasket. This could reduce the life span dramatically. The real answer is on the quality of maintenance you do to this Green Egg – hence, sealing.

What amount of heat can an air-tight gasket withstand?

A high temperature gasket is able to endure temperatures up to 625°F. The goal for the minimum is 500°F or not less. Anything less than that isn’t going to give you the energy resilience you want.

What is the point at which the gasket begin to melt?

The gasket – whatever it is made of – will melt around 1100°F Be aware to cook at high temperatures. In addition regular cooking at a high temperature can cause rapid burning and blackening.

Wrapping up!

Find the right gasket for your large green eggs The best gasket for big green eggsis not an incredibly difficult affair if you know what you want. Hope that this article was able to provide you some practical suggestions.

The more refined the product is, the better the performance that your preferred BGE will provide. Have fun grilling!

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